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"Foggy? Where are we?"
"Harlem precinct."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

The 29th Precinct Police Station is one of the major police stations based in Harlem, New York City.


Investigating the Junkyard

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Death of Cornell Stokes

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Chase of Luke Cage

Interrogating Claire Temple

Shakened from her encounter and near death, Misty Knight requested to Priscilla Ridley to interview Claire Temple, to which she reluctantly allowed. In the interrogation room, Knight gradually became aggressive, as she asked Temple on the whereabouts of Luke Cage, whom was "Carl Lucas," and the identity of the shooter. When Temple persistently becomes noncompliant, Knight was erratic; Temple tried to leave the room when Knight shouts for her to remain seated. A comment on the lack of power Knight had, Temple was pulled and pushed against a wall, mockingly questioning her authority until Ridley entered the room and interrupted the conversation.

Ridley apologized to Temple for Knight's actions and questioned if she wished to press charges of assault against her subordinate; Temple rejected the offer, making the statement that Cage was innocent.[1]

Knight's Intervention

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Arrest of Mariah Dillard

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War for New York

Youth of Harlem

Some time after Luke Cage was sent back to finish his sentence at Seagate Prison, the police department was set on several cases in which the youth of Harlem have been found dead in different locations, their death commonly covered up in a strange occurrence. While Misty Knight and Cage were being reconnected, she mentioned the death of Sean Miller, whom supposedly took on an underground job, only for his body to be found in an apparently car explosion.[2]

John Raymond Case

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Police Protection

"All right, listen up, everybody. I know you don't wanna be here, but it seems that you are all of interest to some pretty powerful and dangerous people. Now, to protect you, I need your cooperation. Sit tight for now. We'll have more answers soon."
Misty Knight[src]
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Arriving at the 29th Precinct Police Station, Luke Cage turned to Misty Knight at her desk and requested that she assist in the protection of his and others' friends at the station. When she began to question the reason behind it, Cage continued to hold back, warning that the information would do her harm than good at the moment and that she would be left in disbelief. Eventually, Iron Fist and Claire Temple arrived at the scene with a bleeding Colleen Wing placed in front of Knight's desk.[3][4][5]


Name Position Badge number Status
Priscilla Ridley Deputy Chief Active
Betty Audrey Captain Discharged
Strieber Captain Transferred to the 15th Precinct
Tom Ridenhour Captain Deceased
Perez Lieutenant In Custody
Misty Knight Detective 0935 Active
Rafael Scarfe Detective Deceased
Jake Smith Detective Active
Dorsey Detective Suspended
Mark Bailey Detective Active
Nandi Tyler Detective In Custody
Callahan Detective Active
Brigid O'Reilly Detective Transferred
Donnie Chang Detective Active
Jackie Albini Officer Deceased
Herrera Officer 1856 Active
Masterson Officer 1024 Active


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