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"World governments are in pieces. The parts that are still working are trying to take a census. And it looks like he did... He did exactly what he said he was gonna do. Thanos wiped out fifty percent of all living creatures."
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This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2018.




  • Bucky Barnes and Ayo sit near a fire in Wakanda, preparing to test whether Barnes has been fully cured of his brainwashing. Barnes is nervous, although Ayo assures him that she will not allow him to hurt anyone. Ayo says Barnes' trigger words, forcing Barnes to reflect on his past as the Winter Soldier. However, Barnes does not turn into the Winter Soldier, causing him to get emotional. Ayo happily tells Barnes that he is free from his programming.[1][2]


  • Chase of Mike:
    • At the homeless camp where the Runaways are staying, the group are woken when the young man who stole the Fistigons, nicknamed Mike on a Bike, causing problems as he tries using them.[3][4]
    • Old Lace attacks Mike on a Bike

      The Runaways proceed to chase him out of the camp and to a nearby hill in order to retrieve the gloves. They manage to scare him with the help of Old Lace to make him leave the Fistigons, but Karolina Dean falls into a hole in the hill.[3][4]
    • As the group go to check on her, they find she is safely flying, and has accidentally discovered an abandoned hostel.[3][4]
  • The teenagers decide to set up in the buried hostel and start living there.[3][4]


  • Jonah meets with his daughter, Karolina Dean, who had been the one to text him, in secret. Dean wants to learn who she is, but before they can start talking, an earthquake occurs, and Jonah tells her that "it's starting".[3][4]
  • The Runaways are woken by the earthquake. Nico Minoru notices Karolina Dean is missing.[3][5]
  • Jonah and Karolina Dean reunite

    Jonah says he wants Dean to meet her family on his side, and teaches Dean how to control her powers without her bracelet, so that she can uses them whenever she wants.[3][5]
  • Dean returns to the Hostel, where the rest of the Runaways are worried, but she assures them she just went for a walk. Alex Wilder informs them that he is leaving for "work", and reveals that he is working for Darius Davis, to everyone's surprise. Wilder leaves, and Karolina Dean, Nico Minoru and Molly Hernandez decide to recover the Staff of One so thy can destroy the hole from the PRIDE Construction Site.[3][5]
  • At the PRIDE Headquarters, the parents discuss the recent earthquake likely being a foreshock due to Jonah's plans, but decide it is not nothing to worry about quite yet. Janet Stein informs the team that she has to go, and the Wilders decide to stay monitoring the surveillance feeds and alert the others if their children are found.[3][5]
  • Janet Stein meets with Jonah and brings him all the data Victor had about how to build the Dematerialization Box. Jonah shows Janet that Victor is still alive, held within a capsule while he recovers.[3][5]
  • Dean, Minoru, and Hernandez break into Minoru Mansion

    Infiltration into the Minoru Mansion: Dean, Minoru, and Hernandez break into Minoru Mansion in order to retrieve the Staff of One. Unbeknownst to them, Robert Minoru is inside and starts to follow them.[3][5]
  • Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder discussing having LAPD cancel the search for the kids, so they will stop running and be easier to find. Geoffrey gets a call from Janet Stein.[3][5]
  • Alex Wilder goes to Davis' house and offers to help them with the boxes from moving house. Wilder asks for the old computer in the basement, saying he needs some parts.[3][5]
  • At the Hostel, Chase Stein finds a Rolls Royce car. He approaches Gert Yorkes, but she is rude to him. They have a talk heart-to-heart where they decide to properly begin a relationship. Stein comforts his girlfriend, who admits that is hard for her to be calm without her medication. He kisses her before deciding to fix the Hostel's electricity.[3][5]
  • Robert Minoru tries to talk to his daughter, who refuses to return to him and Tina. Nico then goes outside of the house to face her mother, who is wielding the Staff of One.[3][5]
  • Nico and Tina Minoru fight

    A fight breaks out between Tina Minoru and Nico, Dean, and Hernandez. Tina throws Hernandez into their swimming pool and freezes it, leaving her to drown under the ice. Dean tries to help but is knocked down. Nico tells her mother that what she is doing is the reason Amy died, because she is a monster obsessed with power and does not love her family.[3][5]
  • Tina Minoru frees Hernandez and approaches her daughter, deciding to give her the Staff of One as she needs it more than her, stating her offence that her daughter thinks she does not love her. However, Tina threatens Nico, telling her that if she takes the staff, the next time they see each other their relationship will no longer be as mother and daughter. Nico takes the staff nonetheless, and the trio of friends leave.[3][5]
  • Robert Minoru questions Tina's actions, but Tina says she did not believe Nico would take the staff. Robert worries about Nico's control over the staff, with Tina having had problems with it before and it now being in the hands of a volatile 16-year-old.[3][5]
  • Dean and Minoru quarrel

    On their way to the Hostel, Hernandez rests while Karolina and Nico argue about losing the fight. Nico proposes to train harder and be more strong and work as a team but Karolina gets mad because of Nico's claims that Karolina got defeated by Tina. Karolina tells her that they are not Superheroes and that they are not good at it as she apologizes for disappointing her girlfriend.[3][5]
  • Janet Stein brings Geoffrey Wilder the book Catherine used for the sacrifices, saying that it could contain information on Jonah's ancestry. Geoffrey is skeptical that it could work, as it is in another language only Jonah knows.[3][5]
  • Chase tries to reconnect the electricity from the Hostel, but accidentally causes a blackout nearby. He tries to fix it.[3][5]
  • While they are having dinner, Darius Davis gives Alex Wilder more money. Livvie flirts momentarily with Wilder. Then she proceeds to make Alex a new hair style, they talk about his runaway status. Livvie kisses him.[3][5]
  • Electricians run away from the Hostel

    Some electricians approach the Hostel in order to sort the nearby facility power cut. Yorkes enters the Hostel and instructs Old Lace to scare the workers, which works. The situation gives Stein enough distraction to steal some batteries from the workers' truck and restore the energy. He then kisses Yorkes.[3][5]
  • Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, and Molly Hernandez arrive back at the Hostel. Nico tells them that tomorrow they will start training to learn how to use their powers better and work as a team.[3][5]
  • Nico Minoru apologizes to Karolina Dean for lashing out at her for not controlling her powers in the fight with her mother. They go to bed together.[3][5]
  • Gert approaches Molly to comfort her after their experience fighting Tina and seeing a dead body, however, Hernandez rejects her claiming that she wants to be alone. Hernandez escapes from the Hostel using her cap as a mask and proceeds to train herself.[3][5]
  • Janet Stein studies Abstract

    Meanwhile, Janet Stein starts working on translating he book to see how to build a Dematerialization Box for Jonah, in order to ensure Victor's safety.[3][5]
  • Catherine Wilder tells her husband that Flores has told her in order to get the charges removed from their children, they need to frame someone else for Destiny Gonzalez's murder, and she has an idea who.[3][5]
  • While Livvie and Alex Wilder say goodbye to each other, Darius Davis calls Geoffrey and tells him that he knows where his son is.[3][5]
  • Trying out being a vigilante, Molly Hernandez protects a woman from her abusive boyfriend. She uses her powers, causing her eyes to shine, which attracts woman's attention, pointing out to her boyfriend that her eyes are shining like another guy.[3][6]


Nico Minoru wakes Karolina Dean

  • At 9AM, Nico Minoru wakes Karolina Dean and approaches the other Runaways in order to begin training.[3][6]
  • Alex Wilder, who has not returned to the Hostel, keeps doing jobs for Darius Davis.[3][6]
  • Wilder spends more time with Davis, Tamar, and Livvie, playing dominoes.[3][6]
  • Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder prepare their things and fake passports after agreeing a meeting place with Davis to pick up their son.[3][6]
  • Nico Minoru discovers Molly Hernandez sneaking back into her room. She reminds her that they are not vigilantes, but promises not to tell Gert Yorkes.[3][6]
  • The Runaways start training together. Yorkes starts feeling side effects due to coming off her sertraline medication too fast.[3][6]
  • Frank Dean gives a speech at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Afterwards, he is approached by an angered Leslie, who confronts him for stealing the church from her. They discuss Jonah, and Frank's loyalty to him, but he says he knows Jonah is trying to manipulate him. He promises his wife that his family are the only thing that matters to him. They are interrupted by Jonah, and Frank leaves. Leslie lies to Jonah, reassuring her she is still loyal to him.[3][6]
  • Livvie and Alex Wilder are talking

    Livvie and Alex Wilder spend more time together and end up kissing and getting intimate on Livvie's couch.[3][6]
  • Jonah visits Victor Stein, who is working in the simulation made for him to make a new box. Stein loses his temperament and confronts Jonah about the fact that he thinks he is already healed and just being kept to force him to work. Jonah admits this and Stein decides to stop working, despite Jonah's insistence.[3][6]
  • Davis picks up Alex Wilder and tells him that they have another job to do.[3][6]
  • The Runaways discuss about their dysfunctional nature of the group as a team, and Gert Yorkes becomes argumentative with Chase Stein again. Stein asks Molly Hernandez if she could keep him company while he tries to repair the car he found.[3][6]
  • Jonah contacts Janet Stein and asks her to come and convince Victor to keep working. She accepts on the condition she do it alone.[3][6]
  • Molly Hernandez advises Chase not to give Gert Yorkes space, but rather help her until she gets used to being off her medication.[3][6]
  • Darius Davis and Geoffrey Wilder are talking

    Darius Davis betrays Alex Wilder, turning him over to his father, Geoffrey. In return, Geoffrey gives Davis a document that declares his ownership of part of the construction site, as well as a reservation for the Gordon Hotel so he, his wife and his unborn son can start a new life.[3][6]
  • Driving away with Alex, Geoffrey Wilder tells his son that he and Catherine have decided to send him away while they finish settling some business. While Geoffrey is distracted, Alex uses his burner phone to call Nico Minoru, allowing her to listen in and realize what is happening.[3][6]
  • Minoru tells the other Runaways about Wilder being kidnapped. Kick-starting the Rolls Royce with the Staff of One, the Runaways head to Van Nuys in order to rescue him.[3][6]
  • Janet Stein visits her husband in his simulation. She convinces him to help Jonah in making the box quickly, but also asks him about how to analyse Jonah's book. Victor suggests that the way to decrypt the book might be through the universal equation of math. After attempting several equations, she manages to decrypt the book when the wave equation unlocks its secrets.[3][6]
  • Rescue of Alex Wilder: The Runaways ambush Geoffrey Wilder at the airport. They use their collective powers to rescue Alex, and manage to get away with him in the Rolls Royce, blocking Geoffrey from following with Minoru using the Staff of One to create a wall from the tarmac. In the process, Minoru discovers that the staff is only able to perform each instruction once.[3][6]
  • Assassination of Darius Davis

    Assassination of Darius Davis: At the Gordon Hotel, Darius Davis texts Tamar to come and join him for a surprise. Entering his room, he finds Catherine Wilder, expresses her disgust for him, and tells him that the only thing that motivates her is the wellness of her family. Without hesitation, Wilder shoots and kills Davis in cold blood. She then proceeds to call Detective Flores to inform him that she has got a scapegoat on whom to blame on Destiny Gonzalez's murder.[3][6]
  • Tamar gets to the Gordon Hotel, but, on arrival, she is horrified to discover Davis' murder.[3][6]
  • The news reports on Davis' assassination, calling it a drug sale gone wrong, and that Davis is supposedly the real culprit for Gonzalez's murder, with the previously suspected children cleared of all charges.[3][6]
  • Alex Wilder listens to the news then turns off the radio. He is approached by Minoru who tries to comfort him and make amends. They play Street Fighter II together, and Wilder tells Minoru about Livvie.[3][6]
  • Molly Hernandez goes out to act as a vigilante again, and finds the same couple from the night before. She confronts the man and breaks his car with her powers. Unbeknownst to her, she is being watched by Topher.[3][6]
  • Topher arrives in the Hostel

    Hernandez returns to the Hostel, where she is confronted by Gert Yorkes for sneaking out. The rest of the Runaways approach the girls, but are interrupted when a young man enters, having followed Hernandez. He introduces himself as Topher, and claims that he means no harm.[3][6]
  • Topher talks to the Runaways and tries to convince them that he does not want any problems. Nico Minoru uses the Staff of One to lock him in a bubble in which he cannot be heard, while the team decides what to do with him. As they talk, Minoru notices Topher pouring a powder on his wrist and using his powers, the same as Molly Hernandez, to free himself. The team decides to let him stay and sleep, guarded by Old Lace.[3][7]


  • Gert Yorkes gets anxious and wakes Chase Stein. He talks to her and relaxes her, before returning to sleep. Yorkes goes to see Old Lace, but when she tries to talk to Topher, she realizes he has gone.[3][7]
  • Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder arrive at PRIDE Headquarters. Geoffrey confronts his wife for killing Darius Davis, hurt that she killed his close friend behind his back. While Geoffrey is grateful that Davis had protected Alex, Catherine dismisses this, saying he did it just for money. They are interrupted by Robert and Tina Minoru, who congratulate them on the fact their children are not longer fugitives.[3][7]
  • Jonah check on Stein's work on the Dematerialization Box

    Jonah goes to check on Victor Stein's work on the Dematerialization Box. He starts coughing blood, however, becoming increasingly sick.[3][7]
  • The PRIDE members discuss the recent events they have been keeping from one to another, with the Wilders trying to get Alex on their own and the Minorus giving Nico the Staff of One. The Yorkeses comment that they have created a serum capable of killing Jonah, but need to test it on a being like Jonah first, deciding to use it on the living beings that in the bottom of the hole in PRIDE Construction Site. Stacey Yorkes explains that once they can use it on Jonah, they need never see each other again. The Yorkeses leave, and the other PRIDE members discover that their children attended one of the PRIDE indigent food centers. Leslie Dean suggests they ask the PRIDE Foundation members for what they might know.[3][7]
  • Topher and Molly Hernandez have collected food for the rest of the Runaways. Before the others arrive, Topher and Hernandez discuss their powers and how they might have obtained them, and the possibility that they are related. Even though Topher is kind to the Runaways, when the others arrive they are still skeptical about trusting in him, to Hernandez's annoyance. Topher tries to make them trust in him, and tells them that people who live on the streets give and take, and they are novices, so he can help them by teaching them survival techniques.[3][7]
  • Wilder shows the team he has been collecting evidence about their parents

    Alex Wilder shows the team he has been collecting evidence about their parents and wants to stop their parents.[3][7]
  • In PRIDE Headquarters, the PRIDE members, minus the Yorkeses, talk to a volunteer that gives food to the homeless. They ask her about their kids, but she explains she does not know them, but has brought Mike on a Bike with her, as he knows some details about their whereabouts. Mike recounts his recent encounter in exchange for $50, and informs them that their kids are safe and healthy.[3][7]
  • Jonah calls Karolina Dean, his daughter, and asks her to meet him, as he is becoming weaker. Dean texts to agree to meet. Dean is approached by Minoru, and tells her that she is going out to try to get some money for the group by dressing as a Disney princess on Hollywood Boulevard.[3][7]
  • Alex Wilder comes up with a plan which requires a good computer to hack into the PRIDE Construction Site and explode it. He decides they need to go back to Atlas Academy and steal one of the computers with the help of Topher.[3][7]
  • Jonah meets with Karolina Dean. He assures her that she is his only priority and offers her money for her and her friends, but she refuses. Jonah offers to show her what he wanted to tell her about his family.[3][7]
  • The Yorkeses arrive at the PRIDE Construction Site and prepare to descend a drone into the hole to make a biopsy of the being at the bottom.[3][7]
  • The Runaways sent Topher into Atlas Academy

    The Runaways go to Atlas Academy with Topher. On their way to the academy, Topher talks to Minoru about her Wicca magic, and she feigns becoming more trusting of him.[3][7]
  • Topher enters Atlas Academy and then proceeds to follow the Runaways' instructions to get the computer.[3][7]
  • At the PRIDE Construction Site, the Yorkeses uses the samples that obtained from the living being and uses the serum on it. They discover that the organic tissues start to die, a signal of necrosis and that it should work on Jonah. However, another earthquake starts.[3][7]
  • Infiltration into Atlas Academy:
    • The Runaways feel the earthquake, which sets off the school's alarms and all the students are made to file outside. Alex Wilder and Chase Stein decide to go by themselves to get the computer, but the group notice that Gert Yorkes is gone.[3][7]
    • Gert Yorkes goes to the nurse's room in the hope of getting some of her anxiety medication. The nurse makes a call saying she has Yorkes in her office, and Yorkes realizes the parents will find out where they are.[3][7]
  • The PRIDE members receive an alert that the kids have been seen and discover that it is coming from Atlas Academy.[3][7]
  • Eiffel makes selfie

    Arriving at the computer lab, Stein and Wilder notice that the door is locked. However, Chase remembers that Eiffel got a master key back in freshman year and goes to the bathroom to get her help, knowing she will be hanging out there. She agrees to give him the key in exchange for something, and Stein agrees.[3][7]
  • Yorkes finds Wilder outside the bathroom. Stein leaves the bathroom with the key and reunites with them. Yorkes is not happy to see Eiffel following him out.[3][7]
  • In the city, the lights have gone off due to the earthquake and the streets have become chaotic. Jonah tells Karolina Dean to walk with him, as the earthquake was likely caused by an interference at the PRIDE Construction Site. Dean is unsure, claiming that she is scared, but Jonah tells her that following him is the only way to learn who she is.[3][7]
  • In the Atlas Academy car park, Minoru and Hernandez watch Topher, who notices that he has lost something. The girls decide to approach him, but spot PRIDE arriving. Before they can obtain the computer, the group are forced to flee and hide.[3][7]
  • At the construction site, the Yorkeses are preparing to leave when Jonah and Karolina Dean arrive. Jonah realizes that the Yorkeses were the one that triggered the earthquake, as the Yorkeses drive away as fast as they can.[3][7]
  • The Runaways reunite with Topher

    The Runaways reunite with Topher, who managed to obtain the computer that Wilder needed.[3][7]
  • Back at the Hostel, Wilder starts to work with the computer. When he asks Topher for the nature of his powers, Topher avoids the subject and leaves the room. He is approached by Nico Minoru, who wants to talk in private. Topher tries to make a move on her, but she reveals she has no interest in him, and had swiped a small container of tiny rocks, with Topher realizing she got it from him en route to Atlas Academy. Minoru is suspicious and questions Topher, saying his powers clearly are not like Hernandez's, since he consumes the substance to get them.[3][7]
  • At the construction site, Jonah insists Dean trust him as they approach to the hole. They use their powers to fly down into it, slowly descending to the bottom.[3][7]
  • Topher tells his story to the Runaways, saying that his parents were horrible and threw him out of their home. The group, except Molly Hernandez, insist on learning the nature of the substance he consumes to get his powers. Hernandez tells Topher to answer the question as she does not want him to have to leave leave, considering him part of her family. He tells them that while he was on the streets, he found some strange rocks in a lizard terrarium, and that once he touched them the rocks gave him power, so he took them, crushed them, and start using them from time to time. He says his supply will run out soon and that he fears he will lose what makes him feel alive. Nico Minoru returns the rock container to him, and the team agrees to cautiously let Topher stay at the Hostel. However, Alex Wilder and Chase Stein are interested in the rocks' provenance, as if they were taken out from the dig site by Gene and Alice Hernandez years ago, they cannot see how they ended up in a terrarium.[3][8]
  • Hernandez and Topher see the map of the PRIDE dig site

    Topher privately asks Molly Hernandez where the rocks were obtained from, and Hernandez shows him a map of the PRIDE Construction Site. He asks to learn more about it.[3][8]
  • Jonah and Karolina Dean reach the bottom of the hole in the PRIDE Construction Site. Jonah tells his daughter to put her hand in a crevice, and, by doing so, she activates Jonah's spaceship. Jonah reveals that they fell to earth long ago, before historical records. Dean realizes that she is an alien, which Jonah confirms, then commenting that the beings within the spaceship are aliens too. He reveals that he escaped from the ship before the impact, and Dean comes to understand that Jonah is trying to rescue them. Jonah then introduces to her to one of the beings that are trapped inside the ship, which he explains is her "brother".[3][8]
  • Topher offers to bring Yorkes some medication for her anxiety attacks, which she is grateful for.[3][8]


  • Karolina Dean, aware of the Runaways' plan to destroy the construction site, tries to sabotage Wilder's progress with the new computer. She is unable to, however, when she is interrupted by Nico Minoru and Wilder wakes. Dean claims she was just wandering because she was restless.[3][8]
  • Eiffel confronts PRIDE

    PRIDE have Eiffel come to PRIDE Headquarters, having posted a picture she took with Chase Stein the day before - the favor she had wanted from him. She has brought lawyers and wants immunity, but the parents are more concerned about their children and dismiss Eiffel's attempt, saying she has not been accused of anything. She explains that Wilder had wanted a computer.[3][8]
  • Frances and Aura take Frank Dean to Jonah in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, who wants to speak with him. Jonah wants Dean to get him a runaway rescued by the Church of Gibborim as he wants someone to sacrifice through the Rite of Blood.[3][8]
  • The Yorkeses reveal to Leslie Dean that they saw Karolina and Jonah together, explaining that they did not call because the mission was secret. Geoffrey Wilder says that they need to know if Jonah knows their children's whereabouts, and Robert Minoru offers that he try to obtain the information from Jonah, saying he has a plan. PRIDE reluctantly agrees.[3][8]
  • The Runaways notice that Topher has left, with the map of the dig site, and realize that he wants to obtain more rocks to keep his powers. They decide to look for him so he does not ruin their plan to sabotage the site.[3][8]
  • Topher finds more rocks at the PRIDE Construction Site.[3][8]
  • Leslie Dean confronts Jonah for meeting with Karolina behind her back.[3][8]
  • The Chase of Topher begins

    Chase of Topher: The Runaways arrive at the dig site and see Topher escaping from it, stealing a car to get away. They drive to follow him.[3][8]
  • Janet Stein discovers from her investigation into Jonah's book that his ship has an anti-gravitational engine.[3][8]
  • Topher enters his old home, and the Runaways, minus Yorkes, follow him inside, discovering that Topher lied and his parents are good people. Molly Hernandez finds out that Topher was present during the night her parents died from the explosion in their lab. His family explain that when Topher used the rocks, his ageing slowed, and that they changed him as he became dangerous to them, stole, lied, and injured his father. The Runaways try to calm him down, but fail, and a fight breaks out between him and them out in the streets.[3][8]
  • Topher uses his strength to throw a dumpster at them, and Chase Stein uses the Fistigons to protect his friends. However, the container is inadvertently blasted towards Gert Yorkes, sitting waiting in the car. Topher uses his powers to push Yorkes' car away and the container lands on him instead. The Runaways are forced to flee as the police arrive, unsure of Topher's fate.[3][8]
  • Leslie Dean goes to see Frank, who reveals that Jonah asked him to get another runaway from the streets for a sacrifice. Leslie tries to make it easier for him, explaining how Jonah got her to do it before, and thanks him for being a good dad to Karolina. He says he will refuse Jonah, and they hold hands.[3][8]
  • Janet visits her husband in the simulation

    Janet Stein visits Victor in his simulation. She wants to know if there is a way to destroy the anti-gravitational engine from Jonah's ship, and Victor starts looking into the plans she gives him.[3][8]
  • The Runaways return to the Hostel and discuss the situation with Topher. Hernandez is angry at Nico Minoru for her treatment of Topher, and accuses Nico of being just like her mother Tina.[3][8]
  • Attack on Jonah: Robert Minoru confronts Jonah in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, and Jonah collapses, struggling with his dying tissue. Minoru reveals that he is using Karolina Dean's bracelet, increasing its inhibitory powers to weaken him. Minoru threatens to increase the level of the bracelet if he does not tell him where their kids are and kicks Jonah on the face for killing Amy Minoru. However, he is then knocked out from behind by Frances and Aura.[3][8]
  • Karolina Dean tries to comfort Nico Minoru, who is still hurt by Hernandez's words. They kiss and get intimate.[3][8]
  • Chase Stein and Alex Wilder overhear the couple laughing together and mention how love is in the air, with Wilder asking Stein about his relationship with Gert Yorkes. Stein is concerned about her, but Wilder assures her that it is just the difficulties of a relationship. Stein asks Wilder if he wishes he were in a relationship, but he denies it and jokes that he is in a relationship with his computer, as they keep working on the device together.[3][8]
  • Gert Yorkes says goodbye to Old Lace

    Gert Yorkes approaches her adoptive sister to tell her that she feels proud of her for her heart and humanity in wanting to protect Topher. Hernandez confesses that she wanted a family and wanted Topher to be like a brother. Yorkes hugs Hernandez, telling her she is there for her. Then, Yorkes goes to see Old Lace and assures her she loves her.[3][8]
  • Karolina Dean sneaks out of the Hostel.[3][8]
  • A street artist sets up equipment by a wall in Los Angeles.[3][8]
  • Jonah goes to the PRIDE members carrying Robert Minoru, who is still unconscious. He angrily drops Robert on the floor, and Tina rushes to her husband.[3][8]
  • The street artist begins her work.[3][8]
  • Karolina Dean finds and approaches her mother, and asks to learn more about her father.[3][8]
  • The street artist finishes their work, depicting a face with glowing orange eyes.[3][8]
  • Gert Yorkes sits in a hospital bed, having submitted herself for help. She is informed that her parents will be coming soon to pick her up.[3][8]
  • Jonah tells the Yorkeses, Wilders, and Tina Minoru that in 2 more days his ship will be ready and he will leave the planet, as well as leaving them, but he needs their help for a few more things. When Minoru asks what happens if they refuse, Jonah tells them that he would kill their children. When Stacey Yorkes brings up the Hernandezes' discovery that it could cause an earthquake, Jonah explains that his ship would not do so. In return for their services, Jonah agrees to give them his book, the Abstract, containing all the knowledge of his race, and to reveal to them where their children are.[3][9]
  • Leslie talks with Karolina about Jonah

    Leslie and Karolina Dean discuss recent events and Karolina's true heritage. Leslie tries to explain that she was only part of the sacrifices to help her, and reveals that Jonah was the one who killed Amy Minoru, to Karolina's shock.[3][9]
  • Gert Yorkes contacts Old Lace telepathically and apologizes for having left her, telling her that she left because she was worried being unstable could get their friends killed. The doctor enters the ward and calls her "Chase", as she is using a fake name to be admitted in the hospital. Janet Stein arrives, pretending to be her mother, come to visit her.[3][9]
  • Robert Minoru wakes and tells the other PRIDE members what he remembers. Stacey Yorkes proposes they trust Jonah, get the book, and start doing some good to show their children their intentions. Geoffrey Wilder reveals that Janet is working with the Abstract, and Catherine Wilder is annoyed at her husband for keeping secrets from her. The Wilders leave, with Jonah having said their role was done.[3][9]


  • While Alex Wilder works on the computer, he is approached by Nico Minoru. They talk about being the Runaways' leaders, and how they have both made decisions that were unpopular. Nico then asks Wilder for advice on apologizing to Molly Hernandez, but Wilder tells her that she is asking the wrong person, being himself unable to apologize to her after their fight regarding Amy's death. Nico goes to try again with Hernandez.[3][9]
  • Hernandez does not want to talk to Minoru, calling her judgmental, but tells her that Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes have left the Hostel.[3][9]
  • Stein reunites with his girlfriend

    Chase Stein reunites with Yorkes, who had called him, and Yorkes reveals that she has brought his mother, Janet. The mother and son talk about the possibility of him returning home, and Chase tells her that it is not going to happen any time soon. Janet reminds him that despite the teenagers taking care of each other, his real family is her and his father. Chase abruptly goes to leave, but Janet reveals that Jonah needs another sacrifice and there is no way to stop him, and that she fears that Chase will be the victim. Chase ignores his mother and leaves with Yorkes.[3][9]
  • Frank Dean gives a speech at the Church of Gibborim, and announces the return of his wife, Leslie, to the community. Jonah watches on from the wings.[3][9]
  • Karolina Dean is practicing with her powers when she is interrupted by Nico Minoru. Minoru notices that something seems wrong and tries to talk about it. However, Dean, still reeling from her mother's revelations, snaps at Minoru, who apologizes for annoying her.[3][9]
  • Back at the Hostel, Yorkes tries to explain herself to Stein, but he explains that it has not been easy for him to live with her because she has never let him in, and she kept him out of her plans and put him through a hard time by calling her mother behind her back. Yorkes says that she needed the medication, and needed his mother to authorize it. However, Stein calls her selfish for not considering him. Hernandez arrives and tries to ask Yorkes what happened, but Stein catches her up, leaving Hernandez shocked.[3][9]
  • Stein tells Wilder and Dean the Runaways need to talk about Jonah

    Karolina Dean gets advice from Alex Wilder on how to treat Nico Minoru, following her last talk with her. Dean asks him why he kept a secret related to Amy, and if it would have been better to reveal it to her right at the moment, and Wilder tells her that for Nico, Amy is a serious matter. They are interrupted by Stein, who tells them that they need to gather the group for a meeting about Jonah.[3][9]
  • In the Church of Gibborim, the Deans talk to Jonah about Karolina. Jonah starts insulting Frank, calling him weak, but Frank dismisses the offence and stands with Leslie. Jonah approaches his former lover and asks her if she is willing to let him die, but Leslie replies that she has already made a lot of sacrifices in his name and tells him he will have to do the next sacrifice by himself.[3][9]
  • The Runaways discuss the information they have learned about the next sacrifice, and everyone is disappointed in Yorkes' decision. When Hernandez questions if Stein and Yorkes had a fight, Stein expresses his wish to stop sharing room with her, and Yorkes leaves. The group prepare to fight back and stop Jonah, and Dean says that Jonah's room is at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, so the team decides to set up and go there. Minoru approaches Dean and asks her if she is okay with losing Jonah, but she insists she is. They briefly discuss their relationship, and Minoru suggests to her that they, too, live in separate rooms.[3][9]
  • Jonah kidnaps Geoffrey Wilder

