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"The world has been forever changed. A few months ago, billions of people reappeared after five years away, sending the world into turmoil. We need new heroes. Ones suited for the times we're in."
Sam Wilson[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2024.




  • Sarah Wilson loans one hundred dollars to one of her relatives, and he does not pay her back.[1][2]





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  • The criminal organization LAF hijacks a plane commanded by Captain Vassant of the United States Armed Forces. The military loses contact with the plane.[1][8]
  • Sam Wilson travels to Africa and is briefed by Hill about Vassant's kidnapping. He is told to ensure that LAF do not deliver on their threat to Vassant. He is told to be discreet, so that the United States is not seen intervening in Tunisian airspace. Hill tells Wilson that Joaquín Torres will be helping him from the ground, and Wilson goes to rescue Vassant.[1][8]
  • Rescue of Captain Vassant:
    • Falcon chases after the plane

      While Wilson flies through the air, Torres contacts Wilson and sends Wilson the information he needs, saying that he will be Wilson's support. Wilson finds the plane and watches as Louie flies the plane next to a dead soldier, telling Torres that LAF had already hijacked the plane. Louie sees Wilson and gets scared, so Wilson falls back.[1][8]
    • Louie tries to tell Georges Batroc that he saw someone, but Batroc does not believe him.[1][8]
    • Wilson sees two LAF operatives beating Vassant inside the plane, as Batroc asks them to restrain him.[1][8]
    • Wilson has Redwing open the plane door for him and enters the plane, fighting off several LAF operatives. One shoots at Wilson, who uses his EXO-7 Falcon armor to deflect the bullets. One of the bullets hits Louie, causing him to die and the plane to begin falling.[1][8]
    • Wilson knocks out another fighter as the autopilot engages and Wilson approaches Vassant. Batroc stops Wilson, and the two begin to fight while Torres tries to get a visual. The remaining LAF agents put on wingsuits and leave the plane with Vassant. Wilson jumps out of the plane after them as Torres watches the action.[1][8]
    • Redwing fires at the LAF agents

      One agent fires at Wilson, who activates the agent's parachute. Wilson continues to chase the agents, scraping his wings against rocks. A helicopter begins firing at Wilson, who has Redwing blow them up. As Redwing reunites with Wilson, he sees Batroc enter a helicopter, as well as another agent and Vassant.[1][8]
    • Batroc realizes that they are close to the Libyan border, so he tells the helicopter pilot to keep flying. Batroc brags to Vassant, telling him that Wilson would not follow if they crossed the border. Wilson enters the helicopter and begins fighting, blowing up the helicopter after Vassant had been taken out of it by Batroc.[1][8]
    • Torres warns Wilson that they are about to enter Libyan airspace and that they would have a problem if they did.[1][8]
    • Batroc and Vassant enter another helicopter as Wilson gets approached by another. Torres watches as missiles get fired at Wilson and is outnumbered. Wilson gets overwhelmed by the number of missiles and helicopters, barely avoiding them. He uses the missiles to destroy other helicopters while Torres suggests falling back. However, Wilson flies through the helicopter and gets Vassant. Batroc jumps out of the helicopter moments before it is blown up by another missile. Torres celebrates their victory.[1][8]
  • Wilson makes some repairs to Redwing

    Torres gets Wilson a drink while Wilson works on Redwing. Wilson complains that Redwing glitches each time the military works on him, and Torres explains that they cannot keep up with the advanced tech Wilson uses. A man approaches Wilson and thanks him in Arabic for bringing his wife back to life.[1][8]
  • Torres tells Wilson about the Flag Smashers, a terrorist organization he had been tracking on message boards online, who believe that the world was better during the five between the Snap and the Blip. Torres explains that they want a world that is unified and without borders. Wilson tells Torres to monitor the chatter and tell him if anything serious happens. Torres asks about conspiracy theories regarding whether Steve Rogers was on the moon. Wilson assures Torres that the theories are false and leaves to go to Washington, D.C..[1][8]
  • Bucky Barnes approaches Senator L. Atwood's car, putting a device underneath that will allow him to control it. Atwood meets with a man in the car, asking him for help killing Congressman Lockhart, which Barnes overhears. Barnes takes control of the car, making it park itself in a different spot, scaring her and the man. He approaches the car, incapacitates the man, and says to Atwood that he is no longer the Winter Soldier and that his actions are a part of his attempt to make amends. He walks away as Atwood gets arrested and crosses her name off of his list of amends.[1][8]
  • Bucky Barnes wakes up from his nightmare of killing RJ Nakajima

    Barnes wakes up from a nightmare, remembering when he murdered RJ Nakajima.[1][8]


  • Sam Wilson irons and puts on a dress shirt. He puts on a suit and tie and looks at Captain America's Shield. He puts it in a bag and reflects on the conversation he had with Steve Rogers when Rogers first gave Wilson the shield.[1][8]
  • Wilson gives a speech at the Smithsonian Institution about Rogers' legacy and the changed world following the Blip. James Rhodes and a Government Official watch as Wilson says that symbols do not mean anything without a person to give them meaning. He hands the shield to an employee of the Smithsonian, and they put it in a display case.[1][8]
  • The government official shakes Wilson's hand, thanking him for donating the shield and saying that he made the right decision. Rhodes asks Wilson to talk.[1][8]
  • Wilson and Rhodes walk through the wing dedicated to Steve Rogers, where Wilson tells Rhodes about his nephews having grown up while Wilson was dead for five years. Rhodes asks why Wilson gave up the shield and the mantle of Captain America, and Wilson explains that he felt it belonged to Rogers alone. Rhodes explains that the world is in a chaotic state and that it needs someone to help, and the two look at the shield in its case. Rhodes leaves as Wilson looks solemnly at the shield.[1][8]
  • Christina Raynor having a therapy session with Barnes

    Bucky Barnes goes to therapy with Christina Raynor, who asks if he is still having nightmares, and Barnes lies, saying that he has not. Raynor reminds Barnes that he needs to go to therapy as a term of his pardon, to make sure he does not relapse as the Winter Soldier. He again lies about having nightmares, so Raynor takes out her notebook and begins writing to punish Barnes. He tells Raynor that he had followed her three rules for making amends while doing so, again lying.[1][8]
  • Raynor insists that Barnes explain his nightmares, but Barnes insists he has not had any, and Raynor tells him that he will eventually have to open up to someone. Barnes insists that he does, so Raynor asks for his phone and notes that he has been ignoring Wilson's attempts to contact him and that she is the only person he has called in the past week. Raynor insists that he needs to nurture friendships, and Barnes asks for slack since friendship is new to him. Barnes says that now that he is done fighting, he wants peace, and Raynor insists that he is lying, since she knows the effects the military has on people. Raynor tells Barnes that he is free, although Barnes asks exactly what he is free to do.[1][8]
  • Barnes takes Yori Nakajima to lunch

    Unique takes out the trash and puts it in Yori Nakajima's trash can, and Nakajima begins yelling at him. Barnes interrupts the fight and asks what is happening, and Nakajima explains what happened, going to hit Unique. Unique introduces himself to Barnes, and Nakajima scoffs at his name. Barnes tells Nakajima that he cannot continue to fight with his neighbors and convinces him to go out to lunch at their regularly scheduled time.[1][8]
  • Nakajima and Barnes eat at Izzy, while Nakajima reads the newspaper, telling Barnes that none of the obituaries are for people older than ninety. Leah notes that they ordered something new, and Nakajima tells Barnes to ask her out. Barnes refuses, but Nakajima does so on his behalf. Barnes apologizes, but Leah accepts the date and makes the plan with Nakajima. Barnes comments that asking a girl out is not meant to be direct. Nakajima notices a plate of mocha and is reminded of his son, and he tells Barnes about his death, saying that he will never know what happened.[1][8]


  • Wilson returns to Louisiana and reunites with Cass and AJ Wilson

    Sam Wilson drives to his family's business and reunites with Sarah Wilson, Cass Wilson, and AJ Wilson.[1][8]
  • Sam mentions the beauty of their fishing boat and it being held together, and Sarah mentions selling it. Sam expresses confusion, since they were planning to discuss selling it before making any decisions, but Sarah says that they have to sell it due to their finances. Sarah asks to talk, but Sam gets distracted by their other relatives.[1][8]
  • Sometime later, Sarah tells Sam that they have to sell the boat, since the business continually loses money. Sam offers to help, but Sarah refuses. Sam plans to take a loan, but Sarah says that she already tried. However, Sam convinces her to let him try and they get dinner.[1][8]
  • Bucky Barnes meets Leah at Izzy for their date, bringing her flowers. Barnes tells Leah that while he had tried dating apps, he had not dated since the Blip. Barnes' comments about online dating prompt Leah to say that he sounds like her dad, and then ask how old he is. Barnes truthfully answers that he is over one hundred years old, and Leah laughs. Leah offers to play a game and gets beer.[1][8]
  • Leah and Bucky Barnes play Battleship

    Barnes and Leah play Battleship and Leah asks about Barnes' family. Leah tells Barnes that it's nice that he spends time with Yori Nakajima, sharing that not knowing what happened to his son is the hardest part for him. Leah says that someone's children dying is the worst thing that could happen. Barnes, overwhelmed by guilt, gets up and excuses himself, planning to tell Nakajima that he is responsible for his son's death.[1][8]
  • Barnes arrives at Nakajima's apartment, and prepares to tell him. Nakajima asks how his date with Leah was, and Barnes notices a shrine Nakajima had set up for his son. Barnes finds himself unable to tell the truth, so he says that he owed Nakajima money for lunch and leaves. Barnes looks at his list of amends, upset about being unable to tell Nakajima the truth.[1][8]


  • Sam and Sarah Wilson prepare lunches for people, and Sam assures Sarah that their plan to get a loan will work. Sarah tells her children that Liu will be babysitting them and not to play video games. She and Sam leave, and her sons rush to play video games.[1][8]
  • Joaquín Torres undercover in Switzerland

    Joaquín Torres goes to Switzerland undercover as a member of the Flag Smashers. He gets a visible angle on his camera phone and begins filming as he follows the instructions on the phone and goes to Gasel Bank. He asks whether another person there knows what to do, but is interrupted by a whistle.[1][8]
  • Robbery of Gasel Bank:
    • The leader of the Flag Smashers gathers everyone together and hands out masks with their logo on it to match hers. Meanwhile, Dovich robs the bank and retrieves its money.[1][8]
    • Torres puts on the mask as the app tells everyone to run and two bags of money are thrown from the window. Dovich jumps out of the window and lands, using the chaos to leave. Torres follows Dovich, as two other Flag Smashers leave with the money. He gets stopped by a police officer, but Torres takes him down and chases Dovich.[1][8]
    • Dovich kicks a police officer who was beating one of the Flag Smashers' supporters, and Torres rushes over and pulls a gun on him. Dovich grabs Torres' gun and throws him onto the ground, kicking him in the face and knocking him out. Dovich then walks away.[1][8]
  • Sam Wilson and Sarah Wilson fail to receive a loan for their family business

    At Merchant & Treasury Service, a loan officer reviews Sam and Sarah Wilson's histories and recognizes Sam as Falcon. The two briefly talk about it, but Sam tries to change the topic back to their loan, but the officer asks about how Avengers get paid, noting that his financials are not consistent. Wilson explains that he was never paid to be a superhero, but the officer explains that Sam has had no income over the past five years. Sam explains that he should qualify for a loan, but the officer explains that the bank has tightened its rules since the Blip. The officer asks for a selfie with Sam, who gets upset while Sarah laughs. The officer refuses the loan.[1][8]
  • Leaving the bank, Sam insists that they keep trying to get the loan, but Sarah tells him to stop and that she knew it would happen. Sarah yells at Sam that he does not know what happened to them while he was gone, but Sam insists that they will not sell their family's boat.[1][8]
  • John Walker and Lemar Hoskins prepare a special ops team for a mission in Chile. However, Walker is called and receives an offer to be Captain America. He accepts and returns to the United States.[9][8]
  • Sam Wilson attempts to work on the boat, and attempts to turn it on. However, the engine stalls, frustrating Wilson. Wilson looks at old pictures of him and his family on the boat, when Torres texts him, asking to communicate on a secure line.[1][8]
  • Wilson watches footage of the robbery, and the two talk about Dovich, whom they believe to be the leader of the Flag Smashers. Wilson notes his strength, and Wilson and Torres realize that Dovich is like a user of the Super Soldier Serum.[1][8]
  • John Walker is inaugurated as the new Captain America

    Sarah Wilson rushes over and tells Sam to check the news, and they watch as a Government Official gives a speech, discussing the need for a hero to defend the United States. They watch as John Walker is announced to be the new Captain America, coming out holding a new uniform and carrying Captain America's Shield. Wilson gets upset as Walker winks at the reporters in front of him.[1][8]




  • John Walker is filmed running in his military uniform with helicopters in the background.[9][10]






  • Redwing traces the Flag Smashers to a building in Munich, Germany.[9][8]
  • John Walker unzips the bag holding his version of Captain America's Uniform and looks at the lockers in the locker room of Custer's Grove High School. He peels back the name tag on what used to be his locker, seeing his own initials engraved.[9][8]
  • John Walker being consoled by Olivia Walker

    Olivia Walker sees John and reminisces with him about seeing him in the locker room before in high school. Olivia asks John if he is nervous, and he tells Olivia that he does not want to disappoint the world and their big expectations. Olivia says he will do well in his interview, kisses John, and leaves, passing by Lemar Hoskins.[9][8]
  • Hoskins sees Walker practicing how he will say "Good morning" to the American people, and jokes about Walker having failed drama class. Walker tells Hoskins that he is unsatisfied with simply meeting people and shaking hands, wanting to do the job of Captain America. However, Hoskins explains that he already is. Hoskins tells Walker that the suit comes with expectations, and asks if he is ready to do the work, walking away. Walker puts on the uniform.[9][8]
  • A marching band plays an updated version of Star Spangled Man as Walker runs out to the football field, greeting the crowd for his interview with Good Morning America. He signs a piece of merchandise and high fives a member of the marching band as he rushes onstage, getting introduced by Sara Haines. Walker says "Good morning, America" as Haines laughs and the crowd cheers. Chairs are brought out for the two to sit while Hoskins cheers Walker on.[9][8]
  • Haines mentions to Walker how strange it must be returning to his old high school after how much has changed, and the crowd again cheers after one man shouts Walker's name. Haines asks what it is like to be Captain America, and the two joke about eagles flying overhead and flags waving in the wind. He says that his rollout tour was a big honor.[9][8]
  • Good Morning America's interview on Walker

    Walker says that he is surprised that he ended up as Captain America, but Haines interrupts him, listing his merits. Walker insists that he is not Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, but that he has the bravery to be Captain America. Haines asks if he knew Steve Rogers, and Walker explains that while he did not personally know him, he followed Rogers' career closely and that he thinks of Rogers as a brother and role model since Rogers gave him hope.[9][8]


