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"Ever seen an A'askavariian? Tentacles, needles for teeth. If she thought I was interested in that...oh, you don't care..."

A'askvariians are an alien race encountered by Peter Quill.


Once when Peter Quill was seeing a Kree girl, she caught him with an A'askavariian female that worked in the Nova Records, as he was attempting to get information from her. The A'askavariian witnessed as the Kree attempted to rip out Quill's thorax.

Quill told Drax the Destroyer about the incident in an attempt to keep him from killing Gamora while the three were in the Kyln.[1]

Characteristic Traits

Peter Quill described A'askavariians as having tentacles and needles for teeth.


  • In the comics, the A'Askavarii are a peaceful race who are organized in a benevolent anarchy.
  • The physical appearance of the Stygians from the Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude comic appears to be more similar to the A'Askavarii from the main Marvel Comics Universe.


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