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"The world has been forever changed. A few months ago, billions of people reappeared after five years away, sending the world into turmoil. We need new heroes. Ones suited for the times we're in."
Sam Wilson[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2024.





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  • Attack on Ixtenco: Talos and Soren, disguised as Nick Fury and Maria Hill, arrive in Ixtenco, Mexico in response to recent reports of a cyclone with a face. Although Soren is at first skeptical, Quentin Beck arrives in a cloud of green smoke and demands to know who "Fury" and "Hill" are, as "Sandman" appears and attacks. Beck seemingly fights the creature off, in fact having orchestrated the event to come across as a superhero.[11][2]



Betty Brant talks about the Avengers' actions to undo the Snap

Spider-Man attacks the Manfredi Crime Family

  • Attack on the Manfredi Crime Family: Parker, as Spider-Man, goes to a restaurant in Upper Manhattan and takes down the members of the Manfredi Crime Family present, wearing his Iron Spider Armor.[12][13][14]
  • The police arrive at the restaurant and congratulate Spider-Man on taking down the family. Officer Bristow asks Spider-Man if he plans on being the new Iron Man, and Parker says that he is too busy doing the NYPD's job. He tells Bristow and the other officers that he is going on vacation.[12][13][14]
  • In the wake of Parker's defeat of the Manfredis, the Mafia Cold War turns hot.[12][15]
  • May Parker and Peter hold a fundraiser for homeless support in the wake of the Blip. May tells the story about the family who had moved into her apartment since she had disappeared in the Snap. Peter, as Spider-Man, thanks everybody for having him, and they go backstage and celebrate their success. Happy Hogan arrives and briefly flirts with May, and warns Peter that Nick Fury is going to call him, but Peter sends "Fury" to voicemail against Hogan's advice. Parker leaves to say hello to the crowd, and "Fury" calls Hogan, asking why Peter did not answer.[12][2]

Parker takes a break

  • Peter Parker meets the crowd of paparazzi, who ask him about his plans as an Avenger and his new role as potentially the new Iron Man figure. Parker panics and leaves, swinging to the roof, where he avoids another phone call and sadly notices a mural of Stark.[12][2]


  • Getting ready to pack for his school trip, Peter Parker ignores another phone call from "Nick Fury". May throws a banana at him, expecting him to react, but it hits him in the face since he has been struggling with his sixth sense, which May calls the "Peter Tingle". He considers packing his Iron Spider Armor, but decides against it.[12][2]
  • Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and their class board the plane to Europe, and Flash Thompson makes fun of Parker. Michelle Jones responds by telling the flight attendant that since he "Blipped", he is too young to drink, and she confiscates the drink he has. Parker notices Jones laughing with Brad Davis and asks Leeds to help him sit next to her.[12][2]

Brant and Jones talk with Leeds

  • Leeds approaches Jones, who is sitting next to Betty Brant, and tells them that a woman wearing perfume sat next to Parker, who has an allergy, asking Brant to switch seats with Parker. Roger Harrington overhears this and makes everybody change seats to try to help Parker, so that Davis and Jones end up next to each other, Leeds and Brant are next to each other, and Parker is left sitting next to Harrington.[12][2]
  • While Parker is forced to listen to Harrington's stories about his wife pretending to have "Blipped", Leeds fails to connect with Brant, and Jones and Davis share a dual headphone adapter to watch a movie together, as had been Parker's plan.[12][2]
  • A turbulence hits the flight, causing Leeds to grab Brant's hand, and the two start to connect and start a relationship.[12][2]
  • Parker goes to the bathroom, and sees Jones waiting to use it. He reenters the bathroom and cleans it, then making himself look nice. However, when he leaves the bathroom again, he sees that Jones had gone and Davis is now the one waiting for him.[12][2]
  • Harrington falls asleep on Parker's shoulder, to Parker's dismay.[12][2]


