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"Okay, remember, everyone Thanos snapped away five years ago... You're just bringing them back to now, today. Don't change anything from the last five years."
Iron Man to Hulk[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2023.






Leo Fitz comforts Jemma Simmons

  • The 35-year-old Jemma Simmons argues with Leo Fitz, saying D.I.A.N.A. was only supposed to make her forget his location, not this as well. Fitz says she has to forget so she can be strong to do what is necessary, and that she will not be upset because she will not know what she has forgotten, but Simmons says she will nonetheless feel the guilt inside for leaving a part of herself behind, torn away. She cries that she does not want to forget, and Fitz embraces and comforts her.[1][3][2]
  • Having been comforted to accept what she has to do, Simmons puts pillows and a duvet into the Containment Module for the final stages of the plan.[1][2]
  • Enoch puts up a sheet, and the "Phil Coulson" Life-Model Decoy with Chronicom hardware is completed.[1][2]
  • Fitz loads the piece of the Time Di'Alla into the Time Drive, and he, Enoch, and Simmons make the jump to loop back to 2019.[1][2]



"I keep telling everybody they should move on... and grow. Some do. But not us."
―Steve Rogers[src]

Rogers attending his support group for survivors

  • Steve Rogers attends a therapy group with other Snap survivors. One of the members, Bobby, talks about how he has tackled the tough step of going on a date for the first time in 5 years. Rogers congratulates him and talks about the fact that they need to take baby steps to move on, something he himself struggled with after losing the love of his life in 1945, and states that they need to do something with their lives, otherwise Thanos might as well have killed them all.[4][5]
  • In a San Francisco storage unit, a rat inside Luis' van walks onto the panel's buttons, which activates the Quantum Tunnel, causing Ant-Man to finally return from the Quantum Realm. He is disoriented and confused.[4][5]
  • The security guard at the facility is surprised to see Lang on the security feed, and lets him out.[4][5]
  • After his release, Lang finds the city is mostly abandoned. He asks a passer-by what happened, but the boy does not respond.[4][5]

The Wall of the Vanished

  • Lang finds the Wall of the Vanished, a monument in San Francisco listing the local victims of the Snap 5 years earlier. Fearful for his daughter, he scans the monument for the Lang surname, only to instead find his own name, presumed dead due to his disappearance the same day as the event.[4][5]
  • Visiting his ex-wife's house, Scott Lang desperately rings the doorbell. Cassie, now 16 years old, comes to the door. Scott is stunned by her age, and Cassie is overwhelmed to find out her father is actually alive. They embrace.[4][5]


"The federales found a room full of bodies, looks like a bunch of cartel guys - never even got a chance to get their guns out."
James Rhodes to Natasha Romanoff[src]


The Avengers in 2023

  • At the New Avengers Facility, Natasha Romanoff conducts a meeting via hologram with Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, Okoye, Captain Marvel, and War Machine, getting updates about the status of the galaxy and Wakanda and its surrounding area. Okoye explains the tremors were just tremors, and there is nothing to be done about them. Danvers then explains that the kind of trouble Earth is going through is also occurring across many planets, so she is having to cover a lot of territory and may not be around for a while.[4][5]
  • The group all shut down their holograms save for Rhodes, who tells Romanoff that he is in Mexico that there has been a cartel massacre, and that the perpetrator was definitely Clint Barton - the latest in a series of attacks by him over the preceding few years. She sadly asks him to still keep looking for where he might be heading next.[4][5]

Rogers talks with Natasha Romanoff

  • Steve Rogers arrives at the facility to check in on his friend. He admits that while he tells people they should move on, he cannot himself, and that he knows Romanoff cannot either. Romanoff tells her friend that the Avengers gave her a job and family that she did not have beforehand, and she was better for it, still trying now even though the group is gone to be better. Rogers notes they should probably both "get a life", but Romanoff sadly smiles, joking, "You first." They are interrupted by a call at the front gate, and when Romanoff answers, they find Scott Lang, announcing himself and saying he really needs to talk to them.[4][5]
  • Once Lang has been welcomed inside, he tells the duo that while he was gone for 5 years, he only experienced 5 hours in the Quantum Realm. He explains to them that the realm operates on its own, unpredictable rules of time, suggesting that if there were a way to navigate it temporally, it could potentially be exploited to effectively time travel to before Thanos' attack, opening a possibility of finding a way to reverse the Snap. Romanoff is willing to entertain the idea, and Lang asks who they need to talk to.[4][5]