    Ambush on Geoffrey Wilder: Geoffrey Wilder boxes with his personal trainer, Jason. He then goes to get towels for the sauna, but as he does so, Jason is killed by Jonah. Jonah then ambushes Wilder and starts using his powers to drain his life energy.[3][9]
  • Janet Stein reveals to the Yorkeses that she has found a way to shut down Jonah's ship for good. However, Stacey starts panicking about what will happen if they fail and their children are attacked by Jonah, and wonders if they are okay. Stein confesses that she has seen Gert, and how Gert contacted her in order to get her medication from the hospital. Stacey becomes angry at her for not telling her about Gert, and leaves abruptly with an angered Dale.[3][9]
  • Infiltration into the Church of Gibborim Executive Office: Karolina Dean uses her powers to causes a distraction of lights at a Church of Gibborim ceremony, giving enough time for the Runaways to get into Jonah's room. They find Victor Stein in the capsule and two Dematerialization Boxes, mid-energy transfer. They open the one not containing Jonah and find Geoffrey Wilder, realizing he was chosen as the person to sacrifice. They rescue him and leave. Chase is sad that he has had to say goodbye to both his parents again in the same day. As soon as they leave, Jonah wakes.[3][9]
  • In the Hostel, Gert Yorkes tries to approach Chase Stein, but he is still angry with him.[3][9]
  • Victor leaves the algorithm

    Janet Stein frees Victor from his healing capsule and tells him that it is time to work on how to shut down Jonah's ship.[3][9]
  • Catherine Wilder tries to contact her husband, but he does not pick up his phone.[3][9]
  • Alex Wilder wakes up his father, who he has tied up at the Hostel. He tells him that he will make the calls, and that Geoffrey is under his roof and will have to obey him now.[3][9]
  • Karolina Dean visits Nico Minoru, who cannot sleep. Dean confesses to Nico that she has been meeting with Jonah, and found some of her real family members down in the PRIDE Construction Site hole. However, she claims that everything is different now since she found out the truth: that Jonah killed Amy. Nico accepts a hug from her girlfriend, but is in shock.[3][9]


  • Alex Wilder talks to his father, Geoffrey, who insists that it is very dangerous to face Jonah, and that they should let PRIDE take care of him. After a brief conversation, Geoffrey reveals that there is a ship down at the bottom of the hole.[3][10]
  • Dean talks with the rest of the team, and considers confessing about her secret meetings with Jonah

    Alex Wilder lets the Runaways know his father's information. When Chase Stein is doubtful, Karolina Dean reveals that she knows it is true because she has been meeting with Jonah, to everyone's anger. Dean explains that he still trusts him when he says that the only thing he wants is to leave for his home planet. Nico Minoru wonders if he is going to take Dean with him, but Dean dismisses the idea. However, Minoru and Wilder agree that it is best to leave Dean behind on the mission to destroy the construction site hole.[3][10]
  • After doing extensive research, Malcolm Ducasse visits a mugger who is suing Trish Walker. Having learned that the mugger is not the father of the child he raised, Ducasse demands a lower settlement in the lawsuit under threat of telling the child. The mugger assumes that Ducasse is bluffing, so Ducasse calls the child's cell phone and asks if his father ever taught him what a "bastard" was. The mugger pleads with Ducasse, so Ducasse stops and enters negotiations.[11][12]
  • Jonah goes to see the PRIDE members, minus the Wilders, at the PRIDE Headquarters. Catherine Wilder arrives and asks Jonah about Geoffrey's whereabouts, and he reveals that he wanted to kill him through the sacrifice, but that the Runaways saved him. He tries to convince PRIDE that he will leave that night without causing harm. When Leslie Dean asks if he will leave alone, Jonah smiles and leaves the room, saying that he expects to see them later.[3][10]
  • Dean convinces Yorkes of rescuing the Gibborim

    Karolina Dean convinces Gert Yorkes that they should attempt to rescue the Beings of Light down in the hole. They approach Wilder, who refuses. However, Minoru arrives and agrees, with the girls claiming that if they do not save them they will be just like her parents. Wilder accepts the change of plans.[3][10]
  • Alex Wilder suggests taking Geoffrey with them to the dig site for help finding out how to save the Beings of Light. The team reluctantly agree, and blindfold Geoffrey.[3][10]
  • Victor Stein watches the message on his time machine received from a future Chase, the warning him not to use the Fistigons, in order to avert the subsequent events. Victor tells Janet that he wants to form a new life with his wife and son, but Janet is uneasy, unsure if they will be able to stop Jonah. Victor reassures that everything will be fine once the Yorkeses finish their toxin.[3][10]
  • The Yorkeses prepare their substance to kill Jonah.[3][10]
  • Leslie Dean tells Frank that the "Ascension" her father described for the Church of Gibborim was referring to Jonah's spaceship, and that everything in the church has been a lie. She expresses her fears that Jonah will take Karolina with her. Jonah arrives, and Leslie tells him that she wants to be there when the ship takes off, and Jonah orders Frank to make sure everything will be all right. As Frank goes to leave, he is approached by a young man who wants to talk with him urgently, but he dismisses him.[3][10]
  • Alex hacks the Church of Gibborim armed guard trucks and redirects them to the desert so they do not get in the way of their plan.[3][10]
  • Nico is told to begin the infiltration

    Alex and Geoffrey incapacitate the guards at the PRIDE Construction Site. The Runaways enter the site and instruct Gert Yorkes to stand watch.[3][10]
  • Jonah wonders where Karolina Dean is, and Leslie tells him she likely lied. He decides to go to the construction site, and Leslie texts the PRIDE members to hurry up with the message "Tsunami".[3][10]
  • The Yorkeses and the Steins receive Leslie Dean's text, and prepare for the attack.[3][10]
  • Attack on Frank Dean: The young man who had approached Frank Dean earlier, Oscar Gonzalez, the brother of Destiny Gonzalez, confronts Dean again, this time with a gun. Oscar is looking for information for his sister's disappearance, and has heard from the streets that the Church of Gibborim pick up runaways and some disappear, one per year. Dean tells Oscar that he has only just found about those operations himself, and tells him to come to his office with him. However, Dean attacks Oscar as soon as he turns his back on him. During the conflict, however, Oscar ends up shot by his own gun, to Dean's shock.[3][10]
  • Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site:
    • The group descends to the bottom of the hole

      Karolina Dean helps Chase Stein, Molly Hernandez, and Nico Minoru descend to the bottom of the hole to try to free the Beings of Light, Dean's family. Stein proceeds to use his Fistigons to cut the structure of the ship.[3][10]
    • Gert Yorkes notices that Jonah and Leslie Dean have arrived. She sends a text to the rest of the team, but the ones at the bottom do not receive it, due to being underground.[3][10]
    • Chase Stein realizes that the biological structure of the ship heals itself. Jonah starts talking to the children underground from above, telling Dean to get out.[3][10]
    • PRIDE arrive at the construction site, Jonah orders one of the aliens, Xavin, to start the launching, despite the fact that the children other than Dean will likely be killed.[3][10]
    • Karolina Dean uses her powers to fly herself, Chase Stein, and Hernandez out of the hole. Nico Minoru then uses the Staff of One to fly out as well. The parents and children, PRIDE and Runaways, come face-to-facer. Victor hugs his son and whispers in his ear to follow his signal.[3][10]
    • Jonah explains his wishes to take Karolina Dean with him, but she refuses as she wants to stay on Earth with the people she cares about. The ship starts to launch, and earthquake begins, to PRIDE's dismay as Jonah said there would not be one, with Jonah explaining that he lied. He tells his daughter to leave with him if she does not want to die.[3][10]
    • Stein uses the Fistigons

      The ship begins to launch, and PRIDE prepares to enact their plan. Nico Minoru tries to use the staff to stop the launch, but she is unable to. Tina then tries to, but the Staff of One no longer responds to its previous owner, now belonging to Nico. Victor Stein tells his son to attack Jonah, which Chase attempts to. When Jonah retaliates, Karolina Dean deflects the attack.[3][10]
    • Hernandez knocks Jonah over with a pole while her adoptive parents, the Yorkeses, begin to fire the toxin at the ascending ship. Jonah gets back up and uses his powers to push the members of both PRIDE and the Runaways and away. However, the damage is done; the Steins' device and Yorkeses' toxin begin to work. The ship collapses in on itself and explodes, seemingly killing all the Beings of Light within.[3][10]
    • Jonah prepares to kill the PRIDE members. Nico Minoru gets up, however, and wets the bottom of the Staff of One with the Yorkeses' toxin. She then stabs Jonah, avenging her sister's death, much to Karolina Dean's despair and everyone else's shock. Nico is relieved, but shocked at her first murder.[3][10]
    • Karolina Dean reaches her father's corpse. However, Jonah says that now they will have to "take it all". When Dean asks about what he is talking about, Jonah's spirit abandons the corpse of the man he inhabited for so many those years. The man asks where he is before dying.[3][10]
    • PRIDE is put to sleep by Nico Minoru and the Staff of One

      The parents approach their children, wanting them to return home, but Nico Minoru uses the Staff of One to make them fall asleep. The Runaways leave the scene.[3][10]
  • Trish Walker resumes her physical training at her apartment with her trainer, Adrian. After besting him in a fight, she and Adrian proceed to have sex.[11][12]


  • As sun rises, the LAPD arrive at the PRIDE Construction Site and finds Jonah's host's dead body.[3][10]
  • At the Hostel, the Runaways discuss the events of the night before and whether it changes things. Alex Wilder reminds them that even if PRIDE they worked with them to do some good, that does not change the fact that their parents are murderers.[3][10]
  • Nico Minoru approaches Karolina Dean, who is saddened by her father's death. Dean angrily says that Minoru could have made him fall asleep, but chose to kill her father instead.[3][10]
  • Trish Walker wakes up the following morning to discover that Adrian is still there, watching a news report of a woman, Madeline Brandt, who had been viciously attacked in her home by by several thugs, who also stole a valuable sculpture from her. Madeline's half-brother, Andrew Brandt, has been arrested in connection to the crime. Adrian explained that it is people like Andrew who are the reason he fights.[11][12]
  • Ducasse explains the blackmailing he had to do

    Malcolm Ducasse arrives at Walker's apartment to get a check from her to pay off the cellphone thief. When Walker realizes the settlement is much lower than expected, Ducasse tells her what he did to get the man to back down. Ducasse says that he would have told the child everything if the mugger had not agreed to his demands, horrifying Walker. She gives him the check, but before leaving, he advises her to get her life together because people will eventually begin asking questions and looking into her.[11][12]


  • The PRIDE members gather at the PRIDE Headquarters. They make a toast for their triumph over Jonah, and are grateful that Nico Minoru killed him. The parents agree to seek out their children individually, with PRIDE disbanded.[3][13]
  • Molly Hernandez goes to see her adoptive sister Gert Yorkes. Hernandez finds that Yorkes has an application letter for a university in Massachusetts and Yorkes explains she thinks she needs to try. She also comments that Chase Stein has not forgiven her for bringing his mother to see him. Nico Minoru enters the room and asks if she can use the mirror, as the other one is in Karolina Dean's room and she would rather not to talk to her currently. However, things become awkward when Yorkes accidentally brings up Jonah's death. Minoru tells them not to worry, and that Yorkes' application for university is a good idea.[3][13]
  • Stein and Wilder talk about moving on

    Alex Wilder and Chase Stein return from picking up food for the rest of the group. They talk about their parents potentially being good people again, but Wilder reminds Stein that PRIDE are still killers. Stein tells Wilder to start looking for other options as they need to move on. Wilder then checks his phone, having sent several messages recently to Livvie.[3][13]
  • WHiH World News report on the recent earthquake, Victor Stein's return, and his enterprise Nemo's stock increase.[3][13]
  • Livvie arrives at the DA office in Los Angeles, bringing evidence to clear Darius Davis on the murder of Destiny Gonzalez.[3][13]
  • The DA office calls agent Flores and informs him on the evidence.[3][13]
  • Flores meets with Catherine Wilder and shows her the evidence, a video of Davis' location the day of Gonzalez's murder. Flores orders Anthony Wall to destroy the evidence, and Wilder orders Flores to "send a message" in order to keep Livvie quiet.[3][13]
  • In the Hostel, the Runaways decide that they need to all take a day off individually. Wilder goes to see Livvie.[3][13]
  • Wilder protects Livvie

    Attack on Livvie: Tamar leaves the hospital with her newborn son Xerxes Davis. Alex Wilder arrives and tells Livvie that she is right, Davis has been framed by PRIDE, to Tamar's surprise. Before they can talk further, Anthony Wall starts a shooting from nearby. Tamar protects Xerxes while Wilder protects Livvie, just about staying safe.[3][13]
  • Frank Dean approaches his wife and tells her what happened with Oscar Gonzalez. He is shocked to hear that neither PRIDE nor Jonah can help him when Leslie explains about what has been happening, and Leslie informs him that she will also be closing the Church of Gibborim to move on with their lives. Frank becomes desperate because as he is panicked about having killed someone, but Leslie calms him down and tells she will call PRIDE's police contact one more time - but that he will be on his own afterwards.[3][13]
  • Livvie is interrogated by a policeman at the hospital, and tells the man that the guy who shot at them was a gang member she recognized called "AWOL". However, Tamar tells the policeman to go and question other people, then telling Livvie that AWOL is a policeman now, so the police will not investigate him, and that this attack was a warning, so they need to stop or else next time, they will be dead. Livvie goes to speak to Wilder and tells him to tell her everything he knows, and Wilder says that it is time she meets his friends.[3][13]
  • Wilder realizes his friends have arrived

    The Runaways, minus Karolina Dean, arrive at Nana B's house. They meet at the garage and Wilder suggests they hack into the Gordon Hotel's cameras in the hope of then showing that Davis was, he believes, killed by Geoffrey Wilder.[3][13]
  • Geoffrey Wilder confronts his wife for the attack, informing her that Alex was present at the shooting due to him dating Tamar's sister. He is angry at her and tells that since Darius Davis' murder, he has been unable to see her the way he did before. Geoffrey tells Catherine she has to fix the problem.[3][13]
  • Leslie Dean informs Flores about Oscar's murder and gives him money to take care of the problem. She tells him that PRIDE will no longer be requiring his services. Meanwhile, Frank takes pictures of the meeting.[3][13]
  • Infiltration into the Gordon Hotel:
    • The Runaways successfully infiltrate the Gordon Hotel. At the penthouse, where Alex will obtain the footage they need, Nico Minoru feels uncomfortable and leaves the room with Hernandez. Wilder is left with Livvie, and tells her to enjoy the luxury room while they are there.[3][13]
    • Stein and Yorkes pretend to be a married couple

      Chase Stein discovers Gert Yorkes' university application letter. They start arguing, but are interrupted when an worker enters the room. They pretend to be a couple on their honeymoon, but end up continuing fighting in front of the woman. She leaves, uncomfortable, and Stein puts the application letter in a chocolate fountain.[3][13]
  • Karolina Dean finds Vaughn Kaye, and gets his help getting into Jonah's office at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Dean finds a message recorded by Jonah for in case he never got to know her.[3][13]
  • Minoru and Hernandez come across the worker woman who met Stein and Yorkes as she informs a guard from the hotel that the couple that reserved the penthouse have called from Denver, meaning the couple she met were intruders. The guard tells her that LAPD called warning about some teenagers who may infiltrate the building, and Minoru and Hernandez run to alert the others.[3][13]
  • Alex Wilder manages to hack the security cameras and discovers that it was his mother, Catherine, who murdered Darius Davis.[3][13]
  • Geoffrey Wilder goes to Nana B's home, having arranged a meeting with Tamar. He gives Tamar the money that he had promised Davis and apologizes for what happened, explaining that he wishes for her to have a good life. She accepts the money, but warns him to be careful, saying that they are not straight, and that she is "just getting started".[3][13]
  • Frank frames Leslie for the murder of Oscar Gonzalez

    Frank Dean meets with Aura and Frances and shows them the photos he took of Leslie with Oscar Gonzalez's body, framing her for the murder.[3][13]
  • Karolina Dean returns to the Hostel and listens to Jonah's message. She learns that he took many host bodies in his time on Earth, and that the sacrifices through the Rite of Blood allowed him to stay in his current body in the hope of connecting with her, as he did not want to risk finding another host and losing the opportunity to see her.[3][13]
  • Minoru and Hernandez reach the others and tell them they have to leave. The Runaways go to escape the Gordon Hotel, with Wilder still shocked by the fact that his mother killed Davis.[3][13]
  • Capture of Molly Hernandez:
    • Molly Hernandez chooses to stay behind and use her strength to hold off the guards coming after them. She then intentionally lets herself get captured to stop them going after the others, sure that she will then just be able to escape. However, before she can, Anthony Wall and Flores arrive and stop her.[3][13]
    • The corrupts LAPD officers take Molly Hernandez in a car. The Runaways, along with Livvie, follow closely behind in their car.[3][14]
    • Hernandez is interrogated by Flores

      Hernandez is approached by Flores, who confesses he knew her parents. Flores threatens to torture her in order to find out where her friends are, but Hernandez uses her powers to free herself and beat up Flores. The Runaways, joined by Karolina Dean, arrive to save Hernandez, only to see she has already resolved the situation. The group get away.[3][14]
  • The Runaways get rid of their phones, as Flores has Hernandez's so could be tracking them. They take Livvie with them to the Hostel.[3][14]
  • A drone is sent out looking for the Runaways.[3][14]
  • Alex Wilder realizes that Livvie still has her smartphone. When she explains it has footage from the shooting, he saves all the files from the phone for her, and he and Livvie see that they got AWOL in the footage. Wilder decides to copy everything and then destroy the phone, telling her he can then make it seem like her cellphone is in the mountains of Wakanda. Livvie agrees and then asks Wilder if she can see the dinosaur, Old Lace.[3][14]
  • The drone encounters Old Lace, dropping a serum on her.[3][14]


PRIDE is confronted by Flores

  • Flores visits the PRIDE members and confronts them for not telling him what their children were capable of. He then says that Darius Davis' murder could lead to them and their criminals activities getting exposed and leaves. Victor Stein suggest they use their minds to create weapons that will guarantee the safety of themselves and, ultimately, their children.[3][14]
  • Gert Yorkes tries to feed Old Lace, but she rejects it. Chase Stein talks to Hernandez about Yorkes, then approaches Yorkes and offers to help her. She apologizes for her actions, and they reconcile their relationship.[3][14]
  • Livvie decides to go home, in order to not worry her sister. Wilder offers to keep her company and asks about visiting the place Livvie had once suggested to eat, but she says that Anthony Wall eats there too. Wilder suggests, however, that they go to face Wall and present the evidence they have against him. She does not want to, but Wilder says he will take his friends, without telling them the real reason for the trip.[3][14]
  • Ambush at the Simply Blossom:
    • The Runaways arrive at the Simply Blossom ready to eat, but Molly Hernandez notices that Anthony Wall has entered. Stein realizes it is not a coincidence, that Wilder has planned the encounter, but Wilder tells the Runaways to trust in him.[3][14]
    • The Runaways at Simply Blossom

      Wilder confronts Wall and tells him he knows he participated in Darius Davis' murder. Wall gets angry and pulls out a gun, forcing all the other customers to leave and having the Runaways kneel and surrender. Nico Minoru, however, uses the Staff of One to freeze Wall and his partners, allowing them to escape. The Runaways leave and tell Wilder that they will trap their parents another way, and Wilder decides to take Livvie home.[3][14]
  • Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder discuss how they have to approach Alex, before Victor's new inventions get to the children. Geoffrey says that he is considering going to Tamar, and claims that he currently trusts her more than Catherine.[3][14]
  • Janet Stein begins to work with Robert Minoru and Victor on the items capable of tracking their children down.[3][14]
  • LAPD and AWOL discuss their respective failures at catching the Runaways. AWOL angrily confronts Flores for not telling him about the children's powers, but Flores reminds AWOL of his authority, and AWOL leaves, annoyed.[3][14]
  • Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder visit Tamar, who agrees to call them when she finds out where the kids are. However, when they leave, Tamar enters her home and talks to AWOL, who had already visited her. She agrees to give him intel on PRIDE's activities in order to take them down.[3][14]
  • Tina is possessed by the Magistrate's daughter

    Tina Minoru is briefly overcome by the possession of one of the Beings of Light from the construction site. She is acting differently when she approached by Robert. Once he mentions that Nico was the one who killed Jonah, Tina returns to normal.[3][14]
  • Geoffrey Wilder attacks Flores and asks why he had not let them know when AWOL's squad found the Runaways. Flores explains that he did not get the call either and that AWOL is dangerous as he tends to act on his own.[3][14]
  • Alex Wilder and Livvie enter Tamar's home, only to run into AWOL, and Tamar insists he only wants to talk. Wilder agrees to talk with him in private.[3][14]
  • Dale Yorkes visits his wife, Stacey, who is doing research. Stacey is rude to him and claims that she is doing a solo project and should be left alone. When he goes upstairs, Stacey returns to normal, having also been possessed.[3][14]
  • Old Lace is acting frantic and not responding to Yorkes anymore.[3][14]
  • AWOL tells Wilder that Flores has a lot of evidence against the PRIDE members as his insurance. Wilder offers AWOL to help him put Flores and PRIDE behind bars in return for the video of him shooting at the hospital never being released. They make a deal as Livvie enters, angry at Wilder for letting AWOL get away with his crimes. Wilder says that it is the only way to beat his parents and PRIDE, but Livvie disagrees with the plan and tells him that he is behaving just like his parents, making him leave the house.[3][14]



Nico confronts Alex for his plan

  • Livvie visits the Hostel and informs the Runaways of Wilder's plan. Wilder wakes and walks in on their discussion, and the team express their complete disapproval. They tell him he should not be making such decisions and plans alone, but Wilder calls them hypocrites for their accusations when they have done such things themselves.[3][14]
  • Anthony Wall visits PRIDE and informs them about the file Flores had on them. AWOL offers to get rid of Flores and become the new chief at the LAPD office, then work for them and bring their children in. PRIDE agrees.[3][14]
  • Assassination of Flores: Flores goes looking for AWOL at the Simply Blossom and heads to the back freezer room. AWOL reveals he is hiding there with a gun, then shoots the pipes to freeze Flores to death.[3][14]
  • Alex Wilder calls AWOL, who tells him that the plans have changed and he will not meet with him.[3][14]
  • Karolina Dean hears a voice calling to her. When she goes to find out who is calling, she runs into Nico Minoru, and they finally end up talking, but Dean avoids a proper reconciliation.[3][14]
  • The Alienist airs its first episode.[16][12]



Yorkes collapses at the Hostel

  • Gert Yorkes and Old Lace become very sick at the same time. Yorkes collapses and Stein worries that they are both dying.[3][14]
  • Kidnapping of Livvie: Following PRIDE's orders, AWOL breaks into Tamar's house and kidnaps Livvie so he can get her information on the Runaways' location.[3][14]


  • AWOL forces Livvie to tell him the Runaways' location, threatening the lives of Tamar and Xerxes Davis. Livvie reveals the location of the Hostel.[3][17]
  • The Runaways try to take care of Gert Yorkes and Old Lace, who are very sick.[3][17]
  • Alex Wilder starts to investigate what is happening with Old Lace, as her condition is seemingly also affecting Yorkes. The team discovers that AWOL and his squad has arrived at the Hostel through one of their security cameras, and that Livvie is with them as a threat. They discuss how they might be able to save both Livvie and themselves.[3][17]
  • Leslie Dean prepares to dismantle the Church of Gibborim, getting rid of their oldest books. Frank finds her and confronts her, refusing to dismantle the church as he claims he has done a lot for it. Leslie asks if Frank's desire is to be a family, which he confirms, and she says he has to choose either that or the church. When she leaves, Frank starts taking everything out of the skip.[3][17]
  • Nico Minoru defends the Hostel

    Siege of the Hostel: Nico Minoru puts up a protective spell to shield the Hostel from being seen. AWOL threatens to kill Livvie if Alex Wilder does not come out with his friends and bring the video tape of him shooting at the hospital. When Wilder attempts to leave and give in, Hernandez uses her powers to knock him to the ground.[3][17]
  • Janet Stein talks to Victor about her concern that PRIDE has agreed to make dangerous weapons in order to get their children back, but Victor says that it is the only way to bring them in. Janet eventually agrees, then accidentally breaks something. Surprisingly to her, her husband is understanding and talks with her calmly, saying that he needs her as she is very useful. They start kissing and end up having sex in the lab.[3][17]
  • The Runaways try to negotiate with AWOL, telling him that the footage will be given to him if he frees Livvie. He agrees to take it only if Minoru is the one that gives him the footage, which the team realize is to make sure the shield goes down. When they refuse, AWOL starts shocking Livvie with a taser to torture her. Wilder tells the team a new plan he has come up with to get themselves a hostage. The first step: to get Gert Yorkes and Old Lace out of danger. Hernandez takes Old Lace, while Stein takes Yorkes.[3][17]
  • Victor reenters the lab

    Victor Stein reenters his lab and sees everything has been made a mess. He asks Janet what happened and she answers that they made love an hour ago, which Victor does not believe, claiming he would always want a clean lab. Janet asks Victor what he remembers and he says that he only remembers waking and then seeing the lab in a mess. When Victor realizes that he is not feeling like himself, he decides to get some sleep.[3][17]
  • Aura and Frances visit Leslie Dean. When she brings up the subject of closing the Church of Gibborim, the women become angry and try to remind Dean that the church is a family and is not just about its leadership. Vaughn Kaye overhears.[3][17]
  • Chase Stein manages to drive Gert Yorkes and Old Lace away from the Hostel. Alex Wilder draws AWOL's attention as Minoru removes the shield on the Hostel. Wilder lures AWOL through the ceiling, and when he gets into the Hostel, Nico Minoru uses the Staff of One to create a fortress around them, cutting his rope and making AWOL their hostage.[3][17]
  • "Tina" bothers Janet

    Tina Minoru arrives at the Steins' laboratory. She acts strange and makes Janet Stein uncomfortable, and Janet walks out. Victor arrives at the lab and asks Minoru if she is really her. When she says "no", Victor responds that he, too, is not the real Victor Stein. They embrace, the Beings of Light possessing them happy to be reunited.[3][17]
  • At the Hostel, Hernandez, Dean, and Wilder face AWOL, who claims that they will not win their fight as his team has them surrounded and their parents have power through money and resources. When AWOL insults Livvie, Wilder starts using the Fistigons to suffocate him. The girls push Wilder away, and he apologizes for his behavior, stunned at himself, and leaves.[3][17]
  • Dean follows Wilder, and he explains to her that the only way to get rid of this situation could be by making hard calls, possibly killing the people trying to kill them. Dean is disgusted and claims that she has to think it over.[3][17]
  • Nico Minoru begins to feel that the Staff of One is taking over her. She claims that the reason she killed Jonah is because the staff told her that it was the right thing to do. She screams that she will not be able to keep the spell up any longer as the staff is causing her pain. Wilder and Dean return, and Wilder suggests letting AWOL's squad in.[3][17]
  • Yorkes wakes up only to find her parents, Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who are happy that she has been returned to them.[3][17]
  • Stacey is momentarily possessed by Magistrate's wife

    As Chase Stein stands by, having delivered Gert Yorkes and Old Lace to Gert's parents for help, Stacey reveals that she was the one who sent a drone with a toxin for Old Lace, but she was not aware that Gert would get sick too. Dale is angry at his wife for her actions. When Stacey goes to administer the cure to Yorkes, Stein stops her and comments that Old Lace is the one who needs curing, with she and Gert sharing more than just a telepathic connection. Dale takes the antidote from Stacey and uses it on Old Lace. Stacey then faces Stein and says that he does not know anything about biology or her daughter.[3][17]
  • Wilder orders Minoru to shut down the shield, which she does. The plan is to use the Staff of One and disarm AWOL's men of their guns. However, when the men are let inside, Minoru fails to do her part as she collapses from the effort of the shield spell. Wilder and Dean are forced to protect Minoru and fight back AWOL's men while Hernandez goes to get Livvie.[3][17]
  • Hernandez rescues Livvie and they return to the Hostel to help in the fight.[3][17]
  • Nico channels Dark Dimension energy

    When AWOL and his men corner Wilder and Dean, the Staff of One, which channels power from the Dark Dimension, returns itself to Minoru and reinvigorates her. She uses its power to make the squad members disappear entirely, and all the team are left shocked, as Minoru finds herself weak again.[3][17]
  • Chase Stein takes care of Gert Yorkes as she recovers. Yorkes asks him when they are going to leave, and he says once she is fully recovered. He insists that she needs to have more faith in her parents, but Yorkes claims that they are evil and they do not change, something that is corroborated when Stein discovers that they have been locked in the room with no way to leave.[3][17]
  • Wilder tries to comfort Livvie. She apologizes and tells him that she did what she did in order to protect her family, and that he should do the same.[3][17]
  • At the Church of Gibborim, a "reconditioning" ceremony is prepared for Leslie Dean, who is brought to the room by Vaughn Kaye. He locks the room, trying to be loyal to the church, and Frank, Aura and Frances led the ceremony. Leslie screams for help but no one comes to her aid.[3][17]
  • On the streets of Los Angeles, Victor Stein, possessed by one of the Gibborim who escaped the destruction of Jonah's ship, the same as Tina Minoru, starts posting notices in their language telling any others out there to come to him and Minoru.[3][17]


