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"What year is it?"
Will Daniels and Jemma Simmons[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2015.







The Masked Man observes Turk Barrett's men


Morse confronts Simmons

  • Morse interrogates Simmons as Turgeon is dragged off, since a Flex Screen was found in his desk.[11]
  • Phil Coulson has been scribbling the Words of Creation into his desk when the field agents enter, wondering what to do about the wedding incident. When Skye notices the scribbling, she questions Coulson's orders, until he presses her and she runs out.[11]
  • Skye is researching the Words, but is interrupted by Lance Hunter, who tells her to consult Grant Ward on the subject. Ward desperately hopes that Skye was not carving the Words, as he tells her that John Garrett did it more and more after his infusion with GH.325, as he became crazier and crazier. When Ward tells her that Raina was his source on information pertaining to Skye's Father, Skye refuses to listen.[11]
  • Raina begs Skye's Father to let her borrow the Obelisk, but he refuses. He tells her to beg Whitehall for her life instead.[11]
  • Murdock and Nelson are hired to defend Page as her lawyers.[10][13]


  • James Wesley reveals to Officer Clyde Farnum that his associates can kill his daughter at any time. Under this blackmail threat, he orders Farnum to kill Page.[10]
  • Going to HYDRA Laboratories, Raina sees Simmons sending a message to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Seeing an opportunity to use it as blackmail, Raina calls Coulson for a meeting.[11]
  • At a restaurant, Coulson meets with Raina to find out what she wants, with Hunter, Skye, and Melinda May listening. She tells Coulson that she wants to take Skye to her father, or else she will perform a file transfer of her photograph that will blow Simmons' cover at HYDRA.[11]
  • However, Coulson refuses her offer and the file is sent. Raina is stunned. Hunter tags her and allows her to leave after she reveals the doctor's location.[11]

Morse fights HYDRA Agents

  • Escape from HYDRA Laboratories: With the file that Raina sent, all eyes are on Jemma Simmons. Sunil Bakshi sends a security team to retrieve her. When Bobbi Morse comes with her team, Simmons is trapped. However, Morse then pulls out her battle staves and fights the agents, protecting Simmons and revealing that she is an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. The two are pursued to the roof where they jump onto the awaiting cloaked Quinjet, piloted by Antoine Triplett, and make their escape.[11][12]
  • Skye goes solo to her father's hideout and finds his picture before Coulson and the others can catch her. When she sees the bodies of two of his patients on the floor, Skye calls him a monster. This upsets him as he watches on with cameras from his car nearby.[11]
  • Coulson welcomes Morse, Simmons, and Triplett when they arrive at the Playground. Leo Fitz is hesitant in greeting Simmons, and Alphonso Mackenzie is happy to see Morse. When Hunter sees Morse, he is upset that Coulson has him working with his ex-wife.[11]
  • Meanwhile, Skye wants full disclosure from Coulson about the writings, and he decides to give it. He tells her about his carvings, and she reveals to him that she believes the Words of Creation are a map.[11]
  • Late at night, Farnum tries to choke Page to death, but she fights back and scratches his right eye. She then screams for help.[10]

Murdock speaks to Page


Calvin Zabo introduces himself to Daniel Whitehall


Healy buying a handgun from Turk Barrett


  • Matt Murdock finally locates the boy kidnapped by the Russian criminals two days before, but he is ambushed and badly injured. He barely escapes and is forced to hide inside a dumpster.[17]
  • A young man named Santino finds the injured Murdock in the dumpster and quickly alerts his neighbor, the nurse Claire Temple. In Temple's apartment, she tends to his wounds, saving his life. Soon, Semyon, a mobster sent by Vladimir Ranskahov, arrives at the apartment complex and tries to find Murdock. With Temple's help, Murdock kidnaps Semyon and interrogates him to find out where the boy is being held. He then throws him from the roof, causing him to land in a dumpster and become comatose. Murdock tells Temple to move apartment so that the other gangsters do not find her. She gives him the location where she can be found in the future, in case he needs any more help. Murdock heads out to find the young boy.[17][15]
  • Nelson and Page go out drinking, helping Karen Page to forget about her case.[17]

The Man in the Mask fights the thugs to save the child

  • Rescue of the Kidnapped Boy: After a lengthy fight between Murdock and nine thugs, Murdock saves the boy and brings him back to his father.[17]
  • Assassination of Mister Prohaszka: Healy goes to Whitestone Lanes bowling alley to murder Prohaszka. Healy quickly overthrows the mobster's body guards. He then tries to shoot Prohaszka, but his gun jams, forcing him to find another way to kill him. He eventually kills Prohaszka by repeatedly bashing his skull with a bowling ball. The police arrive shortly after and arrest Healy.[16]



