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"You want your phone back in one piece? Then you'll shut up and smile."
Jessica Jones to Eric Ambrose

AKA Facetime is the sixth episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Jessica gate-crashes an exclusive country club on the hunt for the killer, and Trish's new addiction begins to spiral out of control.



Jessica Jones rushes out into the street to snap a photo of Karl Malus, but her phone doesn't work because of the water that splashed into it. Jones buys a bag of rice to put her phone in, but sees a magazine stating that Trish Walker and Griffin Sinclair had broken up. Jones goes back to her apartment and sees that her phone has finally dried out. She then looks through the photos she got of Malus and the murderous woman. She goes to Oscar Arocho's apartment because his music is too loud. Instead, he lets her inside. He starts to kiss her which causes her to knock over purple paint. They then fall onto the painted canvas and have sex.

On a bus, Walker sees a sketchy man on a bus and thinks he is about to do something, but he doesn't, she then sees a man who caused a scene so she kicks him off the bus and arrogantly tells the woman, "you're welcome." Jones wakes up to see Arocho painting a portrait of her. She awkwardly walks away. Jeri Hogarth returns to her apartment to give Inez Green clothes that she had bought and asks her about IGH. Green tells her that she just started working there when the murder happened. She then takes off her shirt in front of Hogarth and puts on the new clothes.


Jones and Walker meet up and walk into a pawn shop. The owner tells them that he doesn't want her here. Walker then pulls out a gun which surprises Jones. She then tells Walker to put it away. They ask the owner for the security footage of Malus from yesterday. On the footage, it shows Malus injecting the woman with a serum that makes her go unconscious. He then loads her into a car. Malcolm Ducasse goes to a college campus to see an old lover named Nichelle. She pushes him away because she still remembers him as the drug addict.

Hogarth calls Jones telling her that she needs to get rid of Green. Overhearing this, Green steals as much stuff as she can for money before getting kicked out. She opens a drawer and sees Hogarth's ALS pills. She then rethinks her actions. At the Alias Investigations Office, Ducasse comforts Walker, but Jones kicks him out saying that she doesn't pay overtime. Walker then gets mad at Jones saying he is going to quit if she keeps treating him this way. Jones tells Walker that he is just there because he has a thing for Walker.

Infiltration into Rossmont Clubhouse.jpg

Jones finds out that Malus' credit cards link to a pantyhose company run by Justis Ambrose. They go to a golf course to see him, but are stopped by the guard. They quickly realize that the club is mens only. Walker distracts the guard while Jones breaks in. Two guards go to apprehend her, but she throws them towards Ambrose and approaches him about Malus. Ambrose marvels at the fact that she is one of his experiments and is "perfect". Ambrose explains why he pays for Malus' expenses. He says that his son was born with a disease and Malus saved him, the son is now perfectly fine. Walker starts to feel sick and pukes before rushing out of the club. Jones continues to talk to Ambrose who doesn't believe her about Malus.

At his house, Malus experiments with chemicals. He then goes into a room to wake up the restrained and sleeping woman. He tells her that Jones is coming. Walker is brought to her bed by Jones. Walker says it is food poisoning but knows it is with drawl from the Combat Enhancer Inhaler. When Jones leaves, Walker springs out of bed looking for the inhaler, but cannot find it. Meanwhile, Ducasse returns to Alias Investigations and sees Walker's sweatshirt. When he picks it up, the inhaler falls out.

Green enters Hogarth's room and shows her that she found the pills. She then tells Hogarth about another patient that she didn't mention before. A boy that could heal people. He healed Green from paralysis and Green says she'll get him for her. Jones finds the drawing of herself that Arocho painted outside her room. She brings it in and props it up so that it faces the wall.

Ducasse returns the sweatshirt to Walker and tries to tell her about his drug life and how it effected him, but she cuts him off. She goes to the bathroom and takes the inhaler. She then goes back to talk with him. Ducasse goes to leave, but Walker walks up to him and kisses him. They then have sex on her couch.

Jessica sees Mother 3.png

Jones trails Eric Ambrose, Justis Ambrose's son and threatens him. She calls her father, which Justis tells her he'll talk. Using the information from Ambrose, Jones goes to Malus' house and breaks in. She walks into the basement and finds a hospital bed. She looks some more and finds perfume that her mom used to wear, she then looks up and sees a framed picture of Jones and her brother. Shocked, she turns around to see the woman and Malus behind her. The woman tells Jones that she is her mother.


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Ain't No Love Trubdr. Adam Road
Then There's the Matter of You Sean Callery
Malcolm And Trish Sean Callery
Ain't We Got Fun
Alisa's Theme Sean Callery


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