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"Not much money, oh, but honey, ain't we got fun?"
Alisa Jones

AKA Ain't We Got Fun is the eighth episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


While Jessica debates her next move, Malcolm confronts Trish about her erratic behavior, and Jeri makes contact with a healer.


Jessica Jones wakes up on a hospital bed in Karl Malus House restrained to the bed. Jones immediately panics while Malus explains that she isn't in danger, but Jones doesn't listen. Meanwhile, upstairs, Alisa Jones loses her temper and throws pots and pans. Trish Walker calls Jones and Malus picks it up. Jones argues for him to let her answer or else she would go to the cops. Malus reluctantly agrees. On the call, Jones lies to Walker saying that she found Malus' house, but he is gone. She then tells Walker to leave the investigation and it's over. She says this to protect Walker. When Jones hangs up, Walker angrily complains to Malcolm Ducasse who had slept with her.


Malus pushes Jones to talk to Alisa and she agrees. Malus uncuffs her which allows Jones to immediately attack Malus. She pushes him out the basement door and locks herself in. She then sends a picture of the address to Detective Eddy Costa. Alisa and Malus barge in and Jones says they are going to prison. Malus tries to calm Alisa down and says that he deserves to be the one to go to jail. Alisa then grabs Jones by the neck and starts holding her to the wall. Alisa yells for Malus to leave with the money. Malus slowly walks out and locks them in.

Walker and Ducasse talk about Walker's Inhaler. Ducasse tries to help her because of his drug addict background, but she insists that she isn't on drugs. She then tells him it is a combat enhancer, but she's not sure. Ducasse worries about the mysterious nature of it.

Alisa gets Jones water and tries to talk to her since she thinks she is going to jail soon. Alisa tries to learn more about her daughter, but instead Jones asks her about the last twelve years. After talking about their family, Jones sadly remarks that she doesn't recognize her mother, but her voice does. Jones then remembers Alisa got out of her room every night. So she searches for the way out. When finding it, she decides to help her mother escape. Costa and Ruth Sunday arrive to find both Jones' escaped. Meanwhile, Inez Green and Jeri Hogarth talk about her healer contact.

Later, Hogarth meets Green's friend, Shane Ryback in prison, introducing herself as his lawyer. Ryback realizes she is sick and holds out his hand, which she grabs. He then squeezes her hand with both of his, but he screams out in pain. The guards take him away while Hogarth believes he had started to heal her. Ducasse gets a call from Linda Chao.


Jones and Alisa ride a cab to get out of the city, but Alisa causes a scene because their driver was texting and driving. So Jones asks to get let off and they go to her apartment instead. At the apartment, Costa approaches, frustrated. She makes excuses about not being able to meet, so he leaves. When she walks back into her apartment, she finds that Alisa had jumped out the window. She then finds Alisa talking with Oscar Arocho. Arocho concludes that she didn't like the painting that he had gifted her, but she insists it is good. Jones gets mad at Alisa who ironically tells her to calm down. Alisa explains that she wouldn't leave her daughter again, so it would take more to get her to leave.


Ducasse visits a gay bar for to see Steven Benowitz. He tells Benowitz to go home and come out to his wife. Ducasse explains that a person unlike himself could use all of that to blackmail him. Benowitz demands a name of who would want that and Ducasse answers with Linda Chao, Benowitz business partner. Benowitz says that he has plenty of information on her anyways. While walking out, thugs walk by and call them homophobic names. Ducasse insults them, but quickly gets beat up. An enhanced Walker comes from behind and takes them out. She explains that if he takes the enhancer then he would heal faster. Ducasse takes it, but immediately regrets it and runs away as he is worried about becoming an addict again.

Green tries to leave Hogarth's apartment, but Hogarth tells her to stay and celebrate as she got Ryback out of prison. Green then sits down next to Hogarth, but there conversation quickly moves to Green's scars. Hogarth leans out and starts kissing the scars. Meanwhile, at Jones' apartment, shots are fired through the window. Jones leaps in front of Alisa and gets grazed by the bullet. Alisa moves in pursuit of the shooter despite Jones' pleads to let her take care of it.


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