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"Can't party like I used to, I guess. I thought I learned my lesson after the space puff incident of 2019."
James Davis[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2019.



  • As people become accustomed to the way the world is after the Snap, borders are lowered and people start living in other countries, establishing settlements for people who had moved around.[1][2]



  • The Zephyr One team have a bad encounter on a smelly planet.[3][5]


  • The Zephyr One team have a bad encounter on a shiny planet.[3][5]






  • The Zephyr One team continue to visit the leads from the manifest of Enoch's broken ship, ending up on the rusted moons of Pyree.[9][10]






  • James Davis, Piper, Jemma Simmons, and Daisy Johnson struggle to land Zephyr One on the planet D'Rill. Piper warns Johnson to be ready for their landing. They receive a message from a D'Rillian named Trok, threatening to board the aircraft.[17][10]
  • Capture of Trok

    Capture of Trok: Trok boards the Zephyr with several armed men, where they are met by Johnson, who declares herself to be unarmed. Trok asks for authorization, but Johnson says that the team had to land in an emergency for new fuel. She demands free fuel, but Trok mocks her, until one of her soldiers finds out that she is the renowned "Quake". Johnson uses her powers to destroys the D'Rillians' weapons, and the soldiers flee. Trok attacks Johnson, but she incapacitates him. She is joined by Simmons, who asks for information about Leo Fitz's location.[17][10]
  • In the Lighthouse, Alphonso Mackenzie watches computer screens give readings that the agents do not understand. He orders various teams to get into position. The energy readings spike in Castleton, Indiana, and Melinda May and Damon Keller pilot their Quinjet to get there.[17][10]
  • Shrike Outbreak:
    • A group of children are playing basketball in a local park when their ball shatters. A group of Shrike suddenly fly out of the ground.[17][10]
    • Jaco arrives onto the Earth through his portal

      Jaco emerges through a cement wall, scaring the children. He is joined by Tinker, but Tinker does not make it through the wall in time, before it closes around him, burying him in the wall. After a moment of mourning, Jaco walks away from the wall, just as May and Keller arrive, demanding he surrenders. Jaco shoots the Quinjet, causing it to spiral out of control. They crash land, but the agents survive.[17][10]
  • They return to the Lighthouse, where Mackenzie scolds May's team for not catching the intruder. Mackenzie asks for theories about the cause of the recent anomalies, and Agent Fox brings up Keller's theory that they were related to Ley lines.[17][10]
  • In his office, Mackenzie watches holograms of Phil Coulson giving advice, including some he himself received from Nick Fury. May walks in and they talk about the anniversary of Coulson's death tomorrow. Mackenzie says that he wants to put May's proposal to restart S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy into motion to commemorate the day, asking to settle on a department head. May promises one by the end of the day, and he requests a recruitment in the science division.[17][10]
  • Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons interrogates Trok

    Simmons and Johnson hang Trok upside down as Simmons explains he will either develop a brain hemorrhage or have his lungs collapse soon. They demand to know Fitz's ship's location, but Trok denies knowledge. They press further, and Trok mentions having bought the "broken half" of Fitz and Enoch's ship.[17][10]
  • Johnson, Simmons, Piper, and Davis find the other half of the Chronicom Vessel and search it.[17][10]
  • May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez train together, and May tells Rodriguez that she knows that Rodriguez and Keller are romantically interested in each other. May encourages her to pursue a relationship, given it has been a year since she and Mackenzie broke up.[17][10]
  • Davis finds Fitz's cryogenic chamber in the vessel, but the team discover that it is empty.[17][10]
  • Keller asks Rodriguez for approval to investigate Ley lines, and Rodriguez tells Keller that May suspects their relationship. Rodriguez asks him for some distance before they are ready to take things further.[17][10]
  • Marcus Benson talks about his past and the loss of his husband

    Alphonso Mackenzie drinks in a bar and is approached by Melinda May. She has brought Marcus Benson, a friend of Andrew Garner's, to the bar and asks Mackenzie to convince him to become the department head for her proposal. Benson talks about his past with drinking and the loss of his husband. Mackenzie describes Coulson's legacy to them and asks him to help reestablish S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. However, Mackenzie tells him they would also need help with supernatural questions, causing him to walk away, saying he is too old. When Mackenzie mentions colleagues in deep space, however, Benson's curiosity is piqued.[17][10]
  • Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, Piper, and James Davis continue to fly, and Johnson and Piper discuss Simmons' emotional state. Simmons, meanwhile, lies down in Fitz's cryogenic chamber while Johnson and the others plan to return to Earth in order to regroup.[17][10]
  • Jaco waits for Pax and Snowflake, who arrive on Earth and join him. The group discuss Tinker's death and Sarge's impending arrival, centered in a museum, which they plan on destroying.[17][10]


Simmons examines Leo Fitz's Cryo-Freeze Chamber

  • While lying in Leo Fitz's Cryo-Freeze Chamber, Simmons discovers a plaque with an inscription that might yield a clue pertaining to his location. She tells Daisy Johnson, Piper, and James Davis that Fitz is likely on the planet Naro-Atzia, and Johnson tries to discourage her from jumping there. Davis refuses to help Simmons before returning home, leading to an argument. At that moment, they realize the Confederacy has sent a destroyer ship after them.[17][10]
  • Marcus Benson studies Tinker, embedded in the wall from the basketball court. Tinker comes to life momentarily and refers to something coming called "Pachakutiq". Tinker drops a timer, which has coordinates in Muncie, Indiana, and Mackenzie sends agents to that location, which is on another Ley line.[17][10]
"Don't worry. You'll be a butterfly."
  • Destruction of the Museum of Natural History:
    • Sarge arrives on Earth

      A young girl walks in front of the Museum of Natural History in Muncie, but is scared by Jaco and runs in the other direction. Jaco, Pax, and Snowflake enter the museum.[17][10]
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives at the Museum of Natural History, and Director Mackenzie watches from the Lighthouse. While Pax and Jaco plant explosives throughout the museum, Snowflake walks outside, pretending to be a mother whose son is being held hostage.[17][10]
    • The museum goes up in a beam of energy and Mackenzie loses his communication signal with the team. As Tinker's timer ends, in Indiana, Sarge arrives on Earth and drives his truck through the wreckage, attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D. team.[17][10]
    • Sarge steps out of the truck and demands that Agent Fox lets Snowflake go. Fox is confused, as Sarge has the appearance of the deceased Phil Coulson. Sarge kills him, and May is stunned as she witnesses him herself.[17][10]
  • Leo Fitz works on the Lazy Comet, where he injects himself with a chemical that makes his eyes appear similar to those of Sivians, so he can blend in.[17][10]
  • Sarge's Squad robs Bob's Market

    Robbery of Bob's Market: Sarge notices sunglasses in Bob's Market and puts them in his bag, along with several other items. Snowflake and Jaco follow suit, while Pax holds the store clerk at gunpoint. Sarge wonders about the currency on the planet, and Pax explains it is paper, which Sarge finds disappointing. The clerk eyes a gun, but Sarge warns him not to try. He shoots the gun in the store, observing that Earth still uses combustion-based weapons. The crew leave the store and drive off in Sarge's truck, which they turn invisible.[17][8]
  • Director Alphonso Mackenzie delivers a speech to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents about Fox's death and orders the group to continue looking for the crew. He tells Melinda May that he wants to keep the leader's resemblance to Phil Coulson a secret until they know what he is and why he looks like their deceased friend.[17][8]
  • Sarge's Squad park their truck in a shipping yard, and Snowflake realizes that they have run out of PEGs, which Tinker had kept in his pocket. Pax wants to blame the rest of the squad for Tinker's death, but Sarge puts him in his place. The group plan to rob a jewelry store to steal more PEGs in order to power the Shrike Detector.[17][8]
  • Director Alphonso Mackenzie talks to Benson

    Mackenzie talks to Marcus Benson about the lead of an Ohio convenience store robbery, having evidence sent over, then ask him about the mysterious doppelgänger. Benson says that he thinks the man might be related to one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s past mistakes, such as Life-Model Decoys.[17][8]
  • On the Lazy Comet, Leo Fitz finds the source of an issue the ship was having, and shows the crew how to fix it. He calls Xandarian Snails disgusting, which arouses suspicion in another Sivian, since they are considered a delicacy. When asked where on Sivos he is from, Fitz responds by saying he is from the North, not knowing North Sivos is an irradiated wasteland.[17][8]
  • The Sivians attack Fitz and threaten to tell their leader, Viro. They discover Enoch hiding within the ship, just as Viro appears. Viro instructs the crew to throw them off the ship, but Fitz tells them that they could be useful. He offers to work for free in order to save their lives, and Viro agrees to keep them aboard.[17][8]
  • Pax tells Sarge he wants to relax on Earth, but Sarge refuses. They are discovered by a security guard of the shipping yard. Pax tries to lie, but it does not work, so Sarge shoots at the guard to scare him, allowing them to escape.[17][8]
  • Damon Keller and Yo-Yo Rodriguez talk about their relationship

    Mackenzie and May discuss Fox's death. May asks him to talk to Damon Keller, since Keller recommended Fox, but Mackenzie reveals that he knows about Keller and Yo-Yo Rodriguez's relationship.[17][8]
  • Keller, who is upset about Fox's death, is comforted by Rodriguez. They discuss their relationship, but Rodriguez is interrupted by a notification about their foes reappearing, heading to meet with Mackenzie.[17][8]
  • Mackenzie informs Rodriguez and May about the shipping yard sighting. Benson stops Mackenzie, and says that he has learned about Coulson's past resurrection. May is angered when Benson implies that Coulson might not actually be dead, and Mackenzie stops him. Benson shows the agents that the man's DNA, taken from the Ohio store evidence, is an exact match to Phil Coulson.[17][8]
  • Sarge and his crew prepare their truck for a robbery, and Sarge tells Jaco that they should look to replace Tinker. He sprays his Spray Paint Transporter on the wall to prepare one end of a portal.[17][8]
  • Enoch tells Fitz that he is confident they will manage to safely return him to cryostasis, judging by Robin Hinton's prophecy. They are taken to see Viro.[17][8]
  • Enoch and Fitz trying to convince Viro

    Viro tells Fitz and Enoch that he plans on jettisoning the rest of the crew, given Fitz and Enoch are working for free, and Fitz asserted them to be more helpful than the others. Fitz offers to train them instead in a bid to save their lives, but Viro instead tells him to be grateful.[17][8]
  • Benson approaches Mackenzie, asking about Phil Coulson and his relationship to May. Mackenzie explains her pain.[17][8]
  • Robbery of Charmont Jewelers: Sarge enters Charmont Jewelers and approaches the manager, Dana, asking for something special. Meanwhile, Snowflake walks around and observes a pair of earrings. Dana offers Sarge a necklace, and Pax walks in as Sarge asks for the reserved pieces of jewelry. Dana offers to pull items from the vault, and Sarge proceeds to tell her that they are about to rob the store. Snowflake kills the security guard and Dana presses the silent alarm, but Sarge notices. He leaves her be, however, instructing her to take them to the vault.[17][8]
  • Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez investigate the lot where Sarge's truck is being kept, and May warns Rodriguez to be careful with her relationship with Keller. Mackenzie calls and tells them about the robbery nearby.[17][8]
  • Pax passes through the portal

    Dana opens the vault and the group walks in. Pax closes the door and blows up the lock, locking them in the vault, and anyone else out. While Snowflake holds Dana at knifepoint and threatens to kill Dana, Sarge sprays the other side of the portal he created in his truck, opening it and allowing Jaco through, who hands Pax duct tape.[17][8]
  • Fitz and Enoch watch as Viro's engineers prepare to get thrown into the airlock. Fitz decides he has to act.[17][8]
  • May, Rodriguez, Keller, and other agents enter Charmont Jewelers and look for Sarge's crew, and May uses a tablet to see into the vault, seeing five heat signatures, despite having heard there should be four people.[17][8]
  • Sarge hears the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attempting to break through the vault door, so he threatens to let Snowflake kill Dana if she does not tell them about PEGs, crystals that can generate electric charge. They find the gems they need and Sarge walks through the portal into his truck. May watches the heat signatures and realizes they have a way out, and are likely at the truck, invisible at the lot they visited.[17][8]
  • May rushes to the lot and finds the truck by throwing dirt.[17][8]
  • Fitz attempts to stop Viro from killing the crew

    Rescue of Sivian Engineers: Fitz switches the airlock controls. He holds a wrench and threatens Viro not to kill the Sivians, claiming he can make him a lot more money. When that does not work, Fitz walks into the airlock with the crew, saying he will die with them. Viro locks the airlock nonetheless and prepares to launch them out. Fitz tries to tell him not to, as Enoch watches from outside, knowing Fitz's plan. Viro goes to launch the engineers and Fitz off of the Lazy Comet, but the switched controls launch himself off instead, as Enoch holds on before closing the lock again. The crew thank Fitz for saving them.[17][8]
  • Sarge leaves his truck to test a weapon, just before May knocks on the door. Thinking she is Sarge, Pax opens the door, leading to a fight. Jaco hears Pax call for help and challenges May, leading to a fight. Dana calls for help from the other side of the portal, as the other agents continue to drill into the vault.[17][8]
  • May and Jaco fight, and May wins, despite her opponent's size. She runs into the vault and demands that Snowflake drop her knife. May and Dana run into the truck and block the portal, trapping Snowflake in the vault, but Jaco lets her through.[17][8]
  • Snowflake and Jaco challenging Melinda May

    Jaco and Snowflake fight May while Sarge tests his weapon outside. Sarge sees Dana fleeing and returns to his truck, where May asks about Coulson. Snowflake forces her back into the vault and Sarge closes the portal. S.H.I.E.L.D. finally gets into the vault, and Rodriguez asks May what happened. May simply says that she lost.[17][8]
  • Jaco asks Sarge about why he froze with May, which Sarge denies having done. Jaco asks what "Coulson" means, and Sarge admits that while he does not know, it sounds familiar.[17][8]
  • Mackenzie approaches Benson, who offers the director a drink. Benson talks about a biological hard drive he found on Tinker, and shows him a video from it, depicting Sarge and Jaco on an unknown planet as flying creatures destroy the planet and Sarge tells his crew to leave. Benson says he believes that Sarge and his crew are responsible for destroying the planet.[17][8]
  • The Confederacy notice Zephyr One and fire, and the team maneuver to dodge their blasts. Piper prepares to jump, but Simmons has entered the coordinates for Naro-Atzia, rather than Earth, against orders. The jump is made, narrowly avoiding an explosion.[17][10]
  • Fitz decides to fly to planet Kitson

    Fitz and Enoch approach Naro-Atzia, but Enoch tells them that the other crew members would be murdered as mutineers. Fitz decides to reroute to the planet Kitson in order to protect them.[17][8]
  • The Lazy Comet changes course and flies away Naro-Atzia just as Zephyr One arrives, and Daisy Johnson asks Jemma Simmons why she took them there instead of Earth. Simmons expresses confidence that Fitz is nearby.[17][8]
  • Malachi looks through files and finds the bounties for Leo Fitz and Enoch. He uses an Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc to travel to the planet Kitson.[17][18]
  • Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, James Davis, and Piper argue about Simmons' decision to take them to Naro-Atzia. Johnson decides to return to Earth, though Simmons wants to say. Johnson is threatening to lock Simmons up when they receive a transmission from Pretorious Pryce, who is requesting permission to board as a welcome inspection.[17][18]
  • The Lazy Comet arrives on the Kitson and the crew is dropped off. Crew members Boyle and Toad talk to Fitz and Enoch about their plans, and Boyle dismisses them. Fitz sees a snack, but Enoch stops him from eating it, saying it is not fit for humans. Boyle and Toad pull blasters on them, saying that Fitz and Enoch are wanted, and stealing the ship. They give Fitz a chip for usage at the House of Games.[17][18]
  • Fitz and Enoch visit the House of Games

