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"An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? That's dead... forever."
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This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2016.







Robert and Nico Minoru - Amy Minoru's Funeral

Robert and Nico Minoru at Amy's funeral

  • The Minoru family holds a memorial service for their daughter, Amy Minoru. All of the members of PRIDE and their children attend, except for Alex Wilder, who is too upset by Amy's apparent suicide to come. Leslie Dean gives a speech at the service.[4][5]
  • Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder discuss leaving PRIDE, as Catherine suspects that Minoru's death was not suicide, but Geoffrey talks her out of it.[4][5]
  • Alex Wilder, emotionally unable to attend, stays outside. Catherine finds and consoles him.[4][5]





Banks in his final moments

  • Ambush at the Distant Star Facility: On arriving at the facility, Fitz, Simmons, and Banks are suddenly ambushed by Giyera and HYDRA agents. Giyera uses his metal manipulation powers to take Banks' gun and shoot him dead, along with all the other agents protecting them, and take Fitz and Simmons as hostages.[8]
  • While Phil Coulson flies with Morse and Hunter to secretly find Ward's remaining brother as a bargain chip against him, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are flown to Gloucestershire and brought before Ward and Malick. The two of them together are resilient, but Ward, knowing them well, suggests to split them up.[8][8]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie lets Coulson know that Fitz and Simmons have gone missing, making him realize that it is now vital his plan to take Thomas Ward works.[8]
  • Kidnapping of Thomas Ward:
    • Coulson, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter stage a robbery together to break into the jewelry store where Thomas Ward works and kidnap him.[8]
    • Kidnapped Thomas Ward Picture

      Ward sees the picture of his kidnapped brother

      While Ward tortures Fitz, Coulson calls him from Price's phone, only to show him that he is holding his brother hostage, before hanging up prematurely to anger Ward.[8]
    • Thomas explains, to the trio's surprise, that he hates his older brother and believes he is a bad man. When Grant calls back, Thomas tells him that he has tried to stay away from him all these years. As Grant is distracted by the conversation with his brother, Coulson starts to trace the call. When they track the source to the HYDRA Castle, Coulson takes back the cellphone from Thomas and tells Grant Ward that he is going to kill him. They drop Thomas back home and set off to fly to England.[8]


Closure Fitz on Maveth

Fitz and the HYDRA team enter the planet Maveth

  • Ward, Fitz, and several HYDRA agents proceed to go through.[8]
  • As Coulson flies in above, he realizes that he has run out of time, so he dives from the Quinjet into the castle, falling through the portal from above just before it closes. He crashes onto the ground of Maveth and is knocked out on impact.[8]
  • A physical rehabilitation instructor from Metro-General Hospital, who had worked with Jonathan Pangborn a couple of years prior, encounters Pangborn walking on the streets. The instructor is shocked impressed to see him walk, due to his previous seemingly incurable paralysis.[10]
  • Leo Fitz attempts to steal Grant Ward's gun, but Ward stops him. The other HYDRA soldiers then discover a giant statue resembling the HYDRA logo.[11]
  • Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse reunite with the Zephyr One and inform Mackenzie of Coulson's actions. Johnson discovers that HYDRA are unloading captive Inhumans at the HYDRA Castle. They split into two teams: one to save Fitz or Simmons and the other to secure the portal.[11]

"Daniels" is found by Leo Fitz

  • Fitz discovers the hatch entrance to Will Daniels' hideaway, and drops down into the cavern despite Ward's protests, finding Daniels asleep there.[11]
  • Coulson wakes from a dream of Rosalind Price. He resolves to keep going and gets up to follow the HYDRA group's trail to hunt down Ward.[11]
  • Grant Ward threatens to kill Daniels, but Fitz convinces him to let him live and come with them so that he can get them to the exit point on time, due to his knowledge of Maveth.[11]
  • Attack on the HYDRA Castle:
    • May, Johnson, Campbell, and Gutierrez slip into nearby drainage tunnels and approach the HYDRA Castle. Campbell takes out the lighting while the team slip inside.[11]
    • Meanwhile, Simmons escapes and runs around the compound. She discovers the Inhuman storage units and finds Andrew Garner's pod. He convinces her to set him free so he can help her to escape HYDRA, and transforms into Lash, saving her and escaping.[11][12]
    • In order to escape from HYDRA together, Daniels reveals to Fitz that he has led the group to the No Fly Zone, as a sandstorm brews.[11]
    • Morse, Mackenzie, and Hunter secure and enter the portal chamber.[11]
    • Maveth Suspension Gel 1

      May searching for Garner

      Elsewhere, Daisy Johnson is ambushed by Giyera with gunfire, but Joey Gutierrez melts the bullets, saving her. Melinda May finds Jemma Simmons in time to save her from a HYDRA soldier, and Simmons tells her of Garner's whereabouts. Once May makes sure Simmons is safe, she goes to find Garner.[11]
    • As Leo Fitz and Will Daniels successfully kill and escape the HYDRA Soldiers, Grant Ward is distracted and shot by the approaching Phil Coulson. At gunpoint, Coulson orders him to lead the way to Fitz and the exit point.[11]
    • Coulson's Team reunite and break into the portal room. May finds the bodies of HYDRA agents, as well as the captive Inhumans. She returns and informs the team of Lash's massacre, and Simmons feels guilty.[11]
    • Mackenzie orders the team to leave, but Johnson remains with him to help. The others prepare on Zephyr One to collect any of their team who make it out, and Mackenzie and Johnson ready themselves for the portal to open.[11]
    • It-WillDiedSavingJemma

      "Daniels" reveals he is really Hive

      Coulson and Ward eventually spot Daniels and Fitz and hurry to reach them in time. As they walk, Daniels tells him of an ancient civilization on Maveth. Fitz realizes that it is not Will Daniels but It, who has taken over Daniels' dead body.[11]
    • The Zephyr One hovers above the HYDRA castle, ready to bomb the HYDRA Castle as soon as the portal closes. Johnson collapses.[11]
  • Battle of Maveth:
    • A fight ensues between Fitz and It. When Coulson notices, he shoots It to help Fitz escape, but Ward takes the opportunity to attack Coulson. Fitz shoots It repeatedly again and brings him down before he can reach the portal. Coulson manages to beat Ward down due to his bound hands. Fitz grabs a flare gun and shoots It, burning Daniels' body.[13][11]
    • Maveth Ward's death

      Grant Ward is finally killed by Phil Coulson

      Despite Fitz's advice to leave, Coulson uses his bionic hand to crush Ward's chest, killing him and finally enacting his revenge. Coulson drops the hand, leaving it behind to signify leaving his actions on the planet.[11][13][9]
    • Coulson and Fitz make it through the portal and onto a Containment Module with Mackenzie and Johnson, and Mackenzie orders May to bomb the castle. They fly up to the Zephyr as the castle is destroyed around them. The team is reunited and Simmons finds out that Daniels is dead.[11][9]
  • Driving to the airport, Gideon Malick's car is stopped in the road by the reanimated corpse of Grant Ward holding Coulson's hand. He realizes that It has returned, inhabiting Ward's body.[11]



  • Stephen Strange realizes that a patient has been prematurely pronounced dead, and rushes the man to an operating theatre.[14][10]
  • With the help of colleague Christine Palmer, and his talent for precision and focus, he extracts a bullet from the patient's head and saves their life.[14][10]
DS P 05

Strange talks with Palmer after the surgery

  • Strange invites Palmer to come with him to a talk he is giving at a dinner that evening, but she turns it down, a little annoyed by his constant work and love of fame and reputation.[14][10]
  • Strange drives from his apartment to attend the dinner. As he drives, his colleague Billy calls him to notify him of potential patients to operate on. When Billy mentions a young woman with an electrical implant to control schizophrenia, who has been struck by lightning, it peaks Strange's interest. He looks down at his phone to see the x-rays and loses his control of his car. It swerves and crashes, falling off the road and tumbling into the river below. He is severely injured; his hands are shattered on the dashboard glass, and he passes out.[14][10]
  • After a little while, the Metro-General Hospital air ambulance finds Strange in the river and rushes him to hospital for medical attention.[14][10]


  • After eleven hours on the operating table, Strange is laid in bed, still unconscious, to rest. They have put stainless steel pins in his hands, stitches all over his body and face, and several casts; his arms held in place to heal.[14][10]
Doctor Strange Teaser 12

Strange wakes up after the crash

  • Strange finally wakes up and is greeted by Christine Palmer. He learns from Palmer that both of his hands, which were crushed by the dashboard of his car, have been subjected to severe nerve damage and rendered inoperable. He becomes upset and deeply concerned over what has happened to his hands, and the repercussions that may have on his life, career, and talent. Seeing this, Palmer reassures him that no one could have done better. He simply replies, "I could have done better."[14][10]
  • Palmer helps Strange shave in bed and tries to make him feel better, but her efforts are unsuccessful.[14][10]


  • Danny Rand returns to New York City. He goes to the Rand Enterprises Building that his father built with Harold Meachum, and tells the receptionist that he is Danny, but she does not believe him, because Danny Rand is thought to have been dead for nearly 15 years. The receptionist calls security, but he manages to defeat them and use the elevator to go to the floor where his father's office was.[15][16]
Snow Gives Way Joy, Ward and Rand

The trio is reunited

  • Rand enters the room only to discover Ward and Joy Meachum as the leaders of his father's company. He tries to convince them that he is Danny Rand but they do not believe him, claiming that Rand died. Rand asks to talk to their father, only to discover that he died over 12 years ago. Ward calls security and Danny Rand is taken from the building.[15][16]
  • Confused, Joy Meachum tells Ward that she thinks that the man who claims to be Danny Rand really does look like their old friend.[15][16]
  • Rand goes to his old house and breaks in, discovering that it is now the home of Joy Meachum.
  • However, when Meachum arrives, he manages to slip out of the building unnoticed.[15][16]
  • Rand goes to rest under a tree. While he is listening to music, Big Al approaches him and starts a conversation. He tells Rand about the iPhone he stole a few days prior, and explains that with access to the Internet, you can find whatever you want. Rand tells him to search the name "Danny Rand", only to find out that everybody thinks he is dead. He then asks Big Al to search the name of "Harold Meachum", discovering that he died at the age of 41.[15][16]



Rand tries to reason with Joy Meachum

  • Danny Rand waits outside his old home, now Joy Meachum's house, so he can talk to her when she leaves. When Meachum finds him there, she threatens him, saying that she will ensure that he is arrested. Rand tries to convince her again that he is who he says he is, but she does not believe him. She threatens Rand one more time, forcing him to leave. As he walks away, he is nearly hit by a car, but he dodges it by leaping over the oncoming vehicle, to Meachum's shock.[15][17][16]
  • Rand practices Kung-fu in the park. Colleen Wing passes by and gives him some money, believing him to be homeless. She then proceeds to staple a notice up about her self-defense class. Rand tries to give her back her money, but she lets him keep it. They begin to talk, and Rand asks for a job, but she politely refuses and leaves.[15][16]
  • Joy reveals to Ward Meachum that "Danny" was waiting for her outside of her house. Ward worries and asks her if she is OK following the encounter. She answers yes, but that she is a little scared, then confesses that she is starting to think that "Danny" could actually be the Danny Rand they knew. Ward insists that she is wrong and that "Danny" might even be a setup made by competition trying to take over the company just as they are about to announce expansion in China.[15][18][16]
  • Ward Confronted

    Ward Meachum is confronted by Rand

    As Ward Meachum prepares to drive away, Danny Rand enters his car to get his attention. While Rand drives, Meachum threatens him with a gun, but Rand disarms him. He claims that he is tired of hostility and asks Ward for answers about what happened since his family's crash. Meachum says that his assailant has nothing to prove that he is the real Danny Rand. Rand tries to prove himself, reminding Meachum of how he abused him when they were children. After Meachum calls him crazy, Rand gets angry and drives the car to the roof at high speed, telling him that this is how he had felt during the air crash. Rand stops the car at the last second before it would fall off the roof. Realizing that he lost the control of his actions, Rand apologizes and leaves.[15][16]
  • Ward Meachum orders Shannon and his bodyguards to find and kill the supposed Danny Rand.[15][16]
  • In the park, Rand meets with Big Al again, who gives him food.[15][16]
  • Chinese New Year 2016

    Chinese New Year 2016

    Chinese New Year 2016 is celebrated in New York City.[15][16][19]
  • Colleen Wing films a part of a video that she will use to promote her kenjutsu lessons at Chikara Dojo, inviting the viewer to learn the martial arts. She teaches a class at the dojo and films parts of it to put together the promotional video.[15][20]
  • Danny Rand goes to Wing's dojo as the class she is teaching finishes. He approaches her and offers to teach Kung-fu. She asks him where he trained, and he tells her that he trained in a place called "K'un-Lun". Not believing him, Wing forces Rand to leave, but not before giving him some shoes.[15][16]
  • Attack on Danny Rand: When Danny Rand leaves, he is attacked by Ward Meachum's men. He manages to escape, as Colleen Wing watches the incident, then tries to help him. Wing is surprised by Rand's genuine martial arts skills. Rand arrives at the Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown, and defeats all of the men, finding out from one that it was Ward Meachum who sent them.[15][16]
  • Ward Meachum is informed that his men failed.[15][16]
  • Big Al dies from an overdose.[15][16]
  • Ward is called by his father, Harold Meachum, secretly alive thanks to the Hand's resurrection ritual, who tells Ward that he wants to meet with him. Ward arrives at his father's penthouse, where Harold reveals that he knows about the "Danny Rand" situation.[15][16]
Meachum-Ward Ep1

Harold is confronted by Ward

  • Harold and Ward agree that if "Danny" is who he says he is, it cannot be revealed to the public, and Harold tells his son that they need to investigate the young man further.[15][16]
  • Rand goes to the park looking for Big Al, only to discover his dead body. He says a sad farewell to the man who had been kind to him.[15][16]



Rand in the hospital


  • Colleen Wing orders her students to try to surprise with a fake attack, so as to test their progress in training.[15][23][24]
  • Simon visits Danny Rand pretending to be a doctor. However, in a sudden impulsive move, he tries to kill Rand with a fork, only to be stopped by the workers at the hospital. One of them sedates Rand.[15][23][24]
  • At Rand Enterprises, Joy Meachum feels bad about drugging the supposed Danny Rand, and presents her concern to her older brother, Ward Meachum. Ward assures her that the man is not Danny Rand.[15][25][23][24]
  • Danny Rand has a conversation with Dr. Paul Edmonds, who does not believe him when he claims his identity. Edmonds suggests Rand should be "honest", and so Rand tells him about the day of the accident and what happened afterwards, trying to convince the doctor of the truth, but Edmonds still does not believe him.[15][23][24]
Colleen vs Thug

Wing defeats her students

  • Colleen Wing's students make the attempted surprise attack on their teacher, but she defeats them. She expresses her disappointment at their attempt.[15][23][24]
  • Simon is ordered to be Danny Rand's tour guide. During the tour, Simons tells him about the hospital's purpose and its residents. Rand defends Simon when he is threatened by another patient called Dink, but the confrontation causes Rand to be taken and tied up again. However, Simon later visits and unties him.[15][23][24]
  • Rand calls Wing and asks her for help, explaining that the Meachums are the main reason for why he is at the hospital. However, as she wants to stay out of trouble, Wing refuses to help him.[15][26][23][24]
  • Ward Meachum visits Harold Meachum, who reveals, to Ward's surprise, that he has cameras hooked up in the mental hospital. Harold then orders him to talk to Wing and force her to corroborate Rand's alleged mental condition.[15][23][24]


  • Danny Rand meditates in his ward at the hospital. Dr. Paul Edmonds has another talk with him, when Rand finally reveals to him that he stole a passport with the name "John Anderson" in order to return to the country, but that it is not his real name.[15][23][24]
Ward Visits Wing

Ward talks to Wing

  • Following his father's orders, Ward Meachum visits Colleen Wing and asks her to sign to say that "Rand" is threatening her. He offers a lot of money, before leaving.[15][23][24]
  • The pins are removed from Strange's hands, but he is highly disappointed to find his hand is still not working well. He snaps bitterly at the doctor.[14][10]
  • Edmonds meets with Rand again in his office. They talk about a 2001 commercial that the Rands and Meachums had filmed, and Rand describes the day it was filmed, and what the families had gone on to do later in the day, in a further attempt to prove he is who he says he is, explaining that they went to the circus afterwards. When Edmonds reveals that he still thinks Rand's real name is "John Anderson", Rand gets angry at the doctor, and is sedated again.[15][23][24]
  • As he watches the situation, Harold Meachum is intimidatory towards his assistant, Kyle. He informs Kyle that he is leaving tonight.[15][23][24]
Paul Edmonds-Joytalk

Paul Edmonds starts to investigate Rand's past

  • Paul Edmonds contacts Joy Meachum, so as to check the circus story with her. Her recount matches perfectly with Rand's, causing Edmonds to reconsider the possibility that his patient is telling the truth about who he is.[15][23][24]
  • Harold Meachum visits Danny Rand in his ward as he lies in bed. Because Rand is drugged, he does not realize that Meachum is still alive, believing him to only be a hallucination. Intrigued by the things Rand tells him, Meachum leaves, assuring Rand that he will take care of his predicament and urging him to go back to sleep.[15][27][23][24]


  • Cat Tongue by The Flytraps is released.[28][29]
  • Joy Meachum, who has started to truly believe Rand is who he claims to be, sends M&M's to him at Birch Psychiatric Hospital so as to see if he remembers the time when they were kids, and he used to separate the brown M&M's from the rest, as final proof of his identity.[15][23][24]
Colleen Wing 102

Wing visits Rand

  • Rand receives the M&M's and recognizes the significance, starting to picking out the brown ones. He is soon visited by Colleen Wing. She reveals that Ward Meachum gave her a check of $50,000 if she signs a contract claiming he was threatening her, but reassures him that she will not sign. Rand then asks her to return the M&M's to Joy Meachum.[15][23][24]
  • Joy Meachum notices the missing brown M&M's and realizes it is, undeniably, her old friend Danny Rand. As Wing discovers from her that Rand was telling the truth, she asks Joy to tell Ward that she is refusing to sign his papers.[15][23][24]
  • When Joy Meachum confirms to her brother that it is Danny Rand, Ward still refuses to accept it.[15][23][24]
  • Paul Edmonds visits Danny Rand and after he answers a few more personal questions, Edmonds finally accepts the truth, and tells him he believes him. However, he does not believe his further stories of the city of K'un-Lun. He tells Rand that the city is only an idea that his mind created so that he would not feel so lonely through the 15 years he was missing. Rand tries to convince him the he can channel the Chi in his hand and summon the power of the "Iron Fist", but he cannot do it until his system is drug-free. Edmonds diagnoses him with an anxiety disorder caused by trauma.[15][30][23][24]
  • Harold Meachum calls Ward during a meeting and tells him he has decided to move Rand to a safe place that night, since he believes he can be useful. Instead, Ward orders his men, posed as patients, to kill Rand.[15][23][24]
IF punch

Rand breaks out of Birch Psychiatric Hospital


Harold Meachum confronts Ward

  • When Ward asks why his father wanted to buy it, Harold answers that it does not matter and orders him to have Joy closing the deal.[15][32][23][33]


  • The following morning, Danny Rand offers Colleen Wing to pay her the rent by Friday. She reluctantly agrees.[15][34][33]
  • Ward Meachum convinces Joy to help him in the purchase of the pier.[33]
  • Rand waits for Joy Meachum outside of her house, greeting her with flowers as a part of a buddhist tradition meant to remind her of their bond.[15][33]
  • They talk briefly about the death of her father, and what happened to him while he disappeared. Going inside, Meachum offers him $100,000,000 if he changes his identity and leaves New York City, claiming that she has to protect Rand Enterprises as a part of the legacy her father left behind. Rand feels betrayed, and abruptly leaves.[15][33]
  • Rand visits his family's graves, and realizes that someone has been taking care of the headstones. He sets out to discover who it is, and finds out that it is Jeri Hogarth.[15][33]
  • Rand finds Hogarth and approaches her, proving his real identity by recounting personal facts about her internship in the legal department at Rand Enterprises. Hogarth promises to help him reclaim his identity in exchange for a permanent contract between her firm and Rand Enterprises.[15][33]
  • Madame Gao visits Harold Meachum and makes him kneel down on shattered glass on his floor, reminding him of his loyalty and obedience to the Hand.[15][33]
Iron Fist

Rand teaches to Wing's students

  • Danny Rand goes to Chikara Dojo and tries to give a lesson to Colleen Wing's students demanding respect from them. However, he attacks a student he deems impolite, provoking Wing to expel Rand from the building. Rand then goes on to an apartment owned by Jeri Hogarth.[15][33]
  • Meanwhile, Joy Meachum successfully closes the deal with Patel by telling him that she managed to deliver comatose hospital patient Kevin Kennedy's kidney to Patel's nephew, Terrence, so he can get better. In return, Patel agrees to sell the pier.[15][33]


  • Ward Meachum reveals to Joy that he is considering leaving Rand Enterprises, but congratulates her for the results she achieved the night before.[15][35][36][33]
  • Destruction of Danny Rand's Files:
    • Danny Rand gets new clothes from Hogarth, then goes to Metro-General Hospital so as to obtain a way to prove his identity legally, requesting an X-ray he had in July 2001 when he broke his arm skateboarding.[15][36][33]
    • DRand-KnifeAttack

      Rand fights the man attempting to burn evidence that could prove his honesty

      While he is distracted, Kevin Singleton manages to attack him, then proceeds to start dousing the room with petrol. Barely keeping himself conscious, Rand summons the "Iron Fist" and fights back. The man still manages to light the room on fire, and Rand escapes, but the files are destroyed.[15][36][33]
  • Furious, Rand confronts Joy and Ward Meachum at a restaurant. He voices his disbelief at Ward for hiring the man who attacked him, and then threatens them, causing Ward to try to fight him. After a brief scuffle, Joy breaks the fight apart. Before leaving, Rand tells them that they cannot deny his birthright.[15][36][33]
  • Talking with Ward, Joy Meachum mentions that Rand had said Harold visited him while he was in the hospital, which, unbeknownst to her, concerns her brother, wondering what his father has been doing, knowing him to really be alive.[15][36][33]
  • Joy Meachum returns home and notices a bowl Rand had once made her, with his fingerprints on it. She gives it to Jeri Hogarth in secret, believing it to be the right thing to do.[15][36][33]
  • Colleen Wing's Cage Fights: In need of earning more money, Colleen Wing goes to an illegal fight club, where she manages to defeat two of the best fighters under the nickname the "Daughter of the Dragon". Unbeknownst to her, she is filmed during the fight, and the video is later uploaded to the Internet.[15][36][33]


Danny Hogarth

Rand and Jeri Hogarth put their case forward

  • Danny Rand and Jeri Hogarth meet with the Meachums and the Rand Enterprises board.[15][1]
  • The pair manage to prove their case by presenting the clay bowl that Rand once made, with a fingerprint on the bowl that has an exact same match. Now with undeniable proof of Rand's identity, there is nothing else to discuss. Ward Meachum then threatens to bury them with lots of demands in order to delay his activity in the business for ten years, but Hogarth simply replies that they will see the company in court if they do, and the meeting disbands.[15][37][33]
  • Curious, Danny Rand follows Ward Meachum to Harold Meachum's Penthouse, without knowing Harold is still alive and living there. Rand goes out of a window and starts climbing the wall to the next floor. As he is about to enter through another window, he is pushed out by Ward.[33] He falls down and loses conscious when he hit his head.[15][1]



Harold Meachum reveals that he is still alive

  • Danny Rand wakes up in the penthouse where Ward Meachum reveals that he was the one who pushed him off the window ledge. Before Rand can get angry, Harold Meachum walks in, revealing himself to be alive, to Rand's surprise. Harold tells Rand that his cancer was secretly cured by the Hand, who demanded his loyalty in return, and only allowed him to reveal the truth to Ward. Harold asks Rand to destroy the Hand in order to free him, which Rand accepts, as it is his main duty of being the "Iron Fist".[38][1]
  • Ward Meachum warns Rand to be careful - not from the Hand, but from Harold.[15][1]
  • Colleen Wing discovers that the video of her cage fight has gone online as her students watch it before class.[1] She has the beginning of her class filmed for footage for her promotional video.[15][20]
    Danny Meachums

    Rand officially announces his return

  • Danny Rand gives a press statement along with Ward and Joy Meachum. He tells the journalists about how his journey has been long to return home to Rand Enterprises. He continues by saying that his father instilled him a love and respect for the company that has never faded, and talks about the accident that led to the death of his parents, how he was the only survivor, and was rescued and raised by monks. He ends his speech by saying that his experience has taught him the value of life and hard work, and that Rand Enterprises matters. When he starts to reveal too much, Ward is forced to take him away.[15][1]
  • Rand is given his father's office to work in. He talks briefly with Jeri Hogarth about his new responsibilities at Rand Enterprises, and she tells Rand he has the strongest voice in the board due to his 51% share of the company.[15][1]
  • Danny Rand attends a meeting about leishmaniasis, where he discovers the company is selling the medicinal drugs at a very high price. He makes sure to get the company to distribute the drug at cost to reach more people in need of it, despite the disapproval of the board, including Joy and Ward Meachum.[15][39][1]
Learn Kenjutsu - The Wing Way!

Learn Kenjutsu - The Wing Way!