Peter Parker is checked by security staff in Venice

  • Peter Parker and his class arrive in Venice, Italy, where Parker learns of Ned Leeds' new relationship with Betty Brant. He gets stopped by customs, and when the agent opens his suitcase, he finds that his aunt has packed his Spider-Man suit. The agent is not interested, however, telling him he cannot bring the banana in his case through.[12][2]
  • Parker rejoins his class, who takes a boat tour of Venice. They arrive at the Hotel DeMatteis, which is rundown and flooded. The class unpacks their books and prepare to meet at the Da Vinci Museum.[12][2]
  • Flash Thompson live streams to his followers, Flash Mob, and gets hit by a passer-by.[12][2]
  • Leeds and Brant get a picture of themselves painted.[12][2]
  • Roger Harrington tries to take a photograph of himself by resting a camera on a rail, and succeeds. However, he then drops the camera into the water.[12][2]
  • Parker watches Davis take a picture of Jones surrounded by pigeons, and goes to get a necklace with a Black Dahlia made of glass. Unbeknownst to him, Quentin Beck covertly stalks him, after his crew learned Iron Man had left him an inheritance that Beck is after.[12][2]
  • Parker buys the necklace and meets up with Jones, who tells Parker about a new word she learned in Italian. She demonstrates on a vendor who confuses them for a couple. Gutes Guterman, meanwhile, spies on Parker.[12][2]
  • Battle in the Grand Canal:
    • Hydro-Man emerges from the Canal, beginning its rampage

      Jones and Parker watch as water starts moving. It collects and forms an apparent Hydro-Man creature, who attacks - in fact a product of Beck's drone system using holograms and water jets. Leeds and Brant, who were on a gondola, are pushed to shore. Parker is joined by Quentin Beck, who seems to fight "Hydro-Man", while Parker protects civilians. He grabs a mask to cover his face before helping fight the monster.[12][2]
    • Roger Harrington and Julius Dell arrive at the Da Vinci Museum, but find that it is closed, since Harrington did not check the website. The apparently fighting Beck and Hydro-Man crash past them.[12][2]
    • "Beck" and the Elemental continue to "fight", with Beck actually on the ground using a hologram to project a flying version of himself. A bell tower breaks, so Parker tries his best to use his webs to hold it up. The tower collapses as "Beck" seems to defeat "Hydro-Man" and "lands". While Parker's class applaud Beck, Parker ensures that the necklace he bought for Jones is safe. Beck "flies" away.[12][2]

Peter Parker answers his phone from his aunt

  • The class returns to their hotel and discuss Hydro-Man's nature. Peter Parker talks to May on the phone about the battle, and discovers that she is with Happy Hogan. May gives Peter advice about his plan to ask out Jones.[12][2]
  • The class watches the news report about the battle, in which the reporter refers to Beck as a mystery man in Italian, "l'uomo del misterio", so the group name him "Mysterio". Jones and Parker discuss the upcoming Paris trip and the Eiffel Tower, which Jones is excited for since she read a conspiracy theory about it.[12][2]
  • Leeds asks Parker how he is going to deal with Hydro-Man, and Parker says that he will not, since Beck appears to have it covered. Talos, disguised as Nick Fury, suddenly shoots Leeds with a tranquilizer from behind their door, and asks why Parker is avoiding his phone calls. "Fury" reveals that Hydro-Man is connected to the Attack on Ixtenco, as well as a similar incident in Morocco involving a cyclone creature. Roger Harrington checks on Parker, then "Fury" tries to continue explaining, only to be further by Brant and then Dell.[12][2]

Mysterio being first introduced to Spider-Man

  • Having left the hotel, "Fury" gives Parker a pair of sunglasses left for him by Tony Stark. "Fury" and Parker arrive at Nick Fury's Hideout, where Parker is formally introduced to Beck, who tells him that he is from another Earth which was consumed by Elementals. "Fury" and "Maria Hill" (Soren in disguise) ask Parker to join the fight against the Elementals, but Parker refuses since he needs to stay with the class trip and keep his identity secret. "Fury" says he understands and has Dimitri Smerdyakov escort Parker to his hotel.[12][2]
  • Nick Fury contacts with S.H.I.E.L.D. and asks them to make a special suit for Parker. S.H.I.E.L.D. sends the Seamstress to handle the suit to Peter Parker the following day.[16]