  • John Healy's trial begins. When Healy enters the court, Murdock hears one juror's heartbeat increase. He follows her afterward and discovers that she is being blackmailed.[16]
  • Murdock dons his suit and interrogates the man blackmailing her, but he tells him that it is useless, as his employer will just blackmail another juror.[16]


  • Karen Page visits Daniel Fisher's widow to give her condolences. Mrs. Fisher reveals that she had signed the Union Allied non-disclosure agreement in order to help raise her kids, so she tries to get Page to leave.[16]
  • Page goes to Ben Urich so that he can help her investigate against Union Allied Construction.[16]
  • During the trial, Murdock hears another juror's heartbeat raise when Wesley arrives. There is a hung jury, so Healy is set free.[16]

Healy kills himself





The Ranskahovs visit Semyon in hospital

Anatoly Ranskahov's corpse



Piotr is questioned by Blake and Hoffman

  • Trying to get more information on Cardenas' landlord, Murdock goes to the police department. He hears Detectives Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman interrogating Piotr in another room. Piotr tells them he works for Wilson Fisk.[24]
  • Since Blake and Hoffman are secretly also subordinates of Fisk, they kill Piotr since no one is supposed to reveal Fisk's name. Hearing the entire situation, Murdock realizes how corrupt the New York City Police Department is.[24]
  • In his black suit, Murdock attacks Blake and questions him.[24]
  • Turk Barrett tells Vladimir Ranskahov that a friend of his had cleaned a car of Wilson Fisk's that was covered in "blood and brains". He also tricks Ranskahov into thinking that the masked man and Fisk are working together. Ranskahov then demands his men get all of their weapons to prepare for a war against Fisk.[24]
  • Bombing of Hell's Kitchen:
    • Vanessa Marianna goes on her second date with Wilson Fisk. After getting her to trust him more, they watch from the Press Lounge Restaurant as four buildings explode. Fisk tells Marianna that these explosions were made to stop criminals.[24]
    • Bombing of Hell's Kitchen

      Murdock, in his suit, goes to a warehouse owned by Ranskahov. A blind drug runner working for Madame Gao detonates a bomb that destroys the factory, causing the first of Fisk's Ranskahov and Sergei barely escape. Murdock follows them. He attacks, but the police soon arrive.[24]
    • Murdock is forced to fight the officers and defeats them, escaping with Ranskahov.[25]
    • After helping repair her home, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page are unexpectedly given a dinner date prepared by Elena Cardenas. The date is interrupted by one of Fisk's explosions in a nearby building. Nelson and Cardenas are injured and taken to Metro-General Hospital.[24]
    • Ben Urich goes to investigate the explosions and interview officers near the wreckage.[25]
    • Matt Murdock takes Vladimir Ranskahov to an abandoned warehouse to avoid being discovered by the police.[25]
    • Murdock lights a flare to burn Vladimir's open wound

      Murdock uses a flare to cauterize Ranskahov's open wound, making Ranskahov pass out. Soon Officer Sullivan arrives at the warehouse and calls for backup after Murdock attacks him. Police arrive outside, calling the circumstance a hostage situation. Soon Ranskahov awakens and attacks Murdock. To protect himself, Murdock tackles Ranskahov, making them fall two stories. Ranskahov's heart stops, forcing Murdock to revive him.[25]
  • Assassination of Vladimir Ranskahov:
    • Through Sullivan's two-way radio, Fisk contacts Murdock and says that he will blame the entire night's occurrences on him. Outside, a sniper shoots multiple officers, including Christian Blake. Murdock soon finds an opening into the sewers that connects to a series of access tunnels, which he uses for him and Ranskahov to escape.[25]
    • Just after they escape, four officers enter the building. Working for Fisk, they kill Sullivan to blame it on the Man in the Mask. Just before Murdock and Ranskahov go into the access tunnels, they are attacked by two of the officers.[25]
    • Ranskahov prepares for his death

      After they are defeated by Murdock, Ranskahov chooses to use their weapons to keep five other men from getting to Murdock, allowing Murdock to get away. Before he leaves, Ranskahov tells Murdock that Leland Owlsley controls the money of Fisk's cartel. When the men arrive, they kill Ranskahov. Murdock escapes [25]



  • The Man in the Mask confronts Leland Owlsley, but is distracted when his former master, Stick, arrives. Seeing an opportunity, Owlsley tasers Murdock and escapes.[26]
  • Stick and Matt Murdock talk in Murdock's apartment. Soon they argue about the way Murdock is trying to protect the city. Stick offers Murdock a chance to fight beside him again. Murdock agrees, under the condition that Stick does not kill anyone.[26]
  • Karen Page brings groceries to Elena Cardenas at her apartment. As a way of thanks, Cardenas gives Page information about the repairman who worked on her apartment.[26]
  • Outside Cardenas' apartment, Page is attacked by two of Fisk's men, fitting the description given by Cardenas. She is saved by Foggy Nelson.[26]