Wing's future promotional video for her dojo

  • Colleen Wing trains in her dojo.[1] She films herself to use the footage for her promotional video for her classes.[15][20]
  • The New York Bulletin publishes an article on its website titled "Danny Rand Gives a Press Conference at Rand Enterprises This Morning".[15][1]
  • Harold Meachum calls Ward to congratulate him on how he handled Rand's public return.[15][40][1]
  • Ward Meachum orders Megan to contact the journalist Jennifer Many and tell her to come to see him that night because he has decided to answer any questions she wishes.[15][1]
  • Danny Rand and Joy Meachum have a heartfelt conversation in which Meachum reveals she gave the bowl that had proof of his identity to Hogarth because she was not proud of who she was becoming. Rand says her father would have been proud of her, and that she has nothing to regret.[15][41][1]
  • Colleen Wing returns to the fight club and partakes in a second cage fight, which she wins again.[15][1]
  • Attack on Joy Meachum:
    • As Rand asks Joy Meachum why the company bought Red Hook Pier, in an attempt to learn the Hand's intentions as Harold asked him to, a clan suddenly breaks into penthouse and kidnaps Joy.[15][1]
    • Danny Hallway Fight

      Rand fighting the Yangsi Gonshi crew

      Rand uses his abilities to fight and defeat the clan in the hallway to the penthouse, rescuing Meachum. They both go to Chikara Dojo.[15][1]
  • Meanwhile, Ward Meachum talks to Jennifer Many and reveals to her how Rand forced the company to sell the medication for leishmaniasis at cost, causing major financial problems. Many thanks him for the interview and then calls Mitchell Ellison, telling him to give her the front page for the following day, rather than Karen Page.[15][42][1]
  • Danny Rand leaves Joy Meachum under the protection of Colleen Wing and goes to confront the leader of the clan, which Wing reveals to be the "Yangsi Gonshi".[15][43][1]
  • Rand confronts the leader of the Yang Clan, Hai-Qing Yang, who reveals that they hold a grudge against Joy Meachum for stealing the pier from their group. However, he changes his mind and takes Rand's side after he reveals that the Hand was behind the purchase.[15][1]
Meechum GAO

Gao visits Harold Meachum

  • Madame Gao visits Harold Meachum and congratulates him for securing the pier for her clan. As a reward, she allows Harold to see Joy briefly, for the first time since he died, over 12 years prior. When he sees she has been wounded, Meachum asks Gao to allow him to kill the man who injured her.[15][1]
  • Harold Meachum and a group of Hand ninjas visit and kill the member of the Yang Clan who hit Joy.[15][1]


  • In K'un-Lun, Davos visits his mother, Priya's room. Standing outside of her door, he tells her he is leaving K'un-Lun to bring Danny Rand back. He tells her he understands why she pushed him hard in life, and that he hopes they might be able to say things to each other from their hearts, as he may never return. Priya starts to become emotional, still loving her son despite his failure, and considers responding, but Davos gives up and leaves, stating that he will make her proud, and maybe then she will talk to him.[44]
  • Jennifer Many's article is published by the New York Bulletin, titled "Daniel Rand, Corporate Hero".[15][1]
  • Ward Meachum reads Many's article about Rand's decision.[15][45][1]
The Steel Serpent

The Steel Serpent symbol from the Hand's drug

IF Screenshot 3

Rand showing Ward Meachum the new heroin

  • Danny Rand talks to Ward Meachum about Steel Serpent drugs seemingly being shipped to the newly acquired Red Hook Pier, but Meachum dismisses the situation.[15][47][46]
  • Rand gets more information from Megan about his company's activities, and decides to investigate by himself.[15][46]
  • Joy has a conversation with Ward where she questions if they are making the right ethical decisions.[15][46]
  • Regina Fitzgerald approaches Danny Rand as he leaves the building. After listening to her, Rand promises to make the Staten Island situation better, while Fitzgerald's lawyer films the conversation without Rand's knowledge.[15][46]
  • Colleen Wing and Claire Temple train together, but they are interrupted by Danny Rand, who wanted to talk to Wing and has brought takeout food to the dojo.[15][48][46]
  • Fitzgerald sends the video to Ward Meachum, threatening to release the video by the end of the day. Ward and Joy Meachum watch Fitzgerald's video and decide to discuss it with the board. Soon, Harold sends Ward a message telling him to do what Joy says, causing Ward to become angry, realizing his father has cameras on him.[15][46]
Wing, Claire and Rand dine together

Rand eating with Wing and Temple before Temple departs

  • Rand, Wing, and Temple talk as they eat, and Temple asks about Rand's life in the monastery. Rand speaks about his friend Davos, his training, and his vows.When she asks why he waited so long to return, Rand explains he had to wait 15 years until the passage to the Earth Plane opened again.[15][46]
  • Temple eventually departs, leaving Rand and Wing alone. Wing asks Rand why he had come to visit, and he explains that criminals are using his company to ship drugs into the city. Rand tells her that his plan is to prove to Ward Meachum that it is genuinely happening, so that Meachum will be forced to help him shut it down, and explains that he could find evidence with the shipment coming in that night, and asking for Wing's assistance, much to her disbelief. He convinces her, however, after telling her that he bought the dojo's building so she does not have to worry about rent anymore.[15][46]
  • In a board meeting about the video of Rand apologizing, Ward convinces the shareholders to continue to deny the accusations about Staten Island, instead of accepting responsibility like Rand.[15][46]
  • Thembi Wallace reports on WJBP-TV about Danny Rand's latest activities, as Ward Meachum watches.[15][46]

Rand fights King, a member of the Hand


  • Defenders NYB Promo 3

    Rand Rises

    The New York Bulletin publishes the article "Rand Rises" about Danny Rand's publicly well-received decision to distribute a leishmaniasis cure at cost.[15][52]
  • Madame Gao prepares to assemble the Da Jue Zhan of Danny Rand, an event hosted by the Hand, setting their best warriors against a single opponent. The Hand then allows the opponent to pose demands if they win the tournament.[15][53]
  • In order to please his sister, Ward Meachum throws away all of his drugs. He informs Joy that Wayne Olsen is coming for a meeting later that day.[15][54][53]
  • Ward tells Danny Rand he has to attend the meeting with Olsen. However, he tells him that he needs to check up to six warehouses in order to track down Radovan Bernivig's daughter, Sabina.[15][53]
  • Claire Temple continues to tend to Radovan Bernivig, who does not want to be taken to hospital.[15][53]
  • At the fourth warehouse, Rand finds King's severed head, realizing it is an invitation to a da jue zhan, challenging Rand to combat. He tells Ward Meachum that he cannot attend the meeting, despite his demands.[15][53]
  • Rand tells Temple and Wing about the challenge, and how he has practiced for this sort of thing.[15][53]
  • He reveals to Temple that he is the Iron Fist, but she replies asking what that means.[15][53]
  • The meeting with Wayne Olsen goes ahead without Rand.[15][53]
  • Da Jue Zhan:
    • Iron Fist Empire Promo

      Iron Fist fights the Veznikov brothers

      Danny Rand arrives for the challenge. Rand demands the Hand free Sabina Bernivig and leave his company if he wins, which Gao accepts in exchange for Rand leaving the Hand alone if he loses, which he accepts in return. The first round has Rand facing Andrei and Grigori Veznikov, which Rand wins.[15][53]
    • He enters the second round, having to face Bride of Nine Spiders, who attempts to seduce him, managing to inject him with Singing Spider venom. However, he manages to defeat her.[15][53]
  • Meanwhile, Ward Meachum shows withdrawal symptoms in the meeting with Olsen, forcing him to leave to search for more drugs.[15][53]
  • Kidnapping of Radovan Bernivig: At the same time, Radovan Bernivig's condition becomes critical, forcing Temple and Wing to take him to Metro-General Hospital, where the Hand abducts him.[15][55][53]
  • The da jue zhan continues.[15][53]
Danny Rand Martial Arts

Rand fighting Scythe

  • Rand faces Scythe in the third round. He wins all three rounds with the spiritual help of his mentor from K'un-Lun, Lei Kung, who then tells Rand to kill Scythe. However, when Gao threatens to kill Sabina Bernivig if Rand kills Scythe, he decides to spare him, going against Lei Kung's orders and his supposed purpose. Gao frees Sabina, revealing to Rand that she has been to K'un-Lun before, and knew his father.[15][53]
  • Joy Meachum stops Ward from causing trouble at an infirmary while he is trying to obtain more drugs.[15][53]
  • When Rand tries to fight Gao, she easily overpowers him, and he allows her and Scythe to leave. He leaves with Sabina Bernivig, having successfully rescued her.[15][53]
  • Attack on Harold Meachum:
    • Two members of the Hand, named Alexi and Vando, arrive at Harold Meachum's penthouse to interrogate him. However, when Rand arrives, they discover his alliance with the Iron Fist, their enemy, and start a fight. Rand helps Meachum to fight back.[15][56][57]
    • Harold-kills-18+107

      Harold Meachum kills both members of the Hand

      With the men defeated, Meachum decides to kill them both. He cuts off his finger in case the Hand arrives, so as to make it seem like the men performed their orders in threatening him.[15][57]
  • Joy Meachum worries about Ward after his last incident. He manages to leave to see Harold, who has called him.[15][58][57]
  • Colleen Wing tends to Danny Rand's injuries. They drink together, and he tells more of his story from K'un-Lun and his duty to defeat the Hand as the Iron Fist. They end up sleeping together.[15][57]
  • Ward Meachum visits his father in the middle of the night as he had ordered. Harold tells Ward that he wants him to dump the men's bodies in Pelham Bay Park.[15][57]


  • Rand and Wing wake after sleeping together.[15][57]
  • Joy Meachum gives Rand an apologetic statement to use regarding the Staten Island plant in a meeting later that day.[15][57]
  • Madame Gao arrives, visiting Rand, and mentions that she has met other Iron Fists.[15][59][57]
Felling Tree with Roots

Rand prepares to follow Gao

  • When she leaves, Danny Rand follows Gao in the elevator to a 13th floor of the building which he was not aware of.[15][57]
  • Joy Meachum apologizes to Ward for snapping at him the night before.[15][60][57]
  • Rand Enterprises employee Sophia tells Gao that the Dogs of Hell will help distribute the Steel Serpent drug, as Rand watches.[15][57]
  • When Gao has left, Rand interrogates Sophia, wanting her password. She refuses to give him information, scared that Gao might kill her, but Rand tells her that she can instead go on the run and never come back.[15][57]
  • Stephen Strange asks for an operation to potentially accelerate his recovery.[14][10]
  • Colleen Wing's old sensei, Bakuto, returns to Chikara Dojo to reunite with his student.[15][57]

Karen Page's breaking news about Rand Enterprises

  • Karen Page, having corresponded with Rand about how he plans to act over the Staten Island Rand Enterprises situation, publishes the article "BREAKING NEWS: Rand Shutters Staten Island Plant, Keeps Workers on Payroll" on the New York Bulletin website.[15][57]
  • Rand changes his clothes and attends the meeting intended for his apology over his reckless actions with the Staten Island plant and Regina Fitzgerald. Instead of reading his statement, he reveals that he has given information to Karen Page at the New York Bulletin and had her report that he is shutting down the plant while keeping the employees on the payroll, just as the board is notified of the article being posted.[15][61][62][57]
  • Rand then visits Harold Meachum, and they discuss the list of shipments that they have found of the Hand's distribution of Steel Serpent, done through Rand Enterprises.[15][63][57]
  • Colleen Wing says goodbye to Darryl, who is leaving her classes for a scholarship.[15][57]
Ward No More Money

Ward Meachum tries to make a transaction

  • When Ward Meachum attempts to make a transaction, he is informed that his card has been declined. He becomes angry, realizing Harold has taken his money from his account.[15][57]
  • Dinah Madani prints a map for her investigation into the Assassination of Ahmad Zubair.[7]
  • Danny Rand goes back to the Golden Sands restaurant to visit the Yangsi Gonshi and warn them of Madame Gao's plans.[15][64][57]
  • Karen Page writes a full article for the New York Bulletin about Danny Rand's decision with the Staten Island plant, titled "Rand Chooses Right".[15][65]
  • Elsewhere, Davos sees this article and uses it to track down his missing friend to New York.[15][65]
  • Lawrence Wilkins visits Joy Meachum and informs her that the board held an emergency meeting and have decided that she, her brother Ward, and her friend Danny Rand should be ousted from Rand Enterprises.[15][57]
  • Attack on the Hand's Brooklyn Warehouse:
    • HaiQingYang-ElevatorFight

      The Yangsi Gonshi help the Iron Fist

      The Yangsi Gonshi help Rand attack the members of the Hand who are holding Radovan Bernivig captive. Despite being successful in the fight, their rescue attempt fails as Bernivig dies before they can free him.[15][57]
    • As he dies, he is comforted by the information that his daughter, Sabina, is safe, and he mentions Anzhou, which Rand remembers is the place in China to which his plane was flying when it crashed.[15][57]
  • Assassination of Harold Meachum:
    • Ward Meachum confronts his father about his bank account. Harold tells him he knew about Ward making embezzlements, and continues to anger his son to the point where Ward ends up taking a knife to Harold. When Harold does not relent, Ward finally cracks under the pressures he has felt from his father and stabs him repeatedly, killing him again.[15][57]
    • Ward Meachum dumps Harold's body alongside the bodies of the Hand men in Pelham Bay Park.[15][57]
  • Claire Temple reads a letter, sent from Luke Cage in prison.[15][66]
  • Rand visits Harold Meachum's Penthouse, and finds signs left behind suggesting that he has likely been killed.[15][66]
  • Claire's letter

    Cage's letter to Temple

    Temple keeps reading Cage's letter, but she is interrupted by Rand who wants to warn her of the danger they are in, telling her to leave in order to keep her safe. Colleen Wing arrives and helps her get away.[15][66]
  • When Rand arrives, Ward Meachum pretends to only just be discovering his father's death. Meachum tells him that it is all Rand's fault for returning and ruining the Meachums' lives. Meachum then prepares cleaning products to clean up the evidence of his murder.[15][66]
  • Rand, Wing, and Temple reunite. Rand deduces that his father was going to Anzhou to shut down Gao's operations in 2001, but was targeted by her during the flight, causing the crash. The trio decide to go to Anzhou themselves.[15][66]
  • The three board a private jet and head to China.[15][66]


Accepting the deal

The Meachums discuss accepting the deal

  • During the meeting, Ward notices he still has blood on his sleeve from the night before. After Wilkins leaves, the siblings discuss accepting the deal, and the conversation turns to reminiscing on their last summer with their father 13 years prior, spent in the Hamptons.[15][66]
  • During the flight to China, as they pass over a mountain range, Temple talks to Danny Rand about Colleen Wing. The trio end up arguing about whether they should kill Madame Gao. Rand has an anxiety attack from flying over mountains, which the others help him get through, and they talk about Rand's plane crash and his life in K'un-Lun.[15][66]
  • Arriving in China, the trio travel on to Anzhou, then make plans to infiltrate Gao's facility.[15][69][66]
  • Joy Meachum rejects the board's severance offer on behalf of both her and her brother.[15][70][66]
  • Ward Meachum visits Lawrence Wilkins, telling him he is ready to take the offer. However, to Ward's surprise, Wilkins informs him that Joy already rejected the offer less than an hour before.[15][66]


  • Wing briefly opens up to Rand about her mother dying, and tells him she is glad to have met him.[15][69][66]
The Blessing of Many Fractures

The trio watch Gao's facility

Ward and Joy IF108

Ward Meachum lies to his sister

  • On arrival, he hallucinates his father's blood dripping from the elevator and begins to get manic. Changing his mind, he lies to Joy again and leaves in a hurry.[15][69][66]
  • Madame Gao arrives and her men engage the trio, who manage to defeat them. After seeing the effects of their poisoned weapons, identical to the symptoms on the dead pilots from his family's journey to China 15 years ago, Rand realises that Gao must be directly responsible, having set up the poisoning. He prepares to attack Gao, but chooses to spare her life, taking her captive.[15][72][69][66]
  • The New York Bulletin publishes the article "Star Siblings Surrender Rand" about Joy and Ward Meachum being removed from Rand Enterprises.[52]
  • Late at night, the trio arrive back in New York City.[15][69][73]


  • Harold Meachum wakes from death, realizing that the resurrection elixir from the Hand has allowed him to return to life again.[15][73]
  • Rand takes Gao to Chikara Dojo, where Temple suggests using truth serum to make Gao talk to them.[15][73]

Rand is found by Joy Meachum, who is worried about the recent events

  • As Rand goes to steal the serum from Rand Enterprises, he runs into Joy Meachum. She mentions that Ward has not been answering her calls, and tells him about the ousting from the company, to his surprise. Meachum then asks him if he knows about the Art Deco building, which he denies, but she does not believe him.[15][73]
  • Danny Rand then steals the truth serum to use on Gao.[15][73]
  • Harold Meachum proceeds to walk back to his home. He walks among children playing in water, bemusing onlookers, and goes to a hotdog stand, confusedly putting his hand into the boiling water, burning it.[15][73]
  • Gao tries to upset Claire Temple, attempting to affect her and get into her mind. However, she is interrupted when Colleen Wing takes over watching her. Gao in turn attempts to get to Wing, insisting she knew her grandfather. However, Wing soon falls sick from the poisoned cut she received in Anzhou.[15][73]
  • Harold Meachum returns to Rand, bumping into Davos on the way, who has come to New York to find Rand. Meachum enters the Rand Enterprises Building, remembering the keycode as Ward's birthday. He discovers that Ward's office is now Frank Robbins', since his children's ousting.[15][73]
  • Later, Meachum reunites with Kyle, who tells him that he was worried about him after his disappearance.[15][73]

Davos being threatened by a food truck owner

  • Davos takes out a man in a fight, and searches his bag for evidence to find Rand. He finds a Forbes magazine issue about his friend, also including an article about Stark Industries.[15][73]
  • Ward Meachum returns and is shocked to find his father, resurrected for the second time. Harold begs his forgiveness for being a bad parent.[15][73]
  • Colleen Wing lies in bed as her sickness from Gao's poison increases. Claire Temple administers the truth serum, and Gao reveals she knew Heather Rand, Danny's mother, but then laughs that the serum would never have worked on her, as she is used to far worse from tortures throughout the 17th century. Wing reveals her illness from Gao's poison and asks Rand to call her sensei, Bakuto.[15][73]
  • Davos notices Gao's men as they head towards Chikara Dojo, discussing "Danny Rand".[15][73]
  • Ward Meachum tells Harold not to get Joy involved, as he does not want her to be hurt.[15][73]
Rand prepares fist

Rand fights Gao's men

  • Siege of the Chikara Dojo: Gao's men surround the dojo, so that the trio inside cannot leave to get an antidote to save Colleen Wing, and will only receive one in return for releasing Gao. Some enter the dojo, but are taken down by Temple and Rand.[15][73]
  • Meanwhile, Ward Meachum meets with the Yang Clan leader about how to kill Harold permanently. Ward learns from him that those revived by the Hand become more psychopathic after each revival, slowly losing their sense of self, and attack those closest to them first.[15][73]
  • Harold Meachum places heroin in Ward's car so as to get him arrested.[15][73]
  • Harold Meachum dines with Kyle, trying to be kind. However, when Kyle says he only wants something simple, in his mania from only just returning to life, Meachum loses control at his supposed ungratefulness and accidentally kills his assistant.[15][73]
  • Ward Meachum is stopped by police for drug possession after the heroin is found in his car.[15][73]
  • Meachum is taken to Birch Psychiatric Hospital, where he realizes his father has put him in a trap, as he cannot escape his predicament without being seen as crazy for insisting his father is alive.[15][73]

Meachum is finally reunited with his daughter

  • Joy Meachum goes to the Art Deco building to find out what is going on for herself, where Harold watches her from security footage and controls the doors to lead her to him. She enters the basement and is shocked, but delighted to discover her father, alive after so many years presumed dead.[15][73]
  • Bakuto arrives and takes down Gao's men to make his way into the dojo. He then enters the building and meets the Iron Fist, teaching Rand to open his powered fist and use his Chi to save Wing, burning the poison out of her system.[15][73]
  • Rand collapses, and Bakuto and Wing then lave take him by car to Bakuto's school to recover and learn further, leaving Claire Temple behind, and with Davos watching on, having found his friend.[15][73]


IF Screenshot 2

Rand and Wing at the Hand Compound

  • Wing gives Rand a tour of the compound. He speaks with Bakuto about his chi and being the Iron Fist. Bakuto teaches him how to recharge his Chi, and Rand asks about Gao, with Bakuto answering that she has been taken out of commission, promising that he would have her arrested by the police soon enough. They discuss Rand's actions over Rand Enterprises' drugs trade, and Bakuto shares his belief that companies like Rand's are running the world, telling him that he could turn it around.[15][74]
  • Bakuto shows Rand a video of a previous Iron Fist in 1948. When Rand asks why he is so interested in the Iron Fist, Bakuto replies that he had become obsessed ever since being given that film, promising to help increase Rand's own power so they could then work together to protect the world from people like Gao.[15][74]
  • Rand calls Joy Meachum, who passes the phone over to Harold, which surprises him, not only believing him to have been killed, but shocked that Joy is aware of the truth about her father. Rand mentions that Madame Gao has been taken care of, causing Harold to celebrate.[15][74]
  • Unbeknownst to him, Bakuto is informed of the call. Colleen Wing arrives, and they contemplate whether it is the right time to reveal to Danny Rand that they work for another faction of the Hand, with Bakuto deciding he is not yet ready.[15][74]
Darryl Friends 110

Darryl's friends talk to Rand

  • Danny Rand bumps into Darryl, who has settled in after four days at the compound. Suspicious of Gao's whereabouts, Rand questions him about the off-limits areas, and Darryl points them out.[15][74]
  • Rand goes to the off-limits section, where he eventually manages to find where Madame Gao is being held.[15][73]
  • He approaches Gao's cell, and through a video communication outside of her cell, he is able to talk with her. Rand says that he is glad that she will finally get what she deserves, but Gao mocks him and starts to make him question if she really is imprisoned or being punished as he believes.[15][73]
  • Gao warns Rand that the Hand are stealing his ability to trust. Before he could react, Bakuto interrupts, acknowledging that Rand has found what he was looking for. Rand claims he was only looking for some answers, but Bakuto replies that he would not find them there. He sends Rand back to the room in which he is staying, where Wing is waiting.[15][74]

Rand furiously argues with Wing

  • Colleen Wing reveals the truth, that she belongs to Bakuto's faction of the Hand, which she has been taught to believes is much kinder, and that Gao is the leader of only one, evil faction of the Hand. He refuses her explanation, and they argue about her allegiance with Rand's enemy. She questions her feelings for him, claiming that he cannot trust her, wondering if they were all just a part of Bakuto's plans.[15][74]
  • Bakuto visits Harold Meachum and offers him partnership and help in returning to a public life, but Meachum turns him down. Bakuto returns to the compound.[15][74]
  • Rand slips into the Hand Compound surveillance room, and sees them monitoring the Chikara Dojo and Harold Meachum's Penthouse.[15][73]
  • Bakuto catches him and Rand engages him in a fight. Davos arrives at the compound, to Rand's surprise, and begins to help him escape.[15][75][74]
  • Assassination of Lawrence Wilkins: Harold Meachum blackmails Lawrence Wilkins with Joy's file of dirt on him to get back the company. He then suddenly tells Wilkins to kill himself - that his two options are either to die a "tortured hero" or die with a ruined image left behind for his children. When Wilkins refuses to kill himself, Harold shoots him in the head instead.[15][74]
Open Heart

Iron Fist begins to battle all of Bakuto's soldiers

  • Escape from the Hand Compound: Davos reveals that Lei Kung sent him to retrieve Rand and bring him back to K'un-Lun. The duo fight their way out of the Hand Compound, and manage to get away when Wing intervenes, opening the gate to let them out when Rand finds himself incapable of summoning the Fist.[15][74]


  • Joy Meachum manages to convince the board to reinstate her, her brother, and Rand. When she asks Harold about Wilkins' death, he denies any involvement.[15][76][77][74]
  • Colleen Wing walks through Chinatown looking for Rand, as Davos tells Rand they need to return to K'un-Lun.[74] He replies that they will not return to K'un-Lun until the Hand is destroyed.[15][65]
  • Bakuto returns to Chikara Dojo where he confronts Colleen Wing, demanding to know where she had gone. She accuses him of attacking Danny Rand, but he insists that they had merely defended themselves, claiming that Rand's time at K'un-Lun had taught him to hate the Hand unwaveringly.[15][73]

Wing confronts Bakuto

  • Bakuto insists that he only wanted Rand to trust them, but Wing is unconvinced, feeling that Bakuto wanted her to lie to Rand. As she starts to confront Bakuto over his choices, he silences her, ordering her to respect her sensei. Bakuto claims that they have saved a lot of people together by bringing them into the Hand, giving some examples of people who had affected by the Battle of New York. He refuses Wing's idea to keep attempting to bring Rand to their side, and orders her to bring Rand to him when she has found him.[15][65]
  • Davos and Rand go to Temple's apartment, where she extracts the fragment of Bakuto's weapon from Rand's wound, stopping the bleeding, but failing to control the infection due to lack of antibiotics. Rand sends Davos away for a little while so he can tell Temple about Wing being in the Hand.[15][65]
  • Joy Meachum shows Harold that they have a chance to get the company back from the Hand. He tells her that they will make the Hand pay for the years together that the organization took from them; however, his attitude worries her.[15][78][65]
  • Danny Rand meditates as Claire Temple and Davos talk. Davos begins to get angry at Rand for leaving K'un-Lun, but decides to block his emotions, which Temple tells him could be an unhealthy and dangerous approach.[15][65]
  • Wing arrives and tries to reason with Rand. She goes to a hospital where she asks an extern, Becca Yoo, who is also another member of the Hand, for antibiotics. Meanwhile, Rand asks Temple if he can borrow her car, and drives to Harold Meachum's Penthouse.[15][65]
IF111 JoyHaroldRand02

Joy and Harold Meachum talk to Danny Rand

  • Rand and Davos arrive at the penthouse, where Joy Meachum has discovered that Bakuto has been transferring Rand Enterprises' money to his own accounts. Harold formulates a plan to flush out Bakuto and his operatives from the compound by having Joy freeze the accounts, and he decides to kill Bakuto, to Joy's disapproval.[15][65]
  • Kidnapping of Colleen Wing:
    • Yoo reports Wing to Bakuto for betraying him by not saying anything about finding Rand. He sends people to kidnap Wing, which they do so successfully.[15][65]
    • Brought before her old sensei, Wing is told by Bakuto that he no longer believes in her. He explains that he wants to drain her blood for the Hand, and she is taken for the procedure.[15][65]
    • Kidnapping of Colleen Wing

      Wing is kidnapped by Bakuto

      Wing headbutts one her captors, Mary, breaking her nose as she steals her knife. Wing breaks free of her restraints and fights to escape, successfully getting away.[15][65]
  • Davos tells Rand that he wanted to be chosen as the Iron Fist, but has tried to be gracious in Rand getting the role instead. Rand explains why he left, telling Davos of how he saw a hawk flying down the mountains and realized the path was open to leave K'un-Lun, but Davos argues that it only meant he should stay, so as to be there to protect the open path. As they talk, they witness Wing escaping. Rand runs to her, and he and Wing take a moment to reconcile in the rain. Davos looks on, concerned at Rand's willingness to forgive someone from the Hand.[15][65]
  • Ward Meachum wakes in Birch Psychiatric Hospital and has a hallucination of his father tormenting him. He screams his sister's name, attracting the attention of a nurse at the compound, whom he asks to let him go; she refuses.[15][79]
  • Bakuto visits Ward

    Ward Meachum is visited by Bakuto

    Not long after, Meachum is visited by Bakuto. Bakuto gives him a drug that will counter the effects of Madame Gao's drug, and confesses that he is with the Hand, but he is not related to Madame Gao's faction. He assures Meachum that he only wants to help him kill his father, permanently, but in exchange he wants a small portion of Rand Enterprises, just like Harold gave Madame Gao. Bakuto gives Meachum the cure for his withdrawal symptoms and assures him that he can sell it to help all the people who were affected. Meachum reluctantly accepts Bakuto's conditions, however, Bakuto tells him that he needs his help to capture the Iron Fist before he can help him and his sister.[15][79]
  • Danny Rand and Colleen Wing go to the Chikara Dojo, but are stopped by Davos, who claims that Wing cannot be trusted because she is a member of the Hand. Wing says she is not with the Hand anymore, but she will not help them to kill everyone in their compound, as she has students there who are innocent, simply not knowing any better, and the discussion ends as Wing punches Davos in the face. Rand calms them both down so they can work together.[15][79]
Joy and Harold

Joy and Harold Meachum analyze the Hand's data

  • Very late into the night, at Harold Meachum's Penthouse, Joy and Harold Meachum analyze the Hand's file on drug transport as they proceed to close off the accounts fuelling the Hand. They talk about how Joy used to stay with him during his chemotherapy treatments, and plan to go on a trip together after everything is over. They are interrupted by Ward, who claims to want to talk with Joy alone. He tries to leave with her, but she refuses, saying that her father needs them. Ward warns Joy that since their father was resurrected, he seems like he lost part of his soul, and may even hurt her.[15][79]


