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"Okay, remember, everyone Thanos snapped away five years ago... You're just bringing them back to now, today. Don't change anything from the last five years."
Tony Stark to Hulk[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2023.




  • Waipo Chen puts a bottle of whiskey on her husband's gravestone.[1]


  • Waipo Chen wakes up to find the bottle of whiskey left on her husband's gravestone to be gone.[1]








Leo Fitz comforts Jemma Simmons

  • The 35-year-old Jemma Simmons argues with Leo Fitz, saying D.I.A.N.A. was only supposed to make her forget his location, not this as well. Fitz says she has to forget so she can be strong to do what is necessary, and that she will not be upset because she will not know what she has forgotten, but Simmons says she will nonetheless feel the guilt inside for leaving a part of herself behind, torn away. She cries that she does not want to forget, and Fitz embraces and comforts her.[5][7][6]
  • Having been comforted to accept what she has to do, Simmons puts pillows and a duvet into the Containment Module for the final stages of the plan.[5][6]
  • Enoch puts up a sheet, and the "Phil Coulson" Life-Model Decoy with Chronicom hardware is completed.[5][6]
  • Fitz loads the piece of the Time Di'Alla into the Time Drive, and he, Enoch, and Simmons make the jump to loop back to 2019.[5][6]


  • Kate Bishop stands on a balance beam, supporting herself on one foot, in front of a large audience.[8][9]







Steve's support group 12

Rogers attending his support group for survivors

  • Steve Rogers attends a therapy group with other Snap survivors. One of the members, Bobby, talks about how he has tackled the tough step of going on a date for the first time in 5 years. Rogers congratulates him and talks about the fact that they need to take baby steps to move on, something he himself struggled with after losing the love of his life in 1945, and states that they need to do something with their lives, otherwise Thanos might as well have killed them all.[16][17]
  • In a San Francisco storage unit, a rat inside Luis' van walks onto the panel's buttons, which activates the Quantum Tunnel, causing Ant-Man to finally return from the Quantum Realm. He is disoriented and confused.[16][17]
  • The security guard at the facility is surprised to see Lang on the security feed, and lets him out.[16][17]
  • After his release, Lang finds the city is mostly abandoned. He asks a passer-by what happened, but the boy does not respond.[16][17]
  • San Francisco Memorial

    The Wall of the Vanished

    Lang finds the Wall of the Vanished, a monument in San Francisco listing the local victims of the Snap 5 years earlier. Fearful for his daughter, he scans the monument for the Lang surname, only to instead find his own name, presumed dead due to his disappearance the same day as the event.[16][17]
  • Visiting his ex-wife's house, Scott Lang desperately rings the doorbell. Cassie, now 15 years old, comes to the door. Scott is stunned by her age, and Cassie is overwhelmed to find out her father is actually alive. They embrace.[16][17]



BW Leader of Avengers 5

The Avengers in 2023

  • At the Avengers Compound, Natasha Romanoff conducts a meeting via hologram with Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, Okoye, Captain Marvel, and War Machine, getting updates about the status of the galaxy and Wakanda and its surrounding area. Okoye explains the tremors were just tremors, and there is nothing to be done about them. Danvers then explains that the kind of trouble Earth is going through is also occurring across many planets, so she is having to cover a lot of territory and may not be around for a while.[16][17]
  • The group all shut down their holograms save for Rhodes, who tells Romanoff that he is in Mexico that there has been a cartel massacre, and that the perpetrator was definitely Clint Barton - the latest in a series of attacks by him over the preceding few years. She sadly asks him to still keep looking for where he might be heading next.[16][17]
  • BW Leader of Avengers 25

    Rogers talks with Natasha Romanoff

    Steve Rogers arrives at the facility to check in on his friend. He admits that while he tells people they should move on, he cannot himself, and that he knows Romanoff cannot either. Romanoff tells her friend that the Avengers gave her a job and family that she did not have beforehand, and she was better for it, still trying now even though the group is gone to be better. Rogers notes they should probably both "get a life", but Romanoff sadly smiles, joking, "You first." They are interrupted by a call at the front gate, and when Romanoff answers, they find Scott Lang, announcing himself and saying he really needs to talk to them.[16][17]
  • Once Lang has been welcomed inside, he tells the duo that while he was gone for 5 years, he only experienced 5 hours in the Quantum Realm. He explains to them that the realm operates on its own, unpredictable rules of time, suggesting that if there were a way to navigate it temporally, it could potentially be exploited to effectively time travel to before Thanos' attack, opening a possibility of finding a way to reverse the Snap. Romanoff is willing to entertain the idea, and Lang asks who they need to talk to.[16][17]



Tony Stark with his daughter, Morgan

  • Tony Stark goes to get his 4-year-old daughter, Morgan, from her tent outside his and Pepper Potts' home. He discovers Morgan has gone into the garage and taken a helmet from something he had made for her mother, and picks her up to take her inside for lunch. As he heads back, Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, and Natasha Romanoff arrive at the house.[16][17]
  • The group explain their proposal to Stark, but he explains that time travel is not navigable. Rogers points out the Infinity Stones are still around in the past, so they could get them, with Romanoff saying they could click their fingers themselves to bring the lost people back, Lang nicknaming the plan a "Time Heist". Stark worries they could just make things even worse, but when Rogers suggests they might not, Stark points out that there is still no logical, tangible way to safely execute the Time Heist. Lang thinks he can convince him so long as they follow the "rules of time travel", but Stark points out his idea is naively based on Back to the Future, which is not how quantum physics works. Lang angrily points out that many people, himself included, lost people who they care about, but Stark simply states that he cannot agree to help. Morgan comes back out and Tony tells the team that she already is his second chance.[16][17]
  • A Endgame concept art 1

    Smart Hulk helping in the streets of New York City

    Hulk, now a merged version of himself retaining the green muscular form but Banner's intelligence and personality, saves a group of civilians from a burning building. He receives a call from Steve Rogers about experimenting with time travel.[16][17]


  • Rogers, Lang, and Romanoff visit Hulk, meeting with him in a diner. Some children come over and take a photo with him, and Lang is disappointed when they are not interested in a photo with Ant-Man. When Rogers brings up the time travel possibility, Hulk is initially skeptical, but with Romanoff's encouragement, agrees to help them experiment with the idea.[16][17]
  • Tony Stark is washing dishes when he accidentally sprays a photo on his shelf. Wiping it clean, he finds it's a picture of himself with Peter Parker. The photo reminds him of what he lost, and he decides to give time travel theory a try.[16][17]
  • Tony Stark uses F.R.I.D.A.Y. to run different configurations for navigating time. He is shocked when one, revolving around an inverted Möbius strip, turns out to be feasible. Morgan interrupts him, and he takes her up to bed.[16][17]
  • Tony and Morgan 3000

    Tony Stark gives Morgan a goodnight kiss

    As Morgan Stark is put to bed, she tells her father she loves him "three thousand".[16][17]
  • Talking to his wife, Tony Stark tells Potts that he figured out time travel, and does not know what to do. He suggests that he could just stop now, but Potts points out that stopping is not in his nature, and he would not be able to rest knowing he did not help.[16][17]


  • Hulk, Romanoff, and Rogers set up their first time travel test, using the Quantum Tunnel in Luis' van. Hulk tries to send Scott Lang back in time, but instead pushes backwards time through Lang, ageing him backwards to a 12-year-old. In trying to fix it, he instead ages him to a 93-year-old, then back to a baby, before finally managing to return him to normal.[16][17]
  • Tony Stark sends a message to Bruce Banner saying that he has configured a Time-Space GPS for time travel.[18]
  • TonyandSteveEndgame

    Tony Stark gives Steve Rogers back his shield

    Tony Stark returns to the Avengers Compound, coming across Steve Rogers. He explains that he anticipated what happened to Lang, being the EPR paradox. He says that he wants to help now, but they must also keep what they have found for themselves in the years since the Snap. Tony takes the Captain America shield from his car boot, hand it back to Rogers the way his father once had, reminding him that Howard made it for him, and as a sign of their reconciliation. Rogers graciously accepts it, and says they are working on assembling the team.[16][17]


  • Scott Lang attempts to eat a taco, but is disrupted when Rocket Raccoon and Nebula arrive at the Avengers Compound on the Benatar, followed by War Machine.[16][17]
  • Hulk and Rocket fly the Benatar to Tønsberg, Norway, where they visit the "New Asgard" establishment the remainder of the Asgardians have set up to build their new lives. On arrival, Valkyrie greets them, but warns Thor will not be welcoming to them and only leaves his hut to get more beer for himself.[16][17]
  • Fat Thor

    Thor with Korg and Miek in New Asgard

    The duo go to recruit Thor, finding him an obese, unkempt alcoholic, reduced in his depression to simply playing video games with Korg and Miek. They tell him they are working to fix what happened with Thanos, but the reminder upsets Thor, after having failed in 2018. Hulk reminds him that he helped him out of a bad place before and says they need him, eventually convincing him to come with them.[16][17]
  • Massacre in Tokyo:
    • Ronin has found a Japanese Yakuza leader, Akihiko, and has tracked him down to his stronghold in Tokyo. On arrival, the now merciless Barton kills every member of the Yakuza present.[16][17]
    • Barton comes face-to-face with Akihiko and engages him in a sword duel. He slices his gut, then his throat. As Akihiko kneels and begs for his life, Barton runs him through.[16][17]
    • AvengersEndgame38

      Clint Barton is located by Natasha Romanoff

      Barton realizes Natasha Romanoff is behind him and turns to see his friend for the first time in 5 years. She informs him that the Avengers have a plan, and while he is reluctant to let himself have any hope, she takes his hand and convinces him to return with them.[16][17]



  • Bruce Banner takes notes on his time travel research stating that Pym Particles are a necessity. He also worries about the ramifications of time travel. He uses the notes as a final testament in case of a complete failure.[18]
  • Scott Lang dons a newly developed Advanced Tech Suit to trial time travel again, explaining that with Hank Pym dead, they only have enough Pym Particles for a round trip each and two test runs. He fumbles using one vial, and decides he is not ready. Barton volunteers to go instead.[16][17]
  • Hulk explains Time Travel

    Hulk explains time travel

    Barton dons the machine, and James Rhodes and Scott Lang ask Hulk why they cannot simply change time by killing a baby Thanos or stealing the Infinity Stones before Thanos can get them. Hulk explains, however, that you cannot just change your own past, and if you travel to the past, that simply puts your former present in your past, helping them to understand why it cannot simply be edited.[16][17]
  • Barton tests out the Quantum Tunnel for the group and enters the Quantum Realm, with the goal of exiting at his homestead in 2018, before his family was wiped out.[16][17]
The Watcher Icon
Some of these events are the result of a universe jump due to the Quantum Tunnel
The events were previously from here, continue to May 24, 2018/Time Heist, then return to here
  • Barton arrives back through the tunnel after his visit to 2018, still carrying a baseball mitt he picked up from his homestead. He informs the team that it worked.[16][17]
  • Time Heist Brainstorm 11

    Thor has fallen asleep

    Steve Rogers and Tony Stark lead a meeting of the Avengers to discuss planning when and where to time travel to so as to retrieve the six Infinity Stones from history. They point out that the Infinity Stones are entwined with their history, so there are not many convenient places. They ask Thor for help regarding information on the Aether, but he has fallen asleep.[16][17]
  • Thor, now awake, starts to explain the Aether, but gets sidetracked, talking about how Jane Foster ended up picking up the liquid and taking her to Asgard, where she met Frigga. He becomes upset thinking about Frigga's death and breaking up with Foster, before Stark stops him.[16][17]



  • Nebula warns the Avengers that Thanos retrieved the Soul Stone from Vormir, a "dominion of death", and notes that she knows it is where Thanos murdered her sister.[16][17]
  • As Tony Stark and Hulk discuss Doctor Strange having had the Time Stone, Natasha Romanoff realizes that if they pick the right year, there are three stones simultaneously in New York.[16][17]
  • ORuCt7q

    The Avengers contemplate the plan for the Time Heist

    Steve Rogers announces to the Avengers that they now have a plan for their Time Heist, with three teams: New York for the Space, Mind, and Time Stones, Asgard for the Reality Stone, and Morag/Vormir for Power and Soul Stones. The team all take a look at the final plan.[16][17]
  • Tony Stark records a message for his family ahead of the Time Heist, in case something goes wrong.[17] He also prepares a note for Peter Parker, gifting him his E.D.I.T.H. artificial intelligence if he dies.[16][19]


  • Time Heist:
    • Each wearing an Advanced Tech Suit, the Avengers stride to the new Quantum Tunnel. Steve Rogers gives them a pep talk and tells them to be careful and look out for each other, with the assurance that they will win, whatever it takes.[16][17]
    • Avengers begin Time Heist

      The Time Heist begins

      Hulk prepares the Quantum Tunnel, and Clint Barton is given the shrunken-down Benatar to take with him on the mission, with Rocket making him promise to return it safely.[16][17]
    • They are split into three groups: Rogers, Stark, Lang, and Hulk for 2012, Thor and Rocket for 2013, and Barton, Romanoff, Rhodes, and Nebula for 2014. Hulk sets off the Quantum Tunnel, and Romanoff jokes, "See you in a minute." The Avengers' helmets go up, and they enter the Quantum Realm.[16][17]
The Watcher Icon
Some of these events are the result of a universe jump due to the Quantum Tunnel
The events were previously from here, continue to May 4, 2012/Time Heist, November 12, 2013/Time Heist and August 1, 2014/Time Heist, then return to here
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Some of these events are the result of a universe jump due to the Quantum Tunnel
The events previously took place on April 7, 1970/Time Heist


  • Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Thor, and Hulk grieve Romanoff on a float just outside of the Avengers Compound, as they come to terms with her death. Thor wants to use the Infinity Stones to bring Romanoff back, but Barton explains the everlasting nature the guardian of the stone told them about.[16][17]
  • A custom-made Infinity Gauntlet, the Nano Gauntlet, is completed by Tony Stark, Rocket Raccoon, and Hulk.[16][17]
  • Hulk AE

    Hulk decides to use the Nano Gauntlet

    Thor asks to be the one to snap his fingers with the Nano Gauntlet, desperate to do something right to make up for his mistakes. Stark tells him he is not in the right state, and Hulk explains that the radiation from the stones is mostly gamma, so given his gamma-based nature and strength, he is the most likely to survive.[16][17]
  • While the Avengers prepare, the 2014 Nebula, assumed by the others to be the 2023 Nebula they know, goes to execute her plan.[16][17]
  • Stark reminds Hulk that the only change to be made is to bring everyone who died in the Snap back in present day, without altering anything else about the last 5 years or the present. Banner dons the gauntlet, struggling with the power it surges into him, but coping.[16][17]
  • Nebula opens the gateway to the 2014 that the Time Heist left behind, allowing Thanos' flagship, the Sanctuary II, to be transported through.[16][17]
  • Blip:
    • Hulkusingthenanogauntlet

      Bruce Banner wielding the Nano Gauntlet

      Despite significant damage to his right arm, Hulk manages to snap his fingers for the return of all life lost in the Snap in 2018. Stark cools his burned and wizened arm. Meanwhile, Scott Lang walks outside and notices the birds tweeting once again outside, just as Clint Barton's phone rings. Clint is overwhelmed when he finds out that the caller is his wife, and he takes the call from her, overjoyed to hear she is indeed alive once again. Lang tells the others he thinks it really worked.[16][17]
    • At Midtown School of Science and Technology, the students turned to dust by the Snap in 2018 return, causing a disturbance as they are caught in the middle of an ongoing basketball game.[19] Betty Brant and Jason Ionello return in the Midtown News studio. Ionello vomits and Brant urges the student who replaced them to get her seat back.[20][16]
    • May Parker returns inside her former apartment. The family who now lives in the apartment is shocked by her appearance, so much so, that the grandmother believes her to be a ghost.[16][19]
    • WV104 - 5987

      Monica Rambeau returns to life

      In Louisiana, Monica Rambeau returns in a hospital room, finding it empty. She hears screaming from outside, and goes to look, seeing several people returning. She attempts to ask a doctor for help, but he says they do not have the capacity to help her. Rambeau looks for her mother, who she was expecting to see in the room. Rambeau finds Dr. Highland, who asks Rambeau where she went. Highland tells Rambeau that her mother died three years prior, telling Rambeau about her disappearance in the Snap.[16][21]
    • At Ana's house, Yelena Belova returns in the bathroom. She notices the walls around her are different, confusing her. She goes into the living room, finding a man and a child in it. She points her Black Widow's Bite at them and demands to know what is happening. Ana sees Belova, and expresses surprise that she is back. The child asks who Belova is, and Ana assures her, saying that Belova is an old friend.[22][16]
    • Yelena Belova Blip