Murdock prepares to fight the Hand

  • Attack on Black Sky:
    • Murdock and Stick attack Nobu Yoshioka's men as they are retrieving the Black Sky, which happens to be a young boy. Stick tries to kill the Black Sky, but is stopped by Murdock.[26]
    • Yoshioka and his remaining men flee the area with the Black Sky. Stick follows them and eventually succeeds in killing the Black Sky.[26]
  • When Murdock arrives home, he discovers that Stick is already there. Still outraged by Stick's lie, Murdock fights him and wins.[26]
  • Page lets Nelson in on her plan with Ben Urich to take down Union Allied Construction.[26]
  • Stick goes to Stone, who asks him if Murdock will be "ready when the doors open", to which Stick replies that he has "no idea".[26]


Matthew Murdock argues with Nelson and Page





Vanessa Marianna meets Matt Murdock


  • The Ancient One and Karl Mordo hear about the threats of the Dragon Raider and fight them. The group is defeated.[30]
  • The Bow and Arrow of Apollon are stored at the Hong Kong Sanctum.[30]
  • As the Man in the Mask, Matt Murdock searches for Cardenas' murderer. He eventually finds Junkie Jake and asks him why he murdered Cardenas. Jake, afraid of Murdock, tells him that he was paid for the job at a warehouse on Pier 81. When Murdock leaves, Jake is killed by Wilson Fisk's men for revealing information.[28]
  • Duel at Pier 81:
    • Yoshioka fights the Man in the Mask

      At Pier 81, Nobu Yoshioka attacks the Man in the Mask, inciting a fight. During the very lengthy duel, Murdock is injured multiple times.[28]
    • Eventually, Yoshioka is accidentally killed when sparks from a light set his suit on fire. After Yoshioka dies, Wilson Fisk enters and reveals that it was his plan for Murdock to kill Yoshioka. They fight, but the injured Murdock stands no chance against Fisk. To escape, Murdock jumps out of a window.[28]
  • Upon entering Murdock's home, Nelson discovers that the Man in the Mask is there as well and is very injured. Nelson takes off his mask, revealing that the man is, in fact, Matt Murdock.[28]
  • Claire Temple arrives at Murdock's apartment and stitches him as Nelson watches. [6]


Nelson and Murdock argue


Wesley and Owlsley talk


Kidnapping of Karen Page

  • Kidnapping of Karen Page: After being informed by Marlene Vistain that she was visited by Karen Page, James Wesley kidnaps Page for knowing the location of Wilson Fisk's mother, and the information about Fisk's childhood.[32]
  • After Wesley places a gun on the table, Page gets a hold of it and shoots and kills Wesley.[32] To hide the evidence, Page throws the gun into the ocean.[31]


  • Vanessa Marianna finally awakens after being poisoned. Wilson Fisk offers to move her out of the country to protect her, but she refuses, wanting to stay with him.[31]
  • James Wesley's corpse is found. Fisk is saddened by the loss of his assistant and friend. He thinks whoever killed him may also be responsible for poisoning Marianna.[31]


Fisk asks his mother what she said to James Wesley

  • Marlene Vistain is asked by her son, Wilson Fisk, what she said to James Wesley on the phone during the night of his death. To Fisk's disappointment, her mother has forgotten due to her dementia.[31]
  • Ben Urich's boss, Mitchell Ellison, refuses to post his story about Wilson Fisk murdering his father. Ellison eventually decides to fire Urich. Urich decides to write a blog revealing the information about Wilson Fisk.[31]
  • Infiltration into Madame Gao's Warehouse: Murdock, as the Man in the Mask, goes to the warehouse where blind people are being used to distribute heroin known as Steel Serpent. He is soon seen by Madame Gao, who has all of her blind servants attack him. After Murdock frees himself from them, he accidentally starts a fire. He later encounters Gao, but she escapes. Murdock has one of Gao's men save the blind workers from the fire as he departs.[31]

Urich's corpse



Owlsley is killed by Wilson Fisk



Fisk is arrested by the FBI


The aftermath of the Duel of Hell's Kitchen


  • Jessica Jones is hired by a former lover of Turk Barrett to locate him and force him to give money to help her care for the child he had with her.[41]


  • Attack on Turk Barrett: In the very early hours of the morning, Barrett attempts to get money from an old client, but he is immediately ambushed by Daredevil. The brawl results in Barrett being taken to the hospital.[41]
  • Jones finds Turk Barrett. Once she has learned what happened with Daredevil, Jones takes Barrett's wallet to give to her client, and disconnects Barrett's IV before leaving.[41]





  • Jones is hired by a man who thinks that his wife is cheating on him. She follows the client's wife through New York City and finds her having sex with another man.[46]
  • Duel of K'un-Lun:
    • Rand fights Davos for the right to face Shou-Lao