  • Xavin wanders Los Angeles and shape-shifts into a passer-by.[3][18]
  • The Crater

    At the Church of Gibborim, Frank Dean tries to convince Leslie to believe in their faith again, but she refuses to. Frank then instructs for Leslie to be taken to the Crater.[3][18]
  • Dale and Stacey Yorkes take breakfast to Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes, who are trying to figure out how to escape. While Gert talks with her parents, Stein starts drinking the orange juice. Too late, Gert tries to alert him that it might be poison, as Stein loses consciousness.[3][18]
  • Molly Hernandez tries to celebrate her birthday, which had been the day before, with a muffin. Alex Wilder finds her and when she explains that it was her birthday, he tries to help her celebrate, but she rejects it and says that she also does not want a "quinceañera" celebration. Hernandez says that she would want to celebrate it with family like Yorkes, which causes Wilder to realize that Stein must have taken Yorkes to her parents for help.[3][18]
  • Karolina Dean approaches Nico Minoru, who is resting, but Minoru does not want Dean's help and tells her to go. When Dean leaves the room, she starts hearing the same voice she heard before. She is approached by Hernandez and Wilder, who tell her they have figured out where Stein and Yorkes are being held.[3][18]
  • The place where Leslie is held hostage

    Leslie Dean is taken to the Crater, a place where the Church of Gibborim try to reindoctrinate their people. There, she is taken to a nameless woman. Dean claims that she does not believe in their faith. The woman tries to give her a nameless label moniker, but Dean insists that her name is Leslie Ellerh Dean. She asks for a glass of water as she has not slept or eaten overnight, but then faints.[3][18]
  • The Yorkeses inject Chase Stein with a serum that makes it difficult to lie. They try to make him reveal where the Runaways where hiding, but are interrupted when Tina Minoru arrives, sent by PRIDE.[3][18]
  • Xavin arrives at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and asks Vaughn Kaye about Karolina Dean's whereabouts. They asks him to show them something that Dean has touched so they can track find her, but Kaye finds this strange. When he turns his back on her, Xavin disappears.[3][18]
  • At the Crater, Leslie Dean wakes and talks with the woman who met earlier. Dean says that if her father was still alive and discovered what Jonah was, he would have wanted to destroy the Church too. The woman, whose alias is S4E2R, tells Dean that she would need an army to destroy the church, and that it would be too much stress for her baby. Dean is shocked to find out someone knows she is pregnant, having not revealed it to anyone.[3][18]
  • Chase is interrogated by PRIDE

    The Yorkeses try to interrogate Stein, but he gets sidetracked and does not give them any information. When Tina Minoru says that this is not useful and goes to call the other PRIDE members, Stacey holds a gun to her and tells her to go to the basement, saying she will not ruin their opportunity to get her girls back home. Stacey takes Minoru downstairs.[3][18]
  • Janet Stein visits her husband as he leaves the clinic. Victor claims that what Jonah did to him really helped as he no longer has brain cancer, nor any trace of the gunshot he received. Janet is still skeptical about the only way to bring back the kids being by force, but Victor says that it necessary.[3][18]
  • Wilder, Dean, and Hernandez arrive at the Yorkeses' mansion. They decide to enter and rescue the others by force.[3][18]
  • Stein wakes and sees Yorkes, who is worried about him. Tina Minoru, possessed with a Gibborim, starts to talk to them, and reveals that PRIDE is making a new arsenal to fight against them and neutralize their abilities.[3][18]
  • Rescue of Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein:
    • Hernandez, Dean, and Wilder surprise the Yorkeses and force them to surrender. Stacey Yorkes, who is glad to see Hernandez, wishes her a happy birthday, which Hernandez confirms to Dean was the day before. Dean and Hernandez go to the basement to rescue Yorkes, Stein, and Old Lace while Wilder stays to keep the Yorkeses under control with the Fistigons.[3][18]
    • The team surrounds the PRIDE members

      Hernandez and Dean break into the basement and explain that AWOL and his team were defeated. The Runaways gather the three PRIDE members in the basement and force them to stay down while they leave. Once Hernandez has freed Old Lace, the team leaves, but Old Lace stays and threatens the Yorkeses. Dale Yorkes manages to tranquilize her as Minoru runs away.[3][18]
  • The Runaways decide they have to leave Old Lace behind so they can escape, which saddens Yorkes.[3][18]
  • Nico Minoru prepares her room at the Hostel for a Wiccan ritual to no longer suffer, be hurt, or cause hurt. She decides to hide the Staff of One, the cause of all her recent pains, inside a wall.[3][18]
  • Leslie Dean sneaks into the Church of Gibborim's Crater office and searches the files for the woman who has been treating her. She discovers that the woman is her estranged mother.[3][18]
  • Leslie Dean approaches her mother, whom she had been told was forced to leave the church, and tells her that she never told anyone about her pregnancy because she was scared of it, not wanting to fail as a mother again, and says she imagines she feels the same. Her mother, who is meditating, does not answer. Leslie calls her by her name, Susan, and Susan Ellerh finally reacts, becoming angry at her for saying her name, as it goes against the person who she is now. Ellerh starts calling for the guards.[3][18]
  • Call from the clinic

    Victor Stein ignores a call from the clinic, having in fact never attended his appointment. He tells his wife, Janet, that he is planning on using the telephone lines to make multiple calls, then through voice recognition start detecting Chase's line. Janet is amazed at Victor's intelligence and compliments him. He kisses her.[3][18]
  • In the Hostel, Hernandez asks her friends why they are not feeling awful or are willing to cry because of everything that has happened recently. While Karolina Dean says that they are being strong for her, Chase Stein claims that is also because they do not want to accept the truth. Wilder agrees and tells them that they need to relax, suggesting they throw Hernandez a quinceañera. Minoru agrees and says that they have enough money thanks to AWOL's squad. Hernandez says that they cannot have a party without Old Lace, but Yorkes reminds her that they can do another one once she comes back. Hernandez is delighted.[3][18]
  • The Runaways at the local market, while a guy with a Captain America's Shield t-shirt walks behind them

    The Runaways go to a local market and start to buy clothes, ornaments, lights, and food for the event that night. Hernandez asks Stein to be her chambelan for her party, and Stein accepts, not knowing what it actually is. Xavin arrives and approaches Dean, touching her forearm and saying that they were looking for her. Dean asks if she knows them, but when Yorkes calls Dean to help them choose the music, Xavin disappears. Dean recognizes Xavin's voice as the mysterious one that she has been hearing at the Hostel and tries to look out for them, but fails.[3][18]
  • Back at the Hostel, Alex Wilder and Chase Stein talk briefly about how the Yorkeses behaved, and Stein says that he understands that their parents love them in their own way, and is unsure if he wants to keep fighting because they are people they cannot beat or outrun. Wilder replies that he is still willing to do anything he can to put his parents behind bars due to the awful things they have done.[3][18]
  • Victor Stein enacts his plan and starts listening to every call made in the area close to where the children are supposed to be. The signal catches one of the Hostel's phones and Chase answers, triggering the voice recognition. Victor picks up the phone and talks to his son, telling him that he is very sick but his mother does not know it yet, and that he wants to see him one last time before time runs out. Wilder interrupts and asks Stein if everything is okay, and Stein keeps the call a secret. When he tries to go back to the call, it has shut off.[3][18]
  • Celebrating a quinceñara for Molly Hayes Hernandez

    The Runaways hold Molly Hernandez's quinceañera. Together, they have a shared rare beautiful moment, but Stein sneaks off to pack.[3][18]
  • The Yorkeses decide to set Old Lace free in order to help track down the Runaways, and agree that afterwards they will kill the dinosaur.[3][18]
  • Yorkes goes to see Stein and thanks him for making Hernandez happy, but she notices that he is packing, and he admits he is about to leave. Yorkes calms herself and forces Stein to tell everyone in the group first.[3][18]
  • Chase Stein says goodbye to his friends and tells that he has to leave because he does not feel that he belongs with them anymore. Everyone is left heartbroken, especially Hernandez and Yorkes.[3][18]
  • Chase Stein meets with his parents, who welcome him back.[3][18]


  • Leslie Dean wakes from a nightmare about her mother being taken away, and her own struggles with motherhood.[3][19]


  • Alex Wilder backs up the data on his computer. His religious pattern of doing so comes to an end as the Magistrate's Son possessing his body gains more control over him.[20][21]



  • Vaughn Kaye calls Karolina Dean and informs her of her mother's whereabouts and his worries about the situation.[3][19]
  • The Runaways discuss how to proceed

    The Runaways eat and discuss how to proceed after Chase Stein's departure, watched by Xavin without their knowledge. They decide that they doubt Stein would at least willfully reveal their location. Dean approaches them and asks for help rescuing her mother from the Crater. While the others consider helping, Wilder refuses.[3][19]


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  • Chase Stein, back in his old home, comes to breakfast and is greeted by his mother, Janet, who assures him that he did the right thing by returning home. However, when she mentions the possibility of revealing his friends' location, he refuses. Victor arrives and offers his son a chance to intern at PRIDE, as he means to show that without Jonah, they can be the benefit organization they always wanted to be. Wanting to spend more time with his father, Chase agrees.[3][19]
  • Taking Chase Stein outside, Victor explains about his sickness. Not realizing that he is being possessed, he confesses that he is seemingly blacking out and doing things he never decided to do, and shows Chase that his skin is slowly dying. Victor claims that he only wants to spend more time with his family.[3][19]
  • Leslie argues with Frank

    Leslie Dean is taken to Frank, the new leader of the Church of Gibborim. They argue about their roles in the church's success, and Leslie finally realizes that her husband only wants attention and to be admired, something that he did not obtain while being an actor. Frank replies that all he wanted was to have a family, but Leslie claims that is not true, that he only wanted to be part of her family and is missing what is truly important. She reveals to Frank that she is pregnant and does not know whose baby it is, his Jonah's. She says that she can take a DNA test, but that she will not return to the Crater room where she is being kept.[3][19]
  • Alex Wilder goes to meet with Livvie, but is instead met by Tamar. Wilder takes the gun that Darius Davis took from him weeks ago, with the intention of framing his parents and getting justice for Davis. Tamar says Wilder should consider his relationship with Livvie over.[3][19]
  • Nico Minoru recovers the Staff of One, but is still influenced by the Dark Dimension's power.[3][19]
  • Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, and Molly Hernandez decide to rescue Leslie from the Church of Gibborim. Karolina informs them that Vaughn Kaye will help them too. As they talk, they are again unknowingly watched by Xavin.[3][19]
  • Kaye joins the girls on their way to rescue Leslie Dean.[3][19]
  • Chase overhears Megan and Mary

    Chase arrives at the PRIDE Headquarters, where he overhears Megan and Mary, who are massively confused after having the weapons tested on them.[3][19]
  • PRIDE discusses what to do with Chase Stein now that he has returned. While the Yorkeses want to test the truth serum on him again, Victor has other plans in min, which he begins to share with the rest of the PRIDE members.[3][19]
  • Kaye and the Runaways trio arrive at the Crater. Karolina Dean decides to confront Frank, believing she knows how to manipulate him.[3][19]
  • Karolina Dean visits her father in his office, and starts saying things she knows Frank will be wanting to hear. Frank is happy to see his daughter back and says that now they can guide the church together. When Karolina asks about her mother's role, Frank answers that she has lost her way. Karolina asks to see her but Frank refuses. Karolina says that if he keeps her away and forces her to stay in a place where she does not want to be, she will be dragged into darkness, and insists that she is the only one who can rescue her mother and bring her to the light. Frank claims to finally accept to take her to where her mother is.[3][19]
  • Frank Dean takes his daughter to a room, but outsmarts her and locks her away, telling her that her powers will not be helpful as there is nothing electronic around. Karolina tells Frank that this is not who he was, but he replies that he is now the person who she and her mother have forced him to become.[3][19]
  • Ellerh finds her granddaughter

    A while later, Karolina Dean's door is unlocked approached by S2E4R, Susan, who has finally remembered who she was. Susan tells Karolina of how Jonah distorted the vision that she and David Ellerh had for the church, and that she was kept away once Jonah turned his eyes on her daughter, Leslie. She proceeds to help Karolina, in order to save Leslie.[3][19]
  • Vaughn Kaye spies for Minoru and Hernandez, then informs them that Dean has gone deeper into the compound. Minoru and Hernandez are worried, and Hernandez convinces Minoru to use the Staff of One. She reluctantly agrees to, but only if necessary.[3][19]
  • Susan Ellerh takes Karolina Dean to her mother, who is delighted to see her daughter. Susan's plan is to help take the church back from Frank by putting Karolina and Leslie as the leaders, but Leslie says that she wants to end the church, not guide it. Karolina tries to convince Susan to help them escape, and she reluctantly agrees.[3][19]
  • In the Hostel, Gert Yorkes visits Alex Wilder. She says that Wilder is trying to get vengeance, and that it is a bad idea, but Wilder asserts that he wants justice. Yorkes suddenly feels hungry.[3][19]
  • In the Yorkeses' basement, Old Lace is hungry, which forces the Yorkeses to feed her.[3][19]
  • While Old Lace eats, her telepathic connection with Yorkes causes her to burp. Wilder tells her that he really wants her to leave his room, but Yorkes realizes that it is because of her connection to Old Lace, realizing that she is okay.[3][19]
  • Karolina uses her powers

    Rescue of Leslie Dean:
    • Susan Ellerh manages to escort her daughter and granddaughter to the edge of the facility, but they are stopped by Frank Dean. Karolina uses her powers to convince the believers from the Church of Gibborim that she is one of the angels that their founder, David Ellerh, wrote about in his books. All the believers are bewildered but delighted, treating her as the One. They let Karolina and Leslie go, but Susan chooses to stay to purge the church of Frank's corruption, saddening Leslie, who wanted her to stay with them.[3][19]
    • The group leaves the facility as Frank is taken to the reconditioning by the members of the church, who consider him a heretic.[3][19]
  • The Runaways take Leslie Dean to the Hostel, which angers Alex Wilder, since it had not been agreed upon. Minoru decides that Dean has to stay, given her pregnancy and that she knows the Hostel's location, and Wilder leaves the room, frustrated. Dean thanks the Runaways for rescuing her, and Hernandez gives her a new room in the Hostel.[3][19]
  • Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean talk about the amazing thing Dean did back at the compound. Minoru confesses that she is scared of the Staff of One and of what she might be able to do with it. Dean tries to comfort her and says that may be the darkness that she channels by using the staff comes from within her, and that she might have to embrace who she really is. She kisses her as they reconcile.[3][19]
  • Chase arrives at the PRIDE Headquarters

    Chase Stein notices suspicious items, and starts to think that he messed up by returning to his parents. However, before he sends a message to Gert, he is approached by his father, Victor, who agrees to show him what really happens behind the locked door at the PRIDE Headquarters.[3][19]
  • Stein is taken to meet all the PRIDE members. They admit that they have done terrible things under Jonah's control, but claim that now they want to redeem themselves and give everything to their children, so they can do right by them and amend their errors. They say that the only way to do it is by Stein taking the first step and joining PRIDE. Stein agrees, but makes his father promise that they will not hurt his friends. Chase Stein joins the ranks of PRIDE.[3][19]
  • Inspired by Karolina Dean's glow, a street artist spray-paints a mural of her as an angel.[3][19]
  • Xavin enters Karolina Dean's room at the Hostel, shape-shifted as Gert Yorkes so as not to alarm her. They then change into the form that Dean met before, and reveals that they are Dean's betrothed.[3][19]
  • Xavin tells Karolina Dean their story, about how they were betrothed due to a prophecy. Xavin says to Dean that their destinies are entwined. Dean asks to be able to at least read the prophecy. Xavin, however, starts to propose, but they are interrupted by Nico Minoru, who enters wanting to know what is happening.[3][23]
  • PRIDE is trying to convince Chase Stein to convince the Runaways to return

    At the PRIDE Headquarters, the PRIDE members try to get Chase Stein to convince the Runaways to return to them. Chase claims that they will not return without a fight, and will not listen to him because he left them. Robert Minoru insists that there is no reason for them to keep hiding, as Jonah is gone, and the parents only want a second chance. Chase replies that for the others, it does not change the fact that they are killers, to Catherine Wilder's annoyance considering they have also done bad things. Victor tells his son that he has to give it a try, because one way or another they are going to bring them back. Chase points out that he promised his friends would not get hurt, but Janet says that no one will get hurt if he succeeds. Minoru agrees with the idea, reminding him that PRIDE has the weapons to take on them by force if necessary. Dale Yorkes adds that this is their last act of diplomacy, which is supported by every member of PRIDE, including Stacey, who claims that otherwise their only choice will be war.[3][23]


  • Rex Quinn and his friend Paulie spend time together. Paulie's brother shows them pronographic material, and Quinn learns about sex from watching it. Finding the sex gross, Quinn goes outside to play hockey.[24][25]


  • In the morning, Leslie Dean gets to know Xavin, who is delighted by Earth's food.[3][23]
  • Leslie and Xavin talk during breakfast

    The Runaways discuss about letting their new guests stay in the Hostel. Alex Wilder gets a call from Chase Stein, who tries to convince them to agree to a meeting, as he says that PRIDE is preparing to attack them and he wants to avoid that from happening. Despite everyone else's disapproval, Wilder agrees to decide a meeting point.[3][23]
  • After Wilder hangs up the phone, Chase Stein is approached by his father, Victor, who realizes that the weapons that PRIDE has decided to use on their children have been updated and are now more dangerous. Victor wonders who could have done that, fearing his illness is worsening, losing bursts of memory and forgetting most of the things he supposedly does. Chase tries to comfort his father and begs him to change the specifications back, but his father says that the weapons have already been made.[3][23]
  • Karolina Dean approaches her mother, Leslie, and tells her that she has to leave and be a better mother to her upcoming baby. Leslie asks if she will ever forgive her, and Karolina says that forgiveness is earned through actions, not words. Leslie comments that the Church of Gibborim will try to search her after her display of her powers, which seemed to confirm every teaching of the Book of Gibborim, and that she is the new head of the church. Karolina says that she is not ready to fit into that role, and Leslie offers to help, but not if she pushes her away. They are interrupted by Xavin and Nico Minoru, who are arguing since Xavin wants to go with the Runaways to meet with Chase Stein, but Minoru refuses. Xavin insists that they haves to protect their betrothed, but Minoru says that Karolina needs no protection, and having her is enough. Karolina convinces Xavin to stay at the Hostel and take care of it and her mother. Xavin says is an honor, and Karolina also asks them to stop calling her their "betrothed".[3][23]
  • Chase meets with Runaways

    The Runaways meet with Chase Stein. Stein notes that Wilder is wearing the Fistigons, which Wilder comments is a precaution. Stein reveals PRIDE's plans to take them by force, and also comments that they are willing to leave the organization to them, so they can start to use PRIDE's resources to help others, as PRIDE should have done from the beginning. The Runaways refuse, leaving Stein disappointed, knowing what willo happen next.[3][23]
  • Chase Stein is called by Tina Minoru, who asks if the Runaways accepted their offer, which he reluctantly denies. Stein says that he wants to try talking individually to Wilder, but Minoru replies that it is too late and calls the other PRIDE members to act and engage in the fight with their children. Minoru engages the drones.[3][23]
  • Chase of the Runaways:
    • When the Runaways notice the drones coming for them, Wilder realizes that Stein was followed. The group start to run and try to avoid the drones. They then attempt to fight back, but realize that the drones are affecting Nico Minoru's ability to speak - thus neutralizing her control over the Staff of One - are immune to Dean's powers, and compromise the technology behind the Fistigons. The team decides to separate. Wilder goes on his own, Hernandez and Yorkes escape together, and so do Dean and Minoru. The drones follow them.[3][23]
    • Dean and Minoru kiss

      Dean and Minoru manage to destroy one of the drones by making it crash into a closed gate. They are found by another drone, but it is out of darts. Dean realizes that if they separate, one of them will manage to escape completely. Minoru does not want to, but Dean comforts her by giving her a kiss. Dean tells her that they will meet at the Hostel in an hour, and proceeds to escape before Minoru can manage to tell her that she loves her.[3][23]
    • Tina uses the drone to follow Dean, and informs the Yorkeses on their daughters' location, garnered from another drone.[3][23]
    • Hernandez steals a young man's scooter and throws it at two drones, managing to destroy them. Yorkes realizes she met him before, at the gala weeks earlier, and he reintroduces himself as Earl. The sisters are found by their parents and proceed to run.[3][23]
    • Alex Wilder tricks a car wash into giving him someone's car keys, then uses it to try to lose the drone. The Wilder parents find him and start chasing him in their car. However, when Alex starts making dangerous maneuvers in order to avoid the drone, the Wilder parents order Tina Minoru to shut down the drone for his safety, pointing out that they already know where Alex is. Minoru obeys and the Wilders continue chasing their son.[3][23]
  • Dean learns the threat on her baby

    At the Hostel, Xavin transforms themselves into Karolina Dean, trying to make Leslie Dean feel comfortable, but Leslie says that it is not the way to do it. Xavin asks why Karolina has not responded yet to their attempts to make her fall in love with them, and Leslie claims that human relationships are not that simple, and that they have had bad experience with aliens and Karolina is too young for that kind of commitment. When Leslie suggests Xavin start their own life and then return to then see what happens, Xavin says that Leslie will need their help when the Magistrate and the others return for her baby, who has a Gibborim royal lineage. Leslie realizes that the Magistrate is Jonah, which Xavin confirms, commenting that he and his family survived the ship's explosion and now they are in possession of new hosts. Xavin says that they are a Xartan, and that the Magistrates's Gibborim family are problematic. Leslie asks if the Runaways' meeting is one Jonah's ways to bring Karolina back to him, and Xavin says that it is very possible.[3][23]
  • Victor Stein, who is possessed by Jonah, arrives at Karolina Dean's hiding place.[3][23]
  • At the Stein Mansion, Janet Stein approaches her son and asks how he is feeling. He feels bad that his friends hate him and soon will not remember him. When Janet says that sometimes is better to keep in a secret in order to avoid further problems, Chase gets angry and claims that way of thinking was what caused all their problems to begin with. He says that they have to stop keeping secrets, and decides to tell his mother that his father is sick, and that his skin is flaking and turning white. Janet starts to think that Jonah's healing algorithm and Victor's injection of Jonah's DNA could be turning Victor into an alien like Jonah. Chase asserts that they have to stop it, and tells his mother to follow him as Victor may have already invented the cure.[3][23]
  • Karolina trapped by Jonah

    Victor Stein approaches Karolina Dean, trying to convince her to come with him and make things easier. Dean blasts him with her powers.[3][23]
  • Mike on a Bike tries to steal Victor Stein's car, but is surprised when he turns and sees Xavin, taking his form.[3][23]
  • Victor Stein uses weapons to create a field that neutralizes Karolina Dean's powers. He is distracted when Mike on a Bike appears to walk in and break the field. Xavin returns to their usual form and says that is their duty to save their betrothed. Jonah, who is possessing Stein, expresses his frustration, having thought that they died in the explosion. Jonah uses his powers to knock Xavin down, and Dean realizes that Stein's body is possessed by her father and approaches him. Jonah confirms her suspicious, and reminds her that he decided to take everything, saying it includes her as he uses his powers to knock her out. Jonah then realizes that Xavin has escaped.[3][23]
  • The Yorkes parents find their daughters in a store. Hernandez and Gert decide to go in different directions, as Dale Yorkes goes after Hernandez and Stacey after Gert. Hernandez manages to avoid Dale by telling people he is a pedophile, causing them to stop him, allowing her to escape. However, Gert is caught by her mother, who is again controlled by one of the Gibborim. She knocks Gert out and Dale rejoins her.[3][23]
  • The Wilder parents pursue their son on foot, through the streets of a Chinese market. He manages to avoid them, and as they look for him, Alex takes Darius Davis' gun and aims at them from above.[3][23]
  • Nico Minoru fights against his parents

    Nico Minoru arrives at the PRIDE Headquarters to confront her parents and destroy the devices they are using to chase her friends. Tina, however, uses a subsonic wave generator to again scramble Nico's brain and stop her from using the staff. Knowing that she is not capable of casting a spell, Nico fights her mother. Robert arrives and gets into the fight as well, imploring his daughter to return. As Nico decides to fight nonetheless, her parents decide they have no option but to beat their daughter down.[3][23]
  • The Minoru parents defeat Nico. However, Nico manages to channel power from the Dark Dimension, turning the skin around her eyes dark purple, silver, and cracked. Robert asks Tina what has she done to their daughter, but Tina claims that she has done nothing, but has seen it happening before. Nico uses her powers to cause a blast in the facility, shattering windows and knocking her parents down, then escapes. Tina tells Robert that she did not tell him everything about the nature of the Staff of One. When she notices that he has been seriously hurt by a glass shard, she goes to call emergency services.[3][23]
  • Alex Wilder shoots the gun and calls LAPD. His parents catch up to him, and he explains that, with Tamar's help, he has framed them for the gunshot sound. LAPD arrive and Alex leaves. The police state that they have found a gun, warm from being fired, and arrest Catherine and Geoffrey.[3][23]
  • Chase Stein and Janet Stein vs. Jonah

    Jonah, using Victor Stein's body, arrives at the Stein Mansion. Janet and Chase realize that he has Karolina Dean, unconscious. Chase tries to use a prototype he found of the device "Victor" used on Dean on his father, but he reveals that the suit he is wearing protects him from the device. Janet works out that it is Jonah in Victor's body, and Jonah then uses his powers to knock the Steins out.[3][23]
  • Jonah places Dean and the Steins into the Healing Algorithm. They each live out a fantasy world: Chase Stein single-handedly saves the Runaways from PRIDE, Janet is successful in a happy marriage with Victor, and Dean marries Nico Minoru.[3][26]
  • With his wife acting erratic and not like herself, Dale Yorkes drives the kidnapped Gert and Old Lace out of the city without her.[3][23]
  • Jonah reunites with his wife and daughter, who are possessing Stacey Yorkes and Tina Minoru respectively. When the Magistrate's daughter questions where her brother is, Jonah and his wife realize that he is likely in possession of one of the Runaways.[3][23]
  • Nico Minoru, Molly Hernandez, and Alex Wilder return to the Hostel. There, they are informed by Xavin that Jonah is alive, as well as his family, and that they have to kill them all in order to rescue Karolina Dean, which they say will be difficult, but not impossible.[3][23]
  • Magistrate talks to his wife and daughter

    At the Steins' laboratory, Jonah tells his wife and daughter that their hosts' bodies are fragile and they need to use humans' energy to stay strong. He comments that humans refrigerate their food before eating, so is using healing chambers for the same purpose. Jonah asks his family which human in the chambers looks "tastiest": Janet Stein, Chase Stein, or Karolina Dean.[3][23]
  • Dale and Gert Yorkes arrive at a cabin the Yorkes parents spent time at years prior. Dale ties Gert to a chair and locks Old Lace in a cage.[27][26]


