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"He was gifted. So Greg got over it. They were always making up their own moves, you know? The Half-Wappinger, the Double Half-Wappinger."
Manuel Silva to Jessica Jones

AKA The Double Half-Wappinger is the seventh episode of the third season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Jessica and Trish go on a road trip to dig into Sallinger's past and unearth a horrifying discovery.



Jessica Jones and Trish Walker stand outside the precinct as Gregory Sallinger is released. Much to their surprise, he is being represented by Jeri Hogarth, who defends her client and declares his innocence. Sallinger then places all the blame on Jones, claiming that she stalked and assaulted him. He then reveals that it isn't just Jones, but also a second vigilante, forcing Walker to flee. Sallinger goes onto address the hero complex of those with powers, before pointing Jones out in the crowd. As the media rushes to Jones, she walks away.

Hogarth scolds Sallinger for not mentioning a second super beforehand. Sallinger reasons that they wouldn't have believed him. Hogarth wants this case in the public eye and Sallinger just made headlines by accusing Jones of terrorizing him and calling her a feminist vindicator. He figures she'd be satisfied. The only time that Hogarth has ever failed is when a client tried to undermine her, she informs Sallinger.

Hogarth returns to her office, where she is confronted by Jones, who accuses Hogarth of defending Sallinger to bring attention to her failing firm. Hogarth explains that this is about more than Jones. The firm means everything to her. Hogarth refuses to resign as Sallinger's defense and proposes that she and Jones merely stay out each other's way.

Malcolm Ducasse finds Brianna Gelden’s palm tree earrings on his dresser. He stares at himself in the mirror, visibly upset. Ducasse then calls Zaya Okonjo and asks if they could talk.

Sallinger's press conference is gaining a lot of attention and the phones are going off the hook at Alias Investigations, with people asking about the second vigilante. Jones looks into Sallinger's past to see if he may have slipped up. She looks into his brother's death, which is allegedly a tractor accident. Jones suspects that this may not have been an accident at all and that Donny is Sallinger's first kill.

Okonjo informs Hogarth of how their client Reid Pearson, who is doing a six-year stint for date rape, claims that he was attacked by a masked woman and framed. With Sallinger revealing a second vigilante, it couldn't be a coincidence. Hogarth orders Okonjo to go to Ryker's Island and interview Pearson to see if the descriptions match. Before leaving, Okonjo shows Hogarth how she accidentally texted her a message meant for Kith Lyonne.

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Jones and Walker drive out to Wappinger Falls to uncover the truth behind Donny Sallinger's death. Jones enters the police precinct alone and requests the report. Officer Velasco confirms that Donny was rolled over by the tractor while Gregory was on a school trip. When Jones questions why Ronnie Velasco wouldn't show her the report, she called Jones out, as she is aware of who Jones is. Velasco denied that Sallinger had any involvement in the death of his brother or the seven victims in the train yard. With Velasco refuses to show her the report, Jones goes into the restroom, where she texts Walker and tells her to cause a distraction, which she does by causing her car alarm to sound. Once the officers are outside tending to Walker, Jones hops the counter and steals Donny's report.


Ducasse arrive at the firm to find Okonjo and Hogarth in a meeting with Sallinger, talking down on Jones and supers. They tell Sallinger that Jones will find anything damaging in his history, so it will be best for him to disclose it to them first. In their discussion, Sallinger notices just how much Hogarth admires Jones, which she admits is true. However, Sallinger thinks that Hogarth is overestimating Jones, who doesn't know the value of hard work. Not like them. Ducasse then interrupts and introduces himself. After learning that Ducasse had trained under Jones, Sallinger questions his allegiance.

As Hogarth escorts Sallinger out, Ducasse tells Okonjo that he is very much against her taking on this case. As for his face, it happened while doing a job for Jones. Okonjo tells Ducasse to either reveal to her what his problem is or else they would be over. Ducasse's problem is that Okonjo is in business with a serial killer. Alleged killer, Hogarth retorts. It's not their job to assess guilt or innocence. Hogarth orders Okonjo to look for more reports on the masked woman. Ducasse volunteers to run background on Sallinger as it's his job to assess and manage risk. Hogarth agrees though Okonjo doesn't believe he is being objective.