      The two final unbeaten warriors of K'un-Lun, friends Danny Rand and Davos, prepare to fight for the right to face Shou-Lao. Lei Kung reminds them that the fight does not end until one either yields or dies, and the two fighters tie a ceremonial cloth between them. The duel begins.[47][48]
    • As the duel continues, Davos starts yanking on the connecting cloth to pull Rand off-balance and toward him. Rand manages to dodge and wrap the cloth around Davos' wrists and punch him, but Davos kicks him away and tears the fabric. Rand trips him up, but before he can land a kick, Davos spins away back to his feet. Rand lands a punch but Davos retaliates and knocks him down, stamping on his fingers to break them and telling him to yield. When Rand does not, Davos continues to punch him, and Rand pretends to be out of energy, only to surprise Davos by suddenly kneeing him aside. The two stumble back to their feet and Rand uses his side of the ripped cloth to bind his broken fingers.[47][48]
    • Danny Rand defeats Davos in the duel

      The sun shines into the dueling chamber as Davos continues to pummel Rand, repeatedly telling him that it is over, and he has to yield. Rand, however, notices the sun streaming through the window and lures Davos into its glare, momentarily distracting his opponent, enough to gain an advantage and knock him to the ground. Rand then pins him down and demands he yield. Davos does not, but Lei Kung, his father, declares Rand the winner and the one who will face the dragon.[47][48]
  • After falling unconscious, Davos is woken by his mother, Priya. She expresses her shame at having raised what she sees to be a failure, and Davos asserts to himself that he will still find a way to make her proud.[47][49]


WHiH World News informs of the Attack on the UN


WHiH World News on March 8th

Jessica Jones asks Jeri Hogarth for a new assignment

  • At the Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz Office, Jones asks Jeri Hogarth for a new assignment. Hogarth, sends her to give a subpoena to Gregory Spheeris, a strip club owner who stays surrounded by bodyguards.[46]
  • Back at her office, Jones makes a call to Spheeris' office. Pretending to be an old friend of Spheeris' secretary, Jones extracts the information needed to find Spheeris.[46]
  • Ward is taken by the United States Armed Forces. While being transported, Ward dislocates his thumb so he can slip off his handcuffs to kills his guards and escape.[50]
  • In the night, Jones watches Luke Cage and Gina become intimate in his apartment from a distance.[46]


  • Newspapers write front-page reports on Christian Ward's speech, his public reveal of his younger brother Grant Ward, and his vow to bring him to justice.[50][52]
  • Jones wakes up, annoyed by the noise made by her upstairs neighbors. She then hears some noise coming from her kitchen. There she finds Malcolm Ducasse, who under the influence of drugs entered the wrong apartment and started eating her peanut butter, surprised there were no nuts in it.[46]

Jones is visited by the Shlottmans

  • As Jones opens her door to send Ducasse away, she finds Bob and Barbara Shlottman standing in front of it. The Shlottmans just flew in from Omaha to find their daughter Hope Shlottman, a track star at New York University who abruptly changed her routine and disappeared.[46]
  • While Barbara Shlottman explains to Jones what has happened, her husband is more interested in fixing the broken door. The Shlottmans had first visited the police station, where someone had sent them to Jones.[46]
  • Jones accepts the job and starts looking for information about the Shlottmans, and Hope in particular. When she notices a picture of Hope Shlottman with a friend, Jones decides to give the friend a visit. At Hope Shlottman's Apartment, Jones has a talk with Mei, while her new roommate films it. According to Mei, Hope's change in lifestyle and disappearance is all to do with a man who she had met.[46]

Jones stops Gregory Spheeris' car

  • Jessica Jones uses her strength to intimidate Spheeris, who just left the SoHo House, and give him his subpoena. As proof, she takes a photo of Spheeris, which she sends to Jeri Hogarth.[46]
  • Back at her office, Jones awakens from a bad dream about Kilgrave. In an attempt to calm herself, Jones starts to name some of the streets from her old neighborhood. She is then called by Hogarth who, besides the message from Jones, also received a call from Spheeris’ lawyer, who complained that Jones threatened Spheeris with her “laser eyes”. When Pam starts to kiss Hogarth's neck, she quickly ends the phone call.[46]
  • Jones, who just bought some liquor at a store, walks passed Luke's bar. Outside of the bar she meets the owner Luke Cage, who invites her in, saying it is ladies’ night. After flirting, Jones and Cage end up sleeping together, but she leaves abruptly when she sees a picture in his bathroom of Reva Connors, recognizing her as the woman Kilgrave made her murder a year ago.[46]