  • Ambush at Harold Meachum's Penthouse:
    • When Ward Meachum finally convinces Joy to talk outside, Harold stops them. He orders his men to take down Ward, but Ward manages to defend himself by taking a gun from one of them, proceeding to threaten to use the gun if Joy does not come with him.[15][79]
    • Bakuto-Ward-12

      Bakuto defeats Ward Meachum

      Joy accepts, worried for her father's safety.[15][79]
    • As they are about to leave the building, Bakuto and his men arrive. Ward Meachum tells them that he needs more time. When Joy asks what is happening, Harold says that Ward is working now with the Hand. Ward tries to explain himself to Joy, claiming that Harold is a monster. He tells Bakuto that he is ruining everything, but Bakuto defeats him quickly, and his members of the Hand kill Harold's bodyguards.[15][79]
    • Bakuto orders Ward Meachum to cancel the transference of his money, then reveals to Harold that Ward wants him dead.[15][79]
    • Ward cancels the transference and asks if he can leave with Joy, but Bakuto denies his request and orders him to sit alongside his family. He reveals that Harold can be killed permanently if he is beheaded, and asks Ward for his phone so he can call Danny Rand.[15][79]
    • At the Chikara Dojo, Danny Rand tends to Colleen Wing's wounds as Davos watches. Rand receives a video call from Bakuto, in which he tells Rand that he has thirty minutes to show up, or he will kill Harold Meachum. He shoots Joy as incentive to arrive fast, so as to get her aid in time to save her.[15][79]
    • Bar the Big Boss - Rand and Bakuto in the elevator

      Bakuto explains his plans for the Iron Fist

      Without Davos' approval, Rand leaves, arriving at the penthouse just in time to stop Bakuto from killing Harold. Rand is handcuffed by the Hand and taken away. In the elevator, Bakuto explains to Rand that he wanted the Iron Fist so he can help him to get rid of the one who wanted to ruin his plans, and tells Danny about someone who wants to collaborate with him.[15][79][80]
  • Duel at Bethesda Terrace:
    • On the reception floor, Rand manages to summon the Iron Fist again, using it to get rid of his cuffs just in time for Wing and Davos to arrive and help fight Bakuto and his men. After a short skirmish, Bakuto runs away, but is chased and stopped by Colleen Wing.[15][79]
    • In Bethesda Terrace, Wing and Bakuto duel each other with their swords. After a lengthy battle, Wing manages to defeat and stab Bakuto, but when she is about to kill him, she changes her mind and decides not to. Instead, Davos does it for her, claiming that it is the duty of the Iron Fist to destroy the Hand, and if Rand will not do it, he will.[15][79]

Rand declaring to be the Iron Fist

  • Rand confronts Davos and tells him that killing Bakuto was the wrong thing to do, but Davos tells him that he did it himself only because Rand could not. When Davos tells him that K'un-Lun would have been better if Chodak and Tashi had never found him, Rand attacks him. A fight ensues between the old friends, ending with Rand's victory. Davos decides to return to K'un-Lun, but not without first claiming that there will be consequences to Rand's actions.[15][79]
  • During the argument, while they are not watching, the Hand takes away Bakuto's body for resurrection. Wing and Rand are surprised when they turn and find him gone.[15][79]
  • As the sun rises, Harold and Ward Meachum take Joy to Metro-General Hospital. Harold reveals to Ward that he has no intentions to share the company with Danny Rand.[15][79]
  • Rand calls Harold Meachum and informs him that Bakuto is dead, and Meachum thanks him and tells him to rest. He then asks Rand where he will be staying, and Rand lets him know he will be in the Chikara Dojo.[15][79]

Rand tenderly kisses Colleen Wing

Ward and Hogarth 13

Ward Meachum talks to Jeri Hogarth

  • Jeri Hogarth decides to stand for Danny Rand, and prepares to build a defense. She asks Ward Meachum if he thinks that Rand is guilty, and he answers no. Before Ward can confess who set the trap for Rand, they are interrupted by Harold, to Hogarth's shock, having believed him to be dead. She claims that faking his death for all those years is fraud on the highest level, but Harold ignores her and asks her to leave so he can talk to Ward alone. Hogarth leaves, and Ward confronts Harold, reminding him that he is in Rand's debt, because he freed Harold from the Hand. Ward realizes that Harold has been using Rand ever since he returned, but Harold grins, saying he has been messing with him for far longer than that.[15][81]
  • Rand and Colleen Wing, who have been on the run all day, discover the reason for the DEA's chase from a New York Bulletin newspaper, and decide to contact Jeri Hogarth.[15][81]
  • Temple is contacted by Rand and Wing, and is sent to look for Hogarth. She approaches Hogarth with a $5 bill, on which "J-Money", Rand's nickname for her, has been written, so that Hogarth realizes it is Rand who is trying to contact her. This convinces her to follow Temple to where Rand and Wing are hiding.[15][81]
  • Hogarth tells the fugitives that she needs proof of their innocence. She shows them the files that the DEA received, and Rand realizes that they are the Hand's drug transport records, tampered by Harold Meachum. He tells Hogarth that there is a tablet with all of the Hand's data, and she says that it would serve to prove his innocence.[15][81]
Gao-reveals the truth

Rand confronts Gao

  • Rand remembers that he gave it to Harold Meachum, so he decides to visit Madame Gao and ask her if there are any backups of the files. On arriving at the Hand Compound, they ask Gao for the files, but she confirms that the data was deleted, and there is no copy of it. Gao tells Rand that she knows his true motive for returning to New York was to avenge his parents' deaths, but he denies this. Gao then reveals that Harold Meachum was the one who caused the airplane crash so as to take control of Rand Enterprises. Rand refuses to believe her, so she tells him the story of how Meachum was diagnosed with cancer and looked for her help, and that they made a deal to bring him back from the dead once he started to transport her drug in China. However, when Wendell Rand almost discovered, Meachum was afraid of him ruining everything, so he had Gao poison the pilots of the plane while they were travelling to Anzhou to investigate. Gao tells Rand that he will gain complete control of the Iron Fist only once he kills Meachum.[15][81]

Rand declaring to kill Harold Meachum

  • Back in the city, Rand confesses to Temple and Wing that he wants to kill Harold Meachum, but they tell him that if he crosses through that door, he may never come back. Wing worries that if he kills Meachum, his Chi may also be corrupted and he will never become the person he is meant to be, and he eventually decides not to kill him, but take him to justice.[15][81]
  • Ward Meachum visits Joy at the hospital and tries to convince her that Harold is not the father they used to love, and that he has done terrible things, and forced Ward to do the same. She still refuses to believe him, so he gives her the newspaper about the drug transportation allegations against Rand, before leaving the room.[15][82][81]
  • Danny Rand calls Ward Meachum and agrees to meet with him. Meachum reveals that the tablet is locked in a safe, but he does not know the combination. Rand reveals to him that Harold was the one who killed his parents, to Ward's surprise.[15][82][81]
Joy Confronts Harold

Joy Meachum confronts her father

  • Joy Meachum arrives at the Rand Enterprises Building and confronts her father about putting Rand in a trap. Harold insists that he did not show her all the drug transport data previously, but that Rand was definitely involved with the Hand. Joy does not believe him and asks for proof, and Harold lies, telling her that he does not have the data anymore because he gave it to the DEA. Not buying this, Joy becomes upset, deciding to leave the building. Ward sees her leaving the building, crying.[15][81]
  • Battle at the Rand Enterprises Building:
    • Ward Meachum enters the building and calls Rand, Wing, and Temple to inform them that Harold has a lot of armed bodyguards at the entry and in his office, before he is knocked out from behind by his father.[15][81]
    • Worried about Ward, and with no intention to let Harold get away, Rand and Wing enter the building, as Temple starts a fire nearby as a distraction. A battle ensues as Harold's men fight Wing and Rand.[15][81]
    • Danny Shatters Ground

      Rand uses his powers to defeat everyone

      When Harold Meachum attempts to kill Wing, Rand uses the Iron Fist, full of Chi, to hit the floor as hard as possible. This causes a massive shockwave that knocks out all of the men, but not Meachum himself, who makes his way to the rooftop. Rand follows him and a further battle ensues between both of them. Meachum shoots Rand in his hand, injuring him severely, believing it will prevent his Iron Fist ability. Rand keeps attacking him, but Meachum manages to knock him out momentarily.[15][81]
    • Rand then focuses his energy on one thing: to defeat Meachum. He attacks him again, causing Meachum to be impaled on a metal rod. As Harold Meachum tries to free himself from the metal rod, Rand remembers how he defeated Shou-Lao. He tells Meachum, like he once told the immortal dragon, that the battle is won. Meachum manages to free himself from the piece of metal and shoots at Rand, but Rand is alerted by Colleen Wing, who, along with Ward Meachum, has come to the rooftop to help defeat Harold. Directing his Chi into his hand, Rand uses it to heal his injury, then defend himself from Harold's final attack. Finally, Ward shoots Harold, making him fall from the rooftop to his final death.[15][81]


Danny and Ward Final 13

Rand and Meachum reunite


  • Rand goes to the Chikara Dojo, where Colleen Wing and Claire Temple have resumed training. Temple leaves, giving them advice on her way out, telling them they need time to sort themselves out. Rand tells Wing that he has finally decided to return to K'un-Lun, just before the entrance closes. He says that he wants to use the Iron Fist to do some good outside of K'un-Lun, but that to achieve that, he must first finish his training. He offers for her to come with him, and Wing happily accepts.[15][81]

Madame Gao listens to Davos and Joy Meachum's conversation

  • Davos meets with Joy Meachum, and they discuss how Danny Rand's return has only caused their lives to fall apart. Davos tells Joy that the only way to stop Rand from ruining their lives further is killing him, and that he believes he can help Meachum with that. She is curious, and tells him she is listening to whatever he is planning. As they talk, Madame Gao listens in at the table next to them.[15][81]


  • A group of Hand ninjas, led by Elektra[85], arrive at the entrance of K'un-Lun, unprotected with the Iron Fist missing. A battle ensues, ending with many of the K'un-Lun monks, as well as all of the Hand ninjas being killed. The entrance to K'un-Lun is closed prematurely to escape to safety, meaning that nobody can enter for the foreseeable future.[15][81]



I Should Have Been Here

Rand and Wing arrive at K'un-Lun


  • Strange does finger strength exercises with an expert instructor on physical rehabilitation from Metro-General Hospital. Strange gets angry at his lack of improvement. However, to his surprise, the instructor says that he knew a paraplegic man who miraculously regained the ability to walk.[14][10]
  • Impressed by this impossible event, Strange asks for the man's files. The instructor tells him that he will find them from the archive.[14][10]



Bouncing Back 14

President Ellis meets Director Coulson

Giyera Hive

It in a weak state

  • Gideon Malick visits It in Schoonebeek Oil Field, finding him still in a weak state.[87]
  • Elena Rodriguez tells Alphonso Mackenzie that she is not a criminal, and believes her new powers are a gift from God to do good. Mackenzie begins to explain about Terrigenesis and Inhumanity when Daisy Johnson, Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter, and Joey Gutierrez rescue him from Rodriguez's custody and take her in a Containment Module. Morse and Hunter are sent to stop Francisco.[87]
  • Von Strucker goes into the machine. Campbell has to shock him out of a traumatic loop, and he eventually recalls aloud how he found Malick using his father's advice.[87]
  • It eats meat to gain strength. He tells a doubting Giyera that he will prove his legitimacy soon.[87]
  • Rodriguez explains to the group that the police are corrupt, and she was taking action to make things better. They believe her, and Johnson calls Hunter and Morse to tell them Francisco is not a criminal and to beware the police.[87]
  • Hunter and Morse confront Francisco Rodriguez, when a team of the National Police of Colombia arrive. They bring out an Inhuman called Lucio who uses paralysis powers from his eyes to capture Morse and Hunter, and they kill Rodriguez.[87]
  • When the team tell Elena about her cousin's murder, she agrees to help the team to rescue their friends and get revenge for her cousin's death.[87]
BB Attack on the Police Station

Johnson uses her powers during the battle

  • Rescue in the Colombian Police Station: Rodriguez helps the team successfully enter the Police Station and fight the corrupt Colombian police. The team defeat the police force and rescue their friends as Johnson and Gutierrez use their powers to capture Lucio. However, when they start to leave the station, a HYDRA QuadCopter arrives from overhead and uses an Extraction Claw to capture him and take him away.[87][89]
  • Meanwhile, Coulson uses his information from von Strucker and goes to Malick's warehouse. He uses the phone von Strucker used there to call Malick, but when he picks up, Coulson only delivers a warning to him that he is tracking all of his phones, and it will cost him millions to shut down all the offices it has tracked to.[87]
  • Stephen Strange tries to shave himself, but due to his trembling hand, he gives up trying.[14][10]


May-Welcome To The Cavalry

May talks to Coulson

  • Coulson watches the news about how Malick has shut down several offices in the night.[87]
  • The team say goodbye to Rodriguez, who decides to stay in Colombia, but they give her a device to keep in contact.[87]
  • Giyera informs Malick that Lucio is currently being treated by the doctors.[87]
  • It decides he is ready to show Giyera his power, and uses his powers to infect him.[87]


  • Matthew Ellis calls Coulson and tells him that he has made Glenn Talbot the new leader of the ATCU.[87]
  • When he finds out Talbot is the new head of the organization, Malick sends agents to kidnap his son George Talbot and put him in Suspension Gel, so as to blackmail Talbot to give Malick influence over the ATCU and betray Coulson.[90][89]
"I kept my part of the deal, now I expect you to keep yours. I want weaponry, and not that Stark Industries reissue crap. I'm talking about the big guns, so we can finally hunt down these freaks."
"Yes, freaks. If everything goes as planned, we'll all get what we want, Mr. Blake."
―Felix Blake and Giyera[src]
  • Malick makes a deal with Felix Blake, the head of the alien hate group the Watchdogs. The organization has until now been only posting hate online, but HYDRA offers them the resources to become active in attacking the Inhumans and the agencies protecting them, claiming to have common interest. The Watchdogs become more militarized and radicalized, and begin planning attacks with Malick fueling their actions.[91][89]



Lucio is brought before It by Giyera

  • Having now recovered, Lucio is brought before It as Malick assures him he has been making moves this week to help their cause. It proceeds to infect Lucio the same way he infected Giyera.[90][89]
  • Coulson meets with Glenn Talbot to discuss their new working partnership. His wife Carla is disapproving after the kidnap of her son. Lincoln Campbell watches on as he continues to learn to be an agent, and he notices a sinister man trailing Talbot.[90]
  • As the man closes in, Melinda May recognizes him as Carl Creel, and she and Campbell close in to protect Talbot and Coulson.[90]
  • Just as Coulson wishes Talbot goodnight, Creel arrives and a fight ensues. Campbell and May bring him down, only to be surprised when Talbot says that Creel was not attacking, but protecting him.[90]
  • Talbot explains that they broke Creel's conditioning and have trained him to be a good and loyal bodyguard. Jemma Simmons asks Creel in his Containment Module about how he managed to survive the effects of the Diviner. They wonder whether his DNA could hold the answer to a cure for Terrigenesis.[90]


The Inside Man 23

Talbot and Coulson arrive at the Symposium

  • They infiltrate the Symposium as they believe that Malick has an inside man or woman working for him at the meeting, and plan how to infiltrate the officials' rooms to find out who.[90]
  • Talbot and Coulson arrive at the symposium. They begin to talk to attendees Anton Petrov, Xiao Chen. and Ellen King in an attempt to work out who is secretly working for Malick.[90]
  • At the Playground, Daisy Johnson gives Lincoln Campbell fight training for his upcoming test. The two end up intimate, but are interrupted by Simmons, asking for Campbell's help looking at Creel's blood.[90]
  • Infiltration into the Symposium on Alien Contagion:
    • Coulson, pretending to be "Dr. Sean Lundwall", teaches the officials about the Inhumans, and the attendees all debate and discuss the contagion, trying to come to an agreement on how to act, while Coulson's agents investigate their rooms.[90]
    • Petrov suggests a home for Inhumans in Russia.[90]
    • TIM George Talbot

      Talbot is put in Suspension Gel

      While investigating, Hunter spots Creel leaving his post and goes to stop him. He finds a truck, containing the Suspension Gel chamber of George Talbot. As he attempts to warn his team that something is wrong, Creel surprises him and knocks him out. At the symposium, Talbot suddenly, to Coulson's shock and horror, betrays him by announcing that Coulson is a traitor in their midst. Gideon Malick enters, declaring him "Phil Coulson, the head of HYDRA," and has him taken away.[90]
  • Campbell watches Simmons demonstrate that Creel's blood reverses the effects of Terrigenesis. Johnson arrives and the two end up arguing over the need for the "cure"; whether Terrigenesis is an Inhuman birth right or an earned privilege.[90]
  • Hunter wakes and distracts his assailants as Morse and May attack them from behind. The three then proceed to try to help Coulson and defeat the HYDRA agents.[90]
  • When Malick turns his back on his deal with Talbot, Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot are lined up to be shot by HYDRA soldiers. However, before they can fire, the duo are rescued by Carl Creel. They go to reunite with May, Hunter, and Morse. Together, they defeat the HYDRA agents, but Malick gets away to drive to the airport. Coulson sends Hunter and Morse to follow him.[90]

Johnson and Campbell talk in private

  • Daisy Johnson visits Lincoln Campbell in his room to apologize. The two make up and sleep together for the first time.[90]
  • Hunter lets Coulson know that he and Morse are hiding in the hold of Malick's private plane, as Malick is flying with Anton Petrov to Russia. Petrov expresses his gratefulness for Malick's offer to help Russia deal with Inhumans.[90]
  • Disagreeing with the plan for an Inhuman reservation, the Russian prime minister Dimitri Olshenko sends his attaché Yuri Krupin to shut down the operation. However, Krupin is killed by an Inhuman working for Petrov, Androvich, the Minister of Defense and a former KGB assassin.[92]


  • Malick's plane lands in Moscow and he starts moving trucks to a Russian facility in Siberia. Morse and Hunter exit the hold and hide, watching the trucks and reporting back to Coulson's Team, flying over on the Zephyr One. They follow the trucks and soon they get to the Russian Inhuman Sanctuary.[92]
  • Hunter and Morse spy on the Russian Inhuman Sanctuary from the nearby woods. They notice a tied up Inhuman being taken into the compound. They are caught by four soldiers, who they resort to taking out in combat.[92][93]

The team analyzes the situation in the Zephyr

  • Hunter and Morse rendezvous with the rest of the team on the Zephyr, having now landed nearby, and discuss plans to infiltrate the Russian Inhuman Sanctuary.[92]
  • Melinda May and Lance Hunter hide from a patrol as they move in on the base. They discover the dead body of Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Olshenko's attaché Yuri Krupin.[92]
  • Bobbi Morse, Daisy Johnson, and Alphonso Mackenzie break into the security room of the facility. Morse takes the clothes of the guard she knocked out to use as an undercover disguise, and leaves to find Gideon Malick and Anton Petrov.[92]
  • Morse infiltrates a meeting, while Coulson's Team listen in from Morse's comms. They hear as Malick tells Petrov and FSO agents about Olshenko's disapproval of an Inhuman reservation, and Petrov informs them of Androvich having killed Olshenko's attaché. Malick tells the group that they need allegiance with the Inhumans, but that the prime minister cannot lead them.[92]
Parting Shot 1

Morse follows Malick's group

  • Malick suggests releasing Androvich to eliminate those against the idea; Coulson realizes he is staging a coup.[92]
  • Morse follows Malick's group, but loses them when she is forced to stop and take down an agent who notices she is missing her tie. Johnson attempts to hack the door to Androvich's cell so Morse can enter, as Androvich is already being cut loose.[92]
  • Simmons reports on the cause of Krupin's death, saying that it seems he was strangled, but there is no external evidence of physical harm, suggesting Androvich's power is psychic. Hunter is confused when he sees Malick leaving. Androvich escapes before Morse can stop him.[92]
  • Infiltration into the Russian Inhuman Sanctuary:
    • Coulson notices helicopters arriving, and realizes the prime minister and his detail are traveling to the compound, and that Malick is planning for Androvich, now on the loose, to kill him. He instructs his team to ignore Malick and protect the prime minister.[92]
    • PS Darkforce

      Androvich using the Darkforce

      Prime Minister Olshenko arrives and finds out about Yuri Krupin's death. He declares the soldiers to be traitors and a fight ensues, where Hunter manages to guide Olshenko to safety and Morse takes the general the other way, with Johnson and Mackenzie following behind. Androvich uses his abilities of Darkforce manifestation to manipulate his shadow's density and turn on the trio to attack. They cannot retaliate, as he is intangible.[92]
    • Meanwhile, Anton Petrov is killed by Lance Hunter when he attempts to kill Olshenko. Simmons realizes the team have to kill Androvich himself to prevent any more manifestations. The general's shadow takes out Agent Johnson, then goes after the prime minister, but Morse runs ahead and shoots Androvich first, amidst his guards. She and Hunter are taken in by the general's guard for the murder, and the deaths of Petrov and Krupin.[92]
  • Phil Coulson contacts President Ellis to get involved and save the lives of Morse and Hunter.[92]


Parting Shot - Dead of Winter

Duval interrogates Morse and Hunter

  • Morse and Hunter are put through polygraph lie detector tests, but avoid answering the questions. However, when Morse denies that she was the one to kill Petrov, the interrogator, Duval, plays this is as a confession that it was Hunter, and Hunter is dragged away from his interrogation. Bobbi Morse is informed by Duval that if she wishes to save Hunter from being executed by the firing squad, she must reveal she is from S.H.I.E.L.D.[92][94]
  • Dr. Holden Radcliffe is forced to leave the GT Agrochemical Facility due to his transhumanist experiments, which are considered unethical.[95][96]
  • Hunter is taken from the firing squad when President Matthew Ellis arrives and intervenes. Morse and Hunter reunite and discuss how to act next.[92][94]
  • Ellis tells Olshenko there was a coup attempt on his life, and he should be appreciative. Coulson also arrives, introduced as a high up member of the ATCU. He informs the prime minister that Androvich was trying to kill him.[92][94]
  • Coulson enters the room to speak to Morse and Hunter. He pretends not to know them, then uses his prosthetic hand to subtly turn off the camera signal for 90 seconds, and tells them the risky extraction plan the team have made.[92][94]
  • However, the duo refuse, saying that they are willing to take the hit so as to protect S.H.I.E.L.D. Seeing their determined resolve, Coulson sadly agrees that he will let them go.[92][94]
Hunter-Morse Episode03x13

Morse and Hunter take the hard call

  • Maintaining the pretense of not knowing the duo, Coulson negotiates Morse and Hunter's release from Interpol. However, they know they will always now be tailed by agents, and so can never interact with S.H.I.E.L.D. or their friends ever again.[92][94]
  • Coulson returns to the Zephyr One and explains downheartedly to the team why their friends can never come back. This upsets them, especially Alphonso Mackenzie, who becomes very emotional.[92][94]


  • In a pub in the United States of America, Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse discuss what they can do next. They notice a conspicuous man nearby, who they realize is spying on them. Unbeknownst to them, their friends are also in the pub, ordering shots for them in order to pay their last respects from afar: a "Spy's Goodbye". The team begin to slowly exit the pub, but Mackenzie stays a little longer, tearing up because of having to leave his close friends. Morse and Hunter become very emotional, and hold hands, knowing they at least have each other for support.[92]



Stephanie Malick spends some time with her father

  • Gideon Malick returns home and reunites with his daughter Stephanie Malick. The two of them shoot birds together and discuss It, and how he seems to be biding his time before taking any action. Stephanie says she knows he will change the world.[92]


  • Christine Palmer visits Strange in his apartment and tries to convince him to stop wasting money trying to fix his hands. She tells him that there are other things that can give meaning to his life. Strange does not want to move on, but instead focus on finding other ways of healing his hands. Palmer turns to leave Strange, deciding she cannot watch him suffer anymore, when Strange starts shouting at her, saying that she is only pitying him because she loves a sob story. Hurt by his words, Palmer leaves for good, deciding to stay out of his life.[14][10]
Snipe out Cartel

Castle successfully kills the leader of the Mexican Cartel across the border




  • After a few weeks of preparation, Lincoln Campbell has his S.H.I.E.L.D. assessment. While he believes it went alright, the results show that there are issues over his commitment to the cause, and with his reckless and unruly behavior.[91]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie begins a week off at home to take a break after losing Hunter and Morse, and spend some time with his brother Ruben. The two plan a relaxing time together.[91]
ATCU Attack 2

The newscast about the Attack on the ATCU Storage Facility, with the ticker reporting a gang war in Hell's Kitchen

  • Attack on the ATCU Storage Facility: Malick's men raid the ATCU Storage Facility in Indiana and steal a nuclear warhead, as a squad of Watchdogs led by Watchdog Alpha then move in to attack the facility and cover up the raid. The group film themselves as they declare that the government is keeping secrets on the aliens, and demanding the information to be released. Alpha fires several rounds of Nitramene onto the building, and the facility is destroyed in a giant implosion.[91]
  • The Mackenzie brothers watch the destruction of the ATCU facility on WZTM News.[91]
  • The ticker of the channel informs "L.A. Dodger Brady Kelly closing in on MLB record for most hits. Current record is held by Pete Rose", "Philadelphia DA to hold press conference to discuss shooting of local law professor", and "Gang war rages in Hell's Kitchen. Authorities searching for solution".[91]
  • Phil Coulson calls and assigns Mackenzie to investigate the destruction of the facility before the police pick it clean. Mackenzie reluctantly tells his brother that he has to go.[91]
  • At the Playground, Daisy Johnson tells Coulson that the Watchdogs' active behavior is unusual. Lincoln Campbell arrives back from his agent assessment reasonably positive, but Coulson hints that the results of the evaluation report were not completely satisfactory. He sends Johnson and Leo Fitz to the site of the destroyed facility to join Mackenzie.[91]

Mackenzie and Leo Fitz investigate the crime scene

  • Fitz discovers Nitramene in the residue from the bombs that the Watchdogs used, and Johnson reports this back to Coulson. He tells her that Felix Blake used to be fixated on improving the Nitramene formula created by Howard Stark in the 1940s, and deduces that the renegade ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is the head of the hate organization.[91][97]
  • Johnson reveals to Fitz and Mackenzie that she has been tracking some of the Watchdogs, and decides to use her powers to stop and threaten one to find out information. Mackenzie disapproves, saying that it is sidestepping civil liberties, and despite how badly the organization acts, S.H.I.E.L.D. should respond better. However, Johnson goes ahead.[91]
  • Coulson and Campbell begin the mission to find Blake.[91]
  • Returning home, Alphonso Mackenzie has a discussion with Ruben about the fact that he is never around to help him and their family.[91]


  • Jemma Simmons decides to help Melinda May to find Andrew Garner.[91]
  • Daisy Johnson stops Dallas Wyatt, a Watchdog she has been tracking, as he is driving. She gets in his car and shatters his windows to scare him.[91]
  • Fitz reluctantly holds a gun to Wyatt's head at the broken window, and from the threat, Johnson manages to get the information that the Watchdogs meet at Easterling Farms.[91]
  • Raid on Easterling Farms:
    • SHIELDWatchdogs

      The beginning of the war between the Watchdogs and S.H.I.E.L.D.

