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"I did something today. I set a murderer free."
Jessica Jones

AKA I Did Something Today is the ninth episode of the third season of the television series Jessica Jones.


After a shocking blow, Jessica's forced to choose between protecting Trish and destroying Sallinger. Jeri seizes her chance to get back in Kith's life.


Gregory Sallinger lays on the floor, bloody and unconscious as Jessica Jones and Trish Walker figure out their next move. Sallinger has seen Walker’s face. She wants to kill him, but Jones won’t allow it. She is forced to knock Walker unconscious and carries her out the window as NYPD enter the apartment.

Jones and Walker retreat to a hotel, where Jones cleans the blood off her. Walker has trouble grasping the fact that her mother is dead. She cries while Jones comforts her. Jones helps Walker into the tub, where she cleans Walker of any evidence. Afterward, Jones gets a call from detective Costa, which she ignores. Jones wants to get Walker out the city, but Walker wants to stop Sallinger first.

Jones gets another call from Costa. This time she answers. Costa is at Dorothy's apartment. He wants Jones to bring Walker in as she could be a target. The scene is unfortunately clean of any evidence to indicate Sallinger’s involvement. Costa then reveals that Sallinger has just gotten out of surgery and claims that he was attacked by the masked vigilante, who clawed his face. The hairs they found on Nathan Silva’s body are on their way to the lab. Sallinger is done unless the masked vigilante gets in their way. Jones offers to bring the woman in, but in doing so, she’d need a deal for immunity. However, Costa can’t promise that with the way things are going. Costa tells Jones to turn on the news to see exactly what he is referring to. It is Jeri Hogarth, holding a press conference in regards to the masked vigilante, who she claims is responsible for a rash of attacks. Sallinger is her latest victim. Hogarth has decided to take matters into her own hands and stop the woman. Hogarth & Associates are prepared to offer a $250,000 reward for the successful identification of the vigilante.

The whole city now looks for the vigilante. All the more reason to follow through with Jones’ plan to get her out of town. Jones then gets a message from Sallinger. An image of Walker holding a blade to his throat. However, Jones chooses to keep this from Walker.

After the press conference, Malcolm Ducasse approaches Hogarth as he isn’t sure she is going about it the right way. He believes Sallinger to be the real threat to the city, not the masked vigilante. While Hogarth may be offering a cash reward, Ducasse is still tasked with unmasking the woman. And if she has to pay the reward because Ducasse fails, then there would be a problem. Before he could make his next move, Ducasse gets a call from Jones, who needs his help. More importantly, Walker needs his help. There is a key to Walker's apartment in Jones' top desk drawer. Jones needs him to take her some clothes and her passport, to which Ducasse agrees.


Jones, dressed in scrubs, takes possession of Sallinger as he laid wounded in his hospital bed. Sallinger tells Jones that it is supposed to be her that came after him. He is trying to capture her true nature. Sallinger wants to stay out of prison, for which he would need Jones’ help. He could tell that Jones is terrified of losing Walker, as she is all Jones has left. He wants her to destroy any evidence on Nathan Silva’s body that could be traced back to him or else that picture of Walker attacking him would be released. Jones reluctantly agrees, but not without threatening Sallinger should he not follow through on his end.

Jones enters her apartment to find Gillian packing her belongings. She has started to quit but seemingly decided against it after seeing Jones in such distress. There is a sudden knock at the door. It is Erik Gelden. He has gotten Brianna Gelden back to Georgia, where she is back on her meds. He then turns on the news, where he sees what happened to Dorothy. Jones and Gelden retreat to the bedroom. He wishes he had agreed to put Sallinger away for kidnapping him. Then Dorothy would still be alive. He offers to help in any way he could. Jones needs help with permanently hiding Walker. The only alternative is to get rid of any evidence in the Silva case, to which Gelden offers his assistance in breaking into a police crime lab.