  • Chase Stein's mind is kept occupied in a simulation in which the Runaways have been injured and Gert Yorkes is being taken for sacrifice in the Rite of Blood by PRIDE. He uses his Fistigons to fight the group's parents and rescue Yorkes.[28][26]
  • Janet Stein's mind is kept occupied in a simulation where she receives recognition in Forbes for her work alongside her husband, Victor.[28][26]
  • Karolina Dean's mind is kept occupied in a simulation of herself getting married to Nico Minoru.[28][26]
  • Dean and the Steins continue to be kept in Jonah's chambers.[28][26]
  • Nico Minoru has a dream in which she wanders through the Dark Dimension, calling out for Dean. She instead finds AWOL, who forgives her for banishing him to the Dark Dimension, claiming to be happy there. AWOL disappears, turning into crows, and is replaced by a witch, who offers help in finding Dean. The witch tells Minoru that Dean is alive, but trapped somewhere.[28][26]
  • Minoru wakes up from her dream. Xavin tries to use her psychic abilities to find Dean, but fails due to the physical barrier between them, which upsets Molly Hernandez and Leslie Dean. Minoru arrives and tells the others about her dream, but they are hesitant to accept it as evidence that their friends are alive.[28][26]
  • Alex Wilder calls the others into his area of the Hostel to watch the news feed of a PRIDE press conference. The Magistrate, his wife, and his daughter hold the conference in Victor Stein, Tina Minoru, and Stacey Yorkes' bodies, in which they address the damage done during Minoru's battle against her parents at a PRIDE facility. They refer to the damage as a gas leak, and reveal that Robert Minoru was critically injured. Xavin recognizes that the Magistrate's family has possessed the three PRIDE members in the press conference. She explains that when a Gibborim takes a human host, the two battle for control until the human is extinguished completely, and that it makes sense that the Magistrate's family would possess the nearest host when their ship blew up. The Magistrate's Wife demands that her son return to them, and the Runaways realize that this means he is still out there. The Gibborim denounce the charges against Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, saying that they were racially motivated.[28][26]
  • The Runaways make a plan to save the people kidnapped by the Magistrate's family. They decide to go on a recon mission, with Wilder and Minoru checking the Stein Mansion, and Hernandez and Xavin checking the Yorkes Residence.[28][26]
  • In the Yorkes' cabin, Dale Yorkes tries to get a panicking Old Lace to calm down, while Gert remains tied to a chair. Gert tries to convince Dale to let her go, but fails.[28][26]
  • The Magistrate's family eats breakfast, and the daughter comments on the Magistrate's decaying form. They discuss the lives of their former hosts, and the Magistrate says that they need to continue to lead those hosts' lives.[28][26]
  • Xavin tells the Runaways that they must be willing to kill their parents in order to stop the Gibborim. Hernandez is hesitant, but eventually agrees.[28][26]
  • The Wilders meet with their lawyer, who informs them that the gun they found was involved in a liquor store robbery in Darius Davis' former territory.[28][26]
  • Janet Stein figures out that she is in the Healing Algorithm, and tries to escape. She finds the door out, but cannot open it. Instead, the algorithm starts to glitch from having so many people in it at once, and Janet sees Chase. However, the glitch closes and corrects itself before they can talk.[28][26]
  • Leslie Dean starts having contractions.[28][26]
  • Hernandez and Xavin cannot find anyone. Xavin notices that Hernandez is stressed, so the two talk about her friends' disappearances. Hernandez spots her pink pin nearby, which she had lost, and Xavin awkwardly tries to smile for her.[28][26]
  • The Magistrate's Wife, in Stacey Yorkes' body, enters Karolina Dean's Healing Algorithm world and demands to know Dean's relationship to the Magistrate.[28][26]
  • Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder arrive at the Stein Mansion, noting its new security. Wilder uses the X-Ray Specs to see inside the lab, where he finds three tubes, with a body inside each one, and the Magistrate's Wife touching the tube.[28][26]
  • Dean tells the Magistrate's Wife that the Magistrate is her father, and the Magistrate's Wife is angered. She reveals to Dean that the wedding is fake, then leaves the algorithm and gets revenge by making every simulated algorithm person disappear, leaving Dean alone in her virtual world.[28][26]
  • Gert Yorkes convinces Dale to untie her. He decides to teach her to "drive" Old Lace before she leaves. Gert learns to tap into her connection with the dinosaur to help guide her movement, but she crashes Old Lace into a tree, knocking them both out through the connection.[28][26]
  • Catherine Wilder confesses to killing Darius Davis. Geoffrey is let out of prison without her. He talks to Catherine and tries to talk her out of going through with her deal, but she had already made up her mind. As Catherine gets taken away, she tells Geoffrey to wait for her.[28][26]
  • Planning to use PRIDE weapons they have to break into the Stein Mansion, Alex Wilder hacks their security system and changes Victor Stein's fingerprint to his own. This gives Wilder access to security footage from PRIDE Headquarters, revealing Minoru was responsible for the damage, which she is shocked by, not remembering.[28][26]
  • The Magistrate studies the Abstract, and the Magistrate's Wife suggests letting their daughter dissect Dean, testing her husband's response. The Magistrate refuses, as she expected. The Wife receives a video call from what appears to be Gert Yorkes, who says that she is the Magistrate's Son in Yorkes' body, and asks for a rescue. The three Gibborim leave.[28][26]
  • Infiltration into the Stein Mansion:
    • Waiting outside the Stein Mansion, Minoru asks Wilder whether he thinks she could be the Magistrate's Son host. Wilder reassures her that she is likely safe.[28][26]
    • As the Gibborim leave, Wilder and Minoru run in and gain access to the Stein Mansion. They find the Steins and Dean in the pods. Wilder touches the tube to enter Janet Stein's world and Minoru enters Dean's.[28][26]
    • Wilder encounters Janet Stein, who tells him how to use the Abstract to find the code to open the door for their escape. Wilder then sees Chase through a crack in the simulation, who blames himself for the bad things that have happened.[28][26]
  • Ambush on the Magistrate's Family:
    • The Gibborim arrive at their son's supposed location, in fact Xavin disguised as Yorkes. However, Xavin slips up and the Gibborim recognize that it is a lie, leading to a chase. Meanwhile, Molly Hernandez confronts the Magistrate's Wife.[28][26]
    • Xavin tricks the Magistrate, disguising as the Tina Minoru-bodied Magistrate's Daughter, and outruns the real Daughter.[28][26]
    • Hernandez makes a strong enough emotional appeal for Stacey Yorkes to temporarily break through, and Stacey leaves to find Gert and Dale, suspecting their location.[28][26]
  • Minoru talks to Dean in the algorithm and kisses her. Wilder enters and tells Minoru that he needs her help in the real world, and they leave.[28][26]
  • The Magistrate and his daughter return home, forcing Wilder and Minoru to hide in a closet. The Magistrate walks around and notices something is not right.[28][26]
  • Leslie Dean goes to a prenatal care facility and has an ultrasound performed. However, the technician panics when she sees the result and leaves the room. Dean notices on the feed that her child has glowing eyes, and the child turns to face the transducer, pushing out of her stomach, leaving a bright hand-shaped imprint.[28][26]
  • Chase Stein talks to the Gert Yorkes simulation about how she is not real, and then asks to be left alone, resulting in all of the people in his Healing Algorithm world disappearing.[28][29]
  • Chase and Janet Stein talk through the crack in the simulation, and Chase teaches Janet how to cause Victor to disappear from the algorithm, which she does.[28][29]
  • The Magistrate looks for Wilder and Minoru and searches the closet, but Minoru makes them invisible using the Staff of One. The Magistrate talks to his daughter about the change in his marriage. The Daughter reveals that she and her mother know that Dean is his daughter, and that her mother has already ordered the construction of their portal home. This leads the Magistrate to suggest leaving his wife behind, instead taking Dean. He promises that if his daughter is loyal, he will strip his son of his power and have her take over when he steps down.[28][29]
  • Ambush at the Yorkes Cabin:
    • Gert Yorkes packs to leave the cabin and Dale calls her inside. Old Lace makes a noise from her cage, but Gert promises her it is for her safety. Dale gives Gert his road trip cash in order to help keep Hernandez safe, planning to live at the cabin himself, growing his own food. Stacey suddenly arrives and tells Gert and Dale the Gibborim's plan to leave, revealing that after they leave, the Scrub Squad will come and kill everybody who knew about them. She tells them about the Magistrate's worsening condition, but gets taken back over before she can tell them how to defeat the Gibborim. The Magistrate's Wife breaks Stacey's glasses and attacks the Yorkeses.[28][29]
    • Dale Yorkes tries to shoot her with a tranquilizer, but finds it gone, stolen by Gert. The three fight, but the Magistrate's Wife briefly knocks Dale out. Old Lace attacks and knocks out the Magistrate's Wife, allowing Gert and Dale to escape.[28][29]
    • The Magistrate's Wife wakes up.[28][29]


  • Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru make a plan to get the Abstract from the Magistrate. The plan involves Minoru doing the fighting and Wilder reading the Abstract, but Minoru protests, saying that she could lose control of her darkness if she fights. The Magistrate leaves with the Abstract, and Minoru and Wilder argue over whether Minoru should let in her darkness. Wilder tries to go back into the Healing Algorithm, but cannot.[28][29]
  • Xavin and Molly Hernandez stake out the Stein Mansion, and Hernandez complains about being underestimated by her friends. They resolve to go inside and help in the fight against the Gibborim.[28][29]
  • Minoru and Wilder sneak around the Stein Mansion, while the Gibborim discuss the Magistrate's Son being missing. The pair find the Abstract and open it.[28][29]
  • Hernandez and Xavin try to break the tubes for the Healing Algorithms and get the PRIDE weapons, but the Magistrate and his daughter return. Xavin and Hernandez hide in a truck, which the daughter gets into and drives to Wizard Headquarters.[28][29]
  • Wilder starts to read from the Abstract. He uses a cryptographic algorithm to understand it.[28][29]
  • The Daughter arrives at Wizard with Xavin and Hernandez unknowingly in tow, and the Daughter enters the building. The pair in the car find the Inhibitor Pods, but set off the car alarm. Xavin disguises themselves as Tina Minoru, convincing the guard to let them go. Hernandez drives them away. Gert Yorkes texts Hernandez to say she is safe with Old Lace, and Hernandez has Xavin tell her to bring Old Lace to the Stein Mansion.[28][29]
  • A scientist tells the Magistrate's Daughter about problems with Wizard's 5G Program, but the Daughter cancels it in favor of developing a portal. She chooses several scientists, and points to a food delivery man, saying she needs him.[28][29]
  • Karolina Dean walks through her Healing Algorithm world, and finds a new simulation of Minoru in need of help. Dean comforts Minoru, and the Magistrate appears. He threatens Dean and offers to take her to his home planet, but she refuses.[28][29]
  • In the real world, Minoru starts to lose control over the Staff of One, and the witch's voice encourages her to give in, but she refuses and lets go of the staff. The Magistrate walks back in and Minoru and Wilder hide. He finds the staff, taking it into the lab.[28][29]
  • Janet and Chase Stein reunite in the Healing Algorithm. They look for Dean, who continues to comfort Minoru, whose simulation is dying. Chase appears to Dean, who follows his voice to find the Steins. Although she is at first hesitant, Janet and Chase convince Dean to reunite with them. They make a plan to try to escape by finding the door to the real world.[28][29]
  • The group find the door, but Wilder still has not unlocked it. The Magistrate starts suffocating Chase Stein from the real world in order to draw out Minoru, knowing she is in the lab, but Dean uses her powers to manipulate the algorithm from inside and save Stein.[28][29]
  • Minoru reveals herself and fights the Magistrate, having given into the darkness for more power. The Magistrate breaks the staff and Minoru's power dissipates, leading to a fist fight. Meanwhile, Wilder hacks into the Healing Algorithm and unlocks the door, while Janet Stein and Dean push the door open from the inside.[28][29]
  • The Magistrate is about to kill Minoru, but Hernandez arrives and saves her, joined by Xavin, Yorkes, and Old Lace. Xavin uses the Inhibitor Pods on the Magistrate.[28][29]
  • Janet Stein is absorbed by the algorithm as she encourages her son to leave. Although hesitant, Chase leaves to rejoin the Runaways.[28][29]
  • As Dean and Chase Stein leave the tubes, Dean and Minoru reunite, as the Runaways note Janet's disappearance from inside her tube. Minoru picks up the pieces of the Staff of One and the Runaways leave the Magistrate to die. Yorkes expresses her annoyance with Stein, refusing to let him in the car with her.[28][29]
  • The Magistrate's Daughter returns and rescues her father, putting him in a Dematerialization Box and sacrificing the delivery man for him.[28][30]
  • While returning home, the Magistrate's Son takes control of Wilder and damages the X-Ray Specs so they cannot be used to detect him. He leaves them outside of the Hostel.[28][30]
  • The Runaways return to the Hostel, and Yorkes talks about wanting to remove Stein from the group. While Wilder only wants to give Stein only one night, Hernandez tries to convince Wilder and Yorkes to allow him back properly. However, they do not change their minds.[28][29]
  • The Runaways are about to go to bed, but Xavin refuses to let anyone rest until the Magistrate's Son is found and discovered. Xavin does not want to allow Dean and Minoru to sleep together, since Minoru might be the alien, and Minoru agrees she might not be safe.[28][29]
  • Geoffrey Wilder visits Catherine Wilder in prison. Geoffrey once again tries to talk Catherine out of letting herself go through jail, but once again fails. Catherine asks Geoffrey to track down their son and get him to visit.[28][30]
  • Nico Minoru explains why she thinks she could be the Magistrate's Son host, and Xavin tries to kill her, but the Runaways stop her. The Runaways catch each other up on events, and Chase Stein reveals that his X-Ray Specs could show who is and is not a Gibborim. Stein goes to get the goggles, and notices they are gone. The group resolves to get rest and deal with the Magistrate's Son the next morning. Xavin decides to keep guard, despite being encouraged not to.[28][30]
  • The Magistrate wakes, rejuvenated by his daughter's sacrifice of the delivery man.[28][30]
  • Stein attempts to go to bed, but is interrupted by Old Lace, who missed him. Yorkes expresses her condolences about his mother's passing, and Stein thanks her.[28][30]
  • Dean tries to call her mother, who does not answer. Minoru comforts her and encourages her to relax. They discuss Dean's vision of their wedding in the Healing Algorithm and kiss, but Minoru's darkness returns, causing the broken Staff of One to shake. This prompts Minoru to decide to destroy the staff.[28][30]
  • Xavin stops Minoru on her way out, but she assures the Xartan that if she is the Magistrate's Son host, she will kill herself. She also tells Xavin that the prophecy she believes in is false, as Dean loves her, not Xavin.[28][30]
  • Hernandez teaches Xavin how to sleep, something that is not done on her home planet.[28][30]
  • Minoru is about to destroy the staff, when she is interrupted by another vision of the witch, Morgan le Fay. Le Fay offers to be Minoru's mentor and encourages her not to fear the staff, but Minoru burns it anyway. The fire she burns it in suddenly turns purple, and a crow flies overhead.[28][30]


  • Leslie Dean meets with Vaughn Kaye at a fair. After an awkward conversation, Kaye leaves, and she is joined by Susan Ellerh, who Kaye had arranged for her to meet. Dean asks Ellerh to keep her child in the Crater in order to hide it from the Magistrate, but Ellerh says no and instead gives Dean a journal by her father, saying she needs to read it.[28][30]
  • The Magistrate and his daughter clean up after the battle the day before, and are rejoined by the Magistrate's Wife. They start looking for their son.[28][30]
  • The Runaways eat. Leslie Dean returns to the Hostel with the broken X-Ray Specs, casting suspicion on her.[28][30]
  • The Runaways make a plan to steal Inhibitor Pods from the Minoru Mansion in order to determine who is the alien. Leslie Dean decides not to go due to her cravings.[28][30]
  • Geoffrey Wilder visits Tamar, asking for help finding his son. She gives Geoffrey her phone, so he calls Alex and tells him that Catherine is in jail. Per Catherine's instructions, he tells Alex that she knows the IP address that Alex uses to do his hacking. This convinces Alex to visit her.[28][30]
  • Chase Stein sets up Wizard cameras, planning to prove whether Leslie Dean is the alien. Gert Yorkes catches him, and they discuss his plan, agreeing to keep it secret.[28][30]
  • Yorkes and Stein join Molly Hernandez, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, and Xavin in looking for the inhibitors at the Minoru Mansion. Dean finds her Church of Gibborim Bracelet, which had inhibitor technology, which leads to the discovery of the inhibitors themselves. They decide to take the test at the Hostel, along with Leslie Dean and Alex Wilder.[28][30]
  • Minoru finds an illusion of a picture of her mother with Morgan le Fay, believing it to be real and wondering how they knew each other. She sees an illusion of her father, Robert Minoru, whom she also takes to be real, and "Robert" forgives Nico. He asks where the Staff of One is, and Nico tells "him" that she destroyed it. She asks how her mother and le Fay knew each other, and "Robert" tells Nico that they trained in magic together. Nico leaves, telling "Robert" that she is happy she destroyed the staff. Once she is gone, the illusion dissipates, along with the picture illusion. Outside the mansion, a crow flies away in order to report to le Fay.[28][30]
  • The real Robert Minoru starts convulsing and dying in his hospital bed, as a crow watches from outside.[28][30]
  • Alex Wilder visits Catherine in jail. Catherine accuses him of cyber felonies, but reveals she does not plan to report him. She asks about his well-being, and Alex confronts her about her past. He says that he is satisfied by Catherine's condition, but she responds by saying she only confessed as an attempt at fixing the Wilder family. Alex refuses to accept her gesture and storms out.[28][30]
  • The Magistrate's Daughter, still posed as Tina Minoru, talks to a scientist at Wizard, who tells her that they do not have an energy source powerful enough for their portal, but the daughter tells her that she and her family can handle that part by tapping into the fourth dimension, referring to her powers. She has the scientists leave, offering a million dollar reward for whoever finds the best snack, then turns on the portal. A magnetic storm occurs, which frightens her.[28][30]
  • The Daughter returns to the Stein Mansion, and her parents admonish her. The Magistrate's Wife demands that the Magistrate find their son as soon as possible, then leaves. The Magistrate confirms with his daughter that their plan to leave the Wife behind is still on.[28][30]
  • The Runaways drive to the Hostel in an awkward silence. Xavin reveals that they plan to kill the host, leading to an argument. Yorkes has the group stop to take the test in a public park, so that nobody can kill anyone.[28][30]
  • The death of Catherine Wilder

    Assassination of Catherine Wilder: Catherine Wilder gets taken back to her cell, where the guard closes the door quickly, and she realizes there are three other women with her, who Tamar had ordered to kill her. The leader stabs her and then leaves the cell as Catherine bleeds out in her cell alone.[28][30]
  • Search for the Magistrate's Son:
    • The Runaways start to take the test, and find that none of them are the Magistrate's Son host.[28][30]
    • Alex Wilder returns to the Hostel and receives a call from Geoffrey, informing him of Catherine's death.[28][30]
    • Karolina Dean embraces Minoru when they find she is safe, and the group returns to the Hostel.[28][30]
    • The Magistrate's Son takes over Alex Wilder's body and goes to Leslie Dean's bedroom. He discovers that the Magistrate is the father of her unborn son, and then wakes her up, telling her that danger is coming and driving away with her.[28][30]
    • The group call out for Wilder and Leslie Dean, but cannot find them. Yorkes and Stein tell the group about the cameras that Stein hid, and although the group is initially angry, they decide to check the footage. They discover that Wilder is the alien, and start looking for him.[28][30]
  • The Magistrate's Son takes Dean to Randy's Donuts and calls his father, who offers to pick him up. However, the Son decides to stay on Earth, and offers Dean's unborn child instead.[30] While Dean fiddles with the radio controls in the car, the Magistrate agrees to the deal.[28][31]
  • The Runaways discuss their realization, and Xavin explains the Magistrate's Son's cruelty.[28][31]
  • The Son kills the worker at the donut store. Dean's water breaks and the Magistrate's Son drives her to a hospital.[28][31]
  • The Runaways look for clues as to where the Son might have gone.[28][31]
  • The Magistrate's Son tries to push Dean through the hospital process quickly, but Dean tells him that it will take a long time. Not having that kind of time, the Magistrate's Son instead takes Dean to Tamar's house.[28][31]
  • Chase Stein studies the Inhibitor Pods, and he and Yorkes plan to lace weapons found in the Hostel, previously owned by the original owner of the mansion Quinton the Great, with the technology.[28][31]
  • Xavin and Hernandez talk, and Hernandez helps Xavin realize that they do not really love Karolina Dean.[28][31]
  • Morgan le Fay communicates once again with Minoru. She reaches through the mirror and touches Minoru's chest, planting the Staff of One inside of her.[28][31]
  • The Runaways discover on the news that Catherine Wilder is dead.[28][31]
  • Chase of the Magistrate's Son:
    • Tamar is putting her child to sleep when the Magistrate's Son and Leslie Dean arrive at her door. She takes them in, and sits Leslie down. Leslie asks Tamar for lavender oil, so Tamar sends "Wilder" to get it from the car. While he is gone, Leslie tells Tamar that she suspects Wilder to be dangerous, and asks Tamar to text her daughter and then leave with Xerxes. When the Magistrate's Son returns and takes Leslie to Tamar's room, Tamar reaches out to Karolina.[28][31]
    • Yorkes and Stein start preparing the weapons with Anti-Gibborim technology. Karolina Dean receives Tamar's text and leaves with Minoru, Hernandez, and Xavin to help Leslie.[28][31]
    • The Magistrate's Son notices that Tamar and Xerxes have left, so he threatens Leslie Dean. Tamar returns and rescues her, but the Son fights back and starts to torture her. The Runaways arrive and save Tamar, and the Magistrate's Son runs off, leading to Minoru and Karolina chasing him. Tamar hands them a gun for the chase.[28][31]
    • Tamar, Xavin, and Hernandez help Leslie deliver the child.[28][31]
    • The Magistrate's Son being confronted by Minoru

      Karolina Dean and Minoru split up, planning to cut off the Magistrate's Son. Minoru catches him and points a gun at him, threatening to kill him. The Son plans on taking on all of the pain Minoru might inflict, threatening to jump into Minoru's body and killing Dean. When Minoru lowers the gun, the Son leaves, and Minoru tells Dean that he got away.[28][31]
  • Leslie Dean's daughter is born. Xavin holds her, realizing how much she loves her already. The Abstract shakes from inside of the Magistrate's Son's duffel bag, recognizing the girl as part of the Magistrate's family, and Xavin reads it. Xavin reveals that the Magistrate and his family plan to open a portal and leave Earth, and that conditions are favorable to do it. They see that they plan is to do it that night at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant. While Hernandez believes this to be a positive development, Xavin reveals that this will result in the arrival of the Scrub Squad, a group tasked with killing everybody the Gibborim have come in contact with. The Runaways resolve to go to the plant and stop them from leaving.[28][31]
  • The friends arrive at the Hostel and retrieve the weapons designed to kill Gibborim.[28][31]
  • Leslie Dean decides to name her child Elle, after her father's surname, Ellerh. She shows Xavin her father's journal, which contains the prophecy Xavin was planning to fulfill. The journal reveals, however, that the love described is between a mother and child, as the child of the Magistrate that was prophesied about would be "raised by another", not referring to Karolina Dean, but Elle.[28][31]
  • Nico Minoru practices using an anti-Gibborim sword and talks to Karolina Dean about their plans, and the two kiss.[28][31]
  • Chase Stein is going to talk to Yorkes, but decides against it. He changes his mind again, right as she opens the door, and he pretends to be asking about the anti-Gibborim technology. They talk about their fight, and Stein ultimately tells her he loves her. She does not return the comment, to his dismay.[28][31]
  • Tamar holds Elle Dean as a medic arrives. Meanwhile, Leslie tells Xavin to take Elle to her home planet. Tamar hands Elle to the medic, who the Magistrate's Son had in fact called, then the Son takes Elle from the medic.[28][31]
  • Yorkes and Old Lace argue about whether she was right to turn Stein away, but they are interrupted by Karolina Dean, and the Runaways rush to the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant, leaving Old Lace behind.[28][31]
  • Battle at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant:
    • The Magistrate's Son brings Elle Dean to his parents, who argue about whether she should be allowed to return with them in his stead. The Daughter kills the scientists she had finishing their portal, and the Son plans on joining the Scrub Squad when they arrive. The gravitational alignment becomes perfect for the portal, and the Gibborim begin the sequence to leave.[28][31]
    • The Runaways show up to stop the process. The family splits up, planning to draw the fight away from the portal.[28][31]
    • Stein finds and fights the Magistrate, attacking him with the Fistigons. Meanwhile, Yorkes fights the Magistrate's Wife, and Minoru finds the Daughter and fights her with her sword. Dean watches helplessly as the portal opens.[28][31]
    • The Magistrate calls Stein "son", giving him the opportunity to blindside Stein and escape. Meanwhile, Hernandez scares off the Wife, but the Daughter knocks out Minoru and escapes.[28][31]
    • Xavin arrives, planning to use the portal to escape with Elle Dean. They disguises themselves as the Magistrate and take Elle. Bidding farewell, Xavin returns to their home planet with the child, planning to raise her as their own in order to fulfill the prophecy. Hernandez promises to protect Leslie in their absence.[28][31]
    • The Magistrate's family reconvene and attack the Runaways, overwhelming Dean's powers. The Magistrate starts to hurt the Runaways, and Morgan le Fay again talks to Minoru, telling her let out her power. Minoru gives in as the Staff of One emerges from her chest, and she uses a spell given to her by le Fay's voice in order to banish all of the Gibborim and send all of the humans present, including the former hosts of the Gibborim, to the Dark Dimension.[28][31]
  • Minoru's spell opens the portal to allow le Fay to come to Earth. She heals Robert Minoru and charms him.[28][31]


Dark Dimension


Dark Dimension
  • The group find Quinton the Great, who tries to get them to watch a magic show. They discover that none of them have their powers. Quinton warns them against leaving the Hostel, and storms off.[28][32][21]



Dark Dimension
  • The Runaways follow Quinton and ask for help. He tells the group that he has seen the former hosts of the Gibborim, who went outside. He explains Stacey Yorkes tried to steal his monocle.[28][32][21]



Dark Dimension
  • The team realize the Gibborim hosts have been separated from the Gibborim in this dimension. Quinton tells them that where they are, the Dark Dimension, is a thin place between other dimensions, and that their friends are trapped in a moment that tortures them.[28][32][21]


Dark Dimension
  • The group leave the Hostel and the Dark Dimension separates them.[28][32][21]


Dark Dimension
  • Nico Minoru finds herself on a hill, where she sees Akari, Tokiko, and Judith Minoru: her grandmother and aunts.[28][32][21]
  • Chase Stein appears in a street, where he witnesses Victor being abused by his father, Curtis Stein.[28][32][21]
  • Hernandez appears in her childhood home, in a time setting when she is still 4 years old and being offered breakfast by her parents.[28][32][21]
  • Dean appears in an encampment, where she is met by Destiny Gonzalez.[28][32][21]
  • Gert Yorkes appears in the basement of her house, where she wanders downstairs and discovers her mother experimenting on a prototype version of Old Lace. Proto-Old Lace bangs against the door of her cage, scaring Yorkes.[28][32][21]


Dark Dimension
  • Stacey Yorkes turns the lights on. Gert realizes this is something that really happened, as Stacey prepares the Synnergy Serum and admits that this was both of their nightmares. Stacey injects Gert with the serum.[28][32][21]
  • Molly Hernandez notices a present left for her by her mother: the hair clip she treasures. Molly realizes this is because the Hernandezes never watched Molly grow up, only seeing her as how she was up to age 4. Her parents tell her that they are going to do charity work at the Church of Gibborim.[28][32][21]
  • Gonzalez tells Dean the other people present are the other victims of the Rite of Blood. It starts to get dark, and Gonzalez asks her for help from the monster who always comes to them in the evening. The group then pin Dean down.[28][32][21]
  • Chase Stein runs over to the car and is confronted by Curtis, leading to a chase. Chase outruns Curtis and returns to his father.[28][32][21]


Dark Dimension
  • Nico Minoru talks to her relatives about the Staff of One. They do not trust her with it, and they discuss the staff's new ability to emerge from her chest.[28][32][21]


  • Having taken Malcolm Ducasse's advice, Trish Walker works on a show called Style by Trish. She recommends a cardigan with her colleague, Grace, for the unusually cold spring weather, and gives life advice for a caller to start afresh for the spring season.[11][12]
  • After finishing, Trish Walker continues her investigation into Andrew Brandt, who has walked free after the sculpture he seemingly gave hired thugs to beat up his half-sister was not found. Dorothy then approaches to remind Trish to focus on her show. Dorothy asks if Trish is happy doing the show, and Trish responds saying that people needs to see what she is up to.[11][12]


Dark Dimension
  • The Minorus want to cut Nico open, but "Amy Minoru" appears and stops them. "She" volunteers to help Nico find her mother, and "Amy" uses a shadow spell to transport away.[28][32][21]
  • Chase Stein tries to drive away, but the car does not work, so Victor and Chase fight Curtis off together when he returns. Chase gets carried away, and Victor stops him, hoping to end the cycle of abuse in the Stein family. They drive away together, looking for their friends.[28][32][21]


Dark Dimension
  • The Hernandezes serve fruit punch at the church, and they find potential sacrifice victims for Jonah.[28][32][21]
  • Nico Minoru and "Amy" appear in the Minoru Mansion, where Nico finds Tina standing over Amy's corpse. An illusion of Nico walks out of Amy's room, and is comforted by an illusion of Robert Minoru. The real Nico enters the room.[28][32][21]



Dark Dimension
  • Molly Hernandez confronts her parents about the sacrifices. They tell her that they are honored and proud to work for Jonah. All of the teenagers in the room die from poisoned punch, and Gene and Alice menacingly offer her the punch. She runs out of the church and looks back in through the glass, finding the room now empty.[28][32][21]
  • Tina Minoru tries to resurrect Amy, but cannot remember the spell. She hands Nico the Staff of One, but Nico uses it to stab the Amy illusion, causing her to disappear. She convinces Tina that they are not in the real world, and Tina resolves to leave with Nico. They try to find the "Amy" Nico arrived with, but "she" has disappeared.[28][32][21]


  • Trish Walker continues her investigation into Andrew Brandt at home. She then starts typing an email, which she intends to send to Jessica Jones, starting apologetic and with a softer tone. However, she then deletes her progress, instead proceeding to write a significantly harsher message.[11][12]


Dark Dimension


Attack on the Chronicom Vessel

  • Attack on the Chronicom Vessel:
    • Enoch watches Leo Fitz as he lies, frozen in his cryogenic chamber. The ship gets attacked by the Confederacy, as Enoch apologizes to the unconscious Fitz, having planned to protect him for 73 years and 261 days more. Enoch calculates Fitz's best chances go survival, just as their attackers cut their ship in half.[33][34]
    • Enoch and Fitz barely escape death as Enoch takes the frozen Fitz to safety in an ejection pod.[33][35]


  • After their crash, Fitz and Enoch end up on Saldon.[33][36]
  • Enoch finds one half of the ship, with the frozen Fitz in tow.[33][36]


  • Restless by Ryan Innes is released on an album.[16][37]



Rand shooting his Chi Guns at the bullet

  • Search for Orson Randall: In a bar in Hokkaido, Japan, at 4AM local time Ward Meachum asks a man about his employer selling on the black market. The man denies this, but Meachum continues to inquire, asking about Hancock Transport and the body inside, saying he wants to talk to the man who sent it, Orson Randall, whom he knows is the man's boss. The man denies knowledge of Randall, but Meachum says they have had a rough time tracking him through Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and a mess in Jakarta, which causes the man to realize Meachum was involved in the stealing of their missing shipment from Jakarta. As a thug working for the man stands to threaten Meachum, Meachum turns to Danny Rand, sitting nearby. The man tells Rand that Randall wants his property back, and Rand reveals he has it: two special pistols at his side. The man shoots at Rand, but Rand lights up both his fists, his chi restored and now in both hands, and the energy channeled through both weapons, and fires two chi-charged bullets, converging on the man's bullet and knocking it out of the air. He facetiously remarks that the man should not try that again.[38][39]