Tony Stark with his daughter, Morgan

  • Tony Stark goes to get his 4-year-old daughter, Morgan, from her tent outside his and Pepper Potts' home. He discovers Morgan has gone into the garage and taken a helmet from something he had made for her mother, and picks her up to take her inside for lunch. As he heads back, Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, and Natasha Romanoff arrive at the house.[4][5]
  • The group explain their proposal to Stark, but he explains that time travel is not navigable. Rogers points out the Infinity Stones are still around in the past, so they could get them, with Romanoff saying they could click their fingers themselves to bring the lost people back, Lang nicknaming the plan a "Time Heist". Stark worries they could just make things even worse, but when Rogers suggests they might not, Stark points out that there is still no logical, tangible way to safely execute the Time Heist. Lang thinks he can convince him so long as they follow the "rules of time travel", but Stark points out his idea is naively based on Back to the Future, which is not how quantum physics works. Lang angrily points out that many people, himself included, lost people who they care about, but Stark simply states that he cannot agree to help. Morgan comes back out and Tony tells the team that she already is his second chance.[4][5]

Smart Hulk helping in the streets of New York City

  • Hulk, now a merged version of himself retaining the green muscular form but Banner's intelligence and personality, saves a group of civilians from a burning building. He receives a call from Steve Rogers about experimenting with time travel.[4][5]


  • Rogers, Lang, and Romanoff visit Hulk, meeting with him in a diner. Some children come over and take a photo with him, and Lang is disappointed when they are not interested in a photo with Ant-Man. When Rogers brings up the time travel possibility, Hulk is initially skeptical, but with Romanoff's encouragement, agrees to help them experiment with the idea.[4][5]
  • Tony Stark is washing dishes when he accidentally sprays a photo on his shelf. Wiping it clean, he finds it's a picture of himself with Peter Parker. The photo reminds him of what he lost, and he decides to give time travel theory a try.[4][5]
  • Tony Stark uses F.R.I.D.A.Y. to run different configurations for navigating time. He is shocked when one, revolving around an inverted Möbius strip, turns out to be feasible. Morgan interrupts him, and he takes her up to bed.[4][5]

Tony Stark gives Morgan a goodnight kiss

  • As Morgan Stark is put to bed, she tells her father she loves him "three thousand".[4][5]
  • Talking to his wife, Tony Stark tells Potts that he figured out time travel, and does not know what to do. He suggests that he could just stop now, but Potts points out that stopping is not in his nature, and he would not be able to rest knowing he did not help.[4][5]


  • Hulk, Romanoff, and Rogers set up their first time travel test, using the Quantum Tunnel in Luis' van. Hulk tries to send Scott Lang back in time, but instead pushes backwards time through Lang, ageing him backwards to a 12-year-old. In trying to fix it, he instead ages him to a 93-year-old, then back to a baby, before finally managing to return him to normal.[4][5]

Tony Stark gives Steve Rogers back his shield

  • Tony Stark returns to the New Avengers Facility, coming across Steve Rogers. He explains that he anticipated what happened to Lang, being the EPR paradox. He says that he wants to help now, but they must also keep what they have found for themselves in the years since the Snap. Tony takes the Captain America shield from his car boot, hand it back to Rogers the way his father once had, reminding him that Howard made it for him, and as a sign of their reconciliation. Rogers graciously accepts it, and says they are working on assembling the team.[4][5]


  • Scott Lang attempts to eat a taco, but is disrupted when Rocket Raccoon and Nebula arrive at the New Avengers Facility on the Benatar, followed by War Machine.[4][5]
  • Hulk and Rocket fly the Benatar to Tønsberg, Norway, where they visit the "New Asgard" establishment the remainder of the Asgardians have set up to build their new lives. On arrival, Valkyrie greets them, but warns Thor will not be welcoming to them and only leaves his hut to get more beer for himself.[4][5]

Thor with Korg and Miek in New Asgard

  • The duo go to recruit Thor, finding him an obese, unkempt alcoholic, reduced in his depression to simply playing video games with Korg and Miek. They tell him they are working to fix what happened with Thanos, but the reminder upsets Thor, after having failed in 2018. Hulk reminds him that he helped him out of a bad place before and says they need him, eventually convincing him to come with them.[4][5]
  • Massacre in Tokyo:
    • Ronin has found a Japanese Yakuza leader, Akihiko, and has tracked him down to his stronghold in Tokyo. On arrival, the now merciless Barton kills every member of the Yakuza present.[4][5]
    • Barton comes face-to-face with Akihiko and engages him in a sword duel. He slices his gut, then his throat. As Akihiko kneels and begs for his life, Barton runs him through.[4][5]
    • Clint Barton is located by Natasha Romanoff

      Barton realizes Natasha Romanoff is behind him and turns to see his friend for the first time in 5 years. She informs him that the Avengers have a plan, and while he is reluctant to let himself have any hope, she takes his hand and convinces him to return with them.[4][5]



  • Scott Lang dons a newly-developed Advanced Tech Suit to trial time travel again, explaining that with Hank Pym dead, they only have enough Pym Particles for a round trip each and two test runs. He fumbles using one vial, and decides he is not ready. Barton volunteers to go instead.[4][5]
  • Hulk explains time travel

