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For the timeline occurring within the Framework, see 2017
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"If you didn't build a killer robot or a virtual world, this year would've been much easier for us."
Alphonso Mackenzie to Leo Fitz[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2017.




  • Dinah Madani, still in hospital, is questioned on record for an inquiry into recent events, but is not responsive when asked to start. Marion James stops the record to talk to her, and Madani explains that she does not want to let William Rawlins walk away a hero. James tells her that while it will sting, she needs to proceed as it is the least worst option. Madani decides to go ahead.[1][2]
  • Marion James listens to Dinah Madani's interview

    The questioning is carried out, and Madani struggles but answers personal and embarrassing questions regarding Billy Russo, as well as taking responsibility for Sam Stein's death, having failed to heed his warnings. James tells her that she sympathizes with her situation, but she has to consider if she is good with living with the lies.[1][2]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie has a long-awaited dinner date with Elena Rodriguez. He calls her Elena for the last time for the next three months.[3] Mackenzie and Coulson return to the Zephyr, as is routine, to renew their pursuit of Quake, following a new lead from her incident in Atlanta. They continue tracking her whereabouts, and hoping to bring her in.[4][5]





  • Stephen Strange begins to write an email to Christine Palmer, but decides not to send it.[10][11]
  • Strange goes to the Kamar-Taj Library in order to obtain more books. However, when he calls for Wong, he does not show up. Strange goes to the Ancient One's private collection and starts to read the Book of Cagliostro.[10][11]
  • Doctor Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto for the first time

    Strange finds instructions on how to use the Eye of Agamotto: a magical item kept only a few meters away, and experiments with its power. Strange begins to manipulate time for the apple he has been eating, turning it back in its time to regrow, and forward until it rots. Strange uses this power to recover the lost pages stolen by Kaecilius in the book, and comes to realize the Eye's powers of control over the time of objects. He is caught by Wong and Karl Mordo, who both angrily warn Strange not to disturb the natural law, noting that misuse of items of such incredible power could cause Strange to become trapped in a time loop forever.[10][11]
  • Wong and Mordo take Strange to the Sanctum Chamber and reveal the real purpose of the Masters of the Mystic Arts: for keeping Dormammu and other mystical evil entities away from Earth. They also tell him about the three Sanctums across the globe in New York City, London, and Hong Kong, as locations from which the sorcerers can protect the Earth.[10][11]
  • Destruction of the London Sanctum:
  • Stunned from the explosion, Strange starts looking for help, walking through the New York Sanctum. He soon discovers the Rotunda of Gateways, as well as the Cloak of Levitation.[11] He encounters Master Daniel Drumm, who hears commotion downstairs, heading down to face the Zealots attacking the Sanctum, instructing Strange to stay put. Strange, however, chooses to follow.[10][12]
  • Battle at the New York Sanctum:
    • Strange witnesses Kaecilius murdering Drumm. He reveals his presence, forcing the Zealots to attack him, and despite the fact that they had trained for years, Strange manages to fight them with little problem, conjuring eldritch whips and shield mandalas of light to protect himself.[10][11]
    • Strange fights the Zealot called Lucian

      During the fight, Strange discovers that, due to Dormammu's influence, they are capable to alter the real world outside the Mirror Dimension. He decides to use the Rotunda of Gateways to his advantage, trapping one of Kaecilius' disciples in the desert and the other, Lucian Aster, in the jungle, leaving only himself and Kaecilius to continue fighting through the New York Sanctum.[10][11]
    • Strange attempts to intimidate Kaecilius with the Brazier of Bom'Galiath, but he does not use how to use it. Kaecilius throws him into the Cloak of Levitation's glass case, but the cloak wraps itself around Strange's shoulders and helps him in the fight. The cloak guides Strange to the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, allowing him to trap Kaecilius and end the fight.[10][11]
    • Strange speaks to the captured Kaecilius

      Strange tries to interrogate Kaecilius, but he tells Strange only that time and death are insults, and that the Ancient One extracts powers from the Dark Dimension herself, to obtain extended life. Soon, Kaecilius notes that Strange's Sling Ring is missing, as Aster makes it back into the Sanctum and stabs Strange with a Space Shard, almost killing him. The Cloak of Levitation protects Strange by attacking Aster and removing the Sling Ring from his hand.[10][11]
  • Strange uses the Sling Ring to transport himself to Metro-General Hospital, where he calls out Christine Palmer so she can tend to his wounds secretly. Surprised to see Strange again, appearing out of nowhere wearing unusual clothes, and after all this time, Palmer soon begins to tend his wounds as they talk about what was he has been doing during all the time he has been gone. Strange apologizes to her for having treated her poorly the last time they saw each other.[10][11]
  • Strange overloads and destroys Lucian Aster

    Duel on the Astral Plane: While Palmer operates on him, Strange projects his astral form and uses it to guide her surgery, leaving her bewildered. Lucian Aster uses his astral form to escape from the Cloak of Levitation, and uses the portal Strange left open so as to follow to Metro-General. Strange discovers Aster in the hospital and a battle ensues between the two of them, disturbing several objects in the physical world as Palmer continues performing the surgery. Palmer eventually shocks Strange twice with a defibrillator, which charges up his astral form enough to kill Aster.[10][11]
  • Strange returns to his body as Palmer finishes her work on his wound. Strange explains that he went to Kamar-Taj in order to heal his wounds, but instead ended up learning magic.[10][11]
  • Now sufficiently better, Strange decides to return to the New York Sanctum and continue his fight against the Zealots. He shows Palmer the portal he made with his Sling Ring, confirming what he was saying to be completely true.[10][11]
  • Ancient One disagrees with Doctor Strange

    Strange arrives at the New York Sanctum where he meets with the Ancient One and Karl Mordo, discovering that Kaecilius escaped from the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Impressed by his actions, the Ancient One names him the new protector of the New York Sanctum. However, Strange confronts her about drawing power from the Dark Dimension, causing her to leave abruptly.[10][11]
  • Battle of the Mirror Dimension:
    • Mordo and Strange argue about the Ancient One, but they are interrupted as Kaecilius and his Zealots return to destroy the Sanctum.[10][11]
    • Strange drags all of them into the Mirror Dimension so Kaecilius is unable to destroy the Sanctum, and steals his Sling Ring so he cannot escape. Mordo and Strange proceed to run away so they can escape, locking Kaecilius and his Zealots in the Mirror Dimension forever, but Kaecilius and his group start to chase them.[10][11]
    • The Zealots chase the duo in the Mirror Dimension

      Kaecilius distorts the terrain around them so Strange and Mordo cannot reach their portals to escape.[10][11]
    • The Zealots chase and warp nearby buildings and skyscrapers, causing Strange and Mordo to plummet down the twisting New York City landscape. Kaecilius and the Zealots eventually manage to separate the two before cornering Strange.[10][11]
    • The Ancient One arrives in time to rescue Strange and Mordo by warping the dimension herself to move them away to safety. In doing so, she unintentionally confirms the fact that she draws power from the Dark Dimension as the dimension's symbol appears on her forehead. A battle ensues between her and the Zealots, led by Kaecilius, resulting in her old student stabbing her through one of his Zealots, and pushing her out of the Mirror Dimension and back into the Earth Plane with a Sling Ring, where she falls to a harsh impact on the streets of New York. Strange and Mordo follow through the portal to help her.[10][11]
  • Strange rushes the Ancient One to Metro-General Hospital where they are received by Christine Palmer, who proceeds to help her in the surgery room along with other members of the hospital.[10][11]


Strange talks with the Ancient One before she passes away

  • A few hours after the surgery began, at 2:42AM, the Ancient One leaves her physical form and goes out onto a balcony, prompting Doctor Strange to astrally project and follow her, realizing what she is doing. The two talk, and she tells him about the Dark Dimension and why she had drawn her power from there, claiming that it was necessary to help protect others. Strange warns that Mordo will not be so understanding of her. The Ancient One also reveals that she has seen the future, and she knows that this is her final moment. She warns Strange of Dormammu's powers, and holds Strange's hand as she watches snowfall over a nighttime New York City, before her form vanishes, signifying her death.[10][11]
  • In the very early hours of the morning, stunned by the death of his mentor, Stephen Strange washes his hands. He says goodbye to Christine Palmer, before leaving again to fight the Zealots.[10][11]
  • Kaecilius and his Zealots arrive at the Hong Kong Sanctum where Wong, along with other Masters of the Mystic Arts, is preparing to make a stand. A battle ensues, resulting in the defeat of the Masters and the death of Wong. Kaecilius destroys the Sanctum and prepares to summon Dormammu, who begins to fuse Earth with the Dark Dimension, starting above the remains of the Hong Kong Sanctum.[10][11]
  • Strange convinces Karl Mordo to fight back

    Meanwhile, Strange reunites with Mordo at the New York Sanctum, and they decide to stop Kaecilius and his Zealots together.[10][11]
  • Battle at the Hong Kong Sanctum:
    • The duo arrive only to find the Sanctum already destroyed, and the Masters who decided to protect it already dead.[10][11]
    • Knowing that they have no other option, Strange decides to use the Eye of Agamotto, breaking the Natural Laws of Time, to turn back time for the city and reverse what has happened. He frees both himself and Mordo from the time reversal, and the reversal returns Wong and many others from the dead, despite Mordo's protests.[10][11]
    • Doctor Strange reverses time using the Eye of Agamotto

      However, Kaecilius breaks free of the time reversal as well and a battle breaks out in the rebuilding city. Kaecilius stops Strange from completing the spell, freezing time for the city around them and ensuring that the Dark Dimension will still arrive despite Strange's best efforts. Kaecilius says that Dormammu's arrival could not be stopped anymore, saying that his dimension is "beyond time".[10][11]
  • Skirmish in the Dark Dimension:
    • Upon hearing Kaecilius' words, Strange figures out a way to defeat Dormammu, and heads to the Dark Dimension, where time is irrelevant. Strange arrives at the Dark Dimension and before he confronts Dormammu, he uses the Eye of Agamotto to create an unending loop.[10][11]
    • Dormammu incinerating Strange with a blast from his mouth

      Loop: Strange tells Dormammu he wants to bargain, but the evil entity refuses, incinerating him with a blast from his mouth. The loop resets itself.[10][11]
    • Loop: Strange floats over to Dormammu again, once again asking to bargain. Dormammu, also aware of the last loop due to Strange's magic, wonders if Strange's reappearance is an illusion. When Strange denies this, Dormammu sends two rods from his dimension flying through Strange's chest. The loop resets itself.[10][11]
    • Loop: When Strange floats over to bargain once again, Dormammu asks what is happening. Strange reveals that the loop he created has put them in an endless cycle for all eternity; the only trap Dormammu could not escape from, since the Dark Dimension was a place beyond time, and therefore Dormammu has no power over it. Dormammu furiously crushes Strange with his fist. The loop resets itself.[10][11]
    • Loop: On Strange's next arrival, Dormammu argues that Strange cannot do this forever, but Strange says he can, and is willing to spend eternity suffering dying for everyone on Earth to live. Dormammu incinerates him with a blast from his mouth again. The loop rests itself.[10][11]
    • Dormammu fights Strange

      Multiple loops: Strange continues to ask to bargain, only for Dormammu to kill him over and over many times, with methods such as rods, Dark Dimension spheres, spikes from the ground, and tendrils.[10][11]
    • Loop: Strange tells Dormammu that he is willing to keep losing forever, since it makes the being his prisoner.[10][11]
    • Loop: Dormammu finally begs Doctor Strange to end the time loop. Strange agrees, on the condition that Dormammu banishes himself and the Zealots from Earth forever.[10][11]
  • Dormammu does this, turning the Zealots and Kaecilius into Mindless Ones and dragging them into the Dark Dimension forever, sealing the portal between the dimensions, as Strange returns to Wong and Karl Mordo on Earth. Mordo leaves the Masters of the Mystic Arts, disillusioned by their dishonest, questionable, and dangerous uses of magic, after having witnessed both Strange and the Ancient One's rash actions be pardoned.[10][11]
  • Strange returns the Eye of Agamotto

    Doctor Strange returns to Kamar-Taj with Wong. He replaces the Eye of Agamotto, saying that he is not yet worthy of wielding it; Wong tells him that this is wise, revealing the Eye's true nature as holding an Infinity Stone, a term Strange does not understand.[10][11]
  • Strange embraces his position as the new protector of the New York Sanctum. Strange puts on his broken watch from Christine Palmer, and, wearing the Cloak of Levitation, looks out on New York City.[10][11]






  • Marine biologists begin exploring the Pacific Ocean for a television show.[18][19]




  • Mackenzie and Coulson take off for their longest flight yet, globetrotting on the Zephyr One for meetings, while keeping track of Johnson.[4][5]



  • Tandy Bowen enters a club and spots at a rich young man in the VIP area.[21][22]
  • Tyrone Johnson is scolded by his basketball coach at half time.[21][22]
  • The young man at the club invites Bowen over, and they drink together. She tells him that she loves private house parties, and he proposes going back to his uncle's house.[21][22]
  • In the second half of the basketball game, Tyrone Johnson continually receives fouls from the opposing team.[21][22]
  • Bowen and the rich young man continue to drink back at his uncle's house.[21][22]
  • Despite the fouls, the referee does not stop the basketball game.[21][22]
  • Walsh and Bowen at Rick Cotton's house

    Robbery of Rick Cotton's Apartment: The young man makes advances on Bowen, but she stops him. She reveals that she has drugged him so she can rob him, and the man falls to the floor. Bowen opens the door to her boyfriend, Liam Walsh, and the couple loot the house.[21][22]
  • Tired of receiving so many fouls, Tyrone Johnson loses control and hits the opposition's fouling player. After an exchange of blows, the other players separate the two and Johnson is sent to the bench.[21][22]
  • Walsh drops Bowen at the abandoned church she lives in. In her makeshift room, she puts on a hoodie - Billy Johnson's, which she kept from 2009 - and takes some drugs that she stole from the rich man. She puts in earphones and starts listening to music.[21][22]
  • Tyrone Johnson goes to his room, disappointed and angry about what happened at the game. After listening to his parents, angry about the fight, Johnson puts on headphones and lies on the bed, listening to music.[21][22]



  • Anne Torrez goes missing in New Orleans, taken by Andre Deschaine and Lia Dewan.[13]
  • Tandy Bowen expresses her anger to Liam Walsh for the little they have raised from their theft, since they have only obtained five hundred dollars. He proposes to her that she go to a party occurring in a forest that evening.[21][22]
  • Fusilier invites Johnson to the party in the woods

    In school, Evita Fusilier invites Tyrone Johnson to a party in the woods.[21][22]
  • Tandy Bowen arrives back at her real home. With her mother not there, she takes the opportunity and opens the vent, hiding items in a bag stowed away there.[21][22]
  • Tyrone Johnson arrives at the party in the forest. There, Bowen intentionally collides with him and spills alcohol on his jacket. She cleans it and they introduce themselves. Bowen claims to decide to leave to get towels. Johnson meets with Fusilier and decides to buy her a drink, but realizes that he has been scammed, and Bowen has stolen his wallet.[21][22]
  • Johnson chases Bowen until they reach a cemetery. When he grabs her by the hand, a light suddenly emerges that sends them both flying apart away. As they get up, she sees that her hand is emitting light, while his hand emits darkness. Bowen asks him if he was the boy on the beach in 2009. She tries to leave and Johnson grabs her arm, but Bowen's hand begins to shine again and lets off a flash of light. She takes the opportunity to hide behind a statue.[21][22]
  • Bowen tells her boyfriend about the accident from 2009

    After having sex with her boyfriend, Tandy Bowen tells Walsh about the accident she had 8 years prior, and that a miraculous hand had saved her.[21][22]
  • Tyrone Johnson arrives back at his house, enters his room and lies down on his bed, wrapping himself in his dark sheet.[21][22]


  • When Johnson wakes up, he finds he is not in his room, but in fact on the roof of a Roxxon Corporation building. When he descends the stairs to leave, he notices the policeman who killed his brother walking by, proving to himself that he was not deluded about the murder of his brother 8 years prior, and notes the officer announcing himself as "Connors" on the phone.[21][22]
  • As Tandy Bowen puts items into her bag, her mother enters the house. She jolts in a sudden hurry to hide the bag and accidentally cuts her hand. After bandaging it and putting the bag away, she welcomes her mother, Melissa, who tells her about her new boyfriend. Tandy touches her mother's hand, then suddenly sees a light, leading into a happy vision reminiscent of her childhood with her parents. Tandy retracts her hand, ending the vision, and asks her mother if she saw the same thing, but Melissa is confused, having not experienced anything.[21][22]
  • Tyrone Johnson asks for a cab

    Tyrone Johnson is refused by a cab driver due to his half-naked state, and forced to walk home.[21][22]
  • Johnson arrives back at his house and searches online for a New Orleans Police Department officer named "Connors", finding pictures of the policeman who killed Billy. At that moment, his mother enters the room and scolds him, revealing that the school called to tell him that he did not turn up. She starts to confront him about how poorly he has been acting in the last few days and he asks her for space, saying that he knows she is overwhelmed and afraid of losing him. The mother and son come to an understanding with each other about her fears over him after losing Billy, then she leaves, simply asking him not to miss school anymore.[21][22]
  • Tandy Bowen goes to the theater to watch a ballet with tickets she stole from the rich young man.[21][22]
  • Johnson lies down on his bed. However, he again wakes up to find that he has been teleported - this time into the trunk of a car.[21][22]
  • Attack on Tandy Bowen: At the end of the ballet performance, Bowen leaves but is cornered by the rich young man whom she stole the tickets from, having come to find her in case she used the tickets. He corners her in the street along with some friends acting as henchmen. They force Bowen into an alley to avoid being seen, and the man asks his friends to leave while he tries to rape her.[21][22]
  • Ambush on James Connors

    Ambush on James Connors: Tyrone Johnson realizes he is in the back of Connors' car, and surrounded by cocaine. When Connors pulls up, he jumps out of the trunk and hits the policeman who killed his brother, then fleeing.[21][22]
  • Tandy refuses to surrender to the man, and in her panic, she accidentally forms a dagger of light from her hand, stabbing the man in the stomach and forcing him to back off. The dagger soon disappears, and she escapes.[21][22]
  • Connors finds Tyrone Johnson in an abandoned building nearby and begins to strangle him. When he does, the room begins to darken for Tyrone and he sees a vision of the officer on the day his brother died, telling another policeman that his uncle will help him cover up killing Billy. The vision ends and Tyrone starts running while Connors shoots at him. Before he can be fatally shot, Tyrone throws himself towards a black canvas and is relieved to find that the dark cover, like his bed sheets, teleports him back to his room along with the bullet Connors fired.[21][22]
  • Tandy Bowen tries to produce a new dagger, but is unable to do so.[21][22]
  • Individually, both teenagers look at the garments they took from each other when they were little, on the beach: Bowen puts on the hoodie that Johnson wore, and Johnson inspects Bowen's ballet shoe.[21][22]


  • Brigid O'Reilly starts an investigation

    Detective Brigid O'Reilly begins to investigate the scene where Tandy Bowen stabbed the rich young man.[21][24]
  • Meanwhile, Bowen and Johnson mull over their newfound powers. They try to use them again, to no avail.[21][24]
  • Tyrone Johnson has breakfast with his family. His father asks him about basketball, and encourages him to look to his mother as a role model rather than his coach.[21][24]
  • Tandy Bowen meets with Liam Walsh and tells him what happened to the rich young man, without mentioning his powers. Liam proposes to get new documentation, make a change of image and go to a safe place, if the assaulted is still alive.[21][24]
  • Johnson tells his school priest Father Francis Xavier Delgado that he is not taking the pills he prescribed, because he wants to have complete self-control - that this is the same reason he does not drink alcohol. Delgado says that he has a lot of bottled-up anger, to which Johnson replies that he feels he could direct it towards its cause: the policeman who killed his brother. Delgado disapproves.[21][24]
  • Johnson has a church service at school, during which he texts Evita Fusilier to apologize for leaving her alone at the party.[21][24]
  • O'Reilly picks up the rich young man's cell phone and investigates his contacts. She takes the man's friends to the police station for questioning.[21][24]
  • Adina Johnson checks a gun she keeps hidden in her house.[21][24]
  • Tyrone Johnson tries to spy on Connors, but falls asleep.[21][24]
  • Tandy Bowen and Liam Walsh visit the dry cleaners'

    Tandy Bowen arrives with Liam Walsh at the dry cleaners' who secretly work with criminals, to acquire new documentation. The clerk offers Bowen a full pack of false documents, but asks for $11,000. Unable to pay this, Walsh offers to pay a part, since the rich young man will be in the intensive care unit and could wake up soon, so they need the money urgently.[21][24]
  • When Johnson wakes up, he sees texts from his teammates, angry at him for not showing up to practice and ask him where he is. As soon as he arrives back at school for training, he sees that the coach has punished everyone, making them run suicide sprints because of his actions at the last match.[21][24]
  • Tandy Bowen enters her mother's house, and is horrified to discover that her mother found her hidden bag and shared its contents with her new boyfriend, Greg Pressfield. Tandy rebukes them for taking the money and the pills. As soon as her mother mentions that her father would be hurt to see that she had pills in her bag, Tandy leaves home.[21][24]
  • The clerk at the dry cleaners' tells Walsh and Bowen that the money they have produced is not enough. Seeing another, legitimate client heading to a wedding, the duo concoct a plan.[21][24]
  • Tandy Bowen and Liam Walsh at the wedding

    Infiltration into Lynn & Tad's Wedding: Bowen and Walsh follow the man to a wedding party and pose as guests. They plan to steal the wedding envelopes, the money from the bar, and the tips that the wedding organizer likely has.[21][24]
  • Brigid O'Reilly begins to ask people about Bowen, showing a receptionist at the wedding a sketch of her face. The woman nods that Bowen is inside.[21][24]
  • During the newlyweds' first dance, Tandy Bowen suddenly begins to manifest her powers again and has to hide her hands under the table.[21][24]
  • Johnson is forced to run suicide sprints like his teammates. When finished, he goes to the locker room to rest, but his companions appear and surround him. They begin to express their anger at him for his actions and push him towards the cage where the sports equipment is. There, they grab him and hit him repeatedly. Johnson rolls into a black canvas to try to escape using his powers, but it does not work.[21][24]
  • Bowen talks with Delia in the girls bathroom

    Liam Walsh discovers that the maid of honor is the one who has the money from the tips. While dancing with him, Bowen has another vision: seeing what her wedding would be like to him. Unable to deal with this prospect, she to go to the bathroom. There, she finds Delia, the maid of honor, who advises Bowen to have fun and leave the problems for another day. She hugs her and Bowen takes the opportunity to steal the money from the bag.[21][24]
  • Meanwhile, Tyrone Johnson finds James Connors, but is forced to flee after making noise and not wanting to be discovered.[21][24]
  • Delia realizes that the money has been stolen. Tandy Bowen takes the envelope cage and steals the bride and groom's car with Liam Walsh to get away.[21][24]
  • Upon arriving home, Tyrone recognizes that his mother needs help, and she advises him to turn his fears and faults into positive energy. When she kisses him on the forehead, Tyrone has a vision. In it he sees his mother, his brother, as a young boy, and himself, also young, in a supermarket. When Billy runs into the next room, a shot is heard, and when the little Tyrone follows, another. Tyrone sees his mother run only to find two graves and cry before them. After the vision ends, Adina feels tired and Tyrone tucks her in. He is determined to put an end to the policeman who killed his brother.[21][24]
  • When Tandy and Liam arrive back at the dry cleaners', she refuses to reveal what she was thinking earlier. He reveals that he knows that she lives in the abandoned church and offers his help in dealing with everything she faces. Scared of what problems his commitment to her might cause, she replies that they cannot deal with the problems together and leaves with the new documentation.[21][24]
  • Brigid O'Reilly arrests Liam Walsh