Jones realizes Kilgrave is still alive

  • Using Hope Shlottman’s credit card data to follow her case, Jones tracks Shlottman's spending trail. She discovers that Shlottman has not paid rent on her apartment, but is buying expensive clothes.[46]
  • Jones goes to Niku, an expensive restaurant. She begins to recognize the pattern: despite what she had previously believed, Kilgrave must still be alive and is controlling Hope Shlottman, once again performing his usual dating rituals.[46]
  • Scared, Jones decides to flee from New York City, and advises the Shlottmans to do the same.[46]
  • After approaching different people for money, Jones goes to see her adoptive sister Trish Walker, host of weekday radio show Trish Talk, who she hasn't seen in quite a while. Jones borrows the money necessary to run away.[46][53]
  • Kilgrave orders Hope Shlottman that when she meets her parents again, she should shoot them so that she and him can be together.[46]

Jones finds Shlottman

  • Rescue of Hope Shlottman: Following Kilgrave's pattern, Jones goes to a hotel where both her and Kilgrave stayed together in the past. In a hotel room, Jones finds Hope Shlottman in bed, having been unable to move for over five hours due to Kilgrave's influence. Jones carries her unwillingly out of the room.[46]
  • The Shlottmans arrive to get their daughter and return to Nebraska. Jones decides that she is done being a detective. Suddenly, following Kilgrave's orders, Hope reveals a gun and kills her parents in the elevator.[46]
  • When the elevator opens on the ground floor, Jones sees the bodies; Shlottman then turns to her and tells her to smile. She then regains her senses and screams as she sees the murders she committed, and a disturbed Jones leaves the building in shock, but then decides that she will not flee from Kilgrave; it is time to fight.[46]
  • Jessica Jones is interviewed by Detective Oscar Clemons for the murders of Bob and Barbara Shlottman. In the interrogation, he reveals that he procured the photos that Jones took of Luke Cage from the Alias Investigations Office, but Jones demands the return of her property and tells him that Cage has nothing to do with the double homicide.[54]


Cage sends Jones away

  • Jones tries to alert Luke Cage about what she did, but Cage says that the police have already informed him.[54]
  • He tells Jones that he no longer wants her in his life or his bar; Jones says that she was hired by Gina's husband, Andre, but Cage still demands her exit.[54]
  • Jones asks Jeri Hogarth to take the Hope Shlottman case, but she refuses to get involved unless Jones provides any evidence that Shlottman was under duress when she committed her crime.[54]
  • While listening to Trish Talk, Jones starts to investigate what Kilgrave did after the time he was believed dead a year ago.[54]
  • Cage informs Gina that her husband hired Jessica Jones on the suspicion that she was cheating on him.[54]



Jones: "God didn't do this; the Devil did. And I am gonna find him"

  • Visiting Denton's residence, Jones learns that he donated both kidneys to Kilgrave, and is now on dialysis with a machine given by an anonymous patron.[54][55]
  • Skirmish at Luke's: Gina visits Jones and tells her that her husband, Andre, has decided to get his rugby teammates to go and teach Cage a lesson for sleeping with his wife. Jones goes to Luke's to try to help Cage against Andre's friends, but Cage handles the brawl himself with surprising resilience. Jones realizes Cage has powers, and he realizes Jones' too.[54]


  • Jones traces Denton's machine to doctor David Kurata who tells her about the operation he performed on Denton and Kilgrave. From this, she discovers that anesthesia is Kilgrave's weakness, turning off his powers temporarily. Kurata decides that he will tell Hogarth and the police all he knows about Kilgrave.[54]
  • Jeri Hogarth takes Hope Shlottman's case. Speaking with Shlottman, Hogarth learns that Jones was a fellow victim of Kilgrave.[54]
  • Elsewhere, Kilgrave forces a family to welcome him into their apartment.[54]

Cage demonstrates his powers to Jones

  • Jones returns home and finds Luke Cage waiting her. He tells her that he saw her use extraordinary strength in the bar fight. Then Cage, using an electronic circular saw, shows Jones that he has a power too; his skin is indestructible.[54]
  • Sebastian Derik asks his tattoo artist to give him another tattoo. Derik disrobes, revealing that his body is covered with the Words of Creation. He states that the pain of getting a tattoo helps him to remember.[50]
  • Jones and Cage make love again, and she spends the night with him.[56][57]
  • Jones learns that the woman she killed under Kilgrave's control, Reva Connors, was Cage's wife.[56]



  • Chase of Grant Ward: Coulson sends a team to catch Grant Ward in Atlanta, but he escapes.[58][59]
  • Skye, who is helping Coulson to translate the Words of Creation, shows Phil Coulson the crime scene photos of Robbins' body, which has been carved disturbingly with the alien symbols.[58]
  • Whilst investigating Janice Robbins (AKA Agent Rebecca Stevens, former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.), the team find many images of the symbols. Jemma Simmons performs an autopsy on the deceased woman. Both the victim and the killer had/have GH.325 in their blood, which eventually turned the killer into a psychopath.[58]
  • Trish Walker sets up an interview on her talk show for Hope Shlottman.[56]
  • Coulson believes the only way to get the answers they seek is to put him in the memory machine to the point where the memories that were taken from him return, despite the pain it will cause him.[58]