    Barton dons the machine, and James Rhodes and Scott Lang ask Hulk why they cannot simply change time by killing a baby Thanos or stealing the Infinity Stones before Thanos can get them. Hulk explains, however, that you cannot just change your own past, and if you travel to the past, that simply puts your former present in your past, helping them to understand why it cannot simply be edited.[4][5]
  • Barton tests out the Quantum Tunnel for the group and enters the Quantum Realm, with the goal of exiting at his homestead in 2018, before his family was wiped out.[4][5]
  • Barton arrives back through the tunnel after his visit to 2018, still carrying a baseball mitt he picked up from his homestead in 2018. He informs the team that it worked.[4][5]


Thor has fallen asleep

  • Steve Rogers and Tony Stark lead a meeting of the Avengers to discuss planning when and where to time travel to so as to retrieve the six Infinity Stones from history. They point out that the Infinity Stones are entwined with their history, so there are not many convenient places. They ask Thor for help regarding information on the Aether, but he has fallen asleep.[4][5]
  • Thor, now awake, starts to explain the Aether, but gets sidetracked, talking about how Jane Foster ended up picking up the liquid and taking her to Asgard, where she met Frigga. He becomes upset thinking about Frigga's death and breaking up with Foster, before Stark stops him.[4][5]
  • Rocket Raccoon tells the group about Peter Quill having found the Power Stone on Morag.[4][5]


The Avengers contemplate the plan for the Time Heist

  • Steve Rogers announces to the Avengers that they now have a plan for their Time Heist, with three teams: New York for the Space, Mind, and Time Stones, Asgard for the Reality Stone, and Morag/Vormir for Power and Soul Stones. The team all take a look at the final plan.[4][5]
  • Tony Stark records a message for his family ahead of the Time Heist, in case something goes wrong.[5] He also prepares a note for Peter Parker, gifting him his E.D.I.T.H. artificial intelligence if he dies.[4][6]


  • Time Heist:
    • All wearing Advanced Tech Suits, the Avengers stride to the new Quantum Tunnel. Steve Rogers gives them a pep talk and tells them to be careful and look each other, with the assurance that they will win, whatever it takes.[4][5]
    • Hulk prepares the Quantum Tunnel, and Clint Barton is given the shrunken-down Benatar to take with him on the mission, with Rocket making him promise to return it safely.[4][5]
    • The Time Heist begins

      They are split into three groups: Rogers, Stark, Lang, and Hulk for 2012, Thor and Rocket for 2013, and Barton, Romanoff, Rhodes, and Nebula for 2014. Hulk sets off the Quantum Tunnel, and Romanoff jokes, "See you in a minute." The Avengers' helmets go up, and they enter the Quantum Realm.[4][5]
    • Moments after leaving, the Avengers return, with one exception: Natasha Romanoff, having sacrificed herself for Clint Barton to retrieve the Soul Stone in 2014. Unbeknownst to the others, Nebula is actually the 2014 version still with intense loyalty to Thanos, who intercepted the 2023 Nebula in the past.[4][5]
  • Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Thor, and Hulk grieve Romanoff on a float just outside of the New Avengers Facility, as they come to terms with her death. Thor wants to use the Infinity Stones to bring Romanoff back, but Barton explains the everlasting nature the guardian of the stone told them about.[4][5]


Hulk decides to use the Nano Gauntlet

  • Thor asks to be the one to snap his fingers with the Nano Gauntlet, desperate to do something right to make up for his mistakes. Stark tells him he is not in the right state, and Hulk explains that the radiation from the stones is mostly gamma, so given his gamma-based nature and strength, he is the most likely to survive.[4][5]
  • While the Avengers prepare, the 2014 Nebula, assumed by the others to be the 2023 Nebula they know, goes to execute her plan.[4][5]
  • Stark reminds Hulk that the only change to be made is to bring everyone who died in the Snap back in present day, without altering anything else about the last 5 years or the present. Banner dons the gauntlet, struggling with the power it surges into him, but coping.[4][5]
  • Nebula opens the gateway to the 2014 that the Time Heist left behind, allowing Thanos' flagship, the Sanctuary II, to be transported through.[4][5]

Bruce Banner wielding the Nano Gauntlet

  • Blip:
    • Despite significant damage to his right arm, Hulk manages to snap his fingers for the return of all life lost in the Snap in 2018. Stark cools his burned and wizened arm. Meanwhile, Scott Lang walks outside and notices the birds tweeting once again outside, just as Clint Barton's phone rings. Clint is overwhelmed when he finds out that the caller is his wife, and he takes the call from her, overjoyed to hear she is indeed alive once again. Lang tells the others he thinks it really worked.[4][5]
    • At Midtown School of Science and Technology, the students turned to dust by the Snap in 2018 return, causing a disturbance as they are caught in the middle of an ongoing basketball game.[4][6]
    • In Louisiana, Monica Rambeau returns in a hospital room, asking for her mother. A doctor informs her she died three years prior. She also informs Rambeau of her disappearance in the Snap.[4][7]