      Yelena Belova is brought back to life

      Hiro Kajimoto and half of his baseball team reappear and find that the stadium they were playing in had closed. Kajimoto, upset since he had been about to hit the ball when he disappeared, became confident that he would have hit a home run.[23][16]
    • Billy Peskers appears in his apartment, having disappeared while completely naked, scaring the family who lives there.[23][16]
    • Karen Oggerton and the patient she had been performing open heart surgery on reappear in the operating room. Oggerton resumes the surgery, picking up right where they had left off.[23][16]
    • Cammie Conroy reappears in the movie theater where she had been watching the second Extreme Measures movie, finding instead the fourth one playing. She wonders how they had produced the movie so quickly, and notes the increased age of the actors.[23][16]
  • Unbeknownst to those in New York, Doctor Strange, returned by Hulk and knowing what will be happening at the facility, uses Inter-Dimensional Portals to contact Wong and the Masters of the Mystic Arts and, with them, assemble a massive Avengers allied army from across space. Their assembly includes the heroes returned from death, the Asgardians, Ravagers, and the united Wakandan armies.[16][17]
  • Isaiah Sorenson, a computer programmer who had disappeared, researches computer languages and is pleased to learn that his lost time did not result in outdate programming language, since computer code had not progressed.[23][16]
  • David Jerome and Big Harv find the illegal product they had been moving when they disappeared and celebrate their victory over the police.[23][16]
  • Phillip Carroway and his wife learn that their son had invested millions of dollars in vaporizer technology using his inheritance in their absence. The two become disappointed in the reckless action.[23][16]
  • Theo Boskowtiz's father, who had disappeared, returns home to his son and wife, who had married another man in her husband's absence. While Boskowtiz's mother and stepfather are angered, Boskowtiz himself is pleased at being able to celebrate holidays multiple times with different relatives.[23][16]
  • Attack on the Avengers Compound:
    • Before the Avengers can appreciate their success, the Sanctuary II suddenly bears down on the facility and fires a barrage of missiles. Lang shrinks down for safety and the facility begins to crumble, the other Avengers falling to the rubble of the foundations below. The facility is destroyed, along with the Quantum Tunnel.[16][17]
    • AONAF 7

      James Rhodes and Rocket Raccoon under rubble

      Hulk holds up rubble to protect War Machine and Rocket. Rhodes ejects out of his armor and crawls, without the support his mechanical legs provide for his paralysis, to help free Rocket as he struggles to breathe. The area starts to flood.[16][17]
    • Ant-Man hears Rhodes' calls on comms for help with the flood.[16][17]
    • Hawkeye struggles through the rubble, before finding the fallen Nano Gauntlet. He hears a noise from behind him and fires a flashlight arrow down the tunnel, illuminating Outriders crawling toward him. He picks up the gauntlet and runs.[16][17]
    • 2014 Nebula reunites with 2014 Thanos, who thanks her. He asks her to find the stones for him, while he waits.[16][17]
    • 2014 Gamora watches from the Sanctuary II, concerned. She turns to 2023 Nebula and asks what happened between them after 2014, and 2023 Nebula explains that despite their fights, they go on to be sisters. Gamora offers to help 2023 Nebula stop Thanos.[16][17]
    • Thor Steve & Tony Endgame

      Iron Man, Captain America and Thor decide to confront Thanos in a fight

      Iron Man finds Captain America, unconscious in the rubble. He wakes him and gives him back his shield, saying that their messing with time has led to time retaliating.[16][17]
    • Iron Man and Captain America join Thor, who has been watching Thanos, and tells them the Titan has not moved. They accept that they are walking into a trap, but decide to attack nonetheless. Thor summons lightning, which changes him into armor and braided hair, as he brings both the 2013 Mjølnir and Stormbreaker to his hands.[16][17]
  • The trio walk to confront Thanos. Thanos thinks over his 2018 self's victory and the fact that people are not grateful for his actions, deciding he must wipe away the universe to be the creator of a new one that does not know loss or what it cost to come into existence. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America charge him, each attacking together as Thanos fends them off.[16][17]
  • AvengersEndgameTrailer27

    Ant-Man goes to save Rocket Raccoon, Rhodes and Hulk

    Rhodes and Rocket panic as the water fills up their underground area. Ant-Man, meanwhile, makes his way to them to help.[16][17]
  • Battle of Earth:
    • Iron Man has Thor charge him with lightning, like their first encounter in 2012, for a stronger attack on Thanos, but Thanos deflects the blast with his sword. Thor uses Stormbreaker to hit Mjølnir at the Titan, but Thanos uses Iron Man as a shield, the hammer instead knocking Stark out.[16][17]
    • Captain America attacks Thanos, only to be knocked aside. Thor dives and swings Stormbreaker at him, but Thanos disarms him, before kicking and pummeling him. When Thor tries to summon Stormbreaker, Thanos catches the weapon and starts to push it through Thor's breastplate.[16][17]
    • Captain America (God of Thunder)

      Rogers sending lightning to Thanos

      Captain America picks up Mjølnir, deemed worthy of wielding the enchanted weapon, and hurls it to knock Thanos off of his friend, before summoning it back to him. Thanos kicks Thor's head into a rock as Rogers attacks him, using the hammer and shield in tandem to knock him down, before summoning lightning with Mjølnir to strike the Titan.[16][17]
    • As Captain America attacks again, Thanos dodges, before slamming Rogers into the ground and stabbing his leg and punching the hammer from his grip. He proceeds to use his sword to cut pieces from the shield, otherwise indestructible to any Earth-based material. Rogers falls to the ground.[16][17]
  • Yelena (2023)

    Belova learns what happened from Ana

    Ana tells Yelena Belova that she is now married with an adopted daughter. She tells Belova that Sonya realized that their lives can improve if they work as contract killers. Ana offers Belova to live with her, and Belova tells her to stop, getting overwhelmed. Belova says that she needs to find Natasha Romanoff and tell her that she is okay.[22][16]
  • Battle of Earth:
    • Thanos mentions that while his previous conquests have been detached of emotion, he will enjoy annihilating Earth, as he calls forth the full force of his armies, who beam down to the ground. Despite being the only hero left in the way of Thanos and his army, Rogers, still resolute, straps what remains of his shield and walks to confront Thanos, the Black Order, and the hordes of aliens, in defiance.[16][17]
    • ReadyForBattle-MCUCollective-Endgame

      The reunited heroes get ready to face Thanos

      Just as all seems lost, Rogers hears a voice on his radio: Sam Wilson, returned to life by Hulk, alerting Rogers once again, "On your left." Rogers turns to find a golden portal being opened, with Black Panther, Shuri, and Okoye stepping through. Falcon flies through over them as numerous portals open around Rogers. From Titan, out steps Doctor Strange, Mantis, Drax the Destroyer, Star-Lord, and Spider-Man. From Wakanda, the restored might of the Wakandan Army marches forth, led by their king, and accompanied by the Winter Soldier, Groot, and Scarlet Witch. From New Asgard, Valkyrie and her flying steed Warsong, Korg, Miek, and the Asgardians. Wong leads the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Wasp arrives from San Francisco, and the Ravagers and Howard the Duck come through from Contraxia. Thor summons Stormbreaker, Iron Man wakes, Pepper Potts flies in wearing the armor Stark made her, and Ant-Man grows to giant size from under the Avengers Compound, safely getting Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, and War Machine out to join the fray. Captain America summons Mjølnir back to him and rallies the armies with the cry, "Avengers... assemble," and the Avengers' allied forces charge forth.[16][17]
    • Endgame 54

      Thanos unleashes his army

      Thanos unleashes his army in response, and the clash of the Battle of Earth begins. Ant-Man punches a Leviathan to the ground, Black Panther fights Outriders, Drax stabs Cull Obsidian, and Stark and Potts fight back-to-back in their respective armors. Thor and Captain America accidentally switch weapons as they fight, and Thor has Rogers give back Stormbreaker, wanting the bigger weapon. Barnes and Rocket shoot their opponents.[16][17]
    • Cull Obsidian goes to stab Iron Man, but Spider-Man uses webs to restrain him, then Ant-Man steps on him. Parker and Stark reunite, and Stark hugs him, delighted to have him back.[16][17]
    • Star-Lord fights Sakaarans from Thanos' army. He is almost killed by one, but his attacker is shot in the back. Quill gets up to find the shooter to be Gamora. He is confused, not knowing she is not the Gamora he knew, so when he touches her, she knees and kicks him. She turns to Nebula, incredulous that the man before her is the one her other self fell in love with.[16][17]
    • Endgame Falcon

      Falcon kills a Chitauri Gorilla

      Falcon kills a Chitauri Gorilla. Hawkeye runs with the Nano Gauntlet, and Hulk notes that they need to return them to where they came from to get them out of Thanos' reach forever. Stark points out the Quantum Tunnel has been destroyed, but Lang remembers Luis' Van has one. Valkyrie spots the van from above, and Lang and van Dyne go to get the van started.[16][17]
    • Iron Man goes to see Strange, saying this better be the 1 in 14 million eventuality where things turn out well, though Strange says he cannot confirm it or else it will not be.[16][17]
    • Lang and van Dyne find the van dead and realize they have to hot-wire it.[16][17]
    • Corvus Glaive informs Thanos that their Nebula is not responding. Ebony Maw spots Hawkeye running with the Nano Gauntlet and points him out.[16][17]
    • Hawkeye Battle of Earth 5

      Barton hands Nano Gauntlet to Black Panther

      As Barton struggles transporting the gauntlet, T'Challa asks him to hand it over, remembering Barton's name from the Clash of the Avengers despite claiming not to care at the time. He takes it and runs, weathering the onslaught of attacks with the Panther Habit's kinetic energy absorption, but being knocked over when Thanos throws his sword at him.[16][17]
    • Before Thanos can go for the gauntlet, Scarlet Witch lands in front of him. She says that he took everything from her. The 2014 Thanos notes he does not know her, but she attacks, telekinetically throwing boulders at him.[16][17]
    • As Black Panther attempts to retrieve the gauntlet, Ebony Maw magically lifts a rock that it is positioned upon up out of the ground, trying to get it out of his reach. He retrieves it, but struggles, so Spider-Man swings over and takes it, then activating "Instant Kill Mode" to fend off oncoming Outriders.[16][17]
    • Scarlet Witch Endgame battle 10

      Maximoff raises Thanos up in the air

      Thanos attempts to push his sword toward Maximoff, but she telekinetically blocks him, then raises him up in the air as she tears his armor from his body. Thanos panics and orders an air strike, despite the risk to his own troops.[16][17]
    • Wong leads the sorcerers in casting magical shields from the missiles. Meanwhile, missile strikes at the river border cause the start of a flood, and Doctor Strange goes to magically keep it at bay.[16][17]
    • Parker is overrun by Outriders and calls for help. Captain America throws Mjølnir over his fellow New Yorker, allowing him to web onto it and be carried away. Potts then catches him and throws him up onto Warsong to fly with Valkyrie. However, Warsong is struck by a missile and Parker falls to the ground, then struggling for shelter as the missile fire becomes too intense.[16][17]
    • Sanctuary II destroyed

      Captain Marvel destroying the Sanctuary II

      The Avengers all dive for cover as the missiles rain down. Rocket Raccoon clutches to Groot protectively. However, the firing suddenly stops as the ship's blasters turn upward. F.R.I.D.A.Y. informs Stark that something has entered the upper atmosphere, as Captain Marvel comes down from the sky, having arrived to help, barreling through the Sanctuary II and destroying it, to Thanos' dismay.[16][17]
    • Lang manages to start up the van's Quantum Tunnel.[16][17]
    • Danvers flies down to Parker so she can protect the gauntlet. He notes that Thanos has a whole army in the way of the van, but with Valkyrie and Warsong overhead, Maximoff and Okoye catch up with them and note Danvers has help. Potts flies over, Mantis and Shuri walk to join them, Wasp flies over to assist, and Gamora and Nebula get to the group. The women advance as a unit, their joined forces weakening the path for Danvers. Maximoff telekinetically takes down a Leviathan, while Valkyrie flies and cuts through another.[16][17]
    • ThanosThrowsHisSwordAtVan

      Thanos destroys the van's time portal

      Danvers flies through toward the van. Thanos goes to stop her, but Potts, Shuri, and Wasp blast him together to clear her way. Danvers gets past him, but just before reaching the van, Thanos throws his sword into the vehicle, destroying it, with the blast knocking Danvers back and making her drop the gauntlet.[16][17]
    • The Avengers do all they can to stop Thanos from getting the Nano Gauntlet, but Thanos swats Iron Man aside and manages to headbutt Thor and slam Captain America into the ground. Captain Marvel flies back in, but he swings her off him and dons the gauntlet. Before he can let the power of it sink in, Danvers returns and grabs his hand to keep it open, and when he tries to headbutt her, she is impervious. However, as she starts to overpower him, Thanos removes the Power Stone and uses its raw energy to punch her with a concussive blast.[16][17]
    • I... am..

      Iron Man wipes out Thanos and his army

      Doctor Strange gestures to Stark that they are in the deciding moments for the one winning outcome, and Stark has a realization. As the Titan replaces the Power Stone and embraces the gauntlet's power again, Stark grabs the gauntlet to try to stop him. Thanos bats him aside and announces himself as inevitable as he goes to finally snap his fingers, but when he does so, he finds the gauntlet ineffective. He is stunned to discover it is empty, and turns to see Stark revealing he has used his nanotech to steal the Infinity Stones. Stark takes on the power of the stones and retorts, "I am Iron Man," before snapping his fingers.[16][17]
    • As Stark's will dictated when snapping his fingers, Thanos' forces begin to crumble to dust, the way half the population had 5 years prior. Thanos looks upon his defeat in dismay, before sitting down to embrace his end, as he, too, crumbles away, blowing into the wind.[16][17]
    • Tony Stark's Last Smile

      Stark smiles at Pepper Potts for her arrival

      His body burned and wrecked, Stark falls to the ground, struggling to breathe. James Rhodes lands by him and caresses his dying friend's face. Peter Parker swings over, trying to talk to Stark and tell him they have won. Stark is unresponsive, and Parker starts to cry. Finally, Pepper Potts arrives, crouching to talk to him. Stark manages to mutter a recognition to her, and after F.R.I.D.A.Y. confirms to Potts that her husband is dying, she assures him that he has saved them, and he can finally rest peacefully. Potts cries herself, holding her hand on Stark's heart as the arc reactor fades, and Tony Stark dies. Captain America and Thor look on mournfully as Potts kisses him one last time.[16][17]
  • Karen Oggerton finishes her surgery, successfully saving her patient.[23][16]
  • Jack Triconi, a stunt-man, fakes an injury for insurance money. He lies and says that the injury was the result of jumping off the roof of a building for a stunt before disappearing, and the production company not having the safety mat on the ground when he reappeared.[23][16]
  • Nicodemus West, mourning the deaths of his cats and brother while he was dead, starts losing sleep over whether half of all life had to be sacrificed or if there was another way to stop Thanos.[24][16]







The Watcher Icon
This point is the focus of a universe jump due to the Quantum Tunnel
The events continue on May 4, 2012/Time Heist, November 12, 2013/Time Heist, August 1, 2014/Time Heist and April 7, 1970/Time Heist
  • However, he does not return to the tunnel when Hulk tries to bring him back, having traveled back to 1949[37] after his mission and decided to stay there to finally come home from war and spend the rest of his life with Peggy Carter.[16][17]
The Watcher Icon
Some of these events are the result of a universe jump due to the Quantum Tunnel
The events previously took place on July 21, 1949/Married Steve Rogers
  • Old Cap & New Cap

    Steve Rogers passes the shield on to Sam Wilson

    Barnes and Wilson notice an old man sitting ahead by the lake. Encouraged by Barnes, Wilson approaches him, realizing that he is an elderly Steve Rogers, now biologically 112[37], having lived a full life. Rogers says his life was beautiful, and Wilson says he is happy, but will miss Captain America. Rogers reveals a now intact shield, removing it from its casing and passing it to Wilson. When Wilson notes that it feels like someone else's, Rogers says that it is not. Honored, Wilson thanks his friend and assures him he will do his best, which Rogers tells him is why he chose him. When Wilson notices Rogers has a wedding ring, he inquires about Rogers' wife, but Rogers decides to keep the special life he lived private.[16][17]