Jones and Walker spend the night in a nearby motel. With no foul play detected, Walker begins to worry that they are wrong about Donny being Sallinger's first kill. After briefly thinking over her role as a cover, Walker recalls when it came out that she as a drug addict, four-time rehab failure. It was a moment of relief for her. She could finally breathe and be herself. Moving back to the case, they wonder if Donny isn't the first kill, then who is.

Okonjo finds that police records show that five felons claimed that a masked female vigilante assaulted, tricked or framed them. One of them being Reid Pearson. However, three of the five happen to be their current or former clients. Hogarth suspects that the masked vigilante is targeting them and wants Okonjo to follow through with the investigation, even though Okonjo thinks Ducasse is more equipped. Ducasse approaches Gillian and asks where Jones is. She informs him that Jones is away, looking into Sallinger's past. He requests everything Jones has on Sallinger, but Gillian refuses.

The following morning, Walker presents Jones with a lead. Nathan Silva is on the high school wrestling team. Silva and Sallinger are friends up until senior year when he went missing.

Jones and Walker arrives at the Silva Residence. Their son has been missing for fifteen years, and Jones is about to rip that wound right open. Jones then gets a call from Gillian, which Walker answers. However, Ducasse is actually on the other end. He reveals that he is taking on the Sallinger case. While Hogarth may be defending Sallinger, Ducasse thinks that putting him in jail is far more important. Ducasse worries that Sallinger will soon claim his next victim and wants access to Jones’ background on him while he keeps eyes on him. Walker agrees with this, telling Gillian to give Ducasse access to the files.

Inside the Silva home, Manuel Silva tells Jones that Nathan and Sallinger had one falling out when Nathan started getting recruiting offers. Sallinger is envious that wresting came easy to Nathan. Jones notices a card with a photo of Nathan on the stand. It reads "Nathan will always be with you." Sallinger sent it the Christmas after Nathan went missing. The photo is taken in the backyard, where a gazebo now sits. It was built the day Nathan disappeared. Manuel thought that Nathan had just skipped out on the work. Ana Silva, Nathan's mother, is done answering questions as it brought too much pain. Walker, while sitting in the car, gets a message from Dorothy regarding the show. Law enforcement officer then pulls into the Silva home.


Jones, looks outside to the gazebo and asks if Sallinger helped build it. He did. He stayed the entire day, Manuel said. Officer Velasco enters the home after getting a call from Ana. Velasco tells Jones to leave, instead, Jones heads out back. Jones flips the gazebo and starts digging into the dirt. Velasco draws her weapon and demands Jones stop digging or else she would shoot. Walker comes around back and starts filming Velasco. Just as Jones suspects, she finds Nathan's body buried beneath the dirt.

As Nathan's body is taken away, Jones calls Eddy Costa and tells him that it was Salliger's first kill. There'd have to be DNA all over it. And so, Costa will have to file for jurisdiction over the body. Velasco approaches and asked for her files back. She then thanks Jones.

While viewing the recordings to find out just how the new vigilante gained access to their client list, Okonjo discovers the footage of Walker sneaking into Ducasse's office and Ducasse recognizing her before letting her go. Walker calls the New York Bulletin from a burner phone to report a tip.


Ducasse stalks Sallinger all the way to the community center. He watches from outside the gym as Sallinger teaches a wrestling class. Jones arrives soon thereafter, after tracing Ducasse's phone. Jones informs Ducasse that they found what they needed upstate to get Sallinger. Although, they can't bring him in quite yet. Sallinger notices Jones watching him from outside the door and invites her in, though Ducasse remains hidden. Jones wants him away from the kids he is teaching, but he refuses. Sallinger tells Jones that she has no discipline and can't control herself. Jones realizes that he is baiting her to attack him in front of cameras. Instead, she gets on the mat and tells him to school her. After Sallinger explains the ground rules to Jones, the match begins and Sallinger slams Jones to the mat. As he laid on top of Jones, she mentions Silva, which gets a reaction from Sallinger, who she proceeds to toss several feet back. Sallinger charges for her, but she dodges the attack. Sallinger charges again and Jones slams him. Jones then goes on the offense and slams him again, before leaving. The crowd cheers as Jones exited.

As it turns out, the tip Walker reported is that the masked vigilante is nearby. So as the photographer for the New York Bulletin arrives, in her disguise, Walker makes a daring jump off the bridge as the photographer takes photos.


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