    Fitz and Enoch visit the House of Games, where they find out robots are not allowed. Enoch nonetheless walks through the scanner, telling Fitz that he can fool any scanner searching for non-living beings. Enoch tells Fitz that their mission has been fun, and refers to Fitz as his best friend. However, Fitz focuses on the mission.[17][18]
  • Fitz and Enoch enter the casino, and Enoch explains that he is versed in the games being played.[17][18]
  • Ambush in Naro-Atzia: Pryce enters Zephyr One and begins the inspection. He becomes anxious when he hears that Johnson, Simmons, Davis, and Piper are Terrans. He asks why they are visiting, and Simmons tells him about Fitz, which prompts Malachi, who had been hiding, to attack. Malachi blasts Johnson and Piper. Pryce begs for him to stop, but Davis knocks Malachi out from behind.[17][18]
  • Enoch orders drinks, and uses Fitz's chip and his computations to win a game for them. Fitz asks Enoch to help them earn enough money to leave Kitson.[17][18]
  • Johnson and Simmons question Malachi, who says that Fitz is wanted for tampering with the universe, and that Fitz was schedule to arrive on the next incoming vessel. Malachi threatens Fitz to Simmons, while Johnson looks for Pryce to ask after him.[17][18]
  • Fitz and Enoch talk

    Enoch and Fitz share a drink. Enoch joins a game and begins winning a lot of money.[17][18]
  • Piper and Davis tell Johnson that they have found that Fitz's ship rerouted to Kitson. Pryce tells them that Kitson is a horrible place.[17][18]
  • The player next to Enoch wins the game, due to Enoch not understanding the concept of bluffing.[17][18]
  • Johnson, Simmons, and Davis break onto the Lazy Comet and find Boyle and Toad. Simmons asks after Fitz as Johnson tortures Boyle, who tells them that they let Fitz and Enoch go. Davis takes the snack Fitz had eyed earlier and offers it to Johnson and Simmons, all three of them taking some.[17][18]
  • Fitz complains about Enoch losing and teaches him about bluffing. Enoch offers to earn money with Fitz in the brothels, but Fitz refuses, so Enoch recommends a different game, though notes it has higher stakes.[17][18]
  • Fitz and Enoch join the high stakes game, and Montalban inspects Fitz, declaring him the collateral, where the loser gets sold into slavery.[17][18]
  • Fitz begins playing the game, and Enoch plans to signal Fitz with a tone only he can hear.[17][18]
  • Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons hallucinating

    Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons walk into the casino and find they are affected by the hallucinogenic properties of the food they ate. Simmons checks her gun, and they tell each other about the reactions they are experiencing, and they realize James Davis had a lot of the food.[17][18]
  • Davis reacts to the hallucinogen on the Zephyr One, and tells Piper about eating the food, as Piper tells him to stay put and tries to reach Johnson and Simmons.[17][18]
  • Johnson and Simmons arrives at the bar, and forget about the mission to find Fitz. They discuss when they first met and laugh together. While playing with a straw, Simmons hallucinates Fitz in a monkey suit, causing her to remember the mission and leave. An alien named Wayne sits next to Johnson, and Johnson leaves when he starts flirting with her.[17][18]
  • Davis walks through the Zephyr and watches, helpless, as Malachi break out of his imprisonment. Malachi knocks him out and escapes.[17][18]
  • Piper returns to Davis with animal crackers, but finds Davis unconscious and Malachi missing. Davis tells Piper about Malachi's escape, but gets distracted by the crackers.[17][18]
  • Johnson and Simmons under the table

    Johnson walks around and finds Simmons under the table, who now thinks that her parents are mice. Simmons apologizes for taking the Zephyr to Naro-Atzia. They hear signals nearby, not knowing they are from Enoch.[17][18]
  • Fitz continues to play the game and plays well using Enoch's signals. The person next to him hits, but gets killed for scoring 14. Other players place their bets, but Enoch malfunctions. Fitz hesitates and stalls for time, but Enoch then collapses and sets off an alarm sound which only Fitz can hear. The room is evacuated, and Montalban threatens the pair.[17][18]
  • Malachi tries to contact the Chronicoms. Piper threatens him, but he teleports while getting shot at by Davis, who hits the fuse box instead.[17][18]
  • Attack on the House of Games:
    • Johnson and Simmons hear the alarm Enoch is giving off and realize that it must be a signal only humans can hear, which triggers them to work out Fitz must be nearby.[17][18]
    • Fitz tries to reboot Enoch, who wakes up and says that the alarm must have been set off by another Chronicom, and that Chronicom hunters must be coming after them.[17][18]
    • Quake fights off the Chronicom Hunters

      Chronicom Hunters enter the casino, and Daisy tries to use her powers on them.[17][18]
    • Enoch realizes that he has become disgraced, but Fitz discovers a way out by using the sulfuric blood of the dead player, a Crepetolian.[17][18]
    • Simmons helps Johnson aim her quakes, and Johnson has Simmons look for Fitz while she fights the Chronicom hunters.[17][18]
    • Fitz uses the blood on the door, while Enoch experiences an existential crisis. Fitz inspires Enoch to help escape by referring to him as his best friend. Simmons asks a guard to enter the game room, but he denies her entry. Meanwhile, Johnson finishes the fight.[17][18]
    • Enoch helps spark a fire on the sulfur from the blood and blows up the door, knocking over the guard. Simmons is delighted as Fitz leaves the game room, and he is stunned to see her. However, Malachi suddenly appears and teleports him away. Enoch steps out and sees Simmons, saying she should not be there.[17][18]
  • Sarge and Jaco activating their Shrike Detector

    Sarge and Jaco fire a beam of energy into the sky, activating their Shrike Detector. This creates a map of the locations of people infected by Shrike. The public come to notice the detector, but believe it to be fireworks.[17][18]


  • Sequoia posts to her social media story, saying that she is visiting her boyfriend at his startup company for a date in which they plan to get boba together. She tags it #Visionary, referencing her boyfriend.[17][14]
  • Sequoia posts a picture of herself outside the office building while people walk in behind her. She tags it "#LIT".[17][14]
  • Sequoia posts a picture of herself with her finger to her mouth from outside of the gaming room in the office building, tagging it "#RemorathRumble", "#TopSecretProject", and "#GAMER".[17][14]
  • Deke Shaw and Trevor Khan play Remorath Rumble.[17][14]
  • Khan loses the game, getting shot by an illusion of a Remorath.[17][14]
  • Sequoia posts a video of Deke Shaw, her boyfriend, as he is playing the game, which appears to an outsider like he is napping. She tells his followers that he is working, but that it does not look like it. Khan wakes up, furious that he lost, and awkwardly greets Sequoia.[17][14]
  • Deke Shaw takes the alien down

    Shaw takes the alien down. A Kree appears behind him, but he easily takes the soldier down.[17][14]
  • In the game, a sexualized version of Daisy Johnson arrives and slaps Shaw for taking too long to rescue her. Shaw is going to kiss her, when Sequoia wakes Shaw, talking about the date they had planned.[17][14]
  • The three leave the game room and enter the main area of Shaw's company. Sequoia films for social media as Shaw talks about his plans for the future, wanting to create mushroom pellets for food. Kaya asks Shaw to look at a new invention, and updates him on their progress.[17][14]
  • Sequoia posts the video of Shaw's speech about the pellets, including a poll about whether Shaw is "dreamy". 182,015 users vote "Yes", with only 164 voting "No". The video is edited to freeze and focus on his face.[17][14]
  • Agent Diaz tells Alphonso Mackenzie that no progress has been made in finding Sarge's Squad. He walks into his office and finds Damon Keller, who tries to tell him about his relationship with Elena Rodriguez, but Mackenzie stops him and convinces him not to, saying he would have to enforce the policy against relationships between agents. Rodriguez enters and tells Mackenzie that a pattern in the sky might suggest Sarge has been making a map, but that they do not know what the map points to.[17][14]
  • Sarge kills Harold Simcoe

    Assassination of Harold Simcoe: Pax and Jaco find Harold Simcoe and start walking towards him. He runs away, but gets cut off by Snowflake and Sarge. Sarge stabs him and crystals start growing out of him, before he dies.[17][14]
  • Shaw performs a taste test on his mushroom pellets, but does not like them. Lindsay tells Shaw that the they have a guest. Shaw asks Sequoia to get their boba without him and bring it back so they can share it together.[17][14]
  • Sarge, the man waiting for Shaw, briefly goes outside to collect his squad, before returning. As Sequoia leaves, she posts to her social media story about how Shaw is busy, so she plans to get the boba herself. She sees to Sarge's squad arrive, turning the camera around to show them and thinking they are actors. Sequoia creates a boomerang of Snowflake walking, stating that she wants to use that look for Coachella. In regards to Snowflake's looks, she tags the video "#Hawt", "#SoExtra", "#YasQueen", and "#LOVE".[17][14]
  • Shaw walks into the conference room and sees Sarge, confusing him for Phil Coulson. Sarge plays along with being Coulson, and Shaw defends his stance on selling ideas he stole from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s tech. Shaw talks about how he left the team the year before and has not had much contact since, and Sarge asks about what he knows about S.H.I.E.L.D..[17][14]
  • Melinda May briefs Alphonso Mackenzie about Harold Simcoe's death.[17][14]
  • Rodriguez and Keller discuss Mackenzie, with Keller saying he believes Mackenzie still has feelings for her. They arrive at Marcus Benson's lab to help with Simcoe's autopsy, where Mackenzie and May decide to go to Sioux City, where Simcoe had been heading.[17][14]
  • Shaw attacked by Sarge

    Attack on Deke Shaw: Shaw asks Sarge about various agents, but starts to get suspicious of Sarge, so he asks about a fake agent named Doug. When Sarge pretends to know who Doug is, Shaw realizes that he is lying and tries to run. Sarge tries to kill him, but Shaw stops him, confirming he is not Coulson when he stabs him in his real hand. Shaw runs into Jaco, and when a security guard tries to protect Shaw, Pax shoots and kills him, causing a panic as Shaw runs, pursued by Snowflake.[17][14]
  • Benson looks at Simcoe's body, and Keller notices how bizarre it is that such an ordinary man was targeted. Keller helps Benson open the chest, and they find a bat-like creature inside Simcoe's body.[17][14]
  • Sequoia posts a picture of herself with the boba and tags it "#ASIANPRIDE", "#BobaRules".[17][14]
  • Sarge threatens Shaw, telling him that hiding is pointless. Khan rescues Shaw and gives him an escape plan, revealing that he is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..[17][14]
  • Benson observes the Shrike's parasite-like symptoms, like Cordyceps fungus, which can turn pilot its host and make it self-destructive. Benson takes the knife out of the creature, causing it to come back to life and fly up into the air vent.[17][14]
  • Trevor Khan helps Deke Shaw escape, and Shaw is upset to discover that Khan has called Director Alphonso Mackenzie. When his team arrives on the Quinjet, Khan tells Mackenzie that the Coulson lookalike was their attacker, so Mackenzie and May mobilize. Shaw demands to know what is happening, but is not told anything, as the troops move in on the building.[17][14]
  • The Shrike infects Damon Keller

    Agents Diaz, Rodriguez, and Keller walk the corridors of the Lighthouse, looking for the missing creature. They hear it fly through the vent and continue walking. Keller helps Rodriguez look into the vent, but the Shrike flies behind him and into his throat, infecting Keller. Rodriguez and Diaz take him to Benson.[17][14]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrates Shaw's company office and Pax attacks them. May goes after Snowflake.[17][14]
  • Meanwhile, Shaw receives a phone call from Sequoia, who has returned with boba and entered the office building through the back door. Shaw warns Sequoia that the office has been attacked, and reluctantly leaves to rescue her.[17][14]
  • Benson tells Rodriguez that he knows no way to save Keller. He sedates Keller, who starts convulsing and flatlines. Keller suddenly attacks Benson, but Rodriguez straps him to his chair, and tells Benson to perform surgery in order to save him.[17][14]
  • Sequoia films herself from the office bathroom for her social media story, talking about how scared she is while fixing her hair. She says that this makes her contemplate things in her life.[17][14]
  • Pax comes across an IT worker, who has headphones on and has not realized that the office is under attack. He spares the man.[17][14]
  • Shaw finds and rescues Sequoia, as Pax locates him on his sensor. Sequoia asks what took so long, and Shaw tries to explain that he is under attack. They leave the bathroom together.[17][14]
  • Sarge points a gun at May

    May finds Snowflake and follows her, leading to a fight. May eventually knocks Snowflake down and kicks her knife away, but Sarge appears behind May and points a gun at her.[17][14]
  • Shaw realizes that Sequoia is posting their escape online, annoying him. Pax attacks them, but Mackenzie arrives and arms Shaw for Sequoia's protection. Mackenzie and Pax fight, and Mackenzie wins. Shaw shoots Pax multiple times with an I.C.E.R., prompting Sequoia to demand to know what is happening.[17][14]
  • Jaco arrives, and Shaw tries to shoot him, but has run out of rounds on the I.C.E.R.. Khan takes Sequoia to safety as Shaw leads Mackenzie towards Remorath Rumble, saying he has a plan.[17][14]
  • Snowflake prepares to kill May, but Sarge tells her not to.[17][14]
  • Sequoia films as Khan takes her to safety. She posts the video and tags it "#Savior".[17][14]
  • Shaw and Mackenzie make it to the game room and lead Jaco to accidentally enter Remorath Rumble, where he encounters the programmed version of Daisy Johnson. With Jaco laying unconscious on the floor, Mackenzie and Shaw watch his experience on a screen. Mackenzie is disgusted by the sexualization of Johnson, prompting Shaw to offer him 2% of the company in exchange for keeping it secret.[17][14]
  • Damon Keller's death

    Benson tries to perform surgery on Keller, but the creature burns the scalpel, forcing Benson to stop. They try to move Keller to a containment room, but crystals start growing out of him. Benson tells Rodriguez to run, but she instead gets Sarge's dagger and uses it to kill the Shrike before it can cause more damage, upset as she also kills Keller.[17][14]
  • From outside the office building, Sequoia takes selfies with Khan for her social media while Shaw and Mackenzie argue behind them. She posts the first picture with an animation of a bomb exploding into hearts, and a second which she tags "#MyHero".[17][14]
  • Snowflake drives Sarge's truck away. May wakes up in the back of the truck.[17][14]
  • Sequoia and Khan go out for a drink. They post a story to Sequoia's social media where she thanks him for saving her life, and he thanks her for introducing her to frosé, as they agree the frosé tastes good. She edits hearts around Khan's face, and tags it "#AgentsOfSHIELD", "#THIRSTTRAP", and "#AmIRite?"[17][14][17][14]