  • Peter Parker finds out that his class field trip has been redirected from Paris to Prague, with Parker realizing "Fury" has interfered so that he can help fight the Elementals. Roger Harrington introduces himself to the bus driver, who Parker realizes is Smerdyakov, but Smerdyakov does not answer. They board the bus.[12][2]
  • On the journey, Parker looks at the pair of glasses that Stark left him, and discovers a note that comes with it, which says, "For the next Tony Stark, I trust you." He activates the glasses, which tell him they control the E.D.I.T.H. system, an acronym for "Even Dead, I'm The Hero". E.D.I.T.H. demonstrates her abilities, including showing him what his various classmates are doing on their phones.[12][2]

The agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. known as Seamstress gives Peter Parker his suit

  • The class takes a rest stop, and Smerdyakov instructs Parker to visit a particular building where he meets with the Seamstress, who gives him a new, black stealth suit so that "Spider-Man" will not be seen in Europe and a correlation cannot be made, so his identity can remain secret. The Seamstress has Parker take off his clothes to try the suit on, but Brad Davis accidentally walks in. He takes a picture, thinking they were about to have sex. Davis tells Parker that he plans on showing Michelle Jones, so that she will date him instead of Parker.[12][2]
  • Parker uses E.D.I.T.H. and tells her that Davis is a target, thinking she will erase the photo from his phone. However, the AI misunderstands and initiates a drone strike against Davis instead. Flash Thompson steals the glasses and compliments Parker on them, but Parker accidentally knocks him out while getting them back. Parker tells E.D.I.T.H. to cancel the strike, but another student asks if Parker punched Thompson, so when E.D.I.T.H. asks for confirmation to cancel at the same time, Parker ends up saying, "No," causing the strike to continue. Parker uses a web on the steering wheel to swerve the bus out of the way, then distracts the bus as he jumps through the sky light to shoot webs at the drone, destroying it. Parker then has E.D.I.T.H. successfully delete the picture of him and the Seamstress, and watches as Davis looks for the missing photo on his phone, and Thompson wakes up.[12][2]

Peter Parker answers the phone call from Maria Hill


  • Several hours after his arrival in Prague, Parker discusses the battle plan with Quentin Beck, "Hill", and "Fury". Beck decides to adopt the name Parker told him his friends called him, "Mysterio", in an attempt to endear himself to him so he can take E.D.I.T.H.. Parker expresses concern for his friends, but "Fury" yells at him about accidentally calling a drone strike on Brad Davis, feeling he is not ready.[12][2]

Mysterio talks with Peter Parker

  • Beck talks to Parker about how he is feeling, and Parker expresses disappointment about having to fight the Elementals instead of simply asking out Michelle Jones. Beck comforts him, and advises him to keep his friends in a safe place. Peter consults E.D.I.T.H. and asks for help keeping his friends inside.[12][2]
  • Roger Harrington and Julius Dell tell the class that instead of the Carnival of Lights, they will be going to the opera, having just received tickets. Parker signals to Leeds that it is important that they go to the opera, as organized by E.D.I.T.H., so he pretends to be interested to motivate the class.[12][2]
  • The class arrives at the opera house and prepares to sit. Jones and Parker briefly talk, awkwardly expressing interest in each other. Jones asks Parker to sit with him, while "Fury" tries to get his attention on his earpiece. Parker agrees, but has to leave and asks Leeds to give an excuse to Jones about why he cannot be there. Leeds reminds Parker to steer the Elemental away from the opera house, and Brad Davis flips Parker a middle finger as he sits next to Jones. Jones watches Parker leave and follows him, and Betty Brant follows her, with Leeds then going after Brant.[12][2]
  • Attack on the Prague Carnival:
    • Spider-Man witnessing the Fire Elemental