Monica Rambeau is brought back to life

  • Unbeknownst to those in New York, Doctor Strange, returned by Hulk and knowing what will be happening at the facility, uses Inter-Dimensional Portals to contact Wong and the Masters of the Mystic Arts and, with them, assemble a massive Avengers allied army from across space. Their assembly includes the heroes returned from death, the Asgardians, Ravagers, and the united Wakandan armies.[4][5]
  • Attack on the New Avengers Facility:
    • Before the Avengers can appreciate their success, the Sanctuary II suddenly bears down on the facility and fires a barrage of missiles. Lang shrinks down for safety and the facility begins to crumble, the other Avengers falling to the rubble of the foundations below. The facility is destroyed, along with the Quantum Tunnel.[4][5]
    • James Rhodes and Rocket Raccoon under rubble

      Hulk holds up rubble to protect War Machine and Rocket. Rhodes ejects out of his armor and crawls, without the support his mechanical legs provide for his paralysis, to help free Rocket as he struggles to breathe. The area starts to flood.[4][5]
    • Ant-Man hears Rhodes' calls on comms for help with the flood.[4][5]
    • Hawkeye struggles through the rubble, before finding the fallen Nano Gauntlet. He hears a noise from behind him and fires a flashlight arrow down the tunnel, illuminating Outriders crawling toward him. He picks up the gauntlet and runs.[4][5]
    • 2014 Nebula reunites with 2014 Thanos, who thanks her. He asks her to find the stones for him, while he waits.[4][5]
    • 2014 Gamora watches from the Sanctuary II, concerned. She turns to 2023 Nebula and asks what happened between them after 2014, and 2023 Nebula explains that despite their fights, they go on to be sisters. Gamora offers to help 2023 Nebula stop Thanos.[4][5]
    • Iron Man, Captain America and Thor decide to confront Thanos in a fight

      Iron Man finds Captain America, unconscious in the rubble. He wakes him and gives him back his shield, saying that their messing with time has led to time retaliating.[4][5]
    • Iron Man and Captain America join Thor, who has been watching Thanos, and tells them the Titan has not moved. They accept that they are walking into a trap, but decide to attack nonetheless. Thor summons lightning, which changes him into armor and braided hair, as he brings both the 2013 Mjølnir and Stormbreaker to his hands.[4][5]
    • The trio walk to confront Thanos. Thanos thinks over his 2018 self's victory and the fact that people are not grateful for his actions, deciding he must wipe away the universe to be the creator of a new one that does not know loss or what it cost to come into existence. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America charge him, each attacking together as Thanos fends them off.[4][5]
    • Ant-Man goes to save Rocket Raccoon, Rhodes and Hulk

      Rhodes and Rocket panic as the water fills up their underground area. Ant-Man, meanwhile, makes his way to them to help.[4][5]
    • Hawkeye runs from the Outrider horde through several towers, detonating an explosive arrow behind him to take out some of the aliens. He shoots a wire up a vertical tunnel, using his katana to cut away any aliens that jump after him, and getting to safety.[4][5]
    • At the top of the tunnel, Hawkeye is greeted by Nebula. Exhausted, he hands her the gauntlet, not knowing she is the 2014 Nebula, who contacts Thanos to say she has acquired the stones. Hawkeye panics, just as Gamora and the 2023 Nebula enter. Gamora holds a blaster to 2014 Nebula as she and 2023 Nebula try to convince her to change, having seen the potential she has to be better. 2014 Nebula forlornly says that Thanos would not let her and goes to blast Gamora, but 2023 Nebula shoots her first, killing her. Hawkeye retrieves the gauntlet.[4][5]
  • Battle of Earth:
    • Thanos blocks Iron Man's energy blasts

      Iron Man has Thor charge him with lightning, like their first encounter in 2012, for a stronger attack on Thanos, but Thanos deflects the blast with his sword. Thor uses Stormbreaker to hit Mjølnir at the Titan, but Thanos uses Iron Man as a shield, the hammer instead knocking Stark out.[4][5]
    • Captain America attacks Thanos, only to be knocked aside. Thor dives and swings Stormbreaker at him, but Thanos disarms him, before kicking and pummeling him. When Thor tries to summon Stormbreaker, Thanos catches the weapon and starts to push it through Thor's breastplate.[4][5]
    • Captain America picks up Mjølnir, deemed worthy of wielding the enchanted weapon, and hurls it to knock Thanos off of his friend, before summoning it back to him. Thanos kicks Thor's head into a rock as Rogers attacks him, using the hammer and shield in tandem to knock him down, before summoning lightning with Mjølnir to strike the Titan.[4][5]
    • Rogers sending lightning to Thanos