May wakes up in Sarge's Truck

  • After dreaming about Phil Coulson, Melinda May wakes up in Sarge's Truck and struggles, tied up. She watches Sarge use a two-way radio and notices that she has been drugged. Sarge sends Snowflake on a mission. Snowflake leaves, and Sarge threatens to "turn" May.[17][19]
  • Trevor Khan tells Alphonso Mackenzie that Deke Shaw has recovered from surgery. Mackenzie and Elena Rodriguez look at each other, and Rodriguez walks away.[17][19]
  • Mackenzie asks Rodriguez about the loss of Damon Keller, and justifies having ended his and Rodriguez's relationship. Rodriguez asks what he wants, but Mackenzie does not answer. He tells her that Marcus Benson is studying the Shrike that infected Keller, and Rodriguez tells Mackenzie that he should keep an eye on Benson.[17][19]
  • Enoch mutters about his recent decommissioning from the Chronicoms aboard Zephyr One. James Davis asks to shut him off while Piper works to fix the Zephyr's fuse box. Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons ask where Leo Fitz might be, and encourage him by telling him that he helped save humanity. Alarms go off as they get approached by a Confederacy ship.[17][19]
  • Sarge interrogating Melinda May

    Sarge talks to May about his experiences on other worlds, saying that Earth is the first time somebody recognized him, and that May clearly hates him most of all. He holds a knife in front of her.[17][19]
  • Johnson, Simmons, Piper, Davis, and Enoch prepare for battle, but Enoch realizes that the ships are not owned by the Confederacy, but rather the Chronicoms. He opens the door and allows Atarah, a Chronicom leader, to enter. Atarah declares that Enoch is being put on trial.[17][19]
  • The Chronicoms arrest Piper and Davis, while Atarah explains that the Chronicoms took over the ship after their home planet was destroyed. Enoch realizes that Atarah wants to time travel to save the planet, but Simmons tells her that she does not know how that would be achieved. Atarah reveals that they have Leo Fitz and threatens to hurt Fitz if they do not cooperate.[17][19]
  • Sarge asks May about her relationship with Phil Coulson and how he died, but May simply threatens him. Sarge demands to know how he has Coulson's face, but May calls Sarge an impostor, demanding to know who Sarge is. Snowflake calls Sarge and tells him that another Shrike host had been kidnapped, and Sarge puts a bag over May's head, leaving with her.[17][19]
  • May uses the knife to kill the Shrike host

    Sarge takes the bag off of May's head, showing her the Shrike host they kidnapped. Sarge tells May that she will kill him, and gives her the knife necessary. He shoots the man in the head and leaves with Snowflake, and the man stands up and attacks May, moving as if he were not human. The two fight, and May incapacitates the man. As he shrieks, sharp crystals start to grow from his body, prompting May to use the knife to kill the man and stop the crystals. Sarge and Snowflake welcome May as part of their crew.[17][19]
  • Marcus Benson experiments on the crystals from Damon Keller's corpse, as Alphonso Mackenzie walks in. Benson asks for the night off, and Mackenzie tells Benson that agents are worried about his drinking habits. Benson tells Mackenzie that he has found the special dagger can kill the parasitic creature and gets back to work.[17][19]
  • Enoch tells Atarah that keeping Fitz prisoner is a bad idea, and Atarah comments that Earth changed Enoch. Atarah orders Malachi to kill Fitz, so Jemma Simmons tells Atarah what they know about the Time Di'Alla. Atarah threatens to kill Johnson and Simmons, but Enoch suggests to Atarah that Fitz might have been behind the monolith time machine in the other timeline. Simmons says it is possible, but that it is unlikely he could do it here without the time and dire situation that would have motivated him. Atarah asks Enoch how to motivate Fitz to create time travel, and Enoch tells Atarah to threaten Simmons. Realizing that Atarah needing Fitz alive negates Atarah's previous threatening of Fitz, Johnson attacks Atarah before the Chronicoms can execute her. She and Simmons flee, leaving Enoch behind.[17][19]
  • Simmons and Johnson listen to Atarah

    Benson walks into his lab and sees Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who talks about her struggle with having killed Keller. Benson opens up about having told the doctor to unplug his husband's life support, which comforts Rodriguez. Rodriguez asks about the dagger. Benson shows Rodriguez and x-ray of the parasitic creature, and Rodriguez recognizes their structure as similar to the Monoliths.[17][19]
  • Sarge tells May about the creatures, the "Shrike", describing their ability to kill, and May realizes that Sarge is trying to stop the Shrike, rather than create them. Sarge explains that his Shrike Detector tells him where to find things that do not belong on a given planet, which is why they attacked Deke Shaw.[17][19]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez explain the Monoliths to Benson and how little they know. Benson shows them that their molecular structure is identical to that of the creatures. They realize that Sarge will be headed towards a point of Ley line conversions. Benson wonders about the word Tinker repeated before dying: "Pachakutiq".[17][19]
  • Sarge says that Pachakutiq is coming, stating that it means the death of everything. He says that the Shrike are controlled by a person who he believes to be Pachakutiq, whom he has been hunting for as long as he could remember. May asks how long that was, and Sarge says that he has been alive for 100 years, despite his physical age. Sarge describes the Shrike as a cancer, and tells May that he is going to kill their creator.[17][19]
  • Simmons walks away with the Chronicoms

    Capture of Jemma Simmons: James Davis and Piper try to pull open the walls to their cell, but Johnson and Simmons arrive and get them. The Chronicoms arrive and Malachi threatens them as Enoch watches. The agents plan to fight, but Simmons gets in the way. She offers herself as Fitz's working partner in exchange for protecting her team. Although Johnson refuses to leave her at first, Simmons walks away with the Chronicoms, and the others leave the ship.[17][19]
  • Capture of Sarge: As Sarge drives, May tricks Snowflake into getting close to her, before knocking her out. She attacks Sarge and subdues him, handcuffing him to the passenger door. She sits in the driver's seat and heads for the Lighthouse.[17][19]
  • Benson asks Mackenzie for a Quinjet and a pilot to research the Monoliths, Sarge, and the Shrike. The Lighthouse receives a signal from Daisy Johnson, requesting permission to land, their first contact in months.[17][19]
  • The Zephyr One lands at the Lighthouse and Davis, Piper, and Johnson are welcomed by Mackenzie and Rodriguez. Mackenzie asks about Fitz and Simmons, but they are interrupted by Trevor Khan, who tells Mackenzie that May called and is returning, having captured Sarge. Johnson asks who Khan is talking about.[17][19]
  • Fitz is approached by Enoch, who tells him that Simmons is a prisoner and that he needs to develop time travel. Enoch confesses to recommending Simmons as a prisoner, angering Fitz. He tells Fitz that he will always considers them friends, before sedating him.[17][19]
  • Fitz and Simmons' reunion

    Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons wake up in the Cerebral Fusion Machine, set up by Enoch and Atarah, where they reunite. Atarah appears in the machine and tells Fitz about Chronyca-2's destruction. Fitz says that it is impossible to go back in time, but Atarah tells Fitz that Simmons has. Atarah explains that they can share memories and create tools in their prison.[17][20]
  • After Atarah leaves, Fitz talks to Simmons about their love and proposes to Simmons, who says yes. They kiss, and use the machine to create a couch. The couple talk about their experiences looking for each other, and the planets they went to. Fitz asks about Simmons' time in the future, causing Simmons to get anxious, turning her mental projection into a 7-year-old version of herself.[17][20]
  • Simmons runs through a hole in the mental space, and Fitz follows her into Simmons' childhood bedroom, where 7-year-old Simmons lies in bed, afraid of Fitz. Fitz realizes that their minds are in fact the prison they are being kept in.[17][20]
  • Atarah and Enoch watch Fitz and Simmons in the Cerebral Fusion Machine, and Enoch comments on the potential dangers of the machine. Atarah suggests they test the scientists' abilities.[17][20]
  • Leo Fitz reads a book to Jemma Simmons

    Fitz tells Simmons not to be afraid, and Simmons says that she's going to be a biologist. Fitz asked why she ran into her bedroom, and Simmons says that this is where she works out problems and locks up her troubles in a music box. Simmons asks Fitz to read her a bedtime stories, but Fitz panics when he realizes the book is manifesting as the Darkhold.[17][20]
  • Fitz returns to the main area of the mental prison and finds Atarah again, whom he scolds for putting them in a mind prison. 7-year-old Simmons plays with science equipment, and Atarah insists they focus on the problem.[17][20]
  • In the real world, Enoch tells Atarah that it is unethical to keep Fitz and Simmons in the mind prison, but Atarah insists on continuing.[17][20]
  • Fitz and Simmons yell at each other, and Fitz realizes that Simmons plans on using mononitrotoluene to escape, but Fitz explains that it will not work. They continue to argue, and Fitz says that the problem is for adults. He threatens to summon a Aida, prompting Simmons to return to adult age, now fully-grown.[17][20]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie appears as Simmons' memory of Fitz's death is triggered, and Fitz follows him, seeing the memory of S.H.I.E.L.D. mourning his death. He learns that he and Simmons married before he died, prompting anger. After learning about Phil Coulson's death as well, Fitz leaves, and Simmons reaches the end of the memory of Coulson telling Simmons to find Fitz in space.[17][20]
  • Simmons sees a memory of Johnson attempting to recruit Rodriguez to join the team

    Simmons sees a memory of Daisy Johnson attempting to recruit Yo-Yo Rodriguez to join the team searching for Fitz, which inspires Simmons to now look for Fitz and help him through his difficult revelations.[17][20]
  • Fitz and Simmons relive a memory from their time in S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy together. They talk about how to get out of the prison and suggests they should go through with developing time travel as he starts to go crazy. Simmons tells Fitz that she knows his alter ego, the Doctor, is trapped inside his mind.[17][20]
  • In the mindscape, the Doctor, manifested by Fitz's brain, puts a HYDRA pin on his lapel and sends troops after Fitz and Simmons. The two flee the university memory together and confront the Doctor, who has his soldiers shoot at Fitz and Simmons. They run into Simmons' childhood bedroom, and Simmons panics, causing her childhood music box to shake. The box falls and opens, causing her fears, manifested as an "Id Simmons", to be released and attack Fitz. The two run into the closet and argue about whose monster is worse.[17][20]
  • Fitz and Simmons end up in the Lighthouse, and they walk into the memory of Coulson recruiting them to join his team. They argue about whether joining Coulson's team was the right move for them. Fitz turns only to find Id Simmons, who attacks him. Meanwhile Simmons is tricked by the Doctor, who abducts her.[17][20]
  • The Doctor threatens Simmons

    The Doctor ties Simmons down and puts her in the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine, threatening to take Simmons' memories and then empty her mind.[17][20]
  • Fitz runs from Id Simmons, who starts to suffocate him, saying it is her turn to cause them pain.[17][20]
  • Enoch asks Atarah to pull Fitz and Simmons out of prison, since their minds are in danger, but Atarah refuses and Malachi threatens him again.[17][20]
  • Simmons refuses to bite down on a strip of material for the memory-removal process and calls the Doctor a psychopath. The Doctor taunts Simmons, who continues to experience pain. Meanwhile, Id Simmons ties Fitz to a chain upside down and stabs him.[17][20]
  • Simmons struggles in the memory machine. Meanwhile, Id Simmons cuts the manifestation of Fitz's heart out, saying that it belongs to her. Fitz starts screaming about how they are in an illusion. He summons a manifestation of Alphonso Mackenzie, who shoots the chain holding him to free him.[17][20]
  • A Daisy Johnson manifestation rescues Jemma Simmons

    Simmons summons a manifestation of Daisy Johnson, who blasts the doors off their hinges and knocks down all of the Doctor's troops, then the Doctor himself. Johnson frees Simmons and continues to fight the soldiers, telling Simmons to go. Meanwhile, Id Simmons attacks Mackenzie, who tells Fitz to run.[17][20]
  • Fitz and Simmons end up in a Containment Module, which Id Simmons and the Doctor circle. Fitz and Simmons argue about what their monstrous selves represent, and Id Simmons and the Doctor listen to the argument in confusion. The couple's argument turns to their past romantic endeavors with Will Daniels and Aida.[17][20]
  • The Doctor tells Id Simmons not to get in his way.[17][20]
  • Fitz and Simmons argument turns into their declaration of love for each other, and they leave the containment module, where they see the Doctor and Id Simmons having become intimate with each other. They are alarmed.[17][20]
  • Escape from Confederate Destroyer Ship:
    • Having returned to the main room of the prison, Fitz and Simmons tell Atarah they cannot solve time travel. Atarah prepares to threaten them.[17][20]
    • Enoch rescues Fitz and Simmons

      Enoch incapacitates Atarah and rescues them. He rescues Fitz and Simmons from the Fusion Machine and the three of them teleport away, as Simmons remembers to tell Fitz he is also a grandfather.[17][20]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie is overjoyed to hear that Fitz is alive, before telling Daisy Johnson the beings who destroyed Chronyca-2 are on Earth.[17][20]
  • On the planet Kitson, Izel talks to a man at the bar. Simmons, Fitz, and Enoch arrive, since Enoch does not know how to use the Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc and has accidentally taken it back to its last location. The disc gets stolen, leaving them stranded, and Fitz argues with Enoch.[17][21]


  • Sarge and Snowflake are taken to the Lighthouse, delivered by Melinda May. Snowflake is taken down to the holding cells while May escorts Sarge to the control room, where he meets Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie. Sarge taunts them about everybody's emotional connection to Phil Coulson. Mackenzie asks questions about the Shrike, and May tells him what she was told the previous day. He requests that Yo-Yo Rodriguez interrogate Jaco.[17][21]
  • Enoch, Fitz, and Simmons pretend to be observers

    After spending the night pretending to be observers, Enoch, Fitz, and Simmons attempt to leave the casino. They are intercepted by Montalban, who has them handcuffed.[17][21]
  • Jaco coughs a lot due to not having his home atmosphere, and Rodriguez tells him that Sarge is in the Lighthouse. Jaco says that Rodriguez needs to release Sarge, talking about his home planet and his family of bakers, wiped out by the Shrike. Jaco refuses medical treatment unless S.H.I.E.L.D. releases Sarge.[17][21]
  • Sarge talks to Mackenzie, saying that his release is time-sensitive. Mackenzie asks about the Destruction of Chronyca-2, and Sarge says that the Shrike's creator is what they would consider a god. Mackenzie talks about his monotheistic beliefs, but Sarge says he is unprepared. He states that by the end of the day, he will be in charge of the agents.[17][21]
  • Deke Shaw checks in on Johnson, trying to impress her. Johnson says he looks good, but is overall unimpressed. Shaw tells Johnson about his new status as a CEO, though Johnson continues her work. He asks about her time in space, and Johnson tells Shaw that they found Fitz, which Shaw does not understand.[17][21]
  • Deke Shaw confronts Alphonso Mackenzie

    Mackenzie and May look through Sarge's equipment and talk about how to interrogate Sarge. Shaw approaches Mackenzie about why nobody told him that Fitz died, and Mackenzie points out that he has not been an active member of the team. Mackenzie tells Shaw that he can go and help find Fitz after they deal with Sarge. He asks Shaw to help figure out how Sarge's tech works in the meantime.[17][21]
  • Snowflake hears Jaco cough and mutters about the burning sensation Jaco is feeling, saying that the pain is worth it.[17][21]
  • Mackenzie has Trevor Khan bring Sarge into his office, where Sarge is made to face the hologram of Coulson. Mackenzie tries to interrogate him, but Sarge continues to threaten to take charge. Mackenzie offers to give Jaco medical treatment in exchange for Sarge's cooperation, but Sarge says that maybe it is time for Jaco to die.[17][21]
  • Fitz, Simmons, and Enoch sit in Mister Kitson's office and comment on the painting he has of his grandfather. Kitson arrives and tells his prisoners about his grandfather's ambition and Fitz, Simmons, and Enoch's crimes. Fitz and Simmons offer to work for Kitson, but he instead plans to send Enoch to the brothels and kill Fitz and Simmons.[17][21]
  • Izel rescues FitzSimmons