      Parker, wearing his new suit, stakes out the carnival. Brant and Leeds walk through, and Leeds says that he does not do well in large crowds, trying to get her to return to the opera, but Brant instead takes him onto the Ferris wheel. Jones walks through the carnival and sees as lava appears to break through the ground and Molten Man starts to seemingly form.[12][2]
    • Molten Man finishes forming and appears to attack the carnival - in fact another hologram and drone illusion from Beck. Parker calls for Beck, a hologram of whom shows up and "fights" Molten Man.[12][2]
    • Brant sees Parker in the new suit, and asks Leeds if it is Spider-Man. Leeds says no, and in the spur of the moment refers to him as the European version, "Night Monkey", to cover for Parker.[12][2]
    • As the Elemental seemingly grows, Parker notices Brant and Leeds calling for help. This causes Parker to move on to a new plan, which Beck acts as if he is complying with, involving throwing rocks at Molten Man and using Beck's apparent energy blasts.[12][2]
    • While "Fury" and "Hill" drive towards the fight, Beck continues to "fight" the monster while Parker tries to rescue Leeds and Brant. Parker's web, however, hits an invisible hologram projector drone. Parker is confused, but dismisses the thought. The web causes the drone to launch backwards, falling near Jones, who picks it up.[12][2]
    • Mysterio pretends to sacrifice himself

      "Fury" and "Hill" arrive as Beck pretends to risk sacrificing himself to destroy Molten Man. As the Elemental is seemingly obliterated, Parker is relieved to then find that Beck has survived.[12][2]
  • Brant turns to Leeds and says that she would kiss him if she had not thrown up in her mouth, and Leeds looks for a mint.[12][2]
  • "Fury" asks Beck to join his crew at Europol headquarters the next day. Beck agrees, and "Fury" extends the same offer to Parker, giving him time to think about it first, regarding whether he feels he can step up to Tony Stark's plate or not. Beck offers Parker to get a drink.[12][2]
  • At an apparent local bar, Beck and Parker celebrate. Parker talks about having everybody's expectations on his shoulders, and that he wants to go back on his trip and be a normal teenager. Parker shows Beck the E.D.I.T.H. glasses, and then gives them to Beck to try on. While Beck wears them, he notices a resemblance to Tony Stark. Thinking that Beck would be better at being the next Iron Man than him, and believing Stark's note to him was in fact meant to mean he should choose the next Iron Man figure and not be it himself, Parker enables Beck to use E.D.I.T.H..[12][2]
  • Once Peter Parker has left, Quentin Beck turns off the hologram illusion in the bar and celebrates with his crew for having succeeded in their plan.[12][2]
  • Parker walks back to his hotel, feeling he has made a good decision.[12][2]

Quentin Beck giving his speech to his crew members

  • Beck toasts his crew of former, disillusioned Stark Industries employees, including William Ginter Riva who was yelled at by Obadiah Stane in 2009. They plan an even bigger Elemental attack to cement "Mysterio" as the greatest new superhero in the public eye, so they will no longer be ignored.[12][2]
  • Parker gets back to the hotel and finds out the trip has been cut off due to the incidents. With the class preparing to go home the next day, Parker talks to Michelle Jones about wanting to make the most of their final hours, so they agree to sneak out of the hotel.[12][2]
  • Parker and Jones talk on a bridge. Jones reveals that she has deduced that Parker is Spider-Man, which Parker denies, and has discovered a strange device in the battle site. Parker is disheartened when he believes Jones is only interested in home because she thinks he is Spider-Man. They accidentally activate the device, and it turns out to be a projector used by Beck, showing an Elemental vs. Mysterio hologram. Parker realizes that Beck must have orchestrated the attacks, and tells Jones that he is in fact Spider-Man, and has messed up. They rush back to the hotel together.[12][2]

Mysterio's rehearsal

  • Beck rehearses the next Elemental attack with his crew, testing the drone holograms and damage as he wears a motion capture suit. He decides to increase the amount of damage, and Gutes Guterman points out the number of casualties it will cause, but Beck responds by saying it will result in increased coverage as an "Avengers level threat". An illusion of his suit glitches, and William Ginter Riva tells Beck that one of his projectors is missing, which angers Beck, worried it could become evidence. Beck uses E.D.I.T.H. to find out that Michelle Jones took it, and she and Parker have it. He yells at Riva, saying that it is Riva's fault instead of himself, he now has to kill Parker.[12][2]
  • Parker catches Jones up about his activities in Europe and changes into his Spider-Man stealth suit, when Ned Leeds walks in and learns that Jones knows his identity. Parker tells Leeds about Beck's villainy, and instructs Leeds to have his aunt tell Roger Harrington he is staying in Europe with his family. Jones gives him the projector, and Parker leaves for Berlin to tell "Fury" about Beck.[12][2]
  • Parker swings onto the top of a train to hitch a ride to Berlin.[12][2]