  • Bucky Barnes watches John Walker's interview with Good Morning America from the night before, upset about Walker's appointment as Captain America.[9][8]
  • Sam Wilson arrives at a military hangar, upset to see a sign advertising Walker's new position as Captain America. Joaquín Torres says that Walker appears to be a good person, and Wilson thanks Torres for helping him hunt the Flag Smashers on short notice.[9][8]
  • Wilson is interrupted by Barnes, who tells Wilson that he should not have given up Captain America's Shield. Wilson attempts to dismiss Barnes, who asks whether Wilson knew Walker would be appointed after Wilson gave up the shield. Wilson insists that he did not know. Barnes continues to scold Wilson, who tells him not to.[9][8]
  • Bucky Barnes argues with Sam Wilson about giving up Captain America's Shield

    Wilson says to Barnes that he has bigger issues to deal with and tells him about Dovich's incredible strength, and that he is looking for them in Munich, where Redwing had found him the previous night. Wilson expresses his suspicion that Dovich is either an alien, a witch, or a wizard. Barnes insists on accompanying Wilson, and they go to Munich together with Torres.[9][8]


  • Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes arrive in Munich together and stare at each other from across the plane. Barnes asks what Wilson's plan is, and Wilson does not answer, causing Barnes to deduce that Wilson does not have a plan. Wilson insists on having a plan, but jumps out of the plane before sharing it. Barnes jumps out without a parachute.[9][8]
  • Barnes falls to the ground and gets filmed by Redwing, landing hard on the ground. Wilson flies Redwing toward Barnes, who threatens to break it. Wilson uses the drone to lead Barnes to the Flag Smashers' hideout.[9][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes wait for Redwing to locate the Flag Smashers

    Barnes and Wilson reunite as Redwing tracks the Flag Smashers moving boxes. Wilson shares his suspicion that they are moving weapons, and Barnes agrees. He walks toward the Flag Smashers stealthily, and is met by Wilson.[9][8]
  • Wilson insists that Barnes and Wilson wait before engaging the Flag Smashers, since there were more than he at first thought. The two accidentally make a noise, momentarily attracting their attention. The Flag Smashers leave their hideout, while Wilson sees who he believes to be a hostage in one of the terrorists' trucks. The two chase after trucks.[9][8]
  • Chase of the Flag Smashers:
    • Barnes enters one of the trucks while it is driving and realizes that the Flag Smashers were stealing vaccines. He sees the girl in the truck, Karli Morgenthau, who smiles and attacks Barnes, revealing herself to be one of the Flag Smashers.[9][8]
    • Barnes is apprehended by two of the Flag Smashers on top of the truck while Morgenthau joins them, punching Barnes. Redwing approaches Morgenthau, who breaks it in two.[9][8]
    • Captain America and Battlestar arrive

      Wilson arrives and fights Morgenthau while Wilson fights the two Flag Smashers who were apprehending him. Dovich approaches Wilson and is about to punch him when he gets hit by Captain America's Shield, as John Walker and Lemar Hoskins, now using the codename "Battlestar," join the fight and hit Morgenthau.[9][8]
    • Walker and Hoskins introduce themselves as Morgenthau recovers and attacks Walker. Barnes gets thrown onto the side of the truck as Dovich attempts to hit him. DeeDee runs toward Wilson, who flies out of the way of a road sign, which DeeDee runs through. DeeDee throws Wilson off the truck.[9][8]
    • Wilson recovers and keeps flying, as he sees Barnes hanging off the truck. Wilson makes fun of Barnes for getting beaten by Morgenthau, and Barnes screams as the beam he is holding falls.[9][8]
    • Walker shoots at Matias

      Hoskins gets choked by Matias, and Walker shoots Matias as Morgenthau pushes Walker off the truck. Walker grabs the edge of the truck before falling.[9][8]
    • Wilson grabs Barnes before he can fall under the truck's wheel and the two roll into the dirt next to the road. Barnes realizes that the Flag Smashers were all super soldiers.[9][8]
    • Walker struggles to get back on top of the truck as Morgenthau kicks Hoskins off of it. Walker throws his shield to save Hoskins, who lands on it and slides back.[9][8]
    • Morgenthau and Walker continue to fight, and Morgenthau punches walker onto a car that was behind the truck, forcing him to watch as the Flag Smashers get away.[9][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes walk to the airport, and Wilson makes fun of Barnes. They talk about having to figure out how the Flag Smashers obtained Super Soldier Serum, and are met by Walker and Hoskins in a Jeep.[9][8]
  • Walker tries offering a ride for Wilson and Barnes

    Wilson and Barnes ignore Walker, eventually sharing that the Flag Smashers are super soldiers. Barnes insists that Walker is not Captain America, despite Walker's insistence that he did the work. Walker offers Barnes and Wilson a ride to the airport, and they hesitantly accept.[9][8]
  • Wilson shares what he knows about the Flag Smashers and says that they need to figure out where they are going. Wilson asks how Walker and Hoskins tracked the Flag Smashers to Munich, and Hoskins confesses to having tracked Wilson and Barnes using Redwing, upsetting Barnes and Wilson.[9][8]
  • Walker and Hoskins explain that the Global Repatriation Council are doing the best they can in the chaotic world after the Blip, and that their job is to keep things stable. Walker asks Barnes and Wilson for help, but Barnes refuses. Hoskins introduces himself as "Battlestar," prompting Barnes to demand the car be stopped and get out.[9][8]
  • Walker tries to sympathize with Barnes, who ignores him and walks away. Walker says to Wilson that he is not trying to replace Steve Rogers, but rather do the best he can as Captain America. He refers to Wilson as Rogers' wingman, offending Wilson, who also leaves the car and joins Barnes.[9][8]
  • Rudy and his wife prepare a dinner for the Flag Smashers, using an old family recipe made with chicken livers.[9][8]
  • Nico wipes all information on Karli Morgenthau

    The Flag Smashers arrive at 1337 Connect, where they are greeted by Rudy, who is excited to see them. He offers them food and tells them that Morgenthau is becoming a legend. Rudy shows them where they can stay, and Nico begins working on a computer. The Power Broker texts Morgenthau, threatening to come for her after stealing the Super Soldier Serum.[9][8]
  • Nico realizes that the authorities are already looking for them and begins wiping their information. Morgenthau delivers an inspirational speech to the Flag Smashers and insists on knowing that they are all committed to their cause. Matias says that they are and stands up, leading them in chanting their slogan: "One world, one people."[9][8]
  • In the plane back to the United States, Wilson asks Barnes if he is alright. Barnes suggests stealing the shield, but Wilson tells him that it is a bad idea. Wilson says that they have no information about the Flag Smashers, but Barnes says that it is not true and that Wilson should meet someone.[9][8]
  • Barnes and Wilson arrive in Baltimore, Maryland, where Wilson is greeted by a young kid who calls him "Black Falcon." While Wilson insists that his moniker is just "Falcon," the kid tells Wilson that his father calls him "Black Falcon" because Wilson is black and the Falcon. Wilson asks if the kid would therefore be called "Black Kid," making his friend laugh.[9][8]
  • Isaiah Bradley is reunited with the Winter Soldier after almost 73 years later

    Barnes and Wilson arrive at the Bradley Residence and are greeted by Eli Bradley. Barnes asks for Isaiah Bradley, but Elijah insists that Isaiah does not live there. Barnes mentions knowing Isaiah from a bar in Goyang, and Elijah goes to talk to Isaiah. Barnes tells Wilson that they fought in the Korean War.[9][8]
  • Isaiah Bradley watches Barnes and Wilson enter the house, and Barnes introduces Bradley as a hero who HYDRA feared. Barnes mentions having met him, and Bradley corrects him, saying that Bradley beat him in a fight. He says that he wanted to see Barnes, who insists that he is not a killer, but Bradley says that he cannot decide that for himself, except for maybe people like Barnes.[9][8]
  • Barnes tells Bradley that there are more people like them in the world, upsetting Bradley. Bradley says that he does not want to talk about it and throws something into the wall, telling Wilson and Barnes that he was imprisoned and experimented on for thirty years, and that even Barnes' people were not done with him. Bradley kicks the two out of his house.[9][8]
  • Wilson scolds Barnes for never telling him about Bradley, and Barnes says that Steve Rogers also did not know. Wilson gets upset about nobody knowing about a black super soldier, when two police officers stop them and ask if there is a problem.[9][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes are confronted by local policemen

    The officer asks for ID, which Wilson does not have, and the officer asks him to calm down, despite Wilson already being calm. Wilson refuses to give the officer an ID, and the officer asks Barnes if Wilson is bothering him. Barnes asks if the officer knows who Wilson is, when the officer's partner tells him that they are Avengers. The officer is suddenly apologetic toward Wilson as another police car approaches.[9][8]
  • While the officers return to their car, Barnes tells Wilson that the reason he did not tell anyone about Bradley is that the man had been through enough. The officers arrest Barnes for missing his court-mandated therapy session. Wilson watches Barnes get driven away and looks back at the Bradley residence before leaving.[9][8]
  • Barnes is escorted through the police station as Christina Raynor introduces herself to Wilson, and John Walker reveals himself to have been the person who got Barnes released. He tells Raynor that Barnes' therapy will no longer be on a strict schedule per his own orders. Walker asks to meet Barnes and Wilson outside after Raynor is done with them.[9][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes confront each other in front of Christina Raynor

    Raynor demands that Barnes and Wilson have a therapy session together. Raynor tries to get the two to confront their feelings toward each other, but they refuse to talk. Raynor uses a couples therapy exercise to attempt to get them to open up by sharing their perfect world, but they simply make fun of each other.[9][8]
  • Raynor makes Barnes and Wilson face each other, doing a soul-gazing exercise where the two are meant to get close to each other and look into each other's eyes. The two begin having a staring contest, which Raynor interrupts and comments on their immaturity.[9][8]
  • Raynor finally gets Barnes to admit that he is upset about Wilson giving up the shield. Wilson asks why, and Barnes explains that Wilson giving up the shield means that Steve Rogers was wrong about Wilson, which would make him wrong about Barnes. Wilson asks Barnes to accept what Wilson thought he was doing, but he cannot, so the two agree to never see each other again after defeating the Flag Smashers, and Wilson leaves.[9][8]
  • Raynor compliments Barnes on his breakthrough. Barnes tells Raynor that he will have to hurt people for the mission before leaving.[9][8]
  • Walker tells Wilson and Barnes of his findings

    Barnes and Wilson go outside, where Walker and Hoskins use a police siren to get their attention. Walker asks to work with Barnes and Wilson, and tells them that Karli Morgenthau is their leader, and that they have found their symbol in many places, and that they believe Morgenthau is taking medicine to a resettlement camp established after the Blip. Barnes asks if they know where Morgenthau is, and Walker gets upset and says that he does not. Wilson tells Walker that since he and Hoskins have to follow rules that Wilson and Barnes do not, it would not make sense for them to work together. They walk away as Walker tells them to stay out of his way.[9][8]
  • Escape from the Power Broker:
    • The Flag Smashers load a plane with their stolen vaccines as the Power Broker sense soldiers after them. Matias decides to buy the rest of them some time to escape, upsetting Morgenthau, who hugs and thanks Matias.[9][8]
    • Matias sacrifices himself to let his allies escape

      Matias rushes off while the Flag Smashers finish loading the plane, as Matias knocks over a power line and confronts the soldiers, who shoot him down while the Flag Smashers' plane takes off. Morgenthau watches Matias die and cries as men surround the deceased Matias.[9][8]
    • One of the Power Broker's men tells the Power Broker that the Flag Smashers escaped.[9][8]
  • Wilson asks Barnes what his plan is, and Barnes tells Wilson that HYDRA experimented on Isaiah Bradley while Bradley was imprisoned. Despite Wilson's protests, he and Wilson agree to talk to Helmut Zemo.[9][8]


  • Cars drive in Berlin, Germany.[9][8]
  • A security guard in the Berlin Correctional Facility watches the security monitors, including one of Helmut Zemo's cell. Zemo tilts his head upward.[9][8]
  • Karli Morgenthau reaches out to Wilfred Nagel, asking if he could supply Donya Madani with Super Soldier Serum to help her tuberculosis.[3][8]
  • A commercial for the Global Repatriation Council airs.[3][8]
  • Captain America tries to interrogate Rudy

    John Walker, along with the GRC, go to 1337 Connect to find the Flag Smashers. Walker bursts into the cafe and demands to know where Karli Morgenthau is. Rudy stands up to him in German, refusing to answer. Walker again asks and Rudy spits in his face, prompting Walker to shove Rudy against a support beam and yell at him. Rudy remains calm, saying he does not care who Walker is, and Walker wipes the spit off his face.[3][8]
  • Walker and Lemar Hoskins leave 1337 Connect, and Hoskins says that no one has been able to find her. Hoskins explains that giving medicine and shelter to displaced people has naturally gained Morgenthau favor with a lot of people, and that they will not be able to find her on their own. Walker suggests betting on people with a better hand.[3][8]
  • Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are guided to Zemo's cell, and when the warden walks away, Barnes says that he is planning to talk to Zemo alone due to their history together. Barnes enters the cell without Wilson.[3][8]
  • Bucky Barnes confronts Helmut Zemo in his cell

    Zemo says the trigger words that used to cause Barnes to become the Winter Soldier, but Barnes does not react. Zemo senses that a killer is still within Barnes, and laments that Barnes is lucky to have been cryogenically frozen for most of his imprisonment. Zemo apologizes for his actions against Barnes in the past.[3][8]
  • Barnes tells Zemo that the Super Soldier Serum was recreated, and asks who. Zemo deduces that Barnes believes HYDRA was involved with the serum and that he is desperate for help. He offers his help in exchange for getting broken out of jail.[3][8]
  • Liberation of Helmut Zemo:
    • Barnes asks Zemo what book he is reading, and Zemo realizes that Barnes had slipped a key card into the book.[3][8]
    • Zemo starts a riot in the prison to create chaos and allow himself to escape

      Barnes is escorted through the prison cafeteria, where he slips a note to a prisoner who is playing chess. The prisoner reads the note, which says that his chess opponent will kill him tonight, advising that the advisor kill him first. The prisoners begin fighting, leading to a riot.[3][8]
    • Zemo slips out of his cell and finds a guard, Menz. Zemo incapacitates Menz and puts on his uniform, walking through the prison using the card Barnes gave him.[3][8]
    • Zemo activates the fire alarm and hides in various rooms in order to avoid being seen by the guards. He leaves the prison.[3][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes go to an abandoned building, where Barnes tells Wilson that he wants to break Zemo out of jail. Barnes explains that Zemo's code against super soldiers would prevent him from betraying Barnes and Wilson, who continues to insist that it is a bad idea. Barnes tells Wilson how he would hypothetically do it, as Wilson realizes that Barnes is describing what he had already done.[3][8]
  • Barnes and Sam Wilson agree to partner with Zemo

    Zemo enters the building, and Wilson begins to walk toward him. Barnes and Wilson argue, and Zemo tries to interject, but both refuse him. Barnes asks Wilson to back his play, even though it is illegal, and Wilson reluctantly agrees, so long as Zemo does not do anything without permission. Wilson asks Zemo where to start.[3][8]
  • Zemo, Wilson, and Barnes go to a garage filled with Zemo's cars. While retrieving supplies, he explains that he hunted people trying to recreate the serum so that an army of super soldiers could not be formed. He finds a mask in the car and takes it. The three leaves as Zemo says that they are going to see a criminal named Selby.[3][8]
  • Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo arrive at Zemo's private jet, and Zemo explains that he was a baron before Sokovia was destroyed. They are greeted by Oeznik and board the plane, which takes off.[3][8]
  • While flying, Oeznik gives Zemo a drink, offering to get food. Zemo Wilson and Barnes that he is fascinated with Barnes' list of amends to make, asking who "Nakajima" is, prompting Barnes to attack him and take back the book which the list is in.[3][8]
  • Helmut Zemo voices his disdain for heroes like Steve Rogers

