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"She doesn't understand what am I doing, because she can't do it. She can't make the ultimate sacrifice."
"Which is?"
Trish Walker and Jeri Hogarth

AKA Everything is the thirteenth and final episode of the third season of the television series Jessica Jones, as well as the series finale.


An old friend visits Jessica as she sets out on an agonizing mission and learns the true cost of being a hero.


Jessica Jones leaves the courthouse following the murder of Gregory Sallinger. Jeri Hogarth stops Jones as she wants her to tell Trish Walker that she won't reveal her identity and that she is nothing like Sallinger. Eddy Costa informs Hogarth that it is time to give her statement and then loosd at Jones, sharing the mutual thought that the masked vigilante needs to be stopped.


Jones returns to her apartment to find Luke Cage waiting by her door. He'd been seeing her a lot more in the news as of late. She can't tell him what he wants to hear as it would risk hurting Walker. Cage has his own Walker in a sense. His brother, Willis Stryker. He starts with nothing, but always finds a way to lose more. And the lives that he ruins, that is on him. Cage sent him to the Raft. As much as it hurt him, it was the right thing to do. He is hoping Jones will follow his lead and do the same with Walker. Cage explains that going too far is always a risk and that if he were to ever pass that line, he would hope that someone stops him. Cage trusts that Jones would do what she had to do. After tracking Walker's phone to her apartment, Jones calls Erik Gelden for a ride.

Jones enters Walker's apartment to find her sitting in the dark. Jones wonders if it is worth it. Walker replies that it is horrible yet necessary. She is sorry for what this might’ve meant for their relationship, but she has to do it. She then prepares to leave for work. Her cover is more important now than ever. Walker claims that she is protecting people from Sallinger when she kills him, though this only causes Jones’ concern to grow. She needs Walker to turn herself in. Walker refuses. She knows what she is capable of, and she couldn't do that behind bars. The woman standing before Jones she no longer recognized. Jones worries that Walker will lose control and do something she couldn't come back from. Gelden has been standing outside the door. He enters and a headache instantly set in. It got worse as he moves further into the apartment. The darkness surrounding Walker is so powerful that touching Gelden causes his eyes to bleed. It is over for Walker. Jones is taking her in with or without her compliance. Walker heads to the bathroom to clean herself up first. Jones realizes this is merely a ploy, but by the time she checked in the bathroom, Walker has already escaped through the window.

Walker takes refuge in a building, where she records a message for Jones, explaining that if Jones stays out her way, she would see what Walker is trying to do. However, she doesn't complete the message. Instead, she scrolls through her email, where she finds an email from Hogarth detailing the assignment she has for Walker.

Hogarth watches the news report of Sallinger's murder. The call for the identification and arrest of the masked vigilante continues to grow as she is now suspected of killing at least three men she deem as criminal. Hogarth gets a surprise visit from Kith Lyonne, who stops by to check on her after hearing about the attack at the courthouse. Hogarth is shaking and could barely stand upright, though she insists she is fine. Hogarth reveals that she is shaking because she is dying of ALS. And she finds Lyonne again because she is going to die. It is progressing slowly, but her hands are no longer hers anymore. And eventually, her entire body will become her prison. Hogarth admits that it is selfish of her to seek Lyonne out and she is sorry for it. Hogarth then gets a call from Walker, who wants her secret to remaining as such. As for the favor, Hogarth no longer wants Walker involved. Walker is already invested and wants to know just how bad of a person Demetri Patseras is. Hogarth just wants proof of tax evasion. But Walker wonders if he had done worse. She asks again how bad he is. Hogarth answers that he is a monster.

Malcolm Ducasse enters Jones' apartment to demand that Walker be stopped. Jones agrees as she is going after her. Ducasse suggessd that she get the cops involved, but if that were to happen, the public would know and chase her out of town. Jones is certain that Walker is still in town as she had to prove Jones wrong.

Walker breaks into Patseras Residence and beat a confession out of him. He admits to cheating on his taxes and hitting his wife. As Walker continue her assault, Patseras’ daughter, Nora, calls out to her father and tells Walker that she called 911, forcing Walker to flee.