Hogarth receives a surprise visit from Laurent Lyonne. His mother doesn’t know he is there. He sees on the news that Hogarth is trying to change. He asks if she is good at her job. Which she is. Lyonne has a dead sister and father. And now his mother is about to lose everything. The foundation that his father stole from is angry and the donors filed suit. Hogarth argues that the facts will prove Kith isn’t involved. She is sure they’d settle. All but one, Lyonne replies. Demetri Patseras. He is a family friend before something happened that caused a rift. This occurred when Lyonne was 15, so he didn’t know the specifics. What Lyonne did know is that Patras wouldn’t back off. Hogarth advises them to get a new lawyer. Lastly, He pleads with Hogarth to not hurt his mother any more than she already has.

Jessica Jones Cop Season 3.jpg

Jones and Gelden stand in the darkened corner near the grocery store waiting for Carl Nussbaumer. He stops there every night at the start of his beat. He served 20 decorated years on the force, but he is also a murderer. Gelden found three uncleared homicides on Nussbaumer’s watch. All drug dealers, all chalked up to street crimes. He stole their product and cash afterward. Some of which he used to pay Gelden $10,000 in blackmail money. Jones approaches the officer and confronts him about his murderous behavior. He turns off his body cam and calls Jones out, as he recognizes her from the news. All Jones wants from him is access to the crime lab in Jamaica, Queens. A clear path of entry, in and out, without a trace. Gelden roughs Officer Nussbaumer up against the fence after he had threatened Jones, who reminds Gelden that they need Nussbaumer. Jones forces Nussbaumer to find her away in or else she would expose him. Nussbaumer’s shift ends at 2:00 am. He tells Jones to be at the lab’s loading dock at 2:45. As he leaves, Gelden explains to Jones that it is worse than before. Nussbaumer is still at it.

Ducasse arrives at Walker’s hotel room with her clothes. He mentions how he is sorry for what happened to her mother. Despite doing everything right, Sallinger still won, which deeply frustrates her. Ducasse assures Walker that the bad guys don’t always win. But to her, they won enough for her not to want to be a vigilante anymore.

Hogarth surprises Kith Lyonne with a visit after one of her classes. She wants to offer her assistance in dealing with Patseras. She exclaims that she loves Lyonne and that she never stopped. And when she saw Lyonne again, unhappy and unable to find a way out, Hogarth exposed Peter, claiming she did it for Kith’s sake. 25 years later, and by Lyonne’s account, Hogarth is still a selfish manipulator. She doesn’t want to hear anything else Hogarth has to say, but Hogarth continued nevertheless. She recalls their childhood and how she found her again recently. And when she had her investigator dig into Peter, she thought it is a stroke of luck when she found out he was a fraud and a cheat. And while she regrets her part in his death, she would do it again as she loved Lyonne. To this, Lyonne replies the truth is overrated. As Lyonne is leaving, Hogarth reveals that Laurent came to her and asked for help. Kith didn’t reply. She simply grabs her bags and leaves.

Jones and Gelden sit in a car by the crime lab’s loading dock, reviewing the schematics of the building. There are a few stray hairs on the third floor of the building. They were all that is found on Nathan Silva’s rotting corpse. They belong to Sallinger and they would put him away for good. Gelden has no idea if Jones is doing the right thing, but he will see it through. He does, however, do the right thing once. After he got his powers, he came home from college and the first person he saw is his dad. Soon he felt the pain when seeing his dad and realized he was abusing Brianna. And the day they took his father away, his mother overdosed on pills. And Brianna blames him as it isn’t his truth to tell. So that is the first and last time he used his power for good. Jones grabs his hand as if to comfort him. Officer Nussbaumer then opens the garage door and hands her a key card.

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Jones makes her way through the building only to find Costa in the crime lab with one of the doctors. Jones calls Gelden for backup as she needs to get Costa and the doctor out. Gelden, while viewing the schematics, tells Jones to take the western stairwell to the basement, where she’d find the sewer main. As the doctor begin to analyze the hairs, Jones finds the sewer main, causing it to back up into the building, forcing everyone to evacuate. Once everyone has evacuated, Jones makes her way back up into the forensics lab, where she recovers the hairs and disposes of them. She returns to the car with Gelden, where he assures her that nothing has changed about her and that he doesn't feel any darkness.