    Wilson recognizes the book as having belonged to Steve Rogers, and asks what Barnes thought of the Trouble Man soundtrack, which Wilson had suggested to Rogers. Wilson and Zemo are both surprised that Barnes did not like it. Zemo mentions that worshiping superheroes such as Rogers is dangerous. Zemo then reveals that they will be going to Madripoor, and Wilson asks about it. Barnes explains that it is a former pirate sanctuary, and Zemo talks about their continued lawless ways. Zemo says that Barnes will have to pretend to still be the Winter Soldier in order to fit in.[3][8]
  • At the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp, Karli Morgenthau plays soccer with several kids while the Flag Smashers unload their truck. Dovich asks Morgenthau to go upstairs, where she finds that Donya Madani does not have much time to live. She sits next to her, crying, as she dies. She says that she is sorry and kisses Madani.[3][8]


  • Wilson, Zemo, and Barnes arrive in Madripoor

    Helmut Zemo, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson, who is disguised as Conrad Mack, arrive in Madripoor. Zemo stresses the importance of remaining in character and tells Wilson and Barnes about the dichotomy between High Town and Low Town. The trio are driven to Low Town, escorted by police motorcycles.[3][8]
  • Barnes, Zemo, and Wilson walk through Madripoor and enter the Brass Monkey Saloon, as Zemo has Barnes say that he is ready to comply so that people think the Winter Soldier was present. Sharon Carter overhears as Zemo says that they have business with Selby.[3][8]
  • The bartender offers Wilson the drink which Mack usually has, which Wilson accepts. The bartender cuts out a snake's entrails, and Wilson hesitantly drinks it. Zemo is approached by someone who works for the Power Broker, and he threatens to have the Winter Soldier attack should Zemo not talk to Selby. Zemo tells Barnes and Wilson that it is better to stay away from the Power Broker, who controls Madripoor as judge, jury, and executioner.[3][8]
  • Skirmish at the Brass Monkey Saloon:
    • Baron Zemo "commands" the Winter Soldier to attack

      A man approaches Zemo, who has Barnes attack him. Barnes, pretending to be the Winter Soldier, grabs the approaching man's arm and throws him to the ground, attacking other patrons. Zemo throws a man at Barnes, and Barnes beats him.[3][8]
    • Wilson watches as Barnes continues to fight and Zemo comments that it did not take much for Barnes to fall back into his old self, as Wilson notices people preparing to shoot at Barnes. Wilson goes to stop Barnes, who is choking a man against the bar, but Zemo does not allow him to, instead ordering the "Winter Soldier" to stop. The bartender tells the trio that Selby will talk to them.[3][8]
  • Before going to talk to Selby, Wilson asks if Barnes is alright. Barnes simply walks away.[3][8]
  • A poker game is filmed on security cameras in the Brass Monkey Saloon.[3][8]
  • Kids are filmed having a conversation by security cameras outside the Brass Monkey Saloon.[3][8]
  • Selby meets privately with Zemo

    Zemo, Barnes, and Wilson meet Selby, who tells him that people do not usually make demands of her. Zemo insists that he simply has an offer, and Selby asks how he broke out of prison. Zemo says that he found a way, and Selby says that "Mack" is taller than she had heard, flirting with him.[3][8]
  • Zemo offers control of the "Winter Soldier" in exchange for information about the recreated Super Soldier Serum. Selby tells Zemo that it is in Madripoor and to look for Wilfred Nagel, and that the Power Broker had him working on it. However, she refuses to say more.[3][8]
  • Sarah Wilson calls Sam Wilson, and Selby makes Sam answer the phone on speaker. Sarah asks to talk about the situation regarding their family's boat. Sam maintains his bravado personality, but Sarah says that the bank refused their loan. Sarah is yelled at by Cass Wilson, and tells Sam that she has to leave, using his real name, and hangs up.[3][8]
  • Assassination of Selby: Selby orders her men to kill Zemo, Barnes, and Sam Wilson, but then gets shot from outside the saloon. Wilson, Zemo, and Barnes fight off the guards and leave, as Zemo tells Wilson and Barnes to follow his lead.[3][8]
  • A bounty is put out for Selby's killer, who people assume to be Zemo, Wilson, and Barnes as they walk through the street. People shoot at the trio, who flee, and Zemo breaks away from Wilson and Barnes. Police motorcycles chase them down, as the mercenaries and officers chasing them get shot.[3][8]
  • Sharon Carter reveals herself to the group

    Zemo reunites with Wilson and Barnes as Sharon Carter reveals herself and points her guns at them. Wilson tells her that Zemo is helping them, and Carter explains that she went to Madripoor on the run after stealing Captain America's Shield. Carter complains that she cannot talk to her family, and Barnes asks for help. Carter takes the trio to her place in High Town.[3][8]
  • Carter shows Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo her art collection, and Carter mentions that the works are real. Wilson does not believe her, but Zemo and Barnes confirm that many of the "real" copies of pieces of art are in fact fake, while real paintings are stolen. Wilson looks it up and learns that they are right.[3][8]
  • While Wilson changes, Carter explains that she would get arrested if she returned to the United States. Wilson apologizes for not calling, and Carter tells Wilson that being a superhero is hypocritical, and Zemo agrees. Carter asks how John Walker is, and Barnes asks annoyed, prompting mockery from Carter.[3][8]
  • Wilson tells Carter that the Flag Smashers have taken the Super Soldier Serum, and Carter suggests staying away from the conflict. Wilson says that they need to figure out who made the serum, and Barnes mentions Wilfred Nagel. Wilson offers to get her name cleared in exchange for her help, and Carter reluctantly agrees.[3][8]
  • Zemo dances

    Carter hosts a party as Wilson and Barnes walk around[3] and Zemo dances.[13] Carter uses her contacts to track Nagel down.[3][8]


  • Mr. Dinh decides not to buy the Paul & Darlene from Sarah Wilson, saying it is in too bad shape.[5][14]
  • Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Helmut Zemo, and Sharon Carter go to Buccaneer Bay and look for Wilfred Nagel's lab. They find the container which has Nagel's lab, and put on earpieces. Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo enter the container, finding it empty, but Zemo finds a secret door and they enter.[3][8]
  • They find Nagel and stop his music, pointing guns at him. They threaten Nagel and ask him for information, and Nagel asks for a better offer than the Power Broker's.[3][8]
  • Ambush at Buccaneer Bay:
    • Carter finds several bounty hunters who had arrived to collect a bounty on Zemo, Barnes, and Wilson, and warns the three. She begins fighting them.[3][8]
    • Sharon Carter attempts to fend off some bounty hunters at the harbor

      Barnes sits Nagel down while Carter continues to fight several bounty hunters.[3][8]
    • Nagel explains that he was brought into HYDRA to work on the Winter Soldier Program, and then recruited by the CIA to do the same thing using blood samples from an American test subject, and that he isolated the compounds that made the serum, making an improved and more subtle version than the original.[3][8]
    • Wilson asks how he had never heard about it, and Nagel explains that he turned into dust before he could finish his work, and his program had been abandoned by the time he came back, so continued in Madripoor and made twenty vials, which Karli Morgenthau stole. Nagel says that a few days prior, Morgenthau asked Nagel to treat a woman with tuberculosis.[3][8]
    • Carter grabs a bounty hunter's gun and uses his knife to kill him, getting shot at by another hunter. He stabs a second bounty hunter and steals his gun, shooting a third.[3][8]
    • Zemo murders Wilfred Nagel

      Nagel tells the trio that there was no more serum while Carter arrives and tells them that they need to leave. Zemo shoots Nagel in the head as a rocket launcher is fired on the lab, causing it to explode.[3][8]
    • The four of them recover as Zemo leaves, and the lab is destroyed. Barnes, Wilson, and Carter take cover and fire at their attackers, as Wilson moves before Barnes' signal. They shoot at the other bounty hunters, and Barnes and Wilson argue about their plan, which Wilson did not follow.[3][8]
    • Zemo puts on a purple mask and shoots a pipe, making it explode. He shoots the remaining bounty hunters as Barnes, Zemo, and Wilson flee. They take cover in a container as Barnes throws a steel pipe at a bounty hunter, impaling her shoulder.[3][8]
    • Zemo sees a car that interests him and steals it, and Barnes and Wilson get inside. Carter says that she cannot go, asking for the pardon he promised her. Zemo, Barnes, and Wilson drive away.[3][8]
  • Carter is greeted by a woman and tells her that they have a couple of problems, and that she will tell her in the car as she gets in.[3][8]
  • Karli Morgenthau mourns Donya Madani's death

    Morgenthau and Dovich scope out a Lithuanian GRC Supply Depot, and Dovich notices how upset Morgenthau is about Madani's death. Morgenthau says that she always wanted to teach, and the two laugh about it.[3][8]
  • She tells Dovich about how painful it was when she took the Super Soldier Serum, saying that they would use their strength to give the world to the survivors of the Snap. She tells Dovich that Nagel was killed in Madripoor, and that the Power Broker would be begging for more Super Soldier Serum. Morgenthau says that they have everything they need at the Supply Depot.[3][8]
  • John Walker and Lemar Hoskins go to the Berlin Correctional Facility and are told about Zemo's escape from the prison. Hoskins asks if Walker believes that they broke Zemo out of prison, and Walker confirms that he does. Walker insists on following his hunch, and says that the United States government would not be concerned with how they got the job done, so long as they did.[3][8]
  • Sam Wilson calls Joaquín Torres to have him identify Madani

    Wilson asks Joaquín Torres for help tracking down Madani, and Barnes asks if he is okay. Wilson says that he is thinking about Carter's hardships and the way Nagel talked about Isaiah Bradley, wondering how many people would get hurt for Captain America's Shield. Barnes mentions that it saves lives, and Wilson suggests that he should have destroyed the shield, upsetting Barnes.[3][8]
  • Barnes tells Wilson that he would take the shield himself before letting Wilson destroy it, and their conversation is interrupted when Torres calls Wilson with information about Madani's location. Zemo brings them food, and Wilson tells them about Madani's death. Zemo says that he has a place they can stay in Riga and that he is looking forward to meeting Morgenthau.[3][8]
  • Raid of the GRC Supply Depot:
    • The Flag Smashers load supplies stolen from the Lithuanian GRC Supply Depot into their trucks, noting the GRC's refusal to distribute it. One of the guards insults Morgenthau, so she admonishes the GRC's hoarding of supplies, saying that they are fighting for their lives.[3][8]
    • The Flag Smashers destroy the Lithuanian GRC Supply Depot

      As the Flag Smashers leave, Morgenthau and Dovich enter Dovich's car, and Morgenthau says that she would not use her own car. Morgenthau tells Dovich to put on his seatbelt as Morgenthau's car explodes, destroying the Supply Building. Dovich says that there were people inside, but Morgenthau insists that violence is the only way the GRC will understand.[3][8]


  • Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Helmut Zemo arrive in Riga, Latvia, as Zemo explains that Sokovia was absorbed by its neighbors and asks whether the Avengers ever visited the Sokovian Memorial, say that he is not surprised that they did not.[3][8]
  • As they arrive at Zemo's house, Barnes notices several Kimoyo Beads and says that he is going to go for a walk. He picks up the beads and follows the path left by them. He finds Ayo, who tells him that she is there for Zemo.[3][8]
  • Ayo confronts Bucky Barnes over freeing Zemo

    Ayo asks Barnes why he freed Zemo, and Barnes explains that they need him. Ayo says that Wakanda helped Barnes, and yet they are upset about Zemo's escape and their shame. Barnes explains that Zemo is simply a means to an end, so Ayo allows Barnes eight hours. Barnes gives Ayo the Kimoyo Beads and the two part ways.[11][8]
  • Barnes reunites with Wilson and Zemo, telling them that the Wakandans want Zemo. Barnes sees on the news that the Flag Smashers bombed a Global Repatriation Council supply depot, promising more attacks if their needs are not met. Zemo asks whether they are willing to kill Karli Morgenthau. When Wilson says that she is just a kid, Zemo explains that taking the Super Soldier Serum is inherently tied to supremacist views.[11][8]
  • Zemo claims that the serum is inherently corrupting, but Barnes counters by saying that it never corrupted Steve Rogers. Zemo cedes Barnes' point, saying that there has never been someone else like him. Wilson realizes that the Flag Smashers would likely be having a funeral for Donya Madani, and they decide to follow the lead.[11][8]
  • The Flag Smashers listen to a report on the Raid of the GRC Supply Depot

    The Flag Smashers listen to a report about their raid, which reports that support for their cause is growing.[11][8]
  • Barnes, Wilson, and Zemo go to the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp and search for Morgenthau and Madani. Wilson goes upstairs to look for information, telling Barnes to see what he can learn and to watch Zemo.[11][8]
  • Wilson walks through the building asking about Madani, as every resident of the camp avoids him. He finds the Flag Smashers' symbol on the supplies.[11][8]
  • Barnes asks a man about Madani, but gets no response.[11][8]
  • Wilson sees a teacher with a student and asks about Madani. He explains that the people at the camp do not trust outsiders. Wilson offers to help, but the teacher says that nothing would come of it, explaining that the GRC never sent supplies and teachers they promised. Wilson offers to make a call, and the teacher says that he does not trust Wilson, even while knowing who he is.[11][8]
  • Helmut Zemo gets information on Madani's funeral

    Zemo approaches a group of playing children while singing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. He puts Turkish delight on a table, offering it to the kids. One girl takes some, and Zemo asks if she knew Madani, claiming to be her friend. He asks when her funeral is, and a little girl whispers it in her ear as Barnes watches.[11][8]
  • Wilson tells Barnes that he has not gained any information, as Barnes wonders what Zemo is doing. Zemo tells the girl not to trust Wilson and Barnes and walks away.[11][8]
  • Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo return to Zemo's residence, where Wilson explains that he understands where people like Morgenthau are coming from and that he sympathizes with their message. Wilson explains that she is different than others they've fought since she is coming from a different place.[11][8]
  • Barnes asks Zemo what the little girl at the resettlement camp told him, and Zemo says that he knows where Madani's funeral would be. He refuses to tell them where it will be, frustrating Barnes, who threatens him. Wilson calms Barnes down, and the two walk away.[11][8]
  • Wilson calls Sharon Carter and asks for help keeping an eye on the camp, and Carter says that she will help. She tells Wilson that they need to get Morgenthau before she disappears with the serum, and that the Power Broker is angry about Wilfred Nagel's death upset him and is going to cause Madripoor to become a bad place. Wilson apologizes, and Carter tells him to find Morgenthau.[11][8]
  • Karli Morgenthau takes the Super Soldier Serums

