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"Where are they?"
"2-0-9-1. Earth year 2-0-9-1."
Leo Fitz and Enoch[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2091 in an alternate reality created by the Destruction of Earth.




Fitz after a long sleep

  • 74 years after being put in cryostasis, Leo Fitz is woken by Enoch. Enoch gives Fitz a helmet to disguise him as a Marauder upon their arrival at the Lighthouse, which Enoch says will be in a few days' time. He advises Fitz to prepare, as he will be facing some of the most ruthless and brutal monsters, mobsters, and mercenaries in the galaxy. Fitz insists that he has it in him to do so.[1][2]
  • Enoch leaves the ship orbiting Jupiter, planning to keep it in orbit until May 3, 2092.[1][3]


  • Phil Coulson quickly finds out they are in space and that time is frozen momentarily for everything but him. As soon as time restores, he questions a man named Virgil, who claims to have known for years that S.H.I.E.L.D. would come and save them. He also explains the existence of Vrellnexians after his co-worker is suddenly dragged away by one. Alphonso Mackenzie arrives and impulsively knocks Virgil out, worried he is a threat.[1][4]
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Jemma Simmons, in a separate part of the station, investigate dead bodies they find with all their blood drained away. Coulson and Mackenzie find them and reunite, and together they speculate on what is happening.[1][4]
  • Deke Shaw arrives

    Deke Shaw floats into the space station from space, then turns on his artificial gravity, dropping to the floor.[1][4]
  • Melinda May, as she arrives on the station, finds a tube stuck through her leg where she has appeared.[1][4]
  • Mackenzie, frustrated with everything that has been happening in quick succession, decides he wants to quit, to which Coulson objects. The group find an old postcard in Virgil's pocket as they tie him up and try to wake him.[1][4]
  • Melinda May manages to bear the pain and escape from the tubing. She hears rattling and hides, fearing a threat.[1][4]
  • Escape from Level 3:
    • Virgil wakes back up and as the team questions him, he reveals he knows all of their identities as if they are celebrities, and hints that they have been taken to save humanity. As he promises that everything will make sense soon, he is suddenly killed by a Vrellnexian. The "roach" chases the group through the hallway until they are cornered, when Daisy Johnson finds her friends and quakes the roach apart.[1][4]
    • Shaw threatens May

      May watches Deke as he takes a disc from a corpse's arm. She engages him in a fight, which Deke wins, using a gravity manipulating device to make her float, and then gravitate to the wall.[1][4]
    • The rest of Coulson's team wonder how they got there - whether it is because of the Ghost Rider deal, that they are in the Framework, if magic transported them there, or something else. They decide to huddle together instead of splitting up as they investigate.[1][4]
    • Tied up by Deke Shaw, Melinda May is helpless as he cuts into her arm to implant one of the discs, the same item he retrieved from the dead body: a "metric".[1][4]
    • Yo-Yo Rodriguez scouts ahead as the team roam the corridors of the space station. Meanwhile, Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons discuss the station itself, with Coulson wondering if it were perhaps a Howard Stark project from the 1980s, and now, believing he is still in 2017, has been completed 3 decades later, but also musing that it does not feel right. Finding a computer, Daisy Johnson attempts to get it to work, but it shows a message saying "human access denied". Confused, the team scrutinize the other, alien language on the screens just as three Kree men enter. Mackenzie and Rodriguez attempt to fight back, but the aliens knock out the team with a concussive blast.[1][4]
    • Coulson and Simmons in a cell

      Johnson wakes in a cell and sees Coulson and Simmons, but notices Mackenzie and Rodriguez's absence. She immediately asks the Kree guards where they are, but gets no response.[1][4]
    • Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Rodriguez wake, realizing they have been hung up to be interrogated by the Kree.[1][4]
    • Deke Shaw arrives at Coulson, Johnson, and Simmons' cell with Melinda May and pretends to know them, whispering and using his eyes to communicate that he needs them to go along with his trick. He says that they were his friends and he had been looking for them, trying to convince the Kree that it is all just a mistake. The team inform him that Virgil has died, which he claims was what Virgil deserved, and, promising the Kree an hour or two in "the gallery", he eventually gets them to leave, letting Coulson's team go free.[1][4]
    • Kree Watch interrogates Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie

      The Kree interrogating Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez begin freezing Rodriguez's hands at an extremely low temperature as a method of torture.[1][4]
    • Deke asks Coulson's team about what happened to Virgil, and the team confirm that roaches got him.[1][4]
    • Deke claims that he only cares because Virgil owed him tokens, and tells the team his name. They hear Yo-Yo's screams from nearby, and May suddenly turns and switches his gravity manipulating device to pin him to the wall and get him to answer their questions urgently. He reluctantly directs them to the Trawler spacecraft, and Simmons and May leave to find it. Johnson leaves to save Mackenzie and Rodriguez, telling Coulson to stay behind and grill Deke for more answers.[1][4]
    • As Melinda May and Jemma Simmons descend in the elevator to Level 9, they look out of the window and see the scale of the Kree's operation. Together, they come to the realization that the Kree are planning an invasion, believing that they want to conquer Earth. The duo find the Trawler and board the craft.[1][4]
    • Johnson seeks Rodriguez and Mackenzie

      Johnson looks for Rodriguez as the Kree continue to torture her, telling her that any time soon, her arms will snap off.[1][4]
    • Phil Coulson questions Deke Shaw about the Kree's potential attack on humanity.[1][4]
    • Daisy Johnson finds Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, giving them the support they need to be able to retaliate. Rodriguez kicks one of the Kree and a fight begins.[1][4]
  • Jemma Simmons finds the key to the Trawler and her and Melinda May begin flying the ship.[1][4]
  • Deke is confused by Coulson's questions, not understanding why he does not know the answers, as the history of the Lighthouse and the Kree's operations are common knowledge among the humans.[1][4]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez fight against their captors and are freed from their chains with Johnson's help. Mackenzie and Johnson each kill one of the Kree, and then attempt to contact the Trawler.[1][4]
  • As they fly in the Trawler, Simmons looks out and recognizes the constellations, working out that they are still in the Milky Way.[1][4]
  • Coulson and Shaw are talking

    Deke informs Coulson that the Lighthouse is over 90 years old.[1][4]
  • Johnson uses a computer to try to find their location, but is confused when she is given longitude and latitude coordinates. As an idea dawns on Mackenzie, he withdraws Virgil's postcard from his pocket to have a closer look.[1][4]
  • As Deke speaks with Coulson, he realizes that Virgil might have been right about the agents coming from the past.[1][4]
  • Asking what year Coulson came from, Coulson discerns his meaning, understanding that the Time Di'Alla was different to the Maveth one - it transported them not just through space, but through time, into the future.[1][4]
  • As Simmons realizes that she in fact recognizes all the constellations around them, May gets her attention, showing her that there is a school bus floating among the debris in front of them. The truth of their location dawns on them.[1][4]
  • Jonhson look at Virgil's postcard

    Mackenzie shows Johnson the back of the old postcard, and the message it carries, "Working on it - Fitz". They are shocked as they comprehend its significance: 2017 was decades ago.[1][4]
  • Simmons comes to terms with their predicament as she looks out at the destroyed planet, sadly uttering, "No reason to send a message back to Earth... We're already here."[1][4]
  • Before Simmons and May can further react, the Trawler is hit by debris. Simmons is forced to turn it off for a few seconds before rebooting, but manages to get it working again to return to the Lighthouse.[1][5]
  • Jemma Simmons and Melinda May get back to the Lighthouse, where they are reunited with Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw. The group is later met by Tess, a friend of Virgil, who had been told about the supposed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents coming in the future by Virgil. Coulson proves that he is from the past by taking out a 2016 coin, showing that it is shiny from being newly minted only the year before when he had been taken from. Tess then remains with the half of the team, while Shaw goes to find Quake, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez.[1][5]
  • Deke Shaw discovered that agents killed two Kree guards

    Deke Shaw finds Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Johnson, only to discover that they have killed two Kree guards, much to his horror, worried that they could be discovered and targeted for their attack. He helps them to hide the bodies.[1][5]
  • Tess explains to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents what happened: Earth was destroyed by a cataclysmic event and the Kree had arrived shortly after, taking over the Lighthouse in which the survivors had gathered. She mentions that some of the elders had talked about how S.H.I.E.L.D. would come to save them from the past, but that the Kree had killed them all, so she had only ever heard the stories from Virgil - the only person she ever knew to believe. Coulson asks Tess to take him to Virgil's room, hoping to find some answers, and she agrees.[1][5]
  • Shaw, Mackenzie, Rodriguez and Johnson continue getting rid of the bodies. Wanting to transfer them to upstairs but not wanting to get caught in the elevator with the corpses, they throw the bodies onto the roof of the elevator before getting into it.[1][5]
  • Coulson explains to Tess that the "Sharknado" was fiction