      As Captain America attacks again, Thanos dodges, before slamming Rogers into the ground and stabbing his leg and punching the hammer from his grip. He proceeds to use his sword to cut pieces from the shield, otherwise indestructible to any Earth-based material. Rogers falls to the ground.[4][5]
    • Thanos mentions that while his previous conquests have been detached of emotion, he will enjoy annihilating Earth, as he calls forth the full force of his armies, who beam down to the ground. Despite being the only hero left in the way of Thanos and his army, Rogers, still resolute, straps what remains of his shield and walks to confront Thanos, the Black Order, and the hordes of aliens, in defiance.[4][5]
    • The reunited heroes get ready to face Thanos

      Just as all seems lost, Rogers hears a voice on radio: Sam Wilson, returned to life by Hulk, alerting Rogers once again, "On your left." Rogers turns to find a golden portal being opened, and Black Panther, Shuri, and Okoye stepping through. Falcon flies through over them as numerous portals open around Rogers. From Titan, out steps Doctor Strange, Mantis, Drax the Destroyer, Star-Lord, and Spider-Man. From Wakanda, the restored might of the Wakandan Army marches forth, led by their king, and accompanied by the Winter Soldier, Groot, and Scarlet Witch. From New Asgard, Valkyrie and her flying steed Aragorn), Korg, Miek, and the Asgardians. Wong leads the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Wasp arrives from San Francisco, and the Ravagers and Howard the Duck come through from Contraxia. Thor summons Stormbreaker, Iron Man wakes, Pepper Potts flies in wearing the armor Stark made her, and Ant-Man grows to giant size from under the New Avengers Facility, safely getting Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, and War Machine out to join the fray. Captain America summons Mjølnir back to him and rallies the armies with the cry, "Avengers... assemble," and the Avengers' allied forces charge forth.[4][5]
    • Thanos unleashes his army

      Thanos unleashes his army in response, and the clash of the Battle of Earth begins. Ant-Man punches a Leviathan to the ground, Black Panther fights Outriders, Drax stabs Cull Obsidian, and Stark and Potts fight back-to-back in their respective armors. Thor and Captain America accidentally switch weapons as they fight, and Thor has Rogers give back Stormbreaker, wanting the bigger weapon. Barnes and Rocket shoot their opponents.[4][5]
    • Cull Obsidian goes to stab Iron Man, but Spider-Man uses webs to restrain him, then Ant-Man steps on him. Parker and Stark reunite, and Stark hugs him, delighted to have him back.[4][5]
    • Star-Lord fights Sakaarans from Thanos' army. He is almost killed by one, but his attacker is shot in the back. Quill gets up to find the shooter to be Gamora. He is confused, not knowing she is not the Gamora he knew, so when he touches her, she knees and kicks him. She turns to Nebula, incredulous that the man before her is the one her other self fell in love with.[4][5]
    • Falcon kills a Chitauri Gorilla

      Falcon kills a Chitauri Gorilla. Hawkeye runs with the Nano Gauntlet, and Hulk notes that they need to return them to where they came from to get them out of Thanos' reach forever. Stark points out the Quantum Tunnel has been destroyed, but Lang remembers Luis' Van has one. Valkyrie spots the van from above, and Lang and van Dyne go to get the van started.[4][5]
    • Iron Man goes to see Strange, saying this better be the 1 in 14 million eventuality where things turn out well, though Strange says he cannot confirm it or else it will not be.[4][5]
    • Lang and van Dyne find the van dead and realize they have to hot-wire it.[4][5]
    • Corvus Glaive informs Thanos that their Nebula is not responding. Ebony Maw spots Hawkeye running with the Nano Gauntlet and points him out.[4][5]
    • Barton hands Nano Gauntlet to Black Panther

      As Barton struggles transporting the gauntlet, T'Challa asks him to hand it over, remembering Barton's name from the Clash of the Avengers despite claiming not to care at the time. He takes it and runs, weathering the onslaught of attacks with the Panther Habit's kinetic energy absorption, but being knocked over when Thanos throws his sword at him.[4][5]
    • Before Thanos can go for the gauntlet, Scarlet Witch lands in front of him. She says that he took everything from her. The 2014 Thanos notes he does not know her, but she attacks, telekinetically throwing boulders at him.[4][5]
    • As Black Panther attempts to retrieve the gauntlet, Ebony Maw magically lifts a rock that it is positioned upon up out of the ground, trying to get it out of his reach. He retrieves it, but struggles, so Spider-Man swings over and takes it, then activating "Instant Kill Mode" to fend off oncoming Outriders.[4][5]
    • Maximoff raises Thanos up in the air

      Thanos attempts to push his sword toward Maximoff, but she telekinetically blocks him, then raises him up in the air as she tears his armor from his body. Thanos panics and orders an air strike, despite the risk to his own troops.[4][5]
    • Wong leads the sorcerers in casting magical shields from the missiles. Meanwhile, missile strikes at the river border cause the start of a flood, and Doctor Strange goes to magically keep it at bay.[4][5]
    • Parker is overrun by Outriders and calls for help. Captain America throws Mjølnir over his fellow New Yorker, allowing him to web onto it and be carried away. Potts then catches him and throws him up onto Aragorn to fly with Valkyrie. However, Aragorn is struck by a missile and Parker falls to the ground, then struggling for shelter as the missile fire becomes too intense.[4][5]
    • Captain Marvel destroying the Sanctuary II