    Morgenthau and Nico go to Nico's grandfather's grave, where they had hidden the remaining vials of Super Soldier Serum. Morgenthau asks whether making more super soldiers was a mistake, and Nico explains that he believes it is the right thing. Nico says that he was a fan of Captain America growing up, and that Morgenthau was comparable to him. He says that they will outlive Captain America's legacy, and Morgenthau suggests it should be destroyed. They go to Madani's funeral.[11][8]
  • John Walker and Lemar Hoskins confront Wilson, Zemo, and Barnes, demanding to know why they broke Zemo out of prison. Wilson tries to deescalate the situation, and Zemo explains that he knows where Morgenthau is. Hoskins suggests that meeting her at a funeral means civilians, and therefore a high risk of casualties, and Walker suggests an ambush. However, Wilson insists on talking to her directly. Walker says that it is a bad idea, Wilson and Hoskins convince him it is worth trying.[11][8]
  • Zemo reunites with the little girl and pays her, confusing Walker. The girl leads them to Madani's funeral.[11][8]
  • John Walker handcuffs Zemo

    When they arrive at the adjacent room, Wilson enters. Walker handcuffs Zemo and tells Wilson that he has ten minutes before they intervene.[11][8]
  • Wilson watches as Morgenthau delivers a eulogy for Madani, talking about Madani raising her. She notices Wilson and says in her eulogy Madani taught her that they have to watch out for each other, since the GRC would not. Mourners pay their respects to Madani and leave.[11][8]
  • Walker looks at his shield anxiously as he, Hoskins, Zemo, and Barnes wait for Wilson.[11][8]
  • Wilson approaches Morgenthau once everyone has left, saying that he wants to talk. Wilson extends his condolences, and says that they do not need to go to war. Morgenthau insists that the war had been started by the GRC, and Wilson says that he understands her frustration. Morgenthau asks what if hurting people makes the world a better place, but Wilson says that it is not possible.[11][8]
  • Walker grows impatient, saying that it is a bad idea. Barnes tells him to wait, but Walker scolds him. He looks at a clock and decides to go in, but Barnes stops him. Walker asks him if it is easy for him to have the serum in him, saying that Wilson needs backup, suggesting that if Wilson dies, it would be Barnes' fault.[11][8]
  • Sam Wilson and Morgenthau discuss their respective ideologies

    Wilson tells Morgenthau that someone he knows believes her to be a supremacist. Morgenthau says that the GRC are the supremacists, and Wilson asks if she plans on increasing her army and getting more people hurt. Morgenthau insists that they are merely roadblocks and that she would do it again, suddenly realizing what she said.[11][8]
  • Morgenthau explains that the GRC are trying to take his home, asking why he is fighting her instead of them. Wilson says that his sister is waiting for an answer to the same question, and that he agrees with her fight, just not how she is doing it, suggesting that Madani would not agree with her methods either.[11][8]
  • Ambush on Karli Morgenthau:
    • As Morgenthau considers Wilson's words, Walker suddenly enters to arrest her, and Morgenthau gets upset at Wilson, concluding that their conversation was merely a distraction until help arrived. Morgenthau pushes Walker and Hoskins out of the way and flees. Barnes chases after her.[11][8]
    • Zemo escapes his handcuffs.[11][8]
    • Barens and Wilson reunite, having lost Morgenthau.[11][8]
    • Zemo destroying almost all of the Super Soldier Serum

      Morgenthau keeps running, but Zemo starts shooting at her. She takes cover, and the remaining vials of serum fall out of her bag. She tries to get them, but Zemo stops her and destroys all but one of them. Nico helps Morgenthau escape, and Walker knocks Zemo out with his shield.[11][8]
    • Walker sees the remaining vial of serum and picks it up, deliberating on whether he should take the serum. He puts it in his pocket as Barnes, Wilson, and Hoskins find him and Zemo.[11][8]
  • Nico tells Morgenthau that the serum was destroyed, upsetting Morgenthau. She tells Nico that she had considered their meeting fate, and that she wishes there were more of them. Dovich tells her that they will have to deal with Wilson and the others. Morgenthau receives a text from the Power Broker, which Dovich reads aloud, threatening her. Nico says that they cannot win both wars, and Morgenthau says that she needs to separate their enemies and kill Captain America.[11][8]
  • Wilson sends a secure message to Carter, asking her to keep looking for Walker. Zemo asks Wilson if he was offered the serum, and whether he would have taken it. Wilson says that he would not, and Zemo says that he cannot hold out hope for Morgenthau. He says that super soldiers cannot exist, but Wilson calls out his hypocrisy and asks what that meant for Barnes.[11][8]
  • The Dora Milaje arrives to arrest Zemo

    Barnes arrives and says that something is off about Walker, and that Wilson should not have given him the shield. Walker and Hoskins enter, demanding that the give them Zemo. Wilson defends Zemo's presence with them, and Walker threatens to fight him.[11][8]
  • Skirmish in Helmut Zemo's Latvian Residence:
    • Walker puts down the shield, when Nomble throws a spear at him which he barely avoids. Ayo and Yama arrive, demanding Zemo. Walker introduces himself, asking to talk things through. Walker insists that they do not have jurisdiction, but Ayo insists that they do.[11][8]
    • Walker tries to make amends, but Ayo begins fighting him. Walker and Hoskins fight the three Dora Milaje women, as Hoskins begins to get suffocated. Wilson suggests doing something, and Bucky makes fun of Walker.[11][8]
    • Ayo prepares to kill Walker, but Barnes stops her, asking to talk. The two fight as Hoskins gets knocked over by Nomble and Yama, who Wilson stops from killing Hoskins.[11][8]
    • Zemo leaves the residence and escapes.[11][8]
    • Captain America struggles to fight the Dora Milaje

      Walker tries to get up, but Nomble throws a spear and traps Walker.[11][8]
    • Barnes and Ayo continue to fight, when Ayo causes Barnes' arm to fall off, upsetting Barnes.[11][8]
  • Ayo sees that Zemo had escaped while Walker breaks free of his trap and Yama picks up his shield. Ayo tells Yama to leave it, so she hands it to Walker. Barnes picks up his arm and reattaches it while the Dora Milaje leave, telling Wilson that he did not know they could detach it. Hoskins asks Walker if he is alright, and Walker is upset because he lost and they were not Super Soldiers.[11][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes look at Zemo's escape route and leave the residence together.[11][8]
  • Walker and Hoskins talk, and Hoskins tells him that the fight was not all bad. Walker provides a woman with his autograph, and the two joke about her not asking for his. Walker asks whether Hoskins would take the serum, and he says that he would and that Walker would not be corrupted since he is a good man, despite their past horrific acts in the military. Hoskins insists that they could have saved more lives that day if they had the serum.[11][8]
  • Morgenthau personally threatens Sarah Wilson

    Sarah Wilson does work when she receives a call from Karli Morgenthau. She threatens to kill her brother since he is working for Captain America. Wilson says that she does not care who Captain America is, and insists that her brother is not working for Walker. She asks Wilson to give her brother a place to meet, threatening her sons if she does not.[11][8]
  • Wilson contacts Sam Wilson, who gets upset. Sam tells Sarah to get somewhere safe. He and Barnes go to the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp.[11][8]
  • Ambush at Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp:
    • Sam Wilson and Barnes arrive at the camp, where they meet Morgenthau. Morgenthau says that she would not hurt his sister or him, since it would be meaningless. Morgenthau asks Wilson to join her or let her go.[11][8]
    • Sharon Carter tracks Walker down and contacts Wilson, telling him that Walker had found the Flag Smashers. Barnes goes after him, but Morgenthau stops them. They escape while Morgenthau chases.[11][8]
    • Captain America and Battlestar enter the camp

      Walker and Hoskins enter a building where the Flag Smashers are and look for them, as Hoskins gets taken hostage. Walker barges through the next door and decides begins looking for him.[11][8]
    • Hoskins is dragged to another room and knocked out. He is tied up.[11][8]
    • Walker searches for Hoskins, and Dovich ambushes him. However, he disappears before Walker can finish fighting him. Walker retrieves his shield, which he had thrown, and gets attacked again by Dovich.[11][8]
    • Morgenthau chases Barnes as Wilson finds Walker throwing Dovich down the stairs and fight him, revealing his newly enhanced strength after having taken the Super Soldier Serum. Wilson asks Walker what he did, and Walker tells Wilson that they have Hoskins.[11][8]
    • Hoskins wakes up and struggles against his bonds, using a pocketknife to cut them.[11][8]
    • Barnes fights a Flag Smasher, kicking him through a wall.[11][8]
    • Wilson and Walker fight the Flag Smashers

      Walker and Wilson get attacked by several other Flag Smashers and fight them while Hoskins continues to free himself, breaking his bonds and standing up.[11][8]
    • Barnes joins Walker and Wilson in the fight, as he incapacitates DeeDee. Walker and Wilson continue to fight, with Barnes' help, when Walker gets restrained by Nico. Morgenthau prepares to attack Walker, but is stopped by Hoskins. Morgenthau pushes Hoskins against a support beam, breaking Hoskins neck and killing him.[11][8]
    • As the Flag Smashers, Wilson, and Barnes watch, Walker checks on Hoskins, upset about Hoskins' death. Walker suddenly becomes angry as the Flag Smashers escape. Barnes and Wilson chase after them as Walker jumps out of a window and chases one of the Flag Smashers, Nico.[11][8]
    • Walker chases Nico into a busy street, demanding to know where Walker is. He uses his shield to push Nico down against the steps of a statue. Walker pins Nico down as he pleads with Walker, saying that he was not the one who killed Hoskins. Ignoring Nico's pleas, Walker uses the shield to kill Nico, and is filmed on camera doing so.[11][8]
    • John Walker standing over Nico's corpse

      Wilson and Barnes arrive as Walker puts his shield on his arm and Morgenthau watches Walker. Several people film as Walker stands over Nico's corpse, with his blood on the shield.[11][8]
  • Walker flees and makes it to a warehouse, reflecting on what he had just done and his time with Hoskins. He gets found by Wilson and Barnes, who demand that he stands down. Walker insists that he had to kill Nico since he killed Hoskins, but Barnes reminds Walker that Nico did not and Karli was the one responsible. Wilson tries to talk Walker down and asks for the shield, prompting Walker to think that getting the shield was Wilson's only goal.[5][8]
  • Battle for Captain America's Shield:
    • Walker kicks Wilson and punches Barnes in the face, and fights the two of them off. Barnes continually punches Walker's shield, forcing him backwards. Barnes forces the shield out of the way, but Walker dodges before Barnes can hit him.[5][8]
    • Wilson and Barnes battle against Walker

      Walker goes to Wilson and attacks him, but Wilson dodges. He throws the shield at Barnes and runs back to him, pushing him against the wall and insisting that Barnes is making Walker hurt him before throwing him against the wall. Wilson attacks Walker, and Walker tries to hit him with the shield, but Wilson dodges.[5][8]
    • Wilson says that Walker is not himself, and Walker says that they could have been a team. Wilson attaches the shield to a cable and flies with it, eventually getting the shield out of Walker's grip as they both land on the floor. Wilson and Walker see the shield and run toward it, tackling each other.[5][8]
    • Walker chokes Wilson as Barnes comes to, and Walker yells that he is Captain America. Walker rips the wings off of Wilson's EXO-7 Falcon suit, and prepares to use the shield to kill Wilson, but Barnes tackles him. Barnes and Walker fight, and Walker uses the shield to attempt to hurt Barnes.[5][8]
    • Wilson rushes over to Walker and grabs the shield, using the Falcon suit to boost himself away and remove the shield from Walker's arm. They get it off, damaging Walker's arm. Walker insists that the shield is his, but Barnes fights him and picks him up, throwing him toward Wilson, who hits him with the shield. The three men collapse.[5][8]
  • Captain America's Shield is returned to Wilson

    Barnes picks up the blood-covered shield and drops it in front of Wilson. He looks at Wilson, upset that Wilson giving up the shield led to Walker killing Nico, and walks away. Wilson picks up the shield and tries to wipe some of the blood off.[5][8]
  • Local police arrest residents of GRC Resettlement Camps as the GRC looks for the Flag Smashers. They raid the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp and shut it down, accusing them of harboring fugitives.[5][8]
  • Wilson tells Barnes that Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers have not yet been found. Joaquín Torres arrives as Barnes leaves to find Helmut Zemo. Torres tells Wilson that Walker's actions could be an international incident and that people higher on the payroll are taking jurisdiction.[5][8]
  • Torres asks what happened to the Falcon suit and looks at them. He tells Wilson that finding Morgenthau will be difficult, and that she is hiding and will not be able to be found since she is good at hiding. Torres says that there is nothing to do, and Wilson leaves with the shield, now cleaned. Torres says that he is forgetting the wings, but Wilson tells Torres to keep them.[5][8]


  • John Walker is driven to a proceeding, and is met by paparazzi and a booing crowd. He exits the car and he and his wife, Olivia Walker, are escorted into the building.[5][8]
  • Walker testifies before the council

    The leader of the council tells him that his actions were unacceptable and that he will be stripped of his title as Captain America. John Walker asks for permission to testify to the circumstances, but the man refuses to allow him to. Walker tries to get the people to listen and starts yelling, saying that he only did what they asked of him.[5][8]
  • The man tells Walker that he will be given an other-than-honorable discharge, hold no rank in retirement, and receive no benefits. Walker says to the committee that they created him and that he is Captain America. The man says that he will receive further discipline if he continues to demean the council, but Walker leaves. The man tells Walker to consider himself fortunate and return the shield to the government.[5][8]
  • John Walker and Olivia Walker sit in a hallway as Olivia comforts John. Olivia tells John to focus and visit Lemar Hoskins' family. They are approached by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who sits between them and sympathizes with John.[5][8]
  • Valentina Allegra de Fontaine expresses her views on Walker's potential

    Olivia asks Fontaine who she is, so Fontaine hands her a blank business card and tells John that he did the right thing taking the Super Soldier Serum, since it made him valuable to a lot of people. Fontaine tells Walker that he should answer the phone when she calls, saying that she knows he does not have Captain America's Shield and that the government does not technically own it. Fontaine leaves, and Olivia shows John the blank card.[5][8]
  • The Flag Smashers go to the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp, where they see that all of its residents were arrested for harboring fugitives. Upset, Karli Morgenthau suggests that the Flag Smashers make the GRC stop hurting them. She leaves the camp, and the rest of the Flag Smashers follow them.[5][8]
  • Helmut Zemo goes to the Sokovian Memorial and is found by Bucky Barnes. Zemo says that he decided not to kill Barnes, who cocks his own gun. Zemo tells Barnes that Morgenthau is too radicalized and that he needs to kill her. Barnes refuses and points his gun to Zemo's head. Zemo nods, and Barnes pulls the trigger, revealing that it was empty.[5][8]
  • Baron Zemo is arrested by the Dora Milaje

