"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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"They're going for the transports-- --we're going to get trapped in here--"
A.I.M. soldier[src]

A.I.M. Drones were robotic military drones designed by A.I.M.


In exchange for the energy necessary to create Ultimo, A.I.M. provided General Valentin Shatalov with enough drones to make an army for his planned insurrection.

The influence of Project P.R.O.T.E.A.N. caused the A.I.M. Drones to turn against their human allies and begin wiping them out. When Black Widow flew Iron Man and War Machine into an A.I.M. base in a stolen A.I.M. Gunship to search for Kearson DeWitt, she received an evacuation request. Instead, she blasted both soldier and drone alike with the gunship's weapons.

Numerous A.I.M. drones attacked the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier during Operation Daybreak and were defeated by Iron Man and War Machine. They later fought against them when they attempted to thwart DeWitt and Ultimo's launch of Project Greengrid in Malaysia, where the drones were once again defeated.[1]


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