    Tess asks about the dangers of Earth in the 2010s, mentioning having heard of tornadoes of sharks, but Coulson explains to her that the "Sharknado" was fiction, from a movie. As they continue on their way to Virgil's room, they encounter Holt and Grill, two members of the Lighthouse, arguing. Before they can escape, however, Grill calls out to Tess, asking about the Trawler. She informs him that Virgil is dead, and explains that Coulson is a new pilot she is training.[1][5]
  • Arriving upstairs, the group drag the Kree bodies to dispose of them. Deke begins to attempt to flirt with Daisy Johnson, but fails.[1][5]
  • Getting to Virgil's room, Coulson finds several Earth artifacts. Tess informs him that Earth will not be habitable again, but also that Virgil kept a small globe in hope that the Earth would come back together, and that while everyone thought he was talking nonsense, since he had been right about the agents, maybe it was not so ludicrous after all. Coulson then discovers Virgil's diary, containing diagrams. Noting that it was important enough for Virgil to hide, he wonders whether it might be helpful.[1][5]
  • May and Simmons are talking

    Meanwhile, May and Simmons attend a food distribution. They discuss Leo Fitz, who Simmons realizes might now, by 2091, have lived his whole life without her. A fight breaks out between two of the human survivors over food and one of them, Reese, is wounded. Simmons tends to his wound with May's assistance, but Sinara, the leader of the Kree Watch who were supervising the place, intervenes and orders her to be taken away.[1][5]
  • May informs Coulson and Tess about what happened to Simmons. The rest of the agents then arrive, and Deke Shaw and Tess step aside to discuss Simmons' actions, with Shaw worriedly mentioning that the agents could endanger everything he and the others have done to survive. Alphonso Mackenzie tells Yo-Yo Rodriguez that she should refrain from using her powers to help Simmons, because it is important to keep her powers secret from everyone at the Lighthouse. Thinking that he may know where Simmons is being kept, Johnson then decides that she will follow Shaw when he leaves, and splits from the group to go after him as he walks away.[1][5]
  • Simmons is taken to lower levels of the Lighthouse and is ordered to undress and clean herself.[1][5]
  • Simmons meets Kasius

    Sinara takes Simmons to be brought before Kasius, the Lighthouse's ruler - a noble Kree man.[1][5]
  • Johnson follows Shaw back to his personal area in the Lighthouse, but when she enters a secret room he has disappeared into, she suddenly finds herself becoming drowsy and passes out. When she wakes, she is stunned to find herself in an environment that appears to be a street, outside a bar, in the 2010s. Her immediate assumption is that she is back in the Framework. She then spots Deke Shaw walking into the nearby bar, and goes to speak with him.[1][5]
  • Kasius interrogates Simmons about what happened during the food distribution, and how she acquired the medical skills she displayed. As he speaks to her, however, he is fascinated when he notices that she does not have a metric in her arm, nor even a scar where it would have been.[1][5]
  • Coulson and the other agents manage to steal a Kree tablet, hoping it will contain valuable information, but then notice that people are gathering in the corridors under Kree supervision. Worried that having no metrics could get then exposed, Coulson goes over to Grill and asks him to implant the devices on them in exchange for the tablet. He says that the fact that they managed to steal it makes them valuable, and offers them the chance to work for him.[1][5]
  • Jonhson and Shaw are talking

    Johnson goes to speak to Shaw, who explains that he has used old technology, which Johnson informs him was known as the Framework, to generate visions of what the Earth looked like in the past, selling the experience to people who want to feel comforted by it. Johnson claims that the experience he is selling people is only trading the prison of the Lighthouse for the prison of the Framework, but Shaw explains that the Framework is easily the better option, as the Lighthouse is far worse than a prison.[1][5]
  • Renewal:
    • Sinara arrives along with the rest of the Kree Watch, activating some people's metrics. Tess sees this and informs May that the event is a Renewal, where some low-earners are picked and left one gun, then forced to the death.[1][5]
    • Meanwhile, Coulson, Rodriguez and Mackenzie are given their metrics from Grill.[1][5]
    • Chaos breaks out in the Lighthouse as the residents fight to survive.[1][5]
    • Grill magnetizes the agents' metrics to stick them to the wall

      In order to save his life, as his metric had turned red to indicate that he needs to partake in the Renewal, Grill magnetizes the agents' metrics to stick them to the wall, leaving them out as he goes to hide, for the other residents to kill them rather than him.[1][5]
    • Holt comes after Grill but finds the agents first, threatening to kill them to satisfy the life debt the Kree Watch are wanting paid. However, Melinda May then arrives and defends them from Holt. A battle ensues between her and the man, but it is ended when Holt is killed by Tess, shooting from the side of the room, and explaining that while she did not want to kill him, someone had to die to end the Renewal. The Kree arrive and use their tablet to check the living and the dead, but find the agents' metrics unregistered - however, Grill steps in and pledges for them, knowing that he needs them around so he can put them to use.[1][5]
  • Reese, the man that Simmons saved, is brought to Kasius and Simmons. Kasius cannot help but notice that his wounds, even if well treated, will permanently be visible, especially the one in his forehead. Deciding that he cannot have a servant who is imperfect, Kasius then has Sinara kill Reese, to Simmons' horror. He then extracts a mysterious viscous fluid from Reese's ear and injects it into Simmons' instead, making her deaf except to his voice. He recruits Simmons as his new servant.[1][5]
  • Deke Shaw blames Jonhson

    Deke Shaw talks to Daisy Johnson about his operation in the Framework, telling her that he is using the environment to learn more about the 2010s, and thus help him in trying to find some answers about the destruction of Earth. He then notices a WHiH World News report playing on the virtual bar's television from April 12, 2017,[6] reporting on Quake saving lives in Los Angeles, and recognizes the "Quake" name as the woman who destroyed the planet. The news then shows footage of Quake, and Shaw comes to the realization that Quake and Johnson are one and the same, turning to her and informing her, to her horror, that she was the one who tore the planet apart.[1][5]
  • Kasius addresses Jemma Simmons, his new servant, telling her that she must do everything he demands. He tells her to prepare for the arrival of visitors he has invited.[1][5]
  • Kasius and his servants, now including Jemma Simmons, believe that they are going to be receiving Lady Basha as a guest, but an envoy arrives in her stead. Kasius is informed that Lady Basha will not attend the meal, but that she is looking forward to the ceremony he is holding. When the envoy leaves, Kasius speaks with a servant called Tye, asking if there is any good news on the ceremony preparations, but Tye reports that there is no progress, and Kasius has an outburst of anger. Sinara calms him down, and he goes to Simmons, telling her that she must solve a problem for him.[1][7]
  • Mackenzie listens to Grill's orders

    Grill hurries all of his workers with their respective jobs, now with Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez among them. Zev, who works for Grill, gives Rodriguez an electric shock through her metric to work faster, and Mackenzie decides to try to defend her. He goes after Grill, but Grill magnetizes his metric to stick his arm to the wall, reminding Mackenzie that he belongs to him now.[1][7]
  • Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw, now conscious again and out of the Framework, look to find Johnson's friends, but Johnson becomes agitated when they have no luck. Shaw insists that she is deflecting after finding out that she cracked the Earth apart, but she insists that she could not have done it, not having enough power. He raises the scientific Multiverse Theory, that perhaps she has merely come from a reality where she had not yet destroyed the planet, but that this does not negate the fact that she is the one to do it. She slaps him for his persistent insistence that she is guilty. Soon, Shaw realizes that there has been a Renewal, and tells Johnson that her friends might be hiding, suggesting that she should start by looking at Grill's place of work.[1][7]
  • Tess tricks Grill into letting Coulson and Mackenzie join her

    Alphonso Mackenzie tells the others that he did not just go after Grill out of spite, but in fact to survey Grill's office, working out where he is keeping the tablet. He suggests to Rodriguez that she use her powers to recover the tablet, with the hope that it could get them access to Simmons' level. Melinda May and Tess return from a flight in the Trawler, and when Coulson lets her know he needs to come with her, Tess manages to convince Grill to let Coulson and Mackenzie join for the next mission.[1][7]
  • Jemma Simmons is taken to a room where she is ordered to help a young Inhuman, Abby, to master her newly acquired powers. Abby, who is suffering frequent seizures, reveals that she recently underwent Terrigenesis, and that she is scared of what might happen if she is not ready for Kasius' ceremony.[1][7]
  • Daisy Johnson finds the team and hides behind a wall as Rodriguez updates her on what has happened. She tells her that they will attempt to recover the Kree tablet and Johnson suggests that she then take it to go to save Simmons. Grill sends Zev to accompany Tess, Coulson, May, and Mackenzie, saying that he is suspicious of them and wants him to find out what they are up to.[1][7]
  • Flint rests near the Trawler