    Arrest of Baron Zemo: Zemo is approached by Ayo, Nomble, and Yama. Zemo tells Barnes that he crossed his own name out of Barnes' amends list, since he has no grudges against Barnes. Zemo says goodbye to Barnes, and Ayo tells him that he will spend the rest of his days in the Raft.[5][8]
  • Ayo tells Barnes not to return to Wakanda at the moment, and Barnes agrees. As Ayo leaves, Barnes asks Ayo for another favor.[5] He asks Ayo to have a version of Captain America's Uniform made for Wilson, including Falcon wings and a new Redwing.[15][8]
  • Sam Wilson goes to the Bradley Residence and is stopped by Eli Bradley. However, Bradley tells Wilson that Isaiah Bradley is in the back, and Wilson goes to talk to him.[5][8]
  • Wilson sees Isaiah Bradley, who tells Wilson not to uncover Captain America's Shield. Wilson asks to understand Bradley's viewpoint, and Bradley insists that every black man either understands or is blind.[5][8]
  • Wilson again asks what went wrong, and Bradley explains that he was like Wilson until he saw the way the Tuskegee Airmen were treated upon coming home. Wilson insists that he could have been the next Captain America, but Bradley says that Steve Rogers' image hurt him, even if Rogers did not directly.[5][8]
  • Bradley takes Wilson inside and shows him pictures of his wife, who he says died while he was in jail. He tells Wilson that they never let any of her letters get to him, instead locking them in a box. He explains that his jailers told her that he was dead, and that she later died.[5][8]
  • Isaiah Bradley sits down with Wilson and tells him his story

    Bradley realizes that he is going on a tangent, and tells Wilson that when he was given the serum, he and the others were told it was a tetanus shot, and that they were all sent on missions, even though he was the only stable one. He tells Wilson about when a few soldiers got captured and Bradley overheard his superiors talking about destroying their prison without saving them, so he then saved them. Bradley explains, however, that the rest of the soldiers died off anyway and that he was tortured and imprisoned for saving their lives, and that he got experimented on as people tried to figure out how the serum worked. He tells Wilson about a nurse who helped him break out and gave him his wife's letters. Bradley begins crying, thinking about his wife, when Wilson suggests telling people. Bradley tells Wilson to let him remain dead. Wilson insists that he can do something different, but Bradley explains that not much has changed since he was imprisoned. He comments that the government has been doing that for a long time, insisting that they will never let a black man be Captain America, and that no self-respecting black man would want to be.[5][8]
  • Sam Wilson leaves the Bradley Residence

    Wilson decides to leave with the shield and calls Sarah Wilson, saying that he is going home. He walks away from the Bradley Residence.[5][8]
  • Sam Wilson returns to his home in Delacroix, Louisiana. Sarah does not want to tell him that they cannot sell their family's boat since it was too broken, because of how sad he was.[5][8]


  • Sam Wilson works with AJ Wilson and Cass Wilson to fix a fishing net, commenting that it would be fixed within ten years. Sam mentions bringing their boat out before selling it, but Cass says that Sarah Wilson said that they could not sell it since it was too messed up.[5][8]
  • Sarah explains to Sam that he seemed too sad the previous night to tell him about the boat, and Sam tells Sarah that he is trying to figure out what his conversation with Isaiah Bradley the previous day means. Sarah tells Sam that the person they were planning to sell to backed out. Wilson says that he will fix the boat, and tells Sarah that the government benched him.[5][8]
  • Wilson finally resolves to fix his family's boat

    AJ and Cass get lunch for school from their mom, and she tells them to make sure Bennett and Elling get their lunch. Sarah tells Sam that they have a bad father, and Sam jokes that she is helping everybody in the neighborhood, just like their mother. Sam realizes that everybody in the neighborhood owes their parents a favor, so Wilson suggests calling them in to help fix the boat.[5][8]
  • Sam picks up the phone, insisting that he will get the boat fixed.[5][8]
  • Sam Wilson calls his neighbor from down the street, who asks about his sister.[5][8]
  • As the sun sets over the boat, Wilson calls Ms. Paddy, who says that she remembers Wilson.[5][8]
  • Wilson calls another one of his neighbors, who asks how he is. Wilson tells him that he is back in town, and that is why he is calling, so the man asks what he needs.[5][8]
  • Wilson calls Mr. Thurow to ask for a favor.[5][8]
  • Wilson calls several other neighbors, who say that they would do anything for his family.[5][8]


  • The Wilson family's neighbors arrive to help them

    People from around the neighborhood go to Wilson Family Seafood to help Sam and Sarah Wilson get their boat fixed. Sarah watches people as Carlos and Tommy unload stuff from a truck and say that they will need more help.[5][8]
  • Sam thanks Tommy and Carlos for bringing supplies, and Carlos and Tommy say that when the Wilson family needs help, they will do it. Wilson asks how they would get a heavy object out of the truck, when Bucky Barnes suddenly lifts it on his own and puts it down.[5][8]
  • Barnes drops off a gift for Sam, a favor he called in from the Wakandans. A pipe bursts and Sarah asks Sam for help. Sam rushes over to fix it, but struggles, so Barnes helps. Wilson asks Barnes why he did not use the metal arm, so Barnes says that he did not think of it. Barnes says their boat is nice and offers to help. Sam accepts and Barnes introduces herself to Sarah, who introduces herself back.[5][8]
  • Barnes sands a plank of wood.[5][8]
  • Sam Wilson watches as Bucky Barnes carries a piece of metal

    Sam Wilson struggles to get a rusted piece of metal to lift up. Barnes comes and easily lifts it using his metal arm. Barnes walks away and puts the metal down while Wilson thanks him.[5][8]
  • Barnes sands a part of the boat. He fiddles with a tool as though it were a pocketknife.
  • Wilson works on the engine while reading from a manual. He goes to the cockpit of the boat and tries to turn on the engine, but it fails.[5][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes work on the wiring in the cockpit area.[5][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes dump water, and Barnes asks Wilson if he thinks Karli Morgenthau will give up her mission. Wilson says that he thinks she is going to work harder and that he has Joaquín Torres working on a way to stop her. Barnes tells Wilson that Helmut Zemo believes there is only one way to stop Morgenthau, and Wilson looks at the box delivered to him by Barnes.[5][8]
  • Wilson drinks on the boat with Barnes, who says he has to leave for tomorrow. Wilson invites Barnes to spend the night at his house, saying that his town has the most welcoming people in the world. Wilson tells Barnes not to flirt with his sister, threatening him. Barnes walks away as Wilson looks at the box.[5][8]
  • John Walker informs the Hoskins family of about Lemar Hoskins' death

    John Walker goes to Hoskins Family Flowers and tells Lemar Hoskins' family about Hoskins' death, saying that the man he killed was the one who killed Hoskins, and that he hopes the family can find peace in that fact.[5][8]
  • Hoskins' mother gives Walker a picture of Walker and Hoskins' from their first military tour, and his mother says that Hoskins would regularly tell her how proud he was of Walker. Walker offers help to the Hoskins family and leaves.[5][8]
  • Walker walks past a sign advertising himself as Captain America and looks at it.[5][8]


  • Sharon Carter calls Georges Batroc, offering him a job for double the price, promising he will not regret saying yes.[5][8]
  • Bucky Barnes wakes up at the Wilson Family Residence to find AJ and Cass Wilson playing with Captain America's Shield. Barnes says hello, and the two quickly put it down and run away. Barnes looks at the shield.[5][8]
  • Wilson and Barnes try making repairs to the boat together

    Barnes goes to Wilson Family Seafood and finds Sam Wilson working on the Paul & Darlene. Barnes helps him fix the engine, and Wilson thanks him. They continue working, as Barnes helps Wilson loosen bolts.[5][8]
  • Barnes and Wilson continue to work on the boat, as Sarah Wilson starts yelling at them. As Barnes and Wilson argue, Sarah scolds them. Sarah sends them away and has people continue working.[5][8]
  • Sam Wilson and Barnes practice throwing Captain America's Shield, and Wilson says that the shield has a complicated legacy. Barnes confesses that when Steve Rogers told him that he would give Wilson the shield neither of them understood what Wilson would go through as a black man being handed the shield. Barnes apologizes and hands Wilson the shield.[5][8]
  • Barnes tells Wilson that Walker having the shield was not his fault, and that the shield is the closest thing Barnes had left to a family, so Wilson retiring it upset him. Wilson says that he understands and that Rogers' thoughts do not matter, saying that he should stop looking to other people for who he is. Barnes tells Wilson that his nightmares mean that the Winter Soldier is still in him, and Wilson tells Barnes to help people, rather than undo his past wrongdoings.[5][8]
  • Bucky Barnes departs from Sam Wilson, who goes to train with Captain America's Shield

    Barnes tells Wilson to call him when he has a lead regarding Karli Morgenthau, yet they agree that they are not a team, but co-workers. Wilson thanks Barnes for his help, and the two part ways.[5][8]
  • Wilson brings a bucket of paint to the boat, and is met by Sarah Wilson. Sam goes to paint over the name of the boat, but Sarah tells him not to, saying that they cannot sell it, and Sam agrees.[5][8]
  • Sam tells Sarah that he used to want to change the world and represent black people, and that he believed Sarah thought he was running away from the family business. Sarah says that she did not. She asks him whether she would let Isaiah Bradley stop him from being Captain America, and Sam says that he needs to keep fighting.[5][8]



  • Wilson throws the shield at a tree. It ricochets off of two trees and goes back toward Wilson, but he fails to catch it.[5][8]
  • Wilson practices throwing the shield

    Wilson throws the shield at a tree. It bounces off and heads back toward him, nearly hitting him in the head, but he ducks in time. The shield flies behind him, and he turns around to see it.[5][8]


  • Wilson jogs through the woods. He grows tired.[5][8]
  • Wilson continues jogging and throws the shield, doing a flip and catching it.[5][8]
  • Near the lake, Wilson sits and catches his breath. He looks up as he is ready to continue.[5][8]
  • Wilson takes off his shirt and does push-ups near the lake.[5][8]


  • Wilson picks up the shield from the ground.[5][8]
  • Wilson jogs in places, exercising.[5][8]
  • Wilson catches the shield after throwing it and then throws it again, again catching it.[5][8]
  • Wilson flips while working out.[5][8]


  • Wilson runs toward the shield, ducking as it nearly hits him. He tries again, getting the same result. He rests, sweating.[5][8]
  • Wilson flips and throws the shield against a tree, catching it.[5][8]
  • Wilson again successfully catches the shield and continues running.[5][8]
  • Wilson throws the shield and does several flips before catching it with both hands. He pants.[5][8]


  • Wilson runs past AJ and Cass Wilson, as AJ runs after him.[5][8]
  • Sam Wilson throws the shield toward a pillar holding up a dock, and catches it.[5][8]
  • Cass Wilson traces the star on the shield while Sam holds it. Cass looks proudly at Sam, who smiles.[5][8]
  • Karli Morgenthau and Dovich meet with Georges Batroc in a park

    Karli Morgenthau and Dovich wait in a park, meeting with Georges Batroc for help taking down Sam Wilson. Batroc arrives and gives Morgenthau weapons, which Dovich quickly covers up. Dovich says it is a bad idea since Batroc is a criminal, but Morgenthau says that both sides benefit from their deal.[5][8]
  • Batroc asks what they are there for, and Morgenthau shows Batroc how numerous they are. Morgenthau tells Batroc their plan to make sure the Global Repatriation Council does not get to vote on the Patch Act. Morgenthau says that he will get a chance to kill Wilson, and Morgenthau says that they will be going to battle soon.[5][8]
  • Morgenthau meets with the rest of the Flag Smashers, telling them that their movement is ready and that it is time to move, and that they need to make the GRC stop what they are doing.[15][8]
  • Wilson watches the news about the GRC vote, when he gets a call from Joaquín Torres, who shows Wilson that they were able to track the signal the Flag Smashers use to call their supporters, and that a new attack would be happening in New York City. Wilson realizes that they are attacking the vote.[5][8]
  • The GRC discusses whether or not to approve the Patch Act, as an official from the United States government insists that people will support it. Lacont says that they need to consider optics, and Ayla Perez insists that people need to believe in them to support them.[5][8]
  • Attack on the GRC:
    • The GRC is attacked by the Flag Smashers

      The American official asks if they need to vote, and that it could happen now. Perez refuses to round them up, and Lacont mentions that they do not have sufficient resources in the camps. The American says that they cannot be there forever, when the Flag Smashers cause a power outage in the building. The American official stands up and realizes they are under attack.[5][8]
    • Wilson unlocks the box given to him by Bucky Barnes and looks at the new version of Captain America's Uniform inside, preparing himself to embrace the title of Captain America and stop the Flag Smashers.[5][8]
    • John Walker hits a piece of metal with a hammer. He welds two other pieces together, working to make a shield. He picks up a military badge as he welds three pieces of metal together, spray painting them to look like Captain America's Shield.[5][8]
    • Diego prepares to fly a helicopter as part of Morgenthau's plan.[15][8]
    • The New York City Police Department secures the area surrounding the building. A news reporter discusses the attack on the radio.[15][8]
    • Inside, the officials look around nervously.[15][8]
    • Wilson flies toward the building as he talks to Barnes, telling him that their plan is to look out for Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers, but Barnes points out that anybody could be supporting their cause. Wilson mentions having asked for backup, and Barnes is met by Sharon Carter, who had been concealing her identity using a Photostatic Veil.[15][8]
    • Wilson tells Barnes and Carter that the Flag Smashers would be moving soon and to be ready. As he flies through New York, Morgenthau sees him and tells the Flag Smashers to enact their plan now that Wilson was present.[15][8]
    • Captain America arrives to rescue the GRC

      One of the Flag Smashers detonates smoke bombs in the room, leading to an evacuation of the room and building. As they rush out, they are greeted by another Flag Smasher, who gets knocked out by Wilson using Captain America's Shield. He enters the building, now wearing his updated version of Captain America's uniform, and defeats a Flag Smasher.[15][8]
    • Wilson asks Barnes and Carter for updates, while one of the GRC members asks who Wilson is. Wilson says that he is Captain America, and Carter and Barnes both see that nothing is happening. Wilson realizes that Morgenthau wants to lure everyone out of the building, so he warns people not to evacuate, but gets attacked by Georges Batroc.[15][8]
    • Batroc threatens Wilson, and the two fight. Wilson tells Barnes and Carter not to let people leave, so they begin their attempt to stop the evacuation.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau tells Lennox that the GRC members are going down the east stairwell. Lennox, impersonating a security guard, guides them into several trucks while Carter watches.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau calls one of the Flag Smashers' supporters, who gives the phone to Barnes. He takes it, and she asks him if he is tired about fighting for the wrong side. She tells him that her death would not matter since she is fighting for a good cause, asking if Barnes can say the same about all of his past crimes. Barnes tells Morgenthau that he failed twice at fighting for a good cause.[15][8]
    • Lennox continues to guide people toward the evacuation trucks, as the GRC members board them. Lennox locks all of the trucks so that their passengers cannot escape. Carter notices this.[15][8]
    • Wilson battling against Georges Batroc

      Wilson and Batroc continue fighting, as Batroc throws Wilson back.[15][8]
    • The cars containing the evacuees begin to leave the building.[15][8]
    • Barnes tells Morgenthau that her cause will not ease her conscience, suggesting that she would remember her victims and asking her not to go down this path. She tells him that if he feels this way, he should not fight them. Barnes says that he would not do that. Morgenthau thanks Barnes for taking her call and hangs up, causing Barnes to realize he spent too long talking to her.[15][8]
    • The cars leave the building and Lennox communicates this to Morgenthau. Barnes steals a motorcycle and rushes after the evacuees, who are now hostages, as Carter approaches Lennox. She plants mercury vapor on him, pretending to have bumped into him. He gets into a car and prepares to leave.[15][8]
    • Barnes drives after the hostages.[15][8]
    • The mercury which Carter had planted releases, killing Lennox and causing the car to crash. She says that she had killed one and tells Wilson how while Wilson fights Batroc.[15][8]
    • The hostages are guided into a helicopter, unaware that their pilot, Diego, is one of the Flag Smashers.[15][8]
    • Wilson flies after the shield