  • John Pilgrim chops wood outside his home. His wife, Rebecca, waves from her window.[40][41]
  • Anderson and Eliza Schultz and John Pilgrim attend church. The reverend invites Eliza, a patron of the church, up to speak.[40][41]
  • John Pilgrim speaks with Anderson Schultz

    Anderson Schultz approaches John Pilgrim after church and tells him that their doctor is optimistic about the new treatment being used on Rebecca working. He tells John that he has become aware of a situation threatening everything they hold dear, and he will need to perform a task for them. John agrees, and Eliza assures him is sons will be looked after while he is gone.[40][41]
  • John Pilgrim assures Rebecca that he will only be gone for a couple of days, as he prepares to leave. He changes out of his shirt, under which he has faded white supremacist tattoos.[40][41]



  • Rescue of Cassie Yasdan: In response to an Amber Alert, Jessica Jones tracks down the missing Cassie Yasdan to Mexico, who had been taken illegally by her father, Mitch, after he lost custody of her to Cassie's mother. Jones intends to return Cassie home, and when Mitch threatens to get physical, she tosses him several feet in the air. The incident, unbeknownst to Jones, is captured on camera and uploaded to the Internet.[43][44]


  • Trish Walker inside Brandt's Apartment

    The New York Bulletin prints the cover story "Bona Fide Hero" about Jessica Jones.[43][45]
  • Trish Walker begins stalking Andrew Brandt. She starts by breaking into his apartment while he is gone, disabling the alarm and looking through his place for the missing sculpture. She finds a locked safe, which she is certain the sculpture is being kept in. While she cannot get to the sculpture for the time being, she notices the hotel across the road from his apartment building, where she can stay in order to watch him.[11][12]
  • Walker moves into the Nouvet Hotel. From her room, she had the perfect view of Brandt's home.[11][12]
  • Jessica Jones returns to New York City with Cassie Yasdan and delivers her to her mother, despite Cassie's complaints. Mrs. Yasdan tells Jones that she plans on restricting her x-husband's limitation rights and punishing him. Jones advises her to back off for Cassie's sake, prompting anger from Mrs. Yasdan, until she becomes scared of Jones and runs inside.[43][44]
  • Jessica Jones returns to New York City

    Jones returns to the Alias Investigations Office to learn from Vido Arocho that her altercation with Mitch Yasdan had since gone viral. She enters her apartment, where she and Gillian, her assistant, discuss furniture arrangements and clients.[43][44]
  • At night, Jones leaves for the bar. In the hallway, she runs into Malcolm Ducasse, who has upgraded apartments and moved into Mrs. Chin's old apartment after quitting his job at Alias Investigations a year prior. After introducing Jones to Zaya Okonjo, his new girlfriend, the two part ways again.[43][44]
  • Walker waits for Brandt to return home, ignoring several of her mother's calls and messages while doing so, as she misses filming for an episode of her show. When Brandt arrives at his apartment, she watches from her room, though eventually falls asleep.[11][12]
  • While at the bar, Jones is approached by Eddy Costa, who congratulates her on bringing Cassie Yasdan home, having been the one who mentioned the case to Jones. He suggests that Jones should end her private investigator endeavors and leave it to the professionals, but adds that his reason for being there is simply to remind Jones of their agreement, that he would throw her the occasional case and she would not break the law.[43][44]
  • Frank Castle meets a girl in Lola's Roadhouse

    Shooter Jennings performs in Lola's Roadhouse, and Frank Castle watches, buying a beer from bartender Beth Quinn. A girl comes and orders a drink, with owner Ringo judging her as acceptable to serve despite looking potentially underage. Castle surveys her, and she is defensive, telling him to look away and calling him "Rough Road". When he asks if she is okay, she unconvincingly claims she is before walking away.[46][24]
  • A man named Johnny starts harassing Quinn behind the bar, and when she refuses his advances, he grabs her arm. Castle tells him to let her go, and when he insults her, Castle chides his behavior. Johnny tries to pick a fight, but Castle breaks his finger. Ringo tries to have them both kicked out, but Quinn sticks up for Castle. He introduces himself to her as "Pete".[46][24]
  • John Pilgrim interrogates Sergei Konchevsky

    Assassination of Sergei Konchevsky:
    • The girl in Lola's Roadhouse, Amy Bendix, calls Sergei Konchevsky from a payphone. Konchevsky is being held captive by John Pilgrim, and is forced to take the call but not give his situation away. Bendix explains she is someone who worked for Fiona, and the reason they did not deliver him the photographs he was expecting the day before was because the whole crew except her, pointing out someone must know about them. Konchevsky, pressured by Pilgrim, asks for her to still deliver the pictures, but she asks him to meet her the next day at Lola's Roadhouse, unknowingly giving her location to Pilgrim.[46][24]
    • After hanging up, Konchevsky expects Pilgrim to let him go. However, Pilgrim explains he only promised he would give Konchevsky peace, and kills the man.[46][24]


  • Castle and Quinn talk as the roadhouse closes. He goes to leave, but she offers that he come along with her for another drink.[46][24]
  • Beth Quinn takes "Pete Castiglione" out for a drink

    Quinn has Castle jump into her car. Meanwhile, Bendix sneaks past to the Good Rest Motel, where Castle has been staying, and picks the lock on an empty room, breaking in to sleep.[46][24]
  • Back at Beth Quinn's home, Beth tells Castle about her life, including an 8-year-old son named Rex. They admit that they do not usually head home with someone after one night, but each feel a connection to each other, and end up sleeping together.[46][24]
  • After she notices his scars, Castle tells Quinn he was in the marines. He also explains his wedding ring hung around his neck, about having had a wife and children, who were all taken from him. He admits life can get lonely, but quotes Karen Page's comment to him about how life is about trying not to be lonely, and they tell each other neither are feeling lonely currently.[46][24]
  • After a while, Castle admits to Quinn that this real name is Frank, and explains that the government have given him a new identity, due to things he was involved with that have to remain secret. She says she trusts him, and comments that they have to take the good when it comes, which reminds him of his family's times with Billy Russo, and Russo's subsequent utter betrayal.[46][24]
  • In the morning, Castle gets up to leave. He comes across Rex Quinn, who has been dropped off by Beth's mother, who had been looking after him. Beth gets up, and Castle stops himself from leaving. He endears himself to Rex, and offers to drive the trio to get pancakes for breakfast.[46][24]
  • Castle has breakfast with the Quinns

    At the diner, Beth Quinn tells Frank Castle about her job, and how she teaches musical instruments on weekdays. Rex surprises the adults when he guesses that they had sex, and Beth quickly changes the subject.[46][24]
  • Jeri Hogarth wakes up and falls onto the floor as she attempts to get up out of the bed, her ALS worsening. She sits on the ground in pain, contemplating whether to call 911. Hogarth ultimately chooses not to, instead retrieving illegally obtained pills from her nightstand. She contemplates using them, but instead merely looks at them.[43][44]
  • Amy Bendix remains asleep in the Good Rest Motel room.[46][24]
  • Meanwhile, outside, Beth Quinn drops Frank Castle off back at his motel room. She invites him to return to Lola's Roadhouse that evening, and they bid each other farewell. He goes to unlock his door.[46][24]
  • A few doors down, Amy Bendix is woken when a worker at the motel rattles the door, trying to get in. She pushes past her, ignoring the woman's protests for her to stop and explain herself, and bumps into Castle about to enter his room. He is concerned about her, but she rushes away.[46][24]
  • Trish Walker wakes up as Andrew Brandt is preparing to leave his home. Brandt opens his safe and pulls out a gun, along with what Walker believes to be the stolen sculpture, so she follows him. However, as she watches, Walker discovers that Brandt had not retrieved the sculpture from the safe, but a bag filled with money.[11][12]
  • Dorothy Walker meets with Jones to tell her Trish is missing

    Jessica Jones wakes up as she hears Dorothy Walker banging on her door. Jones shuts the door in her face twice before even hearing out what she has to say. Dorothy reveals that Trish is missing, and that she wants to hire Jones to find her. She offers to pay Jones for her services, but Jones is too far removed from caring about Trish, so she kicks Dorothy out. Jones then gets a call from Hogarth, who is in need of her assistance.[43][44]
  • Scott Lang, currently on house arrest, spends the weekend with his daughter Cassie.[47]
  • At Hogarth's apartment, Hogarth shares with Jones her plan for the future. In her hand, she holds the pill bottle from her nightstand. She tells Jones that she contemplates taking the pills to end her own life every day, but today was the first time she was going to, when she felt the first significant symptoms of the ALS, though the symptoms did pass. However, it made her realize that when the day came for her to finally take them, she would not have it in her to do it herself. Hogarth states she is going to need someone to slip her the pills without her knowing, and that she wanted that to be Jones. However, Jones is reluctant.[43][44]
  • Malcolm Ducasse arrives at the scene of a car crash, where Cody Willamet jumped a curve and hit another driver, who suspects that Willamet was masturbating while driving. The injured driver wants to sue him but Ducasse recommends against it. Ducasse approaches Willamet with a transfer of title document and tells him to sign it. He returns to the injured driver with the transfer and tells him that the car is now his, so long as he agrees to keep the accident to himself.[43][44]
  • Walker, meanwhile, misses a second consecutive episode of her show.[11][12]
  • Jones has a change of heart and decides to look into Trish Walker's disappearance. She calls Dorothy to ask for Trish's credit card numbers, bills, the last person she saw, and the names and contacts of her co-workers. When she asks about Trish's security door, Dorothy reveals that Trish has moved, having apparently sold her condo and everything else she owned. They agree to meet at Walker's apartment in the morning.[43][44]
  • Shooter Jennings performs again at Lola's Roadhouse. Bendix turns up and waits for her arranged meeting.[46][24]
  • Frank Castle is driving out of town when he changes his mind about leaving. He decides to turn his van around and drive back to the roadhouse and see Quinn again.[46][24]
  • Castle gets to the roadhouse and goes to speak to Quinn again, relaxed and ready to enjoy his evening.[46][24]
  • Chase of Amy Bendix:
    • As the band continue playing, Castle notices a suspicious group of people arriving at the roadhouse and looking around for someone. He keeps an eye on them. Amy Bendix, meanwhile, sees them and becomes scared, rushing to the bathroom to escape. The group spot her and follow, and Castle follows them, concerned about what might be happening.[46][24]
    • Bendix tries to climb through the bathroom window, but gets stuck. One of the group after Bendix grabs her by the legs and drags her back into the bathroom, starting to punch her.[46][24]
    • A man from the group after Bendix stands guard at the bathroom door, stopping others from entering. Castle approaches him, pretending to be a normal patron, but he refuses to let him pass.[46][24]
    • Bendix pulls a knife on the women in the bathroom, but they grab her arm and twist it. Hearing her shouting in pain from outside, Castle headbutts the guarding man and breaks in. He wraps his belt around his forearm then engages the attackers in a fight, violently smashing them against walls, toilets, and sinks to incapacitate them.[46][24]
    • Bendix gets out of the room to safety as some of the attackers get back up to continue fighting. Castle stabs one woman in the shoulder with her own knife, and when the other comes running at him with a blade, Bendix knocks her out from behind with a broken piece of sink.[46][24]
    • Castle asks Bendix what the attackers want, and she tries to lie and pass it off as a normal meaningless fight, but Castle does not believe her. Scared, Bendix eventually admits she would like his protection.[46][24]
    • Castle escorts Bendix through the roadhouse, hoping to get her out safely. One man goes to attack her, but Castle grabs him first and a fight breaks out between them. Another man goes to attack Castle, but Ringo intercepts him. Another man jumps castle as Ringo's opponent tries to fight back.[46][24]
    • Castle smashes a bottle on his second attacker's head. However, one of the women from the bathroom starts stabbing Ringo, and while Castle defeats his first attacker, another man grabs hold of Bendix.[46][24]
    • Bendix and Ringo fight back against their attackers, while Castle manages to stab his. He engages Bendix's attacker, as Beth Quinn loads a gun. One attacker tries to shoot Castle, but instead hits another man. Ringo breaks one attacker's neck and Castle throws one attacker's head onto a knife, but one of the women from the bathroom manages to riddle Ringo with bullets and shoot Quinn in the arm before she can get a shot off herself.[46][24]
    • Castle throws Bendix behind the bar for cover as the attackers start firing. He is shot, but manages to beat another attacker to death, leaving only one - Marlena Olin - managing to escape.[46][24]
    • Castle rushes to help Quinn, trying to help staunch her bleeding. He gets her to his van, with Bendix getting in as well.[46][24]
    • Castle drives, but they are stopped in the road by a car. More of Olin's crew jump out and tell them to get out of the car, but he opens the window and guns them down, before jumping out of the vehicle and finishing them off.[46][24]


  • Bendix tries to get away, but he bundles her back in the van and has her find the nearest hospital on her phone so he can drive Beth Quinn to get help.[46][24]
  • They arrive at Ecorse Hope Hospital and Beth Quinn is taken into the building, asking that Castle make sure Rex is okay.[46][24]
  • John Pilgrim arrives at Lola's Roadhouse. He finds the bodies from the fight and Frank Castle's ring, with an inscription including his forename. He tells the local, corrupt police lieutenant, Lt. Ferrara, to find the girl they are after and whoever she is with, and keep his police away. Marlena Olin shows Pilgrim that they have found the girl's bag, with her laptop inside.[46][24]
  • Pilgrim and Olin survey the security footage of Castle's fight. Pilgrim says it will not be hard to find him.[46][24]
  • Dinah Madani stands over the hospital bed of Billy Russo, who is asleep with a decorated mask over his face. She drinks and insults him, before leaving. After she exits, Russo wakes.[46][24]
  • Castle continues to drive Bendix away. Bendix asks if there will be more people coming, and he says that he hopes so.[46][24]
  • Tired and bleeding, Frank Castle struggles somewhat with driving. Amy Bendix suggests taking over driving or stopping somewhere, but he refuses. However, he eventually decides to turn off to Larkville, Ohio.[46][37]
  • Arriving at the Tides Motel in Larkville as the sun comes up, Castle reluctantly gives Bendix money to rent them a room.[46][37]
  • Bendix approaches the worker at the desk, Debbie, who forces her to pay for the morning as well as the upcoming evening, to her annoyance.[46][37]
  • Castle and Bendix go to their room, and Castle tells her to call him "Pete", with her telling him she is "Rachel". He takes her to the bathroom and tries to tweeze out the bullet in his side, but cannot, asking her to do it for him. Once she has, he then has her stitch the wound. She insists again that she does not know why she is being hunted.[46][37]
  • Bendix tries to escape the room, but Castle catches her, then uses cable ties to tie her to her bed so as to ensure she cannot run. She starts complaining, so he puts tape over her mouth, telling her to sleep.[46][37]
  • Billy Russo is tormented by nightmares. When he wakes, Dinah Madani is standing over his bed again. He claims not to know her. Russo's doctor, Krista Dumont, enters, and Madani says that she is certain Russo is faking his situation, but Dumont explains that he cannot be. She tells Madani about working with Russo, with Russo mentioning the metaphorical "jigsaw" of his memories they are putting together. Madani leaves, saying she will return that night, and Russo tells Dumont that he is aware he must have done something to her, but becomes angry and frustrated when he cannot remember what. Dumont goes to get him headache relief medicine, but when Russo first asks what he did to Madani, she truthfully tells him he shot her in the head.[46][37]
  • As planned, Jessica Jones and Dorothy Walker arrive at Trish's new apartment. Jones begins looking through Trish's work and discovers that she has been educating herself on various topics. She realizes that it is being used as more of a hideout than apartment. She accuses Trish's laptop to see what she could find. Dorothy admits that she used to be jealous of Jones' relationship with Trish, commenting that Jones was her protector and Trish was Jones' conscious. Dorothy suggests that Jones must miss Trish, leading to Jones kicking her out.[43][44]
  • Jones proceeds to search Trish's laptop. She starts by looking through Walker's ride history with LYFT, taking note of each address Walker was either taken to or picked up from. Also in Walker's inbox, Jones discovers email drafts, one for Jones herself, one for Dorothy, and one for Grace. Jones clicks on the draft addressed to her. She reads the message, in which Walker explains why she feels that she had to kill Jones' mother. This angers Jones, who knocks the laptop to the ground in a fit of rage.[43][44]
  • John Pilgrim visits Beth Quinn in her hospital ward. He notices several cards from people who care about her, and threatens them if she does not tell him the name of the man seen at Lola's Roadhouse. She claims not to know, but eventually pretends to give him up, saying he simply told her he was called "Pete". Pilgrim pushes for more, aware she is covering for him, so she reluctantly gives his surname "Castiglione", and Pilgrim leaves, with her managing to have withheld the name "Frank".[46][37]
  • Scott Lang plays with Cassie Lang

    Scott Lang plays a game with his daughter Cassie, using cardboard boxes to pretend they are crawling through tunnels on a heist. They reach the "treasure", which Cassie had chosen to be a trophy she bought Scott for his birthday, and says she wants to take it into school for show and tell. At the same time, Luis, who is visiting, talks to Scott about a pitch X-Con Security Consultants are preparing for providing security to a company called Karapetyan. Scott and Cassie complete the course, sliding out of the house as their "escape", but when they reach the bottom, Scott's leg goes through the fence and his house arrest ankle bracelet sets off an alarm.[48][49][47]
  • The FBI, led by Scott Lang's parole officer Jimmy Woo (a former ally of Melinda May's[50]), arrive at the house. When Cassie asks why they have to visit, Woo explains to her how Scott broke the Sokovia Accords in Germany and had to make a plea deal to return to the United States of America that required him to spend 2 years under house arrest, showing little understanding of how to talk to children. Cassie's mother, Maggie, then arrives with her boyfriend Jim Paxton to pick her up.[48][47]
  • Lang waving farewell to Cassie as she leaves

    Cassie Lang tells Scott she had a good weekend, and he tells her to look forward to next weekend, by which time he will be free, having just 3 days remaining of his sentence.[48][47]
  • Lang reenters the house, telling himself that managing 3 final days should be easy.[48][47]
  • Lang has fun playing electric drums.[48][47]
  • Frank Castle cuts Bendix free from the bed and asks her again to tell him the truth about why people are after her. When she refuses, he grabs a container from her pocket, finding undeveloped photos. She criticizes his approach of killing all their attackers and says that he is too constantly angry, and says it seems to her that he seemed happy for the excuse to kill again. He ties her to the bed again before stepping outside.[46][37]
  • Jones follows Walker's ride history to a hotel. She enters, and after roughing up the clerk, learns that Walker has been staying there. Jones enters Walker's room and goes through her bags, discovering that Walker was stalking out the apartment building next door.[43][44]
  • Billy Russo and Krista Dumont in therapy

    Dr. Krista Dumont meets with Billy Russo again. He tells her once again about a nightmare of a skull on a black background, and blood and breaking glass. He complains about having to tell her the same thing over and over, but she points out that one day, his responses will be different. He says that, despite being told his face should not be hurting, it does. Dumont asks what the last thing he remembers is, and he states that it is spending time with Frank Castle in the barracks, a man he thinks of as his brother.[46][37]
  • John Pilgrim investigates the Good Rest Motel, and his assistant says that DMV has let him know Pete Castiglione has no record of criminal activity or service. Pilgrim says that there is definitely something more to Castiglione, however, and objects to his assistant's love of technology and casual use of profanity.[46][37]
  • Sal Blaskowski watches as Erik Gelden nearly drowns in her swimming pool, asking Dwayne Blaskowski for a hot dog. Sal throws the hot dog at Gelden and yells at him for not paying her back on time. She gives him exactly 1 week to pay his debt, and Gelden promised to return it on time. Sal watches with pride as her grandson imitates her torturing of Gelden with a doll.[43][51]
  • Frank Castle rents the room next to his and Bendix's from Debbie.[46][37]
  • Castle returns to the room and cuts Bendix free from the bed again. He starts hammering a hole in one of the walls, to her confusion.[46][37]
  • Malcolm Ducasse meets with Jeri Hogarth to give her the nondisclosure agreement from Cody Willamet, though Ducasse is uncomfortable with his role in allowing Willamet, an entitled drunk, back on the road. Ducasse reminds Hogarth that he is an investigator, not a fixer, though Hogarth says that she required both. She reminds Ducasse that he will be able to launch his own PI firm after working with her. Once Ducasse is gone, Hogarth continues to read a Zoey Lyonne Arts Scholarship Benefit Concert email she had received. She instructs Char to make a platinum-level donation and put the address in her calendar.[43][44]
  • Lang plays indoor bowling

    Scott Lang tries plastic indoor ten-pin bowling, but completely misses all the pins.[46][47]
  • Rafael Hernandez has Dinah Madani meet him to talk over dinner. Hernandez tells her that he is receiving complaints about her visiting Billy Russo so often, and tells her that she needs to remember she cannot change the fact that he fooled her. Madani continues to insist that Russo is lying about his memory-loss. Hernandez says he wishes Castle had killed Russo, but Madani says she is glad Russo did not die thinking he had killed her, and leaves the restaurant.[46][37]
  • Gelden sends anonymous notes to Todd White, Reyna Pincer, and Gregory Sallinger, demanding money in exchange for his secrecy about what they did, having detected with his abilities that they are bad people, not actually knowing what they have done.[43][51]
  • Skirmish at Andrew Brandt's Apartment:
    • Jones remains in Walker's hotel room into the night. She uses the binoculars she found in Walker's bag to scope the neighboring apartment building, to see who Walker was stalking. Jones spots Walker on the street and watches from the hotel room as she follows the man into his home.[44] Walker, meanwhile, tucks her hair in and pulls a mask over her face.[43][12]
    • Walker sets off Brandt's alarm, and Brandt goes to confront her.[43][12]
    • Jones witnesses Walker break into the man's apartment and begin to attack him. Just as he gains the upper hand and goes for a gun, Jones goes to save her, crashing through the man's window as he pulls out a gun and begins firing.[12] Jones disarms the man, Andrew Brandt, and retreats into the bedroom with Walker, who exhibits impressive reflexes and agility to get free of Jones before returning to the main room, only to discover that the man, and the sculpture that she was after, is gone.[43][44]
  • Walker jumps out of the window, landing safely, to Jones' surprise. She returns to her hotel room, with Jones not far behind.[43][44]
  • Jones confronts Walker, referring to her as a cat burglar, but Walker says that she is simply trying to get justice. Jones realizes that Walker's new abilities mean that Karl Malus' procedure worked. Walker explains Brandt's past and why she is pursuing him. Walker claims she is trying to be the hero she always wanted to be, and Jones mocks her for it. Walker, however, says that she has freed Jones from her responsibilities of helping people, because she could do that now. Before leaving, Jones tells Walker that her mother was looking for her.[43][44][12]
  • Malcolm Ducasse watches from his car as Cody Willamet exits a restaurant, drunk. Willamet's girlfriend says that he is too drunk to drive, though Willamet is far too belligerent to adhere to her warnings. Willamet then drives off in his car, but Ducasse tails him.[43][44]
  • Willamet pulls up to a stop sign, not only drunk, but also texting while driving. As he drives forward, he is hit from the side by Ducasse, who exits his car and leaves the scene.[43][44]
  • Jones gets a drink at the bar, where Walker's talk show, Style by Trish, is on, but Jones requests it be turned off. A man, Erik Gelden, sits down beside her.[43][44]
  • Jeri Hogarth attends the Zoey Lyonne Arts Scholarship Benefit Concert in order to see her ex-girlfriend, Kith Lyonne, who thanks all the supporters for attending.[43][44]
  • After the concert, Hogarth and Kith Lyonne discuss their past. Hogarth points out the fact that she donated to the benefit concert every year. Kith introduces her husband, Peter, to Hogarth. He says that he has been following Hogarth's defense of super powered vigilantes, as he was a lawyer, though is now a professor of criminal law. Before leaving, Hogarth gives Kith her card as they arrange a meeting to catch up.[43][44]
  • At the bar, Erik Gelden introduces himself to Jones with a bet, which she loses. Gelden shares his view of the world with Jones: how everything is terrible and optimism is a lie. Jones then receives a burger she ordered, but Gelden will not allow her to eat it, claiming it is a bad burger. He offers to make her a burger of his own, that he bets $50 she would enjoy. Jones decides to take him up on the offer.[43][44]
  • Ambush at Alias Investigations Office:
    • The pair return to Jones' apartment, where Gelden introduces himself properly and they start to kiss. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Jones suspects it is Vido Arocho, but as she opens the door, she is stabbed by someone wearing a black ski mask.[43][44]
    • The attacker, Gregory Sallinger, realizes that he has not stabbed Gelden, his actual target. He starts to run.[43][52]
    • Jessica Jones bleeds out on the floor

      Jones, bleeding and wounded, shoves her assailant down the hall. She falls to the ground, and her attacker escapes. Ducasse comes out of his apartment and tends to Jones as he calls the police.[43][44]
    • Ducasse takes the knife before the police arrive, so that he can ask his friend to run it for fingerprints.[43][52]
  • Ambush at the Tides Motel:
    • Frank Castle hands Amy Bendix a gun to protect herself, seeing a vehicle outside that he knows will be people come to kill her.[46][37]
    • Marlena Olin sits with more of her crew in the SUV outside the Tides Motel. She tells them that they will not contact Pilgrim until they have delivered on the job, not wanting his interference.[46][37]
    • Bendix wants to leave the motel and holds her gun to Castle, threatening him if he does not let her. He recognizes, however, that she does not have it in her, and she gives up.[46][37]
    • Castle shoots Marlena Olin in the leg

      Olin and her crew see silhouettes moving and head into the room, but find no one visible there. They start shooting potential hiding places, but Castle suddenly ambushes them by coming through the hole he has knocked into the room next door. A firefight begins.[46][37]
    • Bendix sits, scared in the next room. When the shooting stops, she cautiously gets up, but Olin arrives at the door, holding a gun to her. Castle arrives, however, and knocks her out, then picks up Olin's unconscious boy and takes Bendix outside with him to leave.[46][37]
    • Castle puts Olin in the back of his van, but she wakes as he does so and attacks them again. Castle manages to shoot her in the leg and holds a gun to her. Bendix, however, sees an opportunity to get away. She jumps in the van and starts driving as Castle tells Olin to talk, before realizing what Bendix has done. However, Bendix is stopped by the arrival of the police, who take all three to the local station.[46][37]
  • At the Larkville County Sheriff Station, Marlena Olin has her wound tended to, but refuses to tell the police what happened.[46][37]
  • Bendix tries to convince the Larkville Police Department

    Amy Bendix plays up being a victim to the police sheriff, and claims to only be 16.[46][37]
  • Castle refuses to be taken for hospital treatment, and also decides not to tell the police what has happened.[46][37]
  • Castle, Bendix, and Olin have DNA, fingerprints, and mugshots taken.[46][37]
  • At the Good Rest Motel, John Pilgrim's assistant finds out about the police putting the fingerprints of Olin and "Castiglione" into the system in Ohio, and lets Pilgrim know.[46][37]
  • Dinah Madani is having a nightmare about Russo when she is woken by a call from Castle. He explains that she is his one call from the station and needs her help getting out, but she refuses, saying him being let off was a one-time thing, and that he is no longer part of her life.[46][37]
  • The sheriff tells Castle that he is looking at four counts of murder, which carries the death penalty locally. Castle warns that they need to let them go, because people will be coming to the station to attack, but the sheriff refuses.[46][37]
  • John Pilgrim waits outside the police station

    As the station nurse leaves the building and drives away, John Pilgrim sits outside in his own car, having driven to Larkville.[46][37][41]


  • In the early hours, Trish Walker is scolded by her mother for having missed two shows in a row. While Dorothy is able to keep the network from cancelling the show, she says Trish is out of second chances. Dorothy wonders what it was that caused Trish to disappear, though Trish will not reveal the truth. She allows her mother to believe that it was man trouble, simply stating that she is all alone. Trish then gets a call from Malcolm Ducasse, who informs her that Jones is in the hospital after being stabbed by a masked assailant.[43][12]
  • Jones demands to know her "attacker"'s name

    Jessica Jones lays in a hospital bed, pale and weak. Trish Walker watches over her and when she wakes, asks how she is feeling. Despite having just gotten out of surgery, Jones wants the name of the man Walker was after, suspecting that her attack was directly connected to him. Walker realizes that Jones had only called her down to get the name of her attacker, so she gives it, but then leaves.[43][12]
  • Jones notices a bracelet she is wearing, which says that she does not have a spleen. She notices an incision where her spleen was removed during surgery.[43][52]
  • Trish Walker leaves the hospital and throws away the gifts she was going to give to Jones.[43][52]
  • Jones is given a lecture about health from Doctor Purks, who tells her that she needs to be careful without a spleen. She makes a comment about her drinking habits, but Purks says that she has to stay in hospital to recover. Jones demands to be discharged and attempts to leave, but gets dizzy when she stands up, so Purks helps her sit back down.[43][52]
  • Marlena Olin threatens "Pete Castiglione"

    Marlena Olin threatens Frank Castle in their neighboring cells.[46][41]
  • Malcolm Ducasse uses the bathroom, noticing blood in his urine from his attack on Cody Willamet the previous night. Zaya Okonjo flirts with him, but notices the blood, concerned. Ducasse lies to Okonjo, saying a cab driver was driving recklessly, and Okonjo plans on suing, but Ducasse calms her down and tells her to go to work. He says he plans on working from home, prompting further concern from Okonjo, who realizes that he does not like working with Jeri Hogarth. Ducasse assures Okonjo that he will leaves once he has enough money and clout to be a private investigator, and the couple have sex.[43][52]
  • Jones is visited by Detective Eddy Costa, and woken from flashback dreams about her stabbing. Thinking he is an attacker, Jones kicks him, but then realizes who he is. Costa tells Jones that he is working her case and asks for a list of clients she might have angered. Costa refers to Jones as a victim, which annoys her. He leaves, advising Jones not to make herself a target.[43][52]
  • Amy Bendix tries to get Ken Ogden to buy her a Coke, and he eventually gives her the money to stop her from annoying him. Sheriff Roy Hardin interrupts and says that he has found out about her numerous aliases, knowing that she must be lying to him. She admits "Castiglione" helped her, but says that both him and Olin are crazy, and she is just caught in the middle.[46][41]
  • Jeri Hogarth and Kith Lyonne have lunch together

