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"You're gonna learn my rules, 46592. But one word from me, and visitation with that daughter of yours, it's over. Forever. So you gonna eat your protein or not?"
Dale Holiday to Alisa Jones

AKA Pork Chop is the tenth episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Jeri finagles a deal for her new client in exchange for Karl's location. Trish forges ahead with her own investigation. A prison guard crosses a line.



Alisa Jones gets escorted to the interrogation room where she sees her daughter, Jessica Jones, and her lawyer, Jeri Hogarth. Officer Dale Holiday feuds with them after he won't let Alisa be alone with them. Hogarth tells her the deal. She will go to the Raft, but can have meets with her daughter as long as she gives everything she knows, including information on Karl Malus. Alisa refuses to give him up.

Meanwhile, Trish Walker does a trial broadcast with ZCN. She struggles to find the same spark she had when she quit Trish Talk. After her failed broadcast, she overhears the director saying they have a lead on the female murderer, who is Alisa. Walker calls Jones and apologizes saying she is sober, she then asks if Jones caught the killer. She meets Jones and Malcolm Ducasse at Alias Investigations. Ducasse angrily walks out which leads Jones to the conclusion that they have been sleeping together. Walker then tells Jones that she was taking Will Simpson's Combat Enhancer Inhaler. Jones scolds her saying that she never needed the help of the inhaler and she was always capable of doing things on her own. Outside the apartment, Ducasse breaks up with Walker.

Oscar Arocho calls Jones about her mother. After the call, Jones walks out of her apartment crying. Arocho meets her at the elevator and hugs her. Jones wakes up in bed with Arocho and leaves the room undetected. Walker goes to a health office to see what is in the drug, the office tells her it's dangerous.


Jones visits Hogarth to see Inez Green and Shane Ryback. Hogarth tries to reason with Jones about Malus' work saying that he has made miracles like her and Ryback. She says she wants people to have the same second chance that she has. Jones leaves and visits her mother, who talks about an old hotel that their family used to go to. Jones realizes that this is where Malus is. When walking back to her cell, Alisa talks to Officer Holiday. Alisa tells him she's done eating since she doesn't eat meat. Holiday says she has to eat it because if she gets finicky then everyone else does. She drops the tray of meat on the floor which prompts Holiday to take out his taser staff and threaten her. Alisa effortlessly breaks out of the cuffs and goes to snap his neck, but stops herself. She then threatens Holiday as he leaves.

Jones shows up at Love By The Sea and decides to get him out as long as he gets on a plane and leaves. She does this because the only way Alisa won't go crazy is if Malus is safe. Jones then tells him to stand in front of the white door to take pictures so that Arocho can make him a passport. She asks how many more powered people there are, like her, Robert Coleman, and Ryback. Malus replies saying he's never treated a Ryback. Jones realizes that Hogarth is getting played.

Walker meets with Alisa for more information on the case. Alisa calls her out asking why she won't leave this behind if it hurts Jones. Walker says that Jones never asked for powers, and Alisa replies saying that Walker doesn't; that's the problem. They then argue and Alisa threatens to kill Walker before she walks out.

Walker shows up at Arocho's Apartment looking for Jones who happens to be there. She complains about Alisa and Jones makes the excuse that she was in a coma for five years and her mind is messed up. Walker finds out that Jones is helping Malus and gets mad before Jones walks away. Ducasse does bicep curls in his room when Walker knocks on the door. They immediately start kissing. In the morning, Alisa wakes up by Holiday tasering her. He then goes around throwing all of her belongings, including ripping up her picture of Jessica and Phillip Jones.


Jones gets the passport, kisses Arocho, and then leaves for the prison. When seeing Hogarth, she tells her that Ryback is playing her, but she doesn't believe her. When meeting with Alisa, she could tell her mother is visibly upset and realizes that Holiday is abusing her. In bed, Walker worries about Jones, but Ducasse tells her there is nothing wrong with Jones, but something with her. Walker tells him how her life has unraveled. Ducasse agrees to help her with the investigation. He checks Jones' computer and finds the pictures taken of Malus. They get the location of where they were taken and go. Hogarth returns to her apartment to see that everything has been stolen by Green and Ryback, who had tricked her. Hogarth falls to her knees sobbing. Jones does research on Holiday. Walker and Ducasse arrive at the hotel to scout for Malus. Ducasse asks if they have a weapon to protect themselves, but Walker hits him on the back of the head knocking him out so that he doesn't interfere with her plan to get Malus. He stuffs Ducasse in the back of her car.

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Jones tails Holiday to his apartment. When he leaves, she breaks in. She sees a bunch of hunting equipment including deer heads mounted on the wall as trophies. She goes up to a bear head and notices something stuffed inside. She finds the numbers to dead prisoners, meaning that Holiday has murdered many of them. Holiday then surprises her and sprays her with pepper spray. Trying to get him down, she swings a staff at him, which accidentally kills him. She looks at the corpse in horror.


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Sirens Over Paris Fytch
The Bear On The Wall Sean Callery
  • Jessica Jones sneaks into Dale Holiday's house, trips a motion detector, then finds his stash of inmate numbers from supposed suicides.


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