Spider-Man's swinging in Berlin

  • Peter Parker arrives in Berlin and is picked up by someone he believes to be Nick Fury, who tells Parker that he has a lot of explaining to do. He has Parker put his seat belt on, but Parker breaks the seat belt.[12][2]
  • Ambush in Berlin:
    • "Fury" takes Parker to a building he claims is Europol headquarters, where Parker tells "Fury" about Quentin Beck's villainy. However, Parker senses something is wrong, as the illusion around him disappears, revealing they are only in an abandoned building, as "Fury" gets shot by a drone. Parker himself is shot, protected by the suit, but falling several floors.[12][2]
    • Parker is forced into various illusions Beck conjures, in which he is mocked about his feelings for Michelle Jones and his home in Queens. He is knocked out of a window, finding himself outside.[12][2]
    • The illusions return as the drones start up again, and Beck continues to mock Parker, who gets attacked in the illusion by various copies of himself, then Mysterio, then a zombie-like Iron Man armor, while Beck taunts him about Tony Stark's death.[12][2]
    • Mysterio continues to scare Spider-Man

      Beck leaves Parker increasingly disoriented, but is suddenly interrupted when "Fury" appears to shoot him in the back, seemingly killing him and ending the illusions.[12][2]
    • "Fury" tells Parker that Beck's men are after anybody who could expose them, and demands to know who Parker told so they can be protected. Parker tells "Fury" about Jones, Ned Leeds, and Betty Brant, but "Fury" then reveals himself to in fact be Beck, conjuring another lyer of illusion all along. Beck then creates illusions that push Parker backwards onto a set of train tracks, where Parker gets hit by a train.[12][2]
  • Beck has E.D.I.T.H. access the files for Parker's class trip, and has her make sure they stop in London on their way home.[12][2]
  • Parker, having barely survived clinging onto the train, climbs into the vehicle that hit him and passes out in a seat in an empty car.[12][2]


  • Peter Parker wakes up in a Dutch holding facility, where the prisoners greet him and welcome him to the Netherlands. He uses his strength to break the lock and finds that the guard had stolen his stealth suit. The guard asks the other prisoners if everything is okay, and the others say yes and close the door back on their cell.[12][2]

Spider-Man walks around the Netherlands

  • Parker borrows a cell phone and calls Happy Hogan, asking to be picked up in the Dutch town, Broek op Langedijk.[12][2]
  • Hogan arrives in a jet in a field of flowers, where Parker demands to be told something only Hogan would know to prove who he is, so Hogan recalls when they were in Germany together and Parker paid for an adult movie. Parker is delighted it is actually him.[12][2]
  • While Hogan gives Parker first aid aboard the jet, Parker tells Hogan everything that had happened in Europe. Parker panics and yells at Hogan about how he has messed up, and the two talk about how the miss Tony Stark. Hogan tells Parker that Stark was a mess and second-guessed everything he did - except for picking Parker. Inspired, Parker begins to make a plan to defeat Quentin Beck. Parker uses Flash Thompson's live stream to figure out where his classmates, and consequently Beck, are, and begins making himself a new suit in the back of the jet with Stark's technology. Hogan feeling pride at seeing Stark's protégé come into his own, and puts on Back in Black, a favorite of Stark's.[12][2]
  • Soren and Talos, still posing as Maria Hill and Nick Fury, talk. "Fury" complains about information regarding Kree sleeper cells being spread. "Hill" interrupts, saying that a new Elemental is forming in London.[12][2]
  • "Fury" calls Beck, who had been expecting the call after setting up the pulse. Beck claims to be shocked by the news, and says he will meet him there. After hanging up, Beck boasts his success to his crew, who applaud him.[12][14]