    Tess finds her friend Flint resting near the Trawler and gets him to leave. Phil Coulson then tells the others that from Virgil's diary, he thinks that he had been doing reconnaissance on Earth's surface, commenting that Virgil repeatedly wrote about section "616" of the broken planet. Tess says that 616 is only barren rock, but Coulson speculates that Virgil might have hidden something there, and while she is reluctant to come with them to investigate as Grill is already unhappy with her, she eventually agrees when Coulson highlights that this mission could find what Virgil died for. As they go to board the Trawler, Zev arrives and tells them that he does not trust them, informing them, to their dismay, that he is coming along.[1][7]
  • Simmons manages to calm Abby down, talking to her about the upcoming ceremony. She explains that she has to demonstrate her powers to get to go off-planet and travel the galaxy as an ambassador, but that if she does not, she is concerned because Tye told her that her family will be punished in response. Simmons gets her to tell her about her abilities, and Simmons recognizes the description as the power to control her own molecular density. Abby says that she cannot master it and begins to panic again, but Simmons reassures her that she will help.[1][7]
  • Melinda May pilots the Trawler

    Coulson tells May that with Grill and Zev's suspicions, this may be their last chance to investigate. May wonders if they might find something to help them return to 2017, but Coulson admits that he is not getting his hopes up. May says, however, that having endured the Framework for weeks, she feels she has earned at least one peaceful night at home.[1][7][7]
  • Rodriguez uses her powers to run around the workshop, making Grill believe that her metric is broken so that he comes to her and removes it momentarily. In that moment free of surveillance, she uses her powers to run to his office and take the Kree scroll, give it to Daisy Johnson, and return to her point of origin. Grill installs a new metric, not realizing anything has happened.[1][7]
  • In the Trawler, Tess informs Coulson and May that Zev has not yet noticed their detour. She takes out Virgil's miniature globe from her pocket, saying he always carried it when they went on a Trawler run and wondering if he was superstitious. Phil Coulson suspects, however, that it might be something more, and he opens up the globe to discover a small tool, which Tess recognizes as the missing knob to open a locker inside the Trawler. They open it to find a radio, realizing that Virgil was using a radio to communicate with someone, but before they can investigate further, they are caught by Zev. The man magnetizes their metrics, except for May since she is piloting, but May uses the opportunity of all the others being secured to the wall to crash the Trawler into a rock and cause turbulence, making Zev fall over. Mackenzie takes advantage of this and knocks Zev out, but Tess is dismayed, worried that they will get killed for attacking a superior.[1][7]
  • Kasius realizes Simmons is an interesting asset for his ideals

    Under Simmons' guidance, Abby makes encouraging progress with her powers, temporarily phasing her hand through a pitcher. However, before they can work further, Kasius comes back and takes Abby for the ceremony to demonstrate her powers before Lady Basha. Kasius asks Sinara why she thinks Simmons was successful in helping the girl, and Sinara replies disgustedly that it is because of Simmons' "compassion".[1][7]
  • Deke Shaw reunites with Daisy Johnson, who wants to break into the lower levels to rescue Simmons. He tries to convince her to make a safer, long-term plan and not go in blind, but she insists on acting as soon as possible. He claims that she is endangering everyone because if the Kree find out, they might start a Renewal for many more lives in retaliation, but she claims that this danger is the very reason she needs to save Simmons as soon as possible, quaking him out of her way. He spitefully calls her "Quake, the Destroyer of Worlds", which she tells him to never call her again.[1][7]
  • Mackenzie argues with Tess

    The S.H.I.E.L.D. team on board the Trawler set up Virgil's radio and eventually receive a transmission. They initially think it is coming from section 616, but then realize that it is merely reflecting off the rock, and the signal's origin is in fact on the surface of the destroyed Earth.[1][7]
  • Kasius receives Lady Basha, and they and everyone else present walk to the ceremonial arena. Abby is taken out in front of one of Basha's fighters, the Beast, to prove her worth, and a fight begins. The Beast begins to easily best her, tossing her across the arena and slamming her into a wall.[1][7]
  • Daisy Johnson proceeds with her plan to rescue Jemma Simmons, getting to a lower level of the Lighthouse.[1][7]
  • Inhuman Trial Ceremony: Abby continues to be overpowered and violently beaten by Basha's ferocious warrior. He turns to Basha for approval to kill Abby, which she agrees upon, but after exchanging looks with Simmons, Abby remembers her advice and finally masters her powers, becoming dense to resist the Beast's attacks, then accidentally phasing through his chest in self-defense, killing him as her arm densifies again. Simmons is glad that Abby has survived, but horrified that she has had to kill to do it.[1][7]
  • Tess claims they need to kill Zev

    Tess and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents begin to argue, as Tess thinks that they have to kill Zev and make it sound like an accident if they are going to have any chance of surviving their return to the Lighthouse. Zev finds the fuel line where they have locked him up and cuts it, forcing the group to head back to the Lighthouse.[1][7]
  • Thrilled by her performance in the ceremony, Lady Basha decides to buy Abby at a high price. Simmons is dismayed, however, knowing that the sale is not the dream Abby had thought it would be but will instead be to make her Basha's personal warrior.[1][7]
  • Daisy Johnson accesses the next elevator to get her to Simmons' level. Two Kree enter and she quickly uses her powers to fly up to the ceiling and hide. She slips, however, alerting them to her presence, and is forced to fight them both, eventually winning by knocking them out. She then realizes, however, that the elevator button has been broken during the skirmish.[1][7]
  • Back at the Lighthouse, Grill accuses Coulson and the rest of mutiny, picking up where Virgil left off. Tess speaks up to tell Grill that it was just her who mutinied, pointing out that the others did not even know Virgil. Yo-Yo Rodriguez uses her powers to place a gun on Zev and then tells Grill that his henchman is carrying an illegal weapon, claiming he threatened her with it. Grill checks Zev and sees that Rodriguez was right, so he begins electrocuting him through his metric and the group use the opportunity to claim that they had only lied because they were worried if they accused Zev then the Kree will find out and come after Grill. Grill tells them that for this reason, he himself will hand over Zev as a traitor so they receive no blowback.[1][7]
  • Kasius captures Quake thanks to Deke Shaw

    Capture of Quake: As she arrives on Simmons' level, Johnson is suddenly trapped as glass walls fall from the ceiling on either side of her and gas is used to sedate her. Kasius arrives with Deke Shaw, who tipped him off about the attack and tells the Kree that Quake is a weapon of mass destruction. Kasius is intrigued as to how the Destroyer of Worlds is there, but Shaw says the important thing is that she is now his. Johnson tells Shaw she will kill him, but Shaw says he is simply playing the long game that she refused to play herself.[1][7]


  • Phil Coulson wakes, having taken his shift among the group to get some sleep. He looks out of his window briefly, admiring space, then tells himself to get back to work and leaves.[1][8][7]
  • Coulson rejoins his team, who have been working on improving Virgil's radio. They eventually manage to receive the incoming transmission more clearly and find that the people behind it have been leaving messages for Virgil asking if he has secured the "delegation". The agents realize this is referring to them, and that this must mean whoever is on the surface knows who they are and why they are here. Coulson says he wants to investigate, but Tess insists that this is impossible, as the surface is where people are sent to die.[1][7]
  • Zev runs to find somewhere safe

    Zev is left on the surface of the Earth, having been punished by the Kree. He tries to find somewhere safe, but is quickly devoured by Vrellnexians.[1][7]
  • After capturing Quake, Kasius interrogates her to ascertain whether she has allies within the Lighthouse. He tells her of his intent to put her on auction, and threatens to torture Jemma Simmons if she does not cooperate.[1][9]
  • In salvage, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez continue to work for Grill and try to figure out what to do about the fact that Johnson never returned. Grill interrupts them and orders Mackenzie to steal a package intended a man called Gunner is expecting from the technologically advanced Level 35, to pressure Gunner into repaying a debt he owes.[1][9]
  • Quake is taken to a room where Inhumans are training, waiting to demonstrate their powers for Kasius and potential buyers. She meets an Inhuman called Ben, who is capable of reading other people's minds. The Inhumans are taken away, but Tye orders her to stay.[1][9]
  • Coulson advises Mackenzie to comply with Grill's orders and go with Rodriguez, and notes that this gives them an opportunity to access Level 35, where they might find technology to help them survive the surface of the Earth.[1][9]
  • Kasius and Basha attend Quake's demonstration