      Johnson contacts Mackenzie to inform him of the Watchdogs' location. He reunites with Fitz and Johnson. They incapacitate two guards and send in one of Fitz's new cloaked D.W.A.R.F.s to spy in the farm. The device picks up audio of Blake, and Johnson sends a message to Coulson to let him know.[91]
    • Ruben Mackenzie arrives to show Alphonso that he has fixed his motorcycle, but when he sees his brother fighting, he decides to leave. Alphonso incapacitates three agents and Johnson quakes another, however two more Watchdogs assume that Mackenzie is the one who has powers. Alphonso goes after Ruben as he drives away.[91]
    • Coulson and Campbell enter the basement of Blake's Atlanta safe house as Daisy Johnson moves in on attacking Blake, but as she gets closer, she sees no sign of him there.[91]
    • Simultaneously, Coulson is surprised to find Blake in the basement of the safe house. At the farm, Oscar shoots a projectile of Nitramene onto Fitz's neck.[91]
    • Watchdogs Fitz Nitramene

      Leo Fitz is attacked with a Nitramene bomb

      Johnson quakes him and runs back to inject sodium hydrogen acetate into the implosive, but instead of neutralizing it like it should, it only slows the implosion, because of Blake's modifications to the formula. She takes him back to a Containment Module with Oscar.[91]
    • Coulson comes to realize that Felix Blake is likely not really there, but simply a holographic projection. As he wants to test Lincoln Campbell on following orders, he orders Campbell to kill Blake, and after initially disagreeing, he fires electricity at Blake, proving he is only a hologram. He congratulates Campbell for following orders.[91]
  • Using liquid nitrogen from the outside of the module, the Nitramene is disarmed, saving Fitz's life.[91]
  • Oscar reveals to Johnson that Blake promised them they could actually kill an Inhuman, but they had assumed it was Mackenzie, not her, and laughs that several of their men are going after Mackenzie now.[91]
  • Attack on Alphonso Mackenzie:
    • While the brothers discuss, a group of Watchdogs arrive at the Mackenzie Residence, breaking into the home to kill the Mackenzies. A fight ensues between the Mackenzies and the Watchdogs.[91]
    • Mack's Shotgun-Axe

      Mackenzie's shotgun-axe

      Using a homemade shotgun-axe, the brothers successfully defeat their assailants, but Alphonso receives a bullet to the shoulder; he passes out due to the loss of blood.[91]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. arrive to take Mackenzie to a nearby facility for medical treatment. Daisy Johnson tells Ruben Mackenzie that Damage Control will clean up, and assures him that Alphonso will be fine. She tells him they might call one day if they need help with mechanics, and drives him to the facility where his brother is being treated.[91]
  • Analyzing footage from the Attack on the ATCU Storage Facility, Johnson realizes that the bombing was a cover-up and distraction from HYDRA as they stole something from the facility. They realize Malick is funding the Watchdogs and feeding them intel.[91]
  • Giyera meets with Felix Blake, who tells him that he kept his part of the deal, and wants weapons in return to hunt down the Inhumans. Giyera assures him that if the plan continues to go well, their common enemies will die, and Blake will have armed soldiers.[91]



DS Spot 25 - 1

Jonathan Pangborn meets Stephen Strange

  • Stephen Strange visits Jonathan Pangborn while he plays basketball, enquiring how he managed to walk again. Pangborn initially refuses to help, but when Strange reveals his damaged hands, he agrees. Pangborn reveals to Strange that he discovered a place known as Kamar-Taj, and this is where Strange should go to seek different treatment and understanding. He warns Strange that once he is there, he will have to open his mind.[14][10]
  • Strange decides to spend the last of his money in order to travel to Nepal.[14][10]



  • The Miami Marathon is held, resulting in a record-breaking time.[98]
WHiH Twitter - 22-04-2016

The WHiH Newsfront Twitter account announces a new video on April 22, 2016

  • Thaddeus Ross announces his retirement from the army.[98]
  • Top musicians meet in Nashville to discuss music streaming services.[98]
  • Rumors of layoffs at Pym Technologies begin to circulate.[101]
  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video. Everhart questions who should account for the devastation from superhero incidents. She introduces political correspondent Will Adams, who states that discoveries still being found in the Black Widow leak. He defends superheroes, stating that their actions have saved many lives, but Everhart states that here they are not talking about that, but about the collateral damage. The question is posed to the audience of whether there should be oversight on superheroes. They post on Twitter announcing "WHiH Newsfront returns with a special report: The Avengers have saved our world… but at what cost?"[98][99][100]
  • The ticker of the video informs "... European manufactured daily supplement to help correct the adverse effects of staring at a mobile device for hours each day", "Miami Marathon sees new world record set; runner cites Captain America as inspiration", "One of the most controversial figures of our time left us with more questions than answers. Who Was Alexander Pierce?: A WHiH Special Report tonight at 9:00 PM EST" and "U.S. vice president begins global outreach trip, with stops to Sokovia AND South Africa planned".[98][100]
AVENGERS IMPACT A WHIH Newsfront Special Report

AVENGERS IMPACT A WHIH Newsfront Special Report



  • Graciela Aguirre's driver license is issued.[102]
  • The Inhuman Charles Hinton accidentally causes citizen Edwin Abbott to have a frightening vision of his own death in the near future.[103]
  • While monitoring emergency dispatch, Coulson's Team hear Abbott calling in for Johnson, who has never heard of him. They fly to Dyker Heights to find him.[103]
  • The team find Abbott terrified and exclaiming that HYDRA is going to come soon, and he is about to die. He says that he had a vision of these moments, and the homeless man "Charles" must have cursed him.[103]

Hinton is kidnapped by HYDRA

Hive Arrives-Spacetime

Hive and Giyera arrive at the Transia Corporation Building

  • Malick, It, Giyera, and Hinton arrive at the Transia Corporation Building.[103]
  • Polly Hinton, Charles' wife, is brought to the Playground for questioning. She explains to Daisy Johnson the nature of her husband's powers and how he had eventually left them in order to protect his daughter.[103]
  • Malick holds a board meeting with the Transia Corporation where he tells the CEO that he wants to acquire their new exoskeleton, as well as wanting to buy the whole company. However, the CEO, Rowan Hamilton, calls this request ridiculous, so It has Hinton touch the man, to show him what will happen due to his lack of compliance. Scared by the vision of his death, Hamilton agrees. However, It proceeds to massacre the board members anyway.[103]
  • May goes to Johnson to get her help in preparing for the fight Johnson saw in her vision. The team use resources in the base to recreate the scene of the fight, and have other agents play the soldiers who will be in the office. May practices the attack, but is not fast enough to save Hinton if this were the real fight.[103]
  • Using the exoskeleton in order to fully realize his desire to feel power, Malick kills Rowan Hamilton himself.[103][104]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reminding "Watch the latest WHiH Newsfront update on the financial implications of saving the world."[99][100]

Andrew Garner surrenders

  • After more rehearsal, May manages to get fast enough to save Hinton. At that moment, an agent informs them that they have found the building from the vision where Hinton will be located. But as Melinda May prepares to leave, she is informed that Andrew Garner has arrived. Garner tells May that he is about to turn into Lash for the last time, and wanted to speak with her again before turning, as well as have Lash under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s control.[103]
  • May decides to leave on the mission, but Coulson insists that she must speak with Garner. He reluctantly sends Johnson instead.[103]
  • Using the security cameras in the Transia Corporation Building, the team discovers that Grant Ward is seemingly alive. But when Fitz deduces that "that" is not Ward himself, but It, Coulson urgently heads to the building.[103]
  • Meanwhile, Garner and May discuss recent events together. Soon, Garner's final transformation begins, and he gets himself into the Containment Module. He and May put their palms together either side of the glass. Garner finishes his transition, becoming Lash permanently.[103]
  • Battle at the Transia Corporation Building:
    • Spacetime Daisy

      Johnson during the Battle at the Transia Corporation Building

      Agent Johnson breaks into the security office and takes down the HYDRA soldiers as planned. With the help of Coulson, Johnson manages to move up to the roof to pursue the agents escaping with Hinton, as the S.H.I.E.L.D. team arrive outside.[103]
    • She is ambushed by Gideon Malick with the exoskeleton, brutally attacking her and beating her into the ground, wanting to kill her. However, Hinton touches him, giving him a vision of a death, and shocking him out of the attack.[103]
    • The billboard above Johnson explodes, causing Hinton to fall over, and he realizes he is dying. As he talks with Johnson, she promises him that she will look after his family. He asks her to give his daughter the robin he carved for her, and she agrees. Johnson touches him and is given another glimpse of the future: the death of someone on the team. The horrifying vision ends, and Hinton finally dies from his injuries.[103]
  • Malick escapes the building in his helicopter. He calls Giyera to ask where he is and why he is not protecting him. Under It's sway, he replies that he is where he is supposed to be. He tells It, who is with him, that Malick sounded afraid.[103]



Gideon Malick arrives at his mansion

  • Gideon Malick arrives home at Malick Mansion only to find out that It has already arrived. Stephanie greets him, and tells him that she has gathered HYDRA's inner circle to meet that evening, as It told her to do.[107]
  • WHiH World News roams the streets to ask people their opinion on heroes being held financially responsible for disasters they are involved in, collecting footage for their upcoming Newsfront episode.[101]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "Col. James Rhodes: an officer and an... Avenger? Does that pose a conflict of interest? Newsfront discusses."[99][100]
  • Coulson notes that after the takeover of Transia, their subsidiary GT Agrochemical moved equipment out of its facility in Michigan.[107]
  • He and his team depart in the Zephyr One to investigate the compound, and send Lincoln Campbell and Daisy Johnson to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota to find a potential Inhuman Campbell knew from Afterlife, who was never transformed, and always used to rant about the "second coming" of an Inhuman who could "raise the dead".[107]
  • Malick talks to his daughter about his vision, and that he is fairly certain that his murderer was It, and that it will happen tonight. Stephanie, however, reassures him that they can trust It.[107]
  • WHiH Sciense conference

    Annual science conference draws an international crowd in Bern, Switzerland

    WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Annual science conference draws an international crowd in Bern, Switzerland."[99][100]
  • At National Zoo, a panda called Ling Ling is born.[101]
  • Campbell and Johnson walk up to JT James' hut, but he warns them not to come closer because they are standing on a landmine. Johnson uses her powers to detonate the remaining mines as Campbell knocks out James with his electrical powers.[107]
  • The HYDRA inner circle arrive at Malick Mansion. It reveals himself to them, and to silence his doubters, he unveils his true form.[107]
  • Raid of the GT Agrochemical Facility: Coulson's Team break into GT Agrochemical Facility, and after a lengthy fight with Giyera in the base, they manage to capture him.[107][96]
  • James refuses to help Campbell or Johnson. However, Campbell says that he knows James wants to get his powers, and offers him a Terrigen Crystal in return for information. James reveals that he found a mysterious Kree Orb which he will trade.[107]

James is tricked by Lincoln Campbell

  • James explains that he learned stories of "Alveus", an Inhuman designed to lead the Inhuman army, but became too powerful and was banished by Inhumans and Humans together. Campbell takes the orb but refuses to give the crystal, telling James he does not deserve powers. Campbell and Johnson leave. [107]
  • After the meeting with the inner circle, Stephanie Malick shows her father that Alveus gave her the gift of the book Paradise Lost. Gideon understands the true significance of the book and its old trick, used by both him and his father, which had resulted in his brother Nathaniel's sacrifice.[107]
  • Alveus takes Stephanie with him as he confronts Gideon about the ritual of February 1970. After exposing the truth to his daughter, Alveus proceeds to kill her in front of Malick.[107]
  • After an emotional moment, Johnson confesses to Campbell that she had another glimpse from Charles Hinton, of a member of their team dying in the near future.[107]
  • Christine Everhart and Will Adams record the next day's installment of WHiH Newsfront.[101][99]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter announcing "Tomorrow on Newsfront we ask our viewers: who should pay for the damage caused by superheroes? Stay tuned."[99][100]
  • Hijacking and Retaking of Zephyr One:
    • Giyera-HijacksPlane

      Giyera hijacks Zephyr One

      Giyera manages to force open the doors of his Containment Module with his powers. He tilts the jet's controls downward to force the Zephyr into Schoonebeek Oil Field. HYDRA soldiers invade and take the plane from S.H.I.E.L.D., with many agents unconscious or injured.[107]
    • Melinda May contacts Daisy Johnson to tell her of the hijacking of Zephyr One. Johnson and Campbell decide that they should not be scared of the vision, and it is time to call in the Secret Warriors to help take back the plane and save their friends.[107]
    • Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell pick up Joey Gutierrez from a night with his boyfriend in Miami, before flying to Bogotá to pick up Elena Rodriguez.[108]
    • Johnson explains the situation to the Secret Warriors as they fly to the Schoonebeek Oil Field.[108]
    • Alveus, with Malick, still shocked by the death of his daughter, arrive at the oil field base after a flight.[108]
    • Coulson's Team barricade themselves in a room on the Zephyr One after several hours of defending the plane. They attempt to administer medical aid to Agent May's injuries.[108]
    • The Secret Warriors enter the facility and fight the HYDRA Soldiers, capturing Gideon Malick in the process.[108]
    • Hive-DaisyJohnsonAmbush

      Hive takes control of Daisy Johnson

      Unbeknownst to anyone else, Alveus ambushes Johnson and infects her. He orders her to bring him the Kree Orb and the Terrigen Crystals, while pretending to the team that nothing happened, so as to plant her as a secret insider.[108]
    • Johnson hacks into the oil field base and opens the roof of the hangar. During the fight, Lucio is killed by Gutierrez. The team successfully rescue the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and take them back to the Playground.[108]
    • Alveus reassures Giyera that they now have someone on the inside: the swayed Agent Johnson.[108]


WHIH Newsfront The Cost of Saving the World-1

WHIH Newsfront The Cost of Saving the World-1

  • They show a series of interviews with people on the streets about the subject, who give a mixed response, with some thinking it's right that they pay higher taxes, and some thinking the Avengers should pay. They post on Twitter announcing "WHiH Newsfront asked viewers: "Where should the financial responsibility lie when superheroes are involved?""[101][99][100]
  • The ticker of the video informs "Production begins on new TV movie "Man or Mandarin: The Trevor Slattery Story"", "Rare albino panda, Ling Ling, born at National Zoo", "Expected start date for Pym Technologies to resume stock trading pushed back in wake of layoff rumors", and "FDA cautions against new "all gluten" diet fad".[101][100]
  • At the Playground, the interrogation of Gideon Malick begins. Coulson speaks with Malick about "Hive", and comments on the fitting nature of the name, considering his parasitic swarm-like living.[108]
  • General Hale asks Ruby's instructor about what leadership as planned for Ruby after she graduates, but he says they are yet to decide.[109]
  • TheTeam1

    Phil Coulson proceeds to interrogate Gideon Malick

    Malick states that Hive can make Inhumans change loyalty and join him, and warns that he may have turned any member of the Secret Warriors.[108]
  • Walking out of interrogation, Coulson asks Agent Mackenzie to quietly lock down the base, scared to trust any of the Inhumans.[108]
  • Coulson asks Fitz and Simmons to find a way to determine who has been swayed. They hope to find answers from Lucio's body.[108]
  • Returning to Malick, he and Phil Coulson discuss revenge for their dead loved ones, with Coulson urging Malick to channel his anger and help them take down Hive. Malick agrees to help and tell him all he knows.[108]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie watches the security feeds of the four Inhumans, but looks so closely that he begins to see seemingly suspicious behavior in all their actions.[108]
  • Under Hive's influence, Johnson steals a grenade from the weapons room and causes a power cut, using the distraction to walk into Malick's empty interrogation room and kill him before he can reveal any more information on Hive to S.H.I.E.L.D.[108]

Malick's corpse

  • Johnson brutally murders him by quaking him from both sides, as his head is crushed and bleeds, like he saw in his vision, having assumed his killer to have been Hive. She leaves the grenade next to Malick's body to explode and thus cover up the murder.[108]
  • Mackenzie finds that there is a grenade missing as Fitz and Simmons, on their way to Coulson to discuss their findings, notice the light of the grenade from inside Malick's room. They look around and see his dead body, just before the blast goes off.[108]
  • Knowing a swayed Secret Warrior must have been behind the murder, Coulson leads his agents to gather the Inhumans, to explain the situation and incapacitate them until they can determine who it is. However, the Inhumans escape together.[108]
  • After discussing who could be the traitor, Johnson promises the team that she will help them to escape, but secretly agrees with Coulson to lead all four of them out of the base to safety by a secret passage, sending a message to him to meet them at the Containment Module bay to hand over to S.H.I.E.L.D.[108]
  • While searching the Inhumans' locker room, Mackenzie finds the Kree Orb in Campbell's locker, and believes it to be proof that Campbell is the swayed Inhuman, and he came back to retrieve the orb for Hive.[108]
WHiH Twitter - 26-04-2016 (4)

The results of WHiH World News poll

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "WHiH Newsfront opinion poll: Who should pay for the damage when superheroes are involved?" The results eventually turned out as 76% "The government", 24% "The heroes".[99][100]
  • Johnson tricks the team as she leads them into the quarantine bay where they find Coulson, who confronts Campbell, ousting him as the infected one. Angered that they are falsely accusing him and will not listen, Campbell attacks Coulson, but Johnson knocks him out.[108]
  • Coulson tells Johnson that he has to disband the Secret Warriors, and they cannot be allowed to encounter Hive in the meantime. However, Rodriguez and Gutierrez leave the base in anger.[108]
  • Escape from the Playground:
    • Johnson reveals to an angered Campbell that she is in fact the swayed Inhuman, and offers him to come with her, but he refuses.[108]
    • The Team Daisy turned

      Daisy Johnson betrays the team

      Johnson steals several Terrigen Crystals and the Kree Orb, proceeding to break into the Playground's hangar. She unleashes her abilities and shakes the whole base in an earthquake, wreaking havoc and destruction. Johnson then escapes through the broken roof of the hangar, while trapping the rest of the team in the base with the falling debris.[108]
  • Hale and Ruby talk over dinner. Hale receives a text and has to suddenly leave.[109]
  • Hale meets with General Fischer, who had texted her to come immediately. He informs her that S.H.I.E.L.D. has taken Gideon Malick and gives her important information in case they come after him as well, explaining that after the Battle of New York had found a Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device that allowed them to communicate with an alien group called the Confederacy.[109]
Fischer Suicide

Fischer commits suicide to avoid capture

  • Glenn Talbot breaks through the door, on a mission to take down HYDRA once and for all. Fischer cracks a cyanide capsule in his tooth to kill himself before he can be questioned, and Hale pretends to have had no idea he had been working for the organization. Talbot assures her that HYDRA will soon be wiped out, so she need not worry.[109]
  • Ruby Hale's instructor tells her she must kill her dog to complete her education. Ruby refuses, and her mother enters, shooting the instructor and telling Ruby that they are the only two remaining members of HYDRA.[109]



The team investigates Holden Radcliffe

  • Melinda May skillfully pilots the Zephyr to exit the Playground while the others discuss Johnson's current addiction to Hive, and the possibility that scientist Holden Radcliffe might be able to cure her.[95]
  • May gives Jemma Simmons a gun to use in the mission to procure Radcliffe.[95]
  • Johnson reunites with Hive.[95]
  • A new high-speed train system makes its first trip.[99]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter saying "In light of the recent cleanup progress in D.C., Newsfront revisits Natasha Romanoff’s congressional testimony."[99][100]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter reporting "High-speed train system utilizing maglev technology makes first trip from New York City to Los Angeles."[99][100]
  • Coulson deduces that Hive is building an army, and Alisha Whitley would be an asset for him. Lincoln Campbell is sent to apprehend her before Hive can reach her. However, the agents soon realize that Whitley has already been visited by Hive, when she tries to use a clone to kill Campbell. Coulson saves Campbell by killing Whitley's clone.[95]
  • In Bucharest, Fitz and Simmons go to a bar and meet a woman called Anon, who says she will take them to Radcliffe.[95]
  • Thaddeus Ross meets with Matthew Ellis in the Oval Office to privately discuss potentially appointing Ross as the new Secretary of State.[99]
  • General Hale finds the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device. She activates it and is teleported to space, meeting Qovas and learning about the Confederacy's deal with HYDRA.[109]
WHiH Taxpayers or Heroes

Link to the previous day's video

  • WHiH posts on Twitter saying "We asked you: "Who should bear the financial burden caused by superhero altercations?" See the full report here:"[99][100]
  • JT James is visited by Hive and Daisy Johnson. James refuses to reveal the location of the companion piece to the Kree Orb, so Hive smashes a crystal to put James through Terrigenesis, so that he can sway him to take them to it. Hive reveals that the orb pieces are the only thing that can destroy him.[95]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter saying "Group of college students decide to spend their spring break volunteering in Sokovia. All this & more on Newsfront"[99][100]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "Who should cover the costs when superheroes are involved?"[99][100]
  • Meanwhile, Anon tells Fitz and Simmons that to earn her trust and prove the worth of the eye technology they offer to Radcliffe, they must perform an optic surgery on a living human, giving him the cybernetic eyes. Simmons calls them out, realizing that it is a ruse, and they earn an audience with the scientist.[95]
  • In order to prevent Hive from controlling James, May and Coulson go to his residence in South Dakota, but it explodes when they arrive. Coulson uses a force field shield in his prosthetic hand to protect them from the blast.[95]
Holden Radcliffe Singularity 18

Kidnapping of Holden Radcliffe



Hellfire listens to Hive plans for Inhumans

WHIH Newsfront The Avengers and The White House

WHIH Newsfront The Avengers and The White House

  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video. Christine Everhart and Will Adams mention that the financial cost of clean-up efforts from Avengers incidents have crossed $1 trillion, and Everhart says politicians are wondering if there is a more strategic plan for better managing potential future events. Adams states that the White House has no official viewpoint, but that Ellis has commended Avengers' heroic past deeds. The video shows that the Ellis Administration have also announced that HYDRA is eradicated, as Adams goes on to express his view that he believes the Avengers are heroes who should be commended.[110][99][104][100]
  • Everhart then states that there are reports of the president meeting with Thaddeus Ross about a potential appointment.[110]
  • Adams says the Avengers are effective, but Everhart replies that she thinks Ellis is feeling pressured, then insists agencies worldwide should step up and figure out a means to work with the heroes. WHiH post on Twitter announcing "Watch: Newsfront debates the role of the White House & the Avengers + rumors of Thaddeus Ross moving to politics."[110]

WHiH Newsfront video on April 28th

  • The ticker of the video informs "Myth or new discovery? Reports of "massive ant-like insect" sightings continue to pour in from San Francisco suburbs", "Transia Corporation announces interim-CEO", "Local New York business owner commissions famously incognito street artist to create Avengers mural on the wall of his booming shawarma restaurant".[110]
  • The ticker also informs "Schools in Minnesota introduce elective classes focusing on the recent history in the making: the age of superheroes", "Airline adds themed flights for cult classic TV shows and films", and "Reality show star releases new fashion line designed primarily from burlap".[110][104][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Sources: Thaddeus Ross has privately met with President Ellis at the Oval Office. For more:"[99][100]
  • John Raymond goes missing.[115][114]
  • The national lottery is drawn, but there are no winners.[99]


WHiH Hulk M.I.A

"Where is the Hulk?"