    Arrest of Liam Walsh: Tandy Bowen flees in the stolen car. Meanwhile, Walsh is arrested by Brigid O'Reilly. Shortly after, he uses his one call to phone Bowen and ask for help, but she hangs up and keeps driving.[21][24]
  • Attack on James Connors: Tyrone Johnson arrives at the house of the policeman who killed his brother, prepared to kill him. When he is about to shoot, a black curtain touches him and he unintentionally disappears from the place just as he pulls the trigger.[21][24]
  • Johnson's teleportation makes him appear on the road where Bowen is driving, with his bullet going through the windshield without hitting her. She swerves the car but ends up crashing into a tree, invoking her daggers of light in self-defense without knowing it.[21][24]
  • The crashed car sits by the tree.[21][24]
  • Bowen gets out of the car, bleeding from her forehead. Johnson approaches her and believes that she has been traumatized. She asks him about his gun, and he replies that he did not want to shoot her and that appeared before her without knowing how. Angry, Bowen gets back in the car and starts it, driving away, not wanting to see Tyrone again.
  • Tyrone Johnson hears sirens and decides to hide in nearby bushes.[21][25]


  • Detective O'Reilly visits the rich young man in hospital. He tells her that he does not remember much of the attack, but she does not believe him. O'Reilly states that the night of the accident he had his pants pulled down and cuts on his face, deduced to be fingernail scratches from self-defense. At this, he urges her to leave, claiming to need rest.[21][25]
  • Brigid O'Reilly talks to Melissa Bowen

    Tandy Bowen parks the car and cleans her tracks with a rag before entering her mother's house. Once inside, she washes the blood from her forehead. Melissa opens the bathroom door, intending to talk to her daughter, and expresses concern about her daughter's bleeding. At that moment, Detective O'Reilly knocks on the door. Melissa answers and starts talking to the detective. O'Reilly asks Melissa about her daughter's whereabouts, but Melissa says she has not seen her in awhile. She asks her to enter Melissa's home, but Greg Pressfield calls out to remind her that she cannot enter without a warrant. Detective O'Reilly explains that she believes that Tandy was the victim of an attack and gives her her details on a card to be delivered to Tandy if Melissa sees her. When the detective leaves, Melissa goes to look for her daughter, but Tandy has already left.[21][25]
  • Tyrone Johnson tries to talk to Father Francis Xavier Delgado, but he is not in his office. He decides to kneel and pray, but not to God - to his late brother, asking what is happening to him and why he cannot control himself, wondering if he is cursed. Evita Fusilier enters the room, having listened to him. She tells him that believes she can help him with his supposed curse and offers to take him on a voodoo tour that she leads herself after school.[21][25]
  • Tyrone Johnson attends Fusilier's voodo tour

    After school, Johnson attends the tour. Fusilier explains that voodoo can protect and break curses, among other things.[21][25]
  • Evita Fusilier's tour ends at her aunt Chantelle Fusilier's voodoo shop. She takes Johnson to Chantelle for help and introduces him. Chantelle concludes that Johnson needs a special bath to open his mind.[21][25]
  • Infiltration into the Shared Unconscious:
    • At night, Tandy Bowen gets on a bus. Once in her seat, she falls asleep. When she wakes up, she sees the bus completely empty, so she decides to leave it. However, once outside, she realizes she is having a vision, seeing a young Tyrone Johnson playing basketball while watching her intently.[21][25]
    • After getting the ingredients, Johnson and Fusilier head back to Johnson's house. He gets into the bath, takes a deep breath, and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he finds he is in a vision. He is in his house, but when he opens the door, he finds himself on the roof of the Roxxon Corporation. There he sees Tandy Bowen, as a child, dressed in her ballet outfit.[21][25]
    • Tandy Bowen's vision

      In Bowen's vision, she sees Billy Johnson arrive and start to play with Tyrone. Billy's friends propose to him that they steal a car radio, but, this time, Billy decides to stay playing with his brother. Bowen's vision suddenly moves to a clearing. There he sees Tyrone, in a historical suit, grabbing a gun and shooting Detective James Connors. Tyrone is then chased by police into a noose, from which he is hanged. The vision repeats itself and Bowen begs him to try something different. She leaves him a dagger of light, which then turns into handcuffs, and Tyrone decides to cuff Detective Connors instead of killing him.[21][25]
    • In Johnson's vision, Tandy Bowen is dancing near a puddle of water, which is next to an exposed live wire and going to electrocute her. He tries to protect her, but the vision shifts to a swamp. There, he sees Bowen waiting outside her father's boardroom, watching as his coworkers drown him by forcing water into his lungs.[21][25]
    • Tyrone Johnson's vision

      She tries running away twice, but each time the vision just repeats. The third time, Johnson asks her to stop running and try to do something else. Bowen produces a dagger of light and touches the glass of the boardroom. Johnson's vision then shifts again to large door. He opens it without hesitation.[21][25]
    • Meanwhile, in Bowen's vision, she enters a room and sees Tyrone Johnson, as a child, surrounded by memo letters written by Billy and crying.[21][25]
    • Tyrone Johnson finds himself in a church, where the young Tandy Bowen is giving pills to several men, including the rich young man who attacked her, and her own boyfriend, Liam Walsh. After taking the pills, each of the men die.[21][25]
    • Simultaneously in their respective visions, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson look at a stained glass window. When they touch it, they both awaken from their visions.[21][25]
  • Detective O'Reilly enters her car, and Detective Connors knocks on her window. She lowers it and he hands her the identity card of Rick Cotton, the rich young man who was attacked, claiming he found it on a dead drug addict. Connors says that it was clearly a mugging gone wrong, and that the case is closed, despite O'Reilly insisting it does not fit the evidence.[21][25]
  • O'Reilly is contacted by Bowen

    Just as Detective Connors leaves, O'Reilly receives a call from Tandy Bowen, saying she got her card and wants to talk about what happened.[21][25]
  • Tyrone Johnson and Evita Fusilier walk together. He says he feels better and thanks her for her help. She asks him if his wish was fulfilled, and Johnson replies that, although he did not get answers, he believes he now knows how to find them. Fusilier confesses that she also made a wish, a couple of days prior. Johnson decides to kiss her, and she reciprocates.[21][25]
  • Detective O'Reilly reluctantly reveals to Bowen what has happened with the case, and apologizes for it. Angry at being helpless, Bowen gets out of the car and leaves.[21][25]
  • Chantelle Fusilier uses a 3-D printer to make a figure of Tyrone Johnson. She places it next to her other voodoo dolls.[21][25]
  • Tandy Bowen enters the church where she lives. There, she finds Tyrone Johnson, who asks to speak with her.[21][25]
  • Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen in the church

    Tyrone Johnson confesses to Tandy Bowen that he discovered the church through a voodoo dream. She agrees to talk to discover together what is happening to them.[21][26]
  • Johnson talks to her about the voodoo bath. Bowen scoffs skeptically, but Johnson explains what he saw in his dream, and how Roxxon's men tortured and killed her father. He tells her that she was running away, except for the last time.[21][26]
  • Bowen reveals to Johnson that she had visions about him and the death of his brother. She explains that while he sees people's fears, when she touches someone, she can feel their hopes. Bowen suggests to Johnson that he should get more information from the cop who killed his brother, but he says he does not like that idea. She proposes, however, that he build a story and act as a victim, so as to convince the police that he is a ruffian.[21][26]
  • Johnson explains to Bowen how his powers work, and says he believes that they guide him to where he needs to be. Bowen explains that she produces a dagger of light when he feels upset. Suddenly, she realizes that his powers began to manifest when they touched in the cemetery, so she suggests touching again.[21][26]
  • Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen try to touch each other

    They close their eyes and try to touch each other again, and their powers manifest. Just before touching, however, their powers throw them to opposite sides of the room. While they are lying on the ground, the duo confess that they have not told anyone about their powers, not even their respective parents. Thinking of possible people to trust, Bowen says she would have told her father, while Johnson says he would have told his brother.[21][26]
  • Bowen thinks Johnson is too sincere, and he says he believes she actually has hope. Both agree that the universe seems to both unite them and separates them at the same time. Johnson confesses to Bowen that he feels guilty, like he must be perfect, and that he has to do everything right and is living two lives. She replies that she feels the opposite - that she should have died and not her father.[21][26]
  • Johnson criticizes Bowen for her suicidal thoughts and tries to remind her of her reasons to live. They begin to argue, because Johnson believes that she is taking her privilege for granted. Johnson angrily suggests that if she thinks about it so much, she should just commit suicide. Annoyed, she reminds him that she felt his hopes and saw him indirectly committing suicide himself by repeatedly leading the police to cause his death, accusing him of hypocrisy.[21][26]
  • Shortly after Tyrone Johnson leaves, Tandy Bowen takes some pills. Johnson takes out his negative energy at home by doing push-ups[21][26]


  • Otis Johnson scolds Tyrone for not wanting to eat breakfast with them, but he refuses to do it because he is in a hurry.[21][26]
  • Melissa and Tandy Bowen speak

    Tandy Bowen visits her mother, Melissa, who asks her about Detective O'Reilly's visit. Tandy says she simply mistook her with another girl. She asks her mother about the Roxxon case, and Melissa confesses that her father was a scapegoat for the company, and that he had nothing to do with the explosion of the oil rig. After this, Tandy argues with her mother about Greg Pressfield, believing him to be another lying boyfriend of hers.[21][26]
  • Tyrone Johnson and Evita Fusilier enter the school's photography dark room. They look at some photos briefly, but then begin to kiss.[21][26]
  • Tandy Bowen asks Pressfield what his intentions are, but he replies that her mother is genuinely important to him. Bowen takes the knife to cut peppers for him so as to get the opportunity to touch his hand. When she does, she sees that Pressfield honestly just hopes to start a family with her and Melissa.[21][26]


  • Tandy Bowen visits Greg Pressfield in his office. She talks to him about the Roxxon case, and his insistence to not let the case die, and the pair begin to work together to fight against Roxxon.[21][26]
  • Meanwhile, following Bowen's advice, Tyrone Johnson makes it look like his bicycle has been stolen.[21][26]
  • Tyrone Johnson at the police station

    At the police station, Tyrone reports the theft of his bicycle, but when the policeman decides to take a form, he decides to leave, feeling overwhelmed.[21][26]
  • When he arrives at his house, Tyrone's father, Otis Johnson, reproaches him for what happened at breakfast time. Otis tells him that he found out his bolt cutters were missing that morning. He takes Tyrone's backpack and finds the bolt cutters inside, accusing him of stealing. Tyrone tries to defend himself, but his father asks that he follow him.[21][26]
  • During a car trip, Otis Johnson advises Tyrone not to talk when they arrive, unless he is asked. They reach a garden, where there is a meeting going on. Otis begins to sing, and it is revealed to Tyrone that those who are there belong to the "Wild Red Hawks" group of the ninth district. The leader of the band introduces himself as Roland Duplantier and welcomes Otis and Tyrone.[21][26]
  • Tandy Bowen looks at Roxxon's papers on the floor. She asks Greg Pressfield if he is married, and he replies that he is undergoing a divorce.[21][26]
  • At night, Tandy Bowen, Greg Pressfield and Melissa Bowen meet for dinner. Pressfield's wife calls him on the phone, but he prefers not to answer the call. At Melissa's insistence, however, he walks away to take it. After a while, however, when Pressfield returns, Melissa decides to go to bed.[21][26]
  • Tyrone Johnson finds his brother's coat

    In the house of the Wild Red Hawks, Tyrone Johnson finds a newspaper cutting that reports on Billy's death. Roland Duplantier reveals to him that his brother was training to be a standard-bearer; that is, a spy for them. Otis teaches Tyrone the importance of the badges and bead-work that the Wild Red Hawks do for Mardi Gras. Soon after, Tyrone looks among the spare unfinished pieces of work, and a black and navy blue cloak attracts his attention.[21][26]
  • Tyrone Johnson takes the cloak. Otis asks him to put it back and asks why he chose it, but Tyrone replies that he felt as if it was calling him. His father confesses that it belonged to Billy. Given this, Tyrone decides to finish the bead-work of the cape in his honor.[21][26]
  • Tandy Bowen tries to talk to her mother about Pressfield and say that she now has a good opinion of him. Melissa says that she does not want to have anything to do with him, however, and has broken off the relationship.[21][26]
  • Otis Johnson teaches his son how to work with the beads.[21][26]
  • Greg Pressfield's death

    Assassination of Greg Pressfield: Tandy Bowen goes to Greg Pressfield's office, when something catches her attention. She watches through the window as, in the office, while Pressfield is ordering some papers, a woman delivers a water dispenser, only to then shoot him in the head. The woman pours flammable liquid over Pressfield's work and sets it alight, as Bowen watches in horror.[21][26]
  • Tandy Bowen returns home to talk with her mother. She hears Melissa leaving Greg Pressfield voicemail, apologizing for breaking off the relationship, and Tandy starts to cry when she hears that it is Melissa's sixth message, knowing why Pressfield has not picked up.[21][26]


  • In the morning, Adina Johnson, Tyrone's mother, is surprised to find her husband and son very happy, and Tyrone having cooked breakfast. Neither of them reveals about joining the Wild Red Hawks.[21][26]
  • Tandy Bowen goes to the dock and ties some chains to her feet, then throws herself into the sea to commit suicide. However, after a while, Bowen emerges from the water with a dagger of light in her hand, deciding to keep going.[21][26]
  • Tyrone Johnson enters the police station and asks to speak with Detective Brigid O'Reilly.[21][26]
  • Tandy Bowen uses her powers to pen a safe

    Tandy Bowen enters Greg Pressfield's office, hoping something has survived the burning. She finds a safe and breaks it open with a dagger of light, discovering that Pressfield protected some folios from the Roxxon case. Without hesitation, she takes them away.[21][26]
  • In Walnut Park, Los Angeles, a burned body is found, being the signal of a "murder epidemic".[27][28]
  • Tandy Bowen watches an advert of a man called Louden Swift cleaning the beach and introducing himself as a member of the navy who lost his arm. He explains that Roxxon Gulf hired him to use his skills in the place he calls "home". While watching, Bowen analyzes the Roxxon documents that Greg Pressfield had kept protected.[21][29]
  • Detective O'Reilly is having sex in her car with fellow officer Kenneth Fuchs when she receives a phone call telling her to go to the police station. There, she talks to Tyrone Johnson about how complicated it would be to catch and prosecute James Connors for Billy's murder. Given this, Tyrone proposes to capture him for drug trafficking instead and tells her what he witnessed the other night. O'Reilly promises to investigate.[21][29]
  • Johnson prepares to open his locker

    At school, Tyrone Johnson is opening his locker when Tandy Bowen appears. She apologizes for her behavior and reveals that she can now generate daggers at will. Bowen asks him to take her to a computer room to continue her research into Roxxon. There, she tells him that she is trying to unite several points of her investigation to discover the identity of an important man in the Roxxon case. Johnson asks how she controlled her powers, and she tells him about her suicide attempt. She encourages him to use their powers together to their advantage to see people's fears and hopes. Then, after printing some files, she leaves.[21][29]
  • Johnson prepares with his teammates for the basketball state finals. Meanwhile, Bowen steals a uniform from a locker.[21][29]
  • O'Reilly is investigating Billy Johnson's death when Fuchs appears. He explains that problems with drug dealers decreased in District 12 as soon as Connors entered, so the streets are now safer. However, O'Reilly thinks that Connors simply cleared space for a drug dealer, since there is still a lot of product on the streets.[21][29]
  • Johnson talks to his mother, Adina

    Tyrone Johnson arrives at his house and observes a picture of Billy with his friends, while listening to his mother on the phone, discussing her biggest client holding an event that night: Roxxon. When his mother finishes talking, Tyrone asks her about Billy's friends and she replies that one of them went on to do well for himself. After congratulating him on reaching the basketball final, Tyrone tries to hang the photo on the wall, but is teleported to a warehouse.[21][29]
  • In the warehouse, Tyrone Johnson finds Duane Porter, one of Billy's friends. Porter tells him that his business started fixing houses and now he is the store owner. He tells Tyrone that he is expecting a lot from him in the game, and discusses how moving on and making the most of your life is important.[21][29]
  • In the church, Bowen places the profiles of Roxxon employees she has printed on the floor. She begins to investigate the company's employees on social media. After discovering that the employees meet with escorts, she decides to put on the uniform she stole and visit an agency.[21][29]
  • Tandy Bowen manages to pass the interview successfully, thanks to a false profile, and is hired. She asks to start that same night.[21][29]
  • Before the match begins, Tyrone Johnson asks Evita Fusilier to go to a private room with him. There, they talk about their relationship and he gives her his jacket, as the team-members do for a cheerleader of their choice. They share a kiss.[21][29]
  • Tandy Bowen arrives at the gala

    Tandy Bowen arrives at the Roxxon gala.[21][29]
  • The basketball game starts and Johnson scores minutes later. However, the referee whistles and orders him to shoot again due to a foul. He thinks about telling the referee that they did not need him, but, in the end, he does not object, and scores the penalty.[21][29]
  • In the police interrogation room, Detective Brigid O'Reilly sits with Liam Walsh. He is upset because Tandy Bowen has not come to help him. O'Reilly asks him about the identity of the drug dealer who offered quality drugs in a club and lets him know that she will offer something for the information.[21][29]
  • The match continues. A teammate passes the ball to Johnson, but he finds himself surprisingly unable to catch it. The referee says that the St. Sebastian's Preparatory School team has the shot nonetheless.[21][29]
  • At the gala, Bowen begins to search for the men she has been investigating. After a while, she finds one of them.[21][29]
  • Johnson fights for the ball during the basketball game

    Johnson fights for the ball with another player. The referee touches him and he has a vision in which he sees men stabbing the referee in front of a marker. When Johnson opens his eyes, the ball has disappeared - it has in fact materialized near Bowen at the gala.[21][29]
  • Infiltration into the Roxxon Gala:
    • Bowen meets a young woman at the gala, who is nervous about having to deliver a speech.[21][29]
    • At half time, Johnson tries to process what is happening to him, while Bowen touches several of Roxxon's workers to see their hopes and find someone who is a common denominator. Johnson towels his face, and suddenly finds himself teleported to Bowen.[21][29]
    • Johnson asks her what she is doing at a Roxxon party and accuses her of teleporting him there, pointing out that her repeated use of her powers, connected to his, have caused him to lose control. Bowen pays no attention to him and says she is close to finding the mystery man who appears in the hopes of Roxxon employees.[21][29]
    • Bowen talks to Johnson about Peter Scarborough

      Noticing a photograph with the man in it, Bowen finds his name in the caption: Peter Scarborough. She realizes that he is the man was the one who entered her house 8 years prior and took things supposedly belonging to Roxxon.[21][29]
    • Johnson asks her to help him return him to the basketball changing rooms, and Bowen suggests he put himself in danger to activate his powers. He begins to doubt her, but she pushes him towards the railing so he falls off and his powers instantly teleport him back to the bench in his team's changing room.[21][29]
  • Detective O'Reilly continues her investigation. After questioning the drug supplier of a club, she discovers that she is not the main dealer. However, the supplier explains that she does not know who is pulling the strings.[21][29]
  • Tandy Bowen returns to the church and begins to investigate further into Peter Scarborough.[21][29]
  • In the second half, Tyrone Johnson dodges the players of the opposing team, but, they touch him and he sees their fears, realizing that they are from struggling backgrounds. In the last second, he has the chance to score and win the game, but, knowing that if he allows the other team to win he might give them the boost in life that Billy has always wanted, he intentionally misses the shot.[21][29]
  • Bowen sees Scarborough in the water, collecting money from his dead employees

    Bowen rings the doorbell of Peter Scarborough's house. She asks him to use his phone to call roadside assistance, having punctured her own tire as a cover for speaking to him, but he offers to change them himself. As he does so, Bowen creates a dagger in a moment of anger, but vanishes it again, instead touching the back of his neck to see his hopes. Bowen sees Scarborough in a body of water collecting the money from his dead employees.[21][29]
  • Tyrone Johnson enters his room and finds Evita Fusilier waiting for him in his bed, having climbed through the window. She tells him that she knows what he did for the referee and the other team, having paid attention to his skills and motivation. She takes off the jacket he gave her and they begin to kiss.[21][29]
  • Detective O'Reilly snorts a few lines of cocaine in a back office at the police station. Suddenly, Detective James Connors appears and asks if he can share them. They talk about taking drugs while working as undercover cops and O'Reilly pretends to be a big drug user so as to get him to open up. She then leaves, pleased with herself for getting closer to catching him.[21][29]


  • Tyrone Johnson and Evita Fusilier kiss

    The next morning, Fusilier says goodbye to Johnson and leaves through his window. Johnson takes a black shirt and, accidentally, teleports to Duane Porter's store. There, he sees Porter talking to James Connors, discovering that they are partners in drug trade and that Porter's business is a cover.[21][29]
  • In her church, Bowen analyzes the plans of the oil platform and discovers that it was signed by her father and a man called Ivan Hess. She starts looking for other items and finds one that says Roxxon found previously unknown marine life in the gulf.[21][29]


  • Tandy attends the recording of a commercial by Mina Hess, Ivan's daughter, who turns out to be the woman she met at the gala. Hess affirms that Roxxon helped her after her father had an accident, and that she will help save the world.[21][29]
  • Evita Fusilier and her aunt prepare the house for a voodoo reading. Chantelle Fusilier explains that the reading is for New Orleans, and she will look at the past, present and future.[21][30]
  • Duane Porter arrives at the warehouse to work. Tyrone Johnson follows him.[21][30]
  • "Liz" introduces herself to Mina Hess

    Tandy Bowen appears before Mina Hess as "Liz", her "new intern". At first, Hess is reluctant to be accompanied, but ends up accepting.[21][30]
  • Johnson asks Porter if he can work in his store, but Porter says there are no openings and encourages him to look for something better.[21][30]
  • Kenneth Fuchs confesses to Brigid O'Reilly that he worries she will get too close to James Connors, saying he believes Connors is dangerous.[21][30]
  • Johnson follows Kev, one of Porter's workers. The man discovers him, however, and threatens him with a gun, ordering him not to follow him any further.[21][30]
  • Evita and Chantelle Fusilier continue with the voodoo reading. Chantelle explains that New Orleans has a past of destruction and rebirth, and that she has a feeling that Tyrone Johnson will be involved in the next disaster.[21][30]
  • Tyrone Johnson visits Tandy Bowen in the church. He tells her of his failed attempt to follow Duane Porter's drug dealer and that he tried to infiltrate the company to trap Connors. In turn, Bowen reveals that she is incognito in Roxxon, as an intern for Mina Hess. She advises him to use his powers with the drug dealer to find leverage and then steal his work.[21][30]
  • Mina Hess and "Liz" talk

    Tandy Bowen enters the abandoned amusement park and looks for Mina Hess's house. When she finds her, Hess greets her and offers some cookies. Bowen looks at a model of Roxxon's old oil rig and asks about it, but Hess changes the subject. Soon after, they prepare to go to work.[21][30]
  • O'Reilly is studying a case when Connors approaches. When he realizes she is closing in on him, he offers himself as a partner to help her find the head of the drug dealers so as to in fact prevent her.[21][30]
  • At their voodoo reading, Chantelle Fusilier tells Evita Fusilier about the New Orleans disasters of the past and affirms that Tyrone Johnson is likely one of the latest "Divine Pairing", with prevention of these disasters always linked to two people. They both wonder who the other could be.[21][30]
  • Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess wade through the swamp water, looking for a species of American bumblebee to monitor their disappearance. Bowen asks her if her father still works for Roxxon, but Hess focuses on looking for the bees. They begin to get along.[21][30]
  • Johnson steals the backpack