Coulson in the memory machine

  • After being placed in the memory machine, Coulson sees himself in the interrogation room at the Guest House. He can see a few agents who were used as test subjects for the GH.325 formula, all seeming to be in decent shape at first. Then everything changes; they all go start to go mad as he interrogates them, save one, Derik, who just wants to know when he can get out of there. However, when Coulson pins him down and rolls up his sleeve, he sees cuts on his arm of the Words of Creation, proving that Derik is even more crazy than the others, but trying to pretend he is not.[58]
  • Coulson argues to shut down the rejuvenation program and destroy the host. The only hope at curing the patients is to erase their memories; so reluctantly, that is what they do. Coulson manages to state the names of the patients in his vision to Skye before being pulled out of the machine.[58]
  • They research the people and discover that Robbins' killer is Sebastian Derik, who is targeting those who went through Project T.A.H.I.T.I., and the only patient that he has not yet killed is a man named Hank Thompson.[58]
  • Skye discourages Coulson from getting involved, but he temporarily traps her in Ward's empty cell, telling her that he wants to take care of Derik personally.[58]
  • Coulson finds Hank Thompson and warns that his life is in danger, but before he can act, Derik knocks him out from behind.[58]
  • Attack on Hank Thompson:
    • Thompson is bound and gagged by Derik

      Thompson is bound and gagged in his workshop, and his wife and son are locked in a closet. Coulson is also tied up. Derik lets him know that pain gives him back his memories, which is how he found all the others from Project T.A.H.I.T.I. He wants to know what the alien writings mean, and is willing to do whatever it takes to find out.[58]
    • Thompson escapes from his bindings, and some deep-rooted training helps him assist Coulson in breaking free as well. Thompson rushes his family to safety while Coulson momentarily neutralizes Derik and a difficult struggle ensues. Skye and Alphonso Mackenzie arrive, threatening to shoot Coulson, who has Derik trapped by the neck, believing that he is out of his mind. However, Coulson is not trying to kill him; he is trying to get him to look down at the massive toy train design Hank Thompson had constructed below them. From above, it looks like the alien writing; it looks like a three-dimensional city. Feeling a sense of fulfillment, Derik loses his aggression and is turned over to the authorities.[58][60]
  • To get rid of the people following him, Ward tells Sunil Bakshi that he will make a deal with him. However, he is luring Bakshi into a trap, and binds and gags him, then delivers him to Melinda May, Bobbi Morse, Antoine Triplett and Lance Hunter, to their surprise.[58]
  • Cage and Jones sleep together again.[56]


Thompson talks to Coulson

  • In the Playground, Coulson tells Hank Thompson that they could use a super spy like him. Thompson refuses the offer, as he is happy being the family man he is now. He thanks Coulson for his second chance and gives him his business card. He has also now found his peace, and so has Coulson; the compulsion to carve is gone. Now all he has to do is figure out why the alien was so determined to get to that city.[58][61]
  • In her radio program, Walker holds the interview for Shlottman so that all the listeners can hear her experiences with Kilgrave. During the interview, Jeri Hogarth speaks as if Shlottman is insane, but Walker defends the girl, citing that in a world that has the Avengers, the idea of a man with telepathy is not that far-fetched. Walker begins to insult Kilgrave, much to Jones' anxiety. When Walker takes callers' questions, Kilgrave himself calls in, questioning Walker's decision to taunt such a powerful man. Jones and Walker quickly exit the radio station to go to Walker's apartment.[56]

S.H.I.E.L.D. is informed of the alien city

  • Coulson vows that they will find Ward eventually. In the meantime, they will take advantage of his gift of Bakshi. Coulson addresses his team to assure them that he is not crazy. He has been trying to solve the puzzle of the writing, just like HYDRA. Coulson says their job is to find the mystery city before anyone else.[58]
  • Jones uses Malcolm Ducasse as a distraction to infiltrate a hospital and steal some vials of anesthesia.[56]
  • Attack on Trish Walker:
    • Kilgrave finds Will Simpson, enthralls him and sends him to kill Trish Walker for insulting him.[56]
    • Simpson arrives at Walker's apartment and attacks her. She tries to take him down but fails, and Simpson starts to strangle her. Fortunately, Jessica Jones arrives and temporarily subdues Simpson by throwing him against the wall, knocking him out.[56]
    • To stop him from attacking Walker, and seeing an opportunity to find Kilgrave, Jones injects Walker with a sedative, rendering her unconscious. When Simpson wakes and sees Walker's inanimate body, he is convinced that he has accomplished his mission to kill her and proceeds to report back to Kilgrave, with Jones following him.[56]