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter saying "In the wake of the Battle of Sokovia, many international governments are asking "Where is the Hulk?""[99][100]
  • Pym Technologies reopens business after its headquarters imploded a year before, albeit with huge lay-offs.[99]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter reporting "No winners in last night’s national lottery draw! The next drawing takes place Monday night for record amount."[99][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter asking "WHiH wants to know! What would you do if you won tonight’s grand national lottery?".[99][100]
  • The results eventually turned out as 21% "Purchase an island", 58% "Build an Iron Man suit", 12% "Start your own charity", 9% "Buy a sports team".[99][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter questioning "The Vision. Human? Alien? Something else? Does it matter? WHiH investigates."[99][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Pym Technologies announces massive lay-offs as business begins again."[99][100]
  • The Roxxon Corporation is revealed to be illegally drilling in the Arctic.[99]


WHiH Comic Captain America

Captain America comic



WHiH Roxxon

Roxxon Corporation ilegally drilling in the Artic

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter reporting "Shares of Roxxon Corporation tumble after revelation of illegal drilling in Arctic."[99][100]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter questioning "Does Tony Stark really own the Iron Man suit, or should the government claim control?"[99][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter saying "Ultimate showdown looms as teams battle for hockey championships."[99][100]
  • A concert called "Sing for Sokovia" is held to raise money for the people affected by the Battle of Sokovia.[116]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "Polls indicate increased support for legislation regulating superpowered heroes."[99][100]
  • With his family avenged, Frank Castle burns the vest with the spray-painted skull, choosing to move on and start a new life.[6][7]


Grafitti Hydra

HYDRA graffiti is found on local cities

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter saying "Sighting of apparent HYDRA-related graffiti in local city underscores the lingering threat of HYDRA."[99][100]
  • New fossils are discovered in South America.[116]
  • Matt Murdock goes to confession with Father Lantom after having left behind the role of Daredevil for several months now, causing him to feel guilty and conflicted.[117][114]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter reporting "NYC's top surgeons are pioneering new life-saving techniques. We discuss with Dr. Stephen Strange only on WHiH."[99][100]
  • The introductory 36 seconds of the next WHiH Newsfront instalment is recorded ahead of time, and the ticker is prepared.[99][116]
  • The national lottery is drawn again, for a record amount, due to there being no winner in the previous draw four days prior.[99]
WHiH Twitter Raft

WHiH May 2nd post about a government prison


WHiH Poll Results 3

WHiH communicates the results of the poll about Thaddeus Ross being appointed as Secretary of State

  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "Is Thaddeus Ross the best choice for Secretary of State?" The results eventually turned out as 13% "Yes", 45% "No", 42% "Time will tell".[99][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter quoting "Statement from Pres. Ellis: "Thaddeus Ross is a skilled leader who can navigate the unique challenges we currently face on the world stage.""[99][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter quoting "Lt. Gen. Ross: "Today I accepted President Ellis' offer to serve as Secretary of State. I look forward to making our planet a safer place.""[99][100]
  • As they approach Lagos, Falcon receives further information on the ex-HYDRA agent, and find out that it is not Barnes, but rather Brock Rumlow.[118]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter announcing "BREAKING: President Ellis will join Newsfront to discuss this surprise move to make Thaddeus Ross the new Secretary of State. Stay tuned."[99][100]
  • A WHiH World News interview with President Ellis is recorded to complete the next instalment of WHiH Newsfront just before it is released, concerning his appointment of Ross.[99]
WHIH Newsfront Exclusive President Ellis Discusses the Avengers

WHIH Newsfront Exclusive President Ellis Discusses the Avengers

  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video. Adams and Everhart discuss a series of catastrophes in which heroes were involved. They go live, to mention how Ellis has just appointed Ross, and go to an interview with him. Ellis says that he recognizes the fear and concern over heroes, but also recognizes the heroes' help.[116][100]
  • Ellis states that he wants to build an official relationship with the Avengers, with the help of Ross, who has experience such as the crises at Culver University and Harlem. Everhart and Adams both end saying that they would love to hear from the heroes themselves. They post on Twitter announcing "BREAKING: President Ellis discusses his nomination of Thaddeus Ross for Secretary of State! Watch live."[116][99][100]
  • The ticker of the video informs "ATCU continues investigation into militant organization that destroyed their facility", "New fossils found in South America may uncover untold answers about our past", "Top NYC surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange reveals new life-saving techniques in exclusive WHiH interview".[116][100]
WHiH Twitter - 03-05-2016 (6)

WHiH link to the previous video


Beck watches Tony Stark slandering his work

  • Quentin Beck watches Stark's presentation, angry that Stark made a mockery out of his creation with the name "B.A.R.F.".[124][121]
  • Backstage after the speech, Tony Stark is confronted by a grieving mother, Miriam Sharpe, whose son, Charlie Spencer, was killed in the Avengers' battle with Ultron in Sokovia. She places the photo of her son on his chest, and tells him that she blames him for her son's death.[120][119][121]
  • Beck tells Stark that misnaming his invention was a mistake and that his technology could change the world. Stark, however, fires him.[124][121]
  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video live. It's been several hours since the incident in Lagos. Everhart hands over to reporter Jackson Norris, live from Lagos, who speaks about the Avengers and Brock Rumlow's involvement. They are interrupted as they go live to President Ellis delivering a speech on the incident, promising support to Lagos, and to work with the UN to find who is accountable. Adams and Everhart then disagree on the meaning of Ellis' words, and Adams questions if actually, the Avengers prevented a worse outcome.[125][99][120][126][100]
WHiH Twitter - 03-05-2016 (10)

WHiH Newsfront's Twitter posts a link to their previous video

WHiH Twitter - 03-05-2016 (11)

WHiH Newsfront reports on the Sokovia Accords


  • Strange arrives in Kathmandu and starts to ask people if they know the location of Kamar-Taj.[14][10]
  • After hours of trying, Karl Mordo hears Strange's enquiries and follows him to an alley. Strange bandages the broken leg of a dog he finds.[14][127]
  • Mordo then walks into the alley and witnesses Strange being attacked by three muggers who wants to steal his watch. Mordo defeats the muggers and tells Strange to follow him.[14][10]
  • Mordo leads Strange to Kamar-Taj, but warns him not to be disrespectful and to forget everything that he thinks he knows. He introduces Strange to the Ancient One.[14][10]
DS 078

Strange travels through the Multiverse

  • At first, Strange believes they are researching cellular regeneration, but while he listens to the Ancient One's comments, he quickly becomes skeptical of her methods and mocks her, claiming that he sees through her facade. She suddenly pushes Strange's astral form out of his body, impressing and shocking him. Once she has restored his soul to his body, the Ancient One then sends Strange on a mental journey, flinging him through various realities and dimensions, before dragging him back to his body in the temple. Barely recovering from the revelations just shown to him, Strange begs her to teach him. She refuses, scared that what happened to Kaecilius might happen again. He is cast out for his previous disrespect.[14][10]
  • After pleading at the door of Kamar-Taj for the following five hours, Strange is allowed back in when Karl Mordo convinces the Ancient One to give him a chance. Mordo shows Strange to a bedroom where he can stay.[14][10]
IF vs Elektra

Danny Rand fights Elektra


Defenders 02

Trish Walker talks with Jessica Jones

  • Trish Walker attempts to reach her car only to discover it is being towed. However, Jones stops the tow, picking up the car with her super strength, and the two adoptive sisters go for a walk.[128][114]
  • Walker continues to attempt to convince Jones to take on a hero role, as people have started to recognize her, following her defeat of Kilgrave. Jones, however, continues to ignore her, not wanting that lifestyle.[128][114]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter saying "As the world sits divided on the role of superheroes, share your opinion on who should be held responsible:"[99][100]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter questioning "Captain America was raised in a time when war was normal. Is his mindset right for this new age of superheroes?"[99][100]
Defenders Entertainment 6

Cage is taken out of Seagate Penitentiary

  • Luke Cage is released from Seagate Prison. Foggy Nelson, who has been acting as his lawyer since his arrest in December, meets with him on his way out to tell him that Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz is at his disposal if he wants to start over. Cage rejects this, saying he is moving forward.[128][114]
  • Matt Murdock is making preparations for Aaron James' trial, when he hears crime nearby. Murdock reluctantly ignores the incident, sticking to his resolution to leave the vigilante role behind.[128][114]
  • James' trial takes place, which Murdock wins, allowing James' family a winning of $11 million in damages. Afterwards, Murdock speaks with James, and gives him some advice for dealing with his ongoing hardships. Karen Page approaches him, and they speak, agreeing to go to lunch together later.[128][114]
  • As Danny Rand flies back to New York City, he has a traumatic episode, hallucinating the dead bodies of the Order of the Crane Mother, being reminded of guilt of his guilt from abandoning K'un-Lun. He expresses his frustration to Colleen Wing that in the couple of months they have hunted the Hand, they have still got nowhere.[128][114]

Reid arrives at the hospital for her check up

  • Alexandra Reid visits hospital, where they inform her that she has a matter of months, if not weeks to live, as her major organs are failing. They assure her that they will continue to search for a cure, but admit not much can be done.[128][114]
  • Michelle Raymond visits Jessica Jones, asking for her to look into her missing husband, but Jones dismisses the case. Entering her office, she receives a scrambled call telling her not to take the case, and so, now intrigued, she changes her mind.[128][114]
  • Luke Cage arrives back in Harlem. He reunites with Claire Temple and return to Temple's home, where they have sex. The couple then discuss what Mariah Dillard and Shades have been doing to the community during his imprisonment, when Misty Knight visits and asks that she and Cage go for a walk.[128][114]
  • Matt Murdock and Karen Page have lunch together. Murdock compliments her on her story from last week on the school board scandal, and they discuss his decision to tell her the truth about being Daredevil in December. He tells her that the city is better off without Daredevil, and she accepts his decision, congratulating him on his work on the Aaron James case, simply as Matt Murdock.[128][114]
WHiH Twitter - 05-05-2016 (3)

Questions about Rumlow

WHiH Twitter - 05-05-2016 (7)

Questioning Iron Man's actions during the controversy of the Sokovia Accords

  • WHiH posts on Twitter announcing "Is Iron Man looking out for the best interests of the world, or is his guilt getting the best of him?"[99][100]
  • WHiH posts on Twitter announcing "In case you missed it, follow our continued coverage on The Cost of Saving the World. WHiH Newsfront Special Reports"[99][100]
  • Luke Cage visits Cole Miller by the request of Misty Knight, to help put him on a good path, and save Dolores Miller's last remaining child. Despite his attempts, Miller rejects his help and tells him to leave.[128][114]
  • Jessica Jones visits John Raymond's home, but quickly finds he is not in home. She is concerned when, instead, she discovers C-4 explosives in the room.[128][114]
  • Gao informs Alexandra Reid that the necessary arrangements have been made. She attempts to convince Reid to wait, but Reid gives the order to go ahead.[128][114]
  • IF returns

    Danny Rand and Colleen Wing return in time to feel the earthquake

    New York City Earthquake: As the Hand proceed with their plan, attacking the Wall of the Chaste, the impact and resistance of the magic wall triggers an earthquake that rumbles through New York City. Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage all feel it in their respective locations, as well as Danny Rand and Colleen Wing just as they land back in the city. Reid is visited by Elektra, her Black Sky, and tells her not to worry - that it is nothing more than a city, and that over time, she will see many more fall. Murdock uses his enhanced senses and hears the panic throughout his neighborhood, tempted more than ever to return to his vigilante ways and help.[128][114]
  • Taking to the rooftops, Matt Murdock surveys the immediate area. In one direction, he hears young looters raid a nearby business, its employees armed and ready with shotguns cocked.[128][114]
  • As fast as he can, Murdock runs across the rooftops and leaps down from a fire escape to quickly subdue the gunmen, who showed no interest in lowering their firearms. Murdock walks away from the alleyway, relieved but conflicted about his return to vigilante behavior.[128][129]


DS Featurette - Characters 1

Strange is introduced to the librarian, Wong

  • Stephen Strange goes to the Kamar-Taj library to return the books. He meets Wong, who gives him a short tour of the library. Strange notices the Book of Cagliostro in the Ancient One's personal collection, and Wong gives him another book to read.[14][10]
  • Kaecilius enters a church and speaks to the priest. He insists that the idea of an afterlife is a contradiction, and that he can "prove it", proceeding to kill the man. Then, Kaecilius and his Zealots decipher the ritual to contact Dormammu from the Book of Cagliostro, and successfully connect with him, causing symbols of the Dark Dimension to appear on their foreheads. One Zealot is nervous and unable to contact the entity, so Kaecilius murders him.[14][127]
  • The following morning, Trish Walker walks to her car, leaving a message for Jessica Jones on her cell phone, asking how she is. Reaching a small crowd and a line of police, she requests to get through but discovers her car is stuck in a sinkhole from the earthquake.[128][129]
TD102 TrishTalk

Trish Walker hosting Trish Talk

  • On Trish Talk, Walker engages with listeners calling in, discussing the earthquake, which had been centered in Hell's Kitchen. She receives a call from a geologist, who informs her that the quake was not ordinary, occurring only 300 feet beneath the surface. When the call is abruptly cut, Nicole informs Walker that their superiors do not want them to continue the conversation and want them to redirect.[128][129]
  • Meeting her superior, Captain Strieber, at the scene, Misty Knight is brought up to speed on the situation: that they have received a tip from Jessica Jones that John Raymond was keeping a stockpile of explosives in his apartment. The two comment on Jones' appearance, before Knight approaches the private investigator. She allows Jones to leave, but notices as Jones steals a document as she goes.[128][129]
TD102 MistyKnight01

Knight triest to catch Jones


Reid talks to Madame Gao

  • Alexandra Reid watches the The Aeolus Quartet play Two String Quartets, Op. 51. Once the performance is over, Reid is visited by Madame Gao, who informs her that, during their dig underneath Midland Circle, they have uncovered a wall blocking their way, which they have been unable to destroy with explosives. Gao notes that the wall is inscribed with writing about K'un-Lun and suggests that they should rethink their plans on how to access the Dragon Bones they need for the Resurrection Elixir. However, Reid remains confident and claims that they will still be able to find a way to enter, claiming that this was not a wall but a doorway, and that the Iron Fist will be able to open it.[128][129]
  • Jessica Jones starts to investigate the company that hired John Raymond. Her investigations through public records lead her to discover that the company has repeatedly changed its name, and their transfers of assets go as far back as the 18th century.[128][129]
Nelson&Murdock Def ep2

Murdock talks to Nelson at Josie's

  • Matt Murdock meets with Foggy Nelson at Josie's Bar. They discuss their respective jobs, with Nelson congratulating Murdock on winning the Aaron James case and asking if he intends to remain pro bono, which Murdock says that he does. Nelson then talks briefly about his renewed relationship with Marci Stahl, but he notices the bruises on Murdock's hands and their conversation turns to Murdock's vigilantism. Murdock tries to change the subject, and Nelson offers him case files to keep him occupied and away from the temptations of Daredevil. He accepts the files and thanks his friend before leaving.[128][129]
  • Kaecilius and his Zealots set up in the church, performing another ritual for Dormammu, and the evil entity gives them more power, such as the ability to alter reality even outside of the Mirror Dimension.[14][10]
  • Jeri Hogarth approaches Jessica Jones and warns her not to interfere with the John Raymond case, seeing as it has turned into a matter of national security.[128][129]

Barrett is confronted by Cage


Sowande AKA The White Hat meets with Cole Miller

Iron Glow

Iron Fist prepares to punch Luke Cage

  • As Wing fights the rest of the Hand's team at the workshop, Danny Rand pursues one of them, who turns out to be Cole Miller. Seeing Miller, Luke Cage chooses to intervene, and Cage and Rand come to blows. The two men fight each other, surprised by the other's resilience and powers. Using the Iron Fist, Rand manages to land an effective blow on Cage, just as the police arrive and arrest Miller. Rand and Wing flee as Cage reluctantly leaves in the other direction.[128][129]
  • In the Hand's headquarters, Alexandra Reid talks to Stick, keeping him shackled to a post. She claims that Stick is an old friend.[128][129]
  • Jessica Jones is questioned by Misty Knight. However, Matt Murdock, who was contacted by Nelson about representing Jones, arrives to be her attorney. He enters the room and introduces himself, to Jones' bemusement.[128][129]
  • Alexandra Reid interrogates Stick on the location of the Iron Fist. After he insults her on her declining health, she slaps him and reveals that she has resurrected and trained Elektra to work for her as the Black Sky.[128][129]

Stick's life is threatened by Reid and Elektra

  • Despite his attempts to persuade Elektra to release him, both women pin their swords against his body. Left with little choice, Stick pushes them away and slashes his right hand off on one of the blades so as to slip through his cuffs. In the darkness, Stick makes his escape through the ventilation system.[128][129]
  • Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock talk in the interrogation room. Jones learns that Murdock was called to help her by Jeri Hogarth's office and so refuses to answer his questions, telling him that she wants another lawyer. Murdock tells her that she does not have to, since the New York City Police Department did not have any evidence on her and so she is free to leave. When he esquires about her case, Jones refuses to answer. She leaves the room and immediately calls Malcolm Ducasse.[128][130]

Cage talks to Temple


Murdock walks down

Murdock attempts lose Jessica Jones' tracks

  • As she walks along the street, the private investigator senses that she is being followed. She manages to evade the person following her, only to discover that it was Matt Murdock. Unknowingly, he has lost Jones' trail, and she follows him instead into an alleyway. Jones then witnesses him clambering up the fire escape and away and takes photographs, realizing that he is more than he appears.[128][130]
  • Jones makes a call to Duncan + Dotter Design, pretending to be a woman called "Anna Asher", trying to get more information on Raymond's previous work.[128][130]
  • As they talk, Luke Cage becomes angry at Danny Rand again. He tells him he was wrong for attacking Miller, pointing out that Rand has had privilege since he was born, while others have had to earn things for themselves. He criticizes the way Rand acts and tells him that he could do better, then leaves to visit Miller in prison.[128][130]
TD103 CageAndMiller01

Cage visits Miller in prison

  • Cage goes to meet Cole Miller to ask him for information. Miller tells Cage that they were cleaning bodies and that the organization they were working for were tracking their movement. When Cage asks about the Hand, Miller resignedly ends the conversation, asking Cage to buy his mother some lottery tickets and to tell her that he was sorry.[128][130]
  • Danny Rand decides to go to Rand Enterprises and find out about the Hand's business with his company, having now realized that instead of targeting their agents, he could use his privileges as owner of Rand to fight the Hand's leadership.[128][130]
  • Rand arrives at the Rand Enterprises Building and asks them about several locations and the Hand's business with their company last year.[128][130]
  • Jessica Jones visits the architect who worked with John Raymond. He tells Jones about a project in Midtown he worked on last year, a Soho project from last winter, and their latest project, Midland Circle.[128][130]
TD103 LukeCage02

Cage discusses about Cole to Dolores

  • Luke Cage visits the Millers' mother, Dolores Miller. While he is there, she receives a call informing her that Cole has been killed in prison. Dolores cries at the loss of all three of her children, and Cage tries to console her.[128][130]
  • Stick arrives at Chikara Dojo, shocking Colleen Wing as he stumbles in bleeding and asking to meet with the Iron Fist.[128][130]
  • Escape from Midland Circle:
    • Danny Rand goes to Midland Circle Financial to confront the Hand. During a board meeting, he storms in and addresses their leader, Alexandra Reid, declaring his intention to expose them and revealing himself as the Iron Fist. Reid orders her subordinates to capture him, and a fight ensues in the meeting room.[128][130]
    • As Rand is pinned down and struggling to summon the Fist, Luke Cage breaks throw the door to assist him.[128][130]
    • Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones arrive at Midland Circle individually. Murdock tries to keep Jones away, but she reveals that she has leverage on him with the pictures she took in the alleyway. In response, Murdock simply breaks Jones' camera to protect his secret, just as they hear a gunshot from upstairs. He grabs Jones' scarf so as to hide his identity in the fight he anticipates, and the two of them run to discover what was happening.[128][130]
    • DefendersUnited

      The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, the Private Investigator, the Defender of Harlem and the Living Weapon of K'un-Lun fight together for the first time

      Murdock and Jones reach the boardroom and, alongside Cage and Rand, fight against the Hand. Murdock engages in a fight with a female warrior, not knowing who it is he is fighting. She defeats him and is about to kill him when Murdock realizes the woman is his ex-lover, Elektra Natchios, whom he had thought dead for 6 months. Iron Fist intervenes and saves Murdock and the quartet make their way to the elevator.[128][130]
    • At 08:18PM, the four heroes descend in Midland Circle's Elevator B. Jessica Jones notices the security camera watching them and breaks it.[128][132]
  • Closing the Royal Dragon for the day, Mr. Zhang orders his chef to make sure everything is cleaned, while he goes to the register and counts his earnings for the day. Suddenly, Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand enter the restaurant, forcing Zhang to tell them that the place was closed. Murdock and Jones ignore him and turn off all the lights, before blocking the doors with furniture and finally closing the blinds. Rand speaks to Mr. Zhang to convince him to let them stay in the restaurant.[128][133]
Not Team Players

The four vigilantes of New York in the Royal Dragon

  • Cage and Jones briefly converse, asking how each other have been since their last time spent together. Murdock approaches them as Rand informs them that they are allowed to stay, admitting that he promised to pay the restaurant's rent. When everyone begins to introduce themselves with each other, Murdock quickly breaks away, explaining that he was not going to risk his identity being revealed.[128][133]
  • The chef walks to a table and serves food; Rand adds that as part of the agreement, they had to order something. Murdock continues to reject cooperation with the group because he cannot trust them all, when Cage grabs his arm, saying that he cannot trust him either, before Jones requests to speak with Murdock for a moment. Though he insists that he cannot risk his identity being revealed, Jones tells him that she figured out that he was "the Devil of Hell's Kitchen" and says that eventually Rand and Cage would work that out too. Finally convinced, Murdock removes Jones' scarf and reveals himself as Matt Murdock.[128][133]

Reid reassures Elektra of her identity as the Black Sky

  • At the Hand penthouse, Elektra Natchios stares at herself in a mirror, noticing scars from her past life. Alexandra Reid enters the room and reminds her that she is the Black Sky, and that that is all she needs to remember.[128][133]
  • The quartet have dinner and discuss their encounter, with Rand suggesting a potential team-up. As everyone protests the idea, Murdock senses someone approaching from the rear entrance. The person is revealed to be Stick, who enters and proclaims that he will aid the four in defeating the Hand.[128][133]
  • Murakami is cutting the innards from the corpse of a bear as Alexandra Reid walks into his apartment. She requests that Murakami regroup with the other "Fingers" of the Hand, since the capture of the Iron Fist has proven difficult due to his newfound friends. When Murakami asks about their other contact, Reid assures him that they will be arriving soon.[128][133]

Sowande challenges the Black Sky

  • Elsewhere, Sowande confronts the Black Sky, challenging her skills and her inability to strike down her opponents. However, she moves swiftly and manages to defeat his henchmen before leaving.[128][133]
  • Zhang and his chefs watch behind the counter as Stick approaches the group, and Murdock warns the others that Stick will only be planning to use them for his own ends. Stick explains that he was a part of the Chaste and was trained by similar masters as the ones who trained Rand in K'un-Lun. Murdock pushes Stick aside to speak privately, to Cage's displeasure. Murdock states that people will die.[128][133]
  • In grand disbelief of the conversation, Jones decides she is going to leave. Cage tries to persuade her to sit through the stories, but she still decides to leave, expressing gratitude for seeing him again before returning to her apartment.[128][133]
  • Murdock uses his enhanced senses to listen to Jones and Cage, and informs Rand and Stick that she will not be returning.[128][133]
  • Cage returns in order to listen to Stick.[128][133]
  • Preparing for a meeting, Alexandra Reid takes her prescribed pills. She takes a deep breath, then makes a call to say that her plans for the evening have changed.[128][133]
  • In her apartment, Jones drinks her liquor and looks through her photographs of the signed documents taken earlier that day. As she begins deleting them, she notices the handwriting of the signatures are all very similar, concluding that the individuals from across the centuries were, somehow, the same person. Jones reconsiders the truth to Stick's stories.[128][133]

Stick explains the true history of the Hand

  • As Stick informs the remaining trio about the five Fingers of the Hand, including Bakuto, Rand comments that he killed him some time ago. Stick also discloses that another, Murakami, is the one who pulled the strings around he and Murdock's former enemy, Nobu Yoshioka. Eventually, Murdock becomes impatient with his former teacher and asks what he desires; Rand interjects, stating Stick has just told him more than the elders of K'un-Lun ever did. Murdock and Rand briefly become hostile before Murdock walks away from the table, tired of the Hand situation.[128][133]
  • Jones wakes Michelle Raymond at her house. Mildly drunk, she informs Raymond that digging deeper into her husband's case has proven it to be weirder and weirder, and says that she will try to provide round-the-clock security for them. When Raymond tells Jones that she believed she already had security due to the car outside her house, Jones warns her to lock the doors and windows and go to her daughter while she goes to confront the man in the car.[128][133]
  • Rand continues to eat, and Cage questions how he could still be eating. Stating that it helps to restore his chi, Rand then comments that the two of them could make a great team, much to Cage's dissatisfaction.[128][133]

Stick and Murdock discuss Elektra's return

  • Stick approaches Murdock and questions him on his encounter with Natchios. Though Murdock expresses optimism about her resurrection, Stick warns him that she is only a "vessel", and not the same person he fell in love with before. Suddenly, both blind men hear weapons nearby.[128][133]
  • Jessica Jones goes to the parked SUV by the Raymond Residence and grabs the Hand henchman who was ordered to spy on the Raymonds, pulling him out of the car. The two briefly fight until he is pinned down. Jones pushes for him to leave the Raymonds alone, as they knew nothing about John's work. When the man refuses to go, however, Jones pressures him against the windshield until he finally leaves.[128][133]
  • Just as Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, and Luke Cage prepare themselves to fight the Hand soldiers approaching the Royal Dragon, Stick senses that Alexandra Reid has entered from the back. As they turn to her, she approaches Rand with the offer to join her side. Though Cage and Stick warn Rand not to go with her, Reid continues to push.[128][133]
  • Ambush at the Royal Dragon:
    • When Rand declines her offer, Reid sends in the Black Sky, who slashes the door hinges and breaks into the restaurant.[128][133]
    • Defenders&Stick

      The recently formed team with Stick prepares to face the Hand

      At that moment, an SUV comes crashing into the restaurant and knocks Natchios to the ground. Jessica Jones emerges, having pushed the henchman from the Raymond Residence's car through the window. She rejoins her friends, and they prepare to fight the Hand together.[128][133]
    • Danny Rand and Matt Murdock engage Murakami in battle, who entered the restaurant from the rooftop. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage try to take down Natchios as Alexandra Reid stays in the back, before leaving through a back door. Though Rand and Murdock manage to knock Murakami off his feet, he soon gets up to retreat.[134]
    • The vigilantes notice that Reid has left, but have no time to act before Sowande's men, carrying firearms, begin firing throughout the restaurant. Everyone except Cage takes cover from the spray bullets, but Madame Gao pulls a pistol of her own and kills one of Sowande's henchman, reminding Sowande that they are required to capture the Iron Fist alive, and his actions are reckless.[128][134]
    • Defenders Surrounded

      The team is surrounded by their enemies

      Alongside Stick, the group is suddenly circled by the Hand's fighters. The five initiate a brawl with every Hand soldier and Murdock disarms Natchios, taking her out of the restaurant. He declares that he will not fight her and attempts to make Natchios remember him. At the mention of her name, Natchios calms down, allowing Murdock to slowly approach her and ask what the Hand have done to her.[128][134]
    • Murakami interrupts the ex-lovers and orders Natchios to kill Murdock. She is hesitant to obey, and so Murakami tries to attack Murdock himself; however, Natchios suddenly intervenes, protecting her old love as she beats Murakami and leaves him unconscious, before vanishing.[128][134]
    • In the meantime, Sowande manages to lure Luke Cage outside of the Royal Dragon, convinced that he will be able to break Cage.[128][134]
    • TD105 Sowande02

      Sowande manages to lure Luke Cage

      After a few strikes, Cage is beaten into the street. He is soon hit by a truck driven by the Hand.[128][134]
    • Jones watches in horror as Cage is dragged away, just as several more Hand soldiers arrive at the scene. Rand overpowers the soldiers inside, but upon going after Gao, the woman pushes him backwards with force and leaves him stunned. Gao then orders her henchmen to restrain him.[128][134]
    • The henchmen are, however, interrupted by the arrival of Stick and Jessica Jones, who defeat Gao's henchmen and leave with Rand through the back exit. Without Cage, the remaining four reassemble and escape through the sewers.[128][134]
    • Madame Gao walks to the back and uses her powers to blast the door to where the group had been hiding; however, she finds the area empty. Murakami is approached by Gao. She questions him on the whereabouts of the vigilantes and the Black Sky, and he replies that she should instead ask Alexandra Reid for Natchios' whereabouts.[128][134]

Sowande after being subdued by Cage

  • The group heads back to the Chikara Dojo, where they are received by Colleen Wing, who had been worried about the situation. Murdock senses that someone is coming, but calms down when he realizes that it is Luke Cage, who has captured Sowande and returned to the team.[128][134]
  • In her penthouse, Alexandra Reid visits Elektra Natchios. She tells Natchios the story of her previous life, how she had once a daughter who had eventually died, and how she enlisted into the Order of the Crane Mother from K'un-Lun. She then informs Natchios that if she is unable to kill those she is tasked to kill, she will be useless to the Hand. They are interrupted by Murakami, who enters and asks to speak with Reid himself.[128][134]
  • In the very early hours of the morning, Murdock, Cage, Rand, Jones, and Stick head to an abandoned building where they tie Sowande to a chair. They interrogate him on the Hand's current operations in the city. Instead of giving up information, Sowande warns them that their efforts to stop the Hand are futile, mentioning that they have plans to harm the group's loved ones, such as the "nurse" and the "radio host". Jones punches Sowande in anger and leaves him unconscious.[128][134]
Defenders105 Claire Temple

Temple is awakened by Cage

  • While Stick stays to watch over their hostage, Cage wakes Claire Temple at her mother's apartment, informing her that the Hand may target her.[128][134]
  • While waiting outside Temple's apartment, Wing tells Rand that his new friends could be a liability to him and to his mission as the Iron Fist.[128][134]
  • Wing and Rand hear someone approaching. They leave to investigate, but Wing is soon ambushed by Bakuto, revealing himself to have been revived after the Duel at Bethesda Terrace. Wing tries to attack her former sensei, but he subdues her with ease. She is saved by Luke Cage, who arrives in time to knock Bakuto aside as Rand and Temple arrive. Bakuto disappears, but not before threatening the Iron Fist.[128][134]
  • Matt Murdock manages to find Karen Page at her office and briefly informs her on the situation. She becomes angry at him for returning to vigilantism. Murdock contacts Foggy Nelson and convinces him to also head to the 29th Precinct Police Station for protection along with Page.[128][134]
  • Sowande awakens and is confronted by Stick. Sowande decides to try to get inside Stick's mind, telling him the story of how the Chaste once captured him, just as Stick has now, and that he will soon be free of the chair. He tells Stick that not even the vigilantes will be able to help him defeat the Hand. Despite Sowande's threats, Stick ignores him.[128][134]



