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"It's ladies night. New promotion I'm running."
"No, it's not."
"It is now."
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

AKA Ladies Night is the first episode of the first season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Jessica Jones is hired to find a pretty NYU student who's vanished, but it turns out to be more than a simple missing person's case.


A year ago, Kilgrave was believed to have died and Jessica Jones attempted to get her life back. She spent time in therapy where she learned a focusing technique to keep the PTSD that she suffers in check. Suddenly, Jones felt that therapy was a waste and started from her apartment Alias Investigations Detective Agency.

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Finishing a case dealing with a cheating wife, Jones asks Jeri Hogarth for a new assignment, though she refuses to work for Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz full-time, wanting to remain freelance. Hogarth sends her to give a subpoena to Gregory Spheeris, a strip-club owner who stays surrounded by bodyguards.

Jones goes to her apartment to try to get some sleep but the neighbors above her constantly argue and awaken her. She hears a noise, but it is Malcolm Ducasse, a neighbor, stealing peanut butter to eat. As Jones escorts him out, Bob and Barbara Shlottman hire her to find their daughter, Hope, a track star at New York University who has abruptly changed her routine and disappeared.

Jones uses her strength to intimidate Spheeris by holding his moving car still and serves him his subpoena. When Jones calls Hogarth to verify payment, Hogarth is distracted by the caresses of Pam.

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Meanwhile, Jones watches Luke Cage and his sexual conquests. One night, while she is peeking into Luke's, Cage spots her and tells her that it is "ladies night" so that she would enter. Staying until close, Jones and Cage spend the night together, but she leaves abruptly when she sees a woman's picture in his bathroom.

Using credit card data, Jones follows the spending trail of Shlottman to discover that she has not paid rent on her apartment, but she is buying expensive clothes. When Jones goes to Niku, an expensive restaurant, she begins to understand the pattern: Kilgrave is alive and duplicating their dating rituals.

Jones decides to flee and advises the Shlottmans to do the same. After approaching different people for money, Jones goes to Trish Walker, a radio celebrity, and gets the money necessary to escape from New York City. However, Jones decides to visit one more place. She goes to a hotel where the doorman is familiar with her and finds Shlottman in bed, having been unable to to move for over five hours. She has wet the bed. Jones carries her from the room.

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Sometime later, Jones and Shlottman talk, with Jones letting Shlottman know that nothing that Kilgrave had her do was her fault. The Shlottmans arrive to get their daughter to return to Nebraska and Jones decides that she is done being a detective. Suddenly, Shlottman reveals a gun and kills her parents in the elevator. When the elevator opens on the ground floor, Jones sees the bodies; Shlottman turns to her and tells her to smile.

As Shlottman regains her senses and screams in horror as she sees the carnage she committed, a disturbed Jones leaves the building. A taxi stops but she decides that she will not flee Kilgrave; it is time for her to fight.


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I Got a Woman Ray Charles
There's a Blessing Johnny Copeland
Turnt It Up Michael Klein & Yusef Jackson


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