Ward says goodbye to Skye

  • Ward makes a call to Bakshi's phone, knowing that Skye would answer. He promises to keep sending "gifts" from time to time, then informs her that he has work to do, and says goodbye, while looking at the previous Monday's Global USA's front-page report on his brother, Christian's vow to bring him to justice.[58]
  • In his new residence, Kilgrave orders Simpson to commit suicide by jumping from a balcony; Jones stops him but is discovered by Kilgrave. After knocking Simpson unconscious again so as to stop his repeated attempts at suicide, Jones pursues Kilgrave, but as he runs away, different residents in Kilgrave's apartment start to defend their master. Kilgrave escapes.[56]
  • Jones discovers a room covered wall-to-wall with pictures of her, and she sees a picture with writing stating simply: “see you later”.[56]
  • Jones returns to Simpson and jumps from the balcony with him to simulate the suicide attempt, and thus break his hypnotic trance.[56]
  • So as to protect him from Kilgrave, Jones breaks off her relationship with Luke Cage.[56]


  • Jones starts to investigate who is taking pictures of her and sending them to Kilgrave.[56][62]
  • Jones is hired by Audrey Eastman

    Jones is hired by Audrey Eastman to investigate if her husband, Carlo, is having an affair, by following him when he goes to work on Friday night.[62]
  • Will Simpson goes to Trish Walker’s apartment trying to find her corpse. Scared, Walker calls Jones for help. Jones realizes that Simpson is not under Kilgrave's control and opens the door. Simpson is surprised to find Walker alive. Jones explains to Simpson about the situation with Kilgrave, and he insists on helping find Kilgrave.[62]
  • Following Jones' advice, Walker goes on air at WNEX Station and makes a public apology to Kilgrave for insulting him, in hopes that he will stop sending people to kill her.[62]


  • The Kilgrave Victim Support Group is founded by Jessica Jones and Jeri Hogarth to try to build Shlottman's defence, including all those who believe they have been under his influence.[62]
  • Jones asks Simpson for police surveillance footage of certain places to find Jones' stalker, but he tells her the process will be long.[62]


  • Simpson visits Trish Walker and asks for forgiveness. The two start a conversation and a friendship develops.[62]
"You're not gifted. You're a freak."
"What have we or the mentally challenged ever done to you?"
"You saved the city. That's what the newspapers said. You were "heroes". [...] But I was there. I saw what really happened. I saw my mother crushed to death under a building that you people destroyed."
"In the Incident?"
"I was trying to pull my mother out from the rubble, watching her bleed to death, while all around me, you people were raining down hell."
Audrey Eastman and Jessica Jones[src]
  • Ambush on Jessica Jones:
    • Jones is confronted by the Eastmans

      Following Audrey Eastman's case, Jones follows Carlo Eastman to a rendezvous with his alleged lover. The lover turns out to be Audrey herself; she wants to kill Jones for being a "gifted" person, which she was informed of by Spheeris. Eastman explains that "gifted people" caused the death of her mother in "the incident". She then shoots Jones in her arm as a threat.[62]
    • Jones complains that she too lost family members in an accident, but she doesn't blame anyone else for what happened. She tells the Eastmans that she has ninety-nine gifted friends who will hurt them if they do not leave New York City. The Eastmans flee.[62][57]
  • Sitting at a support meeting, Jones hears the testimony of Donald and how Kilgrave made him become his chauffeur, driving him everywhere he wanted to go. Jones begins to ask him questions and learns that Kilgrave would always meet a man in a blue scarf at ten o'clock sharp every morning.[62]


  • In the morning, searching Simpson's footage for a match to Donald's testimony, Jones finds the identity of the photographer: Malcolm Ducasse.[62]


Cross' posts on March 24th




  • After a day without receiving any messages from Trish Walker, Jones goes to her apartment and discovers that she and Will Simpson have started a relationship.[63]
  • Trial of Shou-Lao:
    • Shou-Lao in the darkness

      Danny Rand, now nearly 24, is sent to battle the enormous fire-breathing serpent called Shou-Lao the Undying in order to gain the power of the Iron Fist.[66][67]
    • After succeeding in his trial, gaining his powers and the Mark of Shou-Lao onto his chest, Rand was left unconscious outside the cave. He is eventually found by Davos, who wakes him up.[66][68]
  • Jessica Jones, Trish Walker and Will Simpson make a plan together to take down Kilgrave. Simpson will shoot an anesthesia dart at Kilgrave to leave him unconscious, then Jones will use her strength and speed to take the body to a van where Walker will be the get-away driver to take Kilgrave to a hermetically sealed room.[63]
  • Shortly after the trial, after Rand has had his hair cut, Davos helps Rand walk as he is still weak and injured. Rand slumps to the floor and lights up his Iron Fist again, still taking in the reality of his new ability.[69][70]