    Rescue of Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons:
    • Kitson puts Fitz and Simmons in a guillotine game, the goal of which is to stop themselves from being decapitated by holding onto their blade as people bet on who would die first. Wayne is added to the game as Kiston announces the rules. Bets are placed and the game begins.[17][21]
    • Izel has Kitson rig the game so that Wayne is killed, wanting the humans. She buys Fitz and Simmons from him.[17][21]
  • Johnson and Mackenzie talk about Sarge and Coulson sharing DNA, and Johnson refuses to believe that Sarge is Coulson. They discuss where Fitz and Simmons are, and Johnson notes that Mackenzie appears to have his job handled. Johnson comforts Mackenzie and says that it is hard to believe that he and Rodriguez are still split up. Deke Shaw approaches with a way to hack Sarge's technology, and shows them a map that points out two Shrike hosts converging.[17][21]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. mobilizes to catch the Shrike, sending a team.[17][21]
  • Khan checks on Jaco, finding him dead. However, he starts breathing fire, scaring Khan. Johnson destroys the door, and she and Mackenzie take Jaco down together.[17][21]
  • Shrike host in the Zephyr One

    Search for the Shrike: The two S.H.I.E.L.D. teams capture the Shrike hosts and bring them onto their jets, where they take off.[17][21]
  • Izel buys a drink for Fitz, Simmons, and Enoch - whom she has also freed - and they introduce themselves. Izel asks Fitz and Simmons for help going to Earth. Fitz and Simmons agree, but Izel tells them that she does not have a ship. Fitz notes that they know of a ship.[17][21]
  • Mackenzie asks Sarge for more information, but Sarge continues to taunt Mackenzie, who tells Sarge that they subdued Jaco. Mackenzie also tells Sarge that they are bringing in two Shrike hosts.[17][21]
  • Rodriguez and her team bring the Shrike host to Zephyr One and set a course for the Lighthouse. The two hosts react to each other as Diaz closes the door. Rodriguez tells May, who tells Mackenzie. Johnson joins Mackenzie, who realizes that they need Sarge's help.[17][21]
  • Mackenzie demands to know how to stop the Shrike, but Sarge says it is too late. The hosts start to screech and each grow crystals out of each other. An agent tries to shoot the hosts, but a crystal impales them.[17][21]
  • May asks if she should jettison the containment module, but Sarge advises against it. Sarge demands his team and his truck before he will give advice, and Mackenzie gives in upon hearing that Rodriguez is with the hosts.[17][21]
  • Rodriguez and Diaz are trapped

    Sarge advises them to freeze the hosts, and Rodriguez and Diaz put on oxygen masks as May opens the back in high altitude. The crystals break and fly out of the plane, and May receives confirmation that Rodriguez and Diaz are safe.[17][21]
  • Sarge tells Mackenzie that the Shrike's creator is coming, and Johnson asks what to do next. The agents present turn to Sarge, who demands to be set free.[17][21]
  • Boyle and Toad prepare the Lazy Comet for departure. Izel threatens to kill them, and they join her crew.[17][21]
  • Satisfied that his mission to protect Fitz and the future is complete, Enoch leaves, wanting to find a new home for his people. Enoch gives Fitz a communication device that can be used to contact him if necessary, and Fitz and Enoch say goodbye.[17][21]
  • Izel prepares to make a jump to Earth, but Boyle and Toad tell her that their ship would not survive it. Fitz says that there is a chance of survival. Boyle protests, and Izel asks him to leave. Izel makes the jump, and Fitz and Simmons look out the window, seeing Earth.[17][22]
  • Sarge demands to be set free, saying that he is Earth's only chance at survival. Sarge demands he be given his truck and his crew, but has to answer questions about his plans. He tells them where the Shrike are going to summon their leader, whom he plans to kill. Mackenzie reluctantly gives Sarge the keys to his truck back, along with Johnson and May to be part of his crew, allowing him to pick one original member of his team.[17][22]


Sarge says Pax is the only person who can fix a Shrike Repeller

  • Snowflake gets ready to leave with Sarge, Daisy Johnson, and Melinda May in order to stop the Shrike from summoning their leader. Sarge tells Johnson and May not to touch anything and asks about Johnson's abilities. Sarge tries to fix his Shrike Repeller, but it breaks, and Sarge says that Pax is the only person who could fix it.[17][22]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie asks Deke Shaw to fix the Shrike Repeller in Pax's stead, and Shaw at first refuses. Mackenzie reminds Shaw that he knows about the sexualized version of Johnson that Shaw created in his video game, and Shaw agrees to join Sarge, stop selling S.H.I.E.L.D. technology, and give Mackenzie 10% of his company.[17][22]
  • Shaw works on the Shrike Repeller and mutters to himself about the deal he made with Mackenzie. Snowflake appears behind him, scaring Shaw as she says that he appears to have a beautiful soul. Sarge arrives and tells Johnson to stay in the front seat with him while Snowflake monitors May and Shaw.[17][22]
  • Sarge leaves and informs Mackenzie, who orders Agent James Davis to prepare Zephyr One for flight, readying it to follow Sarge's truck. Mackenzie asks Elena Rodriguez to accompany him.[17][22]
  • Izel hums to herself, causing a Shrike to come to life

    Izel sits in a corner of the Lazy Comet and hums to herself, causing a Shrike to come to life.[17][22]
  • Pax and Jaco are brought onto the Zephyr as prisoners, and Mackenzie tells Pax that he is planning to follow Sarge, prompting worry from Jaco and Pax.[17][22]
  • Johnson asks Sarge about Phil Coulson and whether it bothers him that they share DNA. Johnson asks about Sarge's past, but Sarge refuses to allow Johnson to cause him to lose focus. Sarge says that the past does not matter, and talks about the leader of the Shrike, Izel.[17][22]
  • Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons tell Izel that they are trying to fix the communications system on the Lazy Comet in order to contact S.H.I.E.L.D.. Izel explains to Fitz and Simmons that Izel is looking for the Di'Allas, and describes them. Fitz recognizes them as the Monoliths, but Simmons stops him from telling her, since they were destroyed. Izel says that the Destruction of Chronyca-2 occurred because she did not get to the Di'Allas, and explains that they are from her home planet, saying that someone wants to kill her, because she knows the truth about him.[17][22]
  • Rodriguez studies pictures of Coulson and Sarge and the Zephyr takes off. Rodriguez comforts Mackenzie regarding his decision to allow Sarge to take point on the mission, and Marcus Benson sends Mackenzie a report.[17][22]
  • Izel infects Toad with a Shrike

    Toad sneaks around the Lazy Comet and takes food he has been hiding. He is found by several members of Izel's Crew. He leaves and comes across Izel. She infects him with a Shrike, causing him to collapse and drop his food. Izel smiles.[17][22]
  • Snowflake watches Shaw sleep, scaring him when he wakes up. She covers his mouth and shushes him, saying that he is hers now.[17][22]
  • May and Johnson talk about Sarge's resemblance to Coulson, and not trusting him.[17][22]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez review Benson's research, which reveals that the Shrike and Izel appear in Incan mythology as an ancient entity who escaped from a realm of fear and darkness and tracked the Di'Allas across space.[17][22]



  • Sarge, angry that his Shrike Repeller is not working, stops his truck suddenly. This causes Deke Shaw and Snowflake to make a noise, prompting Melinda May and Daisy Johnson to check on him, but they find Shaw and Snowflake becoming intimate.[17][22]
  • Shaw being threatened by Sarge

    Sarge walks in and threatens Shaw, demanding to know why the Shrike Repeller is not working. Sarge demands that Shaw fix the machine, and then offers breakfast to Johnson and May.[17][22]
  • Boyle tells Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons that he is suspicious after having found Toad's food on the floor. Fitz and Simmons dismiss him, and he leaves angrily. Simmons tells Fitz about the last time she ate the food and the high it gave her. She informs him about the Monoliths and the rift they seemingly created into the "Fear Dimension". Fitz becomes jealous of his past self, and Simmons tries to comfort him, but fails and returns her focus to send a message to S.H.I.E.L.D..[17][22]
  • Pax paces around the Zephyr One and tells Jaco that he is nervous about following Sarge. Yo-Yo Rodriguez interrupts him and ask what is going to happen, bringing up Izel. Jaco and Pax say that they are not afraid of Izel, but that they can kill her if they get close enough.[17][22]
  • Sarge tells Johnson and May about Izel and how she continuously manages to avoid capture, while Shaw and Snowflake work on the Shrike Repeller. Sarge tells the agents that both he and Izel are motivated by hatred, and that she killed his family. Sarge reveals that he has a sword that can kill Izel. Sarge points the sword at Johnson, prompting her to use her powers, inadvertently revealing her abilities to Sarge.[17][22]
  • The Shrike hosts build a tower

    The Shrike hosts gather at their meeting place and start to grow crystals out of themselves and through each other, forming a tower as a beacon for Izel.[17][22]
  • Sarge, Johnson, and May watch as the tower forms, and Sarge explains that if they do not stop the tower from forming, it will turn into a mass of Shrike, destroying the planet. They call Alphonso Mackenzie and tell him about the tower and Sarge's plans. The Zephyr notices the Lazy Comet approaching the tower, and May goes to tell Sarge. Mackenzie orders Agent James Davis to attempt to make contact with the ship.[17][22]
  • Fitz and Simmons realize that they cannot fix the communicator, and that they were never given coordinates to land. Simmons asks Boyle where Izel is, but Boyle, who, unbeknownst to them, has been infected by a Shrike, simply looks at her and walks away. Fitz dismisses this as typical strange behavior.[17][22]
  • Pax pretends to try to attack an agent but be held back by his chains. Jaco tells him that there is a plan that Pax does not know about and not to take action, but Pax offers the agent that he will tell Mackenzie things Sarge has held back. He gets in close, only to drop the remainder of the chain length he had held back and use it to kill the man. Pax and Jaco laugh as Pax then unlocks his chains.[17][22]
  • Sarge with a sword

    Johnson asks about how Sarge plans to kill Izel. He simply assures them that if he fails with the sword, he has an insurance policy. Shaw gives Sarge the repaired Shrike Repeller.[17][22]
  • Pax frees Jaco from the Containment Module, and complains about never being let in on Sarge's plans. Rodriguez overhears Jaco say that they are going to take over the plane. She reveals herself and uses her speed to tie Pax up and push Jaco back into the module. Pax tells Rodriguez that Sarge has a weapon that will explode, and that the Zephyr is in the blast radius. Meanwhile, in the truck, Sarge prepares his weapon. Rodriguez calls Johnson and May and warns them.[17][22]
  • Johnson, May, and Shaw tie Snowflake to a chair and confront Sarge about what he is doing. He reveals his bomb will destroy miles of land and kill a lot of people, but that he feels it is justified since he will kill Izel. Sarge leaves, warning Johnson not to use her powers, since the bomb is set to explode upon any impact. Sarge leaves without Snowflake, locking the door behind him. Snowflake explains that the truck cannot be stopped, and the team realizes they are stuck. They start searching for the bomb.[17][22]
  • Sarge takes Alphonso Mackenzie as hostage

    Mackenzie considers what to do: fire on the ship without the guarantee the bomb will be stopped, fire on the truck to save civilians' lives at the expense of their agents, or hope Shaw comes through, not liking any of his options.[17][22]
  • Infiltration into Zephyr One: Sarge uses the Spray Paint Transporter to create a portal to the Zephyr through the other end set up in Jaco's jacket, and step through. He kills an agent.[17][22]
  • Johnson, May, Shaw, and Snowflake look through the plane, and Johnson risks using her powers to force the door lock open and get to the front of the truck. Shaw, meanwhile, finds the bomb.[17][22]
  • The Lazy Comet starts to land. Fitz and Simmons wonder about the whereabouts of Izel's Crew. Meanwhile, Izel marches her Shrike-infected crew to prepare for landing.[17][22]
  • Shaw removes the bomb from where Sarge kept it and sets it down on a table, studying it.[17][22]
  • Davis waits for Mackenzie to make the tough call as the truck and ship converge on the tower.[17][22]
  • Enoch contacts the Chronicom Isaiah

    Enoch contacts the Chronicom Isaiah about organizing the Chronicom anthropologists in order to rebuild Chronyca-2.[17][22]
  • The Chronicom Baal-Gad walks alongside Malachi, saying that he will kill Enoch. Malachi refers to Fitz and Simmons as more pressing concerns, and Baal-Gad offers to bring them back, but Malachi says that it is not necessary, since they have their minds stored, preparing to enter the Cerebral Fusion Machine.[17][22]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. starts evacuating the blast radius, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez plans to fly the Quinjet to the truck and extract Johnson, May, Shaw, and Snowflake.[17][23]
  • Sarge arms Pax and Jaco so that they can take over Zephyr One, and Sarge gives Pax a device that can set up a border Rodriguez will be unable to pass through. Jaco asks about Snowflake, and Sarge says that she did not escape in time.[17][23]
  • Fitz and Simmons continue attempting to fix the communicators. They notice the crew acting gormless and decide that they cannot be allowed to reach Earth, thinking that they have a disease. They then realize that Izel is the cause.[17][23]
  • FitzSimmons and Izel talking about progress

    The crew surround Fitz and Simmons, and Izel asks about their progress. Simmons asks about the crew, and Izel says she gave them a higher purpose. She assures Fitz and Simmons that they will not become Shrike hosts.[17][23]
  • The Shrike tower continues to grow. Meanwhile, Deke Shaw continues to struggle to diffuse the bomb, with 3 minutes left until collision. Snowflake describes the bomb to the agents and Johnson realizes that it is an atom bomb. Johnson inspires Shaw to continue working, and he starts.[17][23]
  • Sarge and Jaco attack, shooting Agent Diaz and threatening Mackenzie. Jaco sets up the barrier so that Rodriguez is unable to help. Sarge handcuffs Mackenzie to a rail and forces him to turn the plane around.[17][23]
  • Rodriguez notices that Jaco is no longer in the Containment Module and looks for him.[17][23]
  • Destruction of the Shrike Tower: Shaw realizes that he is unable to stop the atom bomb in time. Snowflake panics, and Johnson attempts a last resort, using her powers to absorb the shock around the bomb and prevent it from going off as the truck hits the tower. Thetower collapses and a flock of Shrike fly out of it.[17][23]
  • Sarge notices that the bomb did not go off, causing him to get angry.[17][23]
  • Izel senses that her tower was destroyed

    Izel senses that her tower was destroyed and realizes that she is in danger. She orders Fitz and Simmons to fix the communicator and contact S.H.I.E.L.D., then orders Boyle to bring the ship into the upper atmosphere.[17][23]
  • Sarge sees Izel's ship flying away on the Zephyr's radar and has Davis follow it.[17][23]
  • Pax walks around the ship, but Rodriguez steals the barrier device. She attacks Pax, who tells her about the barrier.[17][23]
  • Mackenzie says that the should regroup with the people on the ground, including Snowflake, but Sarge orders him to be quiet. Jaco asks Sarge to consider it, but he refuses. Rodriguez, meanwhile, ties Pax up and pushes him to the edge of the barrier, running away. Jaco momentarily turns off the barrier to help Pax, and Rodriguez slips Mackenzie the key to his handcuffs. Sarge kills Pax and closes the barrier, stating that no one can slow them down, and orders Jaco to find and handle Rodriguez.[17][23]
  • Johnson and May discuss what to do with the bomb and look outside, where they see Shrike flying around. The Shrike attack the truck.[17][23]
  • Simmons talks to James Davis