  • A group of individuals who had been displaced by the Blip and were working for the Power Broker in Madripoor decide to fight against the Global Repatriation Council. They steal vials of the Super Soldier Serum from Wilfred Nagel and inject themselves with it. Karli Morgenthau experiences an intense burning sensation. The group call themselves the Flag Smashers and begin fighting against the GRC.[28][38]
  • A teacher at the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp requests supplies. The Global Repatriation Council promises to send more teachers and supplies. However, they are not sent.[39][40]
  • Wanda Maximoff goes to S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters and demands to see Vision's body. She pleads with the security guard, saying that Vision deserves to have a funeral. Tyler Hayward has her let in, and she blasts open the door. She walks through the Headquarters and into Hayward's office. Hayward greets Maximoff and asks to show her something.[16][41]
  • Hayward shows Maximoff Vision's deconstructed body being worked on, upsetting Maximoff. Maximoff asks what they are dismantling him, Hayward explains that it is there legal and ethical obligation. Maximoff says that she only wants to bury him, but Hayward calls her claim into question, saying that she has the power to resurrect Vision. Maximoff denies this, but Hayward refuses still, offering to let her say goodbye from his office.[16][41]
  • I can't feel you

    Maximoff mourns over Vision's corpse

    Maximoff says that Vision is all she has, and Hayward says that he is not hers. Enraged, Maximoff breaks the glass from the viewing area and approaches Vision's head, attempting to reach out to him, but she cannot feel him. Upset, Maximoff leaves the facility.[16][41]
  • Maximoff gets into her car and finds the deed to a property she and Vision planned to live on, deciding to head to the property.[16][41]
  • Michelle Jones is issued a new United States passport.[42]




  • Wanda Maximoff arrives in Westview, New Jersey and drives through the town. She passes John Collins, who crosses the street in front of her. She sees Harold Proctor put up an advertisement for piano lessons, and watches Sharon Davis sit at a coffee table. She arrives at the property she and Vision intended to own and pulls into the driveway.[41][16]
  • Wanda recreates Vision

    Wanda Maximoff creates a new Vision

    Maximoff walks onto the property, seeing bare ground. She looks at her and Vision's deed and breaks down crying, falling to her knees. A burst of magic comes out of Maximoff as a house is constructed around her. The magic covers the whole town and transforms it into the aesthetic of a sitcom from the 1950s. In the house, Maximoff's powers create a new version of Vision, and the two smile at each other. Vision greets Maximoff and welcomes her home, before they sit at the couch and kiss as Vision turns on the television.[41][16]
  • Agatha Harkness senses the afterglow of multiple spells in play all at once. Fascinated by this, she heads to Westview to investigate.[49][16]
  • A man placed in Witness Protection in Westview suddenly goes missing as people forget that he and the town exists. FBI agent Jimmy Woo is tasked with investigating the case. Woo contacts the witness' known associates and relatives, but to his surprise, he finds that none of them have heard of this person. Woo goes to Westview to meet with local law enforcement, when he realizes that others do not believe the town exists.[21][16]
  • Woo gets phone numbers for the residents of Westview and tries calling them, receiving no answers.[21][16]
  • THayward-FirstScene

    Tyler Hayward greets Monica Rambeau

    Monica Rambeau returns to work at S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters and attempts to enter by using her employee ID card, which is outdated. Rambeau tries to explain that she has a meeting with Tyler Hayward, when Hayward appears and greets her, inviting her inside. Hayward tells Rambeau that she is the first to report in three weeks and that he is not surprised. Rambeau asks about their astronaut training program, and Hayward explains that numbers plummeted due to the Snap, so S.W.O.R.D. had to switch to unmanned missions. Hayward explains that the revelation of unexpected threats forced S.W.O.R.D. to start making weapons.[21][16]
  • Inside the office, Hayward tells Rambeau about an FBI missing persons case in New Jersey, in which use of one of their drones was requested. Hayward asks Rambeau to look after the drone, upsetting Rambeau as she is used to more involved missions. Hayward explains that, per her mother's policies regarding vanished personnel, she is grounded. Rambeau accepts the mission.[21][16]
  • She arrives at the Westview border, where Jimmy Woo introduces himself, and Woo explains that a member of the Witness Protection Program appears to have fled. He tells Rambeau about his investigation thus far, showing Rambeau that the Sheriff of Eastview did not believe the town to exist.[21][16]
  • As the Sheriff leaves, Woo explains that nobody inside the town can be contacted, surmising that the entire town is missing. Rambeau asks why he hasn't investigated, and Woo says that the town does not want him to, asking if she can also feel that nobody is supposed to enter.[21][16]
  • 1F9D09D6-56A3-4DB5-91EC-23E2E5A79B68

    Rambeau uses a S.W.O.R.D. Drone

    Rambeau takes a S.W.O.R.D. Drone from her truck and prepares to fly it toward the town as she wonders why they appear to be aware of Westview while anyone with a personal connection to it is not. She flies the drone towards the town as she starts to theorize potential reasons. Rambeau notices interference on the feed and looks up to see that it has disappeared. As she gets closer to the border to investigate, she notices an energy field around the town. She reaches out to touch it and gets pulled into the town, disappearing in front of Woo's eyes.[21][16]


  • A S.W.O.R.D. Response Base is set up outside of Westview. Radiation readings from the town are taken, and S.W.O.R.D. is told that it is within a safe limit.[16][21]
  • Twenty-four hours after Rambeau's disappearance, Darcy Lewis is driven to the Response Base along with other scientists.[16][21]
  • A theme song for the sitcom WandaVision broadcasts.[50] [16]
  • WV - Darcy on Base

    Darcy Lewis arrives at the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base

    Lewis asks the other scientists about their fields, and upon hearing the varied responses, surmises that S.W.O.R.D. does not know what they are dealing with. The scientists arrive at the base, and Lewis is told by Agent Monti that her equipment is set up in a lab.[16][21]
  • Inside Westview, Wanda Maximoff uses her powers to clean dishes and put them away. Vision enters the kitchen as Maximoff is putting a plate away causing it to break. Maximoff fixes it, offering Vision a large breakfast, to which Vision responds that he cannot eat.[16][21]
  • Lewis is taken to the lab as she watches a S.W.O.R.D. Drone be sent into Westview and disappear. She asks Monti what kind of data were they getting but is told that the information is classified, causing her to realize they are not getting any.[16][21]
  • Vision notices a heart above the date on their calendar and asks Maximoff its significance, they each pretend to know even though they do not. Vision then blows Maximoff a kiss before leaving for work. Maximoff looks at the calendar, struggling to remember the significance of the date.[50][16]
  • Agatha becomes Agnes

    "Agnes" arrives at the Vision Residence

    Agatha Harkness flies in front of the Vision Residence, she disguises herself as "Agnes", the nosy neighbor, and walks toward the door.[16][49]
  • Lewis notes the large amount of agencies present, before she finds a colossal amount of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation readings. Monti says that they were told that the radiation is within a safe limit, and Lewis implies that that is temporary. Lewis notices longer wavelengths over the radiation. She plugs her equipment into an old Physio-Scope and receives an image of Maximoff. This prompts her to request an old television set.[16][21]
  • "Agnes", knocks on the door to the Vision Residence and comments on how fast Maximoff moved in, and then asks why she moved in despite being single. Maximoff tells "Agnes" that she is in fact married and that she and her husband , and remembering the calender, says it is thier anniversary. "Agnes" leaves to get materials and plan their anniversary dinner.[50][16]
  • S.W.O.R.D. gets Lewis a television. She plugs it in and is able to watch a sitcom version of what is happening in Westview.[21][16]
  • Vision Typewriter

    Vision swiftly uses a typewriter

    At Computational Services Inc. Headquarters, Vision finishes the work which "Norm" asked him to complete. Norm comments on Vision's speed, and Vision asks what the company actually does, and "Norm" simply replies that their productivity at making computational forms has increased substantially, comparing him to a walking computer, prompting Vision to get defensive. Vision confides in "Norm" about not remembering the significance of the day, when their boss, "Arthur Hart," comes out and reminds Vision that they are having dinner that evening. "Hart" explains to Vision that "Phil Jones" was fired for an unsatisfactory dinner, and threatens Vision with the same fate.[50][16]
  • Maximoff and "Agnes" plan the night, but are interrupted when Vision calls, attempting to tell Maximoff about the importance of the night. Maximoff, still believing it to be an anniversary dinner, assures Vision that everything is under control. Vision tells Maximoff how nervous he is, and that they should try to impress "Hart's" wife, but Maximoff mistakes it for flirting, so she suggests impressing the husband. Vision, reassured, hangs up.[50][16]
  • A commercial for the ToastMate 2000 airs on the broadcast of Maximoff's sitcom.[50][16]
  • Vision brings "Hart" and his wife to his and Maximoff's house. They find a candlelit setup, and Vision rushes to find Maximoff. He goes into the kitchen, while Maximoff approaches "Arthur Hart" from behind, mistaking him for Vision, covers his eyes and asks him to guess who it is. Vision turns the lights on and Maximoff realizes her mistake, and Vision lies, saying that it is a Sokovian greeting. Maximoff and Vision go into the kitchen and clear up the misunderstanding about the purpose of the dinner, and Maximoff changes her dress using magic and calls "Agnes" for help.[50][16]
  • Vision talks to "Arthur" and "Mrs. Hart", asking the the actually purpose of their company, and "Arthur" gives vague answers. "Agnes" then arrives, bringing a gourmet meal to Maximoff, who thanks her. "Agnes" accidentally knocks over a pot, prompting "Mrs. Hart" to offer help, but Vision insists that Maximoff can handle cooking, which she does.[50][16]
  • Mrs

    Maximoff is nearly caught using her magic

    "Mrs. Hart" hears a ruckus from the kitchen and goes to help Maximoff, opening the windows to the kitchen, but Vision stops her by singing Yakety Yak before "Mrs. Hart" can see what Maximoff is doing Vision suggests a sing-a-long.[50][16]
  • Maximoff uses her magic to cook a chicken, overcooking it. She attempts to reverse it, turning it into a basket of eggs.[50][16]
  • Vision and "Mrs. Hart" sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, although "Arthur" refuses to participate.[50][16]
  • S.W.O.R.D. Agent Franklin approaches a sewer from out of town wearing a hazmat suit and assures Tyler Hayward that he is ready to approach Westview. Hayward tells him to find any information about Monica Rambeau before Franklin enters the sewers[16][21]
  • Maximoff's magic starts to get out of control. While looking for the main course, Vision runs into the kitchen and offers help as Maximoff is making lobsters float, and Maximoff accidentally sends the lobsters flying out the window.[50][16]
  • Jimmy Woo tells Hayward that he is not confident in Franklin's chances, explaining that they cannot be certain the Hex does not extend underground, but Hayward counters by saying there is no reason to suspect that it does. Woo tries to make his case, but Hayward dismisses him.[21][16]
  • Jimmy Woo & Darcy Lewis

    Lewis discovers the WandaVision broadcast

    Maximoff asks Vision to prepare the steak while she goes out and talks with "Arthur" and "Mrs. Hart." Maximoff attempts to distract the "Harts" away from Vision tenderizing the meat, when "Agnes" knocks on the front door, giving Maximoff a pineapple in exchange for her cake.[50][16]
  • Hayward has Agent Rodriguez show him their attempts at getting a visual of the inside of Westview, none of which were successful. Hayward demands a useful visual, when he suddenly hears Darcy Lewis watching the WandaVision sitcom. Woo, Hayward, Woo and Lewis recognize Maximoff and Vision.[21][16]
  • They briefly watch the sitcom and Hayward asks questions about its nature, prompting Lewis to note the cosmic background radiation and the other frequency she picked up coming from Westview, saying that when she plugged it in she was able to watch the sitcom. Woo suggests this means the universe created the sitcom. Hayward requests analysis of the broadcast.[21][16]
  • Maximoff returns to the kitchen uses her magic to set up dinner. Vision, Maximoff, and the "Harts" sit around the table and toast. They sit down to eat as "Mrs. Hart" starts asking Maximoff and Vision about their past, they find themselves unable to answer the questions. "Arthur" gets frustrated with the lack of answer as they continue to struggle. As "Arthur" demands to know why they are here, he starts choking. "Mrs. Hart" starts telling him to stop repeatedly "Arthur" falls on the floor, and Maximoff eventually tells Vision to save "Arthur," which he does.[50][16]
  • Mrs Hart Lobster Door WV E1

    "Mrs. Hart" says goodbye to Wanda and Vision

    Vision helps "Arthur" back to his feet. "Arthur" looks at his watch, and realizes it is time to leave. "Mrs. Hart" covers Maximoff's eyes and announces her intent to leave, and Maximoff thanks the "Harts" for coming. "Arthur" thanks Vision, offering him a promotion before leaving.[50][16]
  • The pair sit on the couch as Maximoff points out that they do not have an anniversary, a song, or wedding rings. Vision decides that it is their anniversary, and they agree that Yakety Yak would be their song. Maximoff uses her magic to create wedding rings before they kiss.[50][16]
  • Woo walks away from Lewis' station[21] as she watches Maximoff and Vision kiss on the broadcast and finishes writing her notes as the episode's credits roll, closing her notebook.[50][16]
  • Later, Woo sets up a board for all the information they can gather on the citizens of Westview, saying that finding Monica Rambeau is important and they should treat it as a missing persons case. He notes that they have identified Wanda Maximoff and Vision by putting their photos on the board.[21][16]
  • WandaVision Sword Wall

    Various Westview residents are identified

    Lewis rewatches footage of the "Harts" and attempts to identify them.[21][16]
  • Woo writes a question on a whiteboard about the recurring presence of hexagons in the sitcom. Lewis identifies that the "Harts" are in fact Todd and Sharon Davis, presenting analyses of their characters in the sitcom and copies of their drivers' licenses.[21][16]
  • Woo writes on the whiteboard more questions, including why the show would be a sitcom and whether time and space are the same inside Westview.[21][16]
  • Woo rewatches footage of "Norm", attempting to identify him. A S.W.O.R.D. agent brings him "Norm's" true identity, Abilash Tandon. His information is placed on their board.[21][16][21]
  • Woo adds another question to his whiteboard about whether Vision is still alive.[21][16]
  • Lewis identifies "Phil Jones" as Harold Proctor. She reports on her findings and his identification sheet is put on the board.[21][16]
  • Woo reports on the discovery that "Beverly" is truly Isabel Matsueda. Her file is put on the board.[21][16]
  • Lewis places an identification sheet for "Herb" on the board, calling out his true name, John Collins.[21][16]
  • Darcy Lewis (2023)

    Lewis informs Woo that she has an idea

    Lewis continues analyzing the footage and notices Rambeau sitting on a bench during a scene within the sitcom. She shows Woo, who notes that Rambeau has a completely different personality. Lewis speculates that Rambeau has to play along,as it is simply a sitcom. Woo asks why, and Lewis comments that they are working with the same lack of intel. Lewis tells Woo that she has an idea.[21][16]
  • Maximoff is woken up in "the middle of the night" by a noise from outside her room. She turns the light on, waking Vision. He checks outside and sees nothing, but hears a loud noise when reassuring her, scaring him as he rushes back into bed.[51][16]
  • Vision mentions that he had heard about bad people moving in, suggesting they are doing bad things. Maximoff suggests that the rumors were simply about herself and Vision. Maximoff moves their separate beds together, and opens the curtains, finding it was simply a branch hitting the window. The pair decide they like their beds closer together, so Maximoff combines them into one bed and they sleep together.[51][16]
  • WandaVision (Episode 2)

