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"It's a privately-funded think tank called Advanced Idea Mechanics. Or A.I.M. for short."
Aldrich Killian to Tony Stark[src]

Advanced Idea Mechanics, better known by its acronym A.I.M., is a scientific research and development agency founded by Aldrich Killian and funded by the United States government.


"These organizations – HYDRA, Centipede, A.I.M. – were also made up of extremely brilliant scientists, men and women who started with the same unlimited potential as you or I."
"Potential can sometimes be dangerous."
Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Advanced Idea Mechanics was originally conceived as a privately funded think tank for scientific advancements. In 1999, after Aldrich Killian failed to recruit Tony Stark, he was contacted by Maya Hansen and helped her develop Extremis, a form of gene therapy designed to regenerate damaged tissue and regrow severed limbs. A.I.M. was then built upon military contracts, with Hansen leading a team of 40 scientists in her research.

Over the next 13 years and the progress of Extremis, Killian's goals for A.I.M. eventually changed and he intended to use subjects who received the Extremis treatment as soldiers, employing everyone exposed to it as personal assassins. Killian hired a failed British actor, Trevor Slattery, to pose as the Mandarin, the supposed leader of the terrorist group called the Ten Rings, and claim responsibility for a series bombings across America, which were actually just failed Extremis experiments of A.I.M. whose subjects exploded from their bodies rejecting the treatment.

Ultimately, Killian intended to have the "Mandarin" kill President Matthew Ellis and replace him with Rodriguez, who was willing to do as Killian demanded in exchange for Extremis healing his daughter. To this end, A.I.M. designed the rebranded Iron Patriot armor. With the "Mandarin" in one hand and the President in the other, Killian intended to take control over both the War on Terror and the American government, as well as sell his Extremis soldiers to the United States Armed Forces, ensuring A.I.M. would make billions.

However, Killian's plan was thwarted by James Rhodes and Stark, the latter of whom defeated all the Extremis soldiers, while Pepper Potts killed Killian.[1]

In an alternate universe, A.I.M invented the Quantum Ore Shovel, an item that was acquired by Sylvie Laufeydottir.[2]


Name Position Status
Aldrich Killian Founder and CEO Deceased
Maya Hansen Scientist Deceased
Eric Savin Operative Deceased
Ellen Brandt Operative Deceased
Sweat Shop Agent Operative Alive
Drew Grey Operative Unknown
David Samuels Operative Unknown
Trevor Slattery Actor Alive


  • In the comics, A.I.M., originally known as Them, was formed as a branch of HYDRA by Baron Strucker, and were responsible for the creation of the Cosmic Cube.

Behind the Scenes

  • In the non-canon video game Iron Man, A.I.M. is a secret weapon and intelligence agency. They were former clients of Stark Industries who built an army based on Stark technology, with some of it being sold clandestinely by Obadiah Stane. When Tony Stark started searching for stolen Stark technology using the Iron Man armor, he faced A.I.M. and their nuclear depots in Russia, facing their own version of Iron Man, the Titanium Man and the twisted Controller. After Iron Man thwarted every attempt of A.I.M. to get power sources, they decided to launch a massive attack on Stark Industries, kidnapping Tony Stark's secretary Pepper Potts. After Ms. Potts was saved, A.I.M. decided to deploy a Proton Cannon in charge of the Melter with the intention to attack civilian targets, but they were stopped again by the armored hero.[3]
  • In the non-canon video game Iron Man 2, A.I.M. worked with Kearson DeWitt in collaboration with Roxxon to perfect the Ultimo Program.[4]
  • In the non-canon video game Iron Man 3 - The Official Game, A.I.M. is the employer of most of the villains.[5]




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