      The Avengers all dive for cover as the missiles rain down. Rocket Raccoon clutches to Groot protectively. However, the firing suddenly stops as the ship's blasters turn upward. F.R.I.D.A.Y. informs Stark that something has entered the upper atmosphere, as Captain Marvel comes down from the sky, having arrived to help, barreling through the Sanctuary II and destroying it, to Thanos' dismay.[4][5]
    • Lang manages to start up the van Quantum Tunnel.[4][5]
    • Danvers flies down to Parker so she can protect the gauntlet. He notes that Thanos has a whole army in the way of the van, but with Valkyrie and Aragorn overhead, Maximoff and Okoye catch up with them and note Danvers has help. Potts flies over, Mantis and Shuri walk to join them, Wasp flies over to assist, and Gamora and Nebula get to the group. The women advance as a unit, their joined forces weakening the path for Danvers. Maximoff telekinetically takes down a Leviathan, while Valkyrie flies and cuts through another.[4][5]
    • Thanos destroys the van's time portal

      Danvers flies through toward the van. Thanos goes to stop her, but Potts, Shuri, and Wasp blast him together to clear her way. Danvers gets past him, but just before reaching the van, Thanos throws his sword into the vehicle, destroying it, with the blast knocking Danvers back and making her drop the gauntlet.[4][5]
    • The Avengers do all they can to stop Thanos from getting the Nano Gauntlet, but Thanos swats Iron Man aside and manages to headbutt Thor and slam Captain America into the ground. Captain Marvel flies back in, but he swings her off him and dons the gauntlet. Before he can let the power of it sink in, Danvers returns and grabs his hand to keep it open, and when he tries to headbutt her, she is impervious. However, as she starts to overpower him, Thanos removes the Power Stone and uses its raw energy to punch her with a concussive blast.[4][5]
    • Iron Man wipes out Thanos and his army

      Doctor Strange gestures to Stark that they are in the deciding moments for the one winning outcome, and Stark has a realization. As the Titan replaces the Power Stone and embraces the gauntlet's power again, Stark grabs the gauntlet to try to stop him. Thanos bats him aside and announces himself as inevitable as he goes to finally snap his fingers, but when he does so, he finds the gauntlet ineffective. He is stunned to discover it is empty, and turns to see Stark revealing he has used his nanotech to steal the Infinity Stones. Stark takes on the power of the stones and retorts, "I am Iron Man," before snapping his fingers.[4][5]
    • As Stark's will dictated when snapping his fingers, Thanos' forces begin to crumble to dust, the way half the population had 5 years prior. Thanos looks upon his defeat in dismay, before sitting down to embrace his end, as he, too, crumbles away, blowing into the wind.[4][5]
    • Stark smiles at Pepper Potts for her arrival

      His body burned and wrecked, Stark falls to the ground, struggling to breathe. James Rhodes lands by him and caresses his dying friend's face. Peter Parker swings over, trying to talk to Stark and tell him they have won. Stark is unresponsive, and Parker starts to cry. Finally, Pepper Potts arrives, crouching to talk to him. Stark manages to mutter a recognition to her, and after F.R.I.D.A.Y. confirms to Potts that her husband is dying, she assures him that he has saved them, and he can finally rest peacefully. Potts cries herself, holding her hand on Stark's heart as the arc reactor fades, and Tony Stark dies. Captain America and Thor look on mournfully as Potts kisses him one last time.[4][5]



Leeds reunites with Peter Parker


  • Following the Avengers' victory, Wakanda holds a celebration for the return of many victims of Thanos' Snap, including their royal family. The capital city is aglow with lights, festival music, and people filling the streets with cheer.[4][5]


  • Before Tony Stark's funeral, Happy Hogan, Pepper Potts, Morgan, and James Rhodes watch a hologram message left by Tony from the day before the Time Heist, recorded in the event that something might go wrong. In it, Tony talks about his hope that the world can be restored to some sense of normality. He ruminates on the incredible expanse of the universe he has come to discover over the years, and says that he feels things will work out as they are supposed to, finishing by reminding Morgan, "I love you 3000."[4][5]