    Fitz and Simmons fix the communicator and Fitz contacts Davis. They hint at each other the other is in danger using S.H.I.E.L.D. distress codes. Simmons tells Davis that they are on the Lazy Comet, and Sarge gets angry. Sarge threatens Izel over the comms, and says she will help Sarge remember his name if he comes for her. Fitz and Simmons talk about how Sarge sounds like Phil Coulson. Meanwhile, Izel says that Sarge never had any memories of his family.[17][23]
  • Sarge demands the agents take him to the Lazy Comet.[17][23]
  • Izel sees that Fitz and Simmons recognize Sarge's voice and accuses them of conspiring against her. The couple steal the crew's guns and point them at Izel, before running away, and Fitz leads Simmons to a place to hide.[17][23]
  • Johnson, May, Shaw, and Snowflake arm themselves and prepare to defend the bomb. A Shrike breaks in, but May kills it before it can get to Shaw.[17][23]
  • Jaco attempting to talk to Yo-Yo Rodriguez

    Rodriguez uses her speed to steal Jaco's gun and handcuffs him, but Jaco breaks the cuffs. Jaco tries to defend himself, but Rodriguez asks what Jaco's family would want. Jaco says that they would want him to stop Izel.[17][23]
  • Mackenzie taunts Sarge, before revealing that he is no longer handcuffed. He attacks Sarge, and the two fight. Jaco returns and reveals that he is siding with S.H.I.E.L.D., and Mackenzie knocks Sarge out.[17][23]
  • Sarge wakes up in the Containment Module and hears Alphonso Mackenzie state his plan to send in a team to rescue Fitz and Simmons. He tries to tell them that they will not escape alive, but Mackenzie nonetheless refuses take Sarge with them, instead bringing Jaco.[17][23]
  • Daisy Johnson decides to allows the Shrike to enter the truck. As they fly in, she manages to use her powers to shake them into disintegrating.[17][23]
  • Fitz hides with Simmons on the Lazy Comet, telling her she smells nice.[17][23]
  • Infiltration into the Lazy Comet:
    • Mackenzie, Jaco, James Davis, and Rodriguez enter the Lazy Comet

      Mackenzie, Jaco, James Davis, and Rodriguez enter the Lazy Comet. Izel's infected crew attacks, and Jaco and Davis stay to hold them off while Mackenzie and Rodriguez go to find Fitz and Simmons.[17][23]
    • Fitz and Simmons hear S.H.I.E.L.D.'s presence, but are found by the infected Boyle and Toad. Rodriguez arrives and chains the crew members to a pipe, and Fitz and Simmons reunite with Rodriguez and Mackenzie.[17][23]
    • Jaco and Davis find Izel, but Davis reminds Jaco to follow Mackenzie's orders not to pursue. Jaco convinces him to do it anyway. They split up.[17][23]
    • Unbeknownst to Jaco, Izel possesses Davis before he can get to her.[4] Jaco is confused when he meets back up with "Davis" and Izel is nowhere to be found.[17][23]
    • Jaco and "Davis" reunite with Mackenzie, Rodriguez, Fitz and Simmons. The crew chases them into the ship's airlock, and Jaco uses the Spray Paint Transporter to return to Earth, arriving on top of Sarge's truck.[17][23]
    • Lazy Comet destroyed

      They meet up with Johnson, May, Shaw, and Snowflake. Shaw excitedly hugs Fitz, who is confused, with his alternate self being the one who got to know Shaw. The group watches as Jaco goes back to the ship with bomb, saying he is willing to sacrifice himself to take out the ship.[17][23]
    • Jaco detonates the bomb, causing the ship to explode and him to die.[17][23]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. celebrates saving the world from Izel. Johnson teases Mackenzie for continuing to have feelings for Rodriguez. Rodriguez, meanwhile, asks about how May is feeling, and they bond over their shared regret about trying to see good in Sarge. Piper teases "Davis" for returning to the field, and "Davis" falls asleep.[17][23]
  • Shaw bothers Fitz, calling him "Bobo", talking about how he thought he was dead and that his multiverse theory has been proven. Simmons lies to Fitz, saying his other self had wanted to be called Bobo. Shaw shows Fitz his company and tells Fitz that he wants to go to Scotland.[17][23]
  • Shaw holding Snowflake back

    Snowflake and Shaw watch as Sarge is taken to lockup. Shaw stops Snowflake from attacking Sarge when he says that leaving her behind was not personal. Shaw comforts Snowflake and says that she is among family, but Johnson pulls Shaw aside and asks why Snowflake is not in lockup. Shaw accuses Johnson of being jealous, but Johnson ignores him and orders agents to arrest Snowflake.[17][23]
  • Director Mackenzie delivers a toast to the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..[17][23]
  • Johnson unpacks her belongings, moving back into the Lighthouse. She finds the letter Phil Coulson left her before he died, still unopened, but does not read it.[17][23]
  • Fitz and Simmons talk, while Piper takes a selfie with sleeping Davis.[17][23]
  • Shaw moves a TV into Snowflake's cell.[17][23]
  • May looks at Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D. badge.[17][23]
  • Rodriguez and Mackenzie kiss

    Mackenzie visits Rodriguez and admits that he still has feelings for her. The pair reconnect and kiss.[17][23]
  • "Davis" sees May, and Izel possesses her, telling him that he looks sick and should relax.[17][4]
  • May, possessed by Izel, enters Sarge's holding cell and shoots him four times.[17][23]
  • Sarge is placed on a gurney while Fitz, Simmons, Mackenzie, and Rodriguez rush to his cell. Fitz and Simmons walk away with Sarge's body, while Mackenzie and Rodriguez approach "May", who confesses. She is put into lockup with Johnson, who says that she is not acting like herself.[17][4]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez wonder why May would kill Sarge, though Rodriguez says that she can understand it. Mackenzie leaves to look at the security footage from the previous night. Piper appears and agrees with Rodriguez that what "May" did is hard to believe.[17][4]
  • Fitz enters the lab and talks to Simmons about Sarge

    Leo Fitz enters the lab with blood for a transfusion, though does not believe it will be useful because Sarge has already died. However, Jemma Simmons reveals that Sarge still has a pulse, which is only getting stronger, as he appears to be healing.[17][4]
  • Unconscious, Sarge dreams memory of holding a silhouetted woman's hand.[17][4]


  • Rodriguez, Johnson, and Piper discuss Johnson's interrogation of "May". They agree that she had good reason to kill Sarge, but Rodriguez points out that shooting an unarmed man in a cell is unlike May, since she does not like guns. Johnson sends Piper to check May's quarters and goes to retrace her steps since returning to the Lighthouse.[17][4]
  • Izel leaves May's body and possesses Agent Diaz, who was guarding her.[17][4]
  • Rodriguez enters May's cell and asks "Diaz" to leave. May, who is no longer possessed, demands to know why she is locked up. She says that she does not remember anything after the party.[17][4]
  • Piper hears strange sounds

    Piper is walks toward May's quarters when Izel makes Diaz knock herself unconscious by hitting her head against the wall. Piper hears the banging. Izel leaves Diaz's body and Piper shoots at her, but it has no effect and Izel possesses her.[17][4]
  • Sarge's body is moved to the morgue, and Fitz and Shaw discuss their respective connections to Phil Coulson. Fitz tells Shaw that he is trying to find the connection between Coulson, Sarge, the Di'Allas, and Izel. Shaw brags about his company and awkwardly tries to impress Fitz. "Piper" enters the lab and asks about May, but they say they did not notice anything off about her. She says that she will ask around and walks away. While Fitz asks for Shaw's help with equipment, "Piper" steals a Shrike crystal.[17][4]
  • May insists that she was not responsible for Sarge's death, and Rodriguez asks her what she remembers. May says that she does not remember reaching her quarters, only seeing Davis, who was trying to get something.[17][4]
  • Johnson finds the injured Diaz, who wakes up and tells Johnson that she does not remember anything after guarding May's cell.[17][4]
  • Simmons shows Mackenzie that Sarge's wounds have healed

    Simmons shows Director Mackenzie that Sarge's pulse is still strong and that his wounds have completely healed. Mackenzie plans to put a guard in with Simmons, though she refuses, saying that his condition should be kept secret.[17][4]
  • Sarge has another memory of hugging a woman.[17][4]
  • Daisy Johnson and Elena Rodriguez knock on Agent James Davis' door, and he opens, hungover. Davis tells them that Melinda May was the first thing he saw after he blacked out, and that she told him to rest. They realize he, like May, has lost some time.[17][4]
  • Infiltration into the Lighthouse:
    • Izel, possessing Piper, uses a Shrike crystal to guide her to the Di'Allas. She is interrupted by Deke Shaw, asking whether she thinks this Fitz likes him. He notices that "Piper" is holding a Shrike crystal.[17][4]
    • Davis realizes that he does not remember anything after he and Jaco ambushed Izel.[17][4]
    • Deke offers to take the crystal from "Piper". Izel hands it to Shaw, but then leaves Piper's body and possesses Shaw to keep control of it, telling Piper to rest.[17][4]
    • Johnson, Rodriguez, and Davis talk with Alphonso Mackenzie

      Johnson, Rodriguez, and Davis tell Alphonso Mackenzie that Izel is the one who shot Sarge, not May. Meanwhile, "Shaw" follows the Shrike crystal's guidance to the room where the "Fear Dimension" rift is being contained, but cannot access it.[17][4]
    • The agents explain to Mackenzie that Izel must be possessing people, which would account for the lost time. Meanwhile, "Shaw" asks an agent for help entering the room, and the agent says that only the director has access. "Shaw" leaves, planning to possess Mackenzie.[17][4]
    • "Shaw" finds Fitz and Izel possesses him. Shaw goes to the control room, with "Fitz" following.[17][4]
    • Mackenzie locks down the Lighthouse. They are joined by May, Shaw, and Fitz, who wonder how to find Izel. The team determine that the only way to know who Izel is is to share secrets that only one other person in the room knows.[17][4]
    • May confirms that she knows Rodriguez feels homesick on her mother's birthday, which the others do not, clearing both of them. Mackenzie and Johnson share together that Johnson regularly sends part of her S.H.I.E.L.D. salary to Amanda Campbell, clearing them too. Knowing that Rodriguez and Johnson are clear, Mackenzie locks the two of them in his office so that Izel cannot possess them and use their powers.[17][4]
    • Izel reveals herself

      Johnson and Davis confirm with each other that while they visited Krylor, James Davis stole a pen since he thought it was cool. Shaw tries to back out, and Piper appears, accusing him of being Izel, since she woke up and saw him. Piper and Shaw argue, but Mackenzie asks "Fitz" whether he is clean. Mackenzie asks him where Jemma Simmons was undercover when he first met Fitz. "Fitz" avoids the question, saying that possessing Mackenzie is the smartest possible move. May insists that he answer the question, and Izel gives in and reveals herself, leaving his body.[17][4]
    • Izel tells the team to give her what she wants in return for their safety, and possesses Mackenzie. She uses him to choke Shaw, and Davis walks upstairs, scared. Rodriguez tries to escape, but Johnson reminds her not to. Izel leaves Mackenzie's body, and Piper points her gun at Izel, but Izel repossesses Piper and makes her shoot herself in the hand.[17][4]
    • Davis refuses to shoot Piper, despite his clear shot, and Izel makes her way through a chain of the agents to get to him. She makes him fall off of his upstairs ledge, and Davis tumbles to his death.[17][4]
    • Izel tells other agents not to follow her

      Izel possesses Mackenzie again and points a gun to his heard, telling the rest of the agents not to follow her before leaving.[17][4]
  • Sarge has a memory of two silhouetted women he loves evaporating. He wakes up and when Jemma Simmons mentions Melinda May's possession, realizes that Izel's ability to possess people is how she always gets away. He demands to be let go, but Simmons refuses.[17][4]
  • May sends a radio call to the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. asking for any sightings of Mackenzie, as Johnson and Rodriguez risk leaving the locked office. She asks Fitz what Izel wants, and Fitz says that she is after the Monoliths. May and Shaw tell Fitz that when the Monoliths blew up, they created a rift to a "Fear Dimension" which manifested people's fears. Fitz speculates that it was not in fact a dimension after all.[17][4]
  • Sarge sits up in his bed.[17][4]
  • Fitz realizes that the third Monolith is likely a Monolith of Creation, and that when Phil Coulson sealed the "Fear Dimension" rift, in fact just monolith energy creating their fears, the three Monoliths worked in tandem to create a copy of Coulson elsewhere in space and time, explaining Sarge's creation. He, May, and Shaw then realize that the Monolith's energy still exists, and that Izel is after it.[17][4]
  • "Mackenzie" tells an agent "he" needs his handcuffs.[17][4]
  • Sarge after awakening

    Sarge breaks his hand and slips out of his restraints. He knocks out Simmons and leaves the morgue.[17][4]
  • Izel, still possessing Mackenzie, gets past the biometric scan, then makes Mackenzie handcuff himself to a pipe and hit his head against the wall twice, knocking himself out. She then leaves his body and enters the room where the "Fear Dimension" rift container is being held.[17][4]
  • Johnson and Rodriguez run after Izel, and May tells them where to go find him.[17][4]
  • Sarge finds Izel and shoots at her, which is ineffective. Izel tells Sarge that his purpose is to join her. She explains that explains that she does not want to kill him, but rather cause him to remember his true past, and that his memories of the past are fake. He realizes that the memories he has been having are of Phil Coulson's life, and that the women of his "family" he has been struggling to remember were May and Johnson Izel tells Sarge that the Monoliths gave him his body. Meanwhile, Johnson and Rodriguez continue to run.[17][4]
  • Sarge remembers his true name

    Sarge realizes that Pachakutiq is his true name. He insists that his purpose is to hunt Izel, but she tells him that his purpose is in fact to follow her.[17][4]
  • Johnson and Rodriguez find Mackenzie, who wakes up. Johnson breaks the handcuffs.[17][4]
  • Izel tells Sarge that their plan was to send the Shrike to various planets and give them new hosts, so that other members of their race could partake in the joy of having physical form. Sarge refuses to believe her, saying that he will stop her.[17][4]
  • Izel takes the Gravity Containment Device containing the Monolith energy and says that the only thing powerful enough to stop her is inside Sarge, who is afraid to let it out. She leaves the storage room, where she possess Yo-Yo Rodriguez. Izel demands access to a plane, and Mackenzie agrees so long as he is a passenger. They leave together as Johnson watches, helpless.[17][4]
  • Piper and May watch as Davis is taken away in a body bag.[17][4]
  • Simmons recovers from Sarge knocking her out.[17][4]
  • Sarge is taken back into holding, feeling defeated.[17][4]
  • Mackenzie clears the way for "Rodriguez"

    Mackenzie clears the way for "Rodriguez" and him to leave. Johnson says to May that Mackenzie did not make the right call, but May says he is trusting his team.[17][4]
  • Fitz and Shaw watch the security footage of Izel telling Sarge what he is, and Fitz realizes that they are similar to Ghost Rider and the Spirit of Vengeance. Fitz says that if Reyes and Sarge to be compared, a holding cell will not be sufficient for Sarge.[17][4]
  • Sarge paces in his cell, refusing to believe he is who Izel says. Powers start to manifest in his hands.[17][4]