    WandaVision! on the broadcast of Maximoff's sitcom

    A theme song airs on the broadcast of the WandaVision sitcom.[51][16]
  • Vision and Maximoff practice their magic act for the upcoming Westview Talent Show. Vision notices the intricacy of their Cabinet of Mysteries, asking whether the other acts are as elaborate, and Maximoff explains that they are. Vision suggests that the town would see through the trick, and Maximoff explains that real magic acts use fake magic. Vision comforts her, and Maximoff says that she has to go to the meeting for the planning committee. Vision tells Maximoff that he is going to the Westview Neighborhood Watch meeting. Vision leaves while Maximoff prepares.[51][16]
  • Maximoff does housework when she hears a loud sound from outside. She finds a S.W.O.R.D. Drone, which had turned into a red helicopter. She picks it up and studies, but is interrupted by "Agnes," who has come to drop off her pet rabbit for the magic act.[51][16]
  • While Maximoff puts the rabbit inside her house, "Dennis the Mailman" walks by. Maximoff and "Agnes" then head to "Dottie Jones'" house for the planning committee meeting for the talent show.[51][16]
  • Agnes advises Maximoff

    "Agnes" advises Maximoff

    "Agnes" advises Maximoff to be nice to "Jones" to make her life easier. "Jones" comes outside with the rest of the committee and greets the pair, who join the group.[51][16]
  • Lewis explains to Woo that she might be able to send a signal to the radio on Wanda's kitchen counter and speak with her. An agent brings Woo an image of a S.W.O.R.D. Drone, which had transformed into a red toy helicopter, from a scene which aired two minutes prior. Lewis and Woo question why the design was changed and why image was in color.[21][16]
  • The planning committee arrives at Westview Pool Club and discuss the setup for the talent show. Maximoff imitates "Jones" as "Beverly" reports on the progress. "Jones" asks about whether chairs were set up, chastising her despite not asking "Beverly" to set up the chairs, upsetting Maximoff. A woman, really Monica Rambeau, compliments Maximoff's pants, and Maximoff responds, prompting a rude response from "Jones."[51][16]
  • Lewis tells Woo that Rambeau has dialogue for the first time in the sitcom, telling Woo what she is saying.[21][16]
  • "Jones" begins to discuss etiquette as Maximoff introduces herself to the woman next to her, who introduces herself as "Geraldine." "Jones" gets annoyed and reports that tickets for the talent show are completely sold out. The group applaud for themselves, and "Agnes" wonders aloud how any of them are sober.[51][16]
  • Lewis and Woo begin trying to reach Maximoff on the radio when Lewis notices Rambeau talking to Maximoff. During the scene, Lewis tells Woo that Maximoff is at "some sort of swim club" and that they've never been there before.[21][16]
  • Vision arrives at the Westview Public Library, where the Neighborhood Watch is meeting. He joins the group, who are at first awkward around him. Vision starts asking questions when "Herb" says that they were about to start new business, but "Norm" tells him they are simply about to have more snacks. Vision turns down the offer of the danishes.[51][16]
  • "Herb" and "Norm" spread gossip. Vision suggests that "Norm" is a Communist, wanting to share gossip as well, and the group laughs and "Herb" offers him gum, which Vision accepts it. He chews the gum, but "Herb" slaps his back while laughing, causing Vision to accidentally swallow the gum, which slows his gears.[51][16]
  • Maximoff cleans up as "Jones" advises her on planning. Maximoff attempts to correct her first impression, but "Jones" begins saying that she has heard things about Maximoff and her husband. Maximoff assures "Jones" that she means no harm, but "Jones" says that she does not believe her.[51][16]
  • Lewis notices a radio in the scene, so she tells Woo to start talking into her device. Woo begins trying to reach Maximoff as Lewis watches the broadcast.[21][16]
  • WandaVision 80

    Maximoff and "Jones" hear Jimmy Woo's call

    Maximoff starts to hear Woo's voice through the radio, prompting "Jones" to ask who it is. The voice asks who is hurting Maximoff, when the radio short circuits and a glass breaks in "Jones'" hand, causing her to bleed.[16][51]
  • Maximoff gets "Jones" a towel to cover the wound, as "Jones" suddenly acts as though nothing strange has happened, saying that a housewife cleans a bloodstain by doing it herself. "Jones" walks away, leaving Maximoff confused.[51][16]
  • Lewis watches as the broadcast suddenly jump-cuts ahead, confusing Lewis. Lewis says that what happened was weird, and tells Woo that their plan did not work. Woo says that it was worth a try and tells her it was good effort.[21][16]
  • A commercial for a Strücker Watch airs on the broadcast of the sitcom.[51][16]
  • A pair of tap dancers performs in the talent show.[51][16]
  • Four performers, one dressed as a cowboy, one as a cowgirl, and two as a horse, perform in the Talent Show while "Phil Jones" accompanies them on piano.[51][16]
  • "Geraldine" comforts Maximoff through her nervousness, when Vision suddenly arrives, behaving strangely due to the gum in his gears. Although Vision is acting strangely, "Geraldine" tells Maximoff and Vision that they are about to perform.[51][16]
  • "Dottie Jones" thanks the audience for coming to support the children, introducing Maximoff and Vision as the final act. Maximoff introduces Vision, who does not come out as he is busy fixing his shirt. "Geraldine" reminds him to go on, so Vision introduces the magic act as lies which they will believe.[51][16]
  • Vision, wanting to impress them, starts flying, causing whispers among the crows. Maximoff attaches Vision to a rope, easing the audience's nerves. Maximoff lowers Vision, who lifts "Jones'" piano with one hand. Maximoff turns the piano into a piece of cardboard, again putting the audience at ease.[51][16]
  • Hello Westview

    "Glamor" presents "Illusion"

    Vision sees "Herb" in the crowd and approaches him, having him pick a card. Vision attempts to show "Herb" his card, but fails to draw the correct card multiple times. Vision goes through the entire deck, before finally drawing "Herb's" card. Vision begins a next trick as "Agnes'" rabbit runs outside of the hat[51] while "Agnes" manipulates events. and resumes reading her program.[49][16]
  • Unable to pull the rabbit out of the hat, Vision resolves to use his abilities to push the hat through his own body. The audience gets tense, as Maximoff puts mirrors behind the curtain. "Beverly" questions if that is how mirrors work, but "Jones" tells her to shut up.[51][16]
  • Maximoff brings out the Cabinet of Mysteries as Vision introduces it, announcing his intention to make Maximoff disappear. Vision attempts the trick before Maximoff can enter the box, causing the audience to believe something is in the box. As they start chanting to find out what it is, Maximoff teleports "Geraldine" into the box, pleasing the audience, who applaud as Vision, Maximoff, and "Geraldine" bow.[51][16]
  • Backstage, Vision apologizes, saying that he had been feeling weird. Maximoff looks through Vision and finds the gum, bringing it out of his system. Maximoff suggests they leave, but as they rush out, "Jones" stops them and announces that they had won the comedy award. The audience applauds as "Geraldine" joins the bows. "Geraldine" asks how they performed their trick, and the two refuse to answer.[51][16]


  • Nick Fury hears that Monica Rambeau has been taken off space missions. Fury sends a Skrull to infiltrate the FBI and invite Rambeau to join him.[52][33]
  • In the sewers, S.W.O.R.D. Agent Franklin is told that he is five meters from the perimeter of Westview. Franklin successfully crosses through the barrier and into Westview. However, his hazmat suit transforms into a beekeeper's outfit and the tether he was attached to breaks and turns into a jump rope.[16][21]
  • The agent talking to Franklin asks after him as the agents in charge of guiding Franklin through the sewers pull back the tether that was once attached to him. Agent Monti holds the jump-rope in confusion.[16][21]
  • Vision and Wanda Maximoff return home and celebrate their victory at the Westview talent show. Maximoff and Vision agree that they did not need to try hard to fit in, and that everything they did was for the children. Maximoff goes to get popcorn, when Vision suddenly notices that Maximoff is pregnant. Maximoff asks if it is really happening, and Vision says that it is. The two are about to kiss, when they're interrupted by a loud noise.[16][51]
  • Sewer Hole

    Agent Franklin coming out of the sewers as Vision watches in confusion

    Vision rushes outside, frustrated, and Maximoff follows. They turn and see a sewer grate being opened from underneath as Franklin climbs out of it, now appearing to be a beekeeper. Franklin faces Maximoff, who simply says "no," causing events to rewind.[16][51]
  • Having returned to the moment of Maximoff asking whether her pregnancy is really happening, the sound is eliminated as Vision assures her it is and the two kiss. Maximoff notices that Vision's face is suddenly in color, and marvels as she and the environment around her becomes colorized. The two kiss again as the broadcast shows it in a hexagon shape with the words "The End."[16][51]
  • A theme song for the WandaVision sitcom airs.[16][53]
  • Agatha Harkness enchants "Herb" to make him starting cutting into a brick wall with a leaf cutter to attract Vision's attention.[16][49]
  • WandaVision - 70s - Still 1

    Dr. Stan Nielson checks to see if Wanda Maximoff's baby is doing well

    "Dr. Stan Nielson" checks on Maximoff's children, confirming that she is pregnant. Vision mentions that it happened quickly, asking how. "Nielson" mentions that she is about four months pregnant, confusing Vision. "Nielson" explains the rate at which fetuses develop, and Vision asks what size it should be at twelve hours. "Nielson" comforts Vision, believing him to be a nervous first father, so Maximoff suggests that Vision show "Nielson" out the house.[16][53]
  • Vision and "Nielson" walk outside, he mentions that he and his wife are going on vacation. Vision wishes him a good vacation and greets "Herb," asking "Nielson" to keep news of Maximoff's pregnancy a secret. "Nielson" leaves as "Herb" starts drilling into the wall. Vision points this out, and "Herb" thanks him for pointing it out yet continues to do so. Vision returns inside.[16][53]
  • Vision returns inside to tell Maximoff about what happened with "Herb," but gets distracted when he notices Maximoff's pregnancy has quickly developed. Maximoff accidentally pushes a papaya of the table, so Vision uses his super speed to catch it and jokes that he is excited to be a "papa-ya"[16][53]
  • Maximoff prepares a nursery for the baby while Vision reads about what to expect during pregnancy. He gets nervous when he reads about back and foot aches, when Maximoff feels a kick. Maximoff accidentally causes the butterflies on the mobile above the crib to come to life.[16][53]
  • Vision mentions that the first kid would make her six months pregnant, calling the kid Billy. Maximoff suggests Tommy as a name. Vision insists on Billy, so Maximoff says they should hope for a girl. Vision figures out that the baby is due in three days, so Maximoff determines to sit down.[16][53]
  • Vision & Wanda

    Wanda Maximoff and Vision reacting to the devices activating

    Vision practices putting a diaper on a doll, when Maximoff experiences Braxton-Hicks contractions. Vision consults one of his books and guides Maximoff through a breathing exercise, which does not work. The contractions continue, causing Maximoff's power to turn on all of their electric devices, leading to a power outage. Vision goes to investigate the outage.[16][53]
  • "Phil Jones" reads a newspaper, when "Dottie Jones" asks him if her earrings make her look fat. The lights go out, and "Phil" expresses gratitude at not having to answer.[16][53]
  • Vision returns and reports that entire block's power is out. Maximoff asks if the neighbors know that it is her fault, saying that the people of Westview are always about to discover their secret. Vision begins to realize that something is wrong with Westview.[16][53]
  • Maximoff rewrites the events, as Vision instead comforts Maximoff. Maximoff says that they do not know whether the baby will be human or synthezoid, and Vision says that no matter what he will be perfect. Suddenly, Maximoff experiences real contractions and the two panic as they go through their breathing exercise. It starts raining inside the house as Maximoff's water breaks.[16][53]
  • A commercial for Hydra Soak airs on the broadcast.[16][53]
  • Maximoff and Vision hide from the rain under the table. The rain stops and Maximoff uses her powers to blow dry the house. Vision attempts to call "Nielson," but the phone does not work, so he runs to "Nielson's" house.[16][53]
  • S.W.O.R.D. continues to monitor the sitcom, getting more televisions to continue watching.[16][21]
  • WandaVision 68

    "Geraldine" at the front door

    Maximoff experiences another contraction, when she hears a noise from the nursery. She goes to investigate, when she hears the doorbell ring. She puts on a jacket to cover her pregnant jacket and opens the door to find "Geraldine." She comments on the jacket and asks to borrow a bucket for her pipes bursting, despite Maximoff's insistence that it is not a good time to visit.[16][53]
  • Maximoff goes to get her a bucket, as she continues to experience contractions, causing the jacket to change. She takes it off as "Geraldine" comes to help, so Maximoff covers her stomach with a fruit bowl. "Geraldine" finds the bucket and takes an apple. She wishes "Geraldine" good luck with her leak, but "Geraldine" starts to tell Maximoff a story.[16][53]
  • Maximoff notices a stork behind "Geraldine," which Maximoff had painted onto the wall of the nursery. Maximoff tells "Geraldine" to continue her story. As "Geraldine" talks, Maximoff attempts make the stork disappear, but it does not work. "Geraldine" hears the stork, suddenly started, but Maximoff says it was an ice maker. The stork bites at "Geraldine's" pants, but she suddenly moves, causing the stork to run into the nursery.[16][53]
  • "Geraldine" finishes the story, telling Maximoff that she got a promotion, asking to borrow supplies from the spare room. She enters the nursery looking for supplies, and Maximoff rushes after her, putting the fruit bowl down. "Geraldine" expresses her surprise at seeing the nursery as the stork hides, perfectly matching the painting on the wall. Maximoff goes into labor, surprising "Geraldine."[16][53]
  • "Stan Nielson" attempts to fix his car, which had broken down before he and his wife could leave for vacation. Vision arrives, and "Nielson" asks if he is alright. Vision says that they need to return to his home, puts Nielson on his back, and rushes back home. "Mrs. Nielson" gets out of the car and asks about their vacation.[16][53]
  • Lewis and Woo continue to observe the sitcom and begin questioning why each episode is jumping to another decade. Woo says that he cannot believe that Maximoff and Vision are having a baby. Lewis offers Woo potato chips, but Woo misinterprets the question and says he has thought about having a child at one point. He eventually accepts Lewis' chip offer.[16][21]
  • Woo and Lewis watch intently[21] as "Geraldine" guides Maximoff into the living room and lays down on the floor. The contractions cause chaos in the house, which "Geraldine" notices as she gets supplies and guides Maximoff through breathing. Maximoff says that she cannot do it, but "Geraldine" encourages her. "Geraldine" tells her to push, which she does. A baby boy is born as her powers calm down and "Geraldine" places him in her arms.[16][53]
  • Vision and "Nielson" get home, and Vision realizes that he missed the birth. "Geraldine" asks for help in the kitchen as Vision sees her and the baby. Vision turns off the disguise and reveals his synthezoid form, and meets the baby, calling him Tommy. He is about to kiss her, when suddenly another baby comes out, Billy.[16][53]
  • Lewis comments on Maximoff having twins being a good twist. Woo looks at her incredulously, and Lewis says that she is invested in the sitcom.[16][21]
  • "Nielson" reports that the twins are healthy, and Maximoff thanks him. He thanks "Geraldine," saying that she has what it takes to be a nurse. Vision offers to walk "Nielson" home. Outside, Vision expresses hope that "Nielson" can still go on their trip, which "Nielson" says will not be happening, since small towns are hard to escape.[16][53]
  • "Nielson" leaves as Vision greets "Agnes" and "Herb" talking conspiratorially. Curious, Vision comments on the day and asking if they lost power. "Agnes" says that she did and Vision greets "Herb," who seems uncomfortable. Vision goes to return inside, when "Agnes" stops him, asking if "Geraldine" is with her.[16][53]
  • Wanda mentions Pietro

    Wanda reminisces about Pietro to "Geraldine"

    "Geraldine" tells Maximoff that she is very strong, expressing her excitement about the twins. Maximoff opens up to "Geraldine," saying that she had a twin brother named Pietro. Maximoff sings a Sokovian lullaby to the twins as "Geraldine" remembers the outside world, asking for confirmation that her brother was killed by Ultron, surprising Maximoff.[16][53]
  • "Herb" comments that "Geraldine" is new in town, and "Agnes" says that she has no family. Vision says that there is nothing wrong with that, but "Agnes" mentions that she has no home, confusing Vision.[16][53]
  • Woo catches "Geraldine's" reference to Ultron and asks if that is the first reference to their reality, which Lewis says it is. They watch as Wanda realizes “Geraldine” is not who she thought she was.[16][21]
  • Maximoff asks what "Geraldine" said, and she attempts to make Maximoff forget by repeating her comment on Maximoff's strength. "Geraldine" pretends to not remember what she said and offers to rock the babies. Maximoff says that "Geraldine" should leave, and "Geraldine" gets defensive. Maximoff notices the S.W.O.R.D. logo on "Geraldine's" necklace.[16][53]
  • Lewis comments on the different tone of the sitcom.[16][21]
  • Vision asks "Agnes" and "Herb" what they mean about "Geraldine" not having a home. "Herb" attempts to tell Vision why "Geraldine" came to town, but cannot. "Agnes" struggles to maintain her sitcom personality while Vision asks "Herb" to finish his sentence.[16][53]
  • Maximoff asks "Geraldine" about her necklace, and then who "Geraldine" is. "Geraldine" says that she does not know.[16][53]
  • "Herb" attempts again to tell Vision, when "Agnes" suddenly tells him to stop. Vision looks at the pair with concern.[16][53]
  • WandaVision Episode 3 06

