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"Is there a message you'd like to deliver to Patsy's worldwide fan base?"
"Please pray for my Patsy."
Thembi Wallace and Dorothy Walker

AKA Pray for My Patsy is the twelfth episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


As Jessica and Dorothy wait anxiously for updates on Trish, a call from Costa brings alarming news. Jeri hatches a plan to get her revenge.


At the hospital, Dorothy Walker and Jessica Jones loom over the sick and unconscious Trish Walker in her bed. Jones tells Dorothy to scold her on Walker's safety just like she always has. Dorothy has a moment of perspective as her daughter is now dying. She realizes that all Walker wanted was to be extraordinary and Jones and her might be the only family they have left. Jones then gets a call from Eddy Costa.


A shipping worker opens a containment box to see Alisa Jones breaking out. He pleads for his life, but Alisa just walks by him. She gets some clothes and sees an ad for Trish Talk which angers her. At Alias Investigations, Jones talks to Costa and Ruth Sunday. Sunday scolds Jones saying it's her fault Alisa has broken out.

Alisa walks into the Trish Talk studio and throws the client through the window before sneaking up on a woman that she thinks is Walker. However, after realizing it is not, she leaves. She goes to Love By The Sea and cries when seeing Karl Malus' clothes. Dorothy is met outside the hospital by Thembi Wallace, who is trying to write a story. Dorothy tells the camera to pray for Patsy. Alisa sees this interview and goes to the hospital to kill Walker. Jones is escorted by the two detectives to the hospital, but upon getting stuck in traffic, Jones kicks open the door and runs to Walker's aid. Meanwhile, Jeri Hogarth calls pawn shops trying to find her stolen items.


Alisa sneaks up on a doctor and threatens him for Walker's room number. Jones runs into Walker's room at the same time that Alisa jumps through the window. Jones takes the sedative and tries to sedate Alisa but is overpowered. She then starts strangling Walker while Jones pleads for her to stop. When Jones asks her to not take away her family, Alisa snaps out of her anger, claiming that she is back to her old self. Costa and Sunday run in and hold Alisa at gunpoint. Alisa takes Sunday and holds her by the neck. Alisa then falls out the window still holding Sunday. Jones looks down to see Sunday's dead body and Alisa no where to be found.

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Hogarth goes to a pawn shop and sells her watch to get information and her stuff. Walker, who has now been moved to a morgue, is with Dorothy. Her mother scolds Jones who calls her out for giving the location. Dorothy says that she was trying to protect Walker's brand. Jones says that she can't stop selling her daughter. Costa breaks up the conversation and talks to Jones. He tells Jones to stop her hunt, but Jones doesn't listen. When Costa leaves, Jones talks to the unconscious Walker. In the middle of her talking, Walker wakes up and calls Jones an "asshole," saying that it's Jones fault for stopping the surgery. Walker says that Jones doesn't deserve her powers. Jones then gets a call from her mother who says sorry. Alisa claims she was confused, but is fine now. Walker pushes Jones to kill her mother. Meanwhile, Hogarth meets with Turk Barrett to buy a gun. She finds Inez Green and says she wants to talk. Green tells Hogarth that Shane Ryback and her are in love, but Hogarth tells Green that Ryback has thousands of dollars stashed somewhere from women that he claimed to love. Green realizes that Hogarth is right. Hogarth gives Green the gun. Green goes inside and proceeds to kill Ryback while Hogarth watches from the streets. She then calls 911 and tells them that Green murdered someone.

Jones goes to "pee" but instead uses it as a way to break out of the morgue and the officer's watch. She sneaks into a body bag and forces the driver to take her to Alisa. Meanwhile, Walker starts having a seizure which causes Dorothy to panic. Alisa goes to Trish Walker's Apartment, but hears a gun cock, she sees that Jones is pointing a gun at her. Jones tells her it's easier than using her bare hands. The shaking Jones tells her to turn around, but Alisa tells her that Jones had broken through to her and they could find a way. She then tells her daughter that it would be better if she pulled the trigger, but after Jones hesitates, Alisa takes the gun and knocks her out. Alisa then drives an RV away from New York while Jones lays unconscious next to her.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 35: I. Allegro moderato - Moderato assai Vadim Gluzman, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra & Andrew Litton
You & Me (Bonus Track) Rokotto
Hogarth Getting Even Sean Callery
Gunpoint Sean Callery
  • Jessica Jones holds Alisa Jones at gunpoint and gives her a choice between going to the Raft or one of them dying; Alisa knocks out Jessica when she hesitates to shoot.
Sunny Bobby Hebb


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