Tony Stark's funeral


Rocket waits for Thor to board the Benatar

  • Thor, in search of his calling, tells Valkyrie he is leaving New Asgard in her care, dubbing her New Asgard's new king, before going to join the Guardians of the Galaxy aboard the Benatar.[4][5]
  • Inside the ship, Thor starts swiping for destination choices, which aggravates Quill, who insists he is still very much the captain. Thor claims to agree, but continues to take charge. Drax recommends they fight, and the pair start tensely laughing at the situation. Thor assures Quill he is in charge, but gives him a threatening look.[4][5]
  • Hulk reminds Captain America to return all the Infinity Stones to the moment they were taken so as to clip all their branches. He forlornly tells Rogers he tried with the Infinity Gauntlet to bring back Romanoff, and that he misses her, which Rogers says he does as well.[4][5]
  • Sam Wilson offers to join Rogers, but Rogers tells him this is up to him. He embraces Barnes, who says he will miss him, knowing what Rogers plans to do. Rogers steps onto the newly built Quantum Tunnel with the stones and Mjølnir. However, he does not return to the tunnel when Hulk tries to bring him back, having traveled back to the 1949[8] after his mission and decided to stay there to finally come home from war and spend the rest of his life with Peggy Carter.[4][5]

Steve Rogers passes the shield on to Sam Wilson

  • Barnes and Wilson notice an old man sitting ahead by the lake. Encouraged by Barnes, Wilson approaches him, realizing that he is an elderly Steve Rogers, now biologically 112[8], having lived a full life. Rogers says his life was beautiful, and Wilson says he is happy, but will miss Captain America. Rogers reveals a now intact shield, removing it from its casing and passing it to Wilson. When Wilson notes that it feels like someone else's, Rogers says that it is not. Honored, Wilson thanks his friend and assures him he will do his best, which Rogers tells him is why he chose him. When Wilson notices Rogers has a wedding ring, he enquires about Rogers' wife, but Rogers decides to keep the special life he lived private.[4][5]


Security footage of Wanda Maximoff destroying the observatory glass at S.W.O.R.D. HQ

  • Wanda Maximoff visits S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters to retrieve Vision's corpse with the intent of giving him a proper burial. She sees one of the receptionists in the facility and tells him that she wants to see Vision since he was gone when she was brought back. With the approval from Tyler Hayward himself, Maximoff proceeds forward and meets the Director in his office. Hayward presents her Vision, who is being broken down and torn apart by engineers, saying that it is S.W.O.R.D.'s legal obligation to do so and that Vision did not belong to her. Enraged, Maximoff destroys the observatory glass and goes to examine Vision's corpse itself, but says that she cannot feel him anymore. She leaves the headquarters, alone and depressed. Hayward would later use the security footage to falsely claim that Wanda stole Vision's body and resurrected him in order to keep the restoration of Vision's body a secret.[9][10]



Wanda Maximoff creates a new Vision

  • Wanda Maximoff goes to Westview, New Jersey, observing the citizens of the town as she drives by. She reaches her and Vision's planned estate, which had been demolished. Looking at her property deed, written "to grow old in", Maximoff breaks down and releases her Chaos Magic, restoring her estate and affecting Westview entirely, transforming the town into a 1950s TV show aesthetic. Maximoff then fully creates her own version of Vision, who greets her and shares a chaste kiss with her.[10]
  • Immediately after Maximoff creates the Hex, Agatha Harkness senses the afterglow of multiple spells in play all at once. This fascinates her so she decides to investigate and go undercover under the name "Agnes", while trying to find out Wanda's true self.[10][11]
  • A man placed in Witness Protection at Westview suddenly goes missing as people forget the town exists. FBI agent Jimmy Woo is tasked with investigating the case. Woo tries contacting known associates and relatives, but to his surprise, none of them have even heard of this person. So Woo takes the first flight out of Oakland to try to interface with local law enforcement until he encounters a new wrinkle.[7]

Monica Rambeau returns to work

  • Monica Rambeau returns to work at S.W.O.R.D. only 3 weeks after being resurrected in the Blip to meet with Tyler Hayward. She tries to use her outdated employee ID card to enter a door, but it fails her. When a security guard begins to question her, he is interrupted by Hayward himself who Monica refers to as "Director Hayward", but he corrects her as he is technically the Acting Director for now.[7][4]
  • Hayward subsequently catches Rambeau up on everything she’s missed in the past five years and Monica asks about the "Astronaut Training Program" to which Hayward explains that they’ve mostly moved to unmanned missions and shows Rambeau an arsenal of robotics, nanotech and other types of “Sentient Weapons”. Nevertheless, Rambeau passively objects, pointing out that the O and R in S.W.O.R.D. stand for observation and response, not creation. Hayward explains that space is now full of “unexpected threats” to which Rambeau assures him that it “always was full of threats and allies”.[7]

Tyler Hayward talking to Monica Rambeau.

