A.S. Memorial Medical Center is a hospital located in Los Angeles.


Due to being unable to bear being deprived of her anti-anxiety meds while living on the run, Gert Yorkes chose to temporarily leave the Hostel and went to the A.S. Memorial Medical Center to get some drugs and ease her violent pain.[1] During her stay in the hospital, Yorkes telepathically contacted Old Lace to explain why she had left.

Yorkes knew that she needed an adult to sign her out. Since she could not afford to call her own parents, she borrowed Chase Stein's name and asked Janet Stein to come, before calling Chase so he would pick her up and bring her back to the Hostel. This caused Chase to meet with his mother, leading to a tense conversation. Before anrgily leaving the hospital with Yorkes, Chase was warned by Janet that Jonah intended to perform another sacrifice.[2]



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