    Tye orders Johnson to demonstrate her powers for Lady Basha, and she does so by attacking him. He turns on a blocker for her powers, but the demonstration is sufficient for Basha to offer to purchase Quake. She immediately makes an offer, but Kasius revels in denying her request, insisting on discussing Quake's price over dinner, which he notes she has rudely consistently avoided. She leaves, angered, and Kasius turns to Deke Shaw, rewarding him with a rhodium token. He orders Shaw to look for other people who might have come from the past.[1][9]
  • Johnson finds Ben, and he informs her that the Inhumans are forced to fight against each other, explaining that their families' lives are threatened to motivate them.[1][9]
  • Coulson and May find Deke Shaw and ask him about Johnson's whereabouts, and he tells them that she decided to go dark until she found Simmons. They then inform him of their intent to explore the surface of the Earth, and play the radio message they got thanks to Virgil, which surprises Shaw, having believed everyone on the surface to be dead.[1][9]
  • Mackenzie explains to Rodriguez that he is concerned about them losing their morality in the harshness of their environment, considering Rodriguez had already caused Zev's death. She tells him that sometimes they need to make hard decisions to cause the least harm to good people, and promises that they will not lose themselves.[1][9]
  • Kasius interrogates Quake and Jemma Simmons

    Quake and Simmons are taken before Kasius, who also brings in Ben and orders the women to tell the truth about who else they came with, knowing Ben can use his powers to expose them if they are lying. Nonetheless, the women continue to nervously lie and say they came alone, but are surprised and relieved when Ben decides to cover for them, telling Kasius they are telling the truth. Kasius then instructs Quake to tell her story in detail, using the deafening device in Simmons' ear so she cannot hear and placing himself between her and Quake so she cannot lipread, hoping to test the women's stories separately and see if they align. Quake persists with the lie anyway and tells a fake story to protect her friends, then Kasius turns and asks Simmons to tell her version. Quake is delighted yet bewildered when Simmons recounts an exactly matching story, and realizes Ben must somehow have helped. Kasius remains suspicious, but sends them away.[1][9]
  • Shaw takes Coulson and May to Level 36, as Level 35 is restricted, then uses his Gravity Puck to levitate out of the elevator to the level above and call the elevator from Level 35 itself, allowing the agents access.[1][9]
  • Quake talks with Ben

    After the interrogation, Johnson asks Ben what happened, and he reveals that the Kree do not know that he can not only read thoughts, but also relay his own thoughts to other people's minds, explaining that he relayed her story to Simmons mentally. Ben also tells her that being brought before Kasius allowed him an opportunity to read his mind, and that he discovered that the Kree nobleman intends on destroying the Lighthouse soon.[1][9]
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie approach Gunner, and Rodriguez starts to threaten him on Grill's behalf.[1][9]
  • Coulson, May, and Shaw roam Level 35.[1][9]
  • Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Rodriguez keep pressing Gunner, and Mackenzie tells him that if he does not comply, they can seize the package he is expecting.[1][9]
  • Coulson, May, and Shaw enter a mysterious room on Level 35 and discover that it is some sort of laboratory.[1][9]
  • Gunner becomes very defensive of the package he is due to receive, angrily saying that he will kill them if they take it.[1][9]
  • In the laboratory, Coulson, May, and Shaw are surprised to find a human baby, and realize that it is the package due to go to Gunner, not advanced technology as Grill had believed.[1][9]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez talk with Gunner

    Rodriguez soon notices that Gunner has been carrying baby toys, and realizes the true nature of the package. She informs Mackenzie and he ashamedly apologizes, but Gunner continues to angrily snap at him, telling him that violent people like him are the reason children are scarce, and that he does not deserve a child himself. This hits a nerve with Mackenzie, who is still upset about losing Hope twice, and he loses his cool, attacking Gunner. Rodriguez stops him and the agents leave.[1][9]
  • Infiltration into Level 35:
    • Deke Shaw explains to Phil Coulson that people can no longer become pregnant, as the Kree have sterilized humans seemingly through the food supply. He says that Kasius is artificially growing the humans to increase the chances of them being Inhuman as this makes them more valuable for sale, to Coulson's disgust. May, meanwhile, discovers that the lab's files have a sample of Johnson's DNA from capturing her yesterday, revealing Deke's duplicity, having claimed to see her that morning. She punches Shaw in the face and confronts him, but before he can explain, two Kree guards arrive and a fight breaks out. They defeat the guards, but Deke is wounded in the process. May sends Coulson upstairs with Shaw to question him, saying she will stay to fight the further oncoming guards.[1][9]
    • Melinda May wields a Kree Battle Axe against Sinara

      Coulson reluctantly leaves May, and she prepares for the arrival of Kree guards, but instead finds that the attacker is Sinara. Still suffering from her leg wound, May cannot withstand Sinara's assaults, who advances to the verge of making a kill, but then decides instead to only capture the agent.[1][9]
  • Coulson tends to Shaw's wound and interrogates him. Shaw says he did what he needed to help Johnson and everyone else, but Coulson accuses Shaw of only acting out of greed for rewards, saying that he suspects he only wants to get to the surface to hand over the people living there. Shaw tells the story of how his parents rebelled against the Kree, and that he thought that his father had been devoured by Vrellnexians until Coulson played him the radio message, revealing that he had been shocked to recognize his father's voice. Shaw explains that this is his reason for wanting to visit the surface, but Coulson is still hesitant to trust him, ordering Deke to hand over his rhodium token reward to prove he did not act out of selfishness. He reluctantly does so, but Coulson still chooses to lock him up for their safety. He reunites with Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who tells him that she has not heard from May.[1][9]
  • The agents secretly deliver the token taken from Shaw to Gunner, so that he can repay his debt and it can help him raise his baby.[1][9]
  • Mackenzie is comforted by Rodriguez

    Rodriguez talks to Mackenzie about his angry outburst, which he feels ashamed of. He tells her that he is struggling more with the loss of the virtual Hope than he did for his real daughter, and that this makes him worry that Gunner was right - that he is indeed a terrible father. Rodriguez assures her that even if Hope was not real, his love for her was, and that is what matters and what makes him a great parent. Grill then arrives and thanks Mackenzie, saying that Gunner has repaid him.[1][9]
  • Kasius prepares to open an exhibition of Inhuman powers, with Quake being the highlight of the show. However, before the show is open, a marauder potential buyer steps forward with a request that Quake should not be exhibited, but rather should fight to the death. He pulls off his marauder helmet, and Johnson is shocked to see that the man is Leo Fitz, not understanding how he has traveled from 2017.[1][9]
  • Flint goes about his day in the Lighthouse. Things seem normal until he finds Kree roaming the level. He panics, but before he can do anything, a Kree reaper takes him.[1][10]
  • Tess finds Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez and informs them that the Kree have gathered teenagers to harvest in a Terrigenesis ceremony.[1][10]
  • In the lower levels of the Lighthouse, Enoch informs Fitz about several of the bidders who have come to purchase Inhumans and tells him he has to pose as "Boshtok", a highly dangerous and rich marauder. As they talk, Fitz suddenly notices Jemma Simmons entering the room.[1][10]
  • Kasius watches on and speaks to Sinara. She gives "Boshtok" a suspicious look, and he tells her that he, too, is not sure about the marauder, not recognizing him. He says he will keep an eye on the man.[1][10]
  • Fitz talks to Simmons, who cannot hear him

    Fitz approaches Simmons from behind as she goes about serving duties, asking her to stay facing forward so as not to arouse suspicion. He professes his love for her, stating that despite the universe's attempts to keep them apart, their love is more powerful than everything else. He proposes to her, but she still does not show any signs of recognition. Kasius arrives and Simmons turns around, stunned to see Fitz but trying to contain her reaction so as not to give him away. Kasius explains that the servants can only hear him, and Fitz reprimands him, saying they cannot serve the guests if they cannot hear them. Kasius reluctantly allows Simmons to hear again.[1][10]
  • Tess explains to Phil Coulson and the others that every year, Kasius makes 18-year-olds undergo Terrigenesis in order to create new Inhumans to sell, except that the last "misting" was only months ago, and that some of the young people being collected at the moment are under 18. She also points out that her friend Flint is among the collected.[1][10]
  • At the Terrigenesis ceremony, Flint is the only one to be encrusted in a Terrigenesis husk, having the Terrigen gene. However, when it shatters, the observers find that Flint has vanished; unbeknown to them, Yo-Yo Rodriguez used her super-speed to rush him to safety in salvage and protect him from being sold to bidders.[1][10]
  • Kasius tells his guesses dinner is now over

    Kasius and all the bidders, including Fitz, meet for dinner with the slave Inhumans standing around. Daisy Johnson apologizes to Ben for having involved him in her fight, as they watch the bidders dine. During the dinner, another bidder, Gaius Ponarian delivers Xandarian Snail to the table. Fitz manages to gain Kasius' favour by antagonizing Ponarian, showing the others his hardiness. Kasius then leads the bidders to the arena, as Fitz notices that Simmons has stolen a knife.[1][10]
  • The Kree Watch members wonder where Flint has gone.[1][10]
  • Rodriguez and Flint are joined by Tess, Coulson, and Mackenzie. The group tell Flint that they will help hide him from the Kree, as if he is sold, his life will be even worse.[1][10]
  • At the arena, Ben is ordered to fight Melinda May, who has been captured by Sinara. Fitz continues to converse with Kasius, discussing their troubles with their respective fathers. May and Ben duel, and Ben starts to win, reading her mind to anticipate her attacks. May manages to get some hits in by attacking instinctively without prior thought, but she struggles due to her leg injury, and Ben eventually kicks her to the ground. Fitz steps in to save May, claiming the fight is boring and advising Kasius to send her to the surface of the Earth to feed the Vrellnexians. Kasius does so, to Fitz's relief, hoping it will give her an opportunity to escape. Ben, however, tells her that her death has simply been delayed.[1][10]
  • Vicar discusses Flint's sudden disappearance