The following morning, Ducasse and Jones watches a news report detailing the savage assault on Demetri Patseras. Jones hopes that Patseras is at least deserving of the beating. Ducasse reasons there is a good chance of it as Patseras is connected to Hogarth. Jones barges into Hogarth's office and accuses her of hiring Walker to kill Patseras. Hogarth replies better Patseras than her. Hogarth's clients are exactly the type of people Walker is after, thus making Hogarth her supplier. Jones needs Hogarth's help to bring Walker in by using her as bait.

Ducasse returns to his apartment where Brianna Gelden sits on the couch, waiting for her food to arrive. Ducasse answers the door under the impression that it is taken out only to find Zaya Okonjo on the other side. She has come to get the rest of her stuff. Ducasse hands her the box in which he places her belongings. However, along with her stuff, Okonjo is hoping for closure between the two of them. However, with Brianna inside, he can't let her in and told her she should go. Although, he makes sure she knows that he at least loved her. He explained that he sabotaged their relationship, but he isn't sure why. Brianna comes from the back, blowing his cover. A visibly hurt Okonjo leaves the apartment.

At Joe's Pizza, Walker sees on the news that Hogarth is planning to reveal the identity of the masked vigilante, who Hogarth claims is far too dangerous to leave out in the streets.


While in her apartment, waiting for Walker to undoubtedly arrive, Hogarth receives a surprise visit from Lyonne, who questioned if Hogarth sends the masked vigilante after Patseras, who laid up in the hospital in critical condition. His lawyer calls and said that Patseras is dropping the lawsuit. Normally, Lyonne would be angry, but instead, she feels free, as it is over. Hogarth and Lyonne share a kiss before being interrupted by Walker. Jones comes from out of the room and slams Walker against the ceiling. Walker doesn't believe that she is Jones’ problem anymore, but Jones would beg to differ. As Hogarth calls the police, Walker races over to Lyonne and holds her hostage. Hogarth pleads with Walker to stop. She then pulls out a gun and demands that Walker let her go. She even offers to find her a way out of town in exchange for Lyonne's release. When Jones attempts to rush Hogarth, she shoots Jones in the leg. With Jones down on the ground, Walker and Hogarth exit the apartment.

Walker takes Hogarth to her hideout, where Hogarth made arrangements for Walker to get out of the country. Hogarth would take Walker across the border to Canada. From there, she'd be on her own. Hogarth remarks that Walker's powers are impressive. However, it doesn't matter how powerful Walker is. She'd never forget what it felt like to be helpless. Hogarth knows the feeling. Walker claims that she doesn't want to kill anyone. She also points out her Hogarth gives her life for Lyonne, which is unexpected to her. Hogarth explains that she loves Lyonne and wants more for her than for herself. Jones feels the same way about Walker, Hogarth believes. She merely wants her sister back. Walker wants her back to, but she wouldn't have been able to make the ultimate sacrifice. Walker then gets an alert on her phone from the New York Bulletin. It is Jones, who has revealed her identity to the world.

After posting the video to the New York Bulletin, Jones and Ducasse wait. They listen to incoming police calls. Gelden arrives soon thereafter. Jones tells him to hop on social media and search through the "Find Patsy" hashtag.

The next day, Walker and Hogarth arrange a meeting with Alex Sokolov, who could get Walker out of the country. However, Hogarth has never done business with this man before. Even in a brown wig, he instantly recognizes Walker. He is a government contractor who supplies armed forces. It gives him flexibility with certain restrictions. He and Walker would layover in Thailand. From there, Walker can go where ever she wanted. He tells her that she could remove the wig as his guys were to be trusted. They enter a warehouse, where they discover that Sokolov ships coffins to war zones. Walker is being shipped in a coffin and has a 17-hour flight ahead of her, but they have something to put her out. However, she declines any drugs.