    Wanda Maximoff confronts "Geraldine"

    Maximoff demands to know who "Geraldine" is, and "Geraldine" attempts to talk to her sympathetically. Maximoff approaches her as the twins start crying and "Geraldine" pleads with Maximoff.[53] "Geraldine" says that she is just Maximoff's neighbor, but Maximoff refutes by asking her about how she knows about Ultron. Maximoff concludes that "Geraldine" was not her neighbor or friend. She tells "Geraldine" that she is trespassing and that she wants her to leave. Maximoff uses her powers to launch her through several walls of her house and out of Westview.[16][21]
  • "Agnes" says that she should leave, and takes her bicycle away. Vision asks "Herb" to say something, and he simply walks away with a friendly goodbye.[16][53]
  • Wanda Vision Family

    Wanda Maximoff and Vision watch TV with the twins, Billy and Tommy Maximoff

    Maximoff uses her powers to fix the walls and returns to her newborn babies with a sad look on her face just as Vision heads back inside. He finds that "Geraldine" is not inside. Maximoff tells Vision that she left, having to rush home.[53] Maximoff turns to face Vision, briefly seeing his corpse before things return to "normal," scaring her. Vision asks what is wrong and suggests they could go wherever, but Maximoff says that Westview is their home and everything is under control.[16][21]
  • Maximoff picks up one of the twins and asks Vision what should they watch on TV. Vision carries the other twin as they both sit down on the couch and Vision turns on the television.[16][21][53]
  • Just as they were about to see what was going to happen next, the broadcast cuts to the end credits, leaving Lewis and Woo confused and concerned as they do not know what has happened to Rambeau. Lewis tries to check on the recorded footage and is frustrated to find the skip was in the recording as well. She then realizes that someone is censoring the broadcast, and Woo asks what happened to Rambeau.[16][21]
  • An alarm alerts the entire base of a breach. Lewis, Woo, and other agents hurried outside to see what had happened. S.W.O.R.D. vehicles surround Rambeau and agents rush to see if she is okay. Agents tend to Rambeau as Lewis and Woo arrive at the scene. Woo asks Rambeau if she is okay, and Rambeau replies that everything is because of Maximoff.[16][53][21]
  • Rambeau is brought inside for debriefing. Tyler Hayward asks Rambeau what she remembers about her time inside Westview. Rambeau describes remembering pain and trying to resist, yet feeling like she was drowning in grief. She describes the experience as a violation.[16][54]



  • Final tests are conducted on Monica Rambeau. As the test is completed, Rambeau is told that she can sit up and that her uniform is in analysis. She is met by Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, who tell her about the upcoming briefing. Woo introduces Lewis, and the doctor comes and says that something went wrong and they need to redo the tests. Rambeau refuses and changes.[16][54]
  • Vision attempts to read The Descent of Man to Tommy Maximoff to get him to sleep, but the baby cries harder.[16][54]
  • Wanda Maximoff rocks Tommy Maximoff, who is crying. Vision comes down the stairs holding Billy Maximoff as he hears Wanda promising Tommy would be her favorite if he went to sleep, so Vision reminds her that they love both twins equally, telling her that he had no luck with Billy. The two playfully turn their rocking into dancing.[16][54]
  • They place the twins in their cribs and Vision goes to get pacifiers for them while Wanda tries to use her magic to get the twins to sleep, surprised to find it not working. Vision returns with the pacifiers, which Wanda puts in the twins' mouths. They spit the pacifiers out and resume crying. Wanda asks what they are doing wrong, and Vision assures her that they will figure it out.[16][54]
  • Vision, Agnes & Wanda

    Vision, "Agnes", and Wanda acting suspicious

    Wanda suggests that they need help, when "Agnes" enters. Vision quickly hides and disguises his form while "Agnes" offers help getting Billy and Tommy to sleep. Vision is hesitant to allow it, causing hesitation in "Agnes," who asks Wanda if she wants to reset the scene, confusing Vision and concerning Wanda. Wanda encourages Vision to let "Agnes" try to hold the babies, and "Agnes" returns to her sitcom personality and goes to hold the babies.[16][54]
  • Vision pulls Wanda aside and asks what had happened, while "Agnes" rocks Billy and Tommy. Wanda says that "Agnes" seems confused but now seems fine. Vision asks what "Agnes" meant by her words and the way she looked at Wanda. Wanda asks what he means while "Agnes" sprays lavender over Billy and Tommy. Vision asks Wanda whether she saw what he did, while "Agnes" looks for liquor for the children. Wanda tells Vision that "Agnes" is simply being a good neighbor.[16][54]
  • WV - First Person Intel

    Acting Director Tyler Hayward leads a briefing about the current situation

    Tyler Hayward leads a briefing, saying that thanks to Rambeau, they are now aware that Wanda Maximoff is responsible. Woo discusses Maximoff's history and defends her when Hayward only mentions her destructive tendencies. Hayward asks if she has an alias, but Woo says she does not. Hayward continues to bring up destructive tendencies and ends Woo's explanation. Hayward begins to discuss strategy as Woo and Lewis share their dislike for Hayward. Hayward calls Maximoff a terrorist, but Rambeau defends her.[16][54]
  • The twins stop crying, and Maximoff and Vision find their cribs empty. They find the twins behind them, suddenly five years old. "Agnes" comments on the uncontrollable nature of children. Maximoff and Vision say hello to the twins, who hug their parents. Wanda and Vision lift their children and hold them.[16][54]
  • Hayward recounts Rambeau's own description of her experience in Westview and plays footage of Rambeau, but Rambeau says that she does not believe Maximoff to have nay agenda or desire for destruction, insisting that it is not a premeditated act of aggression despite Hayward's many accusations.[16][54]
  • A theme song for the WandaVision sitcom airs.[16][54]
  • Hayward continues to show manipulated footage of Maximoff visiting S.W.O.R.D., claiming that she broke in and stole Vision's corpse and resurrected him. Woo points out that this is a violation of the Sokovia Accords, and Hayward adds that she is violating Vision's living will. Hayward tells everyone to work the problem and dismisses everyone.[16][54]
  • Woo asks how Maximoff brought Vision back, and Lewis says that she does not know, but Maximoff has the only Vibranium synthezoid in the world pretending to be a sitcom husband, wondering what would happen he learns the truth.[16][54]
  • Twins Hiding Puppy WV Ep5

    Wanda confronts the twins, Billy and Tommy Maximoff about what they're hiding in the sink

    In the Vision Residence, Billy and Tommy Maximoff try to clean a dog they found, hoping to convince Wanda Maximoff to let them keep him. Wanda comes as the boys hide the dog, but the dog quickly reveals himself. Billy asks if they can keep him, and Wanda notices that there is no collar. Wanda says that taking care of a dog is a big responsibility but gets caught up in the dog's cuteness.[16][54]
  • Vision comes in and greets his family, asking who the dog is. Wanda asks why Vision is in his human form, and he says that he suspected "Agnes" would visit, which she does, carrying a dog house, which Vision finds suspicious. "Agnes" asks if they had named the dog, and Billy suggests "Sniffy" after watching the dog smell the wall. The dog causes an electrical outlet to spark, so "Agnes" suggests Sparky, and the family agrees as Wanda uses her magic to make a collar appear.[16][54]
  • Vision asks why she would use her powers with "Agnes" present, but Wanda points out that she did not notice. She says that she is tired of hiding her powers, suggesting that he does not. Vision says that they are usually in agreement, asking what Maximoff is hiding from him. Billy asks if Sparky is their dog, and Wanda says that they would not be old enough to care for an animal until they are ten years old. The twins smile at each other and rapidly age themselves to ten years old. "Agnes" suggests they hope their dog remains the same size.[16][54]
  • Monica & Woo WV Ep5

    Monica Rambeau trying to come up with a solution to re-enter the town of Westview

    In the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, Woo brings Lewis and Rambeau coffee. Rambeau suggests a way to re-enter Westview using a fallout shelter on wheels. Lewis responds that her plan should work theoretically as Woo rejoins and Lewis catches him up on the sitcom. Rambeau says that she knows an aerospace engineer who could make her shelter, but Lewis says that there is no guarantee she wouldn't get brainwashed by the Hex, Lewis' name for the anomaly.[16][54]
  • Woo asks if Billy and Tommy had been identified, but Rambeau explains that everything happening in Westview is real, including the twins being Wanda Maximoff's kids. Woo suggests that this would require more power than she had ever shown, but Rambeau brings up her display in the final fight against Thanos, arguing that only she came close to taking out Thanos. Woo suggests that Captain Marvel came close, giving Rambeau pause as Lewis asks for confirmation that her powers also came from an Infinity Stone. Rambeau changes the topic, noticing a picture of a S.W.O.R.D. Drone changed into a helicopter, asking where the lab is.[16][54]
  • Rambeau, Woo, and Lewis go to the lab and find the clothes she wore inside the Hex. Lewis asks if they are being mind controlled to see the clothes, and Rambeau assures them it is real. She grabs Woo's gun and shoots the outfit, leaving it unscathed. Woo remembers that Rambeau was wearing a bulletproof vest when she went into the Hex. Rambeau shares her conclusion that Maximoff is not creating an illusion, but rewriting reality. She suggests sending something in that already matches the era of the sitcom.[16][54]
  • Job Vision WV Episode 5

    Vision talking to Norm about the wonders of the internet

    At Computational Services Inc. Headquarters, Vision tells "Norm" about the various functions a computer could serve, commenting that eventually it will be able to help him find a wife. Vision shows "Norm" how to use a computer when the entire office receives an email from S.W.O.R.D., presenting readings surrounding the Anomaly, and begins reading it out loud while everyone else reads in unison. The audience laughs as Vision becomes suspicious.[16][54]
  • Vision uses his power to turn off the computer and turns to "Norm," who is saying that none of it is real. Vision uses his power to awaken "Norm's" true personality, Abilash Tandon, who immediately begins to panic. Tandon pleads for help, attempting to call his sister, who is taking care of their sick father. Vision tells Tandon to calm down, not understanding him, and Tandon tells Vision he has to stop someone. As he yells for Vision to make her stop, Vision uses his power again to return "Norm" back to his sitcom personality.[16][54]
  • Wanda, Billy, and Tommy Maximoff play with Sparky in their house and the boys ask Wanda about where their father is. She tells them he is now at work, leading to confusion as the boys thought it was Saturday. Wanda explains there was an emergency at the office, also stating that Vision needed to take a distraction, causing the boys to think he needed a break from them. Maximoff comforts them, assuring them that that is not the case. Tommy asks if Wanda has a brother. Wanda says that she does but that he is not around, which makes her sad.[16][54]
  • Attack on Wanda Maximoff:
    • S.W.O.R.D. sends a drone from the 1980s into Westview.[16][54]
    • Wanda's conversation with the boys is cut short as Sparky suddenly runs out of Billy's arms and starts barking at the door. Wanda goes outside to investigate, followed by the boys.[16][54]
    • The drone continues flying through Westview, sending a weak signal to the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base.[16][54]
    • Rambeau pilots the drone while Hayward asks for better visuals. Rambeau finds Wanda Maximoff, while Woo and Darcy report that the drone is not in the broadcast, as Maximoff is framing it out of the shot. Rambeau talks through the drone, saying that she just wants to talk, when Maximoff seizes control of the drone. Hayward orders other agents to fire, and Rambeau express shock since she did not believe the drone to be armed. The drone is disabled and S.W.O.R.D. loses feed.[16][54]
    • S.W.O.R.D. vs

      Wanda Maximoff confronts Tyler Hayward

      Rambeau yells at Hayward when an alarm sounds and an agent reports that there has been another breach of the Hex. S.W.O.R.D. rushes to the border and point their guns at the breach where they see Maximoff emerge, dragging their destroyed drone, which she throws to Hayward. Hayward says that the missile was simply a precaution, but Maximoff warns S.W.O.R.D. to stay out of her home. She tells them that she will not bother them if they do so but Hayward explains she has taken an entire town hostage.[16][54]
    • Rambeau approaches, telling Maximoff that she might not have guns, but she is in control. Maximoff prepares to use her powers, but Rambeau pleads with Wanda to trust her while explaining that Maximoff knows Rambeau is an ally. Maximoff questions how Rambeau can help her now that she has what she wants. Maximoff forces the S.W.O.R.D. soldiers to turn their guns on Hayward and re-enters the Hex.[16][54]
  • A commercial for Lagos paper towels airs on the WandaVision broadcast.[16][54]
  • Agatha Harkness kills Sparky and wraps him up in a blanket.[16][49]
  • Wanda Maximoff, along with Billy and Tommy Maximoff, walk thorough the streets looking for Sparky. They tell "Dennis" that they are looking for their dog, and "Dennis" assures them that their mom will not let him get far. They continue searching, calling out for him.[16][54]
  • Agnes Holding Dead Sparky

    "Agnes" reveals Sparky's fate

    They come across "Agnes," holding Sparky wrapped in a blanket. She tells them that the dog was in her azalea bushes and she was too late to stop him. "Agnes" offers condolences as Tommy and Billy prepare to age themselves up, but Wanda stops them. Tommy asks Wanda to fix it, since they believe she can fix anything. Wanda refuses, and "Agnes" asks if she can do that.[16][54]
  • Wanda collects herself, telling Tommy and Billy that there are rules in life, such as not rushing the aging process when it is convenient or reversing death, no matter how sad it makes us. The boys continue to urge Wanda to bring Sparky back, when Vision arrives and realizes that Sparky had died. He comforts his sons.[16][54]
  • At home, Wanda Maximoff puts her sons' toys away. Vision asks how the boys are, and she says that they will be alright. Vision comments on the speed at which everything happened and confronts Maximoff about his earlier conversation with "Norm." Vision tells her that he spoke to "Norm" free of her oversight. Maximoff attempts to ask if they can just watch TV, but Vision suggests it is so that she can change everything. Vision says that she cannot control him the same way she controls them, although Maximoff insinuates that she can and attempts to end the argument by having the credits roll on the broadcast.[16][54]
  • Vision refuses to let the conversation end and asks what the Maximoff Anomaly is, saying that he believes that she only recently became aware of what she was doing in Westview. Maximoff denies knowledge of what he means, and the credits are forced to end as Vision tells her that "Norm" cannot reach his family. Maximoff continues to deny knowledge as the two start flying, and Maximoff said that everything she is doing is for them, offering to handle it.[16][54]
  • Scarlet Witch and Vision (WV)

    Vision demands answers from Maximoff

    Vision asks what is outside of Westview, and Maximoff says that he does not want to know. Vision becomes upset, and Maximoff says that he had never spoken to her that way before. Vision says that he cannot remember his life before Westview is scared because of it. The two lower themselves as Maximoff asks if being a member of his family is enough, and Vision asks where the other children are.[16][54]
  • Maxmioff continues to ask if Vision genuinely believes that Maximoff is in charge of Westview, mentioning the minute details she would have to control. Maximoff insists that she does not know how any of it started, and Vision tells her that what she is doing is wrong.[16][54]
  • Agatha Harkness, with Ralph Bohner under her control, brings him to the Vision Residence, poses him as "Pietro Maximoff", and leaves him at the front door.[16][49]
  • "Pietro" rings the doorbell. Inside, Wanda Maximoff insists that she is not responsible for it, although Vision does not believe her. The doorbell rings again as Wanda goes and opens the door.[16][54]
  • Peter & Wanda Maximoff