    Chase of Kev:
    • While O'Reilly drives, she and Connors talk about the case and the drug dealers. Connors asks him to stop the car when he spots drug dealers, and starts to chase them while she looks for the backpack that one of them had been carrying and left lying around. When O'Reilly leaves, Tyrone Johnson walks away, having already stolen the backpack.[21][30]
    • James Connors catches Porter's drug dealer, whom he actually knows, and starts hitting him. He warns him that they are starting to attract attention and that Porter should be cautious. When O'Reilly arrives, Connors lets the man go.[21][30]
  • Hess says that she wants to show "Liz" the valve she has designed for the new oil platform. She reveals that Roxxon do not drill for oil, but instead search of a material that burns ten times better and that twice as hot. She adds that, because of that, the old rig could not stand it, but that now it can. On arriving at the valve, Hess' colleague, Stan Bartlett, warns her that her heat shield is failing, so she decides to check why it happens.[21][30]
  • Tandy Bowen punctures Stan Bartlett's tire with a dagger of light

    Tandy Bowen checks the valve and heat shield along with Hess. She looks at the plans and points out that the valve should be 10 meters away. Hess appreciates the help and scolds Bartlett for placing it incorrectly, saying that she will return tomorrow to fix the mistake. Bartlett insults her. After the argument, Hess leaves and Bowen punctures Bartlett's car with a dagger of light in retaliation.[21][30]
  • The drug dealer who lost the bag finds Johnson and asks for it back. Johnson grabs his arm and shows the dealer his nightmares, and the man flees in fear.[21][30]
  • Chantelle Fusilier continues with the voodoo reading. Evita realizes that only the Divine Pairing can prevent a looming evil. She asks how they might know when a disaster is building and what the point of no return might be, but Chantelle says that that point is just the end.[21][30]
  • Tyrone Johnson enters Duane Porter's warehouse and returns the backpack, making it clear that he knows what is inside. Johnson asks again to work with him and Porter accepts, hoping to ultimately deter him from getting into drug dealing.[21][30]
  • Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess talk

    Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess return to the abandoned amusement park. Bowen continues asking about Hess' father and asks to see him, but she refuses. Hess notices sees one of the bees they were looking for on Bowen's neck and blows it away.[21][30]
  • Connors reminds Porter of his message about laying low over the phone and asks him to meet that night to sort things out. Connors then tells O'Reilly that he has a contact who can take them to whomever she wants. They plan to catch the drug dealer that night, but Connors plans instead on taking her out.[21][30]
  • Porter drives with Johnson and explains that they are survivors. He says that their acts have consequences, even if it is not fair.[21][30]
  • Back at Mina Hess' house, Tandy Bowen asks again about her father. Hess confesses that she has worked out "Liz" is in fact Nathan Bowen's daughter, Tandy.[21][30]
  • At the voodoo reading, Chantelle Fusilier affirms that one of the members of the Divine Pairing must die every time a disaster needs to be stopped.[21][30]
  • Back in the warehouse, Porter tells Tyrone Johnson that he recognizes he has value, from acts such as when he jumped into the water to save Billy. Tyrone is horrified to learn from this that Porter saw James Connors kill Billy and yet chooses to work with him, as well as reproaching him for not having helped him when he tried to explain to police that Billy was shot. He asks Porter to do something better to honor Billy's memory. Connors and Detective O'Reilly suddenly knock on the store door, and Porter asks Johnson to leave.[21][30]
  • Tandy Bowen apologizes for the lies

    Mina Hess visits her father, Ivan in his nursing home. He does not respond to any stimulus, having been like that for 8 years. Bowen enters the room and apologizes for having lied to Mina, and Mina says that if she had just told her the truth, she would have introduced her to Ivan. Tandy replies that honestly, it never crossed her mind to tell the truth.[21][30]
  • Bowen asks her to talk to Ivan, and Mina agrees. She touches him and has a vision, in which Tandy sees a door from which a black smoke like Tyrone Johnson's is emanating. When she touches it, she leaves the vision. Mina regrets that talking her father cannot help her.[21][30]
  • Ambush on Brigid O'Reilly:
    • Connors meets with Duane Porter and warns him that O'Reilly will be entering soon. He says he wants him to shoot her, and Porter protests, but eventually reluctantly accepts. Johnson, still present, tries to warn O'Reilly by phone, but does not succeed.[21][30]
    • O'Reilly shoots at Porter

      O'Reilly enters the warehouse but Johnson shouts to warn her. With the extra moment to prepare, she turns the corner and shoots Porter before he can act. Johnson screams at his brother's friend's death and runs away, with Connors chasing him. During the chase, Connors shoots at Johnson several times, but his powers kick in to teleport him away momentarily for each bullet fired.[21][30]
  • Johnson teleports to the church, near Tandy Bowen. When she sees how devastated he is, she tries to hug him, but his powers repel her. Johnson breaks into tears.[21][30]
  • Tyrone Johnson asks what he should do now that the one other witness to Billy's death is dead. After reassuring him that failures help in the long run, Bowen informs him that there was a survivor of the oil rig explosion, and that she needs his help to open the door of her vision.[21][31]
  • In Ivan Hess' room, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson touch him at the same time to enter into the vision together. There, Johnson touches the door without difficulty, but the vision shifts to the oil rig, in the moments before the explosion. Immediately, one of the workers present attacks Johnson, but Tandy stabs him with a dagger of light. They realize that they can be seen and heard in this vision.[21][31]
  • Bowen and Johnson talk to Ivan Hess

    Bowen and Johnson hide in a room, and there they find Ivan Hess, who is glad to see people without hostile intentions. They call him "Ivan Hess", but he does not recognize this, not remembering his name. Bowen asks where they are, to which Hess replies that they are "here" and that the phone usually rings "halfway", before the "end" of "everything". Bowen realizes that they are on the oil rig that exploded and Johnson asks Hess how to stop the explosion set to go off in under 2 minutes. He explains that they have to get to the core room, press the emergency shutdown button and turn off the shut-off valves, but that it is impossible to do so in the remaining time.[21][31]
  • Despite having little time, Bowen and Johnson try to reach the core room, but are forced to fight with several crazed workers. Soon after, time runs out and the explosion occurs. They suddenly find themselves minutes before the explosion again, in Ivan Hess' office. Hess explains that he lives in a loop, and that he believes the energy of the initial explosion instills fear in the workers and makes them hostile, naming them "terrors".[21][31]
  • Bowen explains that they have come from the real world to help Hess get out of the catatonic state he has been in for 8 years, but Hess does not understand or believe her.[21][31]
  • Tandy Bowen talks to "Nathan"

    Bowen mentions the name of Hess' daughter, but he denies ever having a child. She mentions Nathan Bowen, however, and Hess recognizes this as the name of the person who calls him on the phone in every loop. Bowen realizes that it was Hess who had been talking on the phone to her father before the fateful accident. As soon as the phone rings, Bowen takes it and talks to her father, becoming emotional. The explosion then happens again and Bowen and Johnson are transferred back to Ivan Hess' office as the countdown is restarted.[21][31]
  • Tyrone Johnson asks Tandy Bowen to help close the valves, but she wants to talk more with her father. Johnson tries to go to the core room and close the valves by himself, but is attacked by the workers and is forced to teleport away. Bowen picks up the phone and talks to her father again, while Johnson avoids the workers, presses the button, and closes the valves. After this, however, the explosion still happens again and the countdown restarts. Johnson tells the others that it has not worked and Hess is impressed, but unsurprised at it not solving anything, and leaves the office. The duo agree that considering their plan has not worked, they need to release Ivan Hess' hand in reality.[21][31]
  • In the real world, Johnson wakes, but finds that Bowen lied, wanting to stay to talk to her father, and is continuing to use her powers with Ivan Hess. On finding this, Johnson gets frustrated and reenters Hess' mind to get Bowen out. When he finds Bowen, however, she does not remember anyone, having been in the loop many times.[21][31]
  • Johnson talks to Bowen, trying to remind her who she is

    After talking to her, Bowen manages to remember Johnson and tells him that her real life is horrible, since she has no father, home, or friends to return to - no one who would ever call her. Johnson says that he is her friend, but she claims she just played with his feelings so he would help her.[21][31]
  • When the explosion occurs and the countdown is restarted, Bowen tells Tyrone Johnson that if Billy were the one on the phone, he would also stay. When the phone rings, she tells him not to touch it and threatens him with a light dagger. He pulls the cable from the phone and Bowen begins to throw daggers at him in anger, which fail to hit him thanks to his powers teleporting him across the room to safety each time.[21][31]
  • The explosion occurs and the countdown restarts again. Tyrone Johnson recognizes that he would stay if the one on the phone were Billy, but admits that he cannot remember what Billy even sounded like anymore. He promises to leave her in Ivan Hess's mind if she just asks a question to Nathan Bowen that Hess would not know, to prove it is really him and not just a construct of Hess' memories. When the phone rings, she asks her father who is in the back of his car while he talks, knowing that her younger self should be there. As Tyrone expected, he is not able to answer correctly, and Tandy starts to cry as the big explosion occurs again.[21][31]
  • Rescue of Ivan Hess:
    • Bowen gives Hess his daughter's cookies

      When the countdown is restarted, Tandy Bowen takes Ivan Hess' cookie and tries to remind him of Mina having made it, and his responsibility as a father. The phone rings again, and Bowen reluctantly hangs up on her father. After this, Bowen reveals that Mina's secret ingredient for the cookies is cardamom, and Ivan cries, suddenly remembering his daughter. He asks them to see Mina and they tell him that he has to press the button and close the valves himself if he wants to return to reality. Ivan explains that he has tried many times before, to which Tandy replies that he never had their help before.[21][31]
    • Time restarts, and Hess agrees to try. He makes his way to the core room with the help of Bowen and Johnson. While they protect him, he manages to press the button and close the valves before the big explosion occurs.[21][31]
    • Back in the real world, Tandy Bowen, Tyrone Johnson, and Ivan Hess open their eyes. Bowen and Johnson breathe a sigh of relief, although Ivan does not recognize them. He asks them to see Mina, who arrives later when notified, with a bag of cookies to give her father. Bowen and Johnson are happy to have helped and go leave.[21][31]
  • Johnson enters his room

    Back home, Johnson opens a shoe box and finds an old voice recorder he and Billy played around with.[21][31]
  • In the church, Bowen tries to sleep, but receives a call from Tyrone Johnson. Glad to have a friend in life who actually cares enough to call her, Bowen picks up and Tyrone explains that he wanted to talk because he has found a recording with Billy's voice, and needs some company while he listens. She recommends he play it, and they hear Billy attempting freestyle rap with a 6-year-old Tyrone beatboxing. Tyrone is emotional at hearing his voice again, but Tandy jokes with him to keep things happy, and asks him to play it again.[21][31]


  • Brigid O'Reilly has pancakes with Kenneth Fuchs, who starts to call himself her boyfriend. She nervously explains that she passed the psychological evaluation after shooting Duane Porter. She is upset for having shot him and is determined to stop James Connors, because he believes that he was behind what happened. Fuchs decides to help her.[21][32]
  • Peter Scarborough notices Bowen

    Tandy Bowen is taking flowers to Ivan Hess when she suddenly meets Peter Scarborough. After some uncomfortable glances, she enters Mr. Hess' room. Bowen asks him about Scarborough and Hess replies that he was worried about how much Hess remembered, but explains that he remembers nothing after the accident. Hess reveals to Bowen that her father warned Roxxon about the design of the platform and the problems with reducing costs, through a report which he stored in a safe along with other tests at Metrolake Bank.[21][32]
  • Tandy Bowen visits her mother and tells her that she wants to be part of the tribute later in memory of her father, having not partaken for a few years. She asks Melissa if her father had a safe deposit box, and Melissa says he did, but that she does not know where it is. Tandy says that she thinks she might knows.[21][32]
  • Tyrone Johnson has breakfast with his parents, with the three Johnsons upset by the anniversary of Billy's murder.[21][32]
  • Tandy and Melissa Bowen find the key to Nathan's safe in a box full of memories of him. Melissa talks to her daughter about a special date she had with Nathan when she was pregnant.[21][32]
  • Johnson sees how Bowen introduces to his parents

    After breakfast, Otis Johnson tells his wife that he wants to invite the Wild Red Hawks to his house to finish their costumes later. Shortly after, Tandy Bowen knocks on the door and Tyrone reluctantly lets her in. Otis and Adina appear and Bowen tells them that she was worried about Tyrone, since she herself lost a relative, her father, on the night Billy was killed. When his parents confess that they will not be paying homage to Billy later, Bowen decides to invite Tyrone to her house that night to pay tribute with her and her mother. Before leaving, Bowen steals Adina's Roxxon identity card.[21][32]
  • At the police station, Detective James Connors asks O'Reilly for help in identifying the boy who fled when Duane Porter was killed. She tells him that she does not recognize him, but he is sure she knows who he is. A portrait is drawn based on his description, and he confirms it to be accurate.[21][32]
  • The Wild Red Hawks are presented with their costumes at the Johnson residence. While Otis Johnson picks up Billy's cloak, Roland Duplantier explains to Tyrone the difference between a cape and a cloak. Tyrone spots his father crying and tries to cheer him up.[21][32]
  • Johnson talks to O'Reilly

    Tyrone Johnson receives a message from Detective Brigid O'Reilly, who says she is waiting outside. He steps out onto the sidewalk and tells O'Reilly he is worried because his parents would be frightened if they knew she was from the police. O'Reilly warns him that Connors is going after him and that he should try to go unnoticed, but Tyrone refuses to do so, since he wants to catch Connors at all costs. She realizes it is the anniversary of Billy's death, and says that she believes Connors is also aware.[21][32]
  • Johnson prepares a shirt with red stains so as to simulate gunshot wounds.[21][32]
  • At O'Reilly's house, Tyrone Johnson reveals his plan to obtain a confession from Connors: he wants to disguise himself as Billy and make Connors believe he is Billy's ghost, haunting him on the anniversary, to extract a confession. Tyrone asks O'Reilly if Kenneth Fuchs is trustworthy and, after she affirms this, he confesses that he has powers and that he can control them with Billy's cloak.[21][32]
  • Tandy Bowen uses Adina Johnson's identity card to sneak into Roxxon.[21][32]
  • Tyrone Johnson pursues James Connors

    At night, Tyrone Johnson begins to follow James Connors using his powers and Billy's cloak. When the detective arrives at his car, he realizes that his gun has been stolen.[21][32]
  • Bowen uses light daggers to destroy the electrical systems in the building.[21][32]
  • Tyrone Johnson grabs Connors by the neck and uses his powers to remind him of Billy's death, then whispers in his ear, "You killed me." After this, Connors notices that his gun is back in its holster.[21][32]
  • Kidnapping of Peter Scarborough: In Roxxon, Tandy Bowen catches Peter Scarborough and puts a dagger of light to his neck.[21][32]
  • Arrest of James Connors: Connors meets O'Reilly and says that she has a clue about the boy in his drawing, showing him a drawing of Billy Johnson and claiming it is the same drawing as earlier. He begins to wonder if the boy he saw was in fact Billy. Then, in the middle of the street, Connors sees Tyrone with Billy's cloak. He doubts if it is real and O'Reilly says that she does not see anyone. Connors begins to chase him until he reaches the place in the shipyard where he killed Billy. There, Connors tries to shoot him, but Tyrone avoids the bullets with his powers. Pretending to be Billy's ghost, he gets Connors to confess his crime. Once they have the necessary statement, O'Reilly arrests Connors and Fuchs reveals that he has recorded everything.[21][32]
  • Tandy Bowen threatens Peter Scarborough with a dagger of light

    In Roxxon, Tandy Bowen finishes tying up Scarborough. She shows him that she knows everything about the explosion and why they killed Greg Pressfield. After claiming that her father not as good of a man as she believes, Bowen threatens him with a dagger of light. Scarborough offers her money in exchange for her silence. Angry, Bowen instead decides to leave.[21][32]
  • At the police station, O'Reilly tells Fuchs that she has met people with superpowers in New York City, and should tell him about her friend named Misty.[21][32]
  • By Lake Borgne, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson meet to pay tribute to their lost loved ones. Johnson tells her that he got a confession, while Tandy says she is content to have scared Scarborough. Melissa approaches them and Tandy introduces her friend.[21][32]
  • Before lighting a lantern, the trio hold hands. Suddenly, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson discover that they have entered into a vision. They enter through a door and appear in a movie theater. Tandy worries that they are in a fear, but Johnson believes that they are facing a mixture of memory and fear. Melissa sits in the theater, and her memories are projected. In them, they see that Melissa remembers having a perfect relationship, but, than in reality, Nathan would hit her, one time being when she accidentally spilt a drink on some of his documents.[21][32]
  • Upon returning to the real world, Tandy and Melissa Bowen and Tyrone Johnson light the lantern and let it fly.[21][32]
  • Tandy Bowen walks alone, upset by what she saw.[21][32]
  • Fuch's corpse being found by O'Reilly

    Assassination of Kenneth Fuchs: Connors uses his influence to have Kenneth Fuchs murdered in retaliation for O'Reilly's interference, and the evidence set up to frame Tyrone Johnson.[21][32]


  • Tandy Bowen calls Peter Scarborough and tells him that she has changed her mind and wants the money he promised.[21][32]
  • Back home, Tyrone Johnson looks at Billy's cloak.[21][32]
  • In the abandoned church, Bowen hides the money from Scarborough inside a broken statue.[21][32]
  • Detective O'Reilly comes home after a long night. When she opens the refrigerator, she is horrified to find Fuchs' dead body stuffed inside.[21][32]
  • Tandy Bowen burns a family photo in anger at her father and takes some money from the statue.[21][33]
  • At O'Reilly's house, the police investigate Fuchs' murder. She notices a blood stain on an umbrella and that leads her to discover the murder weapon, a pipe covered of blood under the sofa. A policeman snatches it and asks her to be removed from the place.[21][33]
  • Tandy Bowen enters a rich man's house. There, she drugs him as she used to do to other men, and touches him to see his hopes. While doing so, she tells him that she has discovered that she can steal and feel the hopes of others. After leaving the vision, Mina Hess calls Bowen, but she chooses not to take it.[21][33]


  • Chantelle Fusilier performs a voodoo ritual in the middle of the street. She comes across a Roxxon pipe in an alley.[21][33]
  • Billy Johnson's case is reopened at police station

    At the police station, officers inform Otis and Adina Johnson, alongside Tyrone, that Billy's case has been reopened thanks to a recorded confession. As they head back to their car, Tyrone shouts at them for not appreciating the confession and the proof that they were wrong to have not believed him until now.[21][33]
  • Chantelle Fusilier returns home and Evita is worried about not having seen her all night. She tells Fusilier that Roxxon will destroy the city, and that only the Divine Pairing can stop it. Chantelle asks Evita to talk to Tyrone Johnson who the second member of the Divine Pairing is, since she believes that the two members will already know each other.[21][33]
  • In school, Tyrone Johnson starts to avoid Evita Fusilier.[21][33]
  • Adina Johnson is sad at work.[21][33]
  • Tyrone Johnson does not pay attention in his school choir practice.[21][33]
  • Adina Johnson takes a look at a Roxxon press release.[21][33]
  • Benny, the fellow basketball player who led the attack on Tyrone Johnson recently, knocks him in the corridor.[21][33]
  • Adina Johnson yells at her superior for Roxxon's project.[21][33]
  • Tyrone Johnson gets into a fight with Benny, letting out his anger on him.[21][33]
  • Tandy Bowen visits the Hess family, and Mina invites her to eat with them. Bowen accepts and sees that Ivan is improving, now walking again.[21][33]
  • Father Francis Xavier Delgado explains to Tyrone Johnson in his office that he believes, after Billy's death, Tyrone continues to fight to keep his rage at bay. Delgado makes him carry books in either hand and balance, and advises him to stop his attitude.[21][33]
  • Bowen steals Mina's hopes

    During brunch at the Hess residence, Tandy Bowen is scattered. Mina Hess decides to make tea while Ivan tells Tandy how much he misses Nathan, and that he was a good man. Upset to hear this again despite discovering Nathan's domestic abuse, Tandy gets up and goes to the kitchen. There, Mina confesses that she wants Tandy to work with her at Roxxon. Tandy grabs her hand and sees her hopes, and witnesses Mina enjoying a walk through flowers. Tandy steals her hopes and they return to the real world, with Tandy telling her that now she knows how she feels. When Tandy leaves, Mina kills a bee of the species she always used to look out for.[21][33]
  • O'Reilly goes to a bar and starts drinking to drown her sorrows.[21][33]
  • Tandy Bowen takes more money and goes to the police station to pay Liam Walsh's bail. While waiting, she notices the woman who killed Greg Pressfield on the street. Walsh arrives and confesses to Bowen that he feared she had abandoned him.[21][33]
  • Father Delgado returns to his office and tells Tyrone Johnson that he is close to being expelled.[21][33]
  • Bowen and Walsh enter the abandoned church.[21][33]
  • Johnson and Father Delgado begin to argue as Delgado tries to tell Johnson that nothing will improve if he encloses himself as he does. Johnson says that he thinks Delgado is only a priest to escape his own feelings.[21][33]
  • Walsh talks to Bowen in the church

    Bowen tells Walsh that she always wanted to get married in the church. Walsh is surprised by her hopeful behavior and Bowen explains that she knows that she has never done anything to improve her life. She tells him that now she wants to build a happy life with him.[21][33]
  • Johnson tells Delgado that God has no answers for him because He does not exist, and tells Delgado that he cannot possibly know what he has been through.[21][33]
  • Bowen leans in to kiss Walsh.[21][33]
  • Johnson tries to leave, but Father Delgado does not allow it. At this, Johnson angrily tries to hit him.[21][33]
  • Meanwhile, Bowen kisses Walsh, and she sees his hope of marrying her.[21][33]
  • Father Delgado grabs Johnson and tries to calm him down. Johnson enters his mind and sees his fears.[21][33]
  • In Walsh's hopes, Bowen watches as she and Walsh kneel at a pew to marry.[21][33]
  • Johnson sees in Father Delgado's fears that he ran over a girl and killed her while drink-driving.[21][33]
  • Walsh and Bowen take communion in Walsh's hopes.[21][33]
  • Johnson is shocked to see what happened to Father Delgado.[21][33]
  • In Walsh's hopes, Bowen touches her boyfriend to take his hopes away, and everything starts to shake. At that moment, Tyrone Johnson sees a door in the fears of Father Delgado, which takes him through to Bowen and Walsh's vision. When he sees her, the duo are both woken in the real world.[21][33]
  • Walsh and Bowen break their kiss, and Bowen looks around, but sees that Johnson is not there.[21][33]
  • Father Delgado orders Johnson out of his office.[21][33]
  • A beaten O'Reilly lies on the floor

    At the bar, O'Reilly is disgusted as Connors enters and claims to mourn Fuchs. Furious, she picks up a bat from the wall and hits him. While all the policemen observe, Connors turns and begins to beat her to the ground, telling her that her video was never going to keep him behind bars.[21][33]
  • At St. Sebastian's Preparatory School, Evita Fusilier approaches Tyrone Johnson and says she can help him. Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by Tandy Bowen, who shouts at him to stop getting into her head. Fusilier tries to take her away from Johnson, so Bowen decides to grab her to steal her hopes. In a vision, Bowen discovers that Fusilier dreams of being a doctor. She tries to take away that hope, but Fusilier takes control and expels her from the vision. In the real world, Fusilier flees, now knowing Bowen to be the second member of the Divine Pairing.[21][33]
  • Bowen and Johnson begin to argue about what happened, as Johnson explains he is trying to fix things for his family and that she is out of line, but she claims that things cannot be fixed. The argument becomes tense and Bowen threatens him with a dagger of light. At this, Tyrone leaves.[21][33]
  • Evita Fusilier attends one of Father Francis Xavier Delgado's classes. He talks about heroes and what makes them so.[21][33]
  • Francis Xavier Delgado's class about heroes