Jones, Ducasse, and Gelden spend the night searching through the "Find Patsy" hashtag. That morning, Ducasse gets a lead. A long-haul trucker said he spotted Walker in a silver Lexus. It is headed East, where the old airport is located. Jones tells Ducasse and Gelden to stay behind as she wanted to deal with Walker alone.

At the old airport, Walker gets into the coffin as they were about to depart. Once Walker is locked inside, Hogarth calls Jones, but by then, Jones has already arrived. She heads down to the cargo bay to find Walker. When approached by Sokolov, Jones throws him across the room. Unfortunately, there are several coffins, all identical. Jones finds Walker's coffin, but before she could act, Walker forces her way out and makes a run for it, but she doesn't get far, forcing her to fight. Walker kicks the circuit breaker, shutting off the lights, giving her an advantage. She simply wants Jones to let her go. Jones can't do that in fear that Walker would hurt someone else. Jones is completely blind, while Walker could see just fine, making it quite an even match as Walker trades blows with Jones. However, she doesn't have the upper hand for long. Jones grabs Walker and throws her into the next room over, where she could see.


Jones thinks this is all because of what Sallinger did to Walker or maybe even a side effect of her powers. But Jones realizes that it had been there all along. She sees it when Walker shot her mother. And she could see it again. It is Dorothy Walker who beats the self-righteous resolve into Walker. Walker thinks she is avenging her, but in reality, Walker became her. Walker exclaims that this isn't true and tells Jones to stop. As Walker pulls out a knife, Jones admits that Walker is right about the fact that Jones didn't have what it took. She approaches Walker to see if she does have it. And just like that, Walker charges at Jones with her knife, aiming for Jones upper body. She only misses because Jones raises her hand and blocks the attack, causing the blade to go through Jones' hand. Jones then grabs Walker and slams her to the ground, knocking her unconscious.

Later that day, Walker sits in the 15th Precinct Police Station, where Costa informs her that the Raft pulled jurisdiction, forcing him to hand her off to them. Due process doesn't apply to enhanced people, and they’d been told to close all cases related to Walker. She is being charged with two counts of murder in the first degree. One count of murder in the second degree. Multiple counts of aggravated assault, kidnapping, breaking and entering, trespassing. And one count of attempted murder against her own sister. When Costa asks if she understood, it finally sets in with Walker that she is the bad guy.

Hogarth greets Lyonne with a hug as she arrived at the apartment. Lyonne wants to thank Hogarth for everything she'd done. Lyonne comes to say thank you and goodbye. While Lyonne believes that Hogarth loved her, Hogarth only did what she did because they were both in a dangerous situation that she created. Lyonne is leaving that and Hogarth behind her. As Lyonne is leaving, Hogarth remarked she is the last mistake she'd ever make.

Gelden shows up at Jones’ apartment with dinner and the New York Bulletin, with Jones on the front cover, the head title reading "Bona Fide Hero". Gelden thinks it is cool and wanted to help Jones on her hero path. While Gelden may have been a good man, Jones doesn't trust him. He takes that to mean he had to do something about that. He looks back at Jones and then leaves. Jones packs her bag and left her apartment. On her way out, she hands Ducasse the keys to Alias Investigations and tells him not to screw it up.

Costa approaches Gelden at the bar and tells him that Jones wants the two of them to meet. She thinks they could help each other. Gelden points Costa in the direction of the guy on his phone, wearing a red sweater. Gelden doesn't know what he did, but it is bad.


Jones watches as Walker is taken out the back of an armored vehicle and put on a helicopter, destined for the Raft. They exchange looks, though neither speak. After watching Walker get flown away, Jones heads down to the bus station, where she needs to get as close as she could to Mexico. She buys a one-way to El Paso, Texas. In her head, she can hear Kilgrave telling her that it is alright to give in, as it is someone else's job now. This prompts her to stay in New York.


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Keep on Livin' Le Tigre
  • Jessica Jones turns her back on the ticket and walks out of the depot. End credits.


  • This episode includes an epitaph before the ending credits for the late Stan Lee.
  • This episode has the distinction of being the final original Marvel production on Netflix.


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