    Wanda is shocked by "Pietro's" sudden appearance

    As alarms continue to blare in the S.W.O.R.D. base, Lewis rushes to her television, where she is as surprised as Wanda is to see "Pietro." "Pietro" smiles at Wanda and asks for a hug while Lewis comments on his different appearance. Wanda, surprised, hugs her brother, and "Pietro" asks who Vision is.[16][54]
  • Harkness sits on the lawn of the Vision Residence with a bottle of wine.[16][49]
  • A theme song airs on the WandaVision broadcast.[16][56]
  • Billy Maximoff talks about how excited he is for Halloween, talking about family, friends, and getting to be someone else for a day. Tommy Maximoff counters, saying the holiday is about candy and scaring people. Billy asks where Tommy's costume is, and Tommy counters by saying he's the cool twin. When Billy asks what that makes him, Tommy remembers a time where Billy fell when dancing and calls him a dork.[16][56]
  • Woo argues with Hayward

    Jimmy Woo argues with Tyler Hayward

    At the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, two agents bring the S.W.O.R.D. drone inside as Tyler Hayward demands an analysis of the missile. Monica Rambeau scolds Hayward for sending the missile into Westview, and Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo stand with her. Hawyard justifies his actions by saying that Wanda Maximoff never would have negotiated.[16][56]
  • Billy and Tommy find "Pietro Maximoff" as Tommy plans to wake him up, but Billy stops him. Tommy speculates that Billy is scared that "Pietro" is a vampire since he is sleeping in the afternoon. Billy and Tommy start to fight, as "Pietro" scares them enjoys chasing them with his speed.[16][56]
  • Rambeau scolds Hayward, saying that they do not know what would happen if Maximoff were to die, insisting that since Maximoff is the problem, she has to also be the solution. Hayward tells Rambeau that she has become an impediment to the mission due to her advocating on the behalf of powered individuals.[16][56]
  • Wanda Maximoff comes downstairs in costume to respond to the shouting, which Billy asks about. Wanda says that she is dressed as a fortune teller, and "Pietro" says that the costume is lame. "Pietro" compares the costume to one from their childhood, although Wanda says she remembers it differently. "Pietro" says that Wanda likely suppressed the trauma surrounding their past. Billy says that Wanda has been weird since "Pietro" arrived and speculates as to why.[16][56]
  • Hayward mentions Rambeau's history with Carol Danvers and suggests that her optimism only comes from having been a victim of the Snap. Hayward explains that Rambeau does not know what it was like trying to survive. Rambeau calls Hayward a coward, and Hayward says that she does not have what it takes to be director of S.W.O.R.D. and has Rambeau, Woo, and Lewis escorted off the base.[16][56]
  • Vision, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

    Vision jokes about his costume

    Vision comes downstairs in his costume, which "Pietro" makes fun of. Wanda thanks Vision for wearing it, and Vision comments that there were no other clothes in his closet, causing a moment of tension before Vision resumes the lightheartedness and mentions Wanda's attraction to Mexican wrestlers. They flirt and Vision attempts to ask his children if they want something to eat, but they are distracted playing video games with "Pietro." Vision comments on "Pietro's" behavior around the twins, and Wanda agrees that it is surprising.[16][56]
  • As they are being escorted off the base, Woo says that Hayward is overstepping his authority, and Rambeau points out that he was looking for a reason to sideline them, speculating that Hayward was up to something. As a soldier demands to enter a truck, Woo punches an agent, and he and Rambeau incapacitate their escorts as Lewis watches. Lewis asks why nobody told her what the plan was, and Woo makes sure Rambeau is okay.[16][56]
  • Vision says that he has to go undercover for his duties with the Westview Neighborhood Watch, prompting disagreement from Wanda. Billy says that they had been acting differently, as the two begin to argue about Vision's engagement. Wanda says that Vision has to be with the boys for their first Halloween, but "Pietro" offers to step in instead. Vision says that it is a good solution, says goodbye to the kids, and tells Wanda to be good before leaving.[16][56]
  • Woo, Rambeau, and Lewis drag the soldiers into a storage container and wear a disguise to get back onto the base.[16][56]
  • Wanda closes the door behind Vision and finds "Pietro" standing behind her, scaring her. "Pietro" asks where there are water balloons to put shaving cream in, saying it was Tommy's idea. Wanda comments that "Pietro" does not have a costume, so he uses his super speed to leave with Tommy. They return with matching costumes, and Wanda tells Pietro that they need to behave respectably.[16][56]
  • Maximoff Halloween

    "Pietro" offers Tommy and Billy Maximoff a chance to maximize their candy acquisition

    In Westview, children run through the neighborhood as the Maximoff family goes trick-or-treating. Tommy and Billy Maximoff go trick-or-treating and disagree about whether it is a competition, running off to get candy. Wanda Maximoff attempts to test "Pietro Maximoff" by asking him about their time in their orphanage together, and "Pietro" realizes it is a test. Wanda asks why "Pietro" looks different, and "Pietro" says that he would not want to be reminded of the past if he had found paradise.[16][56]
  • Tommy and Billy finish trick-or-treating and return to Wanda and "Pietro," as the latter offers to help them get more candy. Tommy and Billy agree, and "Pietro" leaves with the boy using his superspeed, leaving Wanda behind.[16][56]
  • Wanda sees "Herb" on patrol and approaches him. "Herb" receives notice that all of the candy in town has disappeared as "Pietro" and the boys take all of it behind him. They smash jack-o-lanterns and silly string the residents as "Herb" receives words about it. "Herb" excuses himself and Wanda offers Vision's help, but "Herb" says that Vision is not on duty, confusing Wanda. "Herb" offers help or to change something, but Wanda says that it is fine. "Herb" leaves as Wanda becomes worried.[16][56]
  • WandaVision 77

    Vision walks through the streets of Westview

    Vision walks through the streets of Westview as he notices a woman repeatedly hanging a Halloween direction, yet never completing it, as a tear falls down her face. Vision continues walking.[16][56]
  • A commercial for Yo-Magic airs on the WandaVision broadcast.[16][56]


  • Wanda Maximoff makes Tommy and Billy Maximoff to return all of the candy they had taken, upsetting "Pietro Maximoff." Wanda expresses surprise that "Pietro" is a bad influence. "Pietro" believes the part he is meant to play in Wanda's sitcom, suggesting that it is what she wanted. Wanda asks what happened to his accent, and "Pietro" counters by asking what happened to hers. "Pietro" explains that he does not remember the details of how he arrived in Westview, only that he was shot and then heard Wanda calling him.[16][56]
  • Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy Lewis sneak through the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, entering a server room where Rambeau notices "Pietro" on a TV set for the first time. Rambeau asks who it is, and Woo and Darcy explain that Maximoff had brought her brother to town with a different face.[16][56]
  • Billy and Tommy return, announcing that they had found a house with full-sized candy bars. Billy asks to go, but Tommy uses superspeed to retrieve the candy bars. "Pietro" expresses pride in Tommy's powers. Although Wanda suggests he take it slow, Tommy immediately starts running around. Wanda stops him and said that Billy needs to go with him if he is going to. She reminds them not to go past Ellis Avenue, and they run off.[16][56]
  • Darcy accesses S.W.O.R.D.'s network and looks at the data on Hayward's devices, finding a tracking system for Vision. Rambeau asks why, and Lewis says that she does not know, she had only accessed that so far. Woo and Lewis realize that the other dots are Westview residents in Vision's vicinity, causing Woo to realize that Hayward must know how many people are in Westview and how they are doing. Woo sees that the people on the edge of town are barely moving, wondering if they are alive. the tracker refocuses on Vision.[16][56]
  • WandaVision 28

    Vision attempts to talk to "Agnes"

    Vision continues to wander through Westview, noticing that the residents are immobile. He tries to ask questions to one of the residents, who does not answer. Vision flies above the town and looks around, noticing a car on the edge of town. He goes toward the car and finds "Agnes" pretending to be frozen. "Agnes" says she took a wrong turn and got lost, causing Vision to become suspicious.[16][56]
  • Vision "awakens" "Agnes' true personality," who recognizes Vision as an Avenger, asking if he can help the residents. Vision says that he does want to help, but that he does not know what an Avenger is. "Agnes" suddenly asks if she is dead. Vision asks why "Agnes" would think that, and "Agnes" says that he is dead. Vision says that he will reach those outside of Westview and figure out their situation[56] while "Agnes" checks her looks in the car mirror.[49] "Agnes" asks how and explains that Wanda Maximoff will not let them leave, saying that all is lost. "Agnes" starts to laugh maniacally, causing Vision to "make" "Agnes" restore her sitcom personality. Vision promises to fix their situation as "Agnes" replies cheerfully and drives away. Vision notices that he is at Ellis Avenue and begins walking toward the boundary of the Westview Anomaly.[16][56]
  • Lewis continues looking through S.W.O.R.D.'s database as Rambeau learns that her way to reenter Westview will be arriving soon, but they have to meet her contact. Lewis says that they cannot reenter, showing Rambeau a file about her, which reveals that her cells had been rewritten on a molecular level twice. Rambeau, however, insists that she will not stop until she helps Maximoff. As Woo and Rambeau leave, Lewis insists on staying so that she can continue to look through Hayward's files and get past his firewall, sensing something big happening.[16][56]
  • WV106 - 357951

    Wanda Maximoff and "Pietro" talk about her powers

    Woo and Rambeau steal a car and drive away from the Response Base.[16][56]
  • Wanda Maximoff and "Pietro Maximoff" attend the Town Square Scare, and comment on how it turned out. "Pietro" says that their parents would have loved it, and Wanda agrees. "Pietro" asks where they were hiding, catching Wanda offguard. "Pietro" speculates that they had been sleeping, as Wanda becomes flustered. "Pietro" compliments her handling of the ethics of the situation, prompting Wanda to ask whether he thinks it is wrong. "Pietro" says that he is impressed and asks how she did it. Wanda is hesitant to answer, and "Pietro" insists that she can talk to him. Wanda says that she does not know how she did it, saying that she only remembers feeling alone and endless nothingness.[16][56]
  • Wanda looks at "Pietro," and suddenly sees bullet wounds in him as he appears to be dead, frightening her. "Pietro" asks if Wanda is okay as the vision goes away, and Wanda insists that she is alright. However, "Pietro" does not believe her.[16][56]
  • Lewis continues to search through S.W.O.R.D.'s files, finding one for Project Cataract, which only Tyler Hayward has access to. She sends the file to Woo.[16][56]
  • In the briefing room of the response base, Hayward notices Vision approaching the boundary of the Hex and orders his men to move out.[16][56]
  • Lewis notices Vision's movements and wonders what he is doing.[16][56]
  • Rescue of Vision:
    • Vision tries to escape Westview

      Vision pushes through the Hex

      Vision reaches the boundary of the Hex and pushes through. Hayward's team arrives on the other side as Vision reaches the other end. Lewis rushes out to see what happens as Vision struggles and Hayward realizes that he wants to leave. Maximoff's magic slowly pulls Vision back into the Hex as Vision struggles, causing Lewis to shout at S.W.O.R.D., telling them to help him while Monti restrains Lewis while Vision struggles.[16][56]
    • Billy Maximoff senses Vision's struggle and stops Tommy Maximoff from using his superspeed, impressing Tommy. Billy realizes that Vision is in pain and rushes to get his mother. Wanda asks what is wrong, and Billy says that his father is in trouble.[16][56]
    • Vision falls to the ground as he struggles against the pull, while Lewis is handcuffed to a car. Vision tells S.W.O.R.D. that the residents need help as he starts to fall apart, lying down as he is pulled back into Westview piece by piece.[16][56]
    • Billy expresses concern that he does not know what is happening to him, and Wanda asks where Vision is. "Pietro" tells her not to worry, since her dead husband cannot die twice, prompting Wanda to use her powers to throw "Pietro" backwards, shocking Tommy. Wanda asks Billy to focus, and Billy sees soldiers who think that Vision is dying. Wanda stops time inside Westview and expands the boundaries of the Hex.[16][56]
    • As they are driving, Monica Rambeau notices the expanding Hex and points it out to Jimmy Woo. Rambeau begins driving faster.[16][56]
    • Dying Vision

      Vision struggles to leave Westview

      Hayward and the rest of S.W.O.R.D. notice the Hex expanding as they rush toward their trucks to escape. Monti leaves Lewis behind as she and multiple other agents are absorbed into the Hex and turned into a circus while Vision is saved. S.W.O.R.D.'s agents are turned into a circus. Hayward's car manages to escape as the town's welcome sign and a parking lot are transformed.[16][56]
    • Hayward reaches out to S.W.O.R.D., hoping other people can hear him, as Agent Rodriguez shakes her head. Hayward continues attempting to reach out.[16][56]
    • Wanda Maximoff opens her eyes as her magic is completed.[16][56]
  • Hayward assembles a S.W.O.R.D. Retreat Base eight miles outside of Westview.[16][49]
  • Wanda Maximoff wakes up the next "morning" and finds that Vision is not next to her. In a talking head within the sitcom being broadcast, Maximoff tries to make her reactions in rescuing Vision relatable. The broadcast airs footage of the perimeter expanding from the previous night with sound effects.[16][49]
  • Tommy and Billy Maximoff play video games and find that the controller keeps changing since Maximoff lost control of the reality.[16][49]
  • Wanda covers herself with her blanket as Billy and Tommy Maximoff rush upstairs to ask if she is coming downstairs since their video game controller keeps changing. Wanda says she is resting her eyes, but Billy tells her that his head feels strange and noisy. Wanda again says that she is resting her eyes.[16][49]
  • In another talking head, Wanda Maximoff says that she is planning to punish herself for expanding the border of her magic by staying at home and taking a day to herself.[16][49]
  • Wanda WV Ep7 01

    Wanda Maximoff makes herself breakfest

    Maximoff uncovers the blanket and finds that she is still wearing her Halloween costume from the "previous night," frustrating her.[16][49]
  • Billy and Tommy Maximoff fight over a video game controller when Wanda Maximoff comes downstairs, stopping as they share a look of concern and Tommy shrugs. Wanda retrieves a jug of milk from the refrigerator and gets cereal and a bowl. Maximoff turns around and notices the bottle of milk turn into a carton. She puts cereal and milk in a bowl as the carton of milk turns into a jug. The milk continues glitching, but Wanda smells the milk and eats her cereal.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, Maximoff confesses to not knowing why the milk was changing, writing it off with a joke despite being nervous.[16][49]
  • A theme song airs on the WandaVision sitcom broadcast.[16][49]
  • As the response base continues to be set up, Rodriguez comments to Tyler Hayward that they are lucky she stopped expanding the borders of her magic. Hayward replies sarcastically and asks about the broadcast. Rodriguez says that the signal is gone, and Hayward orders her to make sure they are ready to launch today. Hayward looks at the border before returning to work.[16][49]
  • Darcy meets Vision

    Vision tries to talk to the "Escape Artist"

    Vision wakes up in the carnival which Wanda Maximoff had created out of the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, shocked that he is no longer falling apart. The circus' "Strongman" tells him that he is late to rehearsal with the "Escape Artist," confusing him for a clown. Vision sees that the "Escape Artist" is Darcy Lewis.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, the "Escape Artist" confesses that she is not good at her job. She says that she applies to be the bearded lady, but nobody would believe her.[16][49]
  • Vision attempts to talk to the "Escape Artist," who is tied up in chains. Vision asks if "she" remembers him, mentioning an unspoken understanding. The "Escape Artist" believes he is asking her out, so she refuses and walks away, breaking out of her chains. Vision rushes after "her."[16][49]
  • Wanda Maximoff asks Billy and Tommy Maximoff if they have seen Vision. Billy asks if she wants to look for him, but Maximoff says that she cannot do anything about him not wanting to be there. Wanda changes the television channel as Billy asks what "Pietro Maximoff" meant about Vision dying a second time, prompting Wanda to tell her sons not to believe anything "Peitro" says. Tommy asks who he is, so Wanda says that she does not have any answers, beginning to melt down. She says that she believes that everything is meaningless, worrying the boys.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, Wanda acknowledges that she might have spoken too grimly to her sons, but insists that they will be alright.[16][49]
  • Maximoff sits and watches television when "Agnes" knocks on the door. Maximoff lets her in using her magic, commenting that she does not want to get up.[16][49]
  • "Agnes" says in a talking head that "she" believes she had gotten to the Vision Residence right on time, since Wanda appeared to be losing her sanity.[16][49]
  • Kidnapping of Billy and Tommy Maximoff:
    • Agnes takes Billy & Tommy