Brad Davis comments on Peter Parker's behavior

  • Parker's high school class arrives in London and prepares for a tour, and Brad Davis asks the class to consider Parker's recent absences and the incident he photographed involving Parker and the European woman. Michelle Jones distracts the class from listening to Davis by asking why he took a picture of Parker while he was undressed, and Roger Harrington decides to ignore the situation and move on. Julius Dell, trying to be the cool teacher, tells Davis not to take pictures in the bathroom, while the class boards a bus, driven by Gutes Guterman.[12][2]
  • Battle of London:
    • Beck has an illusion of himself fly around London looking throughout London for the Elemental, and tells "Fury" that he did not see it. "Fury" orders Beck to continue looking, referring to Beck as their only hope.[12][2]
    • Beck has William Ginter Riva send E.D.I.T.H.'s drones to London, Janice Lincoln continue working on his material cape to change into, and Victoria Snow increase the energy to trick "Fury" and "Hill's" satellites. He then has E.D.I.T.H. prepare a strike on "Fury", "Hill", Ned Leeds, Betty Brant, and Jones.[12][2]
    • The Elemental Fusion begins to form

      As the Elemental Fusion illusion starts to form, Guterman delivers the class to the kill zone for Leeds, Brant, and Jones' death, and then leaves the bus.[12][2]
    • Happy Hogan video calls "Fury" and tells him about a surfboard which he thought belonged to Fury, including the phrase, "Appearances can be deceiving," meant as a code to warn "Fury" about Beck.[12][2]
    • Hogan tells Peter Parker that Fury received the message, and that the class is at the Tower Bridge according to Thompson, who incorrectly referred to it as "London Bridge". Parker gives Hogan the necklace he plans on giving to Jones in case he does not survive, though Hogan assures Parker that he will. Parker tells Hogan his sixth sense should help this time, with Hogan also believing it to be called the "Peter Tingle".[12][2]
    • The Elemental Fusion fully forms as Harrington notices Guterman's disappearance and the kids flee the bus while Riva introduces "lightning". The class runs while Thompson live streams, and they observe the fusion's combined nature. The hologram of Mysterio starts fighting the fusion, and Jones and Leeds realize that they are in danger from Beck, so they flee, and Thompson and Brant follow them.[12][2]
    • Mysterio meets with 'Nick Fury' at the Shard

      Beck feigns concern for "Fury", who refuses to get somewhere safe, surveying from the Shard.[12][2]
    • Hogan flies Spider-Man into London, and, wearing his new suit, Parker parachutes in to Tower Bridge.[12][2]
    • Following Guterman's advice, Beck tells "Fury" that the Elementals appear to have combined and are drawing power from the Earth's core, causing "Fury's" suspicion to only increase and realize that Beck was a fraud. Having noticed Parker, "Fury" tells "Hill" to be ready for anything.[12][2]
    • Spider-Man drops into the illusion's center and starts breaking the drones' formation using his webs.[12][2]
    • "Hill" goes to the Shard roof and prepares a missile launcher.[12][2]
    • Beck notices Spider-Man inside the illusion, and resolves to kill him.[12][2]
    • Parker successfully destroys the illusion. A drone that was about to attack "Fury" has its cloaking broken, and "Hill" destroys it with the missile. Before Parker can reach Beck, Beck has E.D.I.T.H. send a drone after him, knocking him to the bridge floor. Beck has Riva kill the illusion, with a new plan.[12][2]
    • Spider-Man fights with the Drones

      Hogan finds Jones, Leeds, Brant, and Thompson outside the Tower of London, and plans on taking them safely to the jet, but Beck blows it up. Instead, they start running. As Spider-Man continues to swing on the drones, his friends make it into the Crown Jewels Vault, where they are followed by a drone. Brant and Jones work together to temporarily break the drone, but it recuperates as they all run and hide in the vault. The drone starts using a laser to cut into the vault.[12][2]
    • Parker continues fighting the drones, on comms with Hogan about trying to get to Beck. He reaches the top of the bridge, but Beck blasts him in different directions to keep him away, eventually pushing him into the water. He returns to the bridge and plans what to do.[12][2]
    • As more drones attack Jones, Leeds, Brant, Thompson, and Hogan, they start to confess their personality flaws to each other as they face death. When Hogan says that he is in love with Spider-Man's aunt, it becomes awkward.[12][2]
    • Spider-Man makes a weapon using a disabled drone, and takes the Tower Bridge sign to use as a shield. He explodes the drones in his way with the weapon, and uses the shield to bounce off a sonic cannon and up to Beck. With Beck occupied, the drones stop, including at the Crown Jewels Vault.[12][2]
    • Spider-Man prepares to use his Spider-Sense