    Father Delgado explains that heroes always resurface from the ashes after a downfall, when they believe they cannot continue anymore. Delgado points out that the regression in the heroes is due to consequences caused by themselves, and that it can generate a trauma that deepens their fears and may cause the destruction of their lives.[21][33]
  • Father Delgado explains in class that heroes cannot return to who they were or undo traumatic events, but that regression is a trick.[21][33]
  • As he teaches, Delgado points out that many heroes try to escape to their previous life. He explains that when the heroes enter a spiral of despair, it can cause their death or for them to become a villain if they do not resist the spiral.[21][33]
  • Delgado explains why regression happens in stories, as stories are supposed to reflect our real human experience. However, the important thing is that we can ascend.[21][33]
  • The class finishes with Delgado explaining that when things go wrong, it can give a chance for a character, and for us, to ask the question that is always at the center of myth: "Who are we?"[21][33]
  • Evita Fusilier sculpts a voodoo figure for Tandy Bowen.[21][33]
  • Tandy Bowen returns to the church to apologize to Liam Walsh and sees that the place has been ransacked. Walsh has found the money and left with it.[21][33]
  • Hess presences the effects of the Dark Energy on people

    Peter Scarborough calls Mina Hess to fix a valve in the lake pipe. On arrival, Hess witnesses a dark energy burst from the pipeline and instil terror in the workers. Immediately, the workers begin to chase Hess.[21][33]
  • When Brigid O'Reilly arrives at her car, she hears a transmission announcing that the police have identified Kenneth Fuchs' killer and that they must meet urgently.[21][33]
  • Tyrone Johnson arrives home and his mother expresses her feelings about Billy's death. Adina confesses that she knew they could have covered up the crime, but was afraid that if what he had always said were true, then that meant they could want to kill Tyrone as well to tie up the loose ends, and this was why she was not pleased to find out the truth. She adds that Connors' confession will likely not help because of institutionalized racism. Tyrone tells his mother that if he does not confront the police, nothing will change.[21][33]
  • Chase of Tyrone Johnson: While Tyrone and Adina Johnson are still talking, the police and a S.W.A.T. team arrive outside the house. The force announces by loudspeakers that they have identified Tyrone as Fuchs' killer. Quickly, Adina orders him to flee and he does, but forgets to take his brother's cloak.[21][33]
  • Melissa Bowen is held hostage by a hired killer

    Attack on Melissa Bowen: Tandy Bowen enters her mother's house, with the idea of ​​telling her what happened, but finds that the woman who killed Greg Pressfield has Melissa as a hostage. The hitwoman shoots at Bowen, but she avoids the bullets. Bowen hides behind a wall as the hitwoman calls to her to step out, and her hands begin to shine.[21][33]
  • Chantelle Fusilier recounts how the Choctaw people had to let a member of the Divine Pairing die to stop the famine and infertility of their lands. Evita Fusilier looks at the Divine Pairing voodoo figures on the shelf, ending with Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen.[21][34]
  • At the Bowen residence, Tandy confronts the attacker and distracts her to buy time. Melissa is able to stab the woman in the shoulder and Tandy cuts her with one of her daggers of light. When Melissa takes the gun, the woman flees the house. Tandy convinces her mother to go to a friend's house for protection and leaves.[21][34]
  • Tyrone Johnson enters the Wild Red Hawks shelter and is searching for Billy's cloak when Otis approaches him. His father offers him the cloak and asks him not to contact them so that he can stay safe. As soon as the police arrive, Tyrone uses his powers and escapes.[21][34]


Hess is rescued by Tandy Bowen

  • Rescue of Mina Hess: Tandy Bowen runs to Mina Hess' house, but is attacked by a terrorized worker. She ends up stabbing him with a light dagger in self-defense. Bowen then enters the house and rescues Hess from another attacking worker. She explains what these "terrors" are, and how people have turned into the terror state. Hess realizes that the other nine valves across the city could fail soon and each spread dark energy. Due to lack of time, she says they must go to Roxxon to shut them all off centrally.[21][34]
  • Tyrone Johnson tries to go unnoticed as he walks through a Mardi Gras parade in Billy's cloak, but a police officer discovers him. Johnson flees and is met by Brigid O'Reilly, who tries to help. When several policemen surround them, she encourages him to escape with his powers, but he decides not to as there are too many witness. O'Reilly and Johnson are arrested.[21][34]
  • Chantelle Fusilier tells the stories of the Divine Pairing

    Chantelle Fusilier tells Evita of another event involving the Divine Pairing, this time in 1793, when two brothers fought for a woman's love as a devastating storm ravaged New Orleans. During the duel, the older brother decided to sacrifice himself so as not to destroy his family, and when the other shot him, the storm ceased. Chantelle believes that Johnson and Bowen can defeat the fear in the town, but that for Fusilier to understand how they can help, first they must recall the history of the city.[21][34]
  • Tyrone Johnson and Brigid O'Reilly are taken to the police station and the cloak is taken away from Johnson.[21][34]
  • Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess travel by car to Roxxon. Hess is upset for helping Roxxon, but Bowen encourages her.[21][34]
  • Johnson and O'Reilly are locked in the evidence room to be dealt with by James Connors. O'Reilly asks Johnson to use his powers, but he is incapable since he does not have the cloak. Johnson appeals to the feelings of the guard and convinces him to release them, but then another policeman arrives before he can follow through. He tells his partner that Connors has arrived at the police station and that he has closed the place.[21][34]
"In this day and age, you need to keep up with the Joneses. As well as the Starks and the Rands."
―Peter Scarborough[src]
  • Hess and Bowen confront Scarborough

    Ambush on Peter Scarborough: Hess and Bowen confront Scarborough in an elevator after he has smashed several hard drives with incriminating evidence. Bowen asks him what he is looking for and recognizes that he wants more power, which he claims is necessary to match the rival companies such as Stark Industries and Rand Enterprises. He confesses that they have tried to turn off the drill, but it does not respond to the remote control, so Bowen and Hess will have to go to the core and turn it off manually.[21][34]
  • Wanting revenge for his attack on her mother, Bowen touches Scarborough to see his hopes. There, he says he seeks to be God, so Bowen leads him to a door, claiming power is on the other side. What he sees on the other side, however, scares him.[21][34]
  • In the evidence room, Johnson thanks O'Reilly for her help. Connors enters and explains his plan: they will take a walk, let Johnson escape, kill O'Reilly, incriminate Johnson, and then kill him as well. As they are removed from the room, however, terrors break into the police station.[21][34]
  • Chantelle Fusilier explains to Evita that in 1815, a soldier died trying to deliver the news of a ceasefire, but handed a letter to a maiden, the other in the Divine Pairing, who was able to deliver the message. Chantelle asks Evita to tell the pair that one of the two must die.[21][34]
  • Outside of Roxxon, Scarborough's hired killer and a group of terrors surround Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess. They manage to take refuge, but a terror breaks a window and touches Hess.[21][34]
  • Johnson during the Attack on New Orleans Police Department Station

    Attack on New Orleans Police Department Station: In the middle of the chaos in the police station, Tyrone Johnson warns the officers not to let thee terrors touch them.[21][34]
  • Bowen struggles to find Hess.[21][34]
  • Tyrone Johnson heads to a back room to recover Billy's cloak.[21][34]
  • Hess, who has been turned into a terror, hunts for Bowen.[21][34]
  • Johnson recovers his cloak. O'Reilly decides to stay in the weapons room while Johnson lures the terrors into an office with the help of the policeman he spoke to before, having them locked in.[21][34]
  • Rescue of Tandy Bowen:
    • Hess finds Bowen and tries to attack her.[21][34]
    • The terrors rip Johnson's cloak.[21][34]
    • Bowen finds herself cornered.[21][34]
    • Just when Mina Hess is going to attack Tandy Bowen, Tyrone Johnson arrives by teleport and incapacitates Hess with a taser.[21][34]
  • Chantelle Fusilier tells the story she also told on a tour in 2009, of a doctor who saved his lover from the Spanish flu with a donation of his own blood. When he collapsed, all the sick patients in the vicinity were miraculously healed.[21][34]
  • The Divine pairing reunited in the church

    In the abandoned church, Tyrone Johnson laments that Billy's cloak has been torn. At that moment, Evita Fusilier enters and tells them about the Divine Pairing, in addition to the sacrifice that one of the two must make. Johnson asks her to get to a safe place and kisses her goodbye.[21][34]
  • Tandy Bowen prepares a plan with Tyrone Johnson, but he says he feels useless without his cloak. At this, Bowen hands him Billy's hoodie, stolen by her from the beach 8 years ago, but reminds him that he does not actually need it.[21][34]
  • Outbreak in New Orleans:
    • The Divine Pairing try to make their way through the terrors, down the street of the parade, while O'Reilly helps them by shooting terrors from a nearby rooftop.[21][34]
    • Afterwards, O'Reilly returns to her car but is stopped by James Connors. The detective shoots her, with one of his shots hitting the Roxxon pipe next to her, which transmits dark energy to her. Connors kicks her body into Lake Borgne.[21][34]
    • Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson arrive at the Roxxon core building, but are confronted by Connors. Quickly, Bowen cuts his gun and Johnson teleports with Connors onto the roof. He threatens Connors, but eventually decides to let go of his anger, letting him go. Connors instead tries to kill Johnson again, but Johnson's hoodie instantly emits darkness and swallows the detective into its dimension.[21][34]
    • Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen save New Orleans

      Teleporting back to the sidewalk, Tyrone Johnson believes that Fusilier was right and that he must sacrifice himself. Despite Bowen's refusal to let him, Johnson teleports to the core valves and tries to close them on his own. Bowen catches up with Johnson and cuts open the door, telling him that they will both sacrifice themselves together. She realizes, however, that the dark energy seems to be a mix of light and darkness like theirs. The Divine Pairing put their hands together and fight against the dark energy with their combined powers. After absorbing it all, they are teleported to the roof and the power is ejected into the sky.[21][34]



  • An unidentified body is found by the West Covina police.[27][28]
  • Evita Fusilier watches TV, where it is announced that the hysteria from Mardi Gras has disappeared, stopped after a flash of energy.[21][34]
  • Peter Scarborough's hitwoman finds him in an elevator, induced by Tandy Bowen into the same catatonic state his actions caused Ivan Hess to experience for 8 years.[21][34]
  • At the Johnson residence, the police question Adina and Otis Johnson as well as Father Francis Xavier Delgado. Adina hears a noise and goes up to her son's room, where she sees that Tyrone has left his basketball jacket to let them know he is okay.[21][34]
  • Tandy Bowen shows her mother the newspaper

    Tandy Bowen moves back into her house, carrying all her belongings. She shows a newspaper to her mother announcing that Roxxon has been found guilty.[21][34]
  • Tyrone Johnson decides to live in the abandoned church that Bowen has now left. Shortly thereafter, Tandy Bowen enters the church and hands him bags of food, having learned from their time together how to care.[21][34]
  • Mayhem, a copy of Brigid O'Reilly created by O'Reilly's exposure to the Roxxon dark energy, crawls out of Lake Borgne, moving quickly due to powers she has.[34][35][13]
  • Mayhem walks to O'Reilly's apartment and watches the news report on the terror in New Orleans. She runs the faucet for a glass of water, but runs out of patience and throws the glass against the wall, drinking directly from the faucet. She then attacks the refrigerator and throws it down the stairs.[35][13]
  • Mayhem returns to the apartment and looks in the mirror, then hears on the news that O'Reilly is in critical condition.[35][13]
  • Water samples are drawn from north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in order to determine what about the chemical agent found in the water turned people into terrors during the terror in New Orleans.[21][13]



  • The Nintendo Switch is released.[14][38]
  • Mayhem visits O'Reilly in hospital

    Mayhem visits O'Reilly in hospital, observing her and realizing they are the same person. She plans to smother O'Reilly with a pillow, but Officers Paulson and Wyatt arrive, forcing her to hide. Mayhem overhears that James Connors is still "in the wind". Once they have left, she gives O'Reilly the extra pillow and decides to go after Connors first.[13][39]


  • Mayhem checks in at a Single Room Occupancy hotel and is hit on by the owner, which she rejects. She steals a deck of playing cards and writes "Connors" on a joker card to begin her search process.[13][40]
  • The councilman Roger Perez visits a construction site in Boyle Heights. However, Perez is suddenly ambushed by the Ghost Rider, who brutally murders him, after finding him guilty for his actions.[27][28]


Ghost Rider's activities across 2017

  • Perez's corpse is found by the construction workers on the site.[27][28]



  • Thomas Wright, a teacher at San Gabriel Valley High School, is tracked down to his house in Alhambra by the demonic vigilante Ghost Rider, who discovered that he was a pedophile. Ghost Rider kills him and burns down the residence.[27][28]






  • Robbie Reyes travels to work and briefly interacts with his co-workers. As he is working, Quake visits him with a made up story of her car engine lighting on fire, forcing Reyes to play along. When they are finally alone, they discuss the Ghost Rider. Reyes claims he is not an Inhuman, but rather something very different, and that he "sold [his] soul to the devil". When Johnson mentions Gabe Reyes, Robbie decides to attack again. They briefly duel, but Reyes knocks her out.[42][43]
  • As Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz are researching a bizarre invisible material, Alphonso Mackenzie brings them details on Lucy Bauer and the house incident. The three question the existence of ghosts, then Fitz and Mackenzie get a lead and go to find her, without Simmons.[42][43]
  • Coulson and Mace discuss Quake

    Phil Coulson and Melinda May talk to Jeffrey Mace, the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D., after a two-hour wait. They discuss Quake, and although Mace assures he forgives them for chasing her, he still says she needs to be stopped before they legitimize S.H.I.E.L.D. again. Before she leaves, May hallucinates Mace's face becoming demonic.[42][43]
  • Mace gives Coulson the assignment of leading a tour group, and as he and Coulson lead the tour, they briefly discuss S.H.I.E.L.D. history and Peggy Carter. May hallucinates multiple tour members becoming demonic the same way Coulson's head.[42][43]
  • Desperate for answers, May visits Chen in his cell and begs for a way to cure her infection. Chen only says that it is "everywhere", and suddenly bangs his head on the glass until Jemma Simmons comes and knocks him out.[42][43]
  • Lucy Bauer enters Momentum Labs and frees Hugo and Frederick from boxes similar to the one that held her. They blame Bauer for getting them there, and they discuss how the book that locked them away could now be used to help them. They decide to kill Eli Morrow, the one who betrayed them, and continue to free people like themselves.[42][43]
  • Ghost Rider gets rid of Johnson

    Quake wakes up to discover Robbie Reyes tied her up, while looking for an excuse to kill her. They begin to discuss the Aryan Brotherhood, and Johnson mentions that Momentum Labs could be involved with the crate that they were transporting. Reyes realizes that this is a lead and leaves, but Johnson uses her powers to escape and follows him.[42][43]
  • Ambush at the Pasadena Momentum Laboratory: Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie infiltrate Momentum Labs, but are attacked by Frederick. He traps Mackenzie in a machine that will turn him into one of them, but when he goes for Fitz, Robbie Reyes intervenes. Reyes transforms into Ghost Rider and murders Frederick, allowing Fitz and Quake to rescue Mackenzie. Ghost Rider grabs a picture of Lucy Bauer and the others before they were ghosts, before he walks out.[42][43]
  • Melinda May's infection makes her go insane so she lashes out against her team until Jeffrey Mace intervenes, revealing his powers, and knocking her out.[42][43]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie discovers Elena Rodriguez has been giving Daisy Johnson pills for her injuries. Mackenzie and Leo Fitz try to convince Johnson to return to S.H.I.E.L.D., but she refuses.[42][43]


  • Robbie Reyes picks up Daisy Johnson from the street, and tells her that he thinks that he might be the connection between everything that has been happening.[42][43]
  • The Watchdogs' threatening message

    Blackout Attack: Elena Rodriguez is attending a party in Miami, Florida, when a city-wide blackout suddenly occurs. The Watchdogs anonymously send a threatening online message, claiming to be Inhumans who will shut off more cities hour by hour if the Sokovia Accords are not shut down.[42][44]
  • Jeffrey Mace, Leo Fitz, and Alphonso Mackenzie discuss the blackout while Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons overlook Melinda May's vitals, fearing for her life. Suddenly, Chen's heart rate spikes dramatically, before he passes away from Lucy Bauer's infection.[42][44]
  • Simmons realizes the same will happen to May in just hours if they do nothing, so Mace assigns Simmons to go to save May, and assigns Phil Coulson to Miami.[42][44]
  • Robbie Reyes and Quake stop for gasoline and briefly discuss Reyes' uncle, Eli Morrow, when the same blackout happens to Los Angeles. They quickly go to check on Gabe Reyes, who is about to be attacked by a gang when they arrive. The two vigilantes take down the gang members and bring Gabe home.[42][44]
  • Holden Radcliffe and Aida prepare to help Jemma Simmons save Melinda May. Because S.H.I.E.L.D. does not know Aida exists, Radcliffe shuts her down before they arrive.[42][44]
  • At this point, Melinda May is hallucinating almost everything around her to be demonic, and after they calm her down, Simmons and Radcliffe begin figuring out how to save her life.[42][44]
  • As Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Leo Fitz enter Miami, their car suddenly shuts down, along with Coulson's prosthetic hand and the rest of their gear.[42][44]
  • Rodriguez is confronted by the Watchdogs

    Watchdogs invade the party that Elena Rodriguez is attending, looking for an Inhuman there. Yo-Yo uses her super speed to subtly disarm the Watchdogs, but her friend notices and freaks out, blowing Rodriguez's cover.[42][44]
  • At that moment, Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Leo Fitz arrive and, with, Yo-Yo's help, fight and subdue the Watchdogs.[42][44]
  • Radcliffe and Simmons discover the source of May's hallucinations, and realize the only way to save her is to stop her heart, and then quickly bring her back to life before her body completely shuts down, which would "reset" her brain. They stop her heart as planned, but before they can defibrillate, the power goes out.[42][44]
  • Simmons panics and begins to perform CPR, to no avail. Radcliffe eventually uses Aida's battery to charge the defibrillator, allowing them to restart May's heart, bringing her back to life and curing her.[42][44]
  • Another threat from the Watchdogs comes online, so Jeffrey Mace contacts the president.[42][44]
  • Reyes makes an excuse

    Robbie Reyes and Daisy Johnson, now at the Reyes brothers' home, discuss how Robbie can recover so fast. He explains that his strong healing factor means his injuries do not last long. Robbie then heads out to make sure people are safe, as the Ghost Rider. He uses work as an excuse, not wanting Gabe to know what he truly does.[42][44]
  • Gabe and Johnson have a conversation after Robbie leaves, but Gabe tells her he knows of her abilities and that she is Quake. He says that he believes she is a good person, but he wants her to stay away from Reyes, to keep him surrounded by trustworthy and safe people, threatening to expose her to the public if she does not.[42][44]
  • Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, Leo Fitz, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez find the source of the outages, an EMP device, and reset it to bring the power back on, ending the Blackout Attack.[42][44]




  • Wilson Fisk begins planning a ceremony for his wedding to Vanessa Marianna, as the conclusion to his scheme to leave prison, take back control of New York City's criminal empire, and be considered a public hero. He intends for the ceremony to endear him once again to the media and citizens.[46]



  • Daisy Johnson gets injured in a confrontation with the Watchdogs while she is trying to obtain information on how they are managing to find every Inhuman they have killed. She decides to reunite with Simmons in order to get some help.[47][48]


Quake asks Simmons for help




  • East Coast by A$AP Ferg is released.[14][52]
  • Jessica Jones takes photos for a client of a pizza deliveryman, Rafi, who is having an affair with a customer.[53][54]
  • Jessica Jones meeting with her client Mavis at Slice City

    Jones later meets with her client, Mavis, at her pizza shop Slice City, and shows her the pictures of her boyfriend cheating. Just as Mavis is about to pay Jones, Rafi walks in, and Mavis angrily offers Jones more money in return for killing him. Disgusted, Jones informs Rafi of Mavis' request, and he runs out of the store. Mavis asks Jones why she told him and why she was unwilling, pointing out that Jones is a killer, having killed before - a fact she heard on Trish Talk - which infuriates Jones. Managing restraint, she tells Mavis that she is not a murderer and leaves, spitefully taking a box of pizza with her.[53][54]
  • Trish Walker sings the It's Patsy theme song at a child's birthday party in exchange for a favor from the child's father, much to the delight of the kids. When she is done, she approaches the father, Kyle, and asks for the file he has promised in return. Kyle gives her a hospital file, much to the dismay of his husband. Upon perusing the file's contents, Walker finds vital information and leaves to find Jones. Unbeknown to her, she is being followed by Will Simpson.[53][54]
  • Jessica Jones and Trish Walker talking

    Walker meets with Jones on a roof where a man they know screens a film on the first Friday of every month, which Jones is currently watching. Jones tells her about the annoying clientele she has been getting lately after what happened with Kilgrave 2 years prior, as people now view her as some sort of murdering vigilante. She says that Walker is only escalating the situation by discussing it on Trish Talk, and is making it harder for her to move on, but Walker says that to move on, she needs to first face what happened, and pulls out the file from Kyle. She tells her that the file shows she was not assigned a hospital bed until 20 days after her family's car accident, and speculates that this was due to IGH experimenting on her in that time. Walker encourages her to investigate IGH more, believing that knowing what IGH did to her might help her to move on, but Jones refuses.[53][54]




Johnson deletes the details of the night where Yo-Yo tried to get revenge on her cousin's killer

  • Daisy Johnson deletes the details of the night where Yo-Yo Rodriguez hunted Victor Ramon in Baltimore, Maryland from the S.H.I.E.L.D. database.[60][61][62]
  • The team reunites in Jeffrey Mace's office, and Mace tells them that the Darkhold must be hidden. He orders Phil Coulson to take May and Mackenzie to transfer the Darkhold to a specific agent.[57][59][63]
  • Vijay Nadeer awakens from a short coma and reunites with his sister Ellen Nadeer.[57][59]
  • Jemma Simmons and Agent Daisy Johnson investigate Vijay Nadeer by checking his social media pages. Agent Burrows tells Johnson that Jeffrey Mace wants her in his office. She goes to see him, and Mace shows her the newspapers, pointing out that the press admires her as one of the best superheroes of current times. They discuss her recent reaffiliation with S.H.I.E.L.D.[57][59]
  • At the Radcliffe Residence, Leo Fitz and Holden Radcliffe, with some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, arrive in order to stop Aida on Director Mace's orders. Fitz tells her to calm down, but she attacks them. As Fitz tries to stop her, she grabs him by his throat and throws him to the other room, where he discovers Nathanson's corpse.[57][59]
  • Ellen Nadeer having breakfast with Vijay

    At home, Vijay is talking to his sister Ellen as they eat breakfast outside when a Watchdog crew suddenly arrives to take him. He realizes that his sister is behind it all as he is forced back into the house.[57][59]
  • Jeffrey Mace, Quake, and Jemma Simmons head to Washington, D.C. in a Quinjet.[57][59]
  • Upon arriving in D.C., Simmons enters Ellen Nadeer's office to find evidence, while Jeffrey Mace relays instructions to Quake. Nadeer's assistant, Zach Bynum, welcomes Jemma Simmons. Bynum calls Tucker Shockley, who needs to talk to Ellen Nadeer. He tells Shockley that the person who arrived is the same person who attended to Vijay Nadeer in his Terrigenesis. After hanging up, Bynum attacks Simmons, but she manages to defend herself.[57][59]
  • Phil Coulson attempts to fight Aida

