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"The world's in chaos. I need a new team. I need an Avenger."
―"Nick Fury" to Spider-Man[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2024.


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  • Battle in the Grand Canal: Following Parker's class' arrival in Venice, Italy, an attack by the Water Elemental took place destroying several buildings.[1][2] Unable to tackle the creature, Parker only held together a falling tower as he saw an as-yet-unidentified Beck appear and battle the beast.
  • Following the monster's destruction, the mysterious hero gained public acclaim for ending the threat.
  • Nick Fury visits Parker in his hotel and takes him to a "mission control" office where Maria Hill and other agents are getting briefed by Quentin Beck, who tells that the next of the Elementals will strike in Prague. Parker names Beck "Mysterio", after a a local news report that called him "L'uomo di misterio" ("a man of mystery"). Fury also gives Parker a package left to him by Iron Man prior to his death.[1][2]


  • Through Nick Fury's intervention, the MSST group is redirected from Paris to Prague.[1][2]
  • Parker opens the package and discovers a pair of glasses that control the E.D.I.T.H. system. In his first try, he by accident makes a drone nearly shoot down the school's tour bus.[1][2]


  • Attack on the Prague Carnival: Mysterio and "Night Monkey" battle the Fire Elemental and win, defeating all Elementals.[1][2]
  • Following the battle, Peter thinks Mysterio is better at being the next Iron Man than him and enables Beck to use E.D.I.T.H. Once he leaves, Mysterio celebrates with his crew of former Stark Industries employees for having succeeded in their plan, while planning an even bigger Elemental to cement Mysterio as the newest superhero in the public eye.[1][2]
  • Parker and Michelle Jones talk on a bridge. She reveals she had found out he was Spider-Man, and had discovered a strange device in the battle site, that once accidentally activated turns out to be a projector used by Mysterio. Parker realizes he had been duped, and ventures to Berlin to meet with Fury about Mysterio's deception.[1][2]


  • Ambush in Berlin: Parker arrives in Berlin and is received by Fury, but that turns out to be a trap by Mysterio, and the illusionist ultimately makes Parker be hit by a train.[1][2]
  • Parker enters the train that ran him over and passes out.[1][2]



  • Talos and Soren contact Nick Fury on a Skrull ship about the events during the Battle of London and the previous couple weeks.
  • After receiving Talos' message, Nick Fury gets up from his augmented reality beach vacation and says that they have some work to do, looking out at the Skrull crew manning the ship he is on.[1][2]


  • Spider-Man takes Michelle Jones for a web swing as she wanted to see how it felt. She becomes scared mid-swing, and Peter puts her down by Madison Square Garden.[1][2]
  • A news report airs, broadcasting doctored footage alleging that Spider-Man killed Mystero during the Battle of London.[1][2]
  • Spider-Man's identity is globally exposed by The Daily Bugle, incriminating him for all of Mysterio's crimes.[1][2]


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