As Sallinger gets his bandages changed on his face, he gets a call from Jones, who tells him the job had been done.

That morning, Jones returns to the hotel with Gelden, whom Walker is not pleased to see, as she partially blamed him for her mother’s death. Gelden comes to apologize, but not only does Walker not accept his apology, but she also punches him in the face. Walker has no idea what Gelden has done for her. He helped with the Sallinger situation. Jones further explains that Sallinger wants her to destroy the evidence that proves he killed Nathan Silva. Walker is angry and upset to learn that Jones did this on her behalf as she is willing to go to jail for attacking Sallinger. Walker demands that Jones decline the deal, but it has already been done. With that, Jones obliterates Walker’s only win in a long, agonizing list of losses. Jones has to make a decision about whether to destroy Sallinger or save Walker. She chose the latter. Moving forward, Walker would have to let the cops see her in her regular routine. That means returning to work and planning funeral arrangements. Jones offers to go to the morgue and ID her, Walker wants to do it herself. In the meantime, Jones will clean up the room of any evidence and head back to her apartment.

Walker returns to her mother's apartment for the first time since finding her body. Walker looks through the family photo album if for nothing else, just to see her mother as she is.


Ducasse reveals to Hogarth that the security footage of the masked woman in the file room has been doctored by him. And on a USB, he has the missing footage, in which Hogarth will see Ducasse as he caught her breaking in and then let her go. He then quits as Hogarth simultaneously fires him. They’d been on the same page for some time, building a future together. Hogarth mentions Zaya Okonjo, possibly suspecting that she has some involvement even after Ducasse assures Hogarth she doesn’t. She accuses Ducasse of not only vilifying her and her life’s work but stealing from her and lying. She reminds him of what they’ve both done and how he’s no better than her. Ducasse thinks about doing what Hogarth asks of him, for Okonjo’s sake. Unmasking the woman vigilante, who for all her flaws, is at least trying to be a hero, while they protect a serial killer. If that’s what Hogarth wants from him, then Ducasse is out. In that, Hogarth realizes that Ducasse knows the identity of the vigilante.

Jones begins making funeral arrangements for Dorothy, though she finds it hard to make it through the process. Costa unexpectedly arrives at her apartment and tells Jones that the hair they found on Nathan Silva’s body is gone. He claims it is an accident at the lab. They have no next move as Costa has been placed on leave. Bodies are piling up, and a serial killer kept slipping through the cracks. So, the department needs a fall guy. The press accuses them of colluding with powered vigilantes and Costa fits the bill. Jones offers to tell the press that she acts alone, but the truth is that she doesn’t. Costa takes Jones’ side when he possibly shouldn’t have. Because maybe they are friends, which Jones doesn’t have a lot of. Although she does at least have one, Costa mentions. The masked vigilante. He is glad that she maimed Sallinger and that she is still free. Costa admits fault and asks that Jones not take this on.

While watching the unedited footage of Ducasse’s encounter with the masked vigilante, Hogarth is visited by Lyonne, who brings her financials and everything Hogarth needs to know about the foundation. Hogarth would have her accountants go through it and circle back with recommendations. However, Lyonne has no desire to talk about them. Once Lyonne is gone, Hogarth returns to her laptop, where she replays the surveillance footage. This time, she could see the vigilante’s face in the reflection of Ducasse’s computer. She zooms in to discover that Walker is the masked vigilante.

As planned, Walker headed down to the morgue to identify her mother’s body.


The next morning, Jones is awakened by NYPD at her door. They have a warrant to search her home. Detectives Imada and Defford from the homicide division lead the charge. They have a few questions for Jones, starting with her recent run-in with officer Carl Nussbaumer. His body cam captured Jones approaching him, then he turned it off. Imada wants to know why. Jones realizes that they aren’t there for Dorothy. It is Nussbaumer who died. He was beaten to death, and Jones doesn't have an alibi.


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