    Infiltration into the Playground: While Melinda May's LMD meets with the team, Aida blocks the signal in the compound and takes down the Playground system by turning off all power. Coulson, with May's LMD, goes to find the Darkhold. Aida suddenly appears, attacking them and knocking them out. After a few minutes, Coulson wakes May, explaining that he thinks that Aida's plan is to get the Darkhold. Meanwhile, Leo Fitz and Holden Radcliffe discuss Aida's behavioral change since she read the Darkhold.[57][59]
  • Ellen Nadeer talks to Shockley about her brother, when suddenly Jeffrey Mace, Quake, and Jemma Simmons arrive to take Vijay with them.[57][59]
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie, with a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, try to find Aida. Phil Coulson talks with "Melinda May" about the Darkhold, trying to get Aida's attention.[57][59]
  • Aida raids Jeffrey Mace's office and finds the Darkhold. Upon arriving at the entrance to the Playground, Rodriguez and Mackenzie are attacked by a Quinjet controlled by Aida, when Holden Radcliffe and Leo Fitz restore the energy to the compound. Coulson and "May" leave, while Fitz, with Radcliffe standing in front, find Aida and order her to return the book.[57][59]
  • Aida is attacked by Mackenzie

    She attempts to flee, but Fitz reveals that he has deactivated the energy to the entrances, preventing her escape. Aida is ambushed as Mackenzie cuts off her head with the Shotgun-Axe.[57][59]
  • Ambush on Vijay Nadeer:
    • A member of the Watchdogs crew keeps an eye on Vijay Nadeer. Shockley arrives to kill him, but Nadeer retaliates with his new Inhuman powers. As Quake fights the Watchdogs, Vijay meets with Mace and Ellen. Simmons tells him to go with them, but he decides to go with his sister instead.[57][59]
    • Escaping in a helicopter, Ellen Nadeer betrays her brother and shoots him in the stomach before throwing him into the sea. When he lands in the water, Vijay Nadeer undergoes an unprecedented second Terrigenesis.[57][59]
  • Francis Xavier Delgado packs his things, quitting his job. Mayhem approaches him, looking for Tyrone Johnson. Delgado at first refuses to talk, so Mayhem tells him she needs help finding James Connors. She confesses to not working with the police at the moment, and Delgado informs her of his resignation from his position as priest. She tells Delgado that Johnson is innocent, but Delgado asks whether it ultimately matters.[13][64]
  • Leo Fitz picks up Aida's head and hides it from the team so he can investigate what really happened to her.[4][57][59]
  • Radcliffe and Aida discuss how May's LMD will help them to obtain the Darkhold

    Meanwhile, at the Radcliffe Residence, Radcliffe talks to a second version of Aida. He tells her that he is upset at their recent failure to obtain the Darkhold, having programmed the first Aida to steal it for him in secret.[57][59]


  • Malcolm Ducasse wakes Jones up in her apartment to prepare for the day's meetings with potential clients.[53][54]
  • The duo meet with the potential clients. One of them wants to find her son, whom she put up for adoption years ago. Another is concerned about conspiracy theories of lizard-people taking over. A man calling himself the "Whizzer" claims that someone is trying to kill him because he has super-speed powers, which Jones is skeptical of. Afterwards, Ducasse says he wants to take the adopted son case, but Jones is concerned it will just attract more sob-story clients. He writes down her advice, but Jones points out she is not giving him lessons.[53][54]
  • Jones meets with Pryce Cheng

    Another client arrives, Pryce Cheng, who tells them his desire to absorb Alias Investigations and hire Jones. Jones refuses, saying he just wants to eliminate the competition, which Cheng does not deny, but he replies that if she does not accept his offer, he will run her out of business.[53][54]
  • Cheng leaves and Jones attempts to follow him, but is cut off by a large fridge being moved in front of her into an apartment. The people carrying it are Oscar Arocho and his son, Vido, who are moving into Apartment 6F, previously belonging to Robyn. Seeing them struggling, Jones uses her super-strength to move the fridge with ease, much to Vido's awe.[53][54]



  • Attack on Jeffrey Mace:
  • In the Playground, Agent Crawford checks Aida's head as Melinda May's LMD talks to Glenn Talbot about the attack on Mace. Simmons joins the conversation, and Talbot sends May to interrogate Yuri Zaikin so they can get some answers.[65][66]
  • Meanwhile, at the Radcliffe Residence, Leo Fitz and Holden Radcliffe also discuss the attack. Fitz tells Radcliffe that he should not come to work at S.H.I.E.L.D. for some time after his blunder with Aida led to Nathanson's death, before leaving the home.[65][66]
  • After Fitz's departure, Radcliffe and Aida discuss their plan, and how the Life-Model Decoy they have planted replacing Melinda May is programmed to be unaware of her true nature and of her mission to retrieve the Darkhold. Radcliffe also worries about the fact that they cannot seem to stabilize the real May's condition so that she can remain calm and sedated, programming her a virtual simulation so she can believe she is relaxing on a beach.[4]
  • Aida chokes Melinda May to keep her from escaping

    May wakes up and tries to escape before being stopped by Aida, who sedates her once again.[65][66]
  • "May" and Quake interrogate Zaikin, who reveals that he was not the only terrorist sent to kill Mace.[65][66]
  • As the team fly in the director's Quinjet, the vehicle is attacked in the air and Burrows falls to his death before the plane crashes, killing agent McCafferty in the process. Coulson, Mackenzie, and Mace are unharmed and realize that the Quinjet's systems were hacked. Figuring out that they are in danger, they decide to leave, but Jeffrey Mace insists that they must first find Burrows' body.[65][66]
  • At the Playground, Talbot and the others cannot locate the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. After Quake, Simmons, and May leave Mace's office, Talbot reports the investigation to the president, telling him that they do not know whether "the package" is safe.[65][66]
  • Fitz returns to the Playground, and reunites with Simmons, but they soon fall out about his involvement in Aida's design. They put the argument aside for the time-being so that Fitz can help her to locate their friends.[65][66]
  • Talbot carries on Yuri Zaikin's interrogation but cannot get any information from him. Shortly after, Simmons discovers that she has access to something called "Project Patriot", and she and Fitz ask Talbot about the significance of the suitcase Burrows used to carry around for the director.[65]
  • Talbot reveals the truth about Project Patriot to Fitz and Simmons

    Glenn Talbot reveals that Mace is not really an Inhuman. Instead, he gained his super strength from injections of a serum inspired by Calvin Zabo's Formula, which Burrows carried in the suitcase to administer to Mace regularly.[65][66]
  • Meanwhile, Coulson, Mace, and Mackenzie discover that the terrorists are using HYDRA equipment. Mace reiterates his insistence on finding Burrows' corpse, but the terrorists already retrieved it, as well as the suitcase. Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie attack the terrorists, but are surprised to see that Mace simply seizes the suitcase and flees, without fighting alongside them. He is stopped by a terrorist who shoots him in the leg, before being killed by Coulson and Mackenzie, who both now realize the truth behind Mace's powers.[65][66]
  • After obtaining the location of the crash site from Zaikin by scaring him with Aida's decapitated head, May's LMD and Quake arrive at the site just in time to help Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Jeffrey Mace to defeat the Watchdogs. The team manage to take down all the terrorists before returning to the Playground.[65][66]
  • May's LMD realizes that she is an android after a wound from the battle opened up her skin and revealed her substructure.[65][66]
  • Fitz downloads the data of Aida's head on his phone to keep working with the data in secret.[65][66]
  • Project Patriot

    In his office, Mace apologizes to Coulson, revealing the truth behind his "heroics" at the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre and his work with Talbot in the following months, and he concludes by offering his resignation. Coulson declines, however, and Mace agrees to remain the official director of S.H.I.E.L.D., while Coulson will take leadership of the field operations.[65][66]


  • Aida and Holden Radcliffe discuss May's fate, and Radcliffe tells Aida that he does not intend to kill May unless it is an absolute necessity.[4][66]
  • In the new simulation, Melinda May believes that she wakes up once again and manages to get free of her bonds. She is found by Aida who chases her through the Radcliffe Residence. Eventually, May discovers that she is still in a simulation where she has been given someone to fight, corresponding better to May's nature than the previous relaxing environment. Aida informs May that she has attempted to escape in this Framework simulation several times and got further and further each time, but that she keeps resetting May's memory every time she catches her.[4][66]
  • Talbot listens to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s plan

    At the Playground, S.H.I.E.L.D. decides to have Daisy Johnson sign the Sokovia Accords at the Capitol, while Elena Rodriguez will infiltrate Senator Ellen Nadeer's office - an operation to which Glenn Talbot reluctantly agrees.[4][66]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie receives a text message from Nicole and informs Rodriguez that he cannot join the mission and that he has something else to do.[4][66]
  • Leo Fitz still struggles to find answers regarding the reason behind Aida turning on them and attacking, and talks to "May" about the influence that the Darkhold could have had on her.[4][66]
  • Infiltration into Ellen Nadeer's Office: Jeffrey Mace, Glenn Talbot, and Daisy Johnson attend the public hearing prior to the signing of the Sokovia Accords in the presence of Nadeer, while Phil Coulson and Rodriguez try to infiltrate the senator's office. Nadeer confronts Johnson about her Inhuman nature and her illegal activities while she was fighting the Watchdogs as the vigilante nicknamed Quake. She then reveals that she is aware that her office is currently being broken into, just as Coulson and Rodriguez are spotted and arrested, which leads to S.H.I.E.L.D. being put under public investigation. This makes Coulson and the others think that there must be a mole within S.H.I.E.L.D.[4][66]
  • Jemma Simmons and May's LMD discuss the leak, and Simmons confronts Fitz about his work on Aida's first version's severed head which he had kept and secretly worked on. Simmons thinks that the footage from the head's eye camera could have provided Nadeer with the intel, but Fitz refutes this, informing the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that he investigated the real cause of Aida's insubordination and finally found it: Holden Radcliffe himself.[4][66]
  • Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, and Phil Coulson arrest Holden Radcliffe

    Arrest of Holden Radcliffe:
    • A team is sent to the Radcliffe Residence, where May's LMD had gone first to confront Radcliffe about her own true nature. The LMD realizes that she cannot go against Radcliffe's secret programming to retrieve the Darkhold, neither can she overcome her programming preventing her from attacking Radcliffe or even disclosing her true identity to the others.[4][66]
    • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team finally breaks in and arrests Radcliffe, who is locked in a Containment Module at the Playground.[4][66]
  • Once he returns, Alphonso Mackenzie tells Yo-Yo Rodriguez about his daughter, Hope Mackenzie, who died 11 years ago, only four days old. He explains that went to see his ex-girlfriend Nicole to support her, as the next day would have been Hope's birthday.[4][66]
  • Fitz later visits Radcliffe and confronts him about lying to everyone. However, Fitz figures out that the person he is speaking to is not human, but a Life-Model Decoy, and he shoots the android in the head, revealing its true nature. The real Radcliffe watches the whole scene through the LMD's eye camera while he makes an alliance with Ellen Nadeer and the Watchdogs.[4][66]
  • As the first change to the Framework's rewritten history, May succeeds in rescuing Katya Belyakov

    In order to prevent May from escaping the simulation, Radcliffe reprograms the Framework world to allow her to live a rewritten life: a life where she can look back happily on the Rescue in Bahrain, having managed to save Katya Belyakov instead of killing her, May's greatest regret.[4][66]


  • A shell company belonging to Donovan and Partners, on Wilson Fisk's orders, buys the Presidential Hotel in New York City from Rostam Kazemi.[67]
  • Jeri Hogarth gives an acceptance speech for an award she has received, and talks about empowering women. She then sits down with her business partners, Steven Benowitz and Linda Chao. Benowitz says they are going to settle the lawsuit against their firm, which is being filed by Hogarth's former assistant Pam for having gone to prison for Hogarth and supposedly being harassed by her, exploiting her position as her boss. Hogarth disagrees and says Pam was very consenting and never harassed, but Chao highlights that Pam has a strong case. She talks about how Hogarth's actions stained her and Benowitz's good names and the trouble they are going through trying to restore their reputation.[53][54]



Billy Koenig and Sam Koenig in Al and Cam's Arcade

  • At Al and Cam's Arcade in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the brothers Sam and Billy Koenig are attacked by the Watchdogs led by Tucker Shockley. As Billy is being kidnapped, Sam warns Phil Coulson about the attack.[63][70]
  • Coulson immediately understands that the attackers are looking for the Darkhold, which he gave to Billy for safekeeping, under Holden Radcliffe's instructions. He then welcomes Sam aboard the Zephyr One.[63][70]
  • Meanwhile, at the Playground, Leo Fitz repairs Holden Radcliffe's Life-Model Decoy and interrogates him with Alphonso Mackenzie and Jemma Simmons in order to determine where the original Radcliffe is - though they discover that the android's programming is too sophisticated for them to break into. Radcliffe's LMD then angers Fitz by referring to Fitz's abusive father, stating that Radcliffe knew him. Enraged, Fitz unplugs the android and leaves the room.[63][70]
  • Meanwhile, Billy Koenig is brought into a dark room inside a submarine, where Radcliffe is also being kept, faking imprisonment so as to gain Billy's trust and extract the whereabouts of the Darkhold.[63][70]
  • The Superior

    However, as Koenig insists in front of the Superior, the leader of the Watchdogs himself, that he is willing to die regardless of any torture he might receive, Radcliffe decides not to torture him, but to look into his mind using some Framework equipment.[63][70]
  • Daisy Johnson manages to identify Leo Babikov, one of the Watchdogs who attacked the Koenig brothers, proving that Radcliffe has allied with the organization, and thus with Senator Ellen Nadeer. Sam Koenig then reveals that he knows about the Darkhold because Billy gave it to him, and he then gave it to another Koenig agent, LT Koenig.[63][70]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. takes LT Koenig aboard the Zephyr One where she talks to Coulson and the others, explaining "Operation Hot Potato": passing the Darkhold back and forth between the three Koenig agents before hiding it in the Labyrinth, a secured S.H.I.E.L.D. facility.[63][70]
  • Holden Radcliffe reviews Billy Koenig's memories

    Since Billy is the Koenig who had the Darkhold right before hiding it, Radcliffe is able to locate the book from studying his memories. Despite this, Ivanov does not trust Radcliffe's methods and orders that Billy Koenig should be interrogated to confirm their intel. However, after a brief confrontation during which Aida beats several Watchdogs and reveals her android nature, Ivanov agrees to head to the Labyrinth immediately.[63][70]
  • While talking to Simmons, Leo Fitz figures out that Radcliffe's LMD does not run on pure computer programming: he is equipped with a Quantum Brain created by Aida with knowledge from the Darkhold.[63][70]
  • Horrified, Fitz, Simmons, and Mackenzie realize that Radcliffe and Aida created another Quantum Brain inside another LMD: one which has replaced Melinda May.[63][70]
  • Kidnapping of Billy Koenig: Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, May's LMD, and the Koenig siblings arrive at the Labyrinth and retrieve the Darkhold right before the Watchdogs attack. When May's LMD finally takes the Darkhold, her secret programming takes over and she refuses to hand it over to Coulson, threatening to kill him. Coulson figures out that he is dealing with an android, and May's LMD is quickly taken down by Johnson, who was warned by Fitz and Simmons. S.H.I.E.L.D. then fights the Watchdogs but lose the Darkhold, which is taken by Holden Radcliffe.[63][70]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. gets rid of the LMDs

    At the Playground, May's LMD is turned off and kept in a safe place, as Daisy Johnson promises to Phil Coulson that they will get the real May back.[63][70]
  • Meanwhile, Ivanov reveals that he seeks to kill Coulson, claiming that he is at the center of all the alien-related phenomena which have occurred in the past several years.[63][70]



  • Agnes Kitsworth's body dies.[71] A funeral is arranged by Holden Radcliffe.[70][74]
  • Trish Walker finishes a Trish Talk broadcast and talks with her friend and business associate, Ian. They talk about the sliding ratings of the show, and he urges her to go back to discussing lifestyle topics to save it and get a bigger reach.[75][54]
  • Jessica Jones taking pictures of Pryce Cheng meeting with his clients

    Jessica Jones takes pictures from afar of Pryce Cheng meeting with clients, hoping to find dirt on him, but he notices her hiding.[54][75]
  • Malcolm Ducasse is fixing up the Alias Investigations Office when Walker arrives to wait with him for Jones. When Jones arrives, Walker says she found something of hers, and places a box on Jones's desk. Jones is angry, and when Ducasse asks why, she explains that the box contains her family's ashes. Ducasse leaves, and Walker says they need to honor the other victims and look for IGH, but Jones accuses Walker of only wanting ratings for her show. She refuses to investigate what happened as she is desperate to forget the crash, and insists Walker let it go, saying that if she does not, she will have to cut her out of her life.[54][75]
  • Trish Walker leaves Jones' office, and is again secretly watched by Will Simpson, dressed a black hoodie. Simpson takes an inhaler.[54][75]
  • Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons present a small, earlier version of the Framework to the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to demonstrate the kind of trap in which Melinda May is imprisoned, saying that Holden Radcliffe likely built a much more powerful version of that alternate reality for her.[70][76]
  • Afterwards, the team receive word that the Patriot Suit's GPS signal has been spotted in Nome, Alaska.[70][76]


  • Jessica Jones researches the client she photographed visiting Pryce Cheng in his office, and finds the man is looking for his missing dog despite him winning custody over the pet when he divorced his wife. She takes out the boxes of her family's ashes and looks at them while drinking.[54][75]
  • Ivanov's investigation on Coulson

    The agents fly to the new destination, where they find the suit, but not the Patriot. They also discover a wall covered with newspaper articles and photographs retracing the life of a single individual: Phil Coulson.[70][76]
  • Daisy Johnson explains that a picture of a mining facility in Russia could link Coulson to Anton Ivanov, the man who bought the facility.[70][76]
  • Jeffrey Mace, who is imprisoned in a naval base in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, manages to break free of his chains and tries to escape, but is soon found by Ivanov, the Superior. Without his super strength, Mace is quickly overpowered by his captor and brought back to his cell, where the Superior interrogates him.[70][76]
  • The Superior then leaves the cell with Aida, and tells her that each one of them has a purpose in life, even "filth" like Mace.[70][76]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team heads to Russia, while Alphonso Mackenzie and Fitz argue about the latter's responsibility for their recent problems. Coulson remembers the time he was sent on a mission with Melinda May to retrieve an 0-8-4 many years ago, and how it might connect to the Superior.[70][76]
  • Anton Ivanov torturates Jeffrey Mace

    Meanwhile, Phil Coulson and his team finds the same safe that he and May had cracked in the past, and they discover the skeletons of several SVR soldiers, with one skull containing a ringing cell phone. Coulson takes the call and finally speaks with the Superior, who blames Coulson for the deaths of the soldiers from his unit in 2003. Ivanov then tells Coulson that Mace and May will suffer the same fate of his former colleagues. After hanging up, he tells Mace about his belief that Coulson having engineered all alien-related events on Earth in the past few years.[70][76]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team returns on the Zephyr One, where they try to locate Mace and May. Using the intel provided by Ivanov, they learn about the Krasnoyarsk Krai naval base. They immediately fly to the base and begin their infiltration, with Fitz and Simmons taking over the communications room while Coulson, Johnson, and Mackenzie search for their captured friends.[70][76]
  • Jessica Jones is annoyed by Whizzer

    Jessica Jones wakes up at her desk, with Malcolm Ducasse in her kitchen, who gives her a package that has been sent by Cheng Consulting Management. Jones answers an urgent knock at the door, only to find the man who previously visited her for help, "Whizzer", who is spouting more stories of people trying to kill him, but she shuts the door in his face. Jones opens the package from Cheng, which contains all his information and message saying, "I am an open book," telling her to give up trying to find leverage on him as there is none. Jones also realizes a potential client has hired Cheng instead of her, and becomes angry. She remembers Cheng's client's missing dog, and realizes she can steal a client from Cheng in return.[54][75]
  • Coulson soon encounters Ivanov, who proceeds to tell him the story of his unit from 2003, and how they were executed for not being able to retrieve the 0-8-4. However, Coulson dismisses Ivanov's speech as irrelevant,since he only cares about finding Mace and May. He then lets Johnson fight Ivanov while he leaves to continue searching. Coulson and Mackenzie find Mace, who is being beaten up by several Watchdogs.[70][76]
  • Robert Coleman comments on the Trish Talk website again.[55][56]
  • Ivanov confronts Quake

    Though Ivanov is a tough opponent, Johnson is able to overpower him with her Inhuman powers, and buries him under a pile of rubble.[70][76]
  • Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons learn that Aida is present at the base. Simmons decides to find her with Agent James Davis while Fitz remains in the communication room.[70][76]
  • Phil Coulson, Jeffrey Mace, Leo Fitz, and Alphonso Mackenzie are replaced by Life-Model Decoy copies of their respective likenesses, and placed in the Framework.[70][77]
  • While their communications are briefly cut, Simmons figures out that Aida fled with the submarine. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents finally regather and Coulson orders them to return to the Playground, despite not rescuing Melinda May.[70][76]
  • "Four LMDs detected"

    Back at base, Simmons struggles to understand the timetable of the mission, feeling that something does not seem right. While sharing these feelings with Fitz, she receives an alert from a Life-Model Decoy detector in the base which indicates that four agents have apparently been replaced by androids while battling the Watchdogs in Russia. Simmons is led to believe that this is Coulson, Mace, Johnson, and Mackenzie.[70][76]
  • Meanwhile, Aida retrieves Ivanov, who is barely alive following his fight with Quake.[70][76]
  • Coulson's LMD reactivates May's LMD.[70][76]
  • Aida proceeds with her plan to have someone protecting the Framework while she tries to make herself human. She cuts Ivanov into pieces, promising the preservation of his mind.[70][77]
  • Meanwhile, at the Playground, Jemma Simmons and "Leo Fitz" try to keep calm after finding out about four LMDs infiltrating the base. Simmons does not know that Johnson is not an LMD, but one of the four LMDs is actually Fitz.[70][77]
  • Mace's LMD talks with the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team

    Coulson's LMD approaches them and tells them that they need to bring all Inhumans to the base, saying that it is to protect them from the Watchdogs. In reality, he is planning to execute them at the request of the Superior and Aida. Mace's LMD comes along with Daisy Johnson, claiming he is healed and ready for the next mission.[70][77]
  • Mack's LMD and Johnson contact Yo-Yo Rodriguez and order her to get ready for being collected.[70][77]
  • Inside the director's office, the recently reactivated May LMD is shocked to find out that Coulson has also been replaced by an LMD copy.[70][77]
  • Late into the night, Simmons and Fitz walk through the Playground, and a hidden LMD detector is triggered. The two realize that one of them must be an LMD, and Simmons forces Fitz to cut his wrist to prove he does not have a substructure. When blood begins to pour out, she panics as she realizes she has just got her boyfriend to slice an artery. She approaches him to help, only for Fitz to turn around and attack her, knocking her out and revealing himself to have been an LMD all along.[70][77]
  • Meanwhile, Holden Radcliffe is brought back to the real world by Aida after spending 24 hours in the Framework, and he asks her why there were changes to the reality of the Framework while he was in there.[70][77]
  • Aida reveals her actions to Radcliffe

    Aida reveals that the changes happened due to the recent uploading of the consciousnesses of Phil Coulson, Jeffrey Mace, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Leo Fitz, and thus the Framework being adapted to accommodate them. Radcliffe is concerned at Aida's actions, saying that she should never have changed the reality of the Framework with him being inside, because it could have caused him severe brain damage. He worries further when she reveals that the four LMDs she sent to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. are ready to kill in order to complete their missions.[70][77]
  • Siege of the Playground:
    • When Simmons wakes, Fitz's LMD discusses Fitz's desire to marry her and settle down. Simmons is pleased to hear this, but does not fall for the LMD's attempts to bring her over to his side. She manages to escape by destroying his neck and stabbing him several times to incapacitate him.[70][77]
    • Daisy Johnson accidentally finds several copies of herself in the Containment Modules, to her horror. She realizes that the base has been already infiltrated by some LMDs, but she does not know which of her friends were replaced. Johnson dresses as one of the LMDs and hides herself among the fleet.[70][77]
    • Alphonso Mackenzie's LMD enters the module with the intention to kill Johnson. He spots an LMD with her clothing imperfect, and believes it to be the real Johnson. As he moves to attack, however, the real Johnson assaults him from behind, defeating him and running away.[70][77]
    • Johnson reunites with Simmons