      "Agnes" agrees to babysit the boys

      "Agnes" offers to watch Billy and Tommy while Wanda relaxes. Billy says that someone should take care of Wanda, but Wanda insists that she will be fine and tells them to go with "Agnes." "Agnes" promises that she does not bite.[16][49]
    • In a talking head, "Agnes" confesses to having bitten a kid.[16][49]
    • Wanda thanks "Agnes" and offers help. "Agnes" mentions having a mole on her back, but realizes that Wanda is uncomfortable, so she stops and leaves with the kids, asking them to look at her mole. Wanda smiles and turns on the television.[16][49]
  • Wanda Maximoff begins to eat her cereal as she finds the furniture rapidly changing throughout the eras of television the WandaVision sitcom had imitated. She changes everything back.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, Maximoff insists that she is fine.[16][49]
  • Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo continue driving, as Woo receives information about Project Cataract which Darcy Lewis had managed to send before revealing herself to S.W.O.R.D.. He realizes that Hayward was trying to bring Vision back online, but that nothing worked. They realize that Hayward is attempting to get Vision back, and Woo says that someone has to tell Maximoff.[16][49]
  • Woo Monika & Truck WV Ep7

    Woo, Rambeau and Goodner look at the S.W.O.R.D. Space Rover

    Woo and Rambeau meet with Major Aly Goodner, who greets Rambeau. Rambeau introduces Woo and thanks Goodner, who says that her loyalty did not solely extend to Rambeau's mother. Goodner shows Woo and Rambeau the vehicle Rambeau had requested to enter Westview. Rambeau says that it is perfect.[16][49]
  • A "carnival performer" practices riding a unicycle with paper phoenix wings.[16][49]
  • A "hula hoop performer" practices her routine.[16][49]
  • A "clown" spins a hula hoop on his arm while walking through the carnival.[16][49]
  • Vision continues to try to talk to the "Escape Artist," and recount the events of the previous nights. Vision tells her that he believes she used to be in a supernatural anomaly that she had entered. The "Escape Artist," still believing him to be trying to ask her out, agrees. Vision distracts the "Escape Artist" with a "mime's" performance, allowing him to reawaken Darcy Lewis' personality.[16][49]
  • Lewis recovers and comments on it not being good. Lewis introduces herself as the "Strongman" yells at them. Vision tells Lewis that he has questions, and Lewis assures Vision that she can answer them. They see a food truck and decide to leave, as the "Strongman" tries to tell them they need to perform. The "Strongman" tries to stop Lewis from leaving, but Lewis punches "him" in the face.[16][49]
  • Vision Inquisition

    Vision and Lewis steal the truck

    Lewis and Vision rush towards the food truck as Lewis looks for the keys. Vision asks if his children are safe and who "Pietro Maximoff" was, both of which she does not know. Lewis finds the key and drives away as the "Strongman" attempts to stop them and rushes after them.[16][49]
  • Wanda Maximoff goes to put her bowl away, but finds the house continuing to change between designs. She becomes overwhelmed as she sees a stork briefly appear and then disappear.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, Maximoff confesses that she does not understand what is happening and why she cannot fix it. An interviewer asks if she deserves what is happening, but Maximoff says that he is not supposed to talk.[16][49]
  • An advertisement for Nexus airs on the WandaVision broadcast.[16][49]
  • At "Agnes' House," Billy Maximoff pets Señor Scratchy as "Agnes" brings them food. "Agnes" asks Billy what he is thinking, and Billy responds that he likes it at "Agnes' House" because it is quiet. Billy realizes that "Agnes" is quiet on the inside, startling "Agnes." Tommy asks if their mother is alright, so "Agnes" reassures them.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, "Agnes" says that her "husband" tells her she sugarcoats things. "Agnes" defends herself by saying it was too hard to tell the young boys that her mother was crazy.[16][49]
  • Jimmy Woo & Monica Rambeau

    Monica Rambeau prepares to enter the Hex

    Infiltration into Westview:
    • Rambeau is outfitted with a suit and told that they are ready for her to enter. Woo mentions that Lewis is not there, and Rambeau says she will free Lewis. Woo wishes Rambeau luck, and she walks toward the Rover.[16][49]
    • Rambeau enters the rover as Goodner expresses confidence in it. Rambeau buckles her seatbelt and activates the rover, moving it toward Westview. Woo and Goodner watch intently as the rover approaches the border.[16][49]
    • The Rover hits the border and stops, getting turned on its side as the magic begins rewriting the rover. Rambeau escapes the rover and Woo asks for medical help. Half the rover is consumed before it is launched out, half of it appearing to be a truck. Rambeau realizes that she can make it through the border, and rushes to the border as Woo calls out to her.[16][49]
    • Inside the Hex

      Rambeau breaks through the Hex

      Rambeau pushes through the border and is made to remember parts of her past. She remembers Carol Danvers calling her tough and pushes through, her memories intact. She discovers that she can see energy fields and rushes towards Maximoff.[16][49]
  • Lewis tells Vision about his sacrifice in the real world, and Vision recaps. Lewis hits another red light.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, Vision shares his belief that Wanda Maximoff is creating impediments to stop him from returning home.[16][49]
  • The red light turns green, and Lewis is about to continue driving, when she is suddenly stopped by a work crew appearing in the intersection.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, Vision comments that he is not amused.[16][49]
  • Darcy Vision

    Darcy Lewis explains who Vision really is

    The construction workers begin work on the traffic light, and Lewis sarcastically tells them to take their time. Vision makes sure he understands that his code was from J.A.R.V.I.S. and his corporeal form was built by Ultron to commit global genocide, which Lewis confirms. Vision asks what he is now, but Lewis says that despite her initial guess that Maximoff merely turned Vision on, she is confused about why Vision cannot leave Westview. Lewis comforts Vision, sharing that after watching their sitcom, she can confirm that Maximoff and Vision are in love.[16][49]
  • Infiltration into Westview:
    • Rambeau arrives at the Vision Residence and tries to warn Maximoff that Tyler Hayward is after Vision, but Maximoff tells her to leave. Maximoff traps Rambeau with her spell, attracting the attention of "Dennis" and "Dottie Jones." Maximoff scolds her for sending the missile and "Pietro Maximoff." When Rambeau insists they did not send "Pietro," Wanda Maximoff accuses Rambeau of lying.[16][49]
    • Maximoff throws Rambeau to the ground, but she lands on her feet, surprising Maximoff. Rambeau scolds Maximoff for brainwashing her, but Maximoff threatens her. Rambeau tells Maximoff to take her down, but she refuses. Rambeau says that Hayward will burn Westview to recover Vision, pleading with Maximoff not to let him make her a villain, but Maximoff suggests she already is.[16][49]
    • "Agnes" watches from "her house" as Maximoff and Rambeau argue. She decides to intervene.[16][49]
    • Rambeau says that she is not afraid of Maximoff, sharing that she also lost the closest person to Rambeau. She says that she does not want to change her mother's death, since it is her truth. "Agnes" interrupts Rambeau, scolding her for overstaying. "Agnes" tells Rambeau to leave, but Rambeau pleads with Maximoff to release the town. Maximoff threatens to hurt Rambeau and leaves with "Agnes."[16][49]
  • "Dennis" returns to his deliveries as Rambeau investigates.[16][49]
  • The construction work is completed as Lewis celebrates finally being able to move, when a crossing guard appears and stops them as a long line of children crosses the intersection, frustrating Lewis.[16][49]
  • In a talking head, Vision says that he did not know how much he and Maximoff had endured before going to Westview. He says that it feels as though his own life had happened to someone else, and reflects on how recent it was for her. Vision realizes how absurd the talking head is, and resolves to talk to Maximoff.[16][49]
  • Vision leaves the truck, and Lewis calls after him that she will meet him at his house.[16][49]
  • Wanda Maximoff meets Agatha Harkness

    Agatha Harkness reveals herself

    "Agnes" takes Maximoff into her house and comforts her, offering her a cup of tea. "Agnes" goes to get the tea, and Maximoff notices sandwiches on the table and the television playing Yo Gabba Gabba!. Maximoff sees Señor Scratchy in his cage and notices a bug. She asks where the boys are, and "Agnes" says they are likely playing in the basement. Maximoff decides to go into the basement to investigate.[16][49]
  • Maximoff calls after her sons and walks downstairs. She walks through the basement, finding a room full of magical items, including the Darkhold. "Agnes" approaches, holding Señor Scratchy, revealing herself to be a magic user named Agatha Harkness. She gives Maximoff a vision of a song revealing her meddling in the affairs of Westview.[16][49]
  • Rambeau searches for a way inside "Agnes' House," and discovers an outside entrance to the basement. However, she is found by "Pietro Maximoff," who comments on her snooping[49] and takes her hostage.[16][41]
  • Harkness comments on her surprise to meet Maximoff, and Maximoff attempts to control her. Harkness explains that Maximoff will not be able to control her, and Maximoff demands to know where the children are. Harkness taunts her and Maximoff attempts to attack her, so Harkness binds her and makes her levitate closer to Harkness, explaining that Harkness had cast a protection spell, explaining that only a witch who cast runes could perform magic within those runes.[16][41]
  • Wanda & Agatha WV EP8

    Harkness interogates Maximoff

    Maximoff asks who Harkness is, prompting Harkness to ask the same of Maximoff. Harkness says that she was waiting for Maximoff to reveal her true self, mentioning that she almost did by sending in "Pietro Maximoff." Harkness explains that she had cast a spell on another person to be able to see through him, and that she could not resurrect the real Pietro since his body was on another continent. She taunts Wanda Maximoff for believing Harkness' trick.[16][41]
  • Harkness goes on to explain that when she sensed Maximoff's spell, she was confused. She finds a bug and takes control of this mind, expressing that Maximoff's ability to perform the spell on an entire town and have them follow complex storylines was special. She turns the bug into a bird, and says that it took her years of study. She explains how powerful Maximoff's magic over Westview is to create such detailed illusions across the whole town. She asks what Maximoff's secret is and feeds the bug to Señor Scratchy.[16][41]
  • Harkness asks Maximoff how she did it, but Maximoff denies being responsible. Harkness throws her against a wall and enchants Maximoff's mind, opening a door to Maximoff's past. Maximoff refuses to enter, but Harkness threatens her children, allowing Maximoff to hear them calling after her. Maximoff and Harkness enter the door and watch Maximoff's parents die. As they enter the recreation of Maximoff's apartment, Harkness comments on the aesthetic and asks why they are there. Harkness comments on Maximoff's brother being loud and tells Maximoff to step into the flashback. She's pushed in and is made to reenact the events of her parents' death.[16][41]
  • Wanda Maximoff & Agatha Harkness EP8 WV

    Harkness shows Maximoff her memories from 1999

    Harkness pulls Maximoff out of the scene once her parents die and asks Maximoff whether she stopped the bomb that landed in front of her and her brother. Harkness asks if she used a probability hex, but Maximoff denies it. Harkness explains that Maximoff's trauma does not explain where her recent power comes from, and asks where her increased abilities come from. A new door appears, and although Maximoff does not want to, Harkness encourages her to continue digging.[16][41]
  • Maximoff enters a recreation of when she was experimented on by HYDRA using the Scepter. Harkness realizes that they are in Maximoff's time in HYDRA, and asks why she joined HYDRA, to which Maximoff responded that they wanted to change the world. Maximoff walks into the scene with Harkness' encouragement. Harkness summarizes the vision and develops a theory about where Maximoff's powers come from.[16][41]
  • Harkness opens a door to a new memory, and the two enter. Maximoff explains that they are in the Avengers Compound, the first home she and Vision shared and how lonely she felt. Maximoff and Harkness watch the scene, and Harkness gets emotional. She pushes Maximoff to continue searching, and tells Maximoff that she wanted Vision back. Maximoff remembers what happened as a new door appears, and Maximoff walks through.[16][41]
  • Maximoff watches the memory of her seeing Vision's body and creating the spell over Westview in a burst of emotion.[16][41]
  • Maximoff suddenly finds herself alone in a filming studio recreation of the Vision Residence. From the audience, Harkness applauds and teleports away. Maximoff hears her children calling out for her, and she rushes out of "Harkness' house."
  • Agatha Harkness chokes kids

    Harkness kidnaps Billy and Tommy Maximoff

    Kidnapping of Billy and Tommy Maximoff: Maximoff finds Harkness holding Billy and Tommy Maximoff hostage. Harkness explains that Wanda does not know how dangerous she is, and that her powers are supposed to be a myth, yet she is using it to live a suburban lifestyle. Wanda demands that Harkness release her children, and Harkness reveals that her magic is called chaos magic, and that Maximoff is therefore the Scarlet Witch.[16][41]
  • Tyler Hayward looks at Westview, and is told that Project Cataract is ready to be launched. Hayward and Rodriguez look at their creation, as Hayward comments on their path and that all they needed was something affected by Maximoff's magic. Project Cataract is activated, and White Vision is turned on.[41] Hayward sends the new Vision into Westview to find Maximoff.[16][33]
  • Battle of Westview:
    • Tommy and Billy try to run toward their mother, but Harkness pulls them back, knocking them to the ground. Angry, Wanda attacks Harkness, knocking them back. Wanda tells the boys to go to their room, and although they are hesitant, Harkness taunts them and Tommy runs himself and Billy to their bedroom.[16][33]
    • Wanda Maximoff attacks Harkness again, but Harkness absorbs Maximoff's power. She says that she absorbs power, and Maximoff notices herself beginning to decay. Harkness blasts Maximoff and offers continued control over Westview in exchange for Maximoff's powers, prompting Maximoff to attack Harkness with a car, sending both flying into a house. Maximoff checks under the car and finds that Harkness is gone.[16][33]
    • White Vision meets Wanda

      White Vision confronts Wanda Maximoff

      White Vision arrives in Westview, and Maximoff approaches him, believing him to still be Vision. White Vision puts his hands on her cheeks and begins crushing her, shocking her. White Vision suggests that Maximoff is not truly powerful, and gets thrown into an RV by Vision, blowing the RV up. Maximoff tells Vision that their children are safe and apologizes for not telling him about her actions. Maximoff says that she can fix it the town, which Vision questions.[16][33]
    • White Vision appears from the fire of the exploded RV as Harkness appears above the house the car flew into, commenting on the two Visions present. Maximoff tells Vision that Westview is their home, so Vision resolves to defend the town. He flies toward White Vision and the fight moves into the skies. Maximoff flies away to follow Harkness.[16][33]
    • Inside "Harkness' house," Rambeau calls out to Maximoff, while "Pietro Maximoff" tells her that it is not worth trying. Rambeau tries to escape, but "Maximoff" stops her, getting in her way and flicking her backwards.[16][33]
    • Double Vision

      Vision and White Vision clash

      Vision and White Vision fight in the air. While Vision asks to resolve their situation peacefully, White Vision repeats his mission to kill Wanda Maximoff and destroy Vision. The two continue to fight as they grab each other and crash into the street. Vision attempts to fly away, although White Vision grabs at him and they fly away together.[16][33]
    • At the S.W.O.R.D. Retreat Base, Tyler Hayward watches reports on the fight as Jimmy Woo is brought to the Director in handcuffs. Rodriguez confirms that White Vision is still under S.W.O.R.D.'s control, and Woo says that Hayward will not be able to cover up what happened. Hayward insists that he will not have to, since there is no video evidence.
    • Woo steals a phone mentions the security footage of S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters which was doctored, but Hayward says that pretending to recover Vision will make him a hero. Woo threatens to have the FBI present, and Hayward has him thrown out. Woo breaks out of his handcuffs and calls Cliff, asking him to send the FBI.[16][33]
    • Maximoff arrives in the Westview town square and passes by the people she enthralled. Harkness hits her with a magical blast and shows Maximoff the Darkhold, citing the chapter dedicated to the magic of the Scarlet Witch. Maximoff insists that she is not a witch, but Harkness keeps reading, saying that she is destined to destroy the world.[16][33]
    • Maximoff insists that she is not who Harkness claims, so Harkness releases Sarah Proctor from Maximoff's control. Proctor approaches Maximoff and begs Maximoff to include her daughter in the show so that she could leave her room. Maximoff insists that Harkness is forcing Proctor to speak, but Harkness says that she simply freed Proctor. Harkness frees several other Westview residents, all of whom approach Maximoff, surrounding her while Harkness chants.[16][33]
    • WV109 - 61749

