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"When an octopus is attacked, it ditches its wounded arm and just swims away. It's better to let things go before they drag you under."
Jessica Jones

AKA The Octopus is the fifth episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Backed into a corner, Jessica's forced to share her intel on the killer. A groggy Trish tries to pull herself together before an important meeting.


Jessica Jones paces back and forth in her jail cell. She is seen by her lawyer, Jeri Hogarth. After an argument, Hogarth leaves. Trish Walker pukes in the toilet while her mother, Dorothy Walker helps her. Dorothy thinks that Trish is relapsing, but she tells her it's not like last time. Dorothy then tells Trish that they need to get ready because she got her a job interview. Malcolm Ducasse calls Jones at the prison to talk about Inez Green. Jones tasks him with finding out everything he could about Green.


A bloody, fake Leslie Hansen sets up a bonfire and burns all of the evidence that she has obtained, including her blood stained clothes. The next morning, she plays the piano to calm herself. There is a sudden knock on the window by her neighbor. The neighbor asks if her son could listen to her music because it calms him down. While playing music, the baby starts crying which angers the woman into smashing the piano.

At the precinct, Jones is interrogated by Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday. Jones tells her about how the Fake Leslie Hansen killed Robert Coleman and Nick Spanos. Costa shows her a bunch of security camera photos showing Hansen making a big leap. She is then released because Costa feels it is enough evidence to see Hansen's arrest. On the way out, Costa tells Jones that he trusts her because he was there when Kilgrave mind controlled all of the officers. He then offers for her to give him any leads so he could help. Meanwhile, Ducasse asks Green why an innocent man is doing time for Luanne McClure's murder.

Outside the precinct, Pryce Cheng angrily approaches Jones because of his friend's murder, thinking that Jones still did it. Jones returns home to find that Ducasse bought Jones a new laptop. He shows her evidence showing Kawecki didn't commit the murder of McClure. Green says he is mentally incompetent and completely harmless. Ducasse turns the corner and sees that Green has stolen his TV. He finds her and scolds her. She then purposefully drops his TV and breaks it.

Jones goes to Oscar Arocho's apartment to talk. She asks him for a fake ID to get into a psych ward and talk to Kawecki, he agrees. She then gets a call from Griffin Sinclair who tells her that Walker needs her now. Dorothy and Walker enter a fancy restaurant, but Walker realizes it isn't for a job interview, it's for a proposal. Jones runs in thinking she is in trouble. A band then starts playing a sing while Sinclair walks over and proposes. Walker says yes, but seems unsure.

Ducasse goes to Hogarth's place to drop off Green for her per an agreement. Green walks around the house exploring. Hogarth asks her for information on IGH. Jones goes to Arocho's to pick up her ID. He offers her for dinner, but she declines and leaves. Meanwhile, Fake Hansen makes another bonfire, this time burning the piano.

Infiltration into Birch Psychiatric Hospital.jpeg

Jones arrives at the Birch Psychiatric Hospital and sees Kawecki, who is drawing. He tells her that he forgets things, but he loved McClure. He tells Jones that he went home with her and hugged her and then she was dead. Jones knows he is lying because he doesn't know any better. He gets upset that he doesn't believe her and he starts crying. She assures him that she believes him. She sees his drawing of an octopus and starts talking to him about them. She asks him how he knows so much about octopuses and he says his friend Dr.Karl told him. He loves them so much that he goes to the aquarium and looks at octopuses every day. Jones asks him to draw a picture of him and Karl watching the octopuses together.


Walker tells Sinclair that she doesn't want to marry him. Dorothy rushes in to yell at her. Walker says the moment she realized it wasn't a interview with ZCN, she was more disappointed than excited for what it really was. Walker realizes she doesn't want to be with Silclair, but rather be him and that's not fair to either of them. Dorothy calls her arrogant which makes Walker slap her. Dorothy then walks off.Walker takes more of the Combat Enhancer Inhaler.

At the aquarium, Jones calls Costa. She then watches as Karl Malus approaches the octopus exhibit. She gets flashbacks of the same man experimenting on her. A woman is with him who turns out to be fake Hansen, they kiss. Malus sees Jones taking pictures of him and recognizes her. Fake Hansen then hits the tank causing an alarm to go off. The tank then cracks open, pouring water everywhere while they escape.


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Ain't We Got Fun Janet McTeer
  • Alisa Jones plays the piano when Sophie knocks on her window and asks to come inside.
Closer Still Paul Freeman
Aquella Vez Los Dos


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