    Jeri Hogarth and Kith Lyonne have lunch together. Lyonne requests wine from the waiter and asks Hogarth about her relationship with Wendy Ross-Hogarth. Hogarth admits that she cheated on her, and tells her that she died in an accident. They talk about Lyonne's relationship with her husband, as well as her daughter, and music. Hogarth tells Lyonne that she still has a tape of a piece Lyonne composed for her while they were dating, causing Lyonne to become uncomfortable and leave, saying that she already ate lunch.[43][52]
  • The sheriff tells Olin that he has identified her through her prints, and that she was the type of person they expect, but then turns to Castle and says that he is surprised he has nothing significant on record, saying he seems like someone who served as a marine. Olin threatens Hardin, who ignores the statement, but Castle tries to warn him that trouble is coming. Hardin brushes this off.[46][41]
  • Jones signs a paper to be discharged against medical advice, and gets up to leave.[43][52]
  • Jones returns to her apartment, where she notices that Gillian has followed Costa's advice to heighten security. Jones asks Gillian to research Andrew Brandt, but Gillian leaves work for the day. She notices a model "new spleen" crafted for her by Vido Arocho, and Gillian forces her to take medicine, though she uses alcohol to drink it down. Gillian leaves, and Jones notices that one of her pills is supposed to be taken with food, so she goes to her kitchen, where she sees a burger left for her in the fridge by Erik Gelden. Jones starts eating the burger.[43][52]
  • Scott Lang watches a magic tutorial video on his laptop.[48][47]
  • Escape from Sacred Saints Hospital:
    • Russo escapes with Krista Dumont's help

      Krista Dumont tells Billy Russo that she thinks the reason he is sleeping so little is that he is choosing to, and that they need to gently help him recall his nightmares in his journal so he can gain mastery over them. Russo becomes angry, wanting different kinds of help, and police guards enter in case they are needed. Russo, however, turns and attacks them, beating them both down.[46][41]
    • Russo walks through the building, holding onto Dumont to make sure she does not get help. Once outside, he asks why she did not scream, and she explains she feels he is not beyond help. Russo rejects this and runs away.[46][41]
  • Scott Lang uses a karaoke machine to entertain himself.[48][47]
  • Lang reads The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and starts to cry at the sadness of the story.[48][47]
  • Jones keeps taking bites of Gelden's burger and taking her pills, and investigates Brandt. Meanwhile, Walker investigates Brandt and the stolen statue, which she sees is going on display.[43][52]
  • Tired, Jones considers locking her door and going to bed, but instead takes the "I have no spleen" bracelet off of her wrist and resumes her investigation.[43][52]
  • Lang tries origami.[48][47]
  • John Pilgrim insists that there will be consequences

    John Pilgrim takes Lieutenant Ferrara to Larkville County Sheriff Station and requests to take the prisoners off their hands, but Sheriff Hardin refuses, saying they have to wait until the prisoners have been arraigned on Thursday. Ferrara asks to at least see them, but Hardin turns him away. Pilgrim calmly threatens that people will get hurt if they do not hand over the prisoners, and sees Bendix inside, but when Hardin still does not turn them over, he steps outside to initiate an attack.[46][41]
  • Pilgrim gives the signal for his people to set off an electromagnetic pulse, knocking out all electricity in the area.[46][41]
  • The police find that they cannot use their phones, and Castle and Olin realize the attackers have now arrived. Bendix asks again to be released.[46][41]
  • Jones falls asleep and dreams about getting stabbed again, only to be woken by Malcolm Ducasse knocking on her door. He gives her the knife she was stabbed with, having retrieved it, and tells her that there are no fingerprints and the brand is too common to trace. Jones says that she does not need favors, so Ducasse bills her. She closes and locks the door.[43][52]
  • Dinah Madani arrives at Sacred Saints Hospital and sits to speak with Krista Dumont. She says that she thinks Russo has been planning this, but Dumont insists it was just a primal reaction from fear. Madani asks if he gave any indication of where he might go, but Brett Mahoney enters and says he banned her from the hospital, since her visits could impact the case and that Russo is NYPD territory. She angrily leaves, reminding him not to think of Russo as some lost soul.[46][41]
  • Once outside the room, Madani makes a call to Larkville.[46][41]
  • Lang bounces a ball inside into a basketball net.[48][47]
  • Sheriff Hardin takes "Castiglione" from his cell to be questioned.[46][41]
  • Bendix steals a Coca-Cola from the station vending machine. Sheriff Roy Hardin questions Frank Castle, who explains about the attack on Lola's Roadhouse and being chased by the attackers. Ken Ogden volunteers to drive to get help, and, despite Castle's protests, is handed the keys.[46][41]
  • As Ogden tries to drive away, John Pilgrim shoots him. He climbs out of the car and Hardin escorts him back to safety. He and the other officers see Pilgrim standing in the woods, and he orders them to go inside as Pilgrim walks up to talk with Hardin. Pilgrim says Ogden only has 2-3 hours to get to a hospital, so can only be saved if they hand over the people they came for.[46][41]
  • Amy Bendix helps some of the officers tend to Ogden, while the rest start barricading the station, and consider handing over their prisoners. Bendix steals the car keys and shows Castle, but he refuses to just escape, and requests that the sheriff let him loose to help take out their attackers.[46][41]
  • Lang looks over the plans for the apartments Karapetyan want security provided for.[48][47]
  • Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station:
    • Marlena Olin tells another prisoner, Ken Ogden's brother Bruce, who has been locked up by Ken simply for being drunk in public, that an attack is coming. She sees one of her allies outside the window, and indicates that she needs freeing.[46][41]
    • Pilgrim's men attack the Larkville County Sheriff Station

      Pilgrim's people begin firing into the station from the woods. The officers fire back, but Castle warns that it will be a diversion, and they need to cover the back. When they ignore him, soldiers break in through the back as Castle expected. One goes to free Olin, as the rest begin shooting in the station offices.[46][41]
    • The officers are struggling until Castle manages to get loose from his cuffs. He grabs hold of a gun and starts taking out the attackers one by one.[46][41]
    • Olin is freed and starts firing at Castle, but misses. Castle leads Hardin in forcing Olin out of the building, then they take cover until the firing stops. Hardin tells Castle he cannot let him run, but Castle points out his gun is empty. He stays nonetheless, leading Hardin to trust him, and releases Bruce Ogden.[46][41]
    • The officers discuss whether to turn over the prisoners, but Ken Ogden refuses to let them die just to get him to a hospital.[46][41]
  • Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne power up their Quantum Tunnel for the first time. The doorway to the Quantum Realm is opened momentarily, before it overloads and shuts down.[48][47]
  • After 2 days trying to keep himself busy, Scott Lang falls asleep in the bathtub and has a vivid memory-like dream where he sees a young Hope van Dyne from the perspective of her mother Janet.[48][47]
  • After explaining the plan to their second siege on the Larkville County Sheriff Station, Olin requests to Pilgrim that he let her be the one to kill "Castiglione", but when Pilgrim ask her to repeat the plan to her, he kills Olin.[46][41]
  • Scott Lang attempts to call Hope van Dyne

    Intrigued by his vision and thinking it could be important, Lang takes a secret burner phone from its hiding place and calls Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym about the vision. They do not pick up, but he leaves a voicemail. Realizing that he probably sounds stupid as he speaks, he decides to hang up and break the phone.[48][47]
  • With Lang having called them 5 minutes after they activated the tunnel, Pym and van Dyne consider that the timing is not coincidence and the opening of the Quantum Realm might have activated a message in Lang's head.[48][47]
  • Castle tells Ken Ogden he has been brave, but asks that he rest. He asks that Hardin let him go and take out the soldiers.[46][41]



  • Two of Pilgrim's men go to throw Molotov cocktails into the station, but Castle shoots the bottles first, causing the men to catch fire themselves instead. Castle then charges into the woods, quietly getting behind the soldiers as they shoot into the station and eliminating them.[46][41]
  • The Punisher fights off John Pilgrim's team

    Pilgrim starts running as Castle makes his way through the woods, killing each soldier.[46][41]
  • The officers inside the station are stunned by Castle's expertise, but relieved.[46][41]
  • Pilgrim puts down one of his injured men and keeps running as Castle makes his way around looking for any remaining soldiers. Pilgrim finds Castle and nearly gets a shot on him, but is suddenly dazzled by a bright light from a helicopter above, missing his shot. Dinah Madani's voice calls down from the vehicle, saying Homeland Security have arrived and to stay where they are, but Pilgrim gets away.[46][41]
  • Madani lands and informs Castle that Russo has escaped from hospital.[46][41]
  • Ken Ogden is given medical attention. Bendix thanks him for his bravery and returns him his money as he is taken away.[46][41]
  • Roy Hardin thanks Frank Castle

    Madani tells Sheriff Hardin that "Castiglione" is part of a sensitive investigation, and should be officially considered to have never been there. Hardin thanks Castle for saving their lives and says that he will do what Madani has asked.[46][41]
  • Castle and Bendix prepare to board Madani's helicopter, with Castle insisting that she has to come. Hardin returns Castle his bag, and Castle and Bendix say they want to go to New York.[46][41]
  • Hope van Dyne breaks into Scott Lang's house, shrunken down. Flying up to Lang in the Wasp suit, she tranquilizes him and puts his ankle bracelet on a human-sized ant, who is instructed through Hank Pym's electromagnetic wave control system to repeat Lang's daily routine, so the FBI's suspicions are not aroused when tracking him.[48][47]
  • Trish Walker arrives at Andrew Brandt's apartment and starts searching it, but struggles to find anything.[43][52]
  • Jessica Jones encounters Trish Walker during her search for Andrew Brandt

    Jessica Jones investigates Brandt's apartment, where she steals a soft drink and notices a jammed printer. She fixes the jam and finds the next document being printed: a list of lots, prices, and how they are being sold. Walker appears and says that she should be the one to find Brandt, but Jones disagrees. They argue about their friendship and Walker's new actions as a vigilante. Walker confronts Jones about her plans for Brandt, saying that she is not a hero, causing Jones to leave.[43][52]
  • A rude man called Rick boards a bus and comes across Billy Russo, mocking him for his scars. Russo follows Rick off the bus and into an alley. When Rick threatens him with a knife, Russo attacks him.[46][42]
  • Russo walks out of the alley now wearing Rick's clothes, having beaten and stripped his attacker.[46][42]
  • Scott Lang wakes in van Dyne's car, which he comes to realize has been shrunken down to drive without being noticed. Van Dyne explains about the ant replicating his routine, and Lang attempts to apologize for his actions in Germany making them fugitives. Van Dyne dismisses this, saying they just want to bring him in because of what he has said was in his head.[48][47]
  • Hank Pym taking his Mobile Laboratory away

    Hope van Dyne takes Lang to the research laboratory where she and Hank Pym have been developing a tunnel for the Quantum Realm in the hopes of bringing Janet back. After Lang describes his dream in full detail, Hope and Pym deduce that he and Janet have a quantum entanglement because of the time he spent in the Quantum Realm.[48][47]
  • The trio leave the laboratory, and Pym shrinks the building down to a suitcase size to bring it along in their van. They drive to the restaurant Oui, where Hope van Dyne has arranged a meeting with gangster Sonny Burch to pick up a necessary component for the tunnel.[48][47]
  • Jeri Hogarth expresses approval of Zaya Okonjo's work on a case. Malcolm Ducasse enters Hogarth's office as Okonjo leaves, and Hogarth says that she has no issue with Okonjo and Ducasse dating as long as they sign a consent form and Ducasse remains confidential with her. She asks Ducasse to find blackmail information about Peter Lyonne.[43][52]
  • Castle looks out of Dinah Madani's apartment window

    Frank Castle looks out of a window in Dinah Madani's apartment, where Madani has taken he and Amy Bendix. Madani takes pills and leaves to meet Rafael Hernandez, saying they will discuss Russo when she returns.[46][42]
  • Dinah Madani tells Hernandez about dealing with Castle in Ohio. She lies and says she dropped him off outside the city and did not tell him about Russo. Hernandez tells Madani she needs to get more help and talk to someone about her problem with Russo.[46][42]
  • Bendix asks Castle, whose real name she has now heard, who he really is to have contacts at Homeland Security, but he avoids her question. She goes to the bedroom she is taking. Castle puts on the TV, and sees the news report of Russo's escape from hospital.[46][42]
  • Bendix washes and changes into clean clothes, while Castle watches a hockey game. Bendix lays down on her new room's bed, but finds herself unable to rest. She climbs down and crawls under the bed, where she starts crying, which Castle overhears.[46][42]
  • Battle at the Oui:
    • Van Dyne meets with Burch, under the pseudonym of "Susan". However, Burch reveals that he knows who she really is and has arranged a potential purchase of Pym's laboratory for $1,000,000,000. Van Dyne turns down his offer, but Burch then refuses to give over the component.[48][47]
    • Van Dyne pretends to leave, before donning the Wasp suit and returning to attack. Due to being a tiny target, they are unable to hit her when they start shooting.[48][47]
    • Wasp fighting thugs at the Oui

      Wasp follows Burch's men into the restaurant kitchen and swipes a salt shaker at Uzman, the man carrying the component, enlarging it in front of him to knock him out.[48][47]
    • Burch's remaining men struggle with Van Dyne's repeated change of size, and she takes them all down, before picking up the component.[48][47]
    • Van Dyne heads out of the restaurant, but before she can leave, she is attacked by a mysterious figure in a white suit. The figure phases in and out of tangibility, causing Wasp trouble as she tries to fight back. The figure, known as Ghost, manages to take the component for herself.[48][47]
    • Hank Pym gives Scott Lang and updated Ant-Man suit, allowing him to join Wasp and help her.[48][47]
    • Ant-Man enters the restaurant and aids Wasp in fighting Ghost, but Ghost escapes and makes her way to Pym's van. She pushes her fist through his neck, threatening to make it tangible and kill him if he does not give her the lab, and he reluctantly does so.[48][47]
  • Pym at the X-Con Security Consultants Office

    Lang brings Pym and van Dyne to hide at the X-Con Security Consultants office. There, they develop a plan to get the laboratory back, and Pym realizes that they need a quantum spectrometer to track its radiation. He reluctantly informs them that they will have to get one from his estranged ex-work partner, Bill Foster.[48][47]
  • Ghost returns to her hideout and gets herself into a Quantum Energy Chamber so as to stabilize her molecular disequilibrium.[48][47]
  • Jones calls an art museum about Brandt's stolen statue, and discovers that the artist does not sell work on the legitimate market. Another phone call yields the same result, and yet another turns her away because Jones lies about being a secretary, and they do not talk to intermediaries.[43][52]
  • Russo sits in a bar and cuts his medical bracelet from his arm with Rick's knife. As he is served, the news comes on and once again reports on the hunt for him. He thinks back on one of his meetings with Krista Dumont.[46][42]
  • Scott Lang, Hank Pym, and Hope van Dyne go to meet Professor Bill Foster at Berkeley University, finding him giving a lecture.[48][47]
  • Lang, Van Dyne and Pym visit Bill Foster

    The trio sit down with Foster, who discusses how he used to work with Pym on Project G.O.L.I.A.T.H., where he grew up to 21 feet tall - a precursor to Lang's ability now to grow as tall as 65 feet. Their meeting is interrupted when Lang realizes Jimmy Woo and the FBI are outside. They make their way to leave, but not before Foster tells them that they can locate the lab by modifying a defractor from one of the suit's regulators.[48][47]
  • The FBI question Foster, but he lies to cover the trio.[48][47]
  • Ducasse disguises himself as a student at Bronwyn University and investigates Peter Lyonne's office. He sets up a program on Lyonne's computer which will allow him to monitor Lyonne's actions. As he leaves, Lyonne catches him, believing him to be a student. He invites Ducasse into his office, where Ducasse pretends to want to join his class. Lyonne tells Ducasse that there is not any room in the class, and Ducasse leaves.[43][52]
  • Pym explains to Lang and van Dyne that he removed the defractor from the new suits, but Lang ashamedly admits that he mailed himself his Ant-Man suit before turning himself in, rather than destroying it, angering Pym due to his actions putting it at risk of being stolen.[48][47]
  • Scott Lang calls Luis, saying he needs Cassie's trophy, as that is where he has hidden the suit. Luis tells him, however, that it is not there, and Scott realizes Cassie has taken it into school for show and tell.[48][47]
  • Madani and Castle argue about Billy Russo

    Madani returns to her apartment and tells Castle that, despite what doctors kept predicting, Russo has recovered remarkably well. She shows him that she has Russo's journal, and that he keeps drawing the skull of the Punisher vest, clearly thinking about Castle constantly. She reveals that she has the vest in her closet, and says that Russo has not got closure. Castle says that she should have shot him at the carousel, but she says that he, too, had the chance, and thinks he just found it too hard. Madani asks Castle for any details he might have to help find Russo.[46][42]
  • Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne go to Cassie's school, Brookemont Elementary, to retrieve the suit. During the infiltration, Scott discovers that his new suit, a work-in-progress, is experiencing problems with the regulator. It enlarges him within a closet, but when van Dyne takes a look at it, it then shrinks him to the size of a small child.[48][47]
  • Lang and Wasp in Brookemont Elementary

    Lang dons a child's hoodie from the lost and found, which can fit on his shrunken body, and sneaks through the school until he finds Cassie's classroom. The duo retrieve the suit and get away.[48][47]
  • Peter Lyonne meets with a student with whom he has sex.[43][52]
  • The sun sets over New York City.[46][42]
  • Standing outside of her apartment, Erik Gelden texts Jones, asking if she is okay. She opens the door, and they talk about Jones' investigation and the burger he made for her. Jones lies and says she threw it out, and Gelden gathers that she does not want to be with him currently, so he leaves.[43][52]
  • Castle knocks on Bendix's door, but she is asleep. Wanting to head out, but ensure that she is safe, he takes the key from her door so she cannot leave. Bendix has a nightmare of finding her dead friends after the massacre in Chicago.[46][42]
  • Castle visits Curtis Hoyle after two years

    Frank Castle visits his friend Curtis Hoyle. Hoyle says that he visited Russo, and that he is definitely suffering memory-loss, not being an act like Madani thinks. Hoyle says Castle should have put Russo down for good. He says that he is seeing a woman now, but does not want her anywhere near being involved with the situation. Castle asks where he thinks Russo might have gone, and Hoyle points out that Russo would likely go to settle scores.[46][42]
  • Billy Russo sits where he once watched a little league game of baseball with Frank Castle. He starts to drift off, then is snapped awake by nightmares of the skull once again.[46][42]


  • Ambush at Ghost's Hideout:
    • Modifying the defractor, the trio are able to locate the lab to a hideout. They break in to steal back the lab and find Ghost, unmasked, inside her Quantum Energy Chamber. When they turn their backs on her, however, she phases out of the chamber and knocks them out, then going outside and knocking out Hank Pym. She ties the trio to chairs.[48][47]
    • Ava Starr threatens the trio

      When Ghost wakes the trio, she reveals she is working with Bill Foster, who enters to talk to them with her. She reveals she is Ava Starr, daughter of deceased scientist Elihas Starr, whom Pym had fired and discredited when they had a disagreement during their work together at S.H.I.E.L.D.. She explains that Elihas attempted to continue his work on his own in Argentina, but that because he no longer had his required help, his Quantum Tunnel had collapsed, killing him and causing Ava's molecular disequilibrium. Ava goes on to tell them about how S.H.I.E.L.D. took her in and weaponized her, using her for stealth missions, and Foster states that when S.H.I.E.L.D. collapsed, he took her in. However, they are interrupted when Lang's phone buzzes with an alert.[48][47]
    • Cassie Lang video calls Scott, saying she left her soccer shoes at his house, but he manages to get her to hang up, claiming he is ill and cannot get up to look. Foster and Starr explain that they hope to extract quantum energy from Janet van Dyne to help repair Starr's molecular structure, despite the risk that it could kill van Dyne.[48][47]
    • Wasp takes the Mobile Laboratory

      Pym fakes a heart problem, and Hope van Dyne tells Foster that he needs his pills from his Altoids tin. They trick Foster into opening the tin, releasing and enlarging ants, one of which frees them while the others cause commotion. The trio steal back the lab and run away.[48][47]
  • After regrowing the lab in the forest, in the early hours of the day, Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne talk. Scott assures Hope that when they find Janet, she will not have forgotten about her, explaining that when he was in prison, Cassie was all he thought about. Luis calls him, saying that they made a mistake on the security plans for Karapetyan and need his help before the pitch in the morning, but Lang explains his situation, and why he cannot leave to visit him Luis person. He reluctantly gives Luis their location in the woods so he can come to them.[48][47]
  • Bendix slaps Frank Castle for locking her in

    Amy Bendix wakes and finds her room locked. She panics and Frank Castle lets her out. Still undergoing a panic attack, she shouts that he should never lock her in again.[46][42]
  • Luis heads out to to visit Scott Lang, when Sonny Burch breaks into the X-Con Security Consultants office with his men, told by an inside agent in the FBI that he is a known associate of Lang, and asking Luis to tell him where Lang is. Burch says that he will administer a serum to make Luis more susceptible to slipping up and giving honest information, but when the X-Con trio say that this sounds like truth serum, Uzman, the man with the serum, becomes defensive and insists that it is not.[48][47]
  • Arthur Walsh goes to his kitchen, only to find Billy Russo. He thinks he is a robber, but Russo reminds him of who he is, and that he attended the Ray of Hope home.[46][42]
  • Amy Bendix is told to fight her oppressors

    Bendix tells Castle about how she is struggling with flashbacks to the massacre she encountered, and he attempts to help calm her down. She starts explaining what happened, and tells Castle about Fiona and being part of her crew. Bendix says that she had to hide under the bed among the bodies of her friends in Chicago as a man in a vest came back in, and tells him that the job they had been given was taking photographs at a wedding and delivering them. Bendix recommends getting out of the city with the help of a girl she knows called Shantel, but Castle says that this would just get Shantel killed by the man coming after them. He recommends that they take the fight to their attackers instead.[46][42]
  • Arthur Walsh reunites with Billy Russo

    Walsh pours Russo a drink, and Russo says that he saw the home had been demolished, then come to Walsh since there was nobody else to go to. Walsh asks what happened to his face, showing no remorse for his behavior in the 1990s as he says it is a shame, since Russo had been a pretty child.[46][42]
  • Dinah Madani comes home and Castle tells her about Walsh, and that he thinks Russo might have gone after him. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Castle and Bendix hide as Madani answers the door and finds Brett Mahoney, who says they know Russo's journal has gone missing, and he suspects her of taking it. He tells a story of how he had once become obsessive over an ex-girlfriend, explaining that she needs to stop involving herself with Russo so obsessively. He notices the two breakfast bowls on her table, but assumes she just has a man around, and she turns him away without him finding out about Castle's presence.[46][42]
  • Foster orders Ghost to not kidnap Cassie Lang

    Bill Foster sadly informs Ava Starr that she has only roughly 2 weeks to live. Starr suggests that they use Cassie Lang to bait Scott and get back the lab, but Foster refuses to get the innocent girl involved. Starr reluctantly decides to accept to use a different option.[48][47]
  • Arthur Walsh insists to Billy Russo that he was good to the children at Ray of Hope, and it was unfair that he was imprisoned. He says that he loved the children, and becomes angry at Russo for not loving him back, saying that he wonders if Russo has come back to him purely because he does not feel loved anymore with his scarred face.[46][42]
  • Assassination of Arthur Walsh: Furious, Russo kills Walsh with a chair leg.[46][42]
  • Ghost interrupts Sonny Burch's interrogation

    Burch injects Luis with Uzman's serum, and Luis begins to speak honestly. When Burch interrogates him on where Lang is, Luis tells a fast story about how Lang came to be where he is currently at from an emotional standpoint. Frustrated, Burch specifies that he needs to know where Lang is literally, and Luis gives the location in the woods. Ghost, who had been phasing herself invisible, reveals herself and gets him to give the specifics of the location, then leaves, slashing Burch's tire to slow him down.[48][47]
  • Burch calls his FBI agent, Stoltz, to let him know Pym and van Dyne's location and that Scott Lang is with them. He passes on the lead to Jimmy Woo.[48][47]
  • Amy Bendix uses a computer in a shop under the premise of trialing it, and uses it to look up Castle. She finds pictures and videos of his activities since 2015, and a worker in the store recognizes the pictures as the "Punisher", a name she had not heard before. He tells her about how he killed criminals and escaped prison.[46][42]
  • Janet van Dyne in control of Scott Lang's body

    As dawn arrives in San Francisco, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne activate the finally completed Quantum Tunnel, but it only works briefly before shutting down. However, with the brief exposure to the Quantum Realm, Janet van Dyne gets a better connection with Scott Lang and takes control of him for a few minutes. She proves it is her to Hope and Pym as she uses the time to help stabilize the tunnel and enter the coordinates to locate her, but she warns them that they only have 2 hours to get her before the Quantum Realm becomes so unstable they will not be able to reach her for another century. Janet gives Hope and Pym a temporary goodbye before leaving Lang's body, awkwardly noticing his new positioning.[48][47]
  • Lang telling Pym and Van Dyne he has to return home

    Luis calls Lang to warn him about Ghost, Burch, and the FBI knowing Pym and van Dyne's location and hearing that he has left house arrest. Lang passes on the information to Pym and van Dyne to warn them, apologizing for jeopardizing their rescue. He tells them that the FBI will be checking in on his house arrest and that he needs to rush back home, and he leaves to get back in time.[48][47]
  • Jim Paxton and Maggie and Cassie Lang come to Scott's house to pick up Cassie's soccer shoes. Cassie finds the giant ant in Scott's bath. Jimmy Woo then leads the FBI as they break into the house and demand to see Scott, but Cassie tries to cover for her father, claiming he has been vomiting and they cannot go near him. Woo eventually insists and pushes past her, only to find Scott, who got back just in time and slipped in through the window, shrunken in the Ant-Man suit.[48][47]
  • Pym and van Dyne are arrested by the FBI

    Arrest of Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne: Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne hurriedly leave the lab and shrink it down, only to find that the FBI have already surrounded them. Stoltz tells them they are under arrest.[48][47]
  • While at Lang's house, Jimmy Woo is informed of Pym and van Dyne's arrest. He is pleased and leaves the house, telling Lang he will be back later for the official end of his house arrest sentence.[48][47]
  • Stoltz grabs Pym's lab but is knocked out by Ghost, who then takes the lab for herself.[48][47]
  • Dinah Madani goes to Arthur Walsh's home in case Russo is there, but arrives only to find Walsh's dead body, with a chair leg lodged in his chest. She hears someone and immediately turns and shoots, assuming it is Russo, only to find it is Brett Mahoney, hitting him only in his bulletproof vest. He asks what she is doing at the location, but she refuses to explain before leaving the murder case to him.[46][42]
  • Cassie and Scott Lang discuss heroism

    Cassie Lang sits down with her father, and he thanks her for covering for him. He says that he messes up trying to help people every time, and she suggests that he might need a partner. Scott assumes she is talking about Hope van Dyne, but Cassie explains that she means herself. He assures her that she would be great, but explains that he cannot put her in danger. She tells him that she is sure he can do whatever it is he needs to.[48][47]
  • Hope van Dyne slips a hairpin she had hidden in her mouth out into her hand and picks the lock on her and Hank Pym's handcuffs. They start to plan a risky escape, but Scott Lang arrives and, controlling trained ants, breaks Pym and van Dyne from FBI custody.[48][47]
  • Uzman witnesses the escape and reports back to Sonny Burch that Pym and van Dyne.[48][47]
  • Jimmy Woo rushes to find the missing father and daughter.[48][47]
  • Pym explains that he put a tracker on the lab after Ghost stole it, and the trio use the controlled ants to guide the way to find it.[48][47]
  • Bill Foster advises Ghost to be cautious

    Meanwhile, Ghost and Bill Foster prepare to enter the Quantum Realm. Foster advises caution, but Starr explains that she is desperate and cannot wait, having only days left to live.[48][47]
  • Amy Bendix returns to Dinah Madani's apartment and tells Frank Castle that she has found out about the murder of his family and him killing the people behind their deaths. She asks if it made him feel better, and he says that it only does sometimes. Bendix admits she is not called Rachel, but Amy, and promises not to keep trying to run away anymore.[46][42]
  • With time running out to save Janet van Dyne, Pym says that he will enter the lab and dive into the Quantum Realm, asking that Hope and Lang protect the lab while he does so. Luis arrives, having been asked by Lang to follow in case they need his help.[48][47]
  • Scott Lang stands ready to help Pym get to the Quantum Tunnel. Luis talks to Hope van Dyne as they wait, but she takes little interest.[48][47]
  • Ghost and Foster see the problem

    Ghost and Foster get the Quantum Tunnel started, but it then fails. They realize that there are ants in the lab pulling wires out from sockets to break it, and, knowing that this means Hank Pym must be nearby, Ghost leaves to find and stop him. She follows a trail of ants leaving the building.[48][47]
  • With Ghost led away, Hank Pym enters the lab and confronts Bill Foster. He controls giant ants to corner Foster and force him to back away. Pym retrieves a specialized Quantum Realm suit. Foster apologizes for causing problems, explaining he simply wanted to help Starr, but Pym promises he will help find a cure once he has rescued his wife. Foster wishes him luck.[48][47]
  • Ghost battles against Ant-Man