      Rambeau frees Ralph Bohner

      "Pietro Maximoff" makes a smoothie and tells Rambeau about the room where they are, a place where he relaxes. Rambeau finds an overdue water bill and a headshot and discovers that house belongs to "Maximoff," whose real name is Ralph Bohner. "Maximoff," not recognizing his own name, laughs at his last name sounding like an innuendo.[16][33]
    • Rambeau speculates as to how to end Harkness' control over "Maximoff," which "Maximoff" confuses for wanting to fight. Rambeau flips "Maximoff" over and sees energy coming from his necklace, so she rips it off. Bohner, now free, begs for his life, and Rambeau greets him.[16][33]
    • White Vision fires lasers at Vision, who avoids them. The two fly into the skies.[16][33]
    • Billy and Tommy Maximoff watch from their bedroom window as the two Visions fly into the sky, out of sight. Billy uses his psychic powers to see Wanda Maximoff in trouble, and the two rush to the town square to help her.[16][33]
    • Choking

      The citizens of Westview beg to be freed

      The citizens of Westview scold and plead with Wanda Maximoff, who insists that they are alright. Maximoff insists that she kept them safe and feel at peace, but the residents say that they feel Maximoff's pain. As the citizens beg to be let go, Maximoff becomes overwhelmed and starts choking them, causing them to all fall to the ground. Maximoff realizes what she did and releases them, as Sharon Davis asks to either let them go or let them die.[16][33]
    • Maximoff promises to let the Westview citizens go, and Harkness insists that she do it. Maximoff begins to bring down the magical barrier around Westview and tells the residents to flee as the town starts changing back.[16][33]
    • Alarms blare at the S.W.O.R.D. Retreat Base as Hayward and Rodriguez see the barrier being broken. Hayward says that they are going into Westview.[16][33]
    • Maximoff breaks down the barrier while Vision and White Vision fight. The two blast their lasers at each other, when Vision is blasted and falls.[16][33]
    • S.W.O.R.D.'s vehicles enter Westview.[16][33]
    • Billy-Tommy-Vision-Wanda - E109

      The Maximoff family fight side by side

      Vision hits the ground, as Maximoff notices that he is falling apart. Vision calls out to Maximoff, who sees Billy and Tommy Maximoff falling apart as well. Harkness explains that since her family are tied her spell, one cannot exist without the other. The children call out to Wanda, while Vision calls out to his sons, and Harkness asks whether she will save Westview or her family. Maximoff restores the boundary.[16][33]
    • Woo runs toward the closing boundary as the FBI arrive.[16][33]
    • Vision, Billy, and Tommy rush toward Wanda and hug her as Harkness absorbs Wanda's magic, weakening her. Billy asks if Wanda is okay, as Harkness taunts them. White Vision defends on the family as S.W.O.R.D. approaches them, and points their weapons at them while Wanda, Billy, Tommy, and Vision prepare to fight. Wanda and Vision assure the boys that they were born to be heroes, and Vision takes off and fights White Vision.[16][33]
    • White Vision punches Vision into the Westview Public Library, and approaches him. Vision asks why White Vision is attacking him, and White Vision responds that his directive is to destroy Vision. White Vision attacks Vision, who evades White Vision's laser and gets White Vision in a chokehold. Vision says that he is not the true Vision, but rather a conditional Vision, prompting White Vision to break free and request elaboration.[16][33]
    • Harkness lifts several S.W.O.R.D. soldiers into the air, and tells Wanda that witches will always be attacked. Harkness drops them, but Wanda stops them from falling and lowers them down. Wanda tells Billy and Tommy to fight S.W.O.R.D. and engages Harkness. Harkness attacks Maximoff, who uses her own magic to disappear.[16][33]
    • Monica shields Billy & Tommy

      Rambeau protects Billy and Tommy

      Tommy steals the guns, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses that S.W.O.R.D. had, and Hayward gets out of his car. Rambeau reaches the town square as Hayward points his gun at Billy and Tommy. Rambeau jumps in front of the gun as Hayward fires. The bullets move through her body and lose their momentum, except one, which Billy catches with his telekinetic ability. Rambeau and Billy compliment each other's powers.[16][33]
    • Hayward gets into a car and tries to drive away, but is crashed into by the food truck driven by Darcy Lewis, who comments that Hayward is going to prison.[16][33]
    • Vision mentions the Ship of Theseus thought experiment, which he and White Vision summarize. White Vision realizes the paradoxical nature and how it applies to their situation. White Vision suggests that he does not have the Mind Stone, but Vision counters that he does not have any original material.[16][33]
    • White Vision and Vision

      The Visions discuss the Ship of Theseus

      Vision suggests that only memories define which is the Vision, but White Vision says that he does not have any memories. White Vision says that Vision's belief that he is the true Vision makes it so, but Vision counters that meeting White Vision caused him to stop believing that. Vision says that it is difficult to wipe White Vision's memory drives and unlocks White Vision's memories. White Vision realizes that he is the Vision and leaves.[16][33]
    • Vision leaves the library and is greeted by Tommy and Billy.[16][33]
    • Harkness watches, but is approached by Wanda Maximoff from behind and sent into a vision of her trial in 1693. Maximoff taunts Harkness with her past and causes the witches in her vision to reanimate, and Harkness panics. However, the witches turn their attention toward Maximoff and approach her, declaring her as the Scarlet Witch. Maxmioff is tied to a pole as Harkness says that Maximoff cannot win.[16][33]
    • Harkness offers to correct the flaws in Westview in exchange for Maximoff's powers, However, Maximoff breaks free of the witches' command attacks Harkness, breaking the vision. Maximoff refuses and attacks Harkness, blasting runes into the border around Westview. Vision attempts to help, but Maximoff holds him back.[16][33]
    • Agatha defeated by Scarlet Witch

      Harkness absorbs Maximoff's power

      While Vision returns to his sons, Maximoff and Harkness continue to fight, and Harkness asks Maximoff to accept her fate while Maximoff loses her strength. Maximoff continues to blast her magic at Harkness, appearing to have been drained.[16][33]
    • Vision hugs Billy Maximoff as he and Tommy Maximoff call out for their mother.[16][33]
    • Harkness says that she in fact cannot change Maximoff's spell, and insists that Westview, like Maximoff, will remain broken. However, she attempts to attack Maximoff, but finds herself incapable of casting a spell. Maximoff reveals that her losing her powers was a ruse and that she had made the runes around the town, and that Harkness therefore cannot cast spells.[16][33]
    • The Scarlet Witch

      The Scarlet Witch battles Harkness

      Maximoff says that she does not need Harkness to tell her who she is as she reabsorbs her powers, creating a new outfit for herself. Harkness expresses fear over what Maximoff has done and the two lower themselves to the ground, as Harkness collapses.[16][33]
  • Harkness asks what Maximoff intends to do to her, so Maximoff says that she plans to lock Harkness in the personality she pretended to have as the nosy neighbor. Harkness pleads with Maximoff, who apologizes, but Harkness calls her cruel. Harkness says that Maximoff does not know what she has unleashed and that she will need Harkness. Maximoff says that she will find Harkness if she needs her and turns her into "Agnes."[16][33]
  • "Agnes" greets Maximoff and compliments her new outfit. Maximoff says that Harkness will live in Westview, unbothered, and says goodbye.[16][33]
  • Tommy and Billy Maximoff hug their mother, and Vision comments on the state of their home. He expresses confidence that she will do the right thing, although they agree that it will not be right for them. Wanda and Vision agree to go home, and Wanda and Monica nod to each other.[16][33]
  • The family walks home, and Wanda removes the magic from the town. As the border closes in, the family arrive at their house, and Tommy and Billy are put to sleep. Wanda and Vision put their children to bed, and express pride in their children. Wanda tells the boys that a family is forever and that they could never leave each other. Wanda and Vision kiss their children goodnight and go to the doorway, where they notice the border closing in. Wanda thanks the boys for choosing her to be their mom, and the couple leave their children's room as the boys go to sleep.[16][33]
  • Several parts of Westview are restored.[16][33]
  • Wanda loses Vision again

    Wanda Maximoff says goodbye to Vision

    Wanda Maximoff looks at a photo of her family and turns off the lights in her house. Vision turns a light back on, saying that it is bad luck to say goodbye in the dark, then admitting that he simply wanted to see Maximoff clearly. The couple watch the border close in on their house. Vision asks what he is, and Maximoff says that he is the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in her, a body that she created out of sadness, hope, and love.[16][33]
  • Maximoff and Vision kiss, and Vision describes his various past and current forms, assuring Maximoff that he will come back in another film. Vision says that they have said goodbye before, and Maximoff says that they will say hello again. The house reverts to normal and Maximoff holds Vision as he disappears and says so long.[16][33]
  • Wanda Maximoff & Monica Rambeau

    Wanda Maximoff leaves Westview

    Maximoff stands alone in the empty plot of land that used to be her house, and puts her hood up as she leaves. She walks through the town square, receiving dirty looks from her former thralls. She sees Rambeau, who says that the citizens of Westview will never know what she sacrificed for them, though Maximoff says that how they see her would not change if they did. Rambeau confesses that, given the chance and power, she would have resurrected her mother. Maximoff says she is sorry and pledges to understand her power. As sirens approach, Maximoff says goodbye to Rambeau and leaves, as Rambeau wishes her luck. She turns around for one last look at Westview before flying away.[16][33]
  • Woo directs the FBI in their investigation of what happened in Westview. Rambeau and Woo greet each other, and Rambeau says that Darcy Lewis refused to participate in the debriefs. They watch Tyler Hayward get arrested, and Rambeau's presence is requested in the local movie theater.[16][33]
  • Rambeau is led into the theater by an FBI agent, who reveals that she is a Skrull who was sent by an old friend of her mother who would like to meet with her. Rambeau asks where the friend is, and the Skrull indicates that he is in space. Rambeau smiles.[16][33]


  • Assata Admires Dora

    Ayo takes Assata to watch the Dora Milaje

    Ayo takes her younger cousin, Assata, to watch T'Challa train with the Dora Milaje. Assata watches sadly, upset that she cannot move the same way as them due to her disability. She decides to give up on her dream of joining the Dora Milaje.[57][58]


  • The Daily Bugle interviews Jenae Jazrem about her experience after her husband disappeared in the Snap. She urges the reporter to make each day count, having learned that lesson through their experience.[23][55]



  • Xu Wenwu sits in his study doing research, when he begins seeing visions of his wife, brought upon him by the Dweller-in-Darkness. The visions feel so real to Wenwu that he believes it as the Dweller asks him to free "Ying."[1][61]




  • Assata Refuses Help

    Assata refuses accommodations from Okoye

    Okoye learns that a young disabled girl named Assata dreamed of joining the Dora Milaje. She meets with Assata and offers to create a new style of training that Assata can undergo while in her Vibranium Hoverchair. However, Assata refuses, deciding instead to focus on her scientific abilities to help her tribe.[57][58]



  • The Daily Bugle interviews Elijah Cortez about his experience disappearing as a result of the Snap and reappearing. He complains about the rude nature of his grandchildren, who had aged five years.[23][55]


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    In On a Very Special Episode..., it is mentioned that Wanda Maximoff's visit to S.W.O.R.D. was "9 days ago", and Previously On implies that this was very shortly before Maximoff created the Hex, but she created it the "morning" of Woo and Rambeau meeting, which is 3-4 days prior. So, Maximoff visiting S.W.O.R.D. must be 5 or 6 days separate from creating the Hex, with her taking some time to decide to travel to Westview, and wearing the same clothes on separate days.
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  29. In Truth, Bucky Barnes implies that he knew that Steve Rogers planned on giving Sam Wilson the Captain America legacy. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely confirmed that this conversation happened the night before Rogers went back in time to return the Infinity Stones. With that event dated to October 30, 2023 (see other references), Rogers and Barnes' conversation would have happened on October 29, 2023. In Power Broker, it is revealed that Rogers gave Barnes his list of media to catch up on. This can be taken to be from the same conversation.
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  31. Jon Watts confirmed Fury switched with Talos some time after Tony Stark's funeral in Avengers: Endgame, making the funeral on October 29, 2023 (see other references), the earliest he could have left. In The Series Finale, a Skrull says to Monica Rambeau on November 10, 2023 (see other references) that Fury had heard about Rambeau getting grounded, and thus sent the Skrull to recruit Rambeau, implying that Fury was in space the day Rambeau was grounded on November 5, 2023 (see other references). This makes November 5, 2023 the latest Fury could have left.
    In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Cleary says that "Nick Fury has been off-planet for a year" in July 2024 (see 2024 references). While ideally this would place Fury leaving in July 2023, this is impossible, since this is before Stark's funeral. It must therefore be taken that Fury left as soon as possible after Stark's funeral, aligning with Talos saying in Promises, "Your boots barely hit Earth. And, 'Oh, it's too heavy here, man. I gotta go up to my space station.'" It can therefore be taken that Fury left the day following Stark's funeral, October 30, 2023.
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  38. In The Star-Spangled Man, Lennox says "Six months ago, would you have imagined people supporting the cause like this?" when referring to the formation of the Flag Smashers. He says this on the reasoned date of April 26, 2024 (see 2024 references), meaning the Flag Smashers would have formed in October 2023. To separate this as far as possible from the Blip itself, this can be approximated to October 31, 2023.
  39. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: 1.04: The Whole World Is Watching
  40. In The Whole World Is Watching, a teacher says that he requested more supplies and teachers "six months ago" on April 30, 2024 (see 2024 references). This could mean exactly six months prior, so October 30, 2023, or within the six months before, so in October 2023. To separate this as far as possible from the Blip itself, this can be approximated to October 31, 2023.
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  43. Sometimes the Marvel Cinematic Universe alludes to events which happened in our world, and it is assumed they happened on the same dates in the universe, for timeline purposes.
  44. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: 1.03: The People vs. Emil Blonsky
  45. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: 1.04: Is This Not Real Magic?
  46. In Is This Not Real Magic?, Wong explains that Donny Blaze was kicked out of the Masters of the Mystic Arts "when he summoned three kegs and his former fraternity brother Ky-Dog to Kamar-Taj," implying that it was after Blaze graduated college. Based on Blaze's birth date, which is approximated to March 1983 (see 1980s references), Blaze would have graduated college in approximately June 2009. Wong goes onto explain that after getting kicked out, he started using real magic in his stage performances. These two events can be distributed between Blaze's graduation and when he is first shown performing sorcery on stage on May 24, 2025 (see 2025 references). This places the midpoint of Blaze's time with the Masters of the Mystic Arts on October 17, 2014. Wong says that he spent "a week" with the Masters, placing him joining on October 14 and getting kicked out on October 21. Blaze starting to use sorcery in his magic shows would be placed in February 2020. However, it is not known whether or not Blaze survived Thanos' Snap and would have been dead from 2018-2023. To best fit the even distribution as well as Wong saying that Blaze has been using sorcery "recently," this can be placed soon after the Blip, in November 2023.
  47. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: 1.01: New World Order
  48. In New World Order, a loan officer explains that the Blip, dated to October 17, 2023 (see other references), prompted the bank to tighten their rules regarding loans. This was a reaction to the Blip, so would likely have happened within the first month, so some time between October 17 and November 17, 2023. The middle of these dates, November 1, 2023, can therefore be taken to be when the rules were put in place.
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  55. 55.0 55.1 55.2 The Daily Bugle features a "Blip Blog" portion, describing stories of how people were affected by the Snap and Blip. The website was posted in September 2019, so the Blip Blog can be taken to have been posted on the same date in-universe, September 2024. The interviews can be spread out between the date of the Blip, October 17, 2023 (see other references) and the posting of the website.
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  60. In So This Is Christmas?, Eleanor Bishop's car registration is shown to expire in December 2025. Car registrations in New York last two years, so it can be taken that the car was registered in December 2023.
  61. 61.0 61.1 61.2 In Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Xu Shang-Chi says that he received the postcard from his father "a few months ago." The postcard is stamped having been paid on "12-04," so it can be taken that this is when Xu Wenwu sent the postcard, and that the day before is when he started seeing the visions, since Wenwu could not reach Ta Lo without Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing's pendants, which the postcard was meant to help Wenwu get.
  62. The post-credits scene in The Series Finale shows Wanda Maximoff studying the Darkhold, some time after the events of November 10, 2023 (see other references) and before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in November 2024 (see 2024 references). She appears to be about half as corrupted as she is in the film, suggesting around May 2024. Marvel Studios' The Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Official Timeline places the scene in "Fall 2023" still, however, meaning it should be placed as late as possible while still within that window: around December 21, 2023.