      Carter tells Wilson that the helicopter is about to take off, as Wilson tells Barnes to hurry up. Wilson and Batroc continue fighting. Batroc uses a chair to knock the shield over, and the two fight hand-to-hand until Wilson regains the shield, using it to push Batroc out of the room. He breaks a window and flies out, catching the shield on his way to rescue the hostages.[15][8]
    • Diego lifts off in the helicopter, telling the Flag Smashers that he is moving to their rendezvous point. Wilson approaches the helicopter as Diego avoids him, and Wilson is joined by a police helicopter. Wilson grabs the side of the helicopter, but Diego shoots at him, causing Wilson to have to fly away.[15][8]
    • Wilson sends Redwing to see if anyone in the helicopter has flight training, and it discovers that Ayla Perez does. Diego resumes shooting at Redwing, prompting it to return to Wilson.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau and the rest of the Flag Smashers move through New York, as Dovich tells Morgenthau that Lennox is not answering them. DeeDee suggests that they leave, but Morgenthau insists on completing their mission. Morgenthau suggests killing the hostages as a last resort, causing the rest of the Flag Smashers to hesitate. She says that even their death would not matter since the movement would continue, and tries to get them to say their slogan, but they hesitate, angering Morgenthau. They eventually say the slogan.[15][8]
    • Wilson helps rescue the helicopter pilot

      Wilson and the NYPD helicopter continue to chase Diego. Diego shoots the NYPD helicopter, causing it to spiral out of control. Wilson stops chasing Diego and has Redwing rescue one pilot while Wilson rescues the other and brings him onto the bridge. He covers himself and the pilot with his wings while the helicopter crashes on top of them, exploding. A crowd sees Wilson and cheers for him. He rejoins the chase.[15][8]
    • The Flag Smashers create a roadblock for the hostages and attack the drivers, taking the remaining GRC members hostage. Barnes catches up with them and crashes his motorcycle, flying into Dovich and knocking him over. The two fight as Morgenthau asks for a diversion, suggesting they light the trucks on fire.[15][8]
    • One of the trucks is set on fire as Barnes abandons the fight against Dovich to rescue the hostages. The Flag Smashers begin to make their escape when John Walker screams Morgenthau's name and approaches her with his new shield, causing them to stop. Morgenthau apologizes for killing Lemar Hoskins, saying that she did not want to hurt people who did not matter, upsetting Walker.[15][8]
    • The Winter Soldier attempts to save the hostages

      Walker throws his shield at Morgenthau, but she kicks it out of the way. He engages with the Flag Smashers while Barnes struggles to free the hostages from the burning truck. He finally breaks the lock and opens the door while Walker gets beaten down by the Flag Smashers.[15][8]
    • While Barnes helps the hostages out of the truck, Dovich prepares to hit Walker with a parking meter, but Barnes stops him. Barnes, Dovich, and Morgenthau fight, and Morgenthau sends Barnes flying to the bottom of a construction zone. Dovich flies down and hits Barnes with a support beam, weighing him down.[15][8]
    • Wilson approaches Diego's helicopter but gets shot at again, so he avoids it. He texts Perez to put on her earbuds and calls her. Diego hits the helicopter into Wilson, causing him to crash into a boat and fall into the water.[15][8]
    • He flies out of the water and has Perez grab the control of the helicopter after Wilson hits Diego with his shield and grabs him from inside the helicopter. He drops Diego into the Hudson River as Perez successfully gains control of the helicopter.[15][8]
    • Karli Morgenthau battles against John Walker

      Walker gets up and continues fighting the Flag Smashers, knocking them out. Morgenthau rushes over to the second truck, but Walker stops her, causing the two to fight. Morgenthau flees from Walker and eventually gains the upper hand, knocking him down.[15][8]
    • She runs over to the second truck of hostages and drives it toward the construction site.[15][8]
    • Barnes and Dovich continue to fight using the support beam, which Barnes gets a hold of and uses to knock Dovich down.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau jumps out of the truck just before it begins to crash into the construction site, hanging precariously. The hostages panic as Barnes watches and a crowd gathers, joined by Carter. Walker sees the truck and Morgenthau decides to throw his shield into the construction site and grab the truck from behind, stopping it from falling.[15][8]
    • Walker pulls it backward, but gets attacked by several Flag Smashers, causing him and the truck to fall to the ground. The hostages scream as the truck falls, but get stopped by Wilson, who lifts the truck to safety using his new suit. Walker, Barnes, Morgenthau, and the Flag Smashers watch as the crowd cheers Wilson on.[15][8]
    • A man in the crowd proudly refers to Wilson as "Black Falcon," prompting the man next to him to correct him, saying that he is Captain America.[15][8]
    • Redwing lasers the truck's lock

      The hostages are freed from the truck as Redwing breaks the lock on it.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau throws a crossbar at Barnes, who catches it and turns toward her. She runs toward Barnes, but gets knocked out by Wilson's shield, along with the other Flag Smashers present. Morgenthau expresses her disappointment that he bought into being Captain America, and Wilson says that he is trying something new. Batroc drops several smoke bombs, giving the Flag Smashers a chance to escape. Carter goes after them.[15][8]
    • Wilson leads Barnes and Walker in the direction the Flag Smashers are going, as Morgenthau runs. The group split up, noting that the Flag Smashers likely did as well, with Barnes and Walker going one way and Wilson going the other. Barnes and Walker are met with a dead end, so they continue looking.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau wanders through a tunnel, hearing whistling. Batroc, Carter, Wilson, and Morgenthau all wander throughout the tunnels after hearing the whistling.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau finds Carter, and they aim their weapons at each other. They express their disappointment in each and lower their weapons. Carter expresses that she used to think of Morgenthau as a younger version of herself, saying that Morgenthau betrayed her. Morgenthau says that she did it because she is not interested in power like Carter is. Carter offers Morgenthau a chance to work for her, but Morgenthau refuses it, saying she is powerless. However, Carter insists that she has more power than Morgenthau.[15][8]
    • Sharon Carter reveals herself to be the Power Broker

      Batroc interrupts their conversation, declaring his realization that Carter is the Power Broker. Morgenthau realizes that Batroc was sent to spy on her, and Batroc points his gun at Morgenthau, demanding four times his previous price, threatening to expose her identity. Carter responds by killing Batroc, and Morgenthau shoots Carter.[15][8]
    • Wilson hears the gunshots and rushes to the source of the sound. Morgenthau warns Wilson to stay back, and Wilson attempts to talk Morgenthau down. Morgenthau prepares to kill Carter, but Wilson pushes her out of the way, causing Morgenthau to attack him. However, Wilson refuses to fight back. Morgenthau yells for Wilson to stay down, but he refuses.[15][8]
    • The rest of the Flag Smashers follow a signal they were sent to meet some of their supporters. Instead, they are met by Barnes and Walker, and the latter quotes Abraham Lincoln to them. They are surrounded by a SWAT Team and arrested. Barnes and Walker walk away, and Barnes asks why Walker used a Lincoln quote.[15][8]
    • Morgenthau continues beating Wilson, who refuses to fight back. Morgenthau takes Wilson down and points a gun at him, she prepares to shoot him, but then Carter shoots Morgenthau, killing her. With her last words, Morgenthau apologizes to Wilson. Wilson looks to Carter, who sighs in relief.[15][8]
    • Wilson carries Karli Morgenthau's body to safety

      Wilson carries Morgenthau out of the building and flies her to an ambulance. Barnes and Walker watch as Wilson gets approached by reporters asking when he became Captain America. Perez thanks Wilson for his efforts and an American Government Official says that they will deal with the Flag Smashers.[15][8]
  • Wilson asks the GRC if they still plan on resetting the national borders, and Lacont says that they are. Wilson tells them to stop referring to the Flag Smashers as "terrorists," asking them to consider why they did what they did. Lacont and the American official point out the complexities of not restoring borders, and the American says that Wilson does not know how complicated it is.[15][8]
  • The GRC starts to walk away, but Wilson points out that they finally have a common issue, and asks them to reflect on the helplessness they felt. The official insists that Wilson does not understand, but Wilson explains that as a black man wearing a symbol of the United States, he understands struggle well. Barnes and Walker watch as Wilson explains that he is aware of all of the people who will hate Wilson for being Captain America.[15][8]
  • Isaiah and Eli Bradley watch the news report on Wilson's speech as he talks about how little he can do about the people who will hate him, talking about how he continued to use the moniker, despite not having Super Soldier Serum or looking the way people imagine. Isaiah smiles.[15][8]
  • Captain America makes his speech to the council

    Wilson tells the GRC that he believes that people can do better. Joaquín Torres and Sarah Wilson watch as Wilson explains that the GRC have immense influence over the world, yet those decisions are made without the people who would be impacted. Wilson says that nobody bothered to ask why Morgenthau was willing to die to stop the GRC, and Wilson tells the American official that they need to do better, otherwise others would rise up and be worse than Morgenthau. He forces them to reflect on how they will use their power and walks away.[15][8]
  • Wilson passes Walker and acknowledges him, and greets Barnes. Barnes jokes about having missed Wilson's speech, and Barnes tells him that he did well. They meet Carter, who apologizes for killing Morgenthau. She tells Wilson that he is a good fit for Captain America and leaves with Barnes.[15][8]
  • A member of the GRC tells Wilson that they found Diego in the Hudson River and asks Wilson to retrieve him. Wilson leaves to help.[15][8]




Oeznik kills the remaining Flag Smashers

  • Oeznik rigs a police transport vehicle to explode, planning on killing the Flag Smashers.[15][8]
  • The Flag Smashers are moved into a police truck, preparing to get transported to the Raft. Before the truck is closed, one of the officers whispers their slogan to them, planning to help them escape. However, as the cars drive off, the transport truck explodes, killing the Flag Smashers.[15][8]
  • Oeznik watches as the truck explodes, and puts the detonator back in his jacket.[15][8]
  • As the sun rises, Helmut Zemo listens to the news talk about the Flag Smashers' death. He smiles as the report says that there are no suspects in the bombing and that the GRC had announced changes to their policies about repatriation and resettlement. He lays down in his bed, satisfied.[15][8]
  • John and Olivia Walker meet with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who gives John a new uniform. While Walker is trying it on, Fontaine receives a news alert about the Flag Smashers' death and deduces that Zemo was responsible. She comments on the death to Olivia, suggesting she planned it, but then saying that she did not.[15][8]
  • Walker becomes U.S. Agent

    John comes out and shows them his new uniform, and Fontaine compliments it. She says that things are about to get weird and gives him a new moniker: "U.S. Agent." Fontaine leaves as John and Olivia celebrate his new job with her.[15][8]
  • Bucky Barnes goes to Yori Nakajima's apartment and is invited in. Barnes tells Nakajima that the Winter Soldier is responsible for his son's death, and that he is the Winter Soldier. Nakajima asks why, and Barnes says that he did not have a choice. Barnes leaves and crosses Nakajima's name off of his amends list.[15][8]




  • Bucky Barnes leaves a gift bag in Christina Raynor's office.[15][8]
  • Barnes' letter for Christina Raynor

    Raynor enters her office to find a gift bag. She opens it and sees that Barnes has crossed off every name on his amends list. She finds a note that says he finished the book and thanks Raynor for her help.[15][8]
  • Barnes goes to Izzy and sees Yori Nakajima eating and talking to Leah. Leah pours Nakajima a drink and smiles at Barnes, who smiles back. Barnes watches Nakajima take a drink and walks away.[15][8]


  • Sam Wilson visits the Bradley Residence, and is greeted by Eli Bradley. He talks to Isaiah Bradley about Wilson's choice to take on the mantle. Isaiah tells Wilson that he is special, and Wilson agrees that he knows what he has to do. Isaiah expresses pride in the existence of a black Captain America, and they agree that it will not be easy for him. Wilson asks to show Isaiah something, and Eli asks to tag along.[15][8]
  • Isaiah Bradley is shown the Smithsonian Institution's exhibit on himself

    Wilson takes Isaiah and Eli to the Smithsonian Institution, where a new wing of the Captain America exhibit includes a section on Isaiah. Eli and Isaiah look around. They read the exhibit as Isaiah smiles at Wilson. Wilson insists that people will never forget Isaiah's service to the country, and Isaiah hugs him.[15][8]



  • Sharon Carter opens her market to potental buyers after being pardoned

    Sharon Carter attends a Senate hearing as the government apologizes to her and gives her her old job back, offering a full pardon. She says she is honored to accept the position and is welcomed home.[15][8]
  • Carter leaves the building and accepts a call, telling the caller to start lining up buyers, as they are about to have full access to secrets in the American government. She says that there should be something for everyone.[15][8]


  • Attack on Ixtenco: Talos and Soren, disguised as Nick Fury and Maria Hill, arrive in Ixtenco, Mexico in response to recent reports of a cyclone with a face. Although Soren is at first skeptical, Quentin Beck arrives in a cloud of green smoke and demands to know who "Fury" and "Hill" are, as "Sandman" appears and attacks. Beck seemingly fights the creature off, in fact having orchestrated the event to come across as a superhero.[18][17]



  • Betty Brant talks about the Avengers' actions to undo the Snap

    Midtown School of Science and Technology has their news club show a memorial presentation in memory of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers (thought dead), Natasha Romanoff, and Vision. Betty Brant and Jason Ionello recap the year, reporting on the restarting of the school year for people who were killed in the Snap and later returned. Brant announces that the students who disappeared will be going on a class trip to Europe, and Ionello panics about what the plan is for the world now without the Avengers.[19][17]
  • Peter Parker tells Ned Leeds about his plan to ask Michelle Jones to be his girlfriend. Leeds advises him not to do it and enjoy being single in Europe, and Jones joins them. They poorly cover up their plan, and Jones advises them to get a VPN when traveling.[19][17]
  • Parker goes to Delmar's Deli-Grocery in order to buy a dual headphone adapter. He attempts to ask for it in Spanish, and Delmar corrects him.[19][20][21]
  • Parker sells old toys, excluding a Lobot action figure, so that he can afford to buy a gift for Michelle Jones while in Europe.[19][20][21]
  • Parker goes to pick up a passport. He uses the Spider-Drone to skip the queue by opening a booth next to him, causing the woman behind it to assume she made the mistake and serve him.[19][20][21]
  • Spider-Man attacks the Manfredi Crime Family