    Ghost finds Lang at the end of the ant trail and attacks him. He attempts to shrink, but is unable to due to the faulty regulator.[48][47]
  • Hank Pym prepares to enter the Quantum Tunnel.[48][47]
  • Lang calls for help, struggling to get away from Ghost.[48][47]
  • Pym fires up his ship to enter the Quantum Realm.[48][47]
  • Ghost continues to pursue Lang.[48][47]
  • Hank Pym tells Hope van Dyne he loves her, in case he does not return from the Quantum Realm.[48][47]
  • Ghost catches Lang and kicks him to the ground.[48][47]
  • Pym uses the ship to enter the Quantum Realm through the tunnel he and van Dyne built.[48][47]
  • Ghost is tricked by Ant-Man and the Wasp

    As soon as Pym has gone, van Dyne has Lang control an ant to remotely shrink the lab. Lang explains to Ghost that they intentionally led her away from the building and shrinks to escape as she angrily watches van Dyne leave with the building.[48][47]
  • Lang mounts a flying ant to meet van Dyne and Luis, but as van Dyne begins to drive, she is stopped by Sonny Burch and his men in a convoy of cars. She maneuvers the van to slip past them and begins to drive away as fast as she can, with Burch's convoy in chase. When the first car tries to crash into Luis and van Dyne, van Dyne shrinks the van so the car swerves off the road.[48][47]
  • When one of Burch's cars catches them, Hope van Dyne shrinks the van again so it can drive under the chasing car. Van Dyne then grows the van again from underneath the vehicle, pushing it up and flipping it to the side.[48][47]
  • Hope van Dyne evades the crashing car

    Van Dyne keeps driving, luring the cars to Lombard Street, and uses its winding design to cause a chasing car to crash as they are unable to turn fast enough when she shrinks the van. The car behind then crashes into it and flips over onto the street, sending bricks flying, which causes Luis to panic as, while shrunken, they seem huge.[48][47]
  • Hank Pym loses signal due to the chaos of the lab's movements. He gets stuck in a tardigrade field and as his ship recalibrates, he observes the beauty of the Quantum Realm. However, the tardigrades, relatively giant to the size of the ship, begin to close in. The ship restarts just before they can cause problems, and he continues traveling through the realm.[48][47]
  • Chase for the Mobile Laboratory:
    • Scott Lang catches up with Hope van Dyne and Luis. Van Dyne asks him to take the van's steering wheel as she climbs to the back of the van to deal with Burch's men.[48][47]
    • The Watcher Informant's car is shrunken

      Wasp fires a shrinking disk at the motorbike of a motorcyclist working for Burch, shrinking it under him and causing him to fall. She shoots another at another motorcyclist but misses, instead accidentally shrinking a car belonging to the Watcher Informant.[48][47]
    • Ghost catches up with the ongoing chase and steals a motorbike from one of Burch's men.[48][47]
    • Wasp picks up Luis' Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser and throws it at more of Burch's motorcyclist men. She fires a growing disk at it to enlarge it, and the giant dispenser takes out two men.[48][47]
    • Ghost phases into the trio's van and kicks Wasp out of the back door, onto the road. She then steals the lab. She then escapes and breaks into a nearby truck, smashing the window to take the lab in with her and causing the driver to leap from his vehicle in fear.[48][47]
    • Wasp struggles fighting Ghost

      Wasp finds Ghost's truck and shrinks to get through the broken window, then tries to steal the lab back. Ant-Man leaves the van and gets to Ghost's truck, but ends up on the windscreen as Ghost turns on the wipers. The fight continues between Wasp and Ghost, but Ant-Man manages to grow himself to giant size, punching Ghost through the windscreen. Wasp takes the opportunity to steal back the lab.[48][47]
    • Ghost phases to get to the back of the van and apprehend Wasp. However, Sonny Burch catches up with them and rams the truck, causing Wasp to fall and drop the lab, and Burch reaches out of his window to catch it. He drives away, as Ant-Man returns to normal size, unable to control his faulty regulator.[48][47]
    • Ant-Man returns to the chase

      Ant-Man grows giant again and gets control of the van, putting his foot on the back of the vehicle and beginning to skate it in the direction he wants.[48][47]
  • Hank Pym reaches the quantum void and engages thrusters to reach Janet van Dyne's coordinates. He breaks through into a colorful section of the Quantum Realm and lands on a surface he finds.[48][47]
  • Luis realizes he has the remote to grow the lab and that he needs to get it to Ant-Man and Wasp so Hank Pym can safely return. He lets them know, and they tell him that since the van is ruined, he needs to open the Hot Wheels case to grow one of the cars and drive the remote to them.[48][47]
  • Luis gets away from Sonny Burch's crew

    Luis gets away in the car, and Sonny Burch realizes he has the remote, chasing him. When they start to chase him, Luis shrinks the car to avoid the bullets, before regrowing. He asks for help and Wasp goes to take out the men after him as Ant-Man goes to retrieve the lab.[48][47]
  • Wasp breaks into a car chasing Luis and repeatedly shrinks and regrows to cause the men inside's punches to miss her and hit each other. The driver loses control and veers off the road, and Wasp flies out, joining Luis in his car.[48][47]
  • Ant-Man, still giant, catches up with Sonny Burch and kicks his van off-road. Burch gets out, carrying the lab, and hurries into an alley, where Ant-Man is unable to follow him as he cannot fit and finds himself unable to shrink due to the faulty regulator.[48][47]
  • Ant-tonio Banderas carries Lang to the ferry

    Ant-Man runs around the buildings to find Burch and discovers that he has boarded a ferry, still carrying the lab. He eventually manages to shrink back to ant size and summons nearby flying ants, but they are repeatedly eaten by seagulls who swoop in. He eventually boards one, whom he names Ant-tonio Banderas, and flies out over the harbor, but Ant-tonio is eaten by another gull and he falls into the water.[48][47]
  • Growing back to giant size, Ant-Man swims the remaining distance to the ferry and then stands up on the seafloor beside the ferry. He reaches out and plucks the lab from Burch's fingers.[48][47]
  • Rescue of Janet van Dyne:
    • Hank Pym inside the Quantum Realm

      Hank Pym walks through the Quantum Realm to find Janet van Dyne. The timer he is using to keep track of the time until van Dyne is no longer able to be found runs out, and Pym begins to succumb to the effects of the Quantum Realm, hearing increasingly loud voices and feeling like he is losing his mind.[48][47]
    • Falling unconscious, Pym begins to have a vision, in which Hope van Dyne, Scott Lang, and Bill Foster ask him why he has failed. A hooded figure with a blade behind their shoulder starts to walk towards him and puts its fingers to his temples, and he is jolted back to consciousness.[48][47]
    • Hank Pym finds Janet van Dyne in the Quantum Realm

      Pym finds himself back in the Quantum Realm and the figure in front of him takes off their helmet - a Wasp helmet - revealing herself to be Janet van Dyne. The couple are reunited after 31 years and emotionally embrace.[48][47]
    • The couple return to the ship and Pym asks van Dyne how she managed to clear his mind by touching his head. Van Dyne explains that since 1987, her exposure to the Quantum Realm has led to a mix of adaptation and evolution. The ship is unable to find the lab's coordinates and warns Pym not to ascend yet, and Pym tells his wife what is happening in San Francisco.[48][47]
  • Ant-Man, giant-sized and dubbed "Giant-Man" by the news, wades back to the harbor pier with the lab, but becomes fatigued by the time spent enlarged.[48][47]
  • Jimmy Woo watches Giant-Man on the news

    Jimmy Woo sees Giant-Man on the news and, believing Scott Lang must have left house arrest, leaves to apprehend him.[48][47]
  • Jim Paxton and Maggie and Cassie Lang watch the news, and Cassie smiles at her father's success.[48][47]
  • Kurt Goreshter and Dave see the news and rush out to the harbor to help.[48][47]
  • Giant-Man puts the lab back on land but, just as Hope van Dyne and Luis arrive at the harbor, he falls asleep in the water and sinks to the seabed. Van Dyne sends Luis to pick up the lab as she dives into the water to save Lang.[48][47]
  • Luis runs to the lab, remote in-hand, but Ghost arrives and kicks him out of the way. She takes the remote and grows the lab on the harbor.[48][47]
  • Van Dyne and Pym prepare to ascend

    Notified that the lab has been regrown and thinking it is safe to return, Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne launch the ship and begin their ascent out of the Quantum Realm.[48][47]
  • Hope van Dyne is unable to wake Scott Lang, so amends his regulator, allowing him to shrink to ant size. She picks him up in her hand and swims him to the surface.[48][47]
  • Van Dyne drops Lang off on the pier and he wakes. She kisses him.[48][47]
  • Sonny Burch's men catch Luis and prepare to shoot him. However, before they can, Kurt and Dave electrocute them with tasers.[48][47]
  • Ava Starr tries to heal herself using the Quantum Tunnel

    Bill Foster catches up with the lab and enters to try to dissuade Ava Starr from going after van Dyne. He tells her what Pym told him: that van Dyne will be able to help cure her, but Starr refuses to take the risk, desperate to rid herself of her pain. She enters a Quantum Energy Chamber and, using the coordinates locked onto van Dyne, begins to siphon quantum energy from her.[48][47]
  • Ant-Man and Wasp enter the lab and start pulling the plugs on Starr's chamber. Starr goes to fight back, but the duo together manage to keep her occupied. Wasp falls onto the Quantum Tunnel ramp just as Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne return, and Ant-Man turns giant to scoop Wasp to safety.[48][47]
  • Janet van Dyne exits the ship and Hope is overjoyed. The mother and daughter have a tearful reunion. Hope then embraces her father as Janet talks to Scott Lang, joking about how, in a sense, they have already met.[48][47]
  • Janet helps healing Ghost of her phasing

    Janet van Dyne turns to Ava Starr and places her hands on the side of Starr's head. Saying she thinks she can help, her hands glow as she transfers quantum healing particles to Starr. Starr's molecular disequilibrium settles, as her phasing becomes more controlled and her pain is relieved.[48][47]
  • Luis runs into the building and warns the group that the police are coming.[48][47]
  • Kurt Goreshter and Dave explain to police that they have apprehended Sonny Burch, Uzman, and another of Burch's men for them. The three criminals readily confess to their crimes, injected by Kurt and Dave with Uzman's truth serum.[48][47]
  • Scott Lang tells the group at the lab that he has an idea for how to avoid the police.[48][47]
  • Woo is fooled by a deflating Ant-Man Suit

    Jimmy Woo catches what he believes to be Giant-Man. However, Lang has set up the enlarged, empty Ant-Man suit. It shrinks down and Woo turns to see the lab shrinking in the distance, realizing he has made a mistake and fallen for a distraction. Lang controls an ant to pick up the suit and makes his way to reunite with the group.[48][47]
  • Luis, Kurt, and Dave pick up Pym and the van Dynes, carrying the lab in the X-Con Security Consultants van.[48][47]
  • Bill Foster offers to go with Ava Starr as she runs from the police, but she says she does not want him join her as a fugitive. He refuses to leave her on her own, and she hugs him to thank him for taking care of her.[48][47]
  • Woo and his FBI agents rush back to Scott Lang's house to catch him out for having left the house. However, when they get there, they find him simply playing the electric drums, claiming to have been in the house the whole time.[48][47]
  • Still suspicious, Woo nonetheless proceeds with the official end of Lang's house arrest sentence, removing his ankle monitor.[48][47]
  • Krista Dumont reunited with a truamatized Russo

    Krista Dumont has a knock on her apartment door, and finds that it is Billy Russo, saying that he has nowhere else to go and covered in Arthur Walsh's blood. She lets him in, and he admits he found her apartment by following her home. He begs for her help, and she takes him to her bathroom, then picks up her phone to call the police.[46][42]
  • Russo steps out of the bathroom and sees Dumont about to make the call. He tells her he would not blame her if she did, but asks her if she thinks it might be possible to look in the mirror and see the best version of himself again, rather than the face that represents everything he ever did wrong. She locks her phone, deciding not to call.[46][42]
  • Trish Walker appears on her talk show and sells cardigans. Grace interrupts Walker's speech to announce that they had sold 140,000 cardigans, setting a new record for the network. Grace tells her she was born for this, which does not have the intended effect as Walker feels.[43][52]
  • Amy Bendix plays one-eyed jacks with Frank Castle and explains that everyone knows it is a scam that people always lose, but they keep trying nonetheless because they are stubborn and overconfident. She says that the only win is to not play, likening it to their current situation, but Castle disagrees, saying they just have to make sure they are in the dealer position.[46][53]
  • Turk Barrett being confronted by the Punisher

    Turk Barrett goes to his car, only to find Frank Castle waiting in the back seat. Castle asks if he knows a "Konchevsky" from his time selling guns, and he reluctantly tells Castle that Konchevsky's people operate out of Kazan's Gym. He tells Barrett to let Konchevsky know that someone wants to meet with the "photos and the girl" from Chicago, claiming to offer him 25% of whatever they pay. He gives Barrett a number to call once he has arranged it.[46][53]


  • Billy Russo has nightmares once again.[46][53]
  • Dinah Madani also has a nightmare, in which she finds Russo has broken into her apartment. She wakes from it and tries to return to sleep.[46][53]
  • Krista Dumont wakes Russo in her apartment. He is frantic and angry, but she helps him calm down. She explains that she let him in because she wanted to help him, then goes to get him a glass of water, rolling up her sleeves and exposing her self-harm scars as she turns on the tap.[46][53]
  • Trish Walker returns to her apartment and changes, angry because of her dread for her job working on the show Style by Trish.[43][52]
  • Madani returns to her apartment and is greeted by Castle and Bendix. She explains that Russo killed Walsh and is likely exactly as broken and crazy as he had seemed all along. Bendix asks if Madani might be able to deport the Russians they are dealing with, which only makes Madani realize that the pair have brought their trouble to her doorstep. She gives them 24 hours to get out of town. Bendix is not fussed, and happy she has stolen Madani's credit card.[46][53]
  • Back home, John Pilgrim whips himself on the back. His son, Lemuel, tells him Anderson Schultz has arrived.[46][53]
  • Eliza Schultz talks to Rebecca Pilgrim, who is growing increasingly sick, trying to reassure her.[46][53]
  • Anderson Schultz tells John Pilgrim that the man and girl still have to be dealt with, and that they are in New York now. He says that he believes Pilgrim will be strong enough to cope with returning there after his previous experiences.[46][53]
  • In Madani's apartment, Bendix tries Madani's makeup and clothes, while Castle stakes out Kazan's Gym. Bendix has fun pretending to be Madani, while Castle watches men arriving at the gym. Bendix orders several things with Madani's card, including pizza, clothes, and a computer.[46][53]
  • Castle watches from outside as Turk Barrett enters the gym. He approaches Mr. Kazan and asks to see Sergei Konchevsky about Chicago, but the men in the gym put him in a choke hold as Kazan explains that someone killed Konchevsky in Chicago.[46][53]
  • Billy Russo tells Krista Dumont he refuses to go back to the hospital. She says he is not the only one who feels scared and helpless, and he acknowledges that she, too, must have issues in her life, but that at least she remembers hers.[46][53]
  • Castle returns to Madani's apartment and reprimands Bendix for spending Madani's money. He gets a call from Barrett, who, held captive by the Russians, is forced to say that everything is fine and arrange a "meeting" for Castle to attend. Once he has hung up, Castle explains to Bendix that he knows Barrett is lying. Bendix says that, with the people coming after them not being Russian, she thinks Konchevsky might be dead, and Castle agrees.[46][53]
  • John Pilgrim tells Rebecca that he is leaving again. She tells John that she wants the last thing she sees before she soon dies.[46][53]
  • Billy Russo overhears one of Krista Dumont's patients, a veteran named Jake Nelson, in a meeting with her. He talks about his struggles, but assures her he is going to a veteran support meeting after.[46][53]
  • Dinah Madani visits Curtis Hoyle for help with Frank Castle, but they both lie to each other and say that neither have seen Castle recently. Hoyle's veterans, including Nelson, arrive and Hoyle says that she will have to wait until after the meeting to talk, inviting her to join them.[46][53]
  • The meeting begins and attendee Jimbo talks about his dishonorable discharge. Hoyle advises him to appeal his case. Nelson asks why Madani is present, assuming she has not gone through their struggles, but she explains about everything she has been through, finding herself talking openly about her problems.[46][53]
  • After the meeting, Madani and Hoyle talk. Hoyle explains that Russo was twisted by greed, not his experiences with war. He promises to tell her if he comes across Russo, and asks her intentions with him. She says she wants him locked up, but Hoyle admits he thought she would say killed, and that that is how he feels.[46][53]
  • Castle takes the cast off his arm, which is still injured, and heads out to face the Russians.[46][53]
  • Castle watches the Russians leave Kazan's Gym for the agreed "meeting" place at Turk Barrett's shop.[46][53]
  • Russo sits in a bar, and Jake Nelson comes and sits next to him. They get talking about their respective military experience.[46][53]
  • The Russians prepare themselves in Barrett's shop for Castle to arrive, so they can ambush him.[46][53]
  • Attack on Kazan's Gym:
    • Meanwhile, Castle walks into the gym, less protected due to the men at Barrett's. Kazan recognizes him as the Punisher and asks if he killed Konchevsky, which Castle denies. Castle says it is time they start talking, but Kazan has his thugs attack. Despite their size, Castle manages to use the gym equipment to his advantage and brutally beat each of them until only one is left.[46][53]
    • The large thug gets the upper hand on Castle until Castle manages to grab a weight from a stand and use it to bash the thug's face in.[46][53]
    • Castle then threatens Kazan, asking who paid for the photographs, and Kazan fearfully tells him that it was a man named Nikolai Poloznev. Castle tells Barrett that he is not angry with him, since he did exactly what he needed to, but they agree they never want to see each other again.[46][53]
  • Russo and Nelson keep drinking and taking. The flashing camera of other patrons momentarily triggers Russo to have a flashback to the mirrors of the carousel. Nelson offers him drugs, but he refuses. The two start to talk about how they are treated like a problem after returning from war, but that they should turn the tables on the world. Nelson reveals that he knows who Russo is, which puts Russo on edge, but Nelson explains that he feels it is an honor to meet him.[46][53]
  • Krista Dumont tries to face up to her terrible vertigo, opening her window and stepping closer to it. She starts to become dizzy and panicked.[46][53]
  • Castle returns to Madani's apartment and tells Bendix about Poloznev. She looks him up and finds out he is a billionaire and friend of the Russian president, living in New York.[46][53]
  • Respecting Madani's wishes and leaving her apartment, though not town, Castle and Bendix head to a place Hoyle has arranged for them to stay.[46][53]
  • Madani gets home to find her apartment tidy and vacated, and her credit card and new bills on her counter.[46][53]
  • John Pilgrim shoots the rest of the Russians at Kazan's Gym.[46][53]


  • Destruction of Clive's Photo Studio: Frank Castle and Amy Bendix visit a man, Clive, whom they have found out helps people take fetishistic photographs of children. They get inside and Castle beats him down as Bendix goes to use his photo-developing kit. Once she is done, Bendix convinces Castle to let Clive live as they leave. Nonetheless, they decide to burn the place down, with Clive getting out just in time.[46][54]
  • Curtis Hoyle wakes with his girlfriend in their hotel room.[46][54]
  • Hoyle helps serve food to the homeless. Jimbo, from his veteran support group, turns up, and Hoyle shows him that he has got him a pair of glasses, and he is immensely grateful. Hoyle says he wants to help him move out of living in his car soon.[46][54]
  • Billy Russo passes Krista Dumont's room as she is dressing. He notices a scar on her back and becomes fixated on her, but she closes the door when she notices, uncomfortable.[46][54]
  • Amy Bendix confirms from a phone call that Nikolai Poloznev eats breakfast at the same time, in the same place, every day.[46][54]
  • Bendix and Castle watch Poloznev arrive for breakfast, as expected.[46][54]
  • Bendix and Castle sit outside Poloznev's daughter's private school, and start talking about Castle's daughter, Lisa. Bendix tries to comfort him, but Castle is saddened.[46][54]
  • Krista Dumont tells Billy Russo to stop acting so self-destructively, since she wants to help save him. She asks where he was the night before, and he explains about drinking with Nelson. Dumont tells him not to go out again - and that if he does, he must not get caught.[46][54]
  • Jessica Jones lays in bed, when Gillian tells her about a client waiting for her. Gillian leaves for lunch, and Jones meets with the woman, Jeri Hogarth, who is annoyed that Jones claimed to be working for her while searching for a sculpture stolen by Andrew Brandt. They discuss their shared lack of ability, but Jones refuses to accept Hogarth's pep talk. Jones mentions a program studying ALS, and Hogarth has her assistant send Jones potential locations to find the statue.[43][52]
  • While walking, Jones' medicine alarm goes off, and she takes her requisite pills. She buys a hot dog, and notices Trish Walker following her, immediately throwing it away. She gives her napkin to a pedestrian, which Walker steals, only to realize the only thing on it is a mustard stain.[43][52]
  • Jones passes out, and Walker calls 911. She notices a piece of paper in Jones' pocket and leaves when other people start to comfort Jones.[43][52]
  • Kith Lyonne goes to Jeri Hogarth's apartment in order to call Hogarth's bluff on still having the tape she recorded for her when they were together. Hogarth proves that she does and reminisces about when they recorded it. She tries to play it, but the cassette tape breaks, so Lyonne plays it on her cello. Hogarth begins to caress and kiss Lyonne while she plays, and Lyonne eventually stops playing, engaging Hogarth in a passionate kiss.[43][52]
  • Malcolm Ducasse watches footage of Peter Lyonne meeting and having sex with a student. Zaya Okonjo asks if he wants to eat, and unplugs his headphones, where she hears moaning and believes Ducasse is watching porn, with Ducasse unable to tell her the truth so as to maintain confidentiality. However, Okonjo is not angry, and the two kiss.[43][52]
  • Jones wakes up in the hospital, where Doctor Purks tells her that she needs to be more careful. Jones demands her phone and receives a text from Hogarth, telling her about an art auction the next day.[43][52]
  • Hogarth feels she has successfully drawn Kith Lyonne away from her husband, but Kith tells her that she and Peter have an open marriage, to Hogarth's disappointment.[43][52]


  • Scott Lang runs to Maggie's house and embraces Maggie, Cassie, and Jim Paxton, glad to now be free as he picks up Cassie for the weekend.[55][47]
  • Staying in a trailer park, Amy Bendix asks for Frank Castle to teach her how to use a gun. He chooses first to teach her self-defense and how to disarm someone with a gun, and tells her that she needs to shoot whoever she ends up stealing a gun from to protect herself.[46][54]
  • Kurt Goreshter and Dave receive calls at X-Con Security Consultants as they are reported on the news for their help in apprehending Sonny Burch and his men. Kurt arranges a meeting for Monday. Luis picks up a call coming into the X-Con office and finds that it is Karapetyan, their most desired customers, asking to meet them next Thursday morning. The X-Con group celebrate.[55][47]
  • Jessica Jones breaks into Cassaro Gallery, looking for a sculpture stolen by Andrew Brandt. Trish Walker arrives and is given a tour, while Jones steals the sculpture and overhears the tour guide walking with Walker.[43][52]
  • Walker uses a computer in the gallery to find a list of art sellers, including Andrew Brandt. She takes a picture of the list and returns to her seat as the tour guide returns with champagne. Jones leaves with the sculpture.[43][52]
  • Walker leaves the gallery, and Jones stops her, revealing that she has the sculpture. The two argue about who should go after Brandt, and Jones pushes her down and steals the contact information. She calls Brandt and learns his location.[43][52]
  • Attack on Andrew Brandt: Jones goes to Brandt's garage and wakes him up, scaring him. Jones asks about being stabbed, but Brandt denies this, revealing he misguidedly believed all powered people have impenetrable skin. Jones hogties Brandt and calls Walker, telling her that he is not the reason she was stabbed. She leaves, telling Walker where he is so she can deal with him.[43][52]
  • Malcolm Ducasse gives Jeri Hogarth a video of Peter Lyonne having an affair with a student, but Hogarth says that it is not enough, telling him to dig deeper.[43][52]
  • Eddy Costa tells Jones about Brandt's arrest, and how Brandt mentioned the two powered women, asking who the other woman is. Jones refuses to tell him, and Costa leaves. Jones calls Erik Gelden and invites him to drink with her.[43][52]


  • Gelden arrives at Jones' apartment, and Jones has another flashback, realizing that her attacker had tried to push past to Gelden the other night, so Gelden must have actually been the target of the attack. She asks him why he was targeted.[43][52]
  • Gelden tells Jones about the debt he owes to Sal Blaskowski, and his ability to sense darkness in people, which allowed him to blackmail them. Jones and Gelden plan to visit the people he blackmailed, when Trish Walker arrives to tell Jones that Brandt is in jail. Jones refuses to allow Walker to help find her attacker, while Gelden leaves, on the phone with some one from the Blaskowski family.[43][51]
  • While leaving the apartment building, Walker overhears Gelden mention Blaskowski's name on the phone. She goes to her car and writes the name down.[43][51]
  • Search for Erik Gelden's Blackmail Targets: Jones goes into an alley and picks up money left for Gelden by Todd White. They go to White's house, and he does not recognize them, so Jones sees that he is not the attacker. Wanting to know why White is a bad person, she searches his home and finds a studio set for young girls, as well as pornographic images of them. Jones locks him in a closet, and White calls for help. She calls 911 and tells them she can hear screaming about being trapped in a closet, then leaves so that the police can find the studio and the pictures.[43][51]
  • Gelden counts the money he collected from White and Jones comments on her heroic action. Jones asks whether Gelden would have turned White in to the police, and reminds him that she doesn't rely on anybody. Walker calls Jones, but she ignores it.[43][51]
  • Walker calls Jones again and tells her about Blaskowski's past as a criminal who was charged with assault but had the charges dropped. Jones tells Walker that she does not care about Blaskowski, but Walker continues to do research anyway.[43][51]
  • A woman helps Hogarth install a piece that will make her toilet better suited to her medical condition. She tells Hogarth about future installments she will need, as well as recommending a style change to her apartment. Frustrated, Hogarth returns the installment and forces her out.[43][51]
  • Malcolm Ducasse finds out that Hogarth and Kith Lyonne dated in college, and Zaya Okonjo comes into his room. They discuss his lead and his inability to tell her what he is doing due to confidentiality. They kiss, but Okonjo then returns to work. Ducasse steps outside, and Trish Walker sneaks into his office to steal data about Blaskowski.[43][51]
  • Search for Erik Gelden's Blackmail Targets: Jones and Gelden, having received the next blackmail money from Reyna Pincer, go to her company building to find out whether she was Jones' attacker. They walk into her office and determine that she is not the attacker, and Jones demands to know what she did. Pincer confesses to having taken money from the company's petty cash to pay for her mother's surgery. Sensing that it was worse than that, Jones pushes her against the wall and forces her to confess to embezzling millions of dollars from her employees' pensions. She and Gelden leave the office, and Jones tells her employees about her actions.[43][51]
  • Ducasse returns to his office, only to find a file on Blaskowski opened on his computer. He sees Walker, who reminds him that he is not on the side of right. Ducasse tells Walker to leave, threatening to call security, and she does so.[43][51]
  • Billy Russo works out. He goes looking in Dumont's drawers and finds a note she has written comparing him to someone called "KM", and saying that his state breaks her heart.[46][54]
  • Search for Erik Gelden's Blackmail Targets: Gelden and Jones visit a park, where Gelden notices that the last person he blackmailed did not pay. Jones says they should investigate, but Gelden refuses, saying that he needs to pay Blaskowski. Gelden tries to defend himself for not using his powers for good, but Jones refuses to listen.[43][51]
  • Malcolm Ducasse confronts Jeri Hogarth about her motivations for sending him after Peter Lyonne, and leverages the information he has about Lyonne in order to get a raise. Hogarth hesitantly agrees, and Ducasse tells her that Lyonne is stealing from his deceased daughter's scholarship fund to buy gifts for his girlfriends. He tells Hogarth that the information could be anonymously spread. Hogarth refuses to distribute the information yet.[43][51]
  • Erik Gelden drives to the Blaskowski residence and runs into the house with the money he owes.[43][51]
  • Hogarth and Kith Lyonne attend a performance of La Mer, where Hogarth introduces Lyonne to Mathias Cole, intending to establish a connection so that Lyonne can play with the New York Philharmonic. Hogarth tells Lyonne this, though Lyonne claims to be content with teaching. They discuss Lyonne's marriage, and Hogarth says that she is not going to try to break them up.[43][51]
  • Rescue of Erik Gelden: Gelden gets thrown into the Blaskowski pool. Trish Walker shows up and starts fighting the family. She and Gelden defeat them, and Gelden leaves. Sal Blaskowski attempts to attack Walker, who pushes her out of the way, and Blaskowski falls on her own crowbar, impaling herself and nearly killing her.[43][51]
  • Hogarth and Lyonne continue to watch the opera, and Hogarth watches Lyonne's hand studies the music. Lyonne starts performing manual sex on Hogarth, reminding her how to cede control. As they leave the opera, they kiss, but Lyonne's husband calls and asks to watch television with her, so Lyonne leaves.[43][51]
  • Jones breaks into the apartment of Gregory Sallinger, Gelden's final blackmail victim, and investigates. She notices that Sallinger is missing a knife from a set of knives similar to the one she was stabbed with. Sallinger returns home, and Jones starts recording their conversation to attempt to get a confession. He pretends to be hurt when Jones confronts him, saying that it is for proof of her assault recorded on hidden cameras. They try to play mind games with each other, and Sallinger returns his missing knife to his collection, having broken into Jones' apartment to retrieve it. He calls 911, saying that Jones broke into his apartment and tried to hurt him, forcing Jones to leave.[43][51]
  • Following orders texted to him by Hogarth, Ducasse releases the information about Peter Lyonne stealing from his scholarship fund.[43][51]
  • Walker calls the hospital about Blaskowski, where she is relieved to find out that she is stable.[43][51]
  • Jones returns to her apartment, where she finds Gelden sleeping. She wakes him up and enters to see what Sallinger has left her in the apartment. Jones discovers a threat delivered by him, with messages saying she is not a hero, but a fraud. Jones says Sallinger thinks they have proof he is a killer. Gelden leaves to lay low, while Jones resolves to take Sallinger down.[43][51]
  • Walker hosts Style by Trish, and Jones calls, cryptically communicating to her sister on live TV that she would like her help. Walker agrees.[43][51]
  • Sallinger slices and eats an apple as he stands beside the corpse of his latest murder victim.[43][51]


