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"I'm about to drop it like it's hot, y'all! With the music video world premiere, this is Trish with I Want Your Cray Cray."

AKA I Want Your Cray Cray is the seventh episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Flashbacks shed new light on the aftermath of the family's car accident and reveal a painful turning point in Jessica's adult life.


Alisa Jones speaks to her daughter, Jessica Jones, whom she has just reunited with. She talks about the car crash that killed her husband, son, and to what Jessica had previously thought, her.

After the car crash, Alisa Jones wakes up in a hospital room and tries to get up. She looks in a reflection and sees her own mangled and bloody face. She panics and runs out of the room to find her daughter. She is then pushed away by Karl Malus who sedates her.

Jones wakes up to see Dr. Karl Malus and Dr. Leslie Hansen. Jones tries to move but sees that she is restrained to the bed. Malus breaks the news to the now healed Jones that it has been five years since the accident. She immediately panics asking where her kids are. Malus breaks the news saying that he had to edit her genetics. Now she has powers such as superhuman strength, durability, and healing, similar to her daughter. He also shows her how her face now looks completely different. He then tells her Brian and Phillip had died, but Jessica survived and is fine.

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Jessica Jones sits at a bar watching Trish Walker's debut of her new song, I Want Your Cray Cray. She then gives Walker honest feedback that she disliked it. Walker talks to Jones about how important this is to her. One of Walker's friends walks over and tells her to go to the bathroom to do drugs, despite Jones concerns. Jones sees her adoptive mother, Dorothy Walker, and tells her to leave as she had previously ruined Walker's life. Jones flirts with the bartender, Stirling Adams. His manager scolds him for over-pouring, which prompts Adams to quit. Jones then catches a high Walker leaving and tries to stop her, but Walker leaves anyway after an argument. Adams sees this and offers Jones for a drink.

Meanwhile, Alisa Jones approaches Malus about not letting her out. Malus says that she is dangerous as she now has uncontrollable mood swings. Jones asks where Jessica is, which Malus responds saying they arranged for another family to adopt her. Malus tells her that Jessica didn't show any signs of powers when they discharged her, but Jessica believes her entire family is dead. Jones loses control and Malus is forced to sedate her once again.

Adams tries to guess Jones' middle name while they kiss. He reaches into her pocket for her ID which reveals it is Campbell, which is her mother's maiden name. They go to a store and Jones uses her powers to break in and steal a leather jacket. Later, she wakes up in Adams' bed and hears him yelling at his mom on the phone. While on the topic of family, Jones admits she says Walker had died in a plane crash because of their fight a month ago. Adams encourages her to meet up with Walker.


They go to a bar as a couple and see Walker. Jones confronts her only to realize she is once again high. Jones worriedly pulls her aside. Walker gets excited when finding out that Jones has been living with someone. She then asks to meet Adams. He gives Walker his business card showing her plans for his club called, "Club Alias." Jones angrily pulls him away and asks him if he just pushed her to see Walker as a business opportunity, which he denies. Adams' business partners go to his house to confront him on his bar. Adams had told them a year ago about the plans and they think it's taking too long. They get in a physical fight which prompts Jones to beat them up until they leave. Inez Green tends to an unconscious Alisa Jones. However, Jones was faking being restrained and attacks Green. She then snaps the other doctors neck and runs off.


Alisa Jones confronts Jessica's adoptive mother, Dorothy Walker, and discretely asks her about Jessica. Instead, Walker scolds Jessica. Alisa then walks away and finally finds her daughter. She watches as Jessica kicks a fire extinguisher to spew water for sweating kids. She then continues to trail her until she goes into a bar. Alisa walks in and sees Jones smiling at her. As Jones walks over, Alisa realizes that she was smiling at Adams, who as behind her. Jones then gets up to use the restroom and Alisa follows. Jones notices someone outside of the stall and asks if she can get her a tampon. She then graciously offers the stranger a drink. As Alisa leaves, she finds Adams in the alley arguing with his business partners. The partners offer to forget about him if he gives them Jones for muscle. He agrees on the condition that he gets paid as well. As the partners leave, an angry Alisa confronts him. Adams claims that he was getting them off his back, but Alisa doesn't believe him and slams his head repeatedly into the wall, killing him. Realizing her mistake, she runs away just before Jones runs over and sees Adams. She then holds Adams dead body while the ambulance arrives.


Jones runs to meet Walker at a bar to talk to her. She goes into the bathroom to see a drunk Walker about to give oral sex to a man which prompts her to kick him out. Jones and Walker talk on the rooftop. Walker finally admits she is an addict and needs help. Jones suggests going back to her mother for rehab. They make up and watch a movie playing through a projector onto the wall. Alisa Jones returns to Malus' lab and tells him that she agrees to stay.

In present day, Alisa finishes the story to Jones, who is crying. Alisa asks for forgiveness, but Jones doesn't take it and punches Alisa. Malus then comes from behind and sedates Jones.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
I Want Your Cray Cray Rachael Taylor & Kandi Marks
Bua Bua Citizun
The Holy Ground / The Wild Rover / I'll Tell Me Ma The Dubliners
Rescuing Hope from the Hotel Bed Sean Callery
Rooftop Movie Night Sean Callery


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