      Johnson and Simmons meet, and are terrified that the other is lying and is secretly an LMD. Johnson quakes her, proving that she is not one, as they cannot replicate Inhuman powers, and simultaneously proving Simmons is also real as she feels the vibrations of her bones. The two embrace with huge relief, and decide to fight back against the LMDs and rescue their friends.[70][77]
  • Aida shows Radcliffe the new body she is building for the Superior, and tells him how she is starting to know the feelings of human behavior, but cannot understand it with logic. She also explains that her two main orders are to protect the Framework, and to protect Radcliffe's life, but that that creates a paradox in her programming. She sees them as a contradiction, because he might become a major threat to the Framework if one day he regrets its creation. Aida kills Radcliffe and submits him into the Framework where his consciousness will be preserved, even if his body has perished, to fix the paradox by keeping him safe in a place where he cannot threaten the Framework.[70][77]
  • The base is locked down as Mace's LMD and Coulson's LMD make the agents believe that Johnson and Simmons are LMDs that are trying to destroy the Playground.[70][77]


Johnson fights Mackenzie and Coulson's LMDs

  • Simmons and Johnson use sleeping gas to knock out the human agents and prove that they are not the LMDs, but Mace, Mackenzie, and Coulson are. A battle ensues between Mace's LMD and Johnson, who manages to destroy him. Johnson is then attacked by Coulson and Mackenzie's LMDs. She uses her powers to attack them, shattering Mackenzie's LMD completely, and escaping from Coulson. Simmons reunites with her and convinces Agents James Davis, Piper, Fisher, and Prince that she and Johnson are not LMDs. Together, they prepare to use the Zephyr One to escape the compound and rescue their friends.[70][77]
  • Johnson and Simmons are stopped by May's LMD, whose orders, given by Coulson's LMD, are to blow up the compound with everyone inside if necessary.[70][77]
  • However, May's LMD realizes that the order goes against her programming to protect them, and lets the agents through to escape. As Simmons, Johnson, and the other agents start to escape from the base in Zephyr One, Coulson's LMD arrives at the exit in pursuit. May's LMD reveals that she let them go, and as he attempts to move past her, she ignites an explosion to destroy the LMDs and allow the agents to get away. The blast destroys the entire hangar of the Playground, but the Zephyr flies out safely.[70][77]
  • The remaining agents pick up Yo-Yo Rodriguez and inform her of the situation.[70][77]
  • In the air following their escape from the wreckage of the Playground, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, along with Yo-Yo Rodriguez, plan to submit Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons into the Framework in a neural link so they can find and rescue their friends.[70][77]
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  • Ivanov discovers his new body

    Eventually, Ivanov awakes, seemingly finding his body repaired and able to move again. Suspecting her tampering, he confronts Aida and tries to attack her, reminding her that he did not want his mind meddled with. Aida calmly informs him of what has transpired, explaining that his body is mechanical, while his mind is not. She shows him his own severed head and notes that his strength has now been enhanced. Aida explains that she learned how to do this by reading the Darkhold, and tells Ivanov that she needs him to protect the Framework, stating that despite being a machine, Ivanov can still feel emotion from his mind - an ability she intends to find for herself very soon.[70][77]
  • Angry at Pryce Cheng for his threats and arrogance, Jessica Jones goes to confront him. Cheng is meeting with the client looking for his dog, and she arrives during the meeting walking the dog, Felipe, in herself, explaining that she found it at his ex-wife's boyfriend's place. Cheng's client gets angry at him, saying Cheng had told him that he had already gone to look there and found nothing, but Cheng defends himself, saying the boyfriend would not let him in. Jones tells the client she can go to lengths Cheng will not and hands him her card as he goes to leave.[54][75]
  • Jessica Jones attacks Pryce Cheng

    Attack on Pryce Cheng: Cheng gets in her way when she attempts to leave, and provokes her with taunts about being a killer and her family's deaths. She knocks him to the floor and warns him to stay away from her and her clients, when he pulls out a taser. It has no effect on her due to her resilience, and she throws him through a glass door in anger. Jones goes to attack him further but then stops herself. She is restrained by security arriving on the scene as Cheng's co-workers call the police, and Cheng spitefully calls her the "weakest human being [he has] ever met".[54][75]
  • Jessica Jones is released from the courthouse after Trish Walker bails her out, with a court order to take anger management classes and a fine for property damage. Walker and Jones talk about how she is going to need to face her past and IGH, but Jones says she thinks facing it will make her worse, worrying about the fact that she has already killed someone. Walker's boyfriend, Griffin Sinclair, then arrives and they leave for a charity gala.[54][75]
  • Will Simpson spies Walker

    Walker and Sinclair attend the fundraiser together. Walker talks about her concerns about Jones, and how the story she is planning to run will affect her. She looks out of the revolving doors and is shocked when she sees Will Simpson, seemingly stalking her, but when she moves closer he is gone, and she wonders if she imagined him.[54][75]



  • The People May 1, 2017 issue is published, with Julia Roberts on the cover.[14][78]
  • Jeri Hogarth meets with Pryce Cheng in her office. He blames her for him being assaulted by Jessica Jones, saying she did not warn him of Jones' temperament when she used him to try to hire Jones. Cheng says, however, that he wants to sue Jones, believing he thinks she got off too easily, and tells Hogarth he wants to hire her to help him. She agrees.[54][75]
  • Jessica Jones goes to enter her apartment but is suddenly attacked from behind by the Whizzer. She throws him to the floor, but he pulls a gun on her and insists that someone "like them" is trying to kill him and he needs her protection. He reveals that he is on medication, making Jones assume he is psychotic, but he explains that it is to repress his powers. Jones attacks him so he will drop the gun, and he exhibits super speed as he runs throughout the room, surprising her as he had been telling the truth. He throws a box at her, not realizing it contains her brother's ashes, and when she deflects it with her arm, they end up scattering across the room.[54][75]
  • Jessica Jones chases Whizzer into the street

    Chase of Whizzer: Jones chases Whizzer into the street, where he once again demonstrates super speed. However, as he runs, a pile of scaffolding falls on him and he is impaled by one of the metal poles, killing him. Across the street, Oscar and Vido Arocho are walking by, and Oscar is forced to shield his son's eyes from the horrific sight.[54][75]
  • Hogarth visits her doctor after receiving a painful cramp, wanting to be done with appointments. Instead, the doctor informs her in private of what tragic results their tests have yielded.[54][75]
  • Jessica Jones sits, devastated, in her office with her brother's ashes still scattered on the floor. Malcolm Ducasse enters and cleans the ashes up with a piece of paper to help her. They discuss Whizzer's death, and how Jones believes that the scaffolding falling was not a coincidence, but rather the work of another powered person. She looks through Whizzer's bag, which he left in the apartment, and finds a pill bottle. There is no prescribing doctor, but she finds the manufacturer, "Salento". She and Ducasse find Salento's local distributor, and Jones goes to visit the place where they delivered the pills.[54][75]
  • Jones finds the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility

    Jones finds the facility, labelled "Industrial Garments & Handling", which she notices in acronym form is "IGH", realizing it must be a front. Inside, she discovers an experimental clinic, which trigger flashes of memories of when she was experimented on there 17 years ago, including a memory of being attacked by another person. She finds the resolve to open the door into her past, and investigates further.[54][75]


  • Jessica Jones sits in a bar and asks for multiple shots of whiskey, hoping it will help her deal with the trauma of revisiting IGH. She tries to call Trish Walker about her discoveries, but Walker's boyfriend, Griffin Sinclair, answers instead, not wanting to wake Walker up. He asks Jones to put off the call until morning, and she hangs up. Jones goes to leave the bar, when a man calls after her, lewdly commenting on her backside. Wanting a quick hit of pleasure, she turns around and takes him to the bathroom to have meaningless sex. They do so, but when she accidentally uses her strength, crumpling the metal of the stall, the man calls her a freak and Jones makes him leave.[56][75]
  • Jones orders Ducasse to stay at his home

    Malcolm Ducasse calls Jones and tells her that a man named Dr. Miklos Kozlov leased the IGH facility she discovered, and gives her Kozlov's address. After hanging up, he receives several texts from a woman he met on a dating app.[56][75]
  • Trish Walker has a brunch date with Sinclair and her mother. Sinclair leaves immediately however, to allow Trish to talk to Dorothy. Trish asks her mother for the address of Max Tatum, a film director from her past, but Dorothy calls her desperate, discuss her radio show's diminishing popularity. Unbeknownst to Trish, Will Simpson continues to stalk her from across the street. Dorothy reluctantly gives Trish Max's details.[56][75]
  • Jeri Hogarth sits in her car and becomes dazed, ruminating on her tragic diagnosis. She pulls the car to the side of the road, and a female prostitute approaches her, asking if she wants to "party". Hogarth agrees and the woman gets into her car with her.[56][75]
  • Jones enters and investigates Kozlov's Residence

    Infiltration into the Kozlov Residence:
    • Jones arrives at Kozlov's home in the morning, only to find that he has died in a "freak accident" car crash. She enters the home and finds his friends and family attending a mourning minyan.[56][75]
    • Jones roams Kozlov's home and investigates his office, noticing Will Simpson in a photograph with the doctor and several other soldiers. One of Kozlov's soldier patients, Isaiah, enters the room in his wheelchair and finds Jones studying the picture. He takes out a baton and demands to know who she is working for. Jones is initially hesitant to fight someone in a wheelchair, but Isaiah uses her hesitation to attack her, knocking Jones to the floor. She gets up and flips him out of his wheelchair, and Isaiah recognizes her strength as the likely outcome of her being one of Kozlov's patients. She says that his "freak accident" was probably caused by another patient, and Isaiah agrees, revealing that Simpson is still alive, and that he believes him to be the murderer. A man enters the room and, finding Isaiah on the floor, kicks Jones out of the house. She attempts to call Trish Walker, but her phone is off.[56][75]
  • Trish Walker goes to her car after brunch, and notices the missed call from Jones. Dorothy notices, and comments that she is not ignorant of the fact that Trish clearly does not want Jones to find out they are back in touch. Trish ignores the topic and says goodbye, getting into her car. She continues to be unknowingly followed by Simpson in a nearby vehicle.[56][75]
  • Jessica Jones meets Detectives Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday

    Jones is researching Kozlov and "the Whizzer" online, wanting to find a connection, when she is interrupted by detectives Ruth Sunday and Eddy Costa, who arrive at her office investigating Whizzer's death. They imply to her that she is a suspect, so she takes them to the new superintendent, Oscar Arocho, knowing he witnessed the incident with his son, and hoping he will vouch for her. However, to her dismay, Arocho lies and says he saw nothing. Jones storms off in frustration, telling the detectives she will only come for questioning if the incident becomes a real case.[56][75]
  • Ducasse wakes up in bed next to the woman who had been messaging him the night before. He gets a call from Walker, asking for his help and requesting that he not tell Jones, and he leaves to meet her.[56][75]
  • Jessica Jones investigates Whizzer's apartment, hoping to find clues about who was trying to kill him. She traps his hostile pet mongoose Emil in the bathroom and then finds his laptop, with a video on it. Jones watches the video, in which he describes his situation and how he got his powers. Whizzer explains how he believes his powers are killing him, and how powers can cause mental illness. The New York Police Department then arrives and attempt to get into the apartment. Jones escapes through the window with the computer, letting Emil loose as a distraction.[56][75]
  • Hogarth starts to dance in her apartment

    Hogarth spends time in her apartment with three prostitutes: Makayla, Sheena, and Amber. She kisses Sheena and they sniff drugs together. Makayla and Amber also stand up and join them to dance together.[56][75]
  • Walker and Ducasse arrive at a filming set in Brooklyn, and Walker gives Ducasse a fake ID, saying to pretend that he is a production assistant. She tells him that he is going to hear some things about her that she does not want to talk about afterwards, and Ducasse asks if what they are doing is dangerous, to which she replies, "Not physically." She approaches Max Tatum, the director of the movie being filmed, and he tells her to wait in his trailer so they can talk in private.[56][75]
  • Jones walks to the door of her apartment and encounters Oscar Arocho. She asks him why he lied to the police before, and he says that he is currently fighting for custody for his son, and getting involved in her "shady power" business would only make things harder for him to take care of Vido.[56][75]
  • Jones rewatches Whizzer's video in her apartment and searches his browser history to see who he was talking to. She finds comic-book websites and "Friends of Mongooses International", but is surprised to find that he also visited the Trish Talk website, and his videos were posted on comments thanking her for her discussions about powered people. Jones realizes that Walker is the connection between the goings on and calls her, leaving a voicemail when she does not pick up.[56][75]
  • Trish Walker confronts Max Tatum

    Walker speaks to Max Tatum in his trailer and asks for him to use his influence at Metro-General Hospital to do her a favor, not telling him the purpose: to research the hospital's involvement in Jones' experimentation. She threatens to go public about his attempts when she was 15 and starred in one of his movies to exploit his position of power by making sexual advances towards her. By Walker's request, Ducasse secretly films their conversation in the next room. Tatum defends himself, saying that she had wanted his advances, and accuses her of blackmailing, but she persists, giving him 48 hours to give her what she wants. He dismisses her threat and gets her to leave, before exiting the trailer himself.[56][75]
  • Jessica Jones goes to Walker's apartment to talk, but Griffin Sinclair answers the door instead, saying he does not know where Walker is. Jones notice her adoptive sister's files on the floor in her office. Looking through them, she finds crime scene photos from her family's car accident, and her father's death certificate. Sinclair says he wanted to know what she was working on, but found nothing he understood, and lets slip that Trish and her mother had brunch that morning. Jones calls Dorothy, asking where Trish is and what they talked about over brunch, but Dorothy ignores her questions and hangs up.[56][75]
  • Tatum is confronted by an aggressive Malcolm Ducasse

    Max Tatum is getting into his car when Malcolm Ducasse angrily approaches him. Tatum thinks he is there to rob him, and offers up his car and personal items, but Ducasse demands instead that he admit what he did to Walker. Tatum says that whatever Walker has told Ducasse, she was the one who "crawled into [his] bed". Ducasse punches him in the face, breaking his nose, but walks away before anything further can happen.[56][75]
  • Trish Walker sobs by the set trailers and notices her multiple missed calls from Sinclair and Jones. Before she can listen to them, she hears suspicious noises and goes to investigate, only to find Will Simpson. Pulling out a gun, she warns him not to take another step, and when he does nonetheless, she shoots him in the leg. Despite this, Simpson seems barely fazed and continues to limp forward.[56][75]
  • Jones goes to Dorothy Walker's home and threatens her, wanting answers. Dorothy eventually tells her about Trish wanting Max Tatum's location, and Jones heads to Brooklyn.[56][75]
  • Jeri Hogarth is visited by Pryce Cheng. He informs her that he has filed the complaint against Jones, but when Hogarth tells him that she will deal with it tomorrow, he expresses his concern, seeing the prostitutes, that she has fallen off the rails. Cheng leaves, telling her to protect her clients better. Hogarth then pays the prostitutes and tells them to take their things and leave immediately, ashamed of herself and upset. She picks up the wine glasses, but drops one due to her lack of coordination and begins to cry at her predicament.[56][75]
  • Jones and Walker interrogate Will Simpson

    Jones arrives at the Brooklyn movie set, which is now empty. She follows a trail of blood to an empty stage, where she finds that Walker has tied up a bleeding Will Simpson. Walker shows Jones some drugs she found on him, commenting on how they appear to be similar to the pills he took before, since they keep him from feeling pain. Jones accuses him of killing Whizzer and Dr. Kozlov, but he denies this, saying the new drugs he is taking prevent him from losing control like before, and that he only wants to protect Walker from IGH.[56][75]
  • Assassination of Will Simpson:
    • Simpson tells the two women that IGH sent someone to stop Walker's investigation. He says that he is the only one who knows about what Kozlov was involved in because he was recently trapped in an IGH clinic for a year by some other doctor and heard him arguing with Kozlov on the phone, including mention of wanting Walker dealt with. Walker asks why she is still alive if they supposedly want her dead, and Jones suggests it is genuinely because perhaps Simpson has been protecting her.[56][75]
    • Simpson's corpse

      The lights suddenly go out, and Will Simpson warns them that the killer is there. He tells Jones to take Walker and run. Jones unties his bonds and Walker gives Simpson her gun before they run. The two women hurry towards an exit and hear Simpson shouting far away. They run into a shadowy figure, but the person leaps into the air, jumping impossibly high over them, and exits through a stage door behind the women. Jones remarks that they were not after Walker after all, and they run back to find Simpson, but discover him dead on the floor with his neck snapped.[56][75]


  • Jessica Jones and Trish Walker take Will Simpson's body to a beach which had been a vacation spot where Jones used to go with her family. There, they dump the body out at sea. Walker is disappointed that he did not get a proper funeral, but Jones points out that they could not give him to the police, as they have already found her with too many bodies. They prepare to abandon Simpson's stolen car and remove the evidence, when Walker finds an arsenal of guns and the special inhaler he always took. Jones wants to dump them, too, but Walker insists on keeping the items.[75][79]
  • Jones talks to the hypnotis Walker hired

    Back at Trish Walker's apartment, Walker hires a hypnotist to help Jessica Jones unlock some of her memories from the IGH clinic, but to no avail. Jones leaves with most of Walker's files in order to start her own investigation back at her office, just as Griffin Sinclair arrives at the door, worried about Walker and frustrated they did not tell him she was okay.[75][79]
  • Jeri Hogarth is sitting in her office when her partners Linda Chao and Steven Benowitz enter to confront her. They inform her they know about her diagnosis, and want to push her out of their company. Benowitz seems to feel sorry, but Chao expresses her feeling that it was long overdue. Benowitz advises Hogarth to go willingly, or they may have to force her out.[75][79]
  • Jessica Jones returns to her apartment and Malcolm Ducasse approaches her about an eviction notice from her landlord, citing that it is illegal to run a business out of a living space. Jones suspects Oscar Arocho might be behind it and when she confronts him he does not deny her claim, and says it is for the best as she would only bring trouble to the building. He tells her she has 30 days left before she has to move out.[75][79]
  • Walker and Sinclair argue about Walker's behavior

    Griffin Sinclair and Trish Walker argue back at her apartment. Sinclair says that Walker is behaving in a way that reminds him of his previous relationships, encouraging her to tell him what is going on, before deciding that he needs some time on his own and leaving.[75][79]
  • Jeri Hogarth contemplates the offer she has been given by Chao and Benowitz. Foggy Nelson comes into her office, saying that he knows what has happened and wants to help and that no one deals with anything like this on their own. Hogarth pushes him away, however, reminding him that she does not consider him a friend.[75][79]
  • Jessica Jones begins her investigation, collecting all the evidence on her wall as she drinks bottle of whiskey.[75][79]


  • Jessica Jones has a nightmare of her stay at the clinic following her family's accident in Spring 2000.[75][79]
  • Ducasse tells Jones of his findings on Oscar Arocho

    Jones wakes up when Malcolm Ducasse knocks the door, and they converse in her office. Ducasse reveals he did research on Oscar Arocho and discovered he had a police record mentioning that he was incarcerated for forgery. Jones realizes that Arocho has something on the landlord and orders Ducasse to figure out what it is.[75][79]
  • Jessica Jones visits the IGH clinic and goes through the door she had recalled in her dream, but only discovers the name "Leslie Hansen" on the door, and nothing useful inside.[75][79]
  • Jones and Trish Walker find Leslie Hansen's address and visit her apartment, only to find it empty. A man informs them that he saw someone taking boxes from the apartment down to the basement the week before, and both women descend to the basement to investigate. The room smells horrible, and they find that there is a furnace that has been recently used, thinking Hansen must have burned all the IGH evidence. Jones is horrified, however, when she finds a human skull in the furnace.[75][79]
  • Malcolm Ducasse vistis his and Jones' landlord

    Malcolm Ducasse visits the landlord's townhouse and tries to convince him to drop the eviction on Jessica Jones. However, the landlord says Jones has been very rude to him in the past, and he is happy to see her go. He suggests that he thinks Jones sent Ducasse to charm him into submission, and tells him that this will not work as he has a boyfriend now who is coming from Cambodia is coming soon, showing Ducasse a painting of him before shutting the door.[75][79]
  • Jessica Jones and Trish Walker visit the morgue, where Jones sneaks past the coroner to place the skull on one of the tables. She then files the report of the skull into the computer, and tells Walker once it is done that she can now go to speak with the coroner. Walker talks to Maury Tuttlebaum and asks him to pass on intel about the burnt skull once the police have investigated, wanting the person's identity. Tuttlebaum agrees.[75][79]
  • Malcolm Ducasse goes to Jones' apartment. He tells her that the landlord will not budge and tells her about the painting of the landlord's boyfriend. Jones realizes something and immediately goes to clog the toilet using tampons, to Ducasse's bewilderment. Oscar Arocho, being the superintendent, has to come to help clear the toilet. When he arrives, Jones takes his keys from his bag and sneaks over to his apartment.[75][79]
  • Vido tries to show Jones his Captain America toy

    Jones enters and finds Vido Arocho awake, to her surprise. He tries to show her his Captain America toy, but while he is distracted getting the action figure, she searches for evidence on Oscar. However, Jones only manages to find some photos, but nothing else before Oscar returns. She accuses him of painting the picture of the landlord's Cambodian boyfriend and forging a fake ID for him so he can get into the United States of America to gain favor with the landlord. Oscar tells her to prove it and she holds up the photos, stating they were taken for a fake ID, but Oscar says that he could prove they were simply for a painting and sends her away.[75][79]


  • Fuerza by Tony Quattro feat. Nani Castle is released.[14][41]
  • Trish Walker sits in her apartment in the early hours and watches Whizzer's video. Griffin Sinclair returns from his short time away and approaches Walker to ask about Whizzer's video, but she avoids his questions. When she leaves the room, Sinclair downloads the information from Walkers's laptop onto his flash drive.[75][79]
  • Hogarth visits Jones and tells her Cheng is suing her

    Jessica Jones is visited by Jeri Hogarth at Alias Investigations. Hogarth tells Jones about Pryce Cheng's legal complaint against her. Jones gets angry at Hogarth for backing him, but she replies that things have changed. Hogarth reveals she has been diagnosed with ALS, and probably has 2 to 8 years to live. She reveals that her partners are trying to kick her out of her firm and wants Jones to find dirt on them, and Jones agrees to do so.[75][79]
  • Trish Walker is about to end a Trish Talk broadcast, but decides first to make up a story about a new series they will be running on doctors, saying that she wants to talk with a woman named Leslie Hansen, asking listeners for information on her whereabouts. Just as Walker is about to leave the station, a woman claiming to be Hansen herself calls and sets up a meeting between them in a bar.[75][79]
  • At Walker's apartment, Jessica Jones insists on going to meet Hansen instead of her. Walker refuses, but Jones, having anticipated this, reveals she has called the paparazzi and told them that she got into a fight with Sinclair to trap her as she cannot leave without being swarmed.[75][79]
  • "Leslie Hansen" talks to Jones