Murdock catches up with Stick's antics

  • Matt Murdock returns to their hideout and talks to Stick, who claims that he had been trying to protect Murdock from his two worlds colliding. Murdock says that he does not buy it - that this was merely Stick's latest attempt to manipulate him into joining the Chaste and the war which he had no desire to be a part of.[128][134]
  • Stick tells Murdock to lead his new group of vigilantes, claiming that his leadership is needed as the Iron Fist is not suitable. Murdock explains that he has no desire to lead anybody into any kind of fight, to which Stick notes that he should have more faith in God's plan for him. This annoys Murdock, considering Stick to be using his faith against him. Stick reminds him of his duty to protect New York City and Murdock becomes angry, eventually leaving, telling Stick that he already knew who he was and did not need Stick's reminders.[128][134]
  • Rescue of Trish Walker:
    • Jessica Jones tries to locate Trish Walker, so as to get her to safety. She finds her adoptive sister discussing the future of her talk show with her producers, and Jones tells her they have to go.[128][134]
    • DD JJ tagteam

      Daredevil and Jessica Jones take on Murakami

      As the women leave, they are ambushed by Murakami. He easily subdues Jones and moves to kill her, just as Daredevil arrives to help. Together, Jones and Murdock defeat Murakami, who decides to flee.[128][134]
  • Walker and Malcolm Ducasse are taken to the 29th Precinct Police Station under the surveillance of Misty Knight. Ducasse and Walker meet Karen Page and Foggy Nelson, who have also just arrived at the precinct.[128][134]
  • The four free fingers of the Hand reconvene to discuss their new enemies and how best to deal with them.[128][134]
  • Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones meet with Stick to continue to interrogate Sowande. Daredevil wraps his billy club around Sowande's neck and constricts to torture him for information, but the man still refuses to reveal any kind of information, beginning to mock Daredevil. In anger, Murdock chokes him and leaves him unconscious. Stick advises Murdock to tell the truth to the others about Natchios.[128][134]

Murakami explains Daredevil has returned

  • Meanwhile, Murakami reveals to the Hand that Rand has found a new ally in the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. This is questioned by Madame Gao, asking him if he was sure, since the Daredevil had been absent from New York City for months. Murakami insists it was true, noting that he saw him with his own eyes.[128][134]
  • Bakuto notes that while Daredevil is a formidable fighter, so are the four of them. However, Murakami explains that his concern was not combat skill, but Daredevil's apparent relationship with Elektra Natchios, their Black Sky, with Gao noting that they had fought side-by-side against Nobu Yoshioka before his death. Murakami reminds them that Natchios had loved Daredevil, and claims that this was the reason she had attacked him instead of Daredevil during the Ambush at the Royal Dragon.[128][134]
  • Alexandra Reid questions if Murakami believes that Natchios had failed them, but he claims this was not the case. However, he explains that he believes that Reid herself has failed them, openly questioning her leadership.[128][134]

Sowande attempts to escape with the Iron Fist

  • Murdock opens up to the team about his past with Natchios. They argue with him, claiming that he should have told them from the beginning, and during the conflict between Cage and Murdock, Sowande wakes up and grabs Danny Rand, holding him hostage at knife point. Sowande reveals that now that they have the Iron Fist, they can complete their goal, but Stick makes a sudden move, beheading him before he can escape with Rand.[128][134]
  • Elektra Natchios goes to Matt Murdock's Apartment, with the room bringing back memories. Eventually, Natchios enters the bedroom, setting her blade down on a nightstand and lying to rest in the bed.[128][134]
  • Meanwhile, the group converse over Sowande's final words, and how the Hand wishes to bring the Iron Fist to their side. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Matt Murdock agree that keeping Rand hidden away is the best decision, but Rand protests that this is what the Hand wants: to divide them. The tension rises and a duel begins between Iron Fist and Daredevil. Cage and Jones try to separate them, but fail. Eventually, Jones manages to knock Rand unconscious, and they tie him to a chair.[128][80]
Daredevil Suit Box

Daredevil's suit as being kept in Murdock's apartment

  • Elektra Natchios finds Murdock's original Daredevil suit, a Braille Bible, and a bookmark with the Bible verse of Relevation 21:4, used at her funeral 5 months ago. She takes this with her before leaving the apartment.[128][80]
  • Stick talks to the others about what their next move should be, noting that Midland Circle is the Hand's current headquarters. Matt Murdock explains to everyone that he had been there the year before with Natchios while the building was being constructed, and had found a large hole in the centre of the construction. This new revelation causes more of a rift with Jones and Cage, as they accuse him of keeping vital information from them yet again. Stick recommends that they focus on the mission.[128][80]
  • Murdock and Jones head out to see if they can find anything more of what John Raymond knew about Midland Circle.[128][80]
  • Stick remains behind with Luke Cage and they examine Sowande's dead body. Stick talks about the sleepless nights he had experienced as a result of hunting down and killing the Hand, then promises Cage that he will get rid of Sowande's corpse. When Cage questions what exactly he will do, considering they are dealing with a homicide, Stick refuses to tell him, claiming that the less Cage knows, the better. Cage reluctantly agrees and leaves Stick to act however he feels is necessary.[128][80]
  • Unbeknownst to Cage, Stick puts Sowande's head in a package and intentionally hides it in a place where the Hand will find it.[128][80]

Reid being informed of Sowande's demise

  • Reid is informed that Sowande's severed head has been found in one of their warehouses. She gathers the other Hand leaders to see, and notes that Stick is the one to blame for killing their colleague. Although both Madame Gao and Bakuto claim that Sowande's death could have been avoided if they had searched for him, Reid insists that he only had himself to blame for getting captured, and shows no remorse.[128][80]
  • Reid points out that their many years together have rarely been peaceful and that they have all survived several assassination attempts against each other. She suggests they show unity, but Murakami retort that they had, in fact, been unified, until she brought the Black Sky into their organization. When Bakuto demands to know where Natchios is, Reid claims that she was being kept hidden, having foreseen that one of them would try to kill her. Gao stands up for Reid, claiming that they must honor Sowande by continuing their mission and following their leader.[128][80]
Snowy Murdock and Jones 09

Murdock and Jones arrive and Raymonds' house

  • Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock arrive at the Raymonds' residence to talk to Lexi Raymond.[128][80]
  • While taking her pills, Alexandra Reid is visited by Madame Gao. Gao notes that while Reid's position as leader of the Hand is one of great power, she understands that it also comes with a great burden, and that this is why she had defended her to the others and convinced them to follow her leadership. However, she insists on a single term: that they would find the Iron Fist without the interference of the Black Sky, whom they have all lost confidence in.[128][80]
  • Reid accuses Gao of losing her faith, but Gao retorts that it was unlike Reid to show such weakness as she does with Natchios, revealing that she believes the same as their fellow leaders. Gao explains that since bringing Elektra Natchios back with the Resurrection Elixir, they have still come no closer to finding the Iron Fist or returning to K'un-Lun as they had planned, and are merely drawing closer to their own deaths.[128][80]
  • Reid tries to argue that Natchios had more than strength of body, but also strength of mind, although Gao notes that the others would still not accept this. When Reid questions why she no longer has faith that the Black Sky will be enough to save them, Gao claims that she simply no longer believes in anything. She leaves Reid to speak with Murakami and Bakuto about their decision.[128][80]
Defenders NYB Tremor

New York Bulletin article: Tremors Rock New York

  • Meanwhile, in the hideout where Rand is being kept, Luke Cage reads the New York Bulletin and its "Tremors Rock New York" article about the earthquake. Danny Rand wakes up and tries to summon his Chi to free himself. When he sees Cage, they begin to talk. Cage remains by Rand's side but refuses to set him free, while trying to calm him down.[128][80]
  • Elektra Natchios goes to visit her grave. She is approached by Reid, who explains to her that the woman who had died in December was not truly her. She claims that Daredevil allowed Natchios to die during her fight against Nobu Yoshioka, and tells her that he may attempt to deceive her again, in an attempt to turn her away from the Hand. Natchios vows that she would not allow that to happen. Reid then reveals to Natchios that she is dying, much to Natchios' shock as she believed the Hand could live forever. Reid then notes that without the Resurrection Elixir that they gained from the bones of dragons, her body was beginning to shut down, revealing that she had used the last of the Elixir to bring Natchios back to life. With Natchios seemingly devoted to finding the bones for her so as to keep them both alive, Reid then tells her that she is the Black Sky and vows to her that once this is over, they will together be able to serve life itself.[128][80]

Murdock discovering the map inside the piano

  • Through their talk with the Raymonds, Jones and Murdock learn that John tended to play the piano, beginning after he built the Midland Circle Financial Building. This leads Murdock to investigate the piano, discovering that John had hidden building plans in the instrument's casing. From these plans, he and Jones learn about a massive cave beneath the structure, and that John intended to level the building to collapse it into the cave and fill the hole. Murdock and Jones head back to the hideout to pass on their findings.[128][80]
  • Kidnapping of Iron Fist: At the hideout, Stick uses poisoned smoke to render Luke Cage unconscious and prevent Danny Rand from summoning his Chi, deciding to kill Rand and ensure that the Hand are prevented from using him. However, as he moves to do so, Stick is attacked by Elektra Natchios, who kills her old mentor. Murdock arrives and is horrified at Stick's death. He tries to fight her, but Natchios defeats him, Jones, and a recently awakened Cage, leaving them unconscious and taking the Iron Fist with her.[128][80]

Reid being visited at her dinner by Murakami

  • Murakami visits Alexandra Reid at Kadir's restaurant, bringing a bottle of extremely rare champagne on the pretence of making peace with her for everything that had been said in the wake of Sowande's death. He tells her that he did not want to leave K'un-Lun with her, instead wanting to use their Chi abilities to do good, but Reid is not surprised by this, noting that his greatest strength was his singular focus. Murakami then says that he brought the champagne because he wanted Reid's last meal to be a good one, revealing his intention to kill her and take her place as the Hand's new leader. Remaining confident, Reid mocks Murakami, calling him a foolish for having planned to attack her alone. Before they can engage in a fight, they are interrupted by the arrival of Elektra Natchios, bringing them an unconscious Danny Rand. Reid claims that if Murakami had paid attention, he would have know that she always wins, and never wavered in his faith.[128][80]

Alexandra Reid being murdered by Elektra

  • Assassination of Alexandra Reid: Alexandra Reid gloats to the other leaders of the Hand about the victory they have achieved, claiming to have proven herself to be the worthy leader of their organization. As she speaks, she is caught off-guard by Natchios, who surprises her by stabbing her with a sai from behind, deciding to take the opportunity to kill the woman who manipulated her. Reid falls down, dead, and as Bakuto, Madame Gao, and Murakami stand in shock, Natchios claims the leadership of the Hand for herself.[128][80]


  • Stephen Strange starts to train with the Sling Ring along with other students, but again he is unable to achieve their level of competency. The Ancient One explains to him that the fact he cannot master the Sling Ring is not due to the damage to his hands. To prove this, she calls Master Hamir, who is missing an arm, but can perfectly master the Sling Ring.[14][10]
Doctor Strange 35

Strange is taken to Everest

  • In order to push him to learn, the Ancient One takes Strange through a portal to Mount Everest and abandons him, forcing him to use all his efforts to master the Sling Ring and get back to Kamar-Taj. After a few minutes, Strange manages to create a portal back to the courtyard, impressing Mordo and the Ancient One.[14][10]
  • Jessica Jones wakes up in the interrogation room of the 29th Precinct Police Station. She is soon approached by Misty Knight, who asks her what had happened the night before.[128][85]
  • Murdock wakes up, finding himself in the precinct. Foggy Nelson arrives and explains that the police had found the trio with two dead bodies and intended to ask them questions about what happened.[128][85]
  • Colleen Wing and Claire Temple talk by an unconscious Luke Cage. They discuss what may have happened and where Rand could be, with Wing being worried about what could have happened to him. Cage wakes up and learns about the current situation.[128][85]
  • Elektra Natchios has Reid's body taken away. The remaining Fingers of the Hand agree to let Natchios pursue her goals, hoping that she will grant them access to the dragon bones.[128][85]

Murdock listening to Strieber's demands

  • Murdock, Cage, and Jones are taken to be questioned by the authorities at the precinct. Knowing that time is running out and that they need to get out of the precinct, Murdock manages to convince Strieber to let him have a private talk with Cage and Jones.[128][85]
  • Strange shaves himself and cuts his hair. He then continues his training over the next few months with more vigor.[14][10]
  • Meanwhile, Natchios takes Rand down into the Midland Circle hole by elevator. During their descent, she explains to him that there is a blockage in the hole, and behind the blockage is the main ingredient for the Resurrection Elixir. Though Rand insists that he would not assist the Hand, while unstrapping him, Natchios tries to connect with him by highlighting their similarities in both choosing to run from their destiny.[128][85]
  • At the precinct, the trio agree that they needed to get out and get to Midland Circle to stop the Hand. Murdock is surprised when Foggy Nelson assists him by delivering him his suit.[128][85]
TD107 ElektravsIronFist02

Danny Rand and Elektra talk beneath Midland Circle

  • The group escapes the precinct by destroying one of the walls. They make their way to Midland Circle by getting on the subway.[128][85]
  • Danny Rand looks at the language on the wall, recognizing it to be from K'un-Lun. Natchios explains that since an Iron Fist sealed the wall with his Chi, only another Iron Fist can open it. Rand still refuses to help his sworn enemy.[128][85]
  • Officer Strieber sends Misty Knight to find the trio. Meanwhile, Colleen Wing goes to retrieve the C-4 recovered from John Raymond's hideout in hopes that it can be used to help her friends. She and Claire Temple head to Midland Circle. Knight is left wondering where Wing has gone.[128][85]
  • Cage, Murdock, and Jones arrive at Midland Circle.[128][85]
  • Elektra Natchios tries to convince Rand by setting him free. Rand, however, uses this opportunity to engage her in a fight.[128][85]
  • Meanwhile, the trio above ground fight Bakuto, Murakami, and Madame Gao. The battle causes the Hand leaders to briefly withdraw. Meanwhile, Claire Temple is relieved when Misty Knight offers to stall the police to give the team more time.[128][85]

Elektra lures the Iron Fist into opening the wall

  • As Iron Fist fights Natchios, she tricks him into summoning his Chi and punching in her direction with the fist lit up, as she stands in front of the wall. Natchios dodges it and the punch connects with the wall before Rand can stop himself, causing the blockage to open.[128][85]
  • Colleen Wing and Temple reveal the C-4 they brought, and Wing explains her plan to Murdock, Cage, and Jones: to destroy Midland Circle with the explosives, collapsing it into the hole below and killing the last three Fingers of the Hand.[128][85]
  • Danny Rand wakes in the cave he unintentionally opened and finds himself among the bones of a dead dragon. He is horrified, knowing the Hand are now close to fulfilling their goals.[128][85]
  • The team discuss the plan to stop the Hand with the C-4. Luke Cage is the last to agree, claiming that they would have to ensure that not a single innocent collateral damage death would be acceptable if they were to destroy Midland Circle.[128][135]
  • Misty Knight is altered about the stealing of the C-4, and worries about what it might be used for.[128][135]
The Defenders - 1x08 - The Defenders - Trish and Karen

Karen Page and Trish Walker briefly converse

  • Trish Walker and Karen Page talk about Jones and Murdock, and their experiences with the Hand. They are interrupted by Foggy Nelson and Malcolm Ducasse, who inform them that the police are calling every patrol to close in on Midland Circle. Walker points out that Midland Circle is not only the literal epicenter of the earthquake, but has been the epicenter of all the events of the last few days.[128][135]
  • In Midland Circle, Daredevil gets Cage to break through a door, allowing them to access the elevator into the chasm. He expresses his thanks for having found the others, and Jones expresses her own surprise at their newly formed friendship, saying that if she had been told a week ago that she would be here, she would never have believed it. The trio prepare for the upcoming battle.[128][135]
  • As they prepare to set up the explosives, Colleen Wing reassures Claire Temple that she is just as gifted as their friends, only in different ways, due to her kindness and selflessness in helping people without looking for any recognition.[128][135]
  • Misty Knight approaches the room where Wing and Temple are talking, just as Bakuto finds the duo. As her former sensei approaches, Wing goes to confront him. Temple hides, but Knight calls her cell phone and the ringing gives away her presence. Realizing she has to act, Wing engages Bakuto in a sword fight.[128][135]
  • Madame Gao explains how the process for obtaining dragon bones for Resurrection Elixir will cause part of New York City to collapse. Danny Rand expresses his anger to her for the desecration of the dragons and the Hand's selfish motivations.[128][135]
Defenders unite

The Defenders facing off against the Hand

  • At the bottom of the chasm, the Hand are surprised when Jessica Jones reveals her presence. As she distracts them, Daredevil and Luke Cage ambush the ninjas from the side and a battle begins. Rand regroups with the trio and is informed of their plan to blow up the building. Finally formed as the Defenders, the quartet work together to fight the Hand.[128][135]
  • Destruction of Midland Circle:
    • Meanwhile, above ground, Bakuto manages to defeat Wing and sets off the explosives' detonator timer. As he bears down on Wing, Knight arrives and attacks him. He knocks her gun aside and hits her with the hilt of his sword, leaving her unable to move. Wing reengages him in the sword fight and Claire Temple moves around the side in an attempt to ambush him. However, as she attacks, he easily stops her and prepares to kill her as Wing watches, helpless on the ground. Before he can act, Knight steps back in to get in his way, and in the process, he slices off her right arm. Taking advantage of the distraction, however, Wing manages to behead Bakuto, killing him permanently.[128][135]
    • DaredevilTellsTheDefendersToLeaveMC

      Daredevil tells the team to leave the building

      The Defenders manage to defeat all of the Hand soldiers in combat. They are then attacked by Elektra Natchios, however, who manages to take them down. Daredevil tells his teammates to leave, claiming that he would reunite with them later, after he has managed to remind Natchios of who she really is. Knowing really that he is not going to escape and will most likely die in the chasm, Daredevil pulls Iron Fist over before he leaves, telling him in secret to protect his city when he is gone. Rand, Jones, and Cage leave in the elevator, while Murdock stays behind.[128][135]
    • Murdock parries Elektra Natchios' attacks, defending himself but not attacking, all the while trying to talk her back to her senses. Natchios throws a knife at the elevator mechanism to make it fall as Rand, Jones, and Cage are trying to escape. It begins to drop, but Jones catches the elevator, allowing Cage and Rand to escape with her.[128][135]
    • The trio reunite with Colleen Wing, Claire Temple, and Misty Knight, and are stopped by police, who prevent them from trying to return to the building to rescue Murdock. They escape Midland Circle as the explosives begin to go off.[128][135]
    • TDS1E8-DaredevilKissingElektra

      Daredevil passionately kissing Elektra

      Meanwhile, Murdock and Natchios finally reconcile at the bottom of the chasm. The two of them express their strong and complicated feelings for each other in a kiss, just as the building above them collapses. Rubble falls around them as they embrace their deaths.[128][135]
    • Outside, the others watch the building fall and are horrified at their ally and friend's death under the building. Rand reveals that Murdock had no intention of escaping, telling the others what Murdock had said to him before they left.[128][135]
  • Matt Murdock falls through the crumbling foundations of Midland Circle, being swept up by the water main.[128][136]
  • The remaining Defenders return to the precinct to embrace their friends and family. Karen Page and Foggy Nelson wait for Murdock, but when he does not walk through the door, they realize what has happened. The friends cry and embrace other to find comfort in their best friend's death.[128][135]
  • Murdock falls out of the water pipes on the side of the road and collapses, extremely injured.[128][136]


Daredevil after the battle of New York

Daredevil unconscious after the explosion



  • Foggy Nelson tells Luke Cage and Claire Temple that he has made sure no one will be charging them for their actions, claiming that there is no record of what happened in Midland Circle, and that the incident has been reported to the public as merely a collapse due to bad construction. Temple gives her condolences to Nelson for his best friend, saying that Murdock died doing did the right thing. Nelson says that he knows that, but he did not know if he personally had done the right thing in ultimately encouraging Murdock.[128][137][135]
Def108 1932

Wing visits Detective Knight in the hospital

  • Misty Knight wakes up in hospital. She is greeted by Colleen Wing, who apologizes to her, feeling somewhat responsible for the loss of Knight's arm, having got her involved. Knight tells her not to worry, but Wing nonetheless reassures her that Danny Rand has useful contacts who he is reaching out to in order to help her recovery.[128][137][135]
  • WHiH World News posts on Twitter asking "The Sokovia Accords have divided the world. Now that the dust has settled, where do you stand?" The results eventually turned out as 27% "For Sokovia Accords", 73% "Anti Sokovia Accords".[99][100]
  • Cage finds Jessica Jones and sits with her to talk about Murdock's death and what happened between them. He tells her that any one of them could have died in the cave, but he is glad that she was one of the survivors, and he asks that she keep in touch. Now exonerated of the crimes he was framed for, and with his life with Temple secured, Cage returns to Harlem to continue his life.[128][137][135]
Def108 2233

Danny Rand kisses Colleen Wing

  • Rand meditates and reflects on the battle and Matt Murdock's sacrifice. Blaming himself for Murdock's death and deeply inspired by both his example as Daredevil and his sacrifice, Rand recalls Murdock's last words to him: "Protect my city." He resolves to follow Murdock's example to protect the city at night from all those who corrupt it. When Wing arrives, he tells her that he has finally started to feel like New York is his home again.[128][137][135]


  • Karen Page and Foggy Nelson hold a memorial for Matt Murdock. Page holds out a little hope that Matt could still be alive, but Nelson sadly reminds her that this is highly unlikely, given that it has been a few days already. Page tells Nelson that she was sadly also cannot yet publicly reveal Murdock's demise, knowing that people would realize that Murdock and Daredevil disappearing on the same day was not a coincidence.[128][137][135]
  • Danny Rand looks out at the city, ready to honor his fallen ally's wish to defend the city.[128][137][135]


Vulture Exo-Suit (SMH)

The Vulture: "Business is good"








T'Chaka talks about the incident in Lagos


Zemo leaves the defiant Karpov to drown

  • Assassination of Vasily Karpov: Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Helmut Zemo ambushes retired HYDRA general Vasily Karpov. Zemo hangs him upside down over a sink, slowly filling it up to torture him into giving him the information he needs about the mission of December 16, 1991 as he finds the Winter Soldier Book, which contains the words used to trigger the Winter Soldier's conditioning. When Karpov persistently refuses to give him information, Zemo leaves him to drown.[120]
  • The Avengers team is divided over the act. Stark supports government oversight because he feels that they need to be held responsible, whereas Rogers worries that the Avengers may be compromised if they come under the control of the United Nations.[120]
  • Vision realizes that there must be a causality between the increase in heroes and the increase in disasters, and so supports the Accords, along with Natasha Romanoff and James Rhodes. However, Sam Wilson and Wanda Maximoff disagree. During their debate about the Accords, Rogers receives a message informing him of the death of Peggy Carter.[120][147]


Failed Experiments 1

Hive tells his origin story

  • Vanessa Marianna visits the Nervión River in Bilbao. She observes tourists posing for pictures, holding hands, and kissing on the riverfront. Feeling as though she was not with the people who surround her, Marianna feels lonely.[148][149]
  • Hive tells his origin story to Daisy Johnson, Kirk Vogel, and the last two heads of HYDRA who escaped the destruction of the organization. He reveals to them that he wants to duplicate the experiment on them, changing them into Inhumans.[150][111]
  • Wanting to be helpful and to find Johnson, Lincoln Campbell volunteers himself to be the guinea pig for the antidote that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons have concocted against Hive's sway.[150][111]
  • After two months of trying, Phil Coulson discovers where Johnson is hiding: in Union City, south Wyoming.[150]
  • Coulson informs Alphonso Mackenzie of the discovery. Mackenzie believes that his friend just wants to be rescued. Coulson says that he will send him and Melinda May with a group to the city; not to save Johnson, but to kill Hive.[150]
  • Marlene Vistain passes away while her son, Wilson Fisk, is still in prison.[151]
  • In Union City, Holden Radcliffe performs his experiment to change the three HYDRA leaders, but they die tragically, instead of becoming Inhumans. Radcliffe tells Hive that he failed because he does not have the DNA of a living Kree. Hive decides to spare his life.[150]
  • While a team is sent to Union City to kill Hive, Coulson tells Simmons, Fitz, and Campbell that the antitoxin experimentation will not be continued.[150]
  • In the city, May pretends to be a HYDRA agent, and flirts with Hellfire. He reveals that Hive wants to change all humanity into Inhumans. She knocks him out.[150]
Kree Reapers

Kree Reapers

  • In order to get the DNA of a living Kree, Hive uses the Kree Orb to lure them to Earth. Two Kree Reapers arrive.[150]
  • Battle of Union City:
    • A fight ensues between the three sides, resulting in several deaths, including Alisha Whitley. Johnson attacks one of the Kree and breaks his bones, but when she proceeds to drain him, Mackenzie arrives and offers her to return to S.H.I.E.L.D.; she refuses.[150]
    • Mackenzie destroys the Kree's body with a Splinter Bomb, angering Johnson, and she attacks him relentlessly. Meanwhile, May and the Task Force witness an intense fight between the other Kree and Hive. Hive overpowers him suddenly, and kills the Kree. The team attacks Hive, but their weapons cannot do anything against him, and Coulson orders to evacuate. They gather an injured Mackenzie with them and escape.[150]

Campbell learns that the antidote failed

  • Campbell is informed that the experimental antidote is a failed experiment.[150]


  • In the morning, Hive reprimands Johnson for allowing her former friends to stop his progress. However, Johnson reveals that she has Kree blood inside her, and she is willing to let him have it by draining her.[150]


  • Peggy Carter's funeral takes place in London. During the funeral, to Rogers' surprise, Sharon Carter delivers a eulogy, in which she reveals that Peggy Carter was her aunt.[120]
  • After the funeral, Natasha Romanoff hugs Rogers to console him and keep him company. They discuss the issues over the Accords, and Romanoff speaks about how it is important that despite their differences, the Avengers need to stay together.[120]
  • Romanoff then leaves to get on the flight to Vienna for the signing.[120]
  • Bombing of the Vienna International Centre:
    • T'Challa