    Tess leaves the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and is found by Vicar, the Kree responsible for organising the Terrigenesis ceremonies, who interrogates her to see whether she know where Flint is. She replies that she does not know and that Flint was just a business partner, then leaves, but Vicar remains suspicious.[1][10]
  • Rodriguez tells Flint about her own Terrigenesis and how she had trouble controlling her powers. However, Grill, who has been eavesdropping, reveals his presence and activates their metrics, telling them he intends to deliver Rodriguez and Flint to Kasius.[1][10]
  • After the fight, the bidders gather for Ben's auction. However, Kasius reveals that he in discovering Melinda May, he has realized that Ben lied to him to protect Johnson and Simmons. He has Sinara execute Ben.[1][10]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents try to convince Grill to not hand them over to the Kree, but Grill refuses to listen to them. Without realizing, in his anxious state, Flint's powers start to activate - telekinetically moving rocks on the floor.[1][10]
  • Simmons and Johnson meet and plan to work with Fitz to escape from Kasius, taking advantage of when Johnson's inhibitor is turned off by Kasius for her fight.[1][10]
  • Fitz and Simmons almost reunite properly when they find each other in a corridor, but another servant arrives and tells Simmons that something require their attention, taking her away. Enoch arrives and informs Fitz that Kasius' own brother, Faulnak, has arrived for the demonstration.[1][10]
  • Flint attacks Grill

    With Yo-Yo Rodriguez's encouragement, Flint ultimately controls his power of geokinesis. He uses it to combine small stones to assemble a massive rock, which he then throws at Grill. The attack stops their oppressor, but accidentally kills the man.[1][10]
  • Fitz asks Kasius for an explanation of his brother being given priority over purchasing Quake, angrily saying that he was promised a chance to bid. Kasius simply dismisses him, however, urging him to bid for other Inhumans. Enoch secretly hands Fitz an I.C.E.R. before leaving, to help him carry out the rest of his plan.[1][10]
  • A Kree reaper investigates Grill's salvage. The team are relived when he leaves without finding anyone, having been hiding behind the door in Grill's office.[1][10]
  • Faulnak arrives at the Crater fighting arena, and Kasius makes a slight mockery of him working as merely their father's "messenger". Faulnak states that, for the fight, Quake should prove her worth by fighting not with another Inhuman, but with Sinara, his "greatest warrior". Kasius reluctantly agrees, and Sinara becomes angry at him, but accepts that she has to fight.[1][10]
  • Flint says he wants to leave, feeling guilty for killing Grill. The team reassures him that it was not his fault that Grill made it necessary for himself to be killed, and that Flint saved their lives.[1][10]
  • Coulson and Mackenzie leave to find Tess so she can help get Flint to safety on the Trawler, but are shocked when they suddenly stumble across Tess' dead body, left to float using an activated Gravity Puck, with the warning sign attached to her body by the Kree reading, "Bring the Inhuman."[1][10]
  • Inhuman Trial Ceremony:
    • Quake is brought into the Crater

      In the crater, Johnson is taken to fight Sinara. The women engage in a fierce duel, and Johnson looks set to defeat her, but Sinara uses her controlled balls to knock Johnson aside. Johnson nonetheless manages to regain control and when Sinara next uses the balls to attack, she quakes them away from her.[1][10]
    • Johnson and Sinara enter close quarters combat, and Johnson eventually manages to kick Sinara away from her. When the Kree runs back at her, she then targets her head with a quake, sending her falling backwards to the ground and knocking her out.[1][10]
    • Quake gives Fitz and Simmons a signal to act and they rebel against Kasius, with Simmons attacking him with her knife, slicing open his cheek, and Fitz deactivating the energy shield separating them from the Crater. Quake uses her powers to rise up to the guests' level, but Faulnak turns on her inhibitor, causing her powers to falter and her to fall to the ground.[1][10]
    • Simmons goes to climb out of the guest level and into the arena as Fitz I.C.E.-s several guests. He then leaps into the Crater, shooting the shield generator to permanently reactive it and stop Faulnak from getting to them. He and Simmons help Johnson to her feet.[1][10]
  • The three of them manage to escape the arena. In the spur of the moment, Fitz and Simmons share a passionate kiss as they are finally reunited, and resolve to marry.[1][10]
  • Enoch shoots a Kree guard

    Elsewhere, Enoch, who has programmed his skin suit to be blue to disguise himself as a Kree, I.C.E.-s a Kree guard and takes the elevator to the surface of the Earth in order to save Melinda May.[1][10]
  • Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, and Quake continue their escape from Kasius and his men. Simmons abandons her servant's clothes and makeup and has her Fitz removes her deafening implant as Quake, still deprived of her powers, nonetheless manages to kill a Kree guard coming after them. The group run to reach Fitz's escape ship, the Chronicom Vessel, only to witness its destruction through a window, forcing them to have to find another way to escape.[1][11]
  • Kasius has the cut on his cheek from Simmons' attack dealt with. Faulnak enters, however, and tells his brother not to be ashamed of his battle scars. Despite Faulnak's attempts to take control of the Quake situation, Kasius denies him and proposes Sinara take over. Faulnak does not trust her, however, preferring to use his own man, Maston-Dar. He says to use human weaponry, calling it "unfair" and dishonorable to use their own superior weapons in the hunt.[1][11]
  • Kree reaper Vicar uses Tess' death to intimidate the humans, ordering them to bring Flint to the Kree Watch. Coulson and Mackenzie consider that they must be careful, because anyone could give them away, and resolve that it is time to act, before they are discovered.[1][11]
  • Kasius begs to Sinara

    Sinara returns to Kasius, angry that Kasius forced her to enter the combat arena and not wanting to follow his brother's orders. He tells her not to worry about Faulnak, as working with him will simply be Kasius' means to gain his freedom and return to his father with Quake as a reward. Annoyed, she tells him that it seems Faulnak gives the orders. Kasius begins to beg for her help, but she finds this repulsive. He asks her simply to figure out where Quake might think to go.[1][11]
  • Meanwhile, the trio of agents makes their way to an elevator in hopes of getting back to the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team. However, the elevator is stopped by Maston-Dar, forcing them to flee through the elevator's ceiling and up the shaft.[1][11]


  • On the surface of the Earth, Melinda May is stalked by a Vrellnexian, but Enoch finds her just in time to kill the creature. After introducing himself and trying to help her, Enoch warns her about an impending gravity storm. However, when he hears Vrellnexians scuttling away in fear, he realizes that something else must be scaring them since they are not afraid of the storms. Both of them are suddenly anchored to the ground by mysterious individuals.[1][11]
  • Maston-Dar violently interrogates the Humans

    Maston-Dar continues hunting down the "Destroyer of Worlds", killing innocent humans when they say they do not have any information.[1][11]
  • Coulson and Mackenzie go back to the Salvage Yard, where Flint in distressed by the fact that his disappearance is causing the Kree to kill people. When he learns about Tess' death, he is distraught and walks away to isolate himself.[1][11]
  • Faulnak shows interest in the human weapons that Kasius has in his possession, but says he prefers the personal aspect of directly killing with a sword. He says that Kasius is a disgrace to their father, but Kasius insists that he fought as best he could despite being put in charge of a fleet without training. Faulnak considers this merely an excuse, with Kasius having lost a strategic point and fled instead of dying with glory by drinking the odium liquid and dying fighting. Faulnak mocks his and Sinara's exile after they ran from the fight together, but Kasius exclaims that she saved his life and has been loyal. Faulnak dismisses this as well, saying Kasius is simply a worthless shame on the family.[1][11]
  • Maston-Dar corners and threatens Quake

    Johnson, Simmons, and Fitz arrive in a room where they discover the source of the Lighthouse's artificial gravity: a system running on gravitonium. Maston-Dar suddenly enters, having hunted them down, and begins to shoot, wounding Fitz. Quake opens a steam pipe to allow them to hide, then ambushes Maston-Dar. She knocks him down and the trio use their opportunity to escape.[1][11]
  • The trio are found by Deke Shaw, who escaped his locked room. Shaw offers to help the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, which they reluctantly agree that they need to accept, despite not knowing whether they can trust him.[1][11]
  • Mackenzie goes to Flint and tells him that while grief does not get easier, he can use his powers to protect people. When someone knocks on the door, Mackenzie leaves Flint to join Coulson and Yo-Yo Rodriguez and prepare to fight, only to discover that the newcomers are in fact Fitz, Simmons, and Johnson. The happiness of the reunion is cut short, however, when they discover that Flint has left the Salvage wanting revenge for Tess' death.[1][11]
  • Vicar is impaled through the eye by Flint