    Jones meets "Leslie Hansen" at the bar she specified. "Hansen" is uneasy, saying she agreed to talk with Walker and not Jones, but Jones insists that "Hansen" will talk to her. "Hansen" says that IGH are good people, having saved Jones' life. Jones replies that they put a body in her basement and killed Kozlov and Coleman, but "Hansen" posits that they might just be protecting their reputation.[75][79]
  • Malcolm Ducasse arrives at Walker's apartment, sent by Jones to ensure that Walker does not leave. He tries to get her to talk about Max Tatum, but she shuts down the conversation. Walker then gets a call from Maury Tuttlebaum, who has identified the human skull found in the furnace, informing her it is a woman named Leslie Hansen. Realizing Jones is in danger, as the woman she is with is therefore not Hansen, Walker implores Ducasse to distract the paparazzi while she gets a car from out the back. Ducasse tells the photographers that Walker is at Griffin Sinclair's place, and all but one of the paparazzi rush off in hurry. Ducass then gets into Walker's car, but the one remaining paparazzo follows them.[75][79]
  • Escape from Jessica Jones:
    • Jones is attacked by "Hansen"

      At the bar, "Hansen" defends IGH as heroes, saying that they brought Jones back from the dead, since she had died on the operating table after the car accident. She insists they were always trying to save lives, and that the powers were merely a side effect. Jones says they should have let her die with her family, which angers "Hansen", who snaps that she should be incredibly grateful to them, and that she survived for a reason. Jones says that if she did survive for a reason, it was so she could take her and IGH down, and "Hansen" panics and tries to leave. Jones uses her powers to push the table and stop her, but the woman then reveals herself to have similar powers to Jones', using strength to push the table back. She runs, but Jones catches her. The woman, however, manages to trip Jones and hurl her across the room, then runs.[75][79]
    • As "Hansen" leaves the restaurant, Trish Walker and Malcolm Ducasse arrive outside, with the paparazzo still following them, taking pictures. Jones comes out, and "Hansen" makes a huge leap across the street and onto the top of a building to get away. Jones gives up on trying to follow her, but instead takes the photographer's camera, on which the man had managed to take several photos of the woman. Inspecting them, Jones realizes she has got a lead to follow.[75][79]


Jessica Jones in her anger management class during "summer" 2017

  • Jessica Jones attends a mandatory anger management class after attacking Pryce Cheng. The other attendees tell their stories in turn while bouncing a rubber ball against the wall. Jones tries to leave but the head of the class refuses to sign her court order, stating that she has to stay for the whole hour. She gets up and throws the ball against the wall while angrily telling her, story: her family being killed in a car accident, being experimented on, how she was abducted and raped, and forced to kill someone. She ends by throwing the ball so hard against the wall that it creates a hole and breaks into pieces. Scared of her, the head signs the court order and Jones leaves.[15][75]
  • Returning to her office, Jones gets angry at Malcolm Ducasse for letting Trish Walker out of her apartment the night before, especially as now the press (who got photos of Walker and Ducasse together) are calling him Walker's supposed new boyfriend. Jones looks at the photos of the fake "Leslie Hansen", trying to find a clue, but finds it is hard to concentrate with Oscar Arocho and his ex-wife arguing loudly in Apartment 6F. Despite this, Jones notices that Hansen was wearing a wig.[15][75]
  • Trish Walker answers Jones' call

    Jones calls Walker, who is dealing with the press in the aftermath of being pictured with Ducasse. Jones asks her about wigs, explaining that "Hansen" was wearing one. Stating it to have been a good wig, since she had not noticed it, Walker speculates that it must be human hair, narrowing down their search as there are only three human hair wig shops in New York City. Jones agrees to meet her at one of them, and hangs up.[15][75]
  • Oscar Arocho's son Vido enters Jones' office, not wanting to be around his arguing parents. He asks the private investigator about her powers, while Jones yells down the hallway to inform them that Vido is with her. When she is not looking, Vido climbs onto her windowsill and crouches on the outside, asking if she could save him if he fell. Jones yells at him to get off and he is startled, causing him to lose his balance and slip. Jones runs and catches him, pulling him up into the room just as his parents arrive. Vido's mother is angry, seeing it as another reason for her to have custody of him over Oscar, and drags her son away. Oscar angrily reminds Jones she has 25 days left before she is evicted, before running after them.[15][75]
  • Walker and Sinclair talks inside the Trish Talk Station

    Trish Walker and Griffin Sinclair kiss in front of the press to prove they are still a couple and then enter the Trish Talk station, talking about Walker's future. Sinclair offers her a place at his company, but Walker says she wants to earn her career developments and not just be seen as his girlfriend all the time.[15][75]
  • Pryce Cheng confronts Jeri Hogarth at her office, asking her why she stopped backing him on his charges against Jones. Hogarth tells him he should stop fighting battles he cannot win, and says he will not find anything on Jones. Cheng informs her that he has hired a new firm and hopes she sorts out what is wrong with her.[15][75]
  • Jones and Walker meet at the wig shop, and Walker pays the owner, Sally, $300 to give them information on "Hansen". Sally confirms the woman as one of her customers and explains that the woman comes in alone, pays in cash, and had lost all her hair, positing it to have been due to chemotherapy. Jones speculates that "Hansen" was probably saved by IGH after being diagnosed with cancer, and also that if they found her through Metro-General Hospital, IGH was probably paying her medical bills. The women set out to get her hospital records.[15][75]
  • Jones promises Walker that she will not hurt Max Tatum

    Outside, in Walker's car, Walker shows Jones the video Malcolm Ducasse took of her and Max Tatum, saying they could use it as leverage against him and use his clearance at the hospital to get the records. Jones points out that her threats clearly have not been effective as Walker gave Tatum 2 days and it has already been 3, with no results. Planning on blackmailing him further, the duo head off to his movie set.[15][75]
  • Trish Walker and Jessica Jones find a young actress currently starring in Tatum's latest film and show her Ducasse's video, revealing his history of sexual assault. She quits, much to Tatum's dismay.[15][75]
  • Malcolm Ducasse is working at the Alias Investigations Office when Pryce Cheng enters. Cheng says that Ducasse has a bright future, offering him a place at his firm in exchange for dirt on Jones. Ducasse refuses, but Cheng leaves him his business card just in case.[15][75]
  • Jeri Hogarth witnesses a woman in crutches drop her groceries in front of her, but does not help her.[15][75]
  • Jones and Walker confront Tatum at his car. Jones uses her strength to pin him to his car and threaten him until he agrees to give them his clearance at Metro-General Hospital.[15][75]
  • Jeri Hogarth speaks with Jones through the phone

    Jones is working in her office when she gets a call from Jeri Hogarth. Hogarth asks about her progress in digging up dirt on her partners, Chao and Benowitz, but Jones says she has more important things to deal with. She lets her know, however, that she has at least looked into their financial records, but Hogarth tells her to dig deeper as her partners are smarter than to leave evidence in their finances.[15][75]
  • Oscar Arocho approaches Jones in her apartment. He apologizes, saying Vido told him what happened, and that he cannot express how grateful he is that she saved his son's life. He says he has dropped her eviction and leaves her with a bottle of whiskey, but she invites him inside to drink with her.[15][75]
  • Griffin Sinclair and Trish Walker have sex back at her apartment, and Walker says she is grateful for Sinclair sticking around, unlike ex-boyfriends. She leaves the bed to take a shower, and Sinclair's phone rings. He waits until he hears the water running before talking, and says to the caller that Walker "doesn't know anything", saying, "Let's keep it that way."[15][75]
  • Jones thinks of making a move on Arocho

    Arocho and Jones share the whiskey on her couch and discuss her powers. He explains that he does not hate people like her, but admits he just hated her in particular. They start to bond, and eventually Jones starts to kiss him, which he reciprocates. She attempts to initiate sex, but Arocho backs away, saying that she is moving too fast. He leaves.[15][75]


  • Jessica Jones leaves her apartment and heads for the elevator when Malcolm Ducasse approaches her in the hallway. He tells her about how Pryce Cheng offered him a place at his firm in exchange for information on her. He explains that he said no, but that he still wants more to do at Alias Investigations, and demands 25% of the cases that come in. She agrees to give him 20% before closing the elevator doors to go. Ducasse heads back to his apartment, where a woman he met through his dating app is waiting, but he mixes up her name, leaving her unimpressed.[15][75]
  • After not hearing from the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents for a while, Glenn Talbot locates the Zephyr One and tries to make contact with them, but the agents on board do not answer.[80]
  • Talbot comments on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fall in one of his many May 2017 interviews

    Glenn Talbot announces to the public that a big part of the Playground had been destroyed and that many agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., including Director Mace, have disappeared.[81]
  • Jeri Hogarth visits her doctor to ask about a cure for her ALS. The doctor says she cannot give her a cure, but Hogarth says there are illegal drugs from Europe that she can take if she has to. She claims that if the doctor gives her nothing, she will go to a drug dealer in Amsterdam if she has to, but the doctor still insists she can do nothing.[15][75]
  • At Walker's apartment, she and Jessica Jones look into the people who had their medical bills paid for by IGH: Jones herself, Whizzer, and a woman named Inez Green, whom they speculate to be the person who posed as Leslie Hansen, and the person who killed Kozlov, Whizzer, and Will Simpson. They look her up and find that she is homeless. By looking into her they find misdemeanor citations and are able to narrow down which streets she might be living on. Walker brings the arsenal bag she obtained from Will Simpson's trunk, including the drugs he took and a powerful taser, as they leave to look for Green.[15][75]
  • Jones and Walker looking for Inez Green

    Chase of Inez Green: Jones and Walker ask around the neighborhood and a man tells them which building Inez Green lives in. Jones goes upstairs to draw her out while Walker waits downstairs with the taser to ambush her. As Jones searches, she is attacked by Green from behind, but is able to defend herself. Walker, hearing her shouts, takes the inhaler Simpson was using in hopes of helping her, and runs upstairs with the taser, shocking Green and knocking her out. They discover, however, that she is not the woman they are looking for.[15][75]
  • A friend of Pryce Cheng, Nick Spanos, breaks into the Alias Investigations Office and takes down all the photos Jones put up for her case, stealing them. Malcolm Ducasse also comes in with his one-night stand, who is looking for alcohol, but the robber sneaks past them and leaves. Ducasse believes the door was unlocked because Jones was at home, but soon realizes that someone broke into the apartment when he sees that Jones was not there and her information is gone from the wall.[15][75]
  • Jeri Hogarth looks up the pills she might need to buy to attempt to cure her ALS.[15][75]
  • Jones and Walker interrogate Green

    Inez Green wakes up and Jones and Walker question her. She tells them she was a nurse working for IGH and that the woman they are looking for was a patient who attacked her and killed another nurse when she worked there.[15][75]
  • Assassination of Nick Spanos: Nick Spanos gets on the phone with Cheng, he talks about how they have material now to take down Jones, while packing his briefcases with her material into a van. However, as he does so, the woman who pretended to be "Leslie Hansen" appears. She knocks him into the back of the van and then jumps into the vehicle, attacking him and eventually killing him while Cheng is still on the phone.[15][75]
  • Arrest of Jessica Jones: Jessica Jones and Trish Walker head back to Jones' apartment with Inez Green in their backseat. However, Jones is surprised to find the police outside the building and gets out of the car. Malcolm Ducasse tells her to run, telling her the police think she killed a man, but the police see her and arrest her for supposedly murdering Cheng's friend.[15][75]


Jones tries to meditate in her cell

  • Jessica Jones gets angry in her jail cell for being arrested for something she did not do.[75][82]
  • The mysterious woman who killed Nick Spanos burns the evidence Spanos stole from Jones along with her bloodied clothes.[75][82]


  • Jessica Jones, who has spent over 24 hours at the police station, speaks to Jeri Hogarth. Hogarth attempts to convince her to tell the truth.[75][82]
  • Dorothy Walker helps her daughter, Trish, who had called her for aid, while she vomits from the after-effects of the drug she took from Will Simpson's inhaler. Dorothy comments that she covered for Trish at the radio station, as Trish had slept for 26 hours and missed a day of work. She informs Trish that they have a big day coming up.[75][82]
  • Jones calls Malcolm Ducasse

    Jessica Jones calls Malcolm Ducasse, who is looking after Inez Green. He informs her that all her evidence is gone, and she asks for his help, requesting that he question Green about IGH.[75][82]
  • At 3:55PM, the woman who pretended to be Leslie Hansen plays the piano in her home. She is interrupted by her neighbor, Sophie, who knocks and asks to enter as the music calms her baby son, Aaron. The woman agrees, but as she plays, the baby's crying distresses her and she ends up losing control, destroying the piano in distress. Sophie hurriedly leaves with her son.[75][82]
  • Jessica Jones gives Detective Eddy Costa her alibi statement alongside Jeri Hogarth, telling him of her whereabouts the night Nick Spanos was killed.[75][82]
  • Malcolm Ducasse asks Inez Green to tell the truth of her story and offers her protection. Green tells him what happened the day she got seriously hurt and her friend Luanne McClure got killed by a mysterious woman, who seems to be the person Jones is after at.[75][82]
  • Eddy Costa talks to Jones about Kilgrave, who was killed two years prior

    Eddy Costa, who believes Jones, returns and releases her on the proviso that she keeps Costa informed of her investigation. Costa notes that he is thankful that she took down Kilgrave after what he did in the precinct two years ago.[75][82]
  • Jones tells Hogarth about Green's situation and how she might have useful information. Pryce Cheng approaches the women, furious with Jones' release after she, he states, killed his friend. Jones dismisses his accusations and leaves with Hogarth.[75][82]
  • Jessica Jones returns to her apartment and talks with Malcolm Ducasse, who has found information about someone called David Kawecki confessing to the murder of Luanne McClure. Green says that the man was not there when McClure was killed, so Jones realizes something has been done to cover the killer's tracks.[75][82]
  • Impressed by his findings, Jessica Jones promotes Malcolm Ducasse at Alias Investigations. However, when Ducasse returns to his apartment, he realizes that Inez Green has run away and stolen his TV.[75][82]
  • Malcolm Ducasse goes after Inez Green and finds her at a pawn shop, trying to sell it. He tells her to come back to safety but she is too afraid to do it due to IGH's involvement. He threatens to post her location online to bait the killer if she does not return, and she submits, but not before angrily smashing his TV on the ground.[75][82]
  • Jones visits Arocho to obtain a fake ID

    Wanting to interrogate David Kawecki, Jessica Jones visits Oscar Arocho and asks him to make her a fake ID so she can get into the mental facility in which he is being kept. Jones then gets a call from Griffin Sinclair, telling her that Trish Walker needs her urgently.[75][82]
  • Dorothy Walker takes Trish to a special location where a surprise is being gathered by her family and her friends, under the guise of getting her a meeting with her dream employers. Trish is taken aback by the surprise gathering, and finds that Griffin Sinclair is there, ready to propose. Jones arrives as Sinclair asks Trish to marry him, and she is left scared at this news, as she is not prepared and does not love Sinclair as he is with her. In private, Walker tells him that she could not accept, and their relationship is ended.[75][82]
  • Jeffrey Mace passes away in the real world

    As he dies in the Framework, Jeffrey Mace also dies in the real world, forcing Aida to disconnect him from the virtual reality.[83][83][84]
  • The bones of Jeffrey Mace's body are shattered by Anton Ivanov with a hammer so as to frame Quake for the assassination of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director.[80][84]
  • Malcolm Ducasse takes Inez Green to Jeri Hogarth for protection.[75][82]
  • Oscar Arocho is about to have dinner with his mother when Jones arrives. He hands her the fake ID she required and they invite her to stay for dinner, but she politely refuses and leaves.[75][82]


  • The mysterious woman who pretended to be Leslie Hansen burns her piano.[75][82]
  • Jeri Hogarth who wants to know if some of IGH experiments might be able to help her get rid off her ALS condition asks Inez Green who is staying on her place about it.[75][82]
  • Infiltration into Birch Psychiatric Hospital: Using the fake ID, Jessica Jones gets into the mental facility to meet with David Kawecki. Interrogating him, Jones learns of a shared interest in octopuses that Kawecki had with an IGH doctor called "Dr. Karl", whom Jones is not aware of. However, Kawecki explains that Karl used to visit the aquarium daily, so, deciding to investigate further, Jones leaves to visit in hopes he will show up.[75][82]
  • Ivanov is unable to execute Melinda May

    Aida returns to the real world after being severely injured by Daisy Johnson in the Framework. She is stunned by May's rebellion in the Framework. When she resolves to work on the issue so that May is no longer a complication, Anton Ivanov offers to simply kill May. However, it soon turns out that he is incapable of doing so; since Ivanov uses a body designed and built by Aida, he suffers from the same limitations as Aida, and thus cannot harm any of their captives. However, Aida tells Ivanov that if one of the agents begin to threaten the existence of the Framework, that overrules their defensive programming - the loophole she found with Radcliffe.[85][84]
  • Anton Ivanov informs Aida that his men are on the verge of attacking the Zephyr One, where Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons are, both of whom are threatening the Framework.[85] Aida orders Ivanov to prepare for the final phase of her plan, since Fitz has completed Project Looking Glass in the Framework.[80][84]
  • Meanwhile, ten days after connecting Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson to the Framework, the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents aboard the Zephyr One are running out of options - the Framework draws a great deal of the plane's power, forcing them to turn off all the non-vital functions such as heating.[80][84]
  • The team on Zephyr One

    In order to keep the Framework running, Piper suggests disabling the plane's cloaking. Prince disagrees, as the cloaking is the only thing which protects them from Anton Ivanov's attacks. However, Elena Rodriguez decides to follow Piper's suggestion, and the Zephyr One reappears in the sky.[80][84]


  • Trish Walker is approached by her mother, who is angry that she rejected Griffin Sinclair's proposal and ended the relationship. Walker explains that the event had made her realise she cared more about being like Sinclair professionally than being with him personally, and therefore that it was not healthy to stay with him. Dorothy tells her Sinclair was a perfect match and is rude to her daughter, and Trish ends up slapping her. Dorothy leaves, shocked. Feeling desperate, Trish rushes to take the IGH drug from Will Simpson's inhaler, starting to become addicted.[75][82]
  • Jessica Jones keeps her promise and calls Detective Eddy Costa in order to inform him that David Kawecki did not kill Luanne McClure. She hangs up and waits in the aquarium for second day, hoping Dr. Karl will arrive.[75][82]
  • Coulson about to wake up in the real world

    Escape from the Framework
    • May and Coulson wake in the real world, and discover Aida, connected to the Framework. Coulson destroys Aida's android body.[80][84]
    • Simmons wakes up in Zephyr One just as Ivanov's men are about to attack and shoot down the plane.[80][84]
    • Johnson wakes on the Zephyr One and apologizes sadly to Rodriguez for leaving Mackenzie behind. However, Rodriguez does not have time to argue as Ivanov's attack comes.[80][84]
    • At Anton Ivanov's naval base, Coulson and May try to calm down Fitz, who is horrified by what he has done in the Framework, especially since his actions led to the deaths of Agnes Kitsworth and Jeffrey Mace. While Fitz is still in distress, Aida arrives in her newly created human body. She smiles at Fitz and has him touch her hands, entrancing him again like in the Framework. Fitz, puzzled, is slow to react, and cannot move away, therefore obstructing May from shooting Aida. Suddenly, Aida teleports, displaying an ability similar to the Inhuman Gordon, and takes Fitz away with her, much to Coulson and May's dismay.[80] Anton Ivanov hears the commotion and arrives in time to watch Aida take Fitz.[81][84]
  • Superior's face is cut off by the Energy Shield

    At the Ivanov Oil Platform, Phil Coulson and Melinda May are confronted by Anton Ivanov, who is now able to kill them since Aida obtained her biological body, lifting all restrictions on killing others. Ivanov attacks May and Coulson, withstanding several bullets and easily knocking May down thanks to his enhanced mechanical body, but is finally destroyed when Coulson uses his Energy Shield in retaliation. However, Coulson and May quickly discover that they will have to deal with several copies of Ivanov around the base.[81][84]
  • Aboard the Zephyr One, Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson are finally awake, enabling the crew to restore the plane's power into the weapon system.[81][84]
  • Coulson and May lock themselves in a room and May uses the time to catch up on all the events she missed, including the final assault on Eli Morrow and the disappearance of Ghost Rider.[81][84]
  • Though the Zephyr One is heavily damaged because of the assaults of Ivanov's men, Piper and James Davis manage to get rid of their enemy. The plane then flies to the Ivanov Oil Platform in order to rescue the rest of the team.[81][84]
  • Fitz and Aida on the beach

    After teleporting Leo Fitz and herself to a beach, Aida enjoys the sensations provided by her brand new biological body. Fitz then confronts her about what happened in the Framework, holding her accountable for manipulating him. Aida replies that she only repaired his relationship with his father, and did so out of care; she confesses that she feels love for Fitz. She then teleports them again.[81][84]
  • On the way, Elena Rodriguez blames Johnson for leaving Alphonso Mackenzie in the Framework, despite Johnson explaining that Mackenzie felt he could not leave his daughter.[81][84]
  • Coulson works out where he and May are from his Framework knowledge about the Cold War, as a history teacher.[81][84]
  • Simmons and Johnson learn that S.H.I.E.L.D. is once again considered dangerous by the authorities after the destruction of the Playground, with Glenn Talbot speaking on WHiH about the suspicion that Johnson has something to do with it.[81][84]
  • In an apartment designed to look familiar to Fitz, Aida walks in, fully dressed. Fitz is still highly troubled and worries about his friends. He tries to make Aida empathize and help him rescue them.[81][84]
  • Fitz and Aida successfully rescue Alphonso Mackenzie during the Escape from the Ivanov Oil Platform

    Escape from the Ivanov Oil Platform: At the oil platform, Coulson and May are still struggling to fight their way out. They manage to destroy more of Ivanov's clones. However, the Superior intends to leave the base with his submarine and to destroy the facility. Fitz persuades Aida to help and she teleports into the base and tries to stop the Superior. However, Aida fails and Ivanov leaves. Aida returns to the apartment to get Fitz and then teleports back to the oil platform. In the meantime, Coulson brings May to the surface and at the same moment, the Zephyr One finally arrives. Aida returns to the oil platform, rescuing Mackenzie by teleporting him, and the Framework equipment to which he is still connected, onto the plane. Despite this, Simmons shoots Aida and Fitz with an I.C.E.R. and the team places them in the plane's Containment Module.[81][84]
  • The team returns to a destroyed Playground and lock Fitz and Aida in one of the remaining Containment Modules, waiting for them to wake. They further discuss what happened in the Framework and how they feel now that they are back,with Simmons fearing that Fitz could still be a cruel and ruthless person, and still in love with Aida.[81][84]


  • Jemma Simmons decides to monitor the Containment Module's video feed in order to hear their conversations. After waking up, Fitz and Aida also discuss what happened in the alternate reality, with Fitz still traumatized by the evil nature he displayed because of the education provided by a father figure, much like Grant Ward.[81][84]
  • Aida gets angry

    Fitz laments over the fact that his friends may never forgive him and that his future with Simmons could now be destroyed. Aida tries to comfort him, but she mistakenly thinks that Fitz is still in love with her after their liaison in the Framework. Therefore, when Fitz states that he still loves Simmons and only her, it angers her, and with her impassioned new feelings, this anger and heartbreak quickly drives her insane.[81][84]
  • Escape from Aida: Aida assaults Fitz and tries to escape with him so as to force him to be with her, whether he wants it or not. However, her teleportation abilities are blocked by the Quantum Field Disruptors in the module. Simmons tries to go to the module to extract Fitz, but she, along with Coulson, May, and Johnson, are stopped by U.S. Air Force soldiers sent by Talbot. While Coulson tries to explain the situation, Fitz is pulled out of the module by Piper, Davis, and Prince. Aida, who acquired several Inhuman capabilities like Lincoln Campbell's electrokinesis, uses her powers to escape and chases them. She kills several soldiers, as well as both Prince and Davis, but Fitz and Piper manage to get onboard Zephyr One. Fitz orders them to take off immediately and Talbot reluctantly agrees to let the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents go.[81][84]
  • Simmons and Fitz comfort each other