  • Elena Rodriguez wakes up on Zephyr One after Izel has left her body, unbeknownst to Rodriguez having possessing Alphonso Mackenzie. She sees that her hands are covered in blood, and notices "Mackenzie" bleeding. "He" tells her what happened after she was possessed, and she tends to his wounds. "Mackenzie" says that Izel wants to know the location of a temple where the Monoliths could be taken. Rodriguez mentions that Marcus Benson would know where the temple is, and Izel reveals her possession, stepping out of Mackenzie and asking to call Benson.[17][24]
  • Daisy Johnson and Piper are talking

    Daisy Johnson and Piper look for Izel, but cannot find the plane. Johnson assures Piper that S.H.I.E.L.D. is developing a plan, and that Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, and Deke Shaw will come up with a way to stop Izel from possessing people.[17][24]
  • Johnson asks Fitz, Simmons, and Shaw for progress on stopping Izel, but they have not yet come up with a solution. Fitz and Shaw continue working, while Johnson asks Simmons about Sarge. Simmons shows Johnson live footage of Melinda May questioning Sarge, saying that she will find out whether Izel was telling the truth about what he is.[17][24]
  • May questions Sarge about the memories Sarge has been experiencing. May asks if Sarge recognizes anybody from S.H.I.E.L.D., and Sarge gets angry and hits the table, surprising himself when he dents it.[17][24]
  • Johnson confronts May and asks her why she was holding back against Sarge. While Johnson believes Sarge should be trying to let out the being inside of him that could defeat Izel, May believes he should be holding it back, so that Izel cannot manipulate it. Johnson reminds her that Sarge is not Phil Coulson, prompting anger from May.[17][24]
  • Search for the Temple of the Forgotten:
    • Benson realizes that "Mackenzie" is untrustworthy

      Benson is escorted onto the Zephyr by an agent, and Izel, possessing Mackenzie, warns Rodriguez not to try anything. Benson reunites with "Mackenzie" and Rodriguez and tells them about his research. He talks about three possible locations for the temple, and recommends the one where two Ley lines intersect, which would prove Damon Keller right. Rodriguez responds as though Keller were still alive, signaling to Benson not to trust "Mackenzie".[17][24]
    • Benson deletes the files as "Mackenzie" asks to see the coordinates. In retaliation, Izel stabs Benson's escorting agent in the neck, then leaving Mackenzie's body. Benson refuses to give Izel the coordinates for the temple, saying that he is not afraid to die, but Izel insists that there is something Benson is afraid of.[17][24]
  • Johnson walks into Sarge's holding cell and asks how he dented the table. She asks what Sarge is, yet Sarge continues to insist he does not know and talks about the rage under his skin. Johnson taunts him, trying to get him to let what is inside out. When Sarge suggests that Johnson is merely trying to work through her anger, she says that Sarge means nothing to her and leaves.[17][24]
  • Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons are talking

    Johnson visits Fitz, Simmons, and Shaw and asks what progress they have made, and they explain that Sarge's sword might be able to kill Izel, but Johnson says that is useless unless they can stop her powers, which Simmons admits they have not done. Simmons takes Johnson aside and reminds her that bottled up emotions are unhealthy.[17][24]
  • Rodriguez tells Mackenzie he needs to be willing to put her in danger, but Mackenzie says that coming with Izel was a purely tactical decision, so that at least one of them was awake at all times, and to buy S.H.I.E.L.D. extra time to stop her. Rodriguez agrees that it was a smart plan.[17][24]
  • Izel opens the Gravity Containment Device in order to manifest Marcus Benson's fear. An illusion of his husband, Tom Benson, is created. Marcus tells Tom that he thought he would never see Tom again.[17][24]
  • Johnson finally opens the letter left to her by Coulson and gets emotional.[17][24]
  • Johnson returns to Sarge's holding cell and asks for confirmation that getting shot made his powers and memories stronger. Sarge confirms this, along with the fact that Johnson is one of the people in his memories of Coulson's. Johnson uses her powers to snap Sarge's neck, hoping to release his powers.[17][24]
  • Fitz, Simmons, and Shaw confirm that Sarge is still alive

    Fitz, Simmons, and Shaw confirm to Johnson that Sarge is still alive, as he starts to wake up.[17][24]
  • The Tom Benson illusion talks about the car accident he was in, saying that he heard everything Marcus said to him, including the call he made to end his life. Tom suggests that the decision was a drunken one, before Izel destroys the illusion. Broken, Marcus agrees to help her.[17][24]
  • Piper shows Melinda May security footage of Sarge's holding cell, where Johnson is waiting for Sarge to wake up. May realizes her plan, and Piper says it is a bad idea, but May says that she trusts Sarge to fight Izel.[17][24]
  • Sarge has flashes of memories of his body being created. He wakes up and stands in front of Johnson, who asks further questions about Izel. Sarge demands that she moves, but Johnson refuses, so Sarge uses his newfound strength to push Johnson out of the way break out of his cell.[17][24]
  • Johnson asks Simmons if the scanners recorded the moment Sarge used his powers, which Simmons confirms. Johnson retrieves his sword, assuring Shaw and Simmons that Sarge will not go to join Izel. Simmons asks if it is possible to save what is left of Coulson, but Johnson refuses to believe it.[17][24]
  • Benson in the Containment Module

    Mackenzie and Rodriguez talk about what they would have done in Marcus Benson's shoes, and Mackenzie admits that his decision to join Rodriguez was not merely tactical. The Zephyr changes course to the temple, and Rodriguez makes a plan to steal the Gravity Containment Device. When Izel opens the door to put Benson in the Containment Module, Rodriguez steals the device, but Izel possesses her. She throws Mackenzie out of the module, but he jettisons it in order to protect Benson and allow him to warn the other agents.[17][24]
  • Johnson walks through the Lighthouse looking for Sarge and tells May not to follow her. She confronts him and calls him a monster. Sarge reveals that he planned on killing himself, causing Johnson to hesitate. He encourages her to kill him, before calling her "Skye". This gives her pause, as only Coulson knew that name, but Sarge continues to ask to be killed. Johnson refuses to kill him, now starting to see some of Coulson in him. She hugs Sarge, which causes him to gain some control over his powers.[17][24]
  • Rodriguez wakes up in the Temple of the Forgotten, no longer possessed, finding herself tied to a support beam. She and Mackenzie watch Izel set up the Gravity Containment Device in the main area of the temple.[17][24]
  • Shaw talks about his theory of resonant frequencies

    Fitz, Simmons, and Shaw continue to consider how to stop Izel's powers. Shaw looks at the security footage from Sarge talking about the pain of knowing who he is, and when Sarge refers to Izel's "song", he realizes that Izel's power comes from resonant frequencies. They conclude that they need to create a sonic barrier that matches the material that the Shrike Daggers are made of in order to stop themselves from being possessed.[17][24]
  • May tells Piper that Fitz, Simmons, and Shaw know how to stop Izel's powers, and Piper informs her that Benson has been found in the Yucatán. She passes on Benson's information about Izel's plan, and that Mackenzie and Rodriguez are alive.[17][24]
  • May visits Johnson in her quarters, and they talk about Johnson's conversation with Sarge, and the possibility that Coulson is within Sarge. Johnson tells May that Sarge might be able to help, and that they should take care of him. Sarge, meanwhile, retrieves his sword.[17][24]
  • Izel tells Mackenzie and Rodriguez that she plans on bringing the rest of the beings like her to Earth and giving them forms, but that she needs to recreate the Di'Allas in order to do so. Knowing that the agents will now be fearing that possibility, she uses the Monolith energy to tap into these fears, which creates a manifestation of Flint, unintentionally giving Izel a method to recreate the Monoliths. Flint wakes, confused.[17][24][5]
  • Malachi betraying Atarah

    Assassination of Atarah: After celebrating the information learned from the Cerebral Fusion Machine, Atarah says to the Chronicom Hunters that there is a chance that Chronyca-2 can be saved using time travel. Malachi, however, suggests that hunters be sent to establish Chronyca-3 on a new planet as a backup planet in case they fail to reclaim Chronyca-2. Atarah states that the current plan does not have flaw, but Malachi refers to her as the flaw, before killing her. He orders Baal-Gad and another hunter to go after their new targets.[17][24]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie reassures Flint that he will be okay, and Izel wonders why the agents would fear their friend. Flint uses his powers to threaten Izel, making her realize his ability. She possesses him, using him to start rebuilding the Monoliths.[17][5]
  • Sarge sharpens his sword and talks to Melinda May about how he feels, saying that the only thing he feels is rage. May compares Sarge to Robbie Reyes, saying that Reyes could control the Spirit of Vengeance, but Sarge says that he is not sure whether he can control his inner self. Meanwhile, Daisy Johnson prepares S.H.I.E.L.D. for their plan to defeat Izel and save Mackenzie and Rodriguez. Fitz appears to tell the team that they have a way to stop Izel's powers, and Simmons shows Johnson that the device they can use. When Simmons is about to say that they only made one, Shaw reveals ten more he has manufactured, much to everyone's amazement.[17][5]
  • Sarge and May are talking

    May says that Sarge kept his powers in check when he spoke to Johnson, and instructs him to let the rage out when facing Izel, but to allow the other part of himself then rein it in. Sarge says it is not that simple, so May says that she will be there to remind him. Meanwhile, Simmons shows the group the Shrike Bullets they have made from Sarge's daggers.[17][5]


  • Sarge, Piper, Melinda May, and Daisy Johnson fly to the Temple of the Forgotten. May wonders if the demon inside of Sarge is able to separated from Phil Coulson so that Coulson can be maintained. The team prepares for descent in the jungle.[17][5]
  • Izel finishes building the Di'Allas using Flint's powers, and leaves his body, causing him to pass out. She tells Mackenzie and Rodriguez that other Fear Dimension residents will soon come to Earth, and then leaves the temple in order to send the Shrike to bring her an army.[17][5]
  • Johnson, Sarge, Piper, and May find Zephyr One and search it for Izel, but do not find her. May turns the emergency power on and they communicate with Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. Sarge and Fitz agree that they should not be communicating by radio as Izel may be able to tap in, and Johnson, May, and Sarge leave while Piper prepares the plane for extract.[17][5]
  • Shaw says that the technology is already on the Lighthouse

    Fitz and Simmons wonder how to get the cuffs to Mackenzie and Rodriguez without confronting Izel, and Deke Shaw says that he might have a way to get past her, using technology he made in his company. He asks Fitz and Simmons to promise not to be angry, and when Simmons asks why they would be, Shaw says that it is already in the Lighthouse.[17][5]
  • Flint wakes up and asks what Izel will do with the Monoliths. He frees Mackenzie and Rodriguez, who tell him that the Monoliths made him with their minds, causing Flint to wonder if he is real. They plan to escape, but Izel arrives and possesses Rodriguez, using her to break Flint's knee. She walks away, commenting on how predictable humans are.[17][5]
  • Shaw takes Fitz and Simmons to the room where he had been secretly keeping his company working in the Lighthouse, asking them not to be mad. Lindsay gives Shaw a rose gold version of the Sonic Barrier Cuffs, and Shaw tells Fitz and Simmons to follow him. Kaya reveals the ShawDrive, a version of the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device created by the company, and Fitz points out that it is stolen, looking around and then realizing that all of the technology is stolen. Simmons defends Shaw, saying that if the ShawDrive works, they could get an agent into the temple, and Shaw comments that most of the test mice survived, but that the three of them together should be able to fix it.[17][5]
  • Quake prepares to fight against the Shrike

    Johnson, May, and Sarge look for the temple, and Johnson asks where Sarge got his sword. A Shrike host attacks, and Sarge shoots it, commenting on how he should have thought of Shrike bullets, but that Earth was the first planet he has visited so invested in guns. Despite Johnson's confidence that she destroyed most of the Shrike already, they are surrounded by hosts. The group are attacked, and defeat the hosts that come after them. Sarge shoots a host several times, then asks if it was too much and says that it felt like overkill, which reminds May and Johnson of Coulson and gives them hope of saving him from within Sarge.[17][5]
  • May tells Simmons that their cover might be blown, and Simmons lets her know they might have a solution. Fitz says that they still have a lot of problems to fix, leading to an argument between him and Shaw about the stolen nature of Shaw's company's technology. Simmons ends the argument, reminding them they need to get back to work.[17][5]
  • Rodriguez asks Izel to let them go, but Izel says that when the first three of her kind arrive, they will need bodies to inhabit. She threatens to injure Flint further and tells Rodriguez to sit down.[17][5]
  • Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz agree to help

    Fitz, Simmons, and Shaw continue working on the ShawDrive, and Fitz resumes yelling at Shaw for building the company for the sole purpose of getting rich. Shaw, however, confesses that he built it because he felt that nobody liked him and he was lonely. He rants about the way everybody sees him and the fact that he cannot return to his future, as well as that even after he built the company, Johnson still does not care about him romantically. Angry, he puts on the ShawDrive and uses it to teleport to the temple, prompting applause from his employees.[17][5]
  • Shaw appears in the temple, where he gives the Sonic Barrier Cuffs to Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie. Izel tries to possess Rodriguez, but finds herself now unable to, and Rodriguez shoves into the wall. Shaw gives Flint his cuff and leads them out of the temple. They are attacked by Shrike hosts, and Shaw distracts them so the the others can get away. While leaving, Mackenzie refers to Shaw as an agent. Shaw tries to teleport away, but finds he cannot because the ShawDrive needs to recharge.[17][5]
  • Melinda May and Daisy Johnson discuss the potential for Coulson to be saved. Sarge shows them on his tracker that Izel has an army, so Johnson leaves to distract them so that Sarge and May can continue the mission.[17][5]
  • Izel starts singing

    Izel starts singing. Shaw hides, talking to Simmons on comms about an idea it gives him for a zombie video game. Shaw hears Izel's singing and follows it, where he sees the Monoliths start to liquefy and ripple. Shaw records it and sends the video live to the Lighthouse, saying he thinks that they are too late to stop Izel.[17][5]
  • Rodriguez and Mackenzie get Flint to Zephyr One, where Piper starts giving him first aid. Mackenzie tells Piper about the Shrike zombies, and Flint comments about his first time seeing the Zephyr and jungle. Mackenzie pulls Piper aside and asks her to fly Flint back to the base, telling her that he and Rodriguez are going to return to the temple and provide backup for Johnson, May, and Sarge.[17][5]
  • Sarge and May hear Izel's song, which Sarge says indicates that she is close to opening a portal to her world. May says she is not afraid, but Sarge admits he is. Sarge tells May that even if he gets the ancient entity out of his head, he still will not be Coulson, but May says that nonetheless, there is good in him.[17][5]
  • Scared of the Shrike hosts, Shaw teleports himself as far as the semi-charged ShawDrive will take him, ending up in the jungle, where he finds more Shrike hosts who attack him. Shaw leaves the ShawDrive behind and follows Simmons' instructions to run to the nearby Quinjet.[17][5]
  • Johnson arrives at the Zephyr One

    Mackenzie and Rodriguez prepare to leave, but Johnson arrives at the Zephyr and tells them that they are being chased by Shrike zombies and have to get the plane in the air.[17][5]
  • Izel continues to sing her song, and the Monoliths completely liquefy and start to take a new shape. Sarge gets a headache as Pachakutiq, the entity inside him, starts to come out and demands to be taken to Izel. Izel opens the portal.[17][5]
  • Johnson, Mackenzie, and Rodriguez start to fix the Zephyr, and Rodriguez and Mackenzie tell Johnson that Flint is with Piper on the Zephyr's Quinjet. Shrike hosts board the Zephyr while Mackenzie and Johnson argue about whether Flint is "real" and the decision to trust Sarge. The Shrike hosts attack, forcing Johnson, Mackenzie, and Rodriguez to fall back.[17][5]
  • Shaw arrives at the jungle Quinjet, and asks on comms if Fitz and Simmons could fly him out, but they cannot. Simmons assures him that he will be extracted soon.[17][5]
  • Fitz and Simmons watch Shaw's camera feed as May and Sarge confront Izel, and May threatens her. Sarge, however, insists that he be the one to kill Izel. He pins Izel down and goes to stab her with his sword, but finds that he cannot bring himself to.[17][5]
  • Johnson and Mackenzie argue