    Flint goes to Vicar, who assumes that he has come to turn himself in. However, Flint uses his power to assemble a sharp rock and plunge it into Vicar's eye, killing him. He is suddenly knocked out by Sinara, who tells a Kree guard she wants to use him as a bait.[1][11]
  • Quake, Phil Coulson, and Alphonso Mackenzie come to rescue Flint. Coulson shoots Sinara in the shoulder, but Maston-Dar arrives and attacks him. Before he can kill Coulson, Mackenzie attacks him from behind. Quake grabs Flint as Sinara tries to get up, and Mackenzie's attack buys him and Coulson enough time to escape Maston-Dar.[1][11]
  • Escape from the Lighthouse:
    • The team get back to the Salvage, followed by the Kree, who surround their exits. They figure out that their only chance is taking the Trawler to the surface of the Earth, deciding to use Deke Shaw's anti-gravity device to travel up a nearby shaft. As soon as Maston-Dar finally breaks through the door, Sinara uses her orbs to kill Faulnak's man and claim the agents herself, only to discover that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are missing.[1][11]
    • Fitz sarcastically answers the team's complaints

      The S.H.I.E.L.D. team reaches the Trawler's dock. However, Flint announces his desire to stay in the Lighthouse to help people, and Mackenzie and Rodriguez decide to help him in doing so. Before leaving, Fitz tells his friends about the secret cache of weapons, which the duo are glad to hear about - until he explains it is on Level 3, the level overrun by Vrellnexians.[1][11]
    • Coulson manages to launch the Trawler to take it to the Earth's surface, although he warns the team that there is no landing gear, so the arrival will be tumultuous.[1][11]
  • Assassination of Faulnak: Waiting for results in the pursuit of the fugitives, Kasius and Faulnak are finally visited by Sinara. However, Sinara tells them simply of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents' escape, as well as Maston-Dar's death, which she readily admits to have caused. Faulnak offers to hire her in Maston-Dar's place, belittling his brother again, only to have Kasius stab him in the back for trying to take Sinara away from him. He explains that he has wasted his life seeking Faulnak's approval and stabs him again in the front, killing him. He tells Sinara they will blame S.H.I.E.L.D. for the death and claim they avenged him in killing them.[1][11]
  • Coulson has trouble landing the Trawler on the surface.[1][11]
  • Robin Hinton reveals herself

    Melinda May wakes and finds herself with Enoch on what she recognizes as the remnants of the Zephyr One. They are greeted by the people who anchored them, whose intentions were simply to save them from the gravity storm, accompanied by an elderly woman. The woman tells May that she had missed her, and when May sees the carved bird in her hand, she realizes it is Robin Hinton.[1][11]
  • Melinda May tries to talk to Robin Hinton. May asks how she came to the future, but Hinton is not able to follow her scattered thoughts. One of May's rescuers, Samuel Voss, explains how Hinton's mind is unstructured and comprehends things out of order. He tells May that Hinton had warned of their coming a decade ago, and when they spot the Trawler arriving outside, he tells her not to worry as Hinton has also told him they will survive the imminent crash.[1][12]
  • After crashing the Trawler on the surface of the Earth, Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, and Deke Shaw are also rescued by Voss and Hinton's group, the True Believers, who take them to the remnants of the Zephyr One. Deke Shaw is fascinated to learn that Fitz built the Zephyr, which has stayed intact despite the decades since its crash on the surface. They are greeted by Voss, whom Shaw knows as a friend of his father's. Voss shows delight at being reunited with Shaw, and tells him that his father, Owen, is on his way back from a radio tower.[1][12]
  • Kasius learns that S.H.I.E.L.D. has escaped

    Kasius gets angry when he receives a report about the S.H.I.E.L.D. team's in the Trawler, as he believes they have the means to survive on the surface. He proposes to Sinara that she hunt down the Destroyer of Worlds and bring her back alive or dead. Meanwhile, he says, he will punish the human traitors who aided the escape.[1][12]
  • Kasius has the Kree cut the water and power in the human levels to start punishing them. The survivors start to confront Flint, blaming him killing Vicar for their collective punishment, but Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez defend him.[1][12]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team unsuccessfully tries to get answers from Robin Hinton, who is still lost between times and can only pass on mysterious and ominous scraps of comments. However, May says that Hinton has told her that the diner back in May 2017 was the last time they were all seen together, which Coulson notes is worrying. Hinton suddenly states, "Phillip J. Coulson, he can bring all the pieces together." When Coulson asks of what, she just says, "This is the day it all ends."[1][12]
  • Quake, May and Coulson argue about their next plan

    May, Johnson, and Coulson begin to plan their next step, knowing they will come to blows with Kasius soon, but not sure which side will attack first. Johnson heads to find Fitz and Simmons to see if they can take off her inhibitor.[1][12]
  • On her way to see her friends, Johnson comes across Deke Shaw, and they have a conversation about their respective troubles with their fathers. Johnson tells Shaw that eventually, she and her father made it work, so he should not worry about his impending reunion with Owen.[1][12]
  • Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint reach Level 3. As they head for the weapons, Flint hesitates, depressed from the crowd's accusations and not knowing what will happen when they return to Level 10. Rodriguez tries to comfort him, saying he did nothing wrong, but Mackenzie calls them over when he sees a Kree spraying a gas to repel Vrellnexians. They wonder why a Kree reaper has come to Level 3.[1][12]
  • Fitz and Simmons discover a strange mechanism in the Zephyr One, and Samuel Voss explains that it was built by Owen Shaw so as to bring the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the past.[1][12]
  • May asks Enoch for advice to make Robin Hinton talk, but he suggests they be patient, since her gift cannot be forced. May and Coulson discuss what to do next, but are interrupted when Hinton eagerly hands them a mysterious drawing of Zephyr One.[1][12]
  • Mackenzie and Flint assemble

    Mackenzie takes the weapons that Leo Fitz hid, but Yo-Yo Rodriguez warns him that she has scouted around and there are no Vrellnexians in the Level 3, meaning they have been sent elsewhere. The trio begin to hear the aliens attacking people on the lower floors, and they descend to Level 10 only to find numerous dead bodies.[1][12]
  • Samuel Voss shows Coulson and May the weapons he has gathered to fight the Kree. Coulson and May, however, find a fragment of the Time Di'Alla that brought them there and wonder if, if they find more fragments, they might be able to get back home. Voss suggests focusing on Kasius, but Coulson explains that he prefers first to show the shard to Fitz and Simmons.[1][12]
  • Jemma Simmons is unable to remove the inhibitor from Daisy Johnson's neck, explaining they would need a neurosurgeon. Coulson and May arrive and show them the Time Di'Alla fragment. Fitz also points out that the fragment fits into the time machine, and the team wonder if Hinton might be able to help them find the remaining pieces to get back to 2017 and prevent this future.[1][12]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez fight off the Vrellnexians

    Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint find a woman who is being attacked by a Vrellnexian. They manage to kill it with the retrieved weapons, but the woman says the aliens are everywhere. Mackenzie has an idea for how to recover the level. The trio rally all the humans to take back the floor and battle the Kree.[1][12]
  • After seeing the Monolith fragment, Deke Shaw confronts Voss about it, stating that it belonged to his mother and his father treasured it after her death and would never have left it behind. Realizing Shaw has worked out his true intentions, Voss punches Shaw to knock him out and locks him away.[1][12]
  • Defense of the Lighthouse: With Flint's help, Mackenzie restarts the ventilation system and opens canisters of the Vrellnexian-repelling gas into it. As planned, they manage to herd all the aliens into one room, where Yo-Yo Rodriguez is waiting for them. She uses her super speed to quickly place Splinter Bombs on each of them, and the bombs activate and disintegrate them all.[1][12]
  • Daisy Johnson approaches Robin Hinton and expresses her regret for not having done enough to protect her, as she promised her father. Scared of something, Hinton timidly tells Johnson that time is "running out". Samuel Voss tells Johnson that he had similar disjointed conversations with her. He suggests letting her rest, saying she may later predict something helpful.[1][12]
  • Ambush on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Team:
    • Quake sees the beginning of the end