  • Jessica Jones tells Trish Walker what she knows about Gregory Sallinger. Jones plans a stakeout and Walker suggests a more direct approach, which Jones realizes would not work with a man with a law degree, as Sallinger has. Jones acknowledges Walker as their advantage, since he does not know her.[43][56]
  • Sallinger develops photographs he took of the man he killed the previous night. He cleans up the dark room he set up and texts his workplace, saying that he will be out of town. Sallinger places the pictures in an envelope, packages up the evidence, compliments himself for his work, and disposes of it.[43][56]
  • Jones and Walker stake out Sallinger's apartment. Walker feels as though Jones is talking down to her, leading to another small argument between them. Jones leaves to watch the back entrance while Walker sets up to watch the front.[43][56]
  • Kith Lyonne talks to Jeri Hogarth about her husband, Peter's theft from their daughter's scholarship fund. Hogarth promises to help make her husband pay. Peter knocks on the door, and Kith thinks it is her son, so Hogarth opens the door while Kith puts herself together. Peter runs in and shouts that he has realized Hogarth is responsible for the information being exposed. Kith yells at Peter and leaves him. Hogarth tells him to get a good lawyer, and the two both say that the other cannot be in a relationship with Kith.[43][56]
  • Billy Russo ambushes Curtis Hoyle on his way to his car, holding a gun to him and makes sure Hoyle ejects his magazine and round from the gun he carries. He says that he has been informed he shot Hoyle and is sorry, but feels he has already paid for it with his scars and broken memory. He asks Hoyle how that happened to him, who did it, but Hoyle claims he cannot say.[46][54]
  • Walker sees Sallinger put a photo in a hidden album and tells Jones. Jones plans on breaking in herself, but Walker hangs up and joins her on the street. Sallinger leaves his apartment and Walker goes to the photo apartment alone. Jones considers following Sallinger, but instead goes after Walker. However, when she gets inside, she finds that Walker has cut the power. Jones instead resumes following Sallinger, watching him buy a newspaper.[43][56]
  • Walker breaks in and finds Sallinger's photo album, discovering that it contains pictures of Sallinger's victims. She takes pictures of some of the pages.[43][56]
  • Malcolm Ducasse receives a phone call from Hogarth, worried that Peter Lyonne might visit him to ask about her actions. Ducasse agrees to take vacation time and disconnects the live feed he set up in Lyonne's office.[43][56]
  • Walker returns Sallinger's album to its hiding spot and takes pictures of his apartment.[43][56]
  • Jones continues to follow Sallinger, who sits on a bench across the street from a prostitute named "Berry" and her friends. Jones and Sallinger individually watch as she pays Gor, her pimp, who notices that she kept some money for herself, and makes her give him the rest. As Gor leaves, Erik Gelden appears and talks to Sallinger, who threatens Berry. Erik pays Gor and takes Berry, whom Jones does not know is in fact his sister, into a nearby hotel where he is staying. Jones follows them instead of Sallinger.[43][56]
  • Berry and Erik Gelden argue about Berry's career as a prostitute and Jones walks in. She confronts Erik about associating with Sallinger, but he explains that Sallinger wanted to know how Erik found him and threatened Berry. Jones agrees that Berry needs to be taken somewhere safe.[43][56]
  • Ducasse talks on the phone with Zaya Okonjo, who wants to make sure that he is okay. Okonjo tells Ducasse that she has to stay at work all night, and they hang up.[43][56]
  • Jones returns to her apartment, where Gillian and Walker are looking up information on Sallinger.[43][56]
  • Jones visits Ducasse's apartment, where she asks him to take care of Berry Gelden. Although hesitant, Ducasse agrees after using his PI skills to figure out Berry and Erik's relationship. Erik tells Jones that he senses a little darkness in Ducasse, but Jones decides to trust him anyway.[43][56]
  • Walker and Gillian tell Jones and Erik Gelden that four of Sallinger's victims were labeled missing by the police, causing them to realize he is a serial killer. Walker wants to attack Sallinger, but Jones says it is not a smart move, and Walker agrees angrily. Gillian advises them to work out their argument and leaves.[43][56]
  • Okonjo shows Hogarth a video confession posted by Peter Lyonne, in which he explains his actions and Hogarth's immoral and illegal actions toward him. He accuses her of having powered individuals at her beck and call, getting them out of assault and murder. He shows that he had killed himself and was bleeding out. He urges the public for pushback against Hogarth, and apologizes to his family. Okonjo tells her that the police want to talk to her, and Hogarth tries to call Kith Lyonne, who sends her too voicemail.[43][56]
  • Walker and Jones argue about Walker's vigilante actions and the murder of Jones' mother. Walker leaves. Erik Gelden returns from the shower, and he and Jones start to kiss, before going to have sex.[43][56]
  • Hogarth returns to her apartment and calls Kith Lyonne, but Lyonne tells her to stay away from her.[43][56]


  • John Pilgrim looks over a Bible given to him by his wife, Rebecca, as well as photos of his family. He prepares his things and heads out of his hotel room.[46][54]
  • John Pilgrim sits in a cafe in New York City.[46][54]
  • Dinah Madani takes her pills, then goes to leave her apartment. There is a knock on her door, and she finds out it is Brett Mahoney. She opens the door and he comes in, saying he has worked out that there must have been a third person at the carousel, and suspected it to be Frank Castle before confirming with the two young people Russo kidnapped before the fight. He says he is disappointed that she cannot be honest, before leaving.[46][54]
  • Kidnapping of Nikolai Poloznev:
    • Castle pretends to be a homeless man so as to sneak up on Nikolai Poloznev's driver, then knocks him out.[46][54]
    • Amy Bendix poses as a waiter and shows Poloznev at breakfast that she has one of his photographs. He gets up and sends men after her, but she slips into the crowd of schoolgirls passing by. Poloznev gets into his car only to find Castle waiting in the driver seat.[46][54]
  • Dinah Madani visits a cafe, and John Pilgrim, who had been waiting for her, gets up from his seat to follow her.[46][54]
  • Madani notices Pilgrim following her and holds a gun to him. He says that he is there regarding Frank Castle and wants to know where he and the girl are. She refuses and takes a photograph of him, and he walks away, telling her she is easy to find.[46][54]
  • Madani rushes back to the cafe and tells them not to clean anything so she can take fingerprints.[46][54]
  • Castle drives Poloznev to the waterfront and walks him into a building. Poloznev says that he assumes Castle killed Kazan, but Castle explains that he did not, which makes Poloznev realize that they have mutual enemies. He tells Castle that the people after them are Anderson and Eliza Schultz, powerful people who have raised their senator son David Schultz to one day become president, but that he is homosexual, and his orientation, due to homophobia, and the cover-up, due to the lying, could sink his political career, so the photographs of him kissing another man are dangerous. Poloznev explains that the reason he wanted them was to be able to blackmail and control the Schultzes. Castle has him kneel and prepares to shoot him, but reconsiders when he thinks of Poloznev's innocent daughter. He tells Poloznev to leave the country with his family and walks away.[46][54]
  • Erik Gelden and Jessica Jones wake up, and Jones realizes that a missing handsaw returned to Gregory Sallinger's apartment between her visit and Trish Walker's. Gelden asks Jones why she feels obligated to stop Sallinger and asks to help, but Jones refuses. She leaves and asks him to make a burger before he leaves.[43][56]
  • With Danny Rand said to be on a "sabbatical", Rand Enterprises makes a deal without him to transfer legal affiliation from Hogarth & Associates to Chao & Benowitch.[57][58]
  • Jones shows Walker the missing handsaw and Walker explains that he likely has bags to seal the body parts. Jones asks for Walker's help visiting Maury Tuttlebaum at the morgue in Riverbank Medical Center.[43][56]
  • Malcolm Ducasse talks about Peter Lyonne's suicide on the phone with Zaya Okonjo, who notices that Ducasse believes the death might be partly his fault. She tries to comfort him, but gets called to continue working, so she hangs up. Ducasse helps Berry Gelden find her missing earring and tells her to take her medicine, but Gelden packs, saying that she is leaving. Gor knocks on the door, planning to take her. Ducasse tries to stop Gelden from leaving, but Gor incapacitates him and they leave together.[43][56]
  • Billy Russo joins Jake Nelson, Jimbo, and some other veterans at a bar.[46][54]
  • Madani instructs a forensics worker, Wendy, to assess the items from the cafe. The woman is excited.[46][54]
  • Chase of Jimbo's Car:
    • Jimbo lets the other veterans know that his car is being towed, and that he relies on the car to live in. Russo decides to lead the group in chasing down the tow driver. They stop him in the street and Russo angrily starts beating the driver until Nelson stops him.[46][54]
    • The group get the car back for Jimbo, and Russo tells him to drive to Texas and change his license plates. The others talk about how good it felt to do something like that, and one man suggests that they rob a bank together, saying he knows somewhere they can hit.[46][54]
  • Bendix expresses her frustration to Castle about her friends dying over what she sees as a small matter, but Castle tells her the group were wrong to get involved in a blackmail scheme, and comments on her being silly to want to play with guns. She says she just wanted to be useful and feels like he sees her as useless, so he expresses some regret and asks her to sit back down. Bendix tells him she just hates their situation.[46][54]
  • Curtis Hoyle goes to meet Jimbo at a police station, where he has been taken in, caught after the tow driver incident. Jimbo explains what happened, and that the man leading the group was called Billy, and Hoyle realizes what is happening. He asks that Jimbo not tell the police anything.[46][54]
  • Assassination of Nikolai Poloznev: John Pilgrim finds Nikolai Poloznev and kills his men and him in an elevator.[46][54]
  • Brett Mahoney comes to Krista Dumont's apartment and subpoenas her for Billy Russo's files. She tells him she is hopeful about saving Russo. When Mahoney leaves, Russo steps out and admits that if she had told Mahoney about him, he would probably have killed him. He starts to comment on the fact that she seems lonely and in a poor emotional state. She tries to deflect talking about it, but he then confronts her about "KM", asking if he is some other "pet project" of hers and he is just some victim of a pattern she goes through. He grabs her and Dumont takes a letter-opener, stabbing him in the hand in self defense. The two stop, then Russo suddenly decides to kiss her.[46][54]
  • Both Madani and Castle get to Hoyle's meeting room, where Hoyle is waiting. Madani angrily tells Castle that his problems are now affecting her, showing him the picture she took of the mysterious man earlier. Hoyle tells them to both sit and explains what has been happening with Russo, that he came after him the day before and is crazy, and cannot just be taken in by a couple of policemen. Castle says he will deal with the man who came after Madani, but Hoyle says they have to focus on Russo first. Castle accepts this and says that he will have to end the Russo situation his way.[46][54]
  • Madani tells Castle that she thinks he finds it easy killing people, a notion he rejects. He says that she must have wanted Russo dead, but she claims not to. Hoyle admits he sees no end other than Russo's death and that he knows someone who will know Russo's location.[46][59]
  • Sallinger sits in his apartment, when Jones throws a vacuum-sealed dismembered hand, borrowed from Tuttlebaum, into his apartment through the window. Sallinger closes his window and wonders whether the hand belonged to one of his victims. He looks out his window and sees Jones, so he calls the police, who approach her about a loitering complaint they received.[43][56]
  • Walker watches Sallinger leave his apartment with the hand in his backpack and texts Jones to tell her that he is leaving. Meanwhile, Jones receives the text as the police ask her if she has been drinking. She says no and that she is going to go home.[43][56]
  • Ambush on Gregory Sallinger:
    • Jones joins Walker at a train yard, where they watch Sallinger dispose of the hand. Jones checks the tank for the bodies while Walker follows Sallinger. Jones walks into the tank and finds the body parts of his victims, but triggers a tripwire which seals the hatch and dumps chemicals into the water to dispose of the body parts, which give off toxic fumes Jones begins to struggle with.[43][56]
    • Walker hears the hatch close, but continues following Sallinger while Jones tries to escape. Jones starts hitting the wall, trying to break it open, which Walker also hears. Walker attacks Sallinger, but he tells her that Jones will die in 30 seconds. Walker chooses to save Jones instead of pursue Sallinger, and gets her out safely.[43][56]
  • Jones thanks Walker for saving her life. Walker says that she wishes she had not killed Jones' mother, and Jones replies that she wishes Alisa had not been a mass murderer. The police arrive, so Walker leaves in order to remain anonymous.[43][56]
  • Kidnapping of Erik Gelden: Erik Gelden returns to his apartment, where he is attacked and suffocated by Sallinger.[43][56]


  • Jessica Jones watches as the police examine the train yard filled with the body parts of Gregory Sallinger's body parts. Eddy Costa approaches her and asks for evidence and information. Jones gives Costa Sallinger's address and tells him where his secret photo album is. She leaves and tells Costa to call her when he needs her official statement.[43][58]
  • Jones goes to Walker's car, and Walker wants to go to Sallinger's apartment, but Jones says that she wants to let the police handle it. Walker convinces Jones otherwise, but gets a text from her mother, asking her to go to a production meeting for her television program. Jones advises her to go.[43][58]
  • Madani wakes and goes to shower, and has disturbing recollections of her time with Russo and being shot.[46][59]
  • Erik Gelden wakes up in the kitchen of an old restaurant and sees Sallinger with a camera setup. Sallinger describes the situation as a photo shoot. He explains that Jones does not deserve her powers, which he describes as unfair, and asks how Gelden found out about his crimes.[43][58]
  • Billy Russo and Krista Dumont have sex again. Dumont tells him that her back scars came from a bad fall at age 9.[46][59]
  • Ducasse returns to his apartment and searches for Berry Gelden online. He receives a call from Zaya Okonjo, but dismisses her mention of an all-hands-on-deck meeting called by Jeri Hogarth, in favor of looking for Gelden.[43][58]
  • Hogarth hosts a meeting about Peter Lyonne's suicide and how it will end up impacting her employees. She gives her team a pep talk, then asks Okonjo about whether Rand Enterprises will keep Hogarth as their attorney. Okonjo says that she plans on fighting for them, and Hogarth encourage her to keep going.[43][58]
  • Dumont looks at herself in the mirror and smiles.[46][59]
  • Jones bumps into Ducasse, who tells her about Gor attacking him, and they discuss his progress finding Berry Gelden and Jones' progress with Sallinger. Jones tells Ducasse where she knows Gelden works.[43][58]
  • Jones returns to her apartment and calls Erik Gelden, but receives a phone call from Sallinger on Gelden's phone. He threatens to kill Gelden if Jones does not find them and explain how she found him. Sallinger starts taking pictures of Gelden, who tries to use a nut in his chair to break the duct tape binding his hands.[43][58]
  • Russo tells Dumont that he wants to go out, having regained some confidence because of her and his crew. He explains that he knows he had built his life up before his injury, and wants to reclaim some of it. Dumont tells him he cannot just walk out on her and goes to grab her gun from a hiding place, but he reveals he has already taken it. She begs him not to go, but he walks out nonetheless. Dumont goes to her window and watches him leave, then starts experiencing vertigo again.[46][59]
  • Jones tries to break into Sallinger's apartment, but Costa finds her and tells her not to pursue. They argue about Jones' involvement, and Costa tells her that Sallinger's photo album only contained landscapes. Jones says that there used to be pictures of Sallinger's eight victims in it, but Costa says that there were only seven victims in the train yard. The press arrive and Costa has to leave, but he intentionally drops Jones the list of the seven victims they found. Trish Walker arrives and promises Jones to help find Gelden.[43][58]
  • Ducasse receives a text from Jones about Gelden being kidnapped, just as he finds Gor. He beats Gor in anger and Berry Gelden agrees to go with him. Ducasse tells Gelden that her brother was kidnapped and tells her to return to his apartment.[43][58]
  • Hogarth tries to attend Peter Lyonne's funeral, but is recognized by Laurent Lyonne, who tells her to leave. She tries to defend herself, but Laurent accidentally knocks her down, hurting her wrist. Hogarth gets herself up and asks Laurent to tell his mother that she visited.[43][58]
  • Returning to Jones' apartment, Jones shows Trish Walker the picture of the man who was not on the list of victims found by the police. They are stopped by Dorothy, who demands to know where Trish has been. Jones invites Dorothy in and tells her that Trish is powered, demonstrating by pushing Trish out of the window, with Trish landing safely on her feet. Jones leaves to talk to Ducasse.[43][58]
  • Jones asks Ducasse to run a facial recognition program looking for the eighth victim.[43][58]
  • Trish Walker returns to Jones' apartment and talks to Dorothy, who asks why Trish did not tell her. Dorothy tries to talk Trish out of being a superhero since it is dangerous, but Trish snaps at her for her parenting techniques. Dorothy leaves, despite Trish begging her not to.[43][58]
  • Jones and Ducasse find a match with Caspar Marx, who is still alive. Berry Gelden arrives and reminds Jones that bad people make her brother sick, asking them to hurry in finding him.[43][58]
  • Erik Gelden tells Sallinger that he regrets taking advantage of people, but Sallinger does not believe him. Sallinger talks about his brother and his past, comparing Gelden to his brother. Sallinger realizes that being near Gelden gives Gelden a headache, and that he has powers.[43][58]
  • Jessica Jones talks to Trish Walker, defending her choice to tell Dorothy about her powers. They arrive at Marx's restaurant and Jones enters. Marx confesses that he thought that Sallinger was kidnapping him for kink purposes and kissed Sallinger, who had fled. He tells Jones that this happened at his former location, and Jones realizes that that is where Sallinger is keeping Gelden.[43][58]
  • Sallinger asks Gelden about how his power works, with Gelden telling him that he senses the darkness in people. Sallinger defends himself, saying that he is simply trying to assert fairness in an unfair world. Gelden breaks the duct tape holding him and punches Sallinger in the face. Sallinger holds a knife to Gelden's neck, but the power goes out as Jones and Walker arrive. They knock Sallinger unconscious and Gelden helps them recover the missing pictures.[43][58]
  • Jones brings Sallinger to the police, but Eddy Costa tells her that the bodies from the train yard had no evidence, meaning they couldn't hold him accountable. Costa explains that Jones' testimony as a witness is insufficient evidence, but that a second witness could help.[43][58]
  • Jeri Hogarth and Zaya Okonjo speak to clients of Hogarth & Associates and celebrate successfully keeping two of their clients. Jones calls Hogarth, but she ignores it when she is visited by Steven Benowitz, who tells Hogarth that Danny Rand is on a sabbatical, and that Linda Chao has convinced Rand Enterprises to hire their law firm instead of Hogarth's.[43][58]
  • Madani checks in with Wendy at forensics, who explains she has tried everything but cannot identify the man who came after her. She compliments Madani on her work, and Madani finds her odd.[46][59]
  • Erik Gelden wakes up in Jones' apartment, where Trish Walker tells him that Sallinger is in jail. Erik recognizes Walker's voice and promises not to tell anybody that she is a vigilante. Berry rushes into the apartment and talks to Erik.[43][58]
  • Hogarth looks at a picture of her and Kith Lyonne from college. Jessica Jones barges into her office despite Char's protests and asks if Erik Gelden could get immunity for testifying against Sallinger. Jones tells Hogarth that she was the one who found the bodies in the train yard, and Hogarth says that the best a good lawyer could do is get Gelden a year in prison. Char apologizes for Jones entering the office, and Hogarth has her look into the bodies.[43][58]
  • Berry Gelden walks in on Malcolm Ducasse lifting weights, and they talk about Ducasse's frustration with not knowing what is wrong with him. Gelden starts to initiate oral sex, and Ducasse gives in. Okonjo calls Ducasse, but he ignores it.[43][58]
  • Jones returns to her apartment and tells Erik Gelden and Walker that unless Gelden testifies, Sallinger will walk free. Gelden refuses, since his powers would mean prison would hurt him too much. Jones allows him to make the choice, despite Walker's insistence. Walker leaves, and Jones and Gelden talk about Jones' heroism. They lay in bed together and Gelden tells her about Sallinger wanting to bring "pain to power".[43][58]


  • Thinking that she is texting Kith Lyonne, Jeri Hogarth accidentally sends a text asking to help to Zaya Okonjo.[43][60]
  • Jessica Jones and Trish Walker watch as Gregory Sallinger is released from prison, and are angered to see he is being defended by Jeri Hogarth. They watch Hogarth defend Sallinger to the press, and Sallinger accuses Jones of assaulting and framing him, mentioning a second vigilante. Sallinger directs the press' attention to Jones, who walks away.[43][60]
  • Hogarth asks Sallinger why he did not tell her about the second vigilante. Sallinger defends his actions, but Hogarth scolds him.[43][60]
  • Hogarth returns to her office and asks Char whether Kith Lyonne had called. Char tells her that Jones is present. Jones expresses her anger at Hogarth taking on Sallinger as a client. Hogarth tries to defend herself, but Jones leaves, infuriated.[43][60]
  • Malcolm Ducasse looks through his apartment and finds Berry Gelden's earrings. He calls Zaya Okonjo and apologizes for the way he spoke to her the day before, and asks to talk in person. Okonjo says that she is busy and he has to meet her at the Hogarth & Associates Law Office, then hangs up.[43][60]
  • Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle break into Jake Nelson's apartment in the hope of finding Billy Russo. Hoyle finds Nelson's drugs.[46][59]
  • While Gillian takes endless calls, Walker shows Jones the popularity of Sallinger's press conference. Jones studies her Sallinger case and decides to go to Sallinger's home town, Wappingers Falls. She asks Gillian to call the police department and request the report on the death of his brother, Donny Sallinger. The department refuses to email or fax files, so Jones and Walker drive to Wappingers Falls.[43][60]
  • Okonjo approaches Hogarth about Reid Pearson, whom they had defended after he was charged with rape, having claimed a masked vigilante had beaten and framed him. Hogarth tells Okonjo to interview Pearson. Okonjo shows Hogarth that Hogarth sent her a text intended for Kith Lyonne.[43][60]
  • Infiltration into Wappingers Falls Police Station:
    • Jones and Walker arrive at Wappinger Falls, and Jones enters the town hall while Walker waits in the car. She asks Chief Ronnie Velasco for the file, and Velasco confirms that Donny Sallinger was crushed by his father's tractor. Velasco refuses to give Jones the file, revealing that she knows who Jones is. Jones asks to use the restroom, where she texts Walker, asking her to distract the police.[43][60]
    • Walker sets off her car alarm and feigns frustration, causing Velasco to rush outside to help her. Jones steals the file on Sallinger's death while Velasco helps Walker.[43][60]
  • Malcolm Ducasse arrives at Hogarth's office and asks for Okonjo, but is told she is in a meeting for a new client, Gregory Sallinger. Ducasse spies on the meeting as Hogarth tells Sallinger that Jones will not be pursuing her and that Pearson can confirm the second vigilante's existence. Ducasse barges into the meeting and introduces himself to Sallinger, and Hogarth shows Sallinger out. Ducasse urges Okonjo not to take the case, but Okonjo demands to know why he has been acting strange. Ducasse decides to start looking into Sallinger's past.[43][60]
  • Jigsaw's Crew rehearse for the bank heist

    Russo's crew practice for their planned robbery. Bobby comes to them and confirms that their schedule is unchanged.[46][59]
  • The group practice with the addition of Bobby, preparing for what could happen if someone tries to stop them in the bank.[46][59]
  • Russo goes over the plan one last time, then tells the crew to get some sleep. Nelson wants to go back home, where it is warmer, but Russo refuses to let him, saying they need to stay overnight for operation security.[46][59]
  • Jones and Walker look at the stolen files together in a motel. Walker laments and talks back about the time she revealed to the public that she was a drug addict, remembering how good it felt to finally catch some air and be herself despite everyone looking at her differently since then. Her and Jones resume looking through the files for anything on Sallinger.[43][60]
  • Castle and Hoyle sit together in a car outside Nelson's apartment. Hoyle encourages Castle to settle down, and Castle tells him he nearly did after meeting Beth Quinn, but how it all went wrong. Hoyle says that he thinks he has an idea of where Nelson is getting his drugs.[46][59]


Jeri Hogarth discovers a mole in Hogarth & Associates

  • Working late, Zaya Okonjo finds Jeri Hogarth alone in her office and tells her that three out of the five people imprisoned by Walker are current or former clients of Hogarth & Associates, causing them to realize that there is a mole in the company. Okonjo suggests having Malcolm Ducasse investigate further, but Hogarth declines, ordering Okonjo to find the mole herself. When Okonjo leaves, Hogarth suffers another symptom of her ALS.[43][60]
  • Craving drugs, Jake Nelson sneaks out of the warehouse.[46][59]
  • Marion James meets with Dinah Madani. James says that she understands Madani's frustration regarding Russo's escape. Madani explains about Castle returning, and James recommends letting Castle kill Russo, but Madani says that she feels like that is still taking action, just letting someone else pull the trigger. James advises that sometimes, taking no action is the least worst option.[46][59]
  • In Wappingers Falls, Jessica Jones wakes and Trish Walker tells her she found a lead in their investigation. She shows her the file of Nathan Silva, a teammate of Gregory Sallinger's until he went missing in their senior year.[43][60]
  • Kidnapping of Jake Nelson:
    • Curtis Hoyle stops Nelson on his way to get drugs, and Frank Castle knocks him out.[46][59]
    • Curtis Hoyle, Dinah Madani, and Frank Castle interrogate Jake Nelson

      Nelson wakes, tied by Castle to a chair in his apartment. Castle starts questioning him about Billy Russo, but Nelson is resistant and refuses to give him up. Dinah Madani, also present with Hoyle, tells him that if Russo commits any more crimes he will legally become an accessory. Nelson tries to act tough, so Castle sets him loose to prove himself, only to beat Nelson and stab him in the hand. He questions him again, hurting him increasingly in the need for information, but Madani eventually tells him to stop and to come outside to talk. Hoyle tells Nelson that they just need to know where Russo is.[46][59]
    • Castle tells Madani he is happy for her to turn a blind eye, but she says that she feels they are going to end up acting no better than Russo and William Rawlins.[46][59]
    • Hoyle treats Nelson's hand

      Hoyle takes the knife out of Nelson's hand and explains what Russo did to Castle and his family, trying to convince Nelson to give Russo up before Castle can brutalize him further.[46][59]
    • Castle reenters, threatening to stab Nelson further, but Nelson gives in and tells them the group will be hitting ReadyQuick Check Cashing, and the location of the warehouse where they have been staying.[46][59]
  • Castle and Hoyle go to drive to the bank, but Madani says she cannot participate any longer and feels she must let Brett Mahoney know so he can deal with Russo. Castle tells her to simply do what she feels she needs to.[46][59]
  • Malcolm Ducasse asks Gillian for all of Jones' information on Sallinger. He tries to take pictures of the files, but Gillian refuses to allow him to.[43][60]
  • Jessica Jones and Trish Walker arrive at the Silva Residence

    Search for Nathan Silva:
    • Jones and Walker arrive at the Silva Residence, and Jones goes to talk to Silva's parents. Ducasse calls Jones using Gillian's phone, and Walker answers. He asks for access to Jones' information, and Walker agrees so long as he checks in every hour.[43][60]
    • Jones talks to Manuel and Ana Silva about their son. While Manuel is willing to give information to Jones, Ana tries to push the interview along. Jones finds a picture of Nathan taken in the backyard, where a gazebo has since been built, by Sallinger and his friends. Ana calls the police.[43][60]
    • Walker receives a text from her mother, asking what dress she would be wearing for her show that night. Walker ignores her, then notices the police pulling up to the Silva Residence.[43][60]
    • Jones discovers Nathan Silva's body

      Jones asks about Sallinger's involvement in the construction of the gazebo, and Manuel Silva says that he was an enthusiastic participant. Ronnie Velasco arrives and asks Jones to leave. Instead, she goes to the backyard and flips the gazebo over. Despite Velasco asking her to stop, Jones punches the ground to dig until she finds a wrestling bag with Nathan's dead body.[43][60]
  • Russo's crew sit around, waiting for Nelson. Meanwhile, Castle and Hoyle pull up near the warehouse, hoping to catch the crew before they leave. Russo tells his crew to give up on Nelson. Outside, Castle cocks his gun, preparing for an encounter. Russo reshuffles the team's positions. Castle and Hoyle close in on the warehouse. The crew get into their cars and start driving out, just as Castle and Hoyle arrive on the scene, moments too late. They rush back to the car to get to the bank.[46][59]
  • Walker and Jones departing for New York City

    While the Wappingers Falls Police Department moves Nathan's body, Jessica Jones calls Eddy Costa and asks him to ensure that the New York City Police Department gets custody over the evidence. Jones gives Velasco the files she stole and Velasco thanks her. Jones and Trish W