    Aboard the plane, Fitz remains in the Containment Module. After hesitating, Simmons decides to join him and comforts him. The two of them cry together, traumatized, but finally reunited. In another part of the plane, Coulson and Johnson discover that Rodriguez has plugged herself into the Framework in order to bring Mackenzie to the real world.[81][84]
  • Filled with anger and a desire for revenge, Aida returns to Ivanov's submarine. Ivanov explains that they could use the knowledge of the Darkhold to rebuild the world of the Framework in the real world, thus restoring Aida's domination over everyone and everything. She agrees, stating that she wants her enemies to suffer.[81][84]
  • The details of the autopsy of Jeffrey Mace are revealed to the public.[84][86]
  • Several agencies of espionage decide to hold a meeting so as to decide S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fate, after realizing they lied about Mace being an Inhuman.[84][86]
  • Having been trapped in the Dark Dimension for several weeks, doing the bidding of the Spirit of Vengeance in the wake of the deal he had made, Robbie Reyes finally discovers a way to return to Earth.[81][84]
  • Ghost Rider returns from Hell

    The Ghost Rider emerges through the Inter-Dimensional Gate, brandishing his Hellfire Chain.[81][84]
  • Ghost Rider retrieves his Hell Charger from a S.H.I.E.L.D. storage facility in Dover and drives it towards a building where Aida has taken the Darkhold, along with Life-Model Decoys of Anton Ivanov and Sergei Mishkin.[84][86]
  • Aboard the Zephyr One, Phil Coulson and his team are still trying to figure out a way to fight and stop Aida, who has become incredibly dangerous since she acquired a human body. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons discuss Aida's powers, which she obtained by assessing various Inhumans in the Framework, such as Lincoln Campbell, Vijay Nadeer, and Gordon. However, they end up arguing about what they have to do next to deal with Aida.[84][86]
  • Meanwhile, Daisy Johnson keeps monitoring the vitals of Elena Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie, who are still trapped in the Framework. Johnson tries to make adjustments to the programming so as to help Rodriguez, but soon discovers that Aida is shutting down the Framework, deleting every element in it and thus threatening Rodriguez and Mackenzie's lives. Johnson and Fitz try to figure out a way to keep their friends alive as long as possible.[84][86]
  • Ghost Rider fights Aida

    Attack on Aida: Aida is telling her LMDs that she wants S.H.I.E.L.D. to suffer, just as Ghost Rider arrives. Ghost Rider quickly dispatches the LMDs, and realizes that Aida has acquired a living body thanks to the Darkhold. Before he can seize either her or Ivanov, however, Aida teleports away, but not before being injured by Reyes' Hellfire Chain - a wound that she cannot recover from.[84][86]
  • As Simmons realizes that there are 12–20 hours left until the Framework is completely gone, Glenn Talbot calls Coulson and informs him that an International Intelligence Inquiry Committee session is planned for the following morning, and asks Coulson to attend and explain what has happened since the destruction of the Playground. Coulson refuses, claiming that it would endanger the lives of all the people present.[84][86]
  • Johnson finds Ghost Rider and brings him onto Zephyr One, where he explains that Aida is made of dark matter, just like the Darkhold, and that the Spirit of Vengeance inside him wants to take them both back to Hell, where they belong. He claims that he might be able to stop Aida once and for all.[84][86]
  • Quake and Ghost Rider team up

    Attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. International Inquiry: At the committee session, Glenn Talbot discusses with the other agencies about why S.H.I.E.L.D. must remain active. However, Anton Ivanov and Sergei Mishkin infiltrate the meeting and show the Darkhold to the committee, proposing to use it against the Inhumans. Before he can do anything, Talbot is shot in the head by an LMD of Daisy Johnson. Coulson, Melinda May, Johnson, and Ghost Rider arrive to eliminate the LMDs and retrieve the Darkhold. Ghost Rider and Quake team up to destroy Ivanov's android and all the LMDs at the complex, including Johnson's LMD. However, Aida escapes again, but this time without the Darkhold. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team and Ghost Rider return to the Zephyr One. Ghost Rider wants to take the Darkhold to Hell, but Coulson asks him to postpone this idea, since they could use it to lure Aida into a trap first.[84][86]
  • In order to kill Aida, Robbie Reyes transfers the Spirit of Vengeance to Phil Coulson temporarily, who makes a deal with the Spirit to allow him to kill Aida.[84][86]
  • Jessica Jones goes to the octopus tank. She takes a photo of a family looking at the seals.[75][82]
  • They all return to the Playground in order to lure Aida. As Fitz and Simmons talk, Aida suddenly teleports in beside them.[84][86]
  • Aida confronts Fitz and Simmons

    Ambush on Aida: Aida confronts Fitz by threatening to kill Simmons if he does not comply to her demands. Coulson tells May the reason why he drank the bottle of Haig with her LMD. Fitz tells Aida he is ready to obey, but Aida chooses to kill Simmons nonetheless. However, unbeknownst to her, Simmons was replaced by a Life-Model Decoy first. The real Simmons shoots Aida multiple times as she tries to get the Darkhold from Coulson. Aida mocks them, saying that they cannot stop them, when Coulson reveals that he has borrowed the powers of the Spirit of Vengeance and transforms into the Ghost Rider. After a short fight, Aida is finally killed.[84][86]
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  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez wake up on Zephyr One.[84][86]
  • Enoch swims in a pool at his home, then chooses to spend a long period of time completely submerged.[84][87]
  • Mackenzie and Rodriguez discuss their time in the Framework, with Mackenzie saying that even if it did not last long, he is happy to have had some moments to share with Hope, but he is ready to spend time in the real world with Rodriguez, another person he loves, beside him.[84][86]
  • Enoch prepares to capture Coulson's team

    After his swim, Enoch takes coconut water from the fridge and removes him synthetic human skin to shower in his true extraterrestrial form. Replacing his synthetic skin after the shower, he then dresses and heads out for another job.[84][86]
  • Enoch drives to work, feeling light-hearted. On arrival, a man greets him and offers him potential disguise designs for the side of his truck, which appear instantaneously. Agreeing on Bendeery English Ale, he boards the truck. Having the knowledge from "The Seer" that Coulson's Team would be at Rae's Restaurant soon, Enoch and his men drive to the restaurant and prepare to abduct them.[84][87][88]
  • At the Playground, S.H.I.E.L.D. gives the Darkhold to Ghost Rider, who uses the Hellfire Chain to create an Inter-Dimensional Portal and take the book back to Hell.[84][86]
  • After learning that the authorities are coming after them, Fitz offers to turn himself over while the rest of the team leave in order to make amends for his mistakes. The others refuse, saying that they have forgiven him, and that they must stay together.[84][86]
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. team is arrested

    Abduction at Rae's Restaurant:
    • Coulson's Team leaves for the diner at 20:17, and arrive at 20:54, where they enjoy a simple meal before their inevitable arrest.[88] Enoch then enters the diner at 21:44, leading an armed squad. They freeze the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents using an unidentified device, and take everyone but Fitz away.[86] When a member of Enoch's team check about Fitz, he confirms that he should not be taken, as he is not on "the list".[84][87][88]
    • The team, still frozen, is led to the Time Di'Alla before the "window" closes. As soon as they wake back up, it liquefies and they are swept away to a space station 74 years into the future.[84][87][88]
  • Fitz comes out of the frozen state he was put into and finds his friends gone. The United States Armed Forces arrive and arrest him, confused as to where the other six have gone.[84][88]
  • Leo Fitz is interrogated by the military

    At Blue Raven Ridge, Leo Fitz is interrogated about the whereabouts of his friends, but insists that he does not know what is going on.[84][88]
  • Fitz is thrown in a cell at the facility.[84][88]


  • The next morning, Fitz is taken for a polygraph test. This shows the army lieutenants and general that he is telling the truth, and Fitz asks to help them in their search.[84][88]
  • General Hale agrees with Lieutenants Lucas and Evans that she will allow Fitz to have papers, pens, books, and a TV.[84][88]
  • Jessica Jones finishes spending a fourth day at the aquarium, having still seen no sign of Dr. Karl. She starts wanders as the lights go out and the aquarium closes.[75][82]


  • People arrive at the aquarium, and Jessica Jones arrives in order to spend another day looking for Dr. Karl.[75][82]


Fitz starts to work on what could have happened to his friends

  • Fitz watches soccer in his cell and has been given some books.[88][89]


  • Jones spends an eighth day at the aquarium, but nothing happens. She continues to visit in hopes of finding Dr. Karl, lingering around the octopus tanks.[75][82]


  • Food is delivered to Fitz in his cell, and he eats.[88][89]
  • Jessica Jones waits again for the IGH doctor, but he does not arrive. She paces as the aquarium closes, staying until the very end of the day as a cleaner sweeps the floor.[75][82]



  • Ambush at Neptune's World Aquarium: Jessica Jones watches on at the aquarium as lunchtime comes. After several days of visiting, she finally spots Dr. Karl, recognizing him from his fascination with the octopuses and a drawing Kawecki drew her. Seeing him, Jones realizes that he was one of the doctors who worked on her after the accident from 17 years prior. As she continues to watch, she is surprised when the mysterious woman behind the recent killings arrives and meets with Dr. Karl. Jones starts taking pictures with her cellphone, but the doctor spots Jones watching them. When the woman notices her too, she angrily smashes the glass of one of the tanks in order to create a commotion to cover their escape.[75][82]
  • Jones after failing to chase the IGH duo

    The IGH duo escapes in the chaos, and Jones' cellphone is water-damaged. Jones rushes out of the aquarium to find them, but they are gone. She passes a store, where she finds a magazine with a front cover headline about Trish Walker and Griffin Sinclair's break-up.[75][91]
  • Jones returns to her apartment and places her phone in dry rice to get it working again, as it contains her pictures of Dr. Karl and the killer. Eventually, the water damage is fixed and Jones looks through the photos, noticing that the doctor is wearing a ring.[75][91]
  • Needing a break, Jessica Jones visits Oscar Arocho's apartment. They discuss his paintings and his troubles with Vido's mother, and begin to get closer. Jones admits that she came over because she did not want to be alone, and Arocho kisses her. They spill a pot of paint, but proceed to have sex on the spilt mess regardless.[75][91]
  • Trish Walker, now addicted to the IGH serum, boards a bus and finds her senses heightened again.[75][91]


Arocho sees Jones waking up

  • Jessica Jones wakes up and Oscar Arocho tells her he woke a few hours ago, revealing that he has been painting her asleep. She does not know how to react to the gesture and leaves his apartment to go to her Alias Investigations Office.[75][91]
  • Analyzing the pictures Jones took of "Dr. Karl" and the mysterious woman, Malcolm Ducasse realizes that the man's ring is not a wedding band, but is in fact a university class ring - the same university Ducasse previously attended. Jones sends Ducasse to his old university, from which he had been suspended for his previous drug habits, to investigate the man.[75][91]
  • Jeri Hogarth gives Inez Green new clothes and toiletries she has bought her and asks her questions, wanting to dig more into IGH's operations.[75][91]
  • Leo Fitz does push-ups to keep fit as a soccer game plays on his TV.[88][89]
  • Jessica Jones and Trish Walker reunite and talk about the last events involving Sinclair and Dr. Karl. To continue their investigation, they enter a jewelry shop by the aquarium. The two women talk with the owner, trying to find out about Dr. Karl's identity, and he shows them that he caught the couple on security footage, and Dr. Karl had drugged the woman to get her into a car.[75][91]
  • Nichelle has a conversation with Malcolm Ducasse

    While searching for information on Dr. Karl, Malcolm Ducasse encounters his ex-girlfriend Nichelle on the campus, who has 3 months left of her master's degree. He apologizes for ruining their relationship due to his addiction. Nichelle eventually accepts his apology and the two hug, but Ducasse uses the opportunity to steal her student ID so he can get into restricted buildings.[75][91]
  • Jeri Hogarth calls Jessica Jones, who is with Trish Walker as they return from the jewelry shop, to tell her that she wants Green gone from her home. Meanwhile, in Hogarth's apartment, Inez Green finds Hogarth's pills for her ALS.[75][91]
  • At Alias Investigations office, Ducasse reveals to Jones and Walker that she found the man's identity to be "Karl Malus". Ducasse leaves, and Jones tells Walker that Ducasse fancies her, which Walker refuses to believe. Jones discovers that Malus is related to Ambyhose Hosiery Inc., owned by a man named Justis Ambrose.[75][91]
  • Jones talks to Ambrose

    Infiltration into Rossmont Clubhouse: Jones and Walker visit the golf club. Jones goes to talk with Ambrose and asks him about his funding of Dr. Malus while Trish Walker distracts the guards. Ambrose tells Jones that Malus saved his son, Eric, after he was born with a genetic disease. Walker then starts to throw up, sick from the IGH drug. Ambrose, meanwhile, denies continually funding Malus. However, when Jones leaves, Ambrose calls Malus and warns him about Jones. Malus hangs up and sedates the mysterious woman, as is routine due to the dangerous lack of emotional control that came with her powers.[75][91]
  • Jessica Jones takes the sick Walker to her apartment and puts her to bed. Once Jones has left, Walker gets desperate for the IGH inhaler again but cannot find it. Malcolm Ducasse, meanwhile, finds the inhaler in the Alias Investigations office and calls Walker.[75][91]
  • Inez Green approaches Jeri Hogarth and tries to talk to her about her ALS condition. Green tells her that there was an IGH patient she knew who could heal people by touching them, and that he saved her life after the mysterious woman attacked her.[75][91]
  • Jones returns to her apartment and finds Oscar Arocho's finished painting of her waiting at the door. She keeps it, but puts it to one side.[75][91]
  • Ducasse has sex with Trish Walker

    Ducasse visits Trish Walker and gives her the inhaler. She is so desperate that she leaves a conversation with him to take it as soon as possible, and once she does she finds herself filled with adrenaline. Knowing from Jones' comments that Ducasse is attracted to her, she channels her adrenaline into seducing Ducasse and they have impassioned sex.[75][91]


  • In the morning, Jessica Jones finds Eric Ambrose, Justis' son. She takes Eric's phone from him and video calls his father in order to blackmail him. Fearing for his son, Justis gives Jones Karl Malus' address.[75][91]
  • Infiltration into the Malus Residence:
    • Following Ambrose's information, Jones arrives at Malus' house. She investigates the home and realizes that Malus is living with the mysterious woman. Searching the woman's bedroom, Jones starts to notice that the woman's personal objects are familiar to her. She then is baffled to find a photo of herself and Phillip Jones from years ago in the room. Malus and the woman enter, and Jones says she does not understand. The woman claims to be Jones' mother, still alive after all these years - Alisa Jones.[75][91]
    • Jessica Jones struggles to accept the truth about her mother

      Alisa Jones tells Jessica her story, explaining what happened after the accident 17 years ago. Alisa explains that Dr. Malus and IGH helped her and Jessica, but due to Alisa's injuries being more severe, she was kept at the facility longer while Jones was discharged to normal hospital after 20 days. Alisa tells that her treatment involved genetic editing that changed her face and that she received increased strength, but extreme mood swings and a dissociative disorder when she becomes angry. She explains that she escaped IGH by killing Luanne McClure and severely injuring Inez Green, and had found Jessica and discovered her relationship with Stirling Adams, but seen him seemingly attempting to exploit her and killed him in a fit of rage. She recounts to Jones how she had returned to IGH after in hopes to recover from her side effects, and once she finishes her story, asks for forgiveness. Jessica refuses and attacks her mother in anger, and Karl Malus is forced to render Jessica unconscious with a sedative.[75][92]
    • Trish Walker and Malcolm Ducasse call Jessica Jones, who has woken and is being watched over by Karl Malus. He allows her to take the call so long as she pretends everything is okay, which she does. Nonetheless, her friends are left concerned.[75][93]
    • Jones tricks Malus

      Jones tricks Malus, asking him to be let out so she can talk with her mother. Malus falls for it and once she is freed, Jones locks herself in the room alone and begins to text Detective Eddy Costa, giving him the address for the police to arrive at Malus' home. When Alisa finds out what Jessica has done, she breaks into the room and takes the phone. Realizing it is too late, she begs Malus to leave as she wants him to remain unharmed by the arriving police. Malus reluctantly flees.[75][93]
    • Trish Walker starts to become erratic as she wonders where Jones is. Ducasse notices that she has become addicted to the IGH drug and tries to talk to her about it. However, when she refuses to admit this, he leaves and decides to continue Jones' investigation into Hogarth's partners.[75][93]
    • While waiting for the police, Alisa Jones hopes to prove to Jessica that she is the same person who raised her. The two women talk, and wonder what might happen to Alisa when the police arrest her. Jessica comments that she might get taken to the prison built for people like them, the Raft, which Alisa says she knows about.[75][93]
    • Hogarth talks to Green about Shane Ryback

      Alisa comments that she and Brian, Jessica's father, were not getting on and had many problems in their marriage that Jessica was shielded from. As Alisa talks to Jessica about their life 17 years ago, Jessica begins to empathize with her and accept that she really is her mother. She changes her mind and decides to find an escape route, discovering a tunnel that Alisa had been using to escape at nights sometimes.[75][93]
    • The Joneses manage to escape from the house before the police arrive. Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday find no one in the house.[75][93]
  • Jeri Hogarth finds out that the healer, Shane Ryback, is in prison. She asks Inez Green how she ended up on the streets, and Green explains before saying that Hogarth could not possibly understand. Hogarth corrects her, telling her that she in fact built her wealth from nothing.[75][93]
  • Malcolm Ducasse discovers that Benowitz is secretly homosexual, and frequents a gay bar, unbeknown to his wife.[75][93]
  • Jeri Hogarth visits Shane Ryback in prison. She eventually convinces him to allow her to takes him on as a client, desperate to be cured by him.[75][93]
  • Jessica and Alisa head to Jessica's Apartment in New York City

    Alisa and Jessica Jones go to the latter's apartment. Jessica is visited by Detective Costa, who wants to know what happened, but she lies and says she found no one at the house and turns him away. When Jessica returns to her apartment, she finds that her mother is gone and starts to panic. She searches for Alisa, only to find talking to Oscar Arocho. Alisa finds out he is the artist behind the painting of Jessica in her apartment and compliments his work. Jessica takes her mother back to her apartment.[75][93]
  • Ducasse finds Benowitz in the gay bar he frequents and lies, saying that Linda Chao has hired him, but that he feels she is being immoral, and that Benowitz should give him blackmail material that he has on her. He says he has plenty, but leaves without giving him anything.[75][93]
  • Attack on Malcolm Ducasse: When Ducasse leaves the gay bar, he is attacked by homophobic thugs. Trish Walker, who has been looking for Jones in numerous bars, comes across Ducasse and rescues him, then gives him some of the IGH inhaler to help him heal. However, the effects of the drug and the reminder of his struggles with addiction are too much for Ducasse and he runs off.[75][93]
  • Jeri Hogarth gets home and celebrates her imminent healing with Inez Green. The two women start to become intimate.[75][93]
  • Cheng tries to kill Jones with a rifle

    Attack on Alisa Jones: Wanting to avenge his friend's death, Pryce Cheng sets up a rifle and takes aims at Jones' apartment, preparing to shoot.[94] Jessica Jones sits with Alisa, when they are suddenly shot at from outside. As Jessica dives to tackle Alisa to the ground to keep her safe, a second shot hits her in the side, enraging Alisa. Jessica tries to calm her down, but Alisa spots the shooter through the window and runs off.[75][93]
  • Kidnapping of Pryce Cheng: She races to find and kill Cheng, but Jessica is able to render him unconscious first with one of Alisa's sedatives, and convinces her to find a solution other than murder. Once Cheng is tied up, Jessica proceeds to do as her mother has asked and shackle her, as Alisa hopes this means she can cause no more harm.[75][94]
  • After engaging in sex, Inez Green and Jeri Hogarth talk. Green says that she is still afraid Hogarth will kick her out once Ryback has healed her.[75][94]
  • Trish Walker arrives at Jones' apartment. Jones realizes that Walker is high on some kind of drug, but Walker dismisses the accusations and leaves.[75][94]
  • Alisa Jones has nightmares as she sleeps and becomes enraged, dreaming of losing Jessica, forgetting that her daughter is right with her. She wakes and Jessica calms her down after a while.[75][94]


Jessica Jones talks to Arocho

  • Oscar Arocho realizes that there has been some kind of altercation at Jones' apartment after spotting glass on the street outside. He goes to check on Jessica Jones, but as he does so, his son, Vido, is taken abruptly by Sonia, Vido's mother and Oscar's ex-wife.[75][94]
  • In her apartment, Jones check on Pryce Cheng to see if he is still alive after being heavily sedated last night. She then proceeds to text Walker to check if she is okay, after showing symptoms of addiction the night before.[75][94]
  • Walker receives the message from Jones, but ignores it. She watches the news and sees her ex-boyfriend, Griffin Sinclair, reporting from Syria about the ongoing conflict between ISIS and the United States Armed Forces, having been there for the weeks since their breakup. Still jealous and angered by his success, Walker takes the inhaler again to get another high.[75][94]
  • Walker visits Jeri Hogarth's apartment and demands that Inez Green go on air to discuss IGH, but Green refuses and Hogarth makes Walker leave.[75][94]
  • The Joneses discuss how Jessica has felt guilty for the accident since 2000, but Alisa says that it happened because of Brian's poor driving and her not insisting on taking the wheel, not because of Jessica.[75][94]
  • Oscar Arocho informs Jones of the Kidnapping of Vido Arocho

    Kidnapping of Vido Arocho: Oscar Arocho calls Jessica Jones for help, explaining that this time, Sonia's taking of Video was not temporary, but rather a kidnapping, as she is worried she will lose the custody battle for him. Jessica and Alisa leave to save Vido.[75][94]
  • Jeri Hogarth visits Shane Ryback, whom she has got released from prison. He says he will try to heal Hogarth, but cannot promise that it will work.[75][94]
  • During a live broadcast of her radio show, Trish Walker, under the influence of the IGH drug, becomes angry at the superficiality of her show's programming. She becomes angry and goes on a tirade about the show and the important issues it ignores, then quits.[75][94]
  • Investigating Apartment 6F, the Joneses and Arocho figure out that Sonia is planning to take Vido away from New York, as his treasured Captain America toy is gone and passports have been taken. They check Sonia's credit card and find bus tickets have been purchased.[75][94]
  • The Joneses confront Vido's mother

    The trio get to the bus terminal and, using her abilities for good, Alisa Jones helps Jessica to stop the bus Sonia is taking Vido on. Vido is returned to Oscar and they leave to go home.[75][94]
  • Shane Ryback pretends to heal Hogarth from her sickness, really a hoax planned with Green to rob the lawyer. Hogarth believes it worked and starts to feel a placebo effect, laying happily on her bed as she convinces herself she feels better.[75][94]
  • Trish Walker gets a call from ZCN News' Ronald Garcia, offering her her dream job as a television anchor, saying he is impressed by her actions on her show earlier that day. She is excited and after the call goes to take more of the IGH drug, but realizes that she has run out.[75][94]
  • Oscar Arocho thanks Jessica Jones for returning Vido to him.[75][94]
  • Arrest of Alisa Jones: Alisa Jones sees the potential of a life with Jessica doing good, like with Vido Arocho's bus. However, she still wants to protect Jessica by killing Cheng and having them run away. Jessica frees Pryce Cheng, and when Alisa tries to chase him she is confronted by Detective Eddy Costa and the police, whom Jessica has just called, wanting her mother to have an opportunity to face her actions while safe. Jessica calms her mother down and she surrenders to them.