      Fitz and Simmons study the time machine's mechanism. When Fitz tries to leave to tell the others what they have found, however, they realize that they have been locked in the room. Fitz starts calling for help. When Coulson and May arrive at the door, Voss' men suddenly pull knives and threaten them, telling them not to intervene. Meanwhile, Voss shows Quake a video from 2018 salvaged from Zephyr One's hard drive, apparently showing the last sighting of her before she destroyed the world with a massive earthquake - her leaving a Quinjet and shouting at whoever is on board. He says that he cannot help but wonder if the destruction could be prevented. Robin Hinton leaves her room, muttering that "it's too late to stop it".[1][12]
    • Voss tells Quake that they are going to make sure she does not get back to the past, and he and his men attack, trying to kill her. Johnson manages to defend herself in the fighting. Voss decides that he cannot let Hinton give her answers, so stabs the old woman in the gut.[1][12]
    • Coulson and May overpower Voss' attacking thugs and arrives to help Johnson. Coulson aids her in retaining Voss, and May tries to help Robin Hinton. Hinton recalls that May told her she would be with her at "the end" - her death.[1][12]
    • Robin Hinton dies in Melinda May's arms

      Hinton tells May that she was raised by her after her mother died, because May was the only one not scared by her powers. Hinton had always tried to tell May how to get home, but May always told her that it was not the time. She says that she knows that they can save the world, and after telling her how they will return to the past, Hinton dies. Agent May realizes that this is what Robin meant by "the day it all ends".[1][12]
  • Earning gratitude from the remaining Lighthouse inhabitants for killing the Vrellnexians, the humans from the station ultimately decide to join Mackenzie, Flint, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez in their fight against the Kree. Rodriguez removes their Metrics.[1][12]
  • Quake finds Deke Shaw, who was locked up, and frees him. He says he hopes that Robin Hinton can give them the answers they need, but Johnson reveals that she is dead.[1][12]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team mourns Hinton's death. May tells them that Hinton told her how to go back to the past and save everyone, but that they will need someone called "Flint", asking who he is.[12]
  • Meanwhile, Sinara finds the remnants of the Trawler. Kasius orders her by comms to track down the fugitives and show no mercy.[1][12]
  • In the Lighthouse, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez successfully initiate a rebellion against Kasius and the Kree Watch, killing eight Kree guards after gathering the Lighthouse's inhabitants, including Gunner.[1][13]
  • Kasius decides to prove himself to be a god

    A Kree reports to Kasius that the humans are still alive, and that they have founds guns. Kasius gets angry and demands the weapons be sent to him, deciding also to send the humans a messenger to remind them he is not their enemy, but their "god".[1][13]
  • Phil Coulson informs Enoch that Robin Hinton told May Flint can use his geokinesis powers to rebuild the Time Di'Alla and send S.H.I.E.L.D. back into their timeline. They prepare to face a gravity storm by attempting to repair Zephyr One, much to Enoch's bemusement, thinking that their actions will most likely just get themselves killed.[1][13]
  • May looks through several of the drawings Hinton left behind. Coulson broaches the subject of what Hinton said, asking how May is feeling, and she replies that the most surprising thing to her is that she could have been a mother. He and Daisy Johnson respond that they can definitely believe she is capable.[1][13]
  • While Samuel Voss is locked up. Deke Shaw confronts him for killing his father and intends to kill him in revenge, but Voss convinces him not to. He tries to persuade Shaw to turn on the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents so Kasius can take Johnson away, thus preventing Earth's destruction. Shaw leaves, uncertain about what to do.[1][13]
  • Tess talks with Flint and the rest of the Lighthouse inhabitants

    Mackenzie argues with Flint about his involvement in fighting the Kree. Rodriguez tells Mackenzie that she does not see the problem with him killing enemies, but he replies that he is worried Flint is developing a taste for killing. The humans are taken to see Kasius' messenger, and Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint are shocked to see that it is Tess, revived through Kree technology. Flint and Yo-Yo advocate for a frontal assault on Kasius, but Mackenzie and Tess advises caution. Tess informs Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Flint that Kasius intends to blow up the entire Lighthouse if the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Flint, and all the children older than 10 are not delivered to him.[1][13]
  • Phil Coulson tells Daisy Johnson that the first thing they should do when they get back to the Lighthouse is remove her inhibitor to get her powers back. However, Johnson explains that she does not want to: if she is not Quake, without her powers, then she cannot become the Destroyer of Worlds.[1][13]
  • Elsewhere on the plane, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons discover that the Zephyr One has been upgraded with Fitz's ideas back in 2017 for a new plane, including artificial gravity generated by gravitonium. Fitz realizes gravitonium could explain what happened to the Earth, but that it also is evidence they are stuck in a causal loop paradox, knowing they must have made the upgrades in the past having returned from this time and seen how the upgrades are possible from the final product. He sees this as proof that they are doomed to fail in saving the Earth, but Simmons disagrees and says she prefers just to see it as evidence that they return home.[1][13]
  • The team tries to prepare the Zephyr One

    Fitz and Simmons try to report what they found to Coulson, but a gravity storm hits and the team have to take off in a hurry. May tries to launch the plane, but the engines blow.[1][13]
  • In the meantime, Alphonso Mackenzie and the others continue to argue about how to deal with Kasius. Mackenzie considers the Kree's exact words - that he will kill the humans all "with the push of a button" - and looks posits that this would be Kasius cutting off the oxygen. He investigates the oxygen supply and ends up discovering that there are bombs in the Lighthouse's walls connected to the oxygen lines, ready to incinerate all the inhabitants.[1][13]
  • Johnson and Deke Shaw discuss whether he should have killed Voss, with Shaw suggesting he might just have been spineless to not make the kill. Johnson assures him he did the right thing. With the gravity storm fast approaching, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends the True Believers to find shelter in the caves.[1][13]
  • Coulson talks to Voss as they prepare to send him to the caves. Voss tells him that when the process leading to Earth's destruction began when there was a light in the sky - he had heard caused by aliens - and S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to stop what came with it and destroyed the Earth in the process.[1][13]
  • The Lightouse inhabitants listen to their leaders

    Meanwhile, Alphonso Mackenzie summons a meeting of the remaining human leaders and explains the situation. He tells them that he and Yo-Yo Rodriguez have decided to turn themselves in, saying that it will give them a chance to get close enough to Kasius to stop him.[1][13]
  • Flint wants to prevent Tess from going back to Kasius, but believes that there is nowhere she could run to, reluctantly returning to the Kree leader. Mackenzie and Rodriguez wish him well and leave to go to Kasius.[1][13]
  • Now with only S.H.I.E.L.D. left on the Zephyr, they try to figure out how to take off in time to survive the gravity storm. Simmons suggests floating on a gravity wave to then break through the atmosphere and use the plane's new thrusters, rather than the broken engines, to fly back to the Lighthouse.[1][13]
  • Unbeknown to them, Sinara sneaks onto the plane before they get airborne.[1][13]
  • Tess returns to Kasius and tells him that the humans have a message in return: that they are holding the research floor and threatening to burn Kasius' means of breeding Inhumans if he does not come to them.[1][13]
  • When Zephyr One's anchors do not release, Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw go to take care of it.[1][13]
  • Kasius reluctantly goes to meet with Mackenzie and Rodriguez. They threaten in person to destroy his breeding equipment if he does not hand over the detonator for the bombs.[1][13]
  • Quake fights off Sinara

    Duel in the Zephyr One:
    • On Zephyr One, Sinara attacks Quake as the plane lifts off. They are forced to fight in zero gravity momentarily, before May turns the plane's artificial gravity on.[1][13]
    • The two women get to their feet and their duel continues.[1][13]
  • As extreme turbulence rocks the plane, Jemma Simmons starts to wonder if her plan was a terrible idea.[1][13]
  • Kasius tells Rodriguez that any moment now, Sinara will have secured Quake, and they will have to surrender.[1][13]
  • Johnson continues to keep Sinara at bay, but begins to struggle. Deke Shaw, however, manages to get to a grappling claw anchor.[1][13]
  • Kasius claims to be a god, but Rodriguez snaps back that he is simply a cruel, sad, little blue man.[1][13]
  • Sinara is about to stab Johnson when Shaw manages to snag her with the claw he procured and pull her to the ground.[1][13]
  • Flint arrives and tells Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez that the job he had been working on is done. Kasius reveals his remote detonator and Rodriguez attempts to steal it with super speed, but is stopped by an energy field guarding the Kree.[1][13]
  • Sinara is impaled by Quake

    As Zephyr One hits the edge of Earth's atmosphere, May hits the thrusters to use it as a spaceship, and the gravity changes again. Sinara uses the moment to float up into the air to attack Johnson again, but the agent holds out a metal pole and impales her as she rises.[1][13]
  • The team begin to fly through space, and all breathe sighs of relief at their survival.[1][13]
  • Uprising in the Lighthouse:
    • Kasius pushes the button on the detonator, not realizing that he has been tricked, as the humans have moved the bombs to the lower floor, getting themselves to safety higher up. Mackenzie reveals that they had been stalling him for time to complete the plan, then sets off a bomb between themselves and Kasius to escape, destroying his breeding equipment in the process.[1][13]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team on Zephyr One makes contact with Mackenzie in the Lighthouse.[1][13]
  • Now aware of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s return, Kasius plans to finish the fight with the agents once and for all. He checks in with his own seer and finds out that the team are arriving in an old S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft, saying to prepare to meet them.[1][13]
  • Sinara's corpse is found by the Kree Watch