      Parker confronts Quentin Beck, who has a drone knock him back several feet. Parker demands the E.D.I.T.H. glasses, but Beck uses his drones to create a fully black atmosphere where they can fire at him without him seeing. However, Parker uses his reawakened "Peter Tingle" Spider-Sense to sense the drones and defeat them. As Parker knocks the drones, Beck is shot by one of them. "Beck" then claims to be handing Parker the glasses, but Parker realizes it is an illusion, and, sensing the real Beck next to him, stops the man from shooting him. He takes the glasses back and when E.D.I.T.H. asks if he wants to execute cancellation protocols, he cancels the drone strike by saying to "execute them all".[12][2]
    • Beck dies from his injury, telling Parker people will believe in anything these days, and that he will see. Parker confirms with E.D.I.T..H. that it is not an illusion.[12][2]
    • Riva downloads a video of the confrontation, and prepares to doctor and broadcast it.[12][2]
    • Hogan, Jones, Leeds, Thompson, and Brant leave the vault, and Jones rushes to reunite with Parker.[12][2]
  • Michelle Jones and Peter Parker reunite, and Jones shows Parker the necklace Hogan passed on, broken. While Parker tries to explain his Paris plan, Jones kisses him, and they confess their feelings for each other, with Jones having been interested in him beyond Spider-Man all along. They kiss again, and awkwardly leave each other.[12][2]

Hogan talks with "Fury" after the Battle of London

  • Hogan, on the phone with May Parker, tells her about the battle. "Fury" and "Hill" approach him, demanding to speak with Parker. Hogan says that Parker will call him next time, and "Fury" threatens Hogan in case he does not.[12][2]


  • Peter Parker's class returns home from their trip, arriving in Newark. Parker and Jones hold hands, before parting ways, agreeing on a date. Parker learns that Ned Leeds and Betty Brant have split up, while Flash Thompson gets picked up by his butler, since his mother could not make it.[12][2]
  • Peter Parker is picked up by May Parker, who expresses excitement that he is safe. They drive home together.[12][2]


  • Talos and Soren revert to their normal forms, and discuss having to tell Nick Fury about Quentin Beck's troublemaking. Talos finally gives in and calls Fury, telling him about the problems and asking Fury to return to Earth from the Skrull ship he is on.[17][2]
  • After receiving Talos' message, Nick Fury gets up from his augmented reality beach vacation room, and calls out that they have work to do, looking out at the Skrull crew manning the ship.[17][2]


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  • Peter Parker talks to May and Happy Hogan, asking if the two are dating. May says no, but Happy says yes, and the two discuss it, confusing Peter, who leaves for his date with Michelle Jones.[18][2]

Spider-Man continues to web-swing

  • Spider-Man swings through New York City, taking pictures and texting Jones on his way to the date.[18][2]
  • Parker takes Michelle Jones for a web swing, as she wanted to see how it felt. She becomes scared mid-swing.[18][2]
  • Parker puts Jones down by Madison Square Garden, where she says she never wants to experience it again. A news report suddenly airs, which Parker watches in the street. It broadcasts footage, unknown to the press to be doctored, where Quentin Beck alleges that Spider-Man attacked him, and Parker saying "Execute them all" is used to look like he ordered the London deaths. Anchor Pat Kiernan says it came from The Daily Bugle, showing the site's host J. Jonah Jameson, who uses the opportunity to report on Spider-Man's criminal activity and call Mysterio "the greatest superhero of all time". Jameson then plays the second part of the video, in which Mysterio tells everybody that Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker, to Parker's horror.[18][2]