    Mackenzie tells Johnson that bringing Sarge was the wrong move, but Johnson says the same to him about choosing to leave with Izel. They argue, and Mackenzie refers to Sarge as the Devil, which Johnson says he is not.[17][5]
  • Izel tells Sarge that the others are waiting for their signal, while May pleads with Sarge to be good. Sarge says that he is angry and afraid of a pain in his heart, but May describes the pain as love. She talks as though Sarge were Coulson and begs him to remember S.H.I.E.L.D. and the love he feels for them. However, in order to end the pain, Sarge stabs May through the chest, before sending her through the portal.[17][5]
  • Isaiah meets with Enoch on Kitson. He tells Enoch that all of the Chronicom anthropologists have been reassigned as hunters, and then attacks his former colleague.[5] Enoch defeats Isaiah and takes his skin suit, assuming Isaiah's appearance so he can infiltrate the Chronicom Hunters.[17][25]
  • After watching Melinda May get pushed through the portal on Shaw's camera feed, Jemma Simmons hugs Leo Fitz as the rest of the agents in the control room mutter to themselves. Daisy Johnson calls and asks for help with the Shrike hosts, and Fitz and Simmons tell her about May.[17][25]
  • Malachi arrived in the Lighthouse

    Ambush at the Lighthouse: Malachi and the Chronicom Hunters arrive in the Lighthouse via Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc and shut down S.H.I.E.L.D.'s communications and satellites. They attack the base, and Malachi orders the Chronicoms to leave no prisoners.[17][25]
  • Johnson admits to Alphonso Mackenzie that she should not have trusted Sarge, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez tells Johnson to make May's apparent death mean something. Deke Shaw contacts Zephyr One, trying to get to Fitz. Mackenzie answers the call and Shaw asks for help escaping the Shrike hosts. Mackenzie gives instructions to attempt to fly the Quinjet, and Shaw follows them, but the throttle does not work.[17][25]
  • The Chronicoms take command of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s operating systems and lock down the Lighthouse. They discuss Enoch's fondness for S.H.I.E.L.D., saying that it made him weak. Malachi orders the hunters to find and kill all S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel, and instructs "Isaiah", who unbeknownst to him is Enoch in disguise, to find the key to the Toolbox.[17][25]
  • Simmons discusses the current ambush

    Fitz and Simmons hide with various S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and Simmons says that Trevor Khan should be a team ready to fight. Fitz tries to contact Enoch, but gets sent to voicemail, causing them to realize that he must be dead. They discern that the Chronicoms are on Earth to exterminate humanity.[17][25]
  • Izel expresses her pleasure that Pachakutiq has awoken within Sarge, and the pair discuss their anticipation for creating a new home.[17][25]
  • May lies in the Fear Dimension, bleeding out. The First, The Second, and The Third of Izel's species prepare to perform the necessary ritual to come to Earth and inhabit bodies.[17][25]
  • Shaw continues to follow Mackenzie's instructions, trying to fix his Quinjet, but finds that the problem is a piece of the plane that a Shrike host has stolen. Mackenzie instructs Shaw to reroute power directly to the main engine.[17][25]
  • Rodriguez informs Mackenzie and Johnson that the Shrike hosts attacking the Zephyr have cut the hydraulic line to the door that had been blocking them. Johnson and Rodriguez barricade the door while hosts break the glass, and Mackenzie continues to instruct Shaw.[17][25]
  • Diaz protecting agents during the ambush

    Ambush at the Lighthouse: Fitz and Simmons wander the Lighthouse and find that Khan's entire team, including Khan, are dead. They realize that the Chronicoms have access, through the Cerebral Fusion Machine, to everything they knew at the time of being plugged in, including S.H.I.E.L.D.'s emergency protocols. The pair come across Agent Diaz, and Simmons says that they could hide in Shaw's company's lab, since they did not know about it until after they left the machine. Simmons orders Diaz to bring every to the lab without them, planning to destroy the remainder of the Framework to prevent the Chronicoms getting access to the other agents' minds.[17][25]
  • Izel sees the anger in Pachakutiq, and says that she appreciates the strength behind his body, but Pachakutiq sees the body as a prison, noting that since Izel abandoned him instead of finding the Di'Allas to make him whole, it is his fault he ended up trapped in Sarge. He goes to kill her, but stops and resolves to bring the rest of their homeworld to Earth.[17][25]
  • Shaw fixes the Quinjet and starts to fly to the Zephyr.[17][25]
  • Rodriguez and Johnson struggle to hold the Shrike hosts back. The hosts break into the armory and attack, but Rodriguez uses her powers to slow time around her and shoot the hosts, killing them. However, a Shrike then flies onto the plane and down her throat, infecting Rodriguez.[17][25]
  • Shaw crash landing the Quinjet

    Mackenzie tells Shaw to concentrate on flying, and Johnson and Rodriguez arrive and tell him about the Shrike that infected Rodriguez. As Mackenzie comforts Rodriguez, Shaw crash-lands the Quinjet onto the Zephyr.[17][25]
  • Fitz and Simmons enter the storage room where they keep the remainder of the Framework and prepare to blow it up. Simmons sees Chronicom Hunters moving the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine and realizes they are gathering mind tech, so they need to destroy the Framework quickly.[17][25]
  • The First, The Second, and The Third begin their ceremony, starting to place their respective fragments of the Di'Allas into slots in a stone. May wakes up and removes Sarge's sword from her chest, watching the ceremony being conducted. Through a gap in a wall, she sees the other beings of Izel's species start to walk toward the portal.[17][25]
  • The Third prepares to put her stone in her slot, but May uses the sword to kill all three. She throws the stones through the portal, and Izel sees them come through in the temple.[17][25]
  • Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz are saved by Enoch

    Fitz and Simmons prepare to blow up the Framework, realizing that the only way to do it is for them to die as well, trapped with no timer. Hunters enter the room and point their guns at Fitz and Simmons, who prepare to blow up the room, but Enoch kills them and explains to Fitz and Simmons that he is wearing Isaiah's skin. He says that he has a plan that will change the course of Fitz and Simmons' lives for ever.[17][25][26]
  • Deke Shaw flies Mackenzie, Rodriguez, and Johnson toward the temple, and Rodriguez asks Johnson to kill her if she turns into a host. Johnson agrees to, and says that her motivation for beating Sarge will be revenge.[17][25]
  • Izel angrily accuses Pachakutiq of being responsible for the deaths of the Three, and draws her blade, preparing to enter the Fear Dimension and handle Melinda May herself. She passes through the portal and finds May, saying that life and death being meaningless in her realm is the reason she has survived. May engages Izel in a duel using Sarge's sword.[17][25]
  • Enoch, who has removed Isaiah's skin suit, uses an Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc to transport Fitz and Simmons with him onto the Quinjet, which Piper is using to fly Flint back to the Lighthouse. Fitz has Enoch put on his normal face, and Simmons tells Piper they have to fly back to the jungle. Enoch tells them that the reason he could predict where the jet would be was a copy of the Time Stream device that he has stolen.[17][26]
  • Quake uses her powers to try and kill Sarge

    Battle at the Temple of the Forgotten:
    • Mackenzie, Rodriguez, Shaw, and Johnson walk through the Temple of the Forgotten. Shaw stays behind to kill the oncoming hosts while the other three continue to look for Sarge.[17][25]
    • Arriving at the portal, Johnson uses her powers to quake Pachakutiq. Sarge's body is torn away to reveal Pachakutiq's true form, but Pachakutiq is unaffected by her quakes. Pachakutiq and Mackenzie fight and Johnson goes to help Rodriguez, who is starting to turn from her infection.[17][25]
    • May and Izel continue to fight. Izel knocks May down and places the Three's stones into their slots. May gets back up and kicks Izel to the ground.[17][25]
    • In the Quantum Realm, nearing arrival from the alternate 1983, Nathaniel Malick complains to Sibyl that she did not give him control of her Chronicom Hunters, angry at being pulled out of reality just before he could win. She tells him they are almost certainly travelling to the original timeline, already under attack by the Chronicoms, so Earth is still in their grasp. Malick leaves, and has the unconscious Kora taken to have her power stolen.[17][26]
    • Mackenzie explains plan to Rodriguez and Sousa

      As the older team get back to 2019 of their timeline, "Phil Coulson" reminds Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Daniel Sousa to join Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, while the rest of the team deal with the Lighthouse. Mackenzie takes Rodriguez and Sousa to don hazmat suits with Fitz and Simmons, explaining they are arriving just before when they left, so there is unfinished business at the temple. Rodriguez realizes what this means.[17][26]
    • The team arrive out of the Quantum Realm, back in 2019 of their timeline, and out in space.[17][26]
    • Meanwhile, in Izel's realm, Izel gets up from May's kick and flees back to Earth as the other beings arrive to attack May.[17][25]
    • The older team's Quinjet flies away from Zephyr One with the hazmat group aboard, while Zephyr One cloaks and shuts down to avoid being noticed.[17][26]
    • Sibyl impatiently orders for Zephyr One to be found and destroyed.[17][26]
    • In the temple, Deke Shaw radios the team to say he cannot hold off the hosts forever.[17][25]
    • 31-year-old FitzSimmons watch Flint create a piece of the Time Di'Alla

      Piper, Flint, Enoch, and the 31-year-old Fitz and Simmons land the earlier Quinjet back outside the temple, and Flint puts together a piece of the Time Di'Alla for Enoch, Fitz, and Simmons. Enoch tells him and Piper to wait there for a moment, and the trio sprint to the Zephyr One the team in the temple have left outside, to steal the plane.[17][26]
    • In the temple, the younger Rodriguez begs Johnson to kill her, but she refuses. Pachakutiq knocks Mackenzie down.[17][25]
    • On Zephyr One, Enoch instructs 31-year-old Fitz and Simmons to pick a star system to jump away to, and Simmons chooses her favorite, Theta Serpentis. They make the jump.[17][26]
    • Zephyr One arrives back through time from 2023, with the older Enoch and 35-year-old Fitz and Simmons aboard, having spent 4 years together in Alya and then looped back with time travel.[17][26]
    • Meanwhile, the 31-year-old Fitz and Simmons arrive safely in Alya, hopeful that a future version of themselves is simultaneously back at the temple, if their time travel plans go correctly.[17][26]
    • Rodriguez attacks Mackenzie

      In the temple, the younger Mackenzie crawls over to Rodriguez. Johnson gives him the Shrike Dagger and approaches Pachakutiq herself. Rodriguez is taken over by her Shrike and attacks Mackenzie.[17][25]
    • The Fitz and Simmons who have just arrived from 2023 are met by Piper and Flint, and unload the new Containment Module, as Piper realizes they have messed with time again to be back so quickly.[17][26]
    • Inside, as Johnson and Pachakutiq talk, Izel steps through the portal and prepares to kill Johnson.[17][25]
    • The 35-year-old Simmons who has just come from 2023 tells Piper and Flint that Fitz has to wait in the module to be transported through the Quantum Realm to an alternate timeline, and begs them to keep the module safe as if there is nothing more important, promising to do anything Piper wants in return.[17][26]
    • In the temple, before Izel can kill Johnson, May comes through behind her, running Izel through with Sarge's sword and killing her.[17][25]
    • Quinjet lands near the temple

      Sousa, the older Rodriguez, and the older 35-year-old Fitz and Simmons who have arrived from the Quantum Realm touch down in the Quinjet near the temple.[17][26]
    • Inside, Izel's death also kills the Shrike within the younger Rodriguez, and May throws Mackenzie the sword.[17][25]
    • The younger 35-year-old Fitz who has just arrived from 2023 completes the Quantum Tunnel piece on their universe's side, and Simmons prepares to have to forget. Fitz gets into the module, being the one who has to stay to establish the link between timelines, since his brain injury means he cannot handle the implant.[17][26]
    • In the temple, seeing their opportunity, Johnson quakes Pachakutiq to weaken him. Mackenzie swings the sword and kills him.[17][25]
    • The older, hazmat-wearing agents leave their Quinjet to find Enoch and the younger 35-year-old Simmons.[17][26]
    • Inside, the younger Rodriguez assures Mackenzie she is now okay.[17][25]
    • Simmons has her implant put in her head

      On the Zephyr One arrived from 2023, Enoch activates the younger 35-year-old Simmons' D.I.A.N.A. implant to suppress her memories. He checks with her that she cannot remember his location, and she cannot.[17][26]
    • The hazmat suit group find the younger 35-year-old Simmons, whose implant has just been activated. With the suits on, their faces cannot be seen, so the younger Simmons does not know the truth of who she is speaking to, as Enoch notes them to be reinforcements. Younger Simmons thanks them for coming and gives them instructions.[17][26]
    • Having left the Fear Dimension, the younger May starts to succumb to her wounds and die inside the temple.[17][25]
    • The agents in the temple are surprised when a S.H.I.E.L.D. team suddenly arrives, led by Jemma Simmons, who says they can heal May soon. Her team of four agents in hazmat suits cuts a sample from the Time Di'Alla and brings it with them.[25] Unknown to the agents who just defeated Izel and Pachakutiq, or to the Simmons they are talking to, the four people in the hazmat suits are older versions of Rodriguez, Simmons, and Fitz, along with Daniel Sousa.[17][26]
    • Rodriguez is handed breathing apparatus

      Simmons, May, Johnson, Shaw, Mackenzie, and Rodriguez get on-board Zephyr One, where Simmons says they have had help and time to upgrade the plane.[25] Rodriguez is handed breathing apparatus, not knowing the person handing it to her is her future self.[26] They cryo-freeze May and Simmons says she does not know where Fitz is, and cannot know.[25] Unknown to her, the person in a hazmat suit standing right in front of her is the husband she misses, who has been reunited with her several days older self, also present in a suit. The older trio of agents depart Zephyr One with Sousa, having helped their younger selves onto the journey that will eventually take them back to this point.[17][26]
    • The younger 35-year-old Simmons explains to the team she has just taken from the temple that the Chronicoms have been attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. because they see them as the only threat able to stop them from establishing Earth as Chronyca-3. She launches the plane to take off.[17][25][26]
    • Meanwhile, the older Zephyr One team who have just returned from the Quantum Realm continues to cloak out in space, knowing from having experienced it themselves that the Zephyr One by the temple about to embark for 1931 will be spotted by the Chronicom fleet momentarily.[17][26]
    • Sibyl's fleet fire in Zephyr One at the temple

      When Sibyl's fleet spot the Zephyr One at the temple and mistake it for the plane they are after, they fire missiles down on it.[17][26]
    • The younger 35-year-old Simmons explains to the younger team that the Chronicom Hunters are after S.H.I.E.L.D..[17][25]
    • The older team from the Quantum Realm seize their opportunity with the fleet distracted and fly Zephyr One in toward the lead ship.[17][26]
    • The missiles aimed at the temple Zephyr One near their target.[17][25]
    • The younger 35-year-old Simmons radios Fitz to say they are ready for launch, not knowing due to her implant that he is answering from mere meters away in the Containment Module.[26] She tells the others to prepare for a jump.[17][25]
    • Out in space, May continues to fly the later Zephyr One to the Chronicom ship.[17][26]
    • On the earlier Zephyr One at the temple, Simmons explains to the others that the Lighthouse was not the only point of interest targeted, as they prepare to make a jump.[17][25][26]
    • The temple is destroyed by Ionizer Missiles