    Zephyr One returns to the Lighthouse. The Kree Watch enter and discover Sinara's body, then search the plane for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. They find no one, as the agents have escaped using the plane's Containment Module, leaving only Enoch hidden on the vehicle to prepare for the activation of the Time Di'Alla.[1][14]
  • The team splits up to achieve their different objectives, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez decides to find an Inhuman Tess tells her she heard still being tortured by the Kree Watch.[1][14]
  • Phil Coulson promises Deke Shaw that the team will not leave until humans have control over their own future.[1][14]
  • Tess tells Flint she is proud of him and wishes him well.[1][14]
  • Kasius asks a Kree Doctor to resurrect Sinara, but he cannot do it because her injuries are too sever, and because she is a Kree, so the special properties of Kree biology are irrelevant to her. Kasius kills him in anger. One of Kasius' men hands his master the drawings by Robin Hinton that they found on the ship. Upon seeing the drawing of a monolith, Kasius concludes that S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to return to the past, and realizes that his seer had said as much. He thinks about how lush the world is in their time, as his father had told him about, having wanted it for himself and the rest of his Confederacy of aliens. He asks Tye, the Inhuman trainer, to assemble a team to crush S.H.I.E.L.D. so that his father will find no resistance in the past and take the Earth. Tye tells Kasius that there are still no Inhumans trained for combat, so Kasius forces him to ingest the odium liquid, turning him into a berserk warrior.[1][14]
  • Mackenzie and Flint listen to Fitz and Simmons

    Alphonso Mackenzie offers Flint the chance to go back in time with them, but Flint is concerned about how he might build a time machine in the first place. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons arrive and show him a piece of the Time Di'Alla, saying he is simply building a portal, and will do it using the fragment.[1][14]
  • Tye attacks Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson. He manages to wound Coulson, but Johnson overpowers and kills him.[1][14]
  • Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, Melinda May, and Deke Shaw find Tess and help her get the survivors of the Lighthouse to the safety of the Trawler. Coulson confesses to Tess that he went through the same thing she did with Kree resurrection, and reassures her that what is important is that what they are doing is real and worthwhile.[1][14]
  • Kasius feels that everyone has failed, including himself. He states that his seer's knowledge has either run out or that she is misleading him. He decides to use her to deliver a final message to S.H.I.E.L.D..[1][14]
  • Rodriguez finds the prisoner Tess told her about, only to find out that it is the future version of Rodriguez herself - who lived through the original timeline where the Earth was destroyed, was captured by the Kree Watch, and repeatedly killed and revived through Kree science, forced to be Kasius' seer. She tells her that Alphonso Mackenzie dies in the past, and that she is not sure it is possible to change the future.[1][14]
  • Enoch informs the team that he has been found by the Kree, and that he can only withstand their assault for approximately 12 minutes.[1][14]
  • Shaw decides to assist Enoch, since the team need to be together to go back home. He bids farewell to the rest of the team.[1][14]
  • The Kree Watch is brutally beheaded by Fitz

    Jemma Simmons gives Flint instructions on how to form the Time Di'Alla with the piece. They are interrupted by Kree guards, but Fitz activates a thin wire to pull taught and slice through their necks, decapitating them. Simmons is shocked by the brutality.[1][14]
  • The future Rodriguez sadly tells her past self that she realizes everything she says is exactly what she had heard herself say when she was the younger self she is talking to, upset that this means they are indeed in a loop. She explains to her younger self that she felt helpless, unable to change the agents' choices, specifically regarding Phil Coulson.[1][14]
  • Meanwhile, terrified at the idea that she could destroy the Earth if she returns in the past, Johnson decides to remain in the 2091 Lighthouse.[1][14]
  • Future Rodriguez tells her younger self that the more they fought to stop the future, the more events came closer to unfolding as predicted.[1][14]
  • Coulson and May argue with Johnson, saying that they do not know she even did it. Johnson says that at least if she stays they have a certain solution, but Coulson argues that the world is never safe, and their job is always to fight for it in any situation, not just give up for the sake of one problem.[1][14]
  • Future Rodriguez continues, saying that the team make one decision that dooms the world - to save Coulson.[1][14]
  • Coulson refuses to leave Johnson behind, saying he will need her to lead, and shoots her with an I.C.E.R..[1][14]
  • Rodriguez makes her young version leave

    According to the future Rodriguez, Coulson is already dying from a sickness that he is keeping secret, and the team must let Coulson die to save the world. Realizing the Kree Watch is arriving, the future Rodriguez tells her past self to leave. Standing up, the blanket she was wearing falls away and her younger self sees that she has had her arms sliced off. She reluctantly gives in and leaves the room.[1][14]
  • Flint wears a specialized suit as he floats in space, beginning to gather rocks.[1][14]
  • Coulson walks with Melinda May, carrying an unconscious Daisy Johnson.[1][14]
  • The Kree burst into Enoch's room in Zephyr One and attack him.[1][14]
  • Kasius visits his seer, taking the future Yo-Yo Rodriguez as a hostage.[1][14]
  • Escape from the Dystopian Future:
    • Flint manages to bring the pieces together to build the Time Di'Alla.[1][14]
    • Alphonso Mackenzie rescues one of Kasius' servants, Ava, knowing an attack on Kasius' quarters is coming. Kree soldiers gather in the quarters to plan their next attacks, but Flint throwing rocks at the window, sucking them out into space. He enters the Lighthouse and a safety shutter closes over the window.[1][14]
    • Enoch requires Shaw's help

      Deke Shaw rescues Enoch by killing the Kree attacking him. Enoch is nonetheless badly injured, but says that he believes that it is better for them to work on fixing the damaged time machine than trying to save him.[1][14]
    • Jemma Simmons removes Ava's in-ear device for her. Phil Coulson and Melinda May arrive with Daisy Johnson, and both halves of the team realize Yo-Yo Rodriguez is missing, having both believed her to be with the other half. Coulson reassures him she will be okay. May meets Flint and prompts him to start assembling the Time Di'Alla pieces.[1][14]
    • Meanwhile, Mackenzie goes to find Rodriguez. He finds Kasius in the Crater, holding a knife to the future Rodriguez's throat, pretending she is the Rodriguez of 2017 who came with them. The Kree slits her throat, devastating Mackenzie, then drinks his vial of odium to go out in a blaze of glory.[1][14]
    • Kasius jumps to the Crater floor and begins to fight Mackenzie in a rage.[1][14]
    • Enoch offers to sacrifice himself to power the machine equipment, although explains that the exothermic reaction of his battery's death would also kill the one activating the process. Shaw reluctantly agrees to give his life as well nonetheless. He notifies Coulson that they have found a way to make the machine work, and Coulson tells Flint and Ava to get to a floor safely away from the explosion.[1][14]
    • Kasius is killed by Mackenzie

      Simmons arrives at the Crater and intervenes before Mackenzie can be killed, injecting Ava's deafening implant into Kasius' ear. The Kree overlord is overwhelmed by the feedback in his ears, and Mackenzie is able to slay him with his Shotgun-Axe. The past Rodriguez finds them, explaining to Mackenzie that the woman he saw was not her, and they embrace. The trio then run to get back to Kasius' quarters in time.[1][14]
    • As Enoch's battery is running out, Deke Shaw decides they have to activate the time machine. The trio running from the crater get back just in time as the Time Di'Alla turns into its liquid form and absorbs the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, returning them to the past.[1][14]
  • In the blast, Deke Shaw is caught by the liquefied shard of the Time Di'Alla from the machine and sent back with the team to 2017.[1][15]
  • Flint and Tess look out at the surface of the Earth from the Trawler, wondering if the team got home. Flint is confident they did. Tess holds Virgil's small globe up, and they think about the task ahead of using Flint's geokinesis to attempt to fix the planet as best as possible and giving the remaining human race a new chance.[1][14]


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    In Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson, when Enoch is asked where they are heading, he says, "Naro-Atzia. And from there, back to our solar system so we can orbit Jupiter for another 72 years, 312 days, after we purchase a cryo-chamber." With the episode unable to be set any earlier than June 2019 (see 2019 references), this would suggest that Fitz does not wake until Spring 2092, which is impossible. The assumption has to be made that Enoch intended for the ship to keep orbiting Jupiter for a while after, if they need to return to it or for whatever other reason. Still, the closer the 2091 events can be to Spring 2092, the better, so very late 2091 works best for both Season 6 comments.
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