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  • Clint Barton takes his children to watch Rogers: The Musical. The family ends up leaving halfway through, with Barton then taking them to dinner and the Rockefeller Center.[21]
  • Kate Bishop visits her mother Eleanor, who is very dissatisfied at Kate for having destroyed Stane Tower by shooting at its bell on a dare. She meets Eleanor's new boyfriend Jack Duquesne, and all leave for a socialite gala.[21]
  • After witnessing Eleanor discussing with Jack's uncle Armand Duquesne III, Kate decided to stealthily followed him into the hotel's cellar, where she watched as Armand and Jack attended a black market auction, whose items included the Ronin suit and sword which had been obtained from the ruins of the Avengers Compound.[21]
  • Robbery of the Black Market Auction.[21]
    • The Tracksuit Mafia explodes the outside wall to invade the cellar, with specific orders to find a wristwatch also scavenged from the compound's ruins.[21]
    • Bishop steals the Ronin suit, and uses her martial arts skills to fight off the Tracksuits, including one who was holding the Duquesnes at gunpoint.[21]
    • Outside the cellar, one of Tracksuits finds the watch, and has his leg bitten by a one-eyed dog. Bishop, who had just left the cellar, knocks him out.[21]
    • After Bishop saves the dog from being ran over by incoming traffic, one of her adversaries, Kazi Kazimierczak, watches from across the street, only to run along with the Tracksuits as they hear the police arriving.[21]
  • Once the Bartons return to their hotel, Clint watches a news report of the incident, recognizing his old suit.[21]
  • After Bishop drops the dog at her apartment, with only leftover pizza for him to eat, she discovers Armand's address and leaves to investigate on him.[21]
  • Assassination of Armand Duquesne III.[21]
    • Eleanor kills Armand, while setting things up to make it seem like Jack was the murderer.[22]
    • After sneaking inside the house, Kate finds Duquesne's body, and leaves just as Bishop's maid enters the place.[21]
  • Ambush on Ronin.[21]
    • Outside Armand's house, the Tracksuits ambush Bishop, who briefly fights them before hiding in a car. [21]
    • Just as the Tracksuits break the car window, Barton arrives, knocks them out and pulls Bishop out of the car, dragging her to a nearby alley.[21]
  • At the advice of her idol to hide from the criminals, Bishop goes with him to her apartment.[23]
  • Attack on Kate Bishop's Apartment.[23]
    • Having tracked down the person in the Ronin suit, the Tracksuits arrive outside Bishop's building and throw molotov cocktails through the windows.[23]
    • Barton throws one of the bombs back, while Kate shoots one bomb right off a thug's hand, before accidentally causing the fire extinguisher to violently rocket around the place before shooting out into the street.[23]
    • Once the fire sets off the sprinklers, Barton just tells Bishop to grab the dog as they leave in the emergency exit, leaving behind the Ronin suit.[23]
    • The Tracksuits leave right before the police arrives. The fire department arrives, puts out the fire, and one of the firefighters, Grills, takes away the Ronin suit.[23]
  • After buying supplies in a drugstore, Barton asks Bishop to find refuge, and she takes them to the apartment of her aunt Moira Brandon.[23]
  • Barton returns to Bishop's building, disguises himself as a firefighter to enter the apartment, but does not find his suit. While leaving, he notices a sticker of the New York City LARP on a firetruck. After returning to Brandon's apartment and tending to Bishop's injuries, he researches about the NYC LARPers, finding that Grills already made a social media post showing off the Ronin suit.[23]


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  • Barton asks for a van to drive his children to the airport before leaving to reunite with Bishop.[23]
  • Bishop insists that going to her job in her mother's company, Bishop Security, is the safest thing to do, and Barton walks her to the company headquarters, giving her his phone number in case of an emergency before leaving.[23]
  • Barton is forced to join the LARP session at Central Park to talk to Grills, who recognizes him as Hawkeye and easily agrees to return the suit in exchange for letting Grills beat Barton in a LARP swordfight.[23]
  • Capture of Clint Barton.[23]






  • Barton brings Bishop and the dog, now named Lucky, to spend Christmas at his farm. He also returns the watch to its owner, Laura Barton.[22]
  • After Barton burns the Ronin suit in his barbecue grill, Bishop starts thinking about her heroine codename.[22]


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