    Attack on the Manfredi Crime Family: Parker, as Spider-Man, goes to a restaurant in Upper Manhattan and takes down the members of the Manfredi Crime Family present, wearing his Iron Spider Armor.[19][20][21]
  • The police arrive at the restaurant and congratulate Spider-Man on taking down the family. Officer Bristow asks Spider-Man if he plans on being the new Iron Man, and Parker says that he is too busy doing the NYPD's job. He tells Bristow and the other officers that he is going on vacation.[19][20][21]
  • In the wake of Parker's defeat of the Manfredis, the Mafia Cold War turns hot.[19][22]
  • May Parker and Peter hold a fundraiser for homeless support in the wake of the Blip. May tells the story about the family who had moved into her apartment since she had disappeared in the Snap. Peter, as Spider-Man, thanks everybody for having him, and they go backstage and celebrate their success. Happy Hogan arrives and briefly flirts with May, and warns Peter that Nick Fury is going to call him, but Peter sends "Fury" to voicemail against Hogan's advice. Parker leaves to say hello to the crowd, and "Fury" calls Hogan, asking why Peter did not answer.[19][17]
  • Parker takes a break

    Peter Parker meets the crowd of paparazzi, who ask him about his plans as an Avenger and his new role as potentially the new Iron Man figure. Parker panics and leaves, swinging to the roof, where he avoids another phone call and sadly notices a mural of Stark.[19][17]


  • Getting ready to pack for his school trip, Peter Parker ignores another phone call from "Nick Fury". May throws a banana at him, expecting him to react, but it hits him in the face since he has been struggling with his sixth sense, which May calls the "Peter Tingle". He considers packing his Iron Spider Armor, but decides against it.[19][17]
  • Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and their class board the plane to Europe, and Flash Thompson makes fun of Parker. Michelle Jones responds by telling the flight attendant that since he "Blipped", he is too young to drink, and she confiscates the drink he has. Parker notices Jones laughing with Brad Davis and asks Leeds to help him sit next to her.[19][17]
  • Brant and Jones talk with Leeds

    Leeds approaches Jones, who is sitting next to Betty Brant, and tells them that a woman wearing perfume sat next to Parker, who has an allergy, asking Brant to switch seats with Parker. Roger Harrington overhears this and makes everybody change seats to try to help Parker, so that Davis and Jones end up next to each other, Leeds and Brant are next to each other, and Parker is left sitting next to Harrington.[19][17]
  • While Parker is forced to listen to Harrington's stories about his wife pretending to have "Blipped", Leeds fails to connect with Brant, and Jones and Davis share a dual headphone adapter to watch a movie together, as had been Parker's plan.[19][17]
  • A turbulence hits the flight, causing Leeds to grab Brant's hand, and the two start to connect and start a relationship.[19][17]
  • Parker goes to the bathroom, and sees Jones waiting to use it. He reenters the bathroom and cleans it, then making himself look nice. However, when he leaves the bathroom again, he sees that Jones had gone and Davis is now the one waiting for him.[19][17]
  • Harrington falls asleep on Parker's shoulder, to Parker's dismay.[19][17]


  • Peter Parker is checked by security staff in Venice

    Peter Parker and his class arrive in Venice, Italy, where Parker learns of Ned Leeds' new relationship with Betty Brant. He gets stopped by customs, and when the agent opens his suitcase, he finds that his aunt has packed his Spider-Man suit. The agent is not interested, however, telling him he cannot bring the banana in his case through.[19][17]
  • Parker rejoins his class, who takes a boat tour of Venice. They arrive at the Hotel DeMatteis, which is rundown and flooded. The class unpacks their books and prepare to meet at the Da Vinci Museum.[19][17]
  • Flash Thompson live streams to his followers, Flash Mob, and gets hit by a passer-by.[19][17]
  • Leeds and Brant get a picture of themselves painted.[19][17]
  • Roger Harrington tries to take a photograph of himself by resting a camera on a rail, and succeeds. However, he then drops the camera into the water.[19][17]
  • Parker watches Davis take a picture of Jones surrounded by pigeons, and goes to get a necklace with a Black Dahlia made of glass. Unbeknownst to him, Quentin Beck covertly stalks him, after his crew learned Iron Man had left him an inheritance that Beck is after.[19][17]
  • Parker buys the necklace and meets up with Jones, who tells Parker about a new word she learned in Italian. She demonstrates on a vendor who confuses them for a couple. Gutes Guterman, meanwhile, spies on Parker.[19][17]
  • Battle in the Grand Canal:
    • Hydro-Man emerges from the Canal, beginning its rampage

      Jones and Parker watch as water starts moving. It collects and forms an apparent Hydro-Man creature, who attacks - in fact a product of Beck's drone system using holograms and water jets. Leeds and Brant, who were on a gondola, are pushed to shore. Parker is joined by Quentin Beck, who seems to fight "Hydro-Man", while Parker protects civilians. He grabs a mask to cover his face before helping fight the monster.[19][17]
    • Roger Harrington and Julius Dell arrive at the Da Vinci Museum, but find that it is closed, since Harrington did not check the website. The apparently fighting Beck and Hydro-Man crash past them.[19][17]
    • "Beck" and the Elemental continue to "fight", with Beck actually on the ground using a hologram to project a flying version of himself. A bell tower breaks, so Parker tries his best to use his webs to hold it up. The tower collapses as "Beck" seems to defeat "Hydro-Man" and "lands". While Parker's class applaud Beck, Parker ensures that the necklace he bought for Jones is safe. Beck "flies" away.[19][17]
  • Peter Parker answers his phone from his aunt

    The class returns to their hotel and discuss Hydro-Man's nature. Peter Parker talks to May on the phone about the battle, and discovers that she is with Happy Hogan. May gives Peter advice about his plan to ask out Jones.[19][17]
  • The class watches the news report about the battle, in which the reporter refers to Beck as a mystery man in Italian, "l'uomo del misterio", so the group name him "Mysterio". Jones and Parker discuss the upcoming Paris trip and the Eiffel Tower, which Jones is excited for since she read a conspiracy theory about it.[19][17]
  • Leeds asks Parker how he is going to deal with Hydro-Man, and Parker says that he will not, since Beck appears to have it covered. Talos, disguised as Nick Fury, suddenly shoots Leeds with a tranquilizer from behind their door, and asks why Parker is avoiding his phone calls. "Fury" reveals that Hydro-Man is connected to the Attack on Ixtenco, as well as a similar incident in Morocco involving a cyclone creature. Roger Harrington checks on Parker, then "Fury" tries to continue explaining, only to be further by Brant and then Dell.[19][17]
  • Mysterio being first introduced to Spider-Man

    Having left the hotel, "Fury" gives Parker a pair of sunglasses left for him by Tony Stark. "Fury" and Parker arrive at Nick Fury's Hideout, where Parker is formally introduced to Beck, who tells him that he is from another Earth which was consumed by Elementals. "Fury" and "Maria Hill" (Soren in disguise) ask Parker to join the fight against the Elementals, but Parker refuses since he needs to stay with the class trip and keep his identity secret. "Fury" says he understands and has Dimitri Smerdyakov escort Parker to his hotel.[19][17]
  • Nick Fury contacts with S.H.I.E.L.D. and asks them to make a special suit for Parker. S.H.I.E.L.D. sends the Seamstress to handle the suit to Peter Parker the following day.[23]


  • Peter Parker finds out that his class field trip has been redirected from Paris to Prague, with Parker realizing "Fury" has interfered so that he can help fight the Elementals. Roger Harrington introduces himself to the bus driver, who Parker realizes is Smerdyakov, but Smerdyakov does not answer. They board the bus.[19][17]
  • On the journey, Parker looks at the pair of glasses that Stark left him, and discovers a note that comes with it, which says, "For the next Tony Stark, I trust you." He activates the glasses, which tell him they control the E.D.I.T.H. system, an acronym for "Even Dead, I'm The Hero". E.D.I.T.H. demonstrates her abilities, including showing him what his various classmates are doing on their phones.[19][17]
  • The agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. known as Seamstress gives Peter Parker his suit

    The class takes a rest stop, and Smerdyakov instructs Parker to visit a particular building where he meets with the Seamstress, who gives him a new, black stealth suit so that "Spider-Man" will not be seen in Europe and a correlation cannot be made, so his identity can remain secret. The Seamstress has Parker take off his clothes to try the suit on, but Brad Davis accidentally walks in. He takes a picture, thinking they were about to have sex. Davis tells Parker that he plans on showing Michelle Jones, so that she will date him instead of Parker.[19][17]
  • Parker uses E.D.I.T.H. and tells her that Davis is a target, thinking she will erase the photo from his phone. However, the AI misunderstands and initiates a drone strike against Davis instead. Flash Thompson steals the glasses and compliments Parker on them, but Parker accidentally knocks him out while getting them back. Parker tells E.D.I.T.H. to cancel the strike, but another student asks if Parker punched Thompson, so when E.D.I.T.H. asks for confirmation to cancel at the same time, Parker ends up saying, "No," causing the strike to continue. Parker uses a web on the steering wheel to swerve the bus out of the way, then distracts the bus as he jumps through the sky light to shoot webs at the drone, destroying it. Parker then has E.D.I.T.H. successfully delete the picture of him and the Seamstress, and watches as Davis looks for the missing photo on his phone, and Thompson wakes up.[19][17]
  • Peter Parker answers the phone call from Maria Hill

    Peter Parker's class arrives at Carlo IV Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, in the early hours of local morning, and are impressed. Roger Harrington announces that they will be going to the Carnival of Lights that coming night. Parker receives a call from "Hill", telling him to put on the earpiece that came with his new suit. Ned Leeds apologizes for being preoccupied with his relationship, and tells Parker that everyone is counting on him.[19][17]


  • Several hours after his arrival in Prague, Parker discusses the battle plan with Quentin Beck, "Hill", and "Fury". Beck decides to adopt the name Parker told him his friends called him, "Mysterio", in an attempt to endear himself to him so he can take E.D.I.T.H.. Parker expresses concern for his friends, but "Fury" yells at him about accidentally calling a drone strike on Brad Davis, feeling he is not ready.[19][17]
  • Mysterio talks with Peter Parker

    Beck talks to Parker about how he is feeling, and Parker expresses disappointment about having to fight the Elementals instead of simply asking out Michelle Jones. Beck comforts him, and advises him to keep his friends in a safe place. Peter consults E.D.I.T.H. and asks for help keeping his friends inside.[19][17]
  • Roger Harrington and Julius Dell tell the class that instead of the Carnival of Lights, they will be going to the opera, having just received tickets. Parker signals to Leeds that it is important that they go to the opera, as organized by E.D.I.T.H., so he pretends to be interested to motivate the class.[19][17]
  • The class arrives at the opera house and prepares to sit. Jones and Parker briefly talk, awkwardly expressing interest in each other. Jones asks Parker to sit with him, while "Fury" tries to get his attention on his earpiece. Parker agrees, but has to leave and asks Leeds to give an excuse to Jones about why he cannot be there. Leeds reminds Parker to steer the Elemental away from the opera house, and Brad Davis flips Parker a middle finger as he sits next to Jones. Jones watches Parker leave and follows him, and Betty Brant follows her, with Leeds then going after Brant.[19][17]
  • Attack on the Prague Carnival:
    • Spider-Man witnessing the Fire Elemental

      Parker, wearing his new suit, stakes out the carnival. Brant and Leeds walk through, and Leeds says that he does not do well in large crowds, trying to get her to return to the opera, but Brant instead takes him onto the Ferris wheel. Jones walks through the carnival and sees as lava appears to break through the ground and Molten Man starts to seemingly form.[19][17]
    • Molten Man finishes forming and appears to attack the carnival - in fact another hologram and drone illusion from Beck. Parker calls for Beck, a hologram of whom shows up and "fights" Molten Man.[19][17]
    • Brant sees Parker in the new suit, and asks Leeds if it is Spider-Man. Leeds says no, and in the spur of the moment refers to him as the European version, "Night Monkey", to cover for Parker.[19][17]
    • As the Elemental seemingly grows, Parker notices Brant and Leeds calling for help. This causes Parker to move on to a new plan, which Beck acts as if he is complying with, involving throwing rocks at Molten Man and using Beck's apparent energy blasts.[19][17]
    • While "Fury" and "Hill" drive towards the fight, Beck continues to "fight" the monster while Parker tries to rescue Leeds and Brant. Parker's web, however, hits an invisible hologram projector drone. Parker is confused, but dismisses the thought. The web causes the drone to launch backwards, falling near Jones, who picks it up.[19][17]
    • Mysterio pretends to sacrifice himself

      "Fury" and "Hill" arrive as Beck pretends to risk sacrificing himself to destroy Molten Man. As the Elemental is seemingly obliterated, Parker is relieved to then find that Beck has survived.[19][17]
  • Brant turns to Leeds and says that she would kiss him if she had not thrown up in her mouth, and Leeds looks for a mint.[19][17]
  • "Fury" asks Beck to join his crew at Europol headquarters the next day. Beck agrees, and "Fury" extends the same offer to Parker, giving him time to think about it first, regarding whether he feels he can step up to Tony Stark's plate or not. Beck offers Parker to get a drink.[19][17]
  • At an apparent local bar, Beck and Parker celebrate. Parker talks about having everybody's expectations on his shoulders, and that he wants to go back on his trip and be a normal teenager. Parker shows Beck the E.D.I.T.H. glasses, and then gives them to Beck to try on. While Beck wears them, he notices a resemblance to Tony Stark. Thinking that Beck would be better at being the next Iron Man than him, and believing Stark's note to him was in fact meant to mean he should choose the next Iron Man figure and not be it himself, Parker enables Beck to use E.D.I.T.H..[19][17]
  • Once Peter Parker has left, Quentin Beck turns off the hologram illusion in the bar and celebrates with his crew for having succeeded in their plan.[19][17]
  • Parker walks back to his hotel, feeling he has made a good decision.[19][17]
  • Quentin Beck giving his speech to his crew members

    Beck toasts his crew of former, disillusioned Stark Industries employees, including William Ginter Riva who was yelled at by Obadiah Stane in 2009. They plan an even bigger Elemental attack to cement "Mysterio" as the greatest new superhero in the public eye, so they will no longer be ignored.[19][17]
  • Parker gets back to the hotel and finds out the trip has been cut off due to the incidents. With the class preparing to go home the next day, Parker talks to Michelle Jones about wanting to make the most of their final hours, so they agree to sneak out of the hotel.[19][17]
  • Parker and Jones talk on a bridge. Jones reveals that she has deduced that Parker is Spider-Man, which Parker denies, and has discovered a strange device in the battle site. Parker is disheartened when he believes Jones is only interested in him because she thinks he is Spider-Man. They accidentally activate the device, and it turns out to be a projector used by Beck, showing an Elemental vs. Mysterio hologram. Parker realizes that Beck must have orchestrated the attacks, and tells Jones that he is in fact Spider-Man, and has messed up. They rush back to the hotel together.[19][17]
  • Mysterio's rehearsal

    Beck rehearses the next Elemental attack with his crew, testing the drone holograms and damage as he wears a motion capture suit. He decides to increase the amount of damage, and Gutes Guterman points out the number of casualties it will cause, but Beck responds by saying it will result in increased coverage as an "Avengers level threat". An illusion of his suit glitches, and William Ginter Riva tells Beck that one of his projectors is missing, which angers Beck, worried it could become evidence. Beck uses E.D.I.T.H. to find out that Michelle Jones took it, and she and Parker have it. He yells at Riva, saying that it is Riva's fault instead of himself, he now has to kill Parker.[19][17]
  • Parker catches Jones up about his activities in Europe and changes into his Spider-Man stealth suit, when Ned Leeds walks in and learns that Jones knows his identity. Parker tells Leeds about Beck's villainy, and instructs Leeds to have his aunt tell Roger Harrington he is staying in Europe with his family. Jones gives him the projector, and Parker leaves for Berlin to tell "Fury" about Beck.[19][17]
  • Parker swings onto the top of a train to hitch a ride to Berlin.[19][17]



