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"Jessica, listen to me. We know you're helping her. That makes you an accomplice. I don't want to see you get hurt. You're one of the good ones. I believe that. But you have to prove it. Your mother's done. Do you understand what I'm saying? It doesn't matter what she does next. She crossed a line she can't come back from. But you haven't. Not yet."
Eddy Costa to Jessica Jones

AKA Playland is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, Jessica once again finds herself torn between two worlds and facing an impossible choice.


Jessica Jones wakes up in an RV to see her mother, Alisa Jones, had brought them out to the middle of nowhere. A man drives over and asks if they need help, but Jones tells him they are okay. When driving again, Jones complains that she doesn't know what to do, she tried to kill her, arrest her, and save her. Alisa says she hasn't tried to help her yet.


Trish Walker remains unconscious in the hospital and wakes up when Dorothy Walker yells, "Patsy!" Walker claims that she is leaving, but Dorothy pushes her back into the bed and yells at her for putting herself in this situation. Walker worries that Jones needs her help. Despite "quitting" Malcolm Ducasse still fixes up Jones apartment as a last send off. He then calls to confirm an appointment with Linda Chao, shaves his head, and gets dressed.

Alisa looks in front of her on the road and sees a two-car crash with flames everywhere leading to gas. Alisa gets the kid and tells Jones to save the dad. Jones then finds the mother and lifts up the trailer that is laying on top of her. They take her to safety, but see that there is a man in the other truck. Jones goes to save him, but Alisa tells her not to as it is too dangerous. Jones argues that she won't let him die, so Alisa goes instead. As Jones runs after her, the truck blows up, leaving Jones to think Alisa has died. However, as she looks further she sees Alisa and the man coughing in the grass. After getting back on the road, Jones tells Alisa that she will help her which gets Alisa to scream with joy.

Jessica Jones - 2x13 - AKA Playland - Malcolm and Jeri.png

Jeri Hogarth does yoga with an instructor, but hears a knock on the door. She opens the door to find Ducasse who explains that he tricked Chao into getting information and he can use it to help Hogarth. The information is a video confirming that they Chao and Steven Benowitz have been laundering money. With the information, she takes the deal with her partners, but black mails them into more money and all of her clients. Now an owner of a new law firm, Hogarth refuses to hire Ducasse, which angers him. Instead she pays him a lot of money. Jones meets with Oscar Arocho to get papers from him. She also tells him that she needs papers as well. Arocho asks her intentions and if she really wants to, if she could really just throw him away. Suddenly, Jones notices cops outside and realizes they want her to lead them to Alisa. Jones kisses Arocho goodbye and makes her escape. When seeing Alisa, she tells her they are driving North.

Jones finds out that there is a phone in the car from the kid that they saved. A call goes through from Eddy Costa who tells her he believes in her but she has to stop her mother or else she is an accomplice. The police are able to get a location from the call. After getting hung up on, Costa goes to see Walker. He tells Walker that Jones is helping Alisa. Walker insists she's being forced, but Costa tells her that isn't the case.

Jessica Jones - 2x13 - AKA Playland - Trish.png

Alisa stops the car at an amusement park called Playland and turns on the Ferris wheel. She explains to her daughter that she won't be the cause of her death, she tries to get Jones to leave allowing her to get the cops to take her away without her seeing. Instead, Jones gets in the cart with her. Jones tells her that she can't just quit after all she put her through. Alisa tells her that a "hero" is not a bad word, it's for someone that cares and does something about it. Jones says she doesn't care, but Alisa argues she does. Suddenly, a gun shot is heard, Alisa's blood splatters on Jones' face. Jones looks down to see Walker holding a gun. Jones jumps off the Ferris wheel and punches Walker who tries to tell Jones that she saved her, she then picks up the gun and angrily goes to shoot Walker, but instead tells Walker to run. She goes back to her mother and cries while she holds her corpse until Costa arrives. Costa tells his men to lower their weapons, she then comforts Jones as he thinks she killed Alisa.

Jones goes back to her private investigating. While buying more booze from a gas station, it is suddenly robbed by a man. Jones throws a bottle at the robber, knocking him down. The owner threatens to shoot the robber and his family, so Jones gets the gun away from him. As she walks out, the owner asks if she is going to pay for the booze.

Hellcat’s Reflexes.png

She goes to her apartment to see Walker at the door. Walker pleads her case on how dangerous Alisa was, but Jones tells her off saying that all she sees is the person that killed her mother. Walker walks away and gets a text from her mother asking if they are going to have dinner. When she responds, she is knocked in the arm by a woman and she drops her phone; however, she catches it with her foot revealing that the surgery worked and that she has powers.

Pryce Cheng meets with Hogarth with his new associate, Ducasse. Cheng gets offered a business opportunity by Hogarth. The two partners agree to get absorbed into Hogarth & Associates. Meanwhile, Jones does her work on her computer and looks up seeing once again how Ducasse's old desk is empty. She leaves her apartment to see Ducasse entering his, they just walk right by each other, not saying a word. Jones walks to Arocho's apartment and has dinner with him and Vido.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Da Doo Ron Ron Cathy Salvodon, Ron Scott & Deysha Nelson
Malcolm Suits Up Sean Callery
Plaisir D'amour Jan Rap
The Ferris Wheel Sean Callery
  • Jessica Jones goes after Trish Walker in retaliation for killing Alisa Jones, then tells her to run. Jones climbs back into the ferris wheel car with her mother and breaks down in tears.
Alias Investigations Sean Callery
  • Jessica Jones's voiceover about 'just existing'. Jones stops to buy some liquor and ends up in the middle of a robbery.
It Didn't Have To Be You Sean Callery


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