"I was sent a video file of his murder by an anonymous source. He was interrogated and shot in the head by Americans 'cause they knew he was a cop."
Dinah Madani and Sam Stein[src]
  • Gunner Henderson sends the disc containing footage of the assassination of Ahmad Zubair to NSA analyst Micro.[71][72]
  • Operation Cerberus are alerted to the existence of the video but cannot track the delivery. Believing the cameraman to have been Frank Castle after his explicit outburst of anger at the operation a few months prior, Cerberus' leaders, William Rawlins, Ray Schoonover, and Billy Russo decide that Castle must be killed so as to maintain the secrets of the operation. Having heard him talk numerous times during the operation about the fact that when he returns, the first thing his family will do the next day will be to visit the Central Park carousel around midday, the Cerberus leaders plan an attack for April 4th, the day after Castle returns from his current military service. Russo refuses to take part himself, having been close with the Castle family, but lets the operation go ahead nonetheless.[71][72][73]
"I wasn't there. If I was, you'd be in the ground, because I wouldn't have missed. But I told them I'd have no part of it."
"But you knew about it, didn't you? Did you know about it, Bill?"
"Yeah. I knew."
―Billy Russo and Frank Castle[src]
  • Schoonover uses his drug lord alias of the "Blacksmith" to arrange a fake drug deal in Central Park on April 4th, planning to initiate a gunfight which will be targeted by the men of his who will be present to catch the Castle family in its crossfire. Having also heard of an undercover officer infiltrating one of the three gangs of the Kitchen Irish, the Mexican Cartel, or the Dogs of Hell, he decides to organize for those three to be the gangs involved in the deal, assuming that through the undercover officer, Samantha Reyes will learn of the deal and attempt a sting, and that he can therefore cover the massacre by making it appear to the police like a sting gone wrong.[71][74][75]

Zabo tells Whitehall that something inside the Diviner can be activated

  • Skye's Father tells Daniel Whitehall that the Diviner has something inside that will be activated when it comes into contact with a temple in a hidden city. Eventually, Whitehall orders him and a group of HYDRA agents to discover where that city is.[76]


  • Capture of Kilgrave:
    • Jones, Simpson and Walker find Kilgrave and initiate the plan to capture him. Kilgrave spots Will Simpson, but before he can run away he is distracted by Jessica Jones. Simpson shoots the anesthesia dart to leave him unconscious.[63]
    • However, no one knew that Kilgrave had bodyguards for protection. The bodyguards chase the trio to the van and free their boss, but Simpson catches one of Kilgrave's bodyguards and beats him until he reveals that Kilgrave made the bodyguards protect him after a previous attack; but he doesn't knows where Kilgrave is living.[63]
  • Jones goes to Malcolm Ducasse's Apartment, and Ducasse honestly admits that he had been betraying Jones to be supplied by Kilgrave with the drugs he was addicted to; not really because he was under his control. Jones gives him the drugs that Kilgrave would have provided him and asks him to make a choice: to get over his addiction and start helping her, or succumb and be of no help.[63]

Coulson's Team arrives at Laura Creek Station

  • Hijacking of the Kaena Point Air Force Base and Infiltration into Laura Creek Station:
    • Melinda May is left in charge of the Playground as Phil Coulson takes Leo Fitz, Antoine Triplett and Skye to Hawaii. He gives each a particular mission, then he has the Bus take them to Australia. At Laura Creek, there is a satellite relaying station that is easier to infiltrate than the Kaena Point Air Force Base in Oahu.[76][60]
    • The strange assignments that Coulson had given earlier were in preparation to cause an EMP blackout at the base which would cause the station at Laura Creek to be used as back-up. Coulson wants to hack their satellites so that he can find the city that matches the Words of Creation map.[76]
    • Coulson's team is ambushed by HYDRA and Triplett is seriously injured.[76]
    • Zabo threatens to kill Triplett

      It turns out that HYDRA are there under Skye's Father’s lead, seeking the city himself. As he is a doctor, Triplett's injury gave him an opportunity to meet Coulson personally. He is very surprised that Coulson knew about the city, since Whitehall had to be told by him about its existence. He explains to Coulson about the Diviner, then tells Coulson that the moment he lets go of Triplett's artery, he will bleed out, unless Coulson administers a clotting agent. He gives Coulson the clotting agent and uses Coulson's distraction of saving Triplett to escape.[76]
  • Assassination of Christian Ward: Meanwhile, Grant Ward captures his brother and has him confess that he was the one who tortured their brother, Thomas, when they were children. After Christian's eventual confession, Grant takes