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"Welcome, Thanos, son of A'Lars."
Red Skull to Thanos[src]

A'Lars was a Titan and the father of the galactic warlord Thanos.


A'Lars fathered a son, Thanos, with a Titan woman. Years later, during Thanos' search of the Soul Stone on planet Vormir with Gamora, Red Skull greeted him as "Thanos, Son of A'Lars".[1]


  • Titan Physiology: As a Titan, A'Lars possesses much of same physical constitution and abilities from his extinct species, possessing incredible superhuman speed, reflexes and strength.




  • In the comics, A'Lars was a scientist and leader of the Eternal settlement on Saturn's real-life moon of Titan, and often went by the title of Mentor.
  • In the official subtitles of Avengers: Infinity War, A'Lars' name was spelled as "Alars."
  • In the non-canonical book Thanos: Titan Consumed, A'Lars is mentioned to be the High Mentor of Titan, the architect of the Eternal City.[2]


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