      T'Challa at the Vienna International Centre

      Arriving at the Vienna International Centre for the signing of the Accords, Romanoff meets T'Challa, son of T'Chaka and prince of Wakanda, who appreciates her signing the Accords.[120][146][122]
    • As the meeting is about to begin, a terrorist bomb hidden in a news van by Helmut Zemo goes off, destroying the building and killing King T'Chaka. Zemo then travels to Berlin.[120][146][122]
    • Jeffrey Mace, who is present at the Vienna International Centre, tries to reach a safe place, stumbling upon a fellow victim of the attack.[152]
    • Mace is caught on camera, appearing to be helping the victim in a heroic manner, and is believed to have helped free several survivors who were trapped under rubble, despite his attempts to scale down the episode. Ultimately, he starts to be considered a hero by both the public and the American government.[152][153]
  • Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter discuss Peggy on the way back from the wake after the funeral. They are interrupted by Sam Wilson, who informs them about the Vienna bombing.[120]
  • When facial scans from security footage seemingly reveal the culprit to be James Barnes, T'Challa vows revenge on Barnes for his father, telling Romanoff that he will kill him.[120]
May Worried

May Parker sees the news about the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre

  • Meanwhile, at the Parker Residence, Peter Parker prepares to leave as May Parker sees the news about the bombing of Vienna, very worried to see that it was the Winter Soldier, and that King T'Chaka of Wakanda has died. Peter sees his Aunt May worried, and tells her to relax.[119]
  • Rogers then calls Romanoff; she tells him not to get involved, or he will be arrested for ignoring the Accords.[120]
  • Secretly trying to help Rogers and Wilson, Carter hands them a file she has found from her work about the potential location of the Winter Soldier in Bucharest. Rogers and Wilson go after Barnes, hoping to bring him in before the government do.[120]


  • In Bucharest, Barnes discovers that the news are blaming him for the bombing of the United Nations in Vienna, but knows that someone has framed him.[120]
  • Capture of Winter Soldier:
    • CW EW 1

      Rogers locates Bucky Barnes in his apartment

      Captain America locates Barnes in his hideout apartment in Bucharest. As they talk, Falcon informs Rogers that the police are entering the building. Barnes prepares to make his escape, but the police arrive, so he and Rogers are forced to fight their way down the stairwell of the building.[120]
    • Barnes escapes from the building, but is suddenly attacked by a mysterious man in a black panther-like suit. The two fight on the roof, before Barnes manages to make his way out to the streets.[120]
    • The chase continues, now with Rogers trying to catch up with Black Panther as he pursues Barnes. The pursuit is interrupted by War Machine, who has arrived to arrest the three of them. The Black Panther unmasks himself, revealing himself to be T'Challa, to Rogers and Rhodes' surprise. They are then flown to Berlin in custody.[120][119]
  • At the New Avengers Facility, Vision cooks paprikash to try to lift Wanda Maximoff's spirits. When Maximoff tries to leave for ingredients, Vision moves to block her, revealing that Tony Stark has told him to stop her from leaving the compound.[120]
  • Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and T'Challa arrive at the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre.[120][119]
  • Tony Steve EW

    Tony Stark talks to Steve Rogers

    At the center, Barnes is taken to be seen by interrogator Theo Broussard, as Stark sits down to speak with Rogers. During the conversation, Stark explains about what went wrong with his relationship with Pepper Potts, and Rogers sympathizes. Stark explains that he wants Rogers to sign, and he reluctantly accepts, but when Stark reveals that he is keeping Maximoff at the New Avengers Facility, the conversation gets heated briefly, and Rogers leaves.[120]
  • Escape from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre:
    • Barnes' interrogation begins, but instead of being seen by Broussard, Helmut Zemo has got into the center pretending to the psychiatrist, who he killed. Using the EMP that he has built, Zemo cuts off the electricity supply in the center, leaving him able to speak to Barnes in private.[120][119]
    • Zemo brings out the Winter Soldier Book. He uses the key words to trigger Barnes' Winter Soldier conditioning again. Zemo forces Barnes to reveal the mission report of December 16, 1991 and details of the HYDRA Siberian Facility, before ordering Barnes to rip himself out of his bindings and break out of his cage, going on a rampage throughout the center. When Wilson and Rogers arrive, they manage to confront Zemo, but Barnes attacks them. Barnes throws Rogers down an elevator shaft as Wilson pursues Zemo.[120][119]
    • Captain America Civil War 71

      Rogers prevents Barnes from escaping

      Rogers attempts to climb back up while Stark leads the fight against Barnes, but is defeated. Barnes also defeats Sharon Carter and Natasha Romanoff, then is forced to fight T'Challa. He gets away, and leaves to the helipad on top of the building. Rogers arrives to catch the helicopter, stopping him from leaving. The Winter Soldier crashes the helicopter in an attempt to kill him, but he fails, and the two fall into the water below, where Barnes is knocked unconscious. Rogers then brings him to the surface.[120][119]
  • Steve Rogers traps Bucky Barnes' metal arm in a vice in a local abandoned garage, so as to stop him from escaping if he is still conditioned when he wakes.[120]
  • Helmut Zemo escapes from Wilson and moves forward with his plan, boarding a flight to Moscow.[120]
Captain America Civil War 01

Captain America and Falcon cautiously approach Bucky Barnes

  • When Barnes awakes, he proves to Rogers that he is free of the conditioning by recounting small details about their childhood to him. Rogers asks what Zemo wanted, so Barnes reveals the existence of another five Winter Soldiers that HYDRA created after he retrieved a super soldier serum in 1991. He says that they had got out of HYDRA's control, and had been put back into cryogenic freeze. Barnes tells them that he thinks Zemo will be looking to reactivate them. Rogers and Wilson discuss what they should do next. While Rogers thinks they are out of luck, Wilson tells him that he might know someone who can help.[120][154]
  • After convincing Ross to leave the job of capturing Rogers to him, Stark and Romanoff decide to recruit T'Challa and Rhodes, but Stark reveals to her that he also has someone else in mind.[119]
  • Stark flies to Queens, hoping to get the help of the relatively new spider-like vigilante who Stark is sure is secretly teenager Peter Parker.[120]
  • Rogers contacts Clint Barton and asks him to help rescue Maximoff and arrange to pick up Scott Lang. Barton accepts.[120]

Parker is recruited by Stark

  • Peter Parker arrives home, only to find Tony Stark in his apartment, already talking to his aunt. Stark tells him that he has won the grant he applied for, subtly letting him know that he should go along with what Stark says, despite not knowing what he is talking about. Stark then goes to Parker's room to discuss things further with him. He explains that he knows Parker is the new vigilante of New York, but when Parker denies this, Stark finds his hidden costume. Parker explains his powers, saying that he has the responsibility to protect people. Stark informs him that he needs his help, and they have to go to Germany. He eventually agrees, as Stark promises to make him a completely new costume.[120][119][155][156]
  • Accompanied by Happy Hogan, Parker films as he is driven past Flushing Meadows, and is flown to Germany in a self-piloting jet.[138]
Vision vs Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff attacks Vision

  • Rescue of Wanda Maximoff: Clint Barton causes an explosion outside the New Avengers Facility, forcing Vision to briefly leave the compound so he can get away with Scarlet Witch. However, Maximoff initially refuses to leave, giving Vision time to arrive and fight Barton. Because of his far superior abilities, Vision defeats Barton. Maximoff then decides to use her own powers to restrain the synthetic being and increase his weight, plummeting him through many floors, deep underground, allowing them plenty of time to escape. Barton then informs her that they have one more stop to make first.[120]
  • Hawkeye then picks up Scott Lang, and the trio fly to Germany to meet with Rogers, Wilson, and Barnes.[120]


  • Peter Parker arrives in Germany early in the morning by local time, and gets to briefly sightsee before getting to his hotel, where he is staying in the room next to Happy Hogan. Hogan tells him to "suit up".[138]
SMH Trailer Sneak Peek 6

Parker is amazed by his new Spider-Man Suit

  • Hogan and Parker prepare to leave, when Hogan realizes Parker has not noticed the case left by Stark. He shows Parker the extra room with the case, and the note, "A minor upgrade - TS". Parker opens it to find his new Spider-Man suit, left by Stark, and films his own ecstatic reaction to the improvement.[138]
  • Sharon Carter drives Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes to the Flughafen Leipzig-Halle, giving them Rogers' shield and Wilson's suit. Rogers thanks Carter for all her help, and the two share a kiss before she leaves. [120]
  • Barton then arrives with Maximoff and Lang, and Lang agrees to help them. Suddenly, the group hear that Stark and his team have arrived and shut down the airport, so Rogers tells his team to prepare for a fight.[120]
  • Clash of the Avengers:
    • SMHP Clash

      Clash of the Avengers

      Stark and his team, now with Spider-Man, using a new suit made by Stark, confront Captain America and his team at the airport.[120] Peter Parker, meanwhile, films from a hiding spot behind a truck, pointing out all the heroes he is finally getting to meet. When Stark calls him in, he puts down his phone to film as he flips into the confrontation and steals Captain America's shield. After a short skirmish, the six heroes on each side begin to run at each other, clashing in an attempt to subdue and take down the other. A grand battle unfolds, resulting in the destruction of much of the airport. Rogers and Barnes know that they have to go to Siberia so as to stop Zemo from reactivating the five Winter Soldiers. They notice Stark's Quinjet parked in a section of the airport, and realize that they are going to need a distraction so as to escape in the jet.[120]
    • In order to distract Iron Man's team, Ant-Man uses his suit to grow into Giant-Man, taking Stark's team by surprise.[120][119] Meanwhile, Parker picks up his phone to film, talking about what a great time he is having, just as Ant-Man grows, making him realize he has to drop the phone and continue fighting.[138]
    • CW Ant-Man 24

      Giant-Man tries to defeat Spider-Man

      Stark's team work on taking down Giant-Man, forgetting about Rogers and Barnes. However, Vision notices the trick and causes a tower to fall to stop the duo from reaching the Quinjet. With Scarlet Witch's help, supporting the tower with her abilities, they make it into the jet's hangar.[120][119]
    • They are stopped by Black Widow, but she decides to allow them to escape in the Quinjet, subduing Black Panther. Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Giant-Man are defeated by Stark's team. As the Quinjet flies away, War Machine and Iron Man fly in pursuit, and Falcon flies after them to help his friends escape.[120]
    • War Machine orders Vision to shoot Falcon's wings to stop him from catching them, but Vision fails, catching War Machine's arc reactor instead, and causing Rhodes to fall uncontrollably from the sky. He crashes to the ground before Iron Man or Falcon can catch him. Rhodes survives the fall, but is severely injured. The Quinjet flies away as Iron Man takes out Falcon in rage. The authorities soon arrive to arrest Captain America's team.[120][111][119]

Broussard's corpse is reported to the authorities

  • Theo Broussard's body is found in the hotel room where Zemo was staying. The hotel reports the discovery to local authorities, and it soon reaches the news.[120]
  • James Rhodes has another MRI scan in hospital. Stark has a conversation with Natasha Romanoff about her disloyalty, and informs her that Rhodes may have some sort of paralysis. She states that the authorities will be after her, but Romanoff instead warns him to watch his own back. Stark is then alerted by F.R.I.D.A.Y. about the discovery of Broussard's body, and that along with the body were facial mask disguises of the Winter Soldier. Stark realizes Zemo's plan and his own mistake.[120]
  • With Scott Lang arrested for breaking the Sokovia Accords, by association, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne become fugitives. They choose to go on the run.[157]
  • On returning to his hotel room, Parker films on his phone again to talk about what a great time he had. Hogan knocks on the door, complaining that he is too loud, as there are thin walls in the hotel.[138]

Zemo discovers the remaining Winter Soldiers

  • Helmut Zemo arrives at the HYDRA Siberian Facility and uses the Winter Soldier Book to enter and navigate the compound. Zemo eventually finds the five other frozen Winter Soldiers.[120]
  • Stark is greeted by Thaddeus Ross at the Raft, and is shocked when he sees the conditions that Rogers' team are being kept in: locked up and kept like insane and dangerous people.[120]
  • Stark goes to speak to the team and is insulted by both Clint Barton and Scott Lang, before speaking to Sam Wilson.[120]
  • Stark uses a device to temporarily disable the audio in the prison so that he can speak to Wilson secretly, explaining that he found out about Zemo's framing. Wilson explains that Rogers and Barnes are heading to Siberia, making Stark promise to go as a friend, to which he agrees. Stark then reactivates the audio and leaves.[120]
  • Pretending that he learned nothing from the team, and directing the helicopter back to America, Stark leaves Ross and the Raft.[120]
Mark XLVI trailer 2

Stark goes to Siberia

  • However, as the helicopter heads off, Stark gets into his armor and flies in the opposite direction, toward Siberia, so as to help the duo. Meanwhile, T'Challa secretly shadows him in a jet, so as to get his revenge on the Winter Soldier.[120]
  • Captain America and the Winter Soldier find the HYDRA Siberian Facility and prepare arms, then cautiously enter the base, noticing that Zemo has already been there. Iron Man arrives to reunite with them, and Stark explains that he has come to help. The trio reconcile and stand together as they then proceed to explore the facility. While they explore the facility, T'Challa stealthily follows behind at a safe distance.[120]
  • The trio suddenly discover that the five Winter Soldiers have been killed by Zemo, who reveals that he is from Sokovia, and wants to punish the Avengers for the death of his family during Ultron's attack. He says that for over a year he has planned a way to tear the Avengers apart. Black Panther watches on and understands that Barnes was framed by Zemo, then walks away so as to contemplate what to do next.[120][158]
  • Zemo shows Stark the security video he has finally acquired from the death of his parents, showing that they were murdered by Barnes in order to steal samples of the Super Soldier Serum from their car.[120][147][158]
  • Battle at the HYDRA Siberian Facility:
    • Cap Tony Civil War Empire

      Rogers is confronted by Stark

      Shocked by the discovery, Stark questions Rogers if he knew that Barnes was responsible. When Rogers reveals that he did somewhat know, Stark attacks the duo, trying to kill Barnes. A chase ensues through the compound, and the trio end up falling into an open part of the facility.[120][158]
    • Rogers attempts to tell Iron Man that Barnes was not responsible for his actions, but Stark refuses to listen, so Rogers and Barnes are forced to fight him to save themselves and take him down. During the battle, the Winter Soldier loses his metal arm, and Iron Man blasts Captain America in the stomach.[120][158]
    • Meanwhile, Zemo is confronted by T'Challa. Zemo explains that he understands that he could not kill the Avengers himself, but realized that if he could make the Avengers kill each other, he could bring them down to human level and break them apart in front of the world.[120][158]
    • Zemo apologizes for T'Chaka's death. T'Challa decides that he will no longer let his desire for revenge consume him, and prevents Zemo from committing suicide, in order to send him to prison.[120][158]
    • IronMan-CatchingShield-CACW

      Iron Man gains the upper hand in their fight

      Inside the compound, Stark analyzes Captain America's fight pattern and seemingly defeats him.[120][158]
    • However, Rogers picks himself up to continue the fight, and Iron Man cannot keep up with his flurry of attacks.[120][158]
    • Rogers finally knocks him to the ground and uses his shield to break Stark's arc reactor, and thus disable his armor, leaving him injured on the floor.[120][158]
    • Rogers helps Barnes stand and begins to depart, but as he leaves, Stark reminds him that his father was the one who made Rogers' shield, and that he does not deserve it.[120][158]
    • Realizing this to be somewhat true after the actions he just committed, and needing time to reconsider, as well as to show respect to Stark, Rogers decides to leave the shield behind. He drops it on the floor, without looking back.[120][158]
  • T'Challa-aftermath

    T'Challa offers his aid to Barnes

    Rogers and Barnes encounter T'Challa outside, who apologizes to Barnes for everything that has happened and offers him the possibility to come to Wakanda, where T'Challa believes that he knows someone who may be able to cure him of HYDRA's brainwashing. Barnes agrees and thanks him. T'Challa informs them that he will first take Helmut Zemo to the authorities, and Rogers says that they themselves have loose ends to tie up as well. An agreement is made to keep in touch.[158]
  • T'Challa delivers Zemo to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre.[159][158]
  • Zemo is locked away, and Everett Ross teases him in his incarceration, but Zemo hints that while he may be imprisoned, that does not mean his plans have failed.[120][158]
  • Peter Parker films himself as he sneaks out from his hotel in Berlin to join a party in his Spider-Man suit.[160]
  • Rogers sends a package to the New Avengers Facility, containing a burner cell phone and a letter for Tony Stark for the next time he returns there. He writes that he is happy that Stark has gone back to the facility, as the Avengers are Stark's family, possibly even more than they are his, and family is important. He apologizes for not telling Stark what he knew about Howard and Maria's death, and notes sadness that they could not agree on the Accords. While understanding that Stark may want to cut ties altogether, he asks that they instead spend some time recovering. While their friendship is broken and the Avengers are torn apart, he promises that if Stark ever needs him, he will be but a call away.[120][158]


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Extended Vlog (23)

Parker is confronted again by Happy Hogan


Radcliffe creates his Primitives

  • Radcliffe's experiment transforms the group of Watchdogs into horrifically mutated primitive Inhumans. Hive reveals to Radcliffe that he wishes to proceed with his ultimate plan to use a warhead, which was stolen from the ATCU, to spread Radcliffe's new pathogen around the world and transform all humans into these primitives.[161]
  • Campbell contacts Johnson and tells her that is time to proceed. Hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s systems as her blood is drained, Johnson helps him escape to get to a Quinjet, fighting Alphonso Mackenzie in the process.[161]
  • Attack on Hive:
    • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s plan works, with Lash arriving at Hive's location instead of Campbell.[161]
    • Lash attempts to kill Hive, but is stopped by a group of Primitives. Lash kills two of them, and uses his abilities to free Johnson from Hive's sway.[161]
    • Emancipation Lash Death

      Lash is mortally wounded by Hellfire

      Lash is then caught by surprise and killed by Hellfire, as Johnson escapes back to S.H.I.E.L.D.[161]
  • After reuniting with her friends, Johnson is sent to the Containment Module for recovery.[163]
  • After spending the remainder of Friday and some of Saturday in Germany, Peter Parker flies home with Tony Stark and Happy Hogan.[138]


  • Peter Parker is returned home to Queens by Tony Stark in the early hours. He and Stark film an alibi video for where Stark had taken him for the weekend, to give to May.[138]
  • Parker is delighted when Stark says he can keep his new suit, and then Stark and Hogan drive off, leaving Parker with his case to return to his normal life.[138][164]
  • Tony Stark arrives back at the New Avengers Facility.[120]
  • Rhodes begins physical therapy, learning to use an exosuit that will help him walk again after he broke his back.[120]
  • Stan Lee FedEx Driver

    The Watcher Informant arrives at the New Avengers Facility

    While helping him, Stark receives the package containing the phone and letter from Rogers.[120]
  • Escape from the Raft:
    • Flying over the Raft, Barnes decides to stay on board as Rogers dives into the water and moves in on the prison. He breaks into the prison and attacks the guards, one of which triggers an alert to Thaddeus Ross.[158]
    • The guards are knocked out.[158]
    • Meanwhile, Stark goes to Rogers' room in the facility and opens the package. He sits and reads Rogers' letter thoughtfully.[120]
    • Stark then receives a call from Ross about the break-in at the Raft, but Stark simply enjoys irritating him by putting him on hold.[120]
    • InfinityWar-Prelude45745

      Rogers' team thanks Captain America for rescuing them

      Rogers enters the prison to free his friends, and Sam Wilson smiles as he steps into the light.[120] Broken free, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Scott Lang, and Wanda Maximoff thank Rogers.[158]
  • Peter tells his aunt May Parker of how he got into another fight, covering up for his secret identity as Spider-Man, and his aunt goes along with his story, despite suspecting he is not telling the truth.[120]
  • Peter Parker discovers a portable holographic computer that Stark has programmed into his new Web-Shooters.[120]


  • Clint Barton is returned to his secret homestead and reunites with his family, resuming his retirement.[158]
  • The team then travel to San Francisco, where they drop Scott Lang home to return to his daughter.[158]
  • Lang hands himself over to the FBI for his involvement in breaking the Sokovia Accords. Following negotiations between Homeland Security and the German government, it is decided that Lang can remain in the U.S., provided he served 2 years under house arrest, followed by 3 years of probation, while avoiding any unauthorized activities, technology, or contact with his colleagues.[165]


  • Finally, Rogers and Barnes drop off Wanda Maximoff with Vision, who has learned to make himself appear human, aside from the Mind Stone glowing in his forehead. The two walk off together.[158]
Daisy speaks with mack

Johnson in the Containment Module

  • Daisy Johnson awakes from a dream where she and Phil Coulson are trapped in a Containment Module on a desolate planet, desperately hoping to escape.[163]
  • Jemma Simmons approaches Johnson in the Containment Module, in order to obtain more information about Hive and his plans.[163]
  • Melinda May uses the Quinjet with Alphonso Mackenzie, Lincoln Campbell, and Elena Rodriguez on board to successfully travel underwater and infiltrate the missile silo.[163]
  • Battle at the Pacific Missile Silo:
    • The team infiltrate Hive's location and, using the nuclear codes that Glenn Talbot obtained from General Andaz, they stop the missile's launch.[163]
    • Hive swears to show S.H.I.E.L.D. his rage as he commands Holden Radcliffe to take two Primitives with him to reset the launch. Hive is lured by Campbell into Mackenzie's trap: a giant Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine to pull forward all the different personalities in that the dark Inhuman has absorbed over the millennia. Hive, trying to get his mind under control, orders Giyera and Hellfire to disconnect the warhead, since there is no hope of launching the missile now. May, seeking the warhead, frees Radcliffe from the Primitives, while Rodriguez frees the hostages from the conquered missile silo. However, Giyera takes the warhead and flees.[163]
    • Absolution Hive Captured

      Hive is captured in a Suspension Gel chamber

      When the team attempt to escape, they are confronted by Hive; however, they capture him in a Containment Module full of Suspension Gel.[163]
  • Mackenzie informs Johnson that they have captured Hive.[163]
  • While he is assuring the base is sealed off, Fitz realizes what "Absolution" is: the releasing of the Absolution Virus in the Playground. Hellfire activates the trap, turning several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into Primitives.[163]
  • Battle of the Playground:
    • The Primitives free Hive from captivity. He wants to use the Quinjets' high altitude capabilities to launch the warhead in space, to turn all Humans into primitive Inhumans.[163]
    • Johnson escapes from the Containment Module and goes to confront Hive. She begs him to sway her again, but he cannot, due to Lash's powers.[163] In anger, Johnson attacks her old master. A fight ensues, resulting in Hive knocking out Johnson. Johnson is incarcerated on the Zephyr One. Fitz and May secretly enter the plane to stop Hive from using the warhead. They find Johnson, but they are ambushed by Giyera. Fitz, however, manages to use a Cloaked Gun to kill the Inhuman.[166]
    • Meanwhile, in the Playground, Elena Rodriguez takes a bullet for Alphonso Mackenzie when the Primitives attack, leaving her severely injured.[166]
    • HRadcliffe-RunningFromPrimitives

      Radcliffe discovers the Primitives' weakness

      Mackenzie takes Rodriguez with Campbell, Coulson, and Radcliffe, and they manage to cauterize her open wound. Simmons soon discovers that the Primitives cannot see under a high temperature, so she increases the heating in the base. Coulson decides to use one of their Quinjets to approach the Zephyr and help May, Fitz, and Johnson.[166]
    • The Quinjet arrives at the Zephyr, with Campbell, Mackenzie, and May on board. Coulson uses a hologram of himself to distract Hive, but soon Hive discovers the trick, destroying the hologram machine. He then proceeds to search for the team.[166]
    • Campbell is attacked by Hellfire, but defeats him. Hellfire leaves a bomb next to Campbell, badly wounding him. Johnson reunites with Campbell and tells him that her destiny is to kill Hive using the Quinjet, as she saw in her vision.[166]
    • Third Season Finale 2

      Agent Johnson during the Battle of the Playground

      As the team defeat the Primitives on the Zephyr, Johnson goes to put the warhead into the Quinjet, attracting Hive's attention. Hive enters the Quinjet as Johnson intends to fly away. However, she is pushed away by Campbell, who takes Hive with him on the jet. The team reunite with a distraught Johnson to watch as the Quinjet explodes, killing both Hive and Campbell in the process, but stopping the virus.[166][88][167]


  • Rescue of Nakia:
    • Returning home to Wakanda a week after his father's death, T'Challa and Okoye first fly to the Sambisa Forest in Nigeria, hoping to extract Wakandan spy Nakia from her undercover assignment with missing Chibok girls held captive by terrorists.[168][159]
    • Okoye reminds T'Challa not to freeze when he sees Nakia, teasing him about his love for her. He shrugs this off and drops from the jet, throwing EMP Beads, which attach themselves to the terrorists' cars and disable them. T'Challa then hides in a tree as the terrorists get out of their vehicles.[168][159]
    • Black-panther-movie-cast-images-7

      Black Panther rescues Nakia

      Leaping from his hiding spot, T'Challa engages the terrorists, the Panther Habit absorbing all their fire. He takes them out with ease, and Nakia steps out to help in the fight. She prevents T'Challa from killing one of the men, who had been forced to join the terrorists against his will. T'Challa loses focus at seeing his ex-girlfriend again, and a terrorist takes advantage of the moment, threatening to shoot one of the girls if T'Challa moves. Okoye, however, takes out the final man, having expected T'Challa to freeze and dropped down herself to help.[168][159]
    • Nakia is frustrated at T'Challa for ruining her assignment, but he informs her of his father's death and the fact that he will be crowned tomorrow, and wanted her to be there. Okoye, meanwhile, frees the Chibok girls.[168][159]
  • As the morning of June 30th dawns in Wakanda, Okoye pilots the trio home. The jet passes through Wakanda's protective dome, and T'Challa returns home to his kingdom.[168][159]
Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 15

The King arrives

  • The Dora Milaje, an army of women bodyguards who are loyal to the king and led by Okoye, stand to attention at their new king's arrival. T'Challa then reunites with his mother, Ramonda, and teenage sister, Shuri, for the first time since T'Chaka's death. Shuri and Okoye exchange jokes about T'Challa freezing around Nakia, and Shuri then informs T'Challa of an update she has made for the EMP Beads. Ramonda discusses T'Challa's coronation, due to happen later that day, and tells her that T'Chaka is still with them.[168][159]


  • Robbery of the Museum of Great Britain:
    • In London, Erik Stevens, also known as "Killmonger", surveys African artefacts at the Museum of Great Britain. The Museum Director Thomas speaks to him about each item, informing him of its history. However, when she says that the third item came from Benin, Killmonger corrects her. He tells her that it was stolen by the British in Benin, but originated from Wakanda, and is made of vibranium. She begins to choke, as he tells her that he has had poison put in her drink. Medics seem to arrive on the scene, but suddenly shoot the director and guards, revealing themselves to be in league with Killmonger - one being arms dealer Ulysses Klaue.[168][159]
    • KlaueKillmongerStealWeapon

      Killmonger talks to Klaue

      Meanwhile, Killmonger's girlfriend Linda has hacked the security feed to loop footage as if nothing is happening in the African exhibit. Klaue teases a guard with the chance to escape, only to shoot him too, and uses his prosthetic arm to shatter the glass and vibrate the unimportant material off of the vibranium. With the metal acquired, Killonger, Linda, and Klaue escape into an ambulance they have hijacked and make their getaway.[168][159]
  • Incoronation of T'Challa:
    • The tribes of Wakanda congregate to celebrate the coronation of T'Challa as their new king. They dance, drum, and chant on boats as they approach Warrior Falls.[168][159]
    • T'Challa arrives at the waterfall in a jet and steps out to face his people. Zuri has T'Challa drink a concoction which strips away the powers of the Heart-Shaped Herb, and each tribe is asked if they wish to challenge him for the throne. While the four tribes do not challenge, the fifth, Jabari Tribe surprises the citizens of Wakanda by making an appearance. Their chief, M'Baku challenges T'Challa.[159]
    • Black Panther vs. Great Gorilla