  • Spider-Man's swinging in Berlin

    Peter Parker arrives in Berlin and is picked up by someone he believes to be Nick Fury, who tells Parker that he has a lot of explaining to do. He has Parker put his seat belt on, but Parker breaks the seat belt.[19][17]
  • Ambush in Berlin:
    • "Fury" takes Parker to a building he claims is Europol headquarters, where Parker tells "Fury" about Quentin Beck's villainy. However, Parker senses something is wrong, as the illusion around him disappears, revealing they are only in an abandoned building, as "Fury" gets shot by a drone. Parker himself is shot, protected by the suit, but falling several floors.[19][17]
    • Parker is forced into various illusions Beck conjures, in which he is mocked about his feelings for Michelle Jones and his home in Queens. He is knocked out of a window, finding himself outside.[19][17]
    • The illusions return as the drones start up again, and Beck continues to mock Parker, who gets attacked in the illusion by various copies of himself, then Mysterio, then a zombie-like Iron Man armor, while Beck taunts him about Tony Stark's death.[19][17]
    • Mysterio continues to scare Spider-Man

      Beck leaves Parker increasingly disoriented, but is suddenly interrupted when "Fury" appears to shoot him in the back, seemingly killing him and ending the illusions.[19][17]
    • "Fury" tells Parker that Beck's men are after anybody who could expose them, and demands to know who Parker told so they can be protected. Parker tells "Fury" about Jones, Ned Leeds, and Betty Brant, but "Fury" then reveals himself to in fact be Beck, conjuring another lyer of illusion all along. Beck then creates illusions that push Parker backwards onto a set of train tracks, where Parker gets hit by a train.[19][17]
  • Beck has E.D.I.T.H. access the files for Parker's class trip, and has her make sure they stop in London on their way home.[19][17]
  • Parker, having barely survived clinging onto the train, climbs into the vehicle that hit him and passes out in a seat in an empty car.[19][17]


  • Peter Parker wakes up in a Dutch holding facility, where the prisoners greet him and welcome him to the Netherlands. He uses his strength to break the lock and finds that the guard had stolen his stealth suit. The guard asks the other prisoners if everything is okay, and the others say yes and close the door back on their cell.[19][17]
  • Spider-Man walks around the Netherlands

    Parker borrows a cell phone and calls Happy Hogan, asking to be picked up in the Dutch town, Broek op Langedijk.[19][17]
  • Hogan arrives in a jet in a field of flowers, where Parker demands to be told something only Hogan would know to prove who he is, so Hogan recalls when they were in Germany together and Parker paid for an adult movie. Parker is delighted it is actually him.[19][17]
  • While Hogan gives Parker first aid aboard the jet, Parker tells Hogan everything that had happened in Europe. Parker panics and yells at Hogan about how he has messed up, and the two talk about how they miss Tony Stark. Hogan tells Parker that Stark was a mess and second-guessed everything he did - except for picking Parker. Inspired, Parker begins to make a plan to defeat Quentin Beck. Parker uses Flash Thompson's live stream to figure out where his classmates, and consequently Beck, are, and begins making himself a new suit in the back of the jet with Stark's technology. Hogan feeling pride at seeing Stark's protégé come into his own, and puts on Back in Black, a favorite of Stark's.[19][17]
  • Soren and Talos, still posing as Maria Hill and Nick Fury, talk. "Fury" complains about information regarding Kree sleeper cells being spread. "Hill" interrupts, saying that a new Elemental is forming in London.[19][17]
  • "Fury" calls Beck, who had been expecting the call after setting up the pulse. Beck claims to be shocked by the news, and says he will meet him there. After hanging up, Beck boasts his success to his crew, who applaud him.[19][21]
  • Brad Davis comments on Peter Parker's behavior

    Parker's high school class arrives in London and prepares for a tour, and Brad Davis asks the class to consider Parker's recent absences and the incident he photographed involving Parker and the European woman. Michelle Jones distracts the class from listening to Davis by asking why he took a picture of Parker while he was undressed, and Roger Harrington decides to ignore the situation and move on. Julius Dell, trying to be the cool teacher, tells Davis not to take pictures in the bathroom, while the class boards a bus, driven by Gutes Guterman.[19][17]
  • Battle of London:
    • Beck has an illusion of himself fly around London looking throughout London for the Elemental, and tells "Fury" that he did not see it. "Fury" orders Beck to continue looking, referring to Beck as their only hope.[19][17]
    • Beck has William Ginter Riva send E.D.I.T.H.'s drones to London, Janice Lincoln continue working on his material cape to change into, and Victoria Snow increase the energy to trick "Fury" and "Hill's" satellites. He then has E.D.I.T.H. prepare a strike on "Fury", "Hill", Ned Leeds, Betty Brant, and Jones.[19][17]
    • The Elemental Fusion begins to form

      As the Elemental Fusion illusion starts to form, Guterman delivers the class to the kill zone for Leeds, Brant, and Jones' death, and then leaves the bus.[19][17]
    • Happy Hogan video calls "Fury" and tells him about a surfboard which he thought belonged to Fury, including the phrase, "Appearances can be deceiving," meant as a code to warn "Fury" about Beck.[19][17]
    • Hogan tells Peter Parker that Fury received the message, and that the class is at the Tower Bridge according to Thompson, who incorrectly referred to it as "London Bridge". Parker gives Hogan the necklace he plans on giving to Jones in case he does not survive, though Hogan assures Parker that he will. Parker tells Hogan his sixth sense should help this time, with Hogan also believing it to be called the "Peter Tingle".[19][17]
    • The Elemental Fusion fully forms as Harrington notices Guterman's disappearance and the kids flee the bus while Riva introduces "lightning". The class runs while Thompson live streams, and they observe the fusion's combined nature. The hologram of Mysterio starts fighting the fusion, and Jones and Leeds realize that they are in danger from Beck, so they flee, and Thompson and Brant follow them.[19][17]
    • Mysterio meets with 'Nick Fury' at the Shard

      Beck feigns concern for "Fury", who refuses to get somewhere safe, surveying from the Shard.[19][17]
    • Hogan flies Spider-Man into London, and, wearing his new suit, Parker parachutes in to Tower Bridge.[19][17]
    • Following Guterman's advice, Beck tells "Fury" that the Elementals appear to have combined and are drawing power from the Earth's core, causing "Fury's" suspicion to only increase and realize that Beck was a fraud. Having noticed Parker, "Fury" tells "Hill" to be ready for anything.[19][17]
    • Spider-Man drops into the illusion's center and starts breaking the drones' formation using his webs.[19][17]
    • "Hill" goes to the Shard roof and prepares a missile launcher.[19][17]
    • Beck notices Spider-Man inside the illusion, and resolves to kill him.[19][17]
    • Parker successfully destroys the illusion. A drone that was about to attack "Fury" has its cloaking broken, and "Hill" destroys it with the missile. Before Parker can reach Beck, Beck has E.D.I.T.H. send a drone after him, knocking him to the bridge floor. Beck has Riva kill the illusion, with a new plan.[19][17]
    • Spider-Man fights with the Drones

      Hogan finds Jones, Leeds, Brant, and Thompson outside the Tower of London, and plans on taking them safely to the jet, but Beck blows it up. Instead, they start running. As Spider-Man continues to swing on the drones, his friends make it into the Crown Jewels Vault, where they are followed by a drone. Brant and Jones work together to temporarily break the drone, but it recuperates as they all run and hide in the vault. The drone starts using a laser to cut into the vault.[19][17]
    • Parker continues fighting the drones, on comms with Hogan about trying to get to Beck. He reaches the top of the bridge, but Beck blasts him in different directions to keep him away, eventually pushing him into the water. He returns to the bridge and plans what to do.[19][17]
    • As more drones attack Jones, Leeds, Brant, Thompson, and Hogan, they start to confess their personality flaws to each other as they face death. When Hogan says that he is in love with Spider-Man's aunt, it becomes awkward.[19][17]
    • Spider-Man makes a weapon using a disabled drone, and takes the Tower Bridge sign to use as a shield. He explodes the drones in his way with the weapon, and uses the shield to bounce off a sonic cannon and up to Beck. With Beck occupied, the drones stop, including at the Crown Jewels Vault.[19][17]
    • Spider-Man prepares to use his Spider-Sense

      Parker confronts Quentin Beck, who has a drone knock him back several feet. Parker demands the E.D.I.T.H. glasses, but Beck uses his drones to create a fully black atmosphere where they can fire at him without him seeing. However, Parker uses his reawakened "Peter Tingle" Spider-Sense to sense the drones and defeat them. As Parker knocks the drones, Beck is shot by one of them. "Beck" then claims to be handing Parker the glasses, but Parker realizes it is an illusion, and, sensing the real Beck next to him, stops the man from shooting him. He takes the glasses back and when E.D.I.T.H. asks if he wants to execute cancellation protocols, he cancels the drone strike by saying to "execute them all".[19][17]
    • Beck dies from his injury, telling Parker people will believe in anything these days, and that he will see. Parker confirms with E.D.I.T..H. that it is not an illusion.[19][17]
    • Riva downloads a video of the confrontation, and prepares to doctor and broadcast it.[19][17]
    • Hogan, Jones, Leeds, Thompson, and Brant leave the vault, and Jones rushes to reunite with Parker.[19][17]
  • Michelle Jones and Peter Parker reunite, and Jones shows Parker the necklace Hogan passed on, broken. While Parker tries to explain his Paris plan, Jones kisses him, and they confess their feelings for each other, with Jones having been interested in him beyond Spider-Man all along. They kiss again, and awkwardly leave each other.[19][17]
  • Hogan talks with "Fury" after the Battle of London

    Hogan, on the phone with May Parker, tells her about the battle. "Fury" and "Hill" approach him, demanding to speak with Parker. Hogan says that Parker will call him next time, and "Fury" threatens Hogan in case he does not.[19][17]


  • Peter Parker's class returns home from their trip, arriving in Newark. Parker and Jones hold hands, before parting ways, agreeing on a date. Parker learns that Ned Leeds and Betty Brant have split up, while Flash Thompson gets picked up by his butler, since his mother could not make it.[19][17]
  • Peter Parker is picked up by May Parker, who expresses excitement that he is safe. They drive home together.[19][17]


  • Talos and Soren revert to their normal forms, and discuss having to tell Nick Fury about Quentin Beck's troublemaking. Talos finally gives in and calls Fury, telling him about the problems and asking Fury to return to Earth from the Skrull ship he is on.[24][17]
  • After receiving Talos' message, Nick Fury gets up from his augmented reality beach vacation room, and calls out that they have work to do, looking out at the Skrull crew manning the ship.[24][17]


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  • Peter Parker talks to May and Happy Hogan, asking if the two are dating. May says no, but Happy says yes, and the two discuss it, confusing Peter, who leaves for his date with Michelle Jones.[25][17]
  • Spider-Man continues to web-swing

    Spider-Man swings through New York City, taking pictures and texting Jones on his way to the date.[25][17]
  • Parker takes Michelle Jones for a web swing, as she wanted to see how it felt. She becomes scared mid-swing.[25][17]
  • Parker puts Jones down by Madison Square Garden, where she says she never wants to experience it again. A news report suddenly airs, which Parker watches in the street. It broadcasts footage, unknown to the press to be doctored, where Quentin Beck alleges that Spider-Man attacked him, and Parker saying "Execute them all" is used to look like he ordered the London deaths. Anchor Pat Kiernan says it came from The Daily Bugle, showing the site's host J. Jonah Jameson, who uses the opportunity to report on Spider-Man's criminal activity and call Mysterio "the greatest superhero of all time". Jameson then plays the second part of the video, in which Mysterio tells everybody that Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker, to Parker's horror.[25][17]




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  • Escape from the Tracksuit Mafia.[31]
  • Yelena Belova and her dog, Fanny, drive to Natasha Romanoff's grave. Fanny runs through the graveyard as Belova approaches the grave. She kneels and rearranges the items in front of it. Belova leans into the grave and whistles the tune that she and Romanoff used to whistle to each other. She walks in front of the grave.[32]
  • de Fontaine meets with Yelena Belova

    Valentina Allegra de Fontaine blows her nose loudly, claiming that it is due to allergies. de Fontaine comments on Romanoff's heroism, and Belova says that de Fontaine is not supposed to bother Belova while she is on holiday. de Fontaine insists that she is paying respects, and Belova says that de Fontaine looks desperate. Belova says that she wants a raise, and de Fontaine says that she does as well and that Belova will earn a raise.[32]
  • de Fontaine pulls out a tablet and offers Belova a chance to kill the man responsible for Romanoff's death, showing her a picture of Clint Barton. de Fontaine calls him a cutie, and Belova looks down at the tablet again.[32]





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    In The Star-Spangled Man and the following episodes, there are several references to events happening "six months ago" that would have occurred sometime after the Blip, such as the Flag Smashers forming and a resettlement camp teacher asking for more supplies. Therefore, it can be taken that the rest of the series events after New World Order take place in May 2024, seven months after the Blip, and that New World Order is set in mid-April 2024.
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  16. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, the film Heart of Iron: The Tony Stark Story is shown to exist by June 27, 2024 (see other references). This would be made after the events of October 17, 2023 (see 2023 references). It would take at least half a year to have been released, meaning it was released between April 18, 2024 and June 27, 2024. So, its release may be approximated to the midpoint of May 23, 2024. With most films releasing on a Friday, it may be approximated to the nearest Friday: May 24, 2024.
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    He describes the Morocco incident as "3 days later", making it June 23, 2024.
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    In June 2019, which has the same days of the week as June 2024, New York high schools finished on June 26th (1, 2, 3), so the most likely date for the last day of school in the 2023-2024 academic year is June 26, 2024. This scene is preceded by Mysterio arriving in Ixtenco, Mexico. Peter's To-Do List reveals that it is the day after the end of term that Peter Parker and his classmates go on summer vacation (on the last day of term, Ned Leeds asks Peter Parker what he will do with his "last day in New York"), beginning in Venice.
    In the first trailer and in an official social media post, Peter Parker's passport is shown to be issued on "JUL 19" and "19 JULY" respectively, and on the first poster and background art, the passport stamps for Berlin and London are both for "24 JUL". However, by the end of school dates, the trip would be June 27th-July 3rd. Since the passport scene is not in the film and the passport stamps on the poster/background art are already erroneous, saying the year is "19" when it is 2024, these can be discarded in favor of what the film says. This makes Venice June 28th, Prague June 30th, Berlin July 1st, and London July 2nd.
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  26. The The Daily Bugle article reporting on the reopening of Coney Island states that the revelation of Spider-Man's identity was "last week". With that event dated to Wednesday, July 10, 2024 (see other references), this would make it the week of July 14-July 20, 2024, so approximately July 17, 2024.
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