  • As they arrive at Hayward's office, Hayward points out how Rambeau’s mother helped build S.W.O.R.D. from the ground up and that she should have been here to name Maria’s replacement after she died. Rambeau tells Hayward he was the obvious choice and they move on to getting Rambeau her next assignment. Rambeau is then tasked to help the FBI with a missing persons case at Westview and to chaperone a S.W.O.R.D. Drone. Rambeau objects, letting Hayward know she’s ready to get back to work. Hayward admits she’s being “grounded” and limited to terrestrial missions per her mother’s protocols. Reluctantly, Rambeau accepts the mission.[7]
  • Upon arriving at Westview, Rambeau meets Woo, who explains the peculiar circumstance of this case and that the past associates of the missing person in the witness protection program have no memory of him existing. Not only that, but no one remembers that the town even exists. He also introduces Rambeau to the local sheriff, who claims the town of Westview doesn’t actually exist. Woo explains to Rambeau that he’s tried contacting all of the residents of Westview but has had no luck. He says they are no longer dealing with a case of a missing person, but rather a missing town. When she asks why he has not gone into town to investigate, he explains that the town doesn't want to be investigated.[7]

Monica Rambeau's first contact with the Hex barrier

  • Rambeau takes out the drone from her truck and starts flying it toward the town as she questions Woo as to why they appear to be aware of Westview while anyone with a personal connection to it is not. She then notices some interference on the feed from the drone and looks up to see that it has disappeared. As she gets closer to investigate, she notices an energy field around the town. She reaches out to touch it and gets pulled into the town, disappearing in front of Woo’s eyes.[7]


  • The S.W.O.R.D. Response Base is set up outside of Westview.
  • 24 hours after Rambeau's disappearance, Darcy Lewis, along with other scientists, arrives at the response base with the realization that S.W.O.R.D. clearly has no idea what kind of threat they’re dealing with. The agents, upon arrival, lead Lewis to a lab as she watches a drone get sent into the town and disappears. She asks agent Monti what kind of data were they getting but is told that is highly classified. After pointing out that she saw the Army, the FBI, and others while looking forward to the commemorative T-shirt, Lewis asks if she can get a cup of coffee.[7]
  • Shortly after, Lewis quickly finds a colossal amount of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation readings, as well as some other findings. She plugs her equipment into an old Physio-Scope and gets an image from inside Westview. This prompts her to request an old television set.[7]


  • Hayward sends agent Franklin, who is already in a hazmat suit, into the sewers to find anything on Rambeau and explains to him that the sewer system will lead him into the town. Hayward then tells the other agents, who are in charge of the rope tied around Franklin, to keep him posted if anything happens to him.[7]

Darcy Lewis showing the broadcast to Jimmy Woo, Tyler Hayward, and a few other S.W.O.R.D. agents.

  • Back inside the base, Woo warns Hayward that he is worried the energy perimeter will extend into the sewers and that they do not know enough about this threat to send in a second agent when Rambeau has not yet returned. As Hayward demands a visual of the town from his agents, he hears laughter in the distance. As he looks for the source of the sound, he discovers Lewis is watching a sitcom on an old TV. Woo questions who is on the screen and Darcy points out that “it looks like her”. Darcy then questions whether or not Vision is supposed to be dead. Hayward subsequently asks where the signal is coming from and Lewis tells him it is coming from inside the town.[7]
  • As the broadcast shows "Agnes" arriving at the Vision Residence with a pineapple, Hayward asks Lewis if the broadcast was authentic, live, recorded, and if it was fabricated. Lewis says that she doesn't know and explains her discovery from earlier and that the broadcast frequency was entwined with the CMBR readings. As the broadcast shows Wanda serving dinner to Vision's "boss," Woo questions if the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers but all that Lewis can tell him is that it is a working theory. Hayward orders his team to start analyzing the footage.[7]
  • At 3:18 AM, the broadcast ends as Lewis finishes writing her notes.[7]
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  • In the early hours, Monica Rambeau is ejected from Westview, and tells S.W.O.R.D. that everything happening inside is because of Maximoff.[7]
  • Tyler Hayward debriefs Monica Rambeau about her experiences as Geraldine in Westview and has her undergo medical examination. She describes her time under Maximoff's control as hopeless and painful.[9]
  • Hayward leads a briefing for the entire base, updating them on the investigation's progress.[9]
  • Monica pilots a drone into the Hex and Hayward fires a missile at Wanda, which she stops.[9]
  • Wanda exits the Hex and confronts Hayward, throwing the broken missile at his feet and telling him that if they leave her alone, she will leave them alone. She proceeds to turn the S.W.O.R.D. guns at Hayward and re-enters the Hex.[9]


  • Hayward attempts another attack on Wanda but Monica, Lewis, and Woo rebel and illegally break into Hayward's computer, realizing that Monica DNA have changed as a result of going into the Hex.
  • Lewis is arrested but during the Expansion of the Hex, Lewis and multiple S.W.O.R.D. agents get pulled into the Hex.


  • Following the Expansion of the Hex, Rambeau enters the Hex. Meanwhile, Agatha Harkness reveals herself to Maximoff, and reveals several flashbacks to her: 1999 (the death of her parents), 2013-2014 (HYDRA experiments), 2015-2016 (her talk with Vision at the Avengers Compound), and 2023 (her break-in to SWORD Headquarters). She threatens Maximoff's children Billy and Tommy's lives.
  • Project Cataract: Following attempts to murder Maximoff, Vision is reactivated by Hayward.


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