      The Black Panther faces M'Baku

      T'Challa and M'Baku engage in a duel for the throne of Wakanda. M'Baku uses his brute strength, whereas T'Challa utilises agility. M'Baku looks set to win as he spears T'Challa in the shoulder, but T'Challa removes the weapon and tackles M'Baku to the ground. Holding him in a lock at the top of the waterfall, T'Challa demands that the Jabari chief yields, not wanting to kill him. M'Baku eventually, reluctantly accepts his defeat.[168][159]
    • Zuri gives T'Challa the necklace of the king, and T'Challa is crowned king of Wakanda. Addressing his subjects, he crosses his arms over his chest and exclaims, "Wakanda forever!", and his people respond following suit.[168][159]
  • A few hours later, as evening arrives in Wakanda, T'Challa is taken to the City of the Dead to commune with his father on the Ancestral Plane. He ingests the Heart-Shaped Herb once more, and Zuri buries him in the soil.[168][159]
Black Panther (film) 119

T'Challa seeking guidance from his father

  • T'Challa's mind enters the Ancestral Plane and he walks in a savanna. He comes across a tree with several black panthers, and one of the animals leaps from the tree, changing form into T'Chaka. Pleased to see his father again, T'Challa embraces T'Chaka. T'Challa confesses to his father that he does not feel prepared to be king, and T'Chaka advises his son to surround himself with good people. He finishes by telling T'Challa that he is a good man with a good heart, but that because of this, he will face challenges as king.[168][159]
  • T'Challa wakes in the real world, and excitedly tells Zuri of how he had seen his father, having previously not believed the stories.[168][159]
  • After weeks of being unconscious, Matt Murdock slowly wakes. The nuns watching over him asks for his mother to come, calling, "Get Maggie. Tell her he's awake."[169][169][135][136]
  • Murdock calls for Elektra Natchios, but Sister Maggie Grace says she does not know who that is. Falling out of bed, Grace holds him as he states, disoriented, that he cannot see, just as he did when he first lost his vision.[169][136]
Matt waking up

Murdock awakening to find Paul Lantom

  • Father Paul Lantom visits Murdock in his bed. Murdock asks him about Natchios, confusing Lantom, who points out they buried her months ago. Murdock explains that while it might sound crazy, he was with her, but Lantom says that only he was found.[169][136]



  • T'Challa's first day as king of Wakanda begins. He walks among his people, talking to Nakia as he passes through the market.[168][159]
  • The new king contacts Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to let them know Wakanda is ready to bring them in to help Barnes.[170][168][159]
  • T'Challa visits his good friend W'Kabi at the rhino paddock, and T'Challa mentions what Nakia has been talking to him about - the prospect of opening up the borders of Wakanda to immigrants. W'Kabi is not happy with this idea, believing T'Challa should protect Wakandans first. Their conversation is interrupted when Okoye, who is also W'Kabi's lover, contacts both of them on their Kimoyo Beads, asking them to come to the throne room.[168][159]

Okoye informs the Tribal Council of Klaue

  • In the throne room, Okoye delivers the news that Ulysses Klaue has shown up on their radar again, after evading Wakanda's searches for almost 30 years since he attacked the country and stole vibranium. She tells them that he stole a vibranium weapon from the Museum of Great Britain the day before, and is due to be in Busan, South Korea tomorrow, where a deal is happening. W'Kabi shows particular interest in taking down Klaue, since the arms dealer killed his parents during his attack on the country, but T'Challa tells him he has to remain to protect the Wakandan border. He agrees to go to South Korea, and decides to bring Okoye and Nakia.[168][159]
  • T'Challa visits his younger sister Shuri's lab, where she has new inventions to show him. She demonstrates silent vibranium boots nicknamed "sneakers" and a new version of the Panther Habit which uses nanotechnology to fit within a necklace, as well as absorbing kinetic energy attacks to be redistributed in pulses of energy.[168][159]


  • Arrest of Ulysses Klaue:
    • BP EW 19

      T'Challa and the Dora Milaje arrive

      The trio of Wakandans arrive at the casino in Busan to prepare for Ulysses Klaue, who plans to make a deal to sell vibranium in exchange for diamonds. Princess Shuri remains ready in Wakanda to prove remote backup. Nakia uses one of her spy identities as a Kenyan and talks her way into the casino.[168][159]
    • T'Challa's group enters, and T'Challa is surprised to discovers that the buyer is the CIA, led by Everett Ross. All sides remain tense but no one takes action as Klaue enters with an entourage and goes to Ross.[168][159]
    • As the Wakandan trio debate whether to act, Okoye snaps at Nakia in Xhosa, giving herself away as a Wakandan. One of Klaue's men attacks, and Okoye throws off her wig, abandoning her fake identity and fighting back as a conflict erupts.[168][159]
    • T'Challa confronts Klaue, but the arms dealer uses his weaponized vibranium arm (a special replacement for the arm he lost to Ultron the year before) to cause a distraction and try and escape, with T'Challa's group in pursuit.[168][159]
    • Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 43

      Shuri helps to chase Ulysses Klaue

      Shuri excitedly takes control of a car and drives, with T'Challa on the roof, in pursuit of Klaue, as Okoye and Nakia drive a vibranium car themselves. Klaue's men fire at the vibranium car to no effect, and shoot at T'Challa, allowing him to absorb the kinetic energy. Okoye throws a vibranium spear to take out one of Klaue's cars, and T'Challa unleashes a blast of kinetic energy to take down Klaue himself.[168][159]
    • T'Challa extends his claws to kill Ulysses Klaue and walks up to him to take him out. However, as Nakia and Okoye arrive on the scene with Everett Ross, T'Challa is reminded not to kill with the whole world watching, as citizens have gathered around with cell phones to record. He takes a moment and steps back, allowing Ross to take Klaue into CIA custody.[168][159]
BP Teaser Trailer 2

Ulysses Klaue is interrogated by Everett Ross

  • Morning comes in South Korea, and Ulysses Klaue is held for interrogation by the CIA in the CIA South Korean Black Site. T'Challa and Okoye tell Everett Ross that they will take him back to Wakanda, but Ross refuses, agreeing instead to simply let them also question Klaue. Before Ross enters, T'Challa places his hand on his shoulder and thanks him, subtly placing a listening device on Ross' shoulder. Ross interrogates the arms dealer, who claims that his "supplier" is the Wakandans, with his arm cannon being made from their vibranium. He asks what Ross actually knows about the country, and Ross says that he knows it is a third world country of shepherds and textiles, but Klaue informs him this is all a front, and he only stole a tiny amount of the precious metal in comparison to the mountain the Wakandans have.[168][159]
  • Nakia notices a van outside that she considers suspicious. Meanwhile, Ross confronts T'Challa about Klaue's claims, but T'Challa maintains that their country is not particularly special, and that Klaue is simply lying.[168][159]
BP Teaser Trailer 27

Killmonger blowing open the wall to the base

  • Nakia goes to check the security footage and spots that it has been looped. Realizing something is wrong, she rushes to inform T'Challa and Okoye. Outside, Killmonger, Linda, and a man they have hired get out of the van and set explosives to detonate on the side of the black site building. Nakia gets to her friends, but before she can warn them, the explosions go off and Killmonger breaks into the interrogation room.[168][159]
  • Killmonger shoots at the CIA and Wakandans while Linda and the man they have hired carry Klaue into the back of the van. One of the bullets is aimed at Nakia, but Ross jumps in the way to stop it killing her, hitting him instead. Killmonger then throws a grenade to keep the group from chasing after him, but T'Challa, activating the Panther Habit, leaps onto it to absorb the energy of the explosion. He then pursues Killmonger as their assailant jumps onto the leaving van to escape. However, as he runs to catch the man, Killmonger shoots at him again, causing the kinetic energy build-up in the Panther Habit to overload, going off in a burst of kinetic energy that stops the Black Panther in his tracks. As the attackers get away with Klaue, T'Challa notices a Wakandan royal ring around the main assailant's neck.[168][159]

Okoye being informed on taking Everett Ross

  • Okoye catches up with T'Challa and ushers him inside to check on Nakia. They find her safe and well, but standing over Ross, who has been severely injured. T'Challa requests that they be allowed to take Ross back to Wakanda, knowing that his only hope of survival and recovery is Shuri. The CIA agree and he stabilizes Ross with a Kimoyo Bead, then they carry him to their ship.[168][159]
  • A few hours later, the trio arrive back at Wakanda with Everett Ross unconscious aboard their ship. Okoye questions whether it is justifiable to bring a foreign intelligence operative back to their country, but Nakia points out that Ross saved her life, and T'Challa decides that despite his duties, they cannot simply let Ross die.[168][159]


"Great! Another broken white boy for us to fix. This is going to be fun."
BP Shuri (Asked to Fix Everett Ross)

Shuri remarks Everett Ross' as another patient

  • The group land and take Ross to Shuri's lab, where Shuri expresses her excitement at fixing another "broken white boy", after starting the project to fix Bucky Barnes' mental conditioning. She analyzes Ross' spine and concludes that she can heal him.[170][168][159]
  • W'Kabi visits T'Challa to ask where they have Ulysses Klaue, but the king sadly admits to his friend that Klaue slipped through their hands. W'Kabi expresses his disappointment to his friend, highlighting that in the almost 3 decades that T'Chaka was king, he had never managed to catch the arms dealer who had killed his parents, and while he had hoped T'Challa would be more successful, he is simply showing himself as no better than his father.[168][159]
  • With Luke Cage's permission, Willis Stryker is transferred to the Raft.[171][172]
  • Assassination of Ulysses Klaue:
    • BP - Klaue Leaving For Wakanda

      Klaue returns back inside the old junkyard

      Arriving at a junkyard where their getaway plane is waiting, Klaue reassures Killmonger that his payment will come shortly. Killmonger waves this away, saying he is not concerned with money, but only hopes that on Klaue's return flight to Johannesburg, he drop them off in Wakanda. The arms dealer refuses, saying they would be crazy to go there, and Killmonger becomes angry, killing the man he and Linda hired and turning his gun on Klaue.[168][159]
    • Klaue grabs Linda and holds a gun to her head, threatening that if Killmonger shoots, he will kill her. Unwavering in his determination, Killmonger unsympathetically kills Linda to remove Klaue's leverage, then pursues him across the junkyard. He eventually catches up to Klaue, shooting him. The man falls to the ground and as Killmonger approaches, tells him that the Wakandans are savages who will treat him as an outsider. However, Killmonger reveals his War Dogs Tattoo inside his lower lip, and Klaue comes to an understanding of what his compatriot's campaign has been about all along. He laughs at his own folly until Killmonger shoots him again, killing him.[168][159]
Black Panther (film) 115

Zuri confesses the terrible truth to T'Challa

  • King T'Challa visits Zuri in the City of the Dead and asks him what happened to N'Jobu, believing that the man he saw hours ago must be related to N'Jobu, since his ring was identical to T'Challa's - a ring passed down by T'Chaka's father, Azzuri. Zuri is reluctant to reveal what happened in 1992, having promised T'Chaka to keep it secret, but T'Challa demands the truth as the new king. Zuri sadly confesses what happened, explaining how N'Jobu pulled a gun on him, and T'Chaka reacted by turning and attacking his brother to save Zuri, unintentionally stabbing him in the chest with the Panther Habit claws. Zuri is ashamed as he then tells T'Challa that he and T'Chaka made the decision to leave N'Jobu's son behind, determining him as a risk to their ability to maintain the lie of what happened to N'Jobu, which they believed was important to keep for the good of the country.[168][159]
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Killmonger demands to be brought to T'Challa

  • As morning arrives in Wakanda, Killmonger lands his plane at the border of the country and walks to meet with the Border Tribe, carrying a body bag behind him. W'Kabi goes to speak with him and asks what the bag is for. Killmonger claims it is just a "gift", and W'Kabi looks down to see the body of his parents' killer, Ulysses Klaue. Pleased but stunned, he asks the apparent foreigner who he is.[168][159]
  • Everett Ross wakes a little over 24 hours after receiving his bullet wound. Remembering what happened, he reaches for his back, but finds no injury. He confusedly gets up, not understanding where he is or what is happening, and goes over to the only person in sight: Shuri. Shuri is startled by him, but answers his questions, explaining that he is indeed in Wakanda, and that their advanced technology has allowed her to do what he previously thought impossible: heal a bullet wound in just one day. He learns that T'Challa was in fact hiding the truth from him, as Wakanda is overflowing with vibranium resources, with Shuri excitedly showing him inventions such as the magnetic levitation train and sonic stabilizers which temporarily deactivate vibranium and allow it to be transported. She then receives a message from Okoye via her Kimoyo Beads, informing her that a stranger has shown up at the border claiming to have killed Ulysses Klaue. Okoye says that he is also not an outsider, but a Wakandan, showing an image of Killmonger. Ross, however, recognizes him and says that he cannot be Wakandan, as he works for the CIA.[168][159]


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T'Challa listens to Nakia for advice

  • T'Challa sits with Nakia over a valley in Wakanda, and tells her about his father's actions, trying to understand how the man he loved, respected, and looked up to could have acted this way. Nakia reassures him that despite his father's actions, he need not be defined by them - he gets to decide what kind of king he himself is going to be. T'Challa's Kimoyo Beads suddenly receive a message from Shuri, alerting him that they need him to return to the palace immediately.[168][159]
  • T'Challa and Nakia get to Shuri's lab and Everett Ross tells them about the man who has arrived in Wakanda, Erik Stevens, also known as "Killmonger", and his history in the United States Navy SEALs, his numerous kills fighting in Afghanistan, and time in a JSOC ghost unit. Shuri informs her brother of Stevens' War Dogs Tattoo, but that they have no record of him, and T'Challa silently works out the man is N'Jobu's son.[168][159]
BP EW 12

Killmonger being confronted by King T'Challa

  • Killmonger meets with the Tribal Council to announce his intentions. He declares that he wants the throne, and for Wakanda to arm the 2 billion African diaspora around the world with vibranium so they can fight for themselves. T'Challa claims that he is only king of Wakanda and needs to focus on his people, not the people around the world, and quietly tells Killmonger that the only reason he does not have him killed is because he is aware of who he is. When the king then requests that he be taken away, Killmonger then coaxes the Tribal council into asking who he is, and when the River Tribe Elder gives in, he announces his true identity as N'Jadaka, son of N'Jobu. Ramonda questions his truthfulness, but W'Kabi steps forward and presents Killmonger's royal ring, verifying his story. He challenges T'Challa for the throne, and T'Challa decides he must accept.[168][159]
  • Incoronation of Erik Killmonger:
    • Atop Warrior Falls, Zuri gives T'Challa the herb to strip away the powers of the Black Panther ahead of the challenge. Killmonger taunts his cousin, telling him he has killed a multitude of people in the United States of America, Afghanistan, Iraq, and even the continent of Africa just to get to this moment: to earn the opportunity to kill T'Challa.[168][159]
    • Black Panther5a8bb490f12c8

      The challenge begins for the throne of Wakanda

      The challenge begins, with T'Challa using a sword and shield and Killmonger wielding a sword and spear. The two are approximately evenly matched, but T'Challa manages to beat his cousin down, holding his sword over him and requesting that he yield.[168][159]
    • Killmonger refuses to give in and gets back on his feet immediately. The duel continues, and T'Challa manages to slash Killmonger's face. However, he becomes only more aggressive in retaliation, fighting back and managing to kick T'Challa down. While the king manages to stand up and resume fighting, Killmonger takes the advantage opportunity, slashing his foe's leg and then his midriff. Finally, he gets in close to T'Challa and uses the spear to stab him in the gut.[168][159]
    • Killmonger goes in to kill the king, saying he is avenging his father, when Zuri suddenly steps in to block him. He tells the challenger that he is to blame for N'Jobu's death, not T'Challa, and that if Killmonger is going to kill someone, it should be him. However, Killmonger simply decides to kill both men and spears Zuri in the stomach.[168][159]
    • TChallaScreamingAtZuri-Death

      T'Challa loudly mourns over Zuri's death

      T'Challa cries out at his mentor's murder and crawls to him as he dies, but Killmonger calls out to the witnesses, asking if this defeated and helpless man is really fit to be king, and then picks him up from the ground. He lifts the king onto his shoulders to carry him and walks over to the edge of the waterfall, declaring his victory, then throws his foe over the side to fall to his death.[168][159]
    • Shuri and Ramonda are distraught by T'Challa's apparent death, and Nakia ushers them away to safety before Killmonger can take any further action. Killmonger is given the necklace of the king, crowning him as Wakanda's new leader, and the shocked attendees cross their arms in a show of obedience.[168][159]
  • A Jabari fisherman at the bottom of the waterfall is collecting food for the tribe, when he comes across T'Challa, barely alive. He picks him up and takes him to the mountains, and on arrival, M'Baku buries him in snow to keep him comatose, but sustained and alive.[168][159]

Okoye decides to stay in Wakanda

  • Nakia goes to see Okoye for help in the fight against Killmonger. However, Okoye refuses, to Nakia's disbelief. The chief of the Dora Milaje becomes emotional, explaining her position: as much as she cared for T'Challa, a fight against the new king is in conflict with her loyalties. She is loyal to the throne, and has to be no matter who sits upon it, so long as they achieved their position through fair means - and Killmonger did, winning in fair ritual combat.[168][159]
  • Nakia goes to collect Everett Ross and get him to safety. She informs him of T'Challa's apparent death and takes him with her to meet with Shuri and Ramonda and get away.[168][159]
  • Killmonger lays down in the City of the Dead to go through the traditional ritual of new kings visiting the Ancestral Plane.[168][159]
  • Shuri and Ramonda hide together and mourn, with Shuri becoming very upset at the deaths of both her father and her brother in such quick succession. Nakia arrives with Ross and informs them of Okoye's refusal to help. She then tells them to wait for her return, as she briefly goes elsewhere.[168][159]
BP - Killmonger (Purple Glow)

Killmonger consumes the Heart-Shaped Herb

  • Killmonger ingests the Heart-Shaped Herb and is buried in the dirt, as is required for the ritual. He enters the Ancestral Plane, which manifests for him as his 1992 Oakland apartment, and he sees his father, N'Jobu. He laments not taking his son back to Wakanda to get away from the difficult life they had in California, and says that he fears even now, he will not be accepted in Wakanda. Killmonger wakes from the induced state, startled.[168][159]
  • Nakia sneaks through the tunnels she and T'Challa played in as children to get to the City of the Dead. She arrives as Killmonger orders that the heart-shaped herbs be burned, to prevent anyone other than himself from ever becoming the Black Panther. Before the burning begins, Nakia scoops one herb out of the ground, taking it with her.[168][159]
  • Kilmonger stands in the City of the Dead as he watches the plants burn around him.[168][159]



Killmonger walks over to the Tribal Council

  • As morning comes in Wakanda, Killmonger finally takes his seat on the throne. The council of the tribe elders convenes and discuss Killmonger's plans. W'Kabi explains that the outside world's technology is catching up with theirs, and they need to ensure they are the conquerors rather than letting themselves become the conquered. The new king then sets the Wakandans to work on his plans to use vibranium technology to strong-arm the African diaspora across the world.[168][159]
  • Nakia, Ramonda, Shuri, and Everett Ross arrive at Jabari Land, planning to deliver the Heart-Shaped Herb to M'Baku in hopes that he'll help them fight back. Jabari tribesmen suddenly emerge from hiding places to surround them, and the group are taken to meet with M'Baku.[168][159]
  • Night falls, and the group are taken to meet with M'Baku. They ask for his help, but he shows reluctance, feeling that if T'Challa lost in ritual combat, then the defeat was fair. When Ross tries to interject, M'Baku and the Jabari make heavy gorilla noises to intimidate him, and M'Baku threatens to feed the man to his children, to put him in his place - though he admits after that he is joking, beginning to show the group a softer side. When Nakia offers him the Heart-Shaped Herb, he rejects it and tells them to follow him.[168][159]
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T'Challa entering in the Ancestral Plane

  • M'Baku leads the way and shows the group that T'Challa is not, in fact, dead, but they have him preserved in a vegetative state in a mound of snow after their fisherman found him. Ramonda, Shuri, and Nakia are elated, but when they ask to take him away, M'Baku says that he will die if they move him. Nakia realizes that the herb might give him strength, and they prepare the substance. They feed T'Challa the herb and bury him completely with the snow, allowing him to visit the Ancestral Plane once again.[168][159]
  • In the Ancestral Plane, T'Challa speaks with T'Chaka once more. He confronts his father about the decision he made to abandon Erik Stevens as a child. T'Chaka insists that he made the decision to protect the stability of the people, but T'Challa tells him he was wrong in that action, and that he was wrong in all his negligence towards the rest of the world.[168][159]
  • T'Challa wakes and happily reunites with his family and friends.[168][159]

T'Challa joins forces with his allies

  • Dawn breaks in Wakanda, and Nakia updates T'Challa on Killmonger's actions. Shuri returns the Panther Habit to her brother and tells him she will fight by his side, with Nakia and Everett Ross agreeing to help in the battle as well. T'Challa then asks to speak to M'Baku before they leave.[168][159]
  • T'Challa asks M'Baku for help - to offer Jabari tribesmen to fight for his cause in retaking the throne of Wakanda from Killmonger, whose actions are far too dangerous. M'Baku says that he owed T'Challa a great debt in sparing him at the coronation duel, but that he has repaid it in saving him, and he will not offer Jabari lives in a fight that is not theirs.[168][159]


  • A few hours later, Killmonger sets his plan into motion, preparing ships to distribute vibranium weaponry to the African diaspora, with W'Kabi's help. The first ship takes off, but does not make it far before suddenly falling out of the sky. Confused, Killmonger looks on at the wreckage on Mount Bashenga and sees the Black Panther emerge from behind it, climbing over the top and making his way towards his cousin. Okoye expresses her delight at her king and friend's survival. T'Challa lets down his helmet to talk with Killmonger, calling out that he never yielded, and since his is not dead, their challenge is not yet over. Killmonger insists that that is of no consequence and orders the remaining ships to launch.[168][159]
Black Panther (film) 120

W'Kabi commands the Border Tribe to attack

  • Battle of Mount Bashenga:
    • W'Kabi remains loyal to Killmonger and sends the Border Tribe to attack T'Challa, but the Dora Milaje, led by Okoye, turn on the usurper and fight back. T'Challa begs his friend to stop the fight, but W'Kabi refuses, blowing a horn to summon war rhinoceroses.[168][159]
    • Nakia, Shuri, and Ross return to Shuri's lab. Nakia reluctantly dons a Dora Milaje armor to wear for protection while Shuri gives Ross brief instructions for flying a Wakandan ship, so that he can help take down Killmonger's ships of vibranium weaponry. Shuri takes her Vibranium Gauntlets and the women leave to join the fight.[168][159]
    • In his fight with the Dora Milaje, Killmonger defeats one of the women. He slits her throat gleefully, enraging the remaining warriors further.[168][159]
    • Shuri reaches the land and uses the gauntlets to blast opponents out of the way. USing a communication device, she gives Ross further instructions to pilot the ship, and he takes off to stop Killmonger's ships from leaving.[168][159]
    • BlackPanther MethodStudios ITW 09

      Black Panther chases down a White Rhino

      Black Panther continues to fight alongside the Dora Milaje against the Border Tribe, taking down one of the rhinoceroses.[168][159]
    • Okoye and her fellow warriors seemingly beat Killmonger in battle and trap him with their spears, but when they press in further, his suit absorbs the kinetic energy and then blasts it back, sending the women flying.[168][159]
    • Everett Ross, meanwhile, begins shooting at the ships trying to leave Wakanda, in hopes of stopping them.[168][159]
    • As he fights, Black Panther is caught off guard and hit by a Border Tribe rhinoceros. His suit falters and he struggles to get back up.[159]
    • Killmonger bests Nakia in combat, so Shuri tries to fight herself. While her gauntlets are initially successful, they begin to malfunction, and her cousin beats her down.[168][159]
    • Border Tribesmen attack T'Challa while he is incapable of fighting back, but the kinetic energy begins to be stored again in the Panther Habit. As he is attacked, T'Challa sees his sister in peril and finds it in himself to get back up, wanting to help her. He lets out another kinetic blast and goes to save her.[168][159]
    • BlackPanther MethodStudios ITW 20

      Killmonger fighting against T'Challa in the air

      As Killmonger moves in to kill Shuri, T'Challa suddenly leaps to tackle him, and the two men fall into the Great Mound together.[168][159]
    • T'Challa communicates with Shuri and asks her to turn on the maglev train, knowing its sonic stabilizers interfere with their Panther Habits and will make his opponent more vulnerable. Shuri points out that he will also be exposed, but T'Challa is confident and Shuri activates the train with her Remote Access Kimoyo Beads. As it goes past, the men are separated either side of the track. T'Challa tells Killmonger he has become the thing he hates and will see the world divided, but Killmonger claims he owes the world nothing, as it took everything away from him, and now he is simply settling the score with T'Challa, killing everyone he cares about. The end of the train passes and, angered, T'Challa prepares to engage his cousin again.[168][159]
    • As Ross continues to go after Killmonger's ships, an enemy ship arrives outside Shuri's lab and begins shooting at the glass protecting him.[168][159]
    • BP Teaser Trailer 59

      M'Baku and his tribe aid the Dora Milaje

      As the battle on Mount Bashenga continues, the Border Tribe encircle the greatly outnumbered forces fighting for T'Challa. They activate their energy shields and close in on the group to finish the fight.< Just as all seems lost, the Jabari Tribe arrive, having had a change of heart, and attack the Border Tribe from the side. T'Challa's allies escape the circle and become able to fight back.[168][159]
    • T'Challa and Killmonger continue to duel in the Great Mound.[168][159]
    • The ship Everett Ross is remotely flying is attacked by Killmonger's forces. It starts to fail, but Shuri advises Ross via communication devices on how to escape. He controls the ship to let out a sonic overload, breaking free of the enemy ships' restraints. The ship begins to fall, but it reboots just in time to not crash. Ross then manages to shoot down the final ship just in time to leave Shuri's lab before Killmonger's forces can break through the glass, and gets himself to safety.[168][159]
    • BP - W&#039;Kabi and Tribe Yields

      W'Kabi and his tribe surrender in battle

      W'Kabi charges at M'Baku on a rhinoceros, but just as he is about to hit the Jabari chief, Okoye steps in to stop her husband. Recognizing Okoye as a friend, the rhinoceros stops, and Okoye then holds her spear up to W'Kabi. W'Kabi sadly asks his wife if she would really be willing to kill him, but, loyal as always, the general says that if it were for the country of Wakanda, there is no question. He reluctantly drops his weapon, leading the Border Tribe to submit, and ending the Battle of Mount Bashenga.[168][159]
  • Duel in the Great Mound:
    • The maglev train passes again and T'Challa and