      The temple Zephyr makes its jump, which Simmons does not tell the others is in fact a time jump to 1931. The Chronicom missiles pass through where the Zephyr had been and blow up the Temple of the Forgotten.[17][25][26]
  • The older Quinjet hazmat team witness the temple being blown up. Elsewhere, Piper and Flint see it and prepare to protect the Containment Module if necessary. Inside the module, the younger 35-year-old Fitz shrinks down subatomic and enters the Quantum Realm as planned, the Quantum Tunnel activated from the other side, in the alternate timeline, where he is headed.[17][26]
  • In space, the older May lands Zephyr One on top of the Chronicom ship. Mackenzie radios the Quinjet team to head back to the Lighthouse.[17][26]
  • Sibyl is informed that it appears Zephyr One has been destroyed, but she is skeptical, noting the agents always beat the odds.[17][26]
  • Destruction of the Chronicom Fleet:
    • Quake battles against the Chronicoms

      The older agents blow a hole in the ship ceiling and descend in. Daisy Johnson reminds the team that the domes inside the ship are radioactive, so to be careful. They are met by hunters, who Johnson immediately engages, managing to fight three at once and assuring the team they can go, because she has it handled.[17][26]
    • Mackenzie and "Coulson" split up. Mackenzie shoots a Chronicom with his Shotgun-Axe, while "Coulson" breaks a Chronicom's neck, only to be stopped by Sibyl, who grabs him by the throat and says he will be reassigned.[17][26]
    • Johnson finishes taking down the hunters, but Nathaniel Malick enters, saying he is honored to be her final enemy as his eyes glow with power stolen from Kora.[17][26]
    • In the Lighthouse, the older Rodriguez speeds through the corridors, clearing their way of Chronicoms by punching them down and stealing their guns, as the Quinjet team rush to control. Sousa is impressed to see her ability at last.[17][26]
    • Back in the control room, the older 35-year-old Fitz gets to work on wiping the Chronicom takeover from the system. Back in the familiar location, the older 35-year-old Simmons suddenly starts to remember the rest of what happened, and tells Fitz she thinks she remembers what they are fighting for.[17][26]
    • Quake battles against Nathaniel Malick

      Malick aims a quake at Johnson, but she dodges and quakes him back. He gets up and taunts her about having killed Jiaying. They both quake at each other simultaneously, their forces clashing in the middle, until Johnson pushes their forces aside and kicks him. He gets back up and they end up in a fist fight, until Malick headbutts her and punches her in the gut with a quake.[17][26]
    • Alphonso Mackenzie reaches the unconscious Kora, freeing her from the transfusion machine.[17][26]
    • Sibyl tells "Phil Coulson" that she will strip away all but his Chronicom hardware so she can control him like the Chronicom Hunters. "Coulson" states, however, that they have won, with Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons retaking the Lighthouse. Sibyl inputs her authorization to order the hunters to head to the Lighthouse and prepare to fire on the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases previously targeted, but "Coulson" notes that entering her authorization has given them exactly what they needed, as Melinda May drops through the ceiling, announcing her arrival as "the Cavalry", embracing that nickname. May and "Coulson" attack the Chronicoms present.[17][26]
    • Meanwhile, Daisy Johnson and Nathaniel Malick continue to fight. Johnson bashes his head into a wall, but he retaliates, quake punching her again.[17][26]
    • Kora uses her powers

      May and "Coulson" take down the Chronicoms. Mackenzie arrives with Kora, who is waking, and they are unsure whether she is strong enough to boost the transmission signal they need. "Coulson" asks her to fight for the very thing that gives them strength, and she says that she understands and can do it.[17][26]
    • The second wave of Chronicom Hunters at the Lighthouse close in on control as Fitz prepares to receive the planned transmission.[17][26]
    • Kora checks that "Coulson" knows how to give the Chronicoms orders, but "Coulson" explains they are not giving orders, but empathy. May inserts her arms into Sibyl's control unit, and Kora uses her energy to connect with the ship and boost and direct the signal for them, relaying a beam of transmission down to the Lighthouse, where the Chronicoms breaking into control are stripped of their hunter programming and returned to an empathetic disposition.[17][26]
    • Aboard the ship, Johnson uses her quakes to fly over a dome and continue to attack Malick.[17][26]
    • Mackenzie catches Kora as she falls, exhausted from her effort.[17][26]
    • Malachi declares that they are friends

      Yo-Yo Rodriguez asks the Chronicoms if they are friends or enemies of theirs. The Chronicoms drop their weapons and state that they are friends, as they have always been.[17][26]
    • As "Coulson" and Mackenzie go to leave the ship, they see Johnson fighting Malick. Mackenzie reminds "Coulson" that they have to let her do what she needs to, no matter the cost.[17][26]
    • Johnson tells Malick they have bought enough time and won, with the Chronicom data purged from Earth. He angrily attacks her again, quaking her to a dome and saying she cannot stop the ships from still firing on the bases without killing herself, but Johnson admits that is the plan, pushing him away with a quake blast from within. The domes erupt, engulfing the ship in an explosion which kills Malick and takes out the entire fleet.[17][26]
  • As Johnson floats through space, the team pick her up in Zephyr One. Kora uses her energy to revive her half-sister. Mackenzie thanks her, and "Coulson" notes that this is what they were fighting for, as Johnson affirms she understands: family.[17][26]
  • Simmons is reunited with her daughter

    35-year-old Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons return to the Temple of the Forgotten and get back to Piper and Flint. Piper is confused since last she knew Leo was in the Containment Module, and wonders if they were protecting it for nothing, but Leo tells her that she was protecting their everything. The couple walk around to the back of the module, where they open it up to be reunited with Alya, who has been resting in the prepared bedding at the back of the module ever since they left it. Simmons cries at being reunited with her daughter, who is elated to see her mother, and notes that her mother told her they would be apart a long time, but it was not long. Simmons tells her it felt like forever. Alya says there was a loud noise, but that she was only a little scared, and Simmons says she was too, holding her daughter tightly.[17][26]



  • In Theta Serpentis, the 31-year-old Fitz and Simmons review some workings they have done on Zephyr One.[29][26]



  • In Theta Serpentis, the 31-year-old Fitz points out a diagram to Simmons as they continue their work.[29][26]


  • In Theta Serpentis, Fitz delivers a piece of a device during his and the 31-year-old Simmons' work on Zephyr One.[29][26]





  • In Theta Serpentis, Jemma Simmons finds out she is pregnant from blood work results.[29][26]


31-year-old Leo Fitz discusses his and Jemma Simmons' future

  • In Theta Serpentis, Enoch studies Jemma Simmons' brain patterns as they simulate the implant of D.I.A.N.A., a memory-suppressing device. Simmons notes the simulation results are improving as they get closer to a working design. Leo Fitz arrives and admits his time machine design work is not making progress. Enoch notes that it does not matter how long it takes, given the nature of making a time machine. Fitz asks him to leave so he can have a moment alone with Simmons.[29][30][26]
  • Simmons excitedly says they will be ready to rush back to the Temple of the Forgotten before they know it, but Fitz suggests that because it does not matter how long they take, they could take some time to live their lives together first, in a period without a mission. Simmons asks if it is about the blood work, and Fitz says it both is and is not, and that they deserve it regardless.[29][30][26]


  • Demons is released by Hayley Kiyoko.[31]




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  2. In One World, One People, Lacont says "Those settlements, that happened five years ago," referring to settlements established in the post-Snap world with lowered borders. This would happen soon after the Snap in May 2018 (see 2018 references), but Lacont says this in May 2024 (see 2024 references), suggesting that this happened in May 2019. To keep the settlements as soon after the Snap as possible while still making Lacont's line true, they can be taken to have started in January 2019.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 In Inescapable, a Zephyr One team incident on Saldon is referenced. In Collision Course Part Two, an incident with an ocean of lava is referenced. In Leap, an incident on Krylor is referenced. In The Sign, incidents on a smelly planet and on a shiny planet are referenced. All of these occurred during Zephyr One's time hunting for Fitz, before the interrogation of Trok, so between July 2, 2018 (see 2018 references) and June 25, 2019 (see other references). They would all, therefore, be approximated to around December 29, 2018. Pushing the events apart, separating them by a week and using the order of mention as a guess, we would have Saldon around December 15, 2018, lava around December 22, 2018, Krylor around December 29, 2018, the smelly planet around January 5, 2019, and the shiny planet around January 12, 2019.
    However, their incident on Trinawa is dated to December 29, 2018, so Krylor, the smelly planet, and the shiny planet may be pushed a further week, with January 5, 2019 for Krylor, January 12, 2019 for the smelly planet, and January 19, 2019 for the shiny planet.
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  6. In Missing Pieces, on July 2, 2019 (see other references), Mackenzie says, "May was my right hand these last few months." This would most likely refer to some point between November 2018 and April 2019. A calculation would suggest approximately February 4, 2019 as when May began helping him.
  7. In Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson, it is said that Enoch and Fitz encountered "the MazTats", and in Window of Opportunity, it is mentioned that they were found on Sivos. The MazTats incident must come first, with the Sivos incident leading to them being on the Lazy Comet. These two events would have occurred after their cabin pressure failure on June 1, 2018 (see other references) and when Fitz is shown on the Lazy Comet by June 26, 2019 (see other references). Distributing the events evenly, the MazTats would be around October 9, 2018 and Sivos around February 17, 2019.
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  9. In Missing Pieces, it is said that the Zephyr One team found half of the ship, then traveled to locations including Trinawa and the moons of Pyree, seemingly in that order. These three events would have occurred after their departure from Earth on July 2, 2018 (see other references) and before this is said on June 25, 2019 (see other references). Distributing the events evenly, finding the ship would be around September 30, 2018, Trinawa December 29, 2018, and the moons of Pyree around March 29, 2019.
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  11. During filming for Avengers: Endgame, Lexi Rabe was 5 years old, suggesting Morgan Stark is close to 5. While it is possible that Pepper Potts is unknowingly pregnant during Avengers: Infinity War, it is unlikely, given she specifically rejects that notion to Tony, and that it has been a few more weeks when she is reunited with him in Avengers: Endgame and there is no mention of having found out since. So, the earliest Morgan could have been conceived is likely late June or, more likely, July 2018. Therefore, Morgan was likely born at the earliest realistically in April 2019. With this making her 4 years old during Avengers: Endgame, to be as close as realistically possible to Rabe's age, it may be assumed that she was born at this earliest realitistic time, so approximately April 2019. This matches the Avengers: Endgame script, which describes her as "4".
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  13. In Code Yellow, on June 27, 2019 (see other references), it is said that Harold Simcoe was "reported missing a week ago", so the report may be dated to June 20, 2019.
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  15. In Missing Pieces, on June 25, 2019 (see other references), Yo-Yo Rodriguez says she and Mackenzie have been discussing speed "for the past 3 days", meaning they began their discussions on June 22, 2019.
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    In The End, Daisy Johnson asks Coulson on May 31, 2018, "How long did Simmons say you have?" Coulson replies, "Days. Weeks, if I'm lucky." With May saying in Missing Pieces, "We got more [time] than we thought we would," Coulson likely got "weeks", the "lucky" period of time, before he died. Coulson therefore died around June 26, 2018, making this now June 2019. This matches with the fact that Fitz is said in Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson to have died "over a year ago", when Fitz died the same day Johnson and Coulson had that conversation.
    This is further supported in The New Deal, when Jemma Simmons and the Phil Coulson Chronicom LMD refer to the time between leaving the Framework on May 11, 2017 (see 2017 references) and his activation as "2 years".
    Finally, in What We're Fighting For, an epilogue is shown "one year later" after the end of Season 6, strongly implied to be specifically the 1-year anniversary. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Instagram confirmed this is set in 2020, again making Season 6 2019. So, Season 6 can be dated to June 25-July 4, 2019, and the What We're Fighting For epilogue July 4, 2020.
    While producers have claimed that this season is set prior to Thanos' Snap in Avengers: Infinity War, this is impossible. Not only does the timeline evidence (see 2018 references) make both the later part of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 5 and Avengers: Infinity War immovably the first half of 2018 (and therefore, with this now being over a year later, a long time after Avengers: Infinity War), but Option Two, The One Who Will Save Us All, The Force of Gravity, and The End are explicitly set simultaneously to the events of Avengers: Infinity War, finishing within hours if not minutes before Thanos' snap. Therefore with this being over a year after The End, this is also over a year after Avengers: Infinity War, and there is no other possibility.
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  27. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, the film Hunting Hydra is shown to exist by June 27, 2024 (see 2024 references). This would be made after the events of January 12, 2014 (see 2014 references). It would take at least half a year to have been released, meaning it was released between July 14, 2014 and June 27, 2024. So, its release may be approximated to the midpoint of July 6, 2019. With most films releasing on a Friday, it may be approximated to the nearest Friday: July 5, 2019.
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  29. 29.0 29.1 29.2 29.3 29.4 29.5 29.6 29.7 In What We're Fighting For, flashbacks are shown of Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons' life following their move to Theta Serpentis on July 4, 2019 (see other references). They spent 4 years together, suggesting they jumped back in time around July 2023. It can be taken as a specific 4 years, so roughly July 4, 2023, or a more general "2023 - 2019 = 4", so any time in 2023 (approximating with mid-year). Putting more weight on the more specific, it can be approximated to July 3, 2023. This is suitable, given Leo and Simmons have been celebrating Alya's birthday, and if they have traveled a near exact number of years, this means Alya's birthday aligns closely with the date on which she becomes a year older, simplifying her birthday.
    Harlow Happy Hexum was 4 years and 10 months old during filming, suggesting Alya is around 4 in the 2023 and returned-to-2019 scenes, and 5 in the following 2020 epilogue scene. However, Alya was conceived no earlier than July 2019, meaning she was born no earlier than early 2020, thus maximum 3. So, for her to be as close as realistically possible to 4, she should indeed be born in early/mid-2020. On average, a pregnant woman finds out they are pregnant about 245 days days before birth. In Brand New Day, a flashback is shown to just after Simmons has found out she is pregnant, and is implied to have been a while after they began their work. Assuming it is at least 3 months, but taking it as no more than 3 months due to wanting to maximize Alya's age, that scene may be approximated to October 4, 2019, and thus Simmons finding out her pregnancy around October 1, 2019, finally therefore meaning Alya was born around early June 2020 (roughly June 2nd). This is suitable, as in What We're Fighting For it is seemingly implied in July that her birthday has been in recent month.
    It can be assumed that Fitz starting to study the Time Stream is July 5, 2019, and then the scenes of the montage shown between then and the scene approximated to October 4, 2019 can be evenly distributed to July 23rd, August 10th, August 29th, and September 16th. At some point between July 5, 2019 and July 3, 2023 during the studying of the Time Stream, Fitz finds out about Kora's importance and the team being together for the final time in the speakeasy. This may be approximated to the midpoint, July 2021.
    Simmons appears to be about a month from birth when Leo makes her the tea, so roughly May 2, 2020. Alya appears to be about 4 months old as the family watch a film, suggesting it is around October 2-November 1, 2020, so October 17, 2020. She is about the same age when they look at the stars together as when they time travel back to 2019, so this can be taken to be shortly before in 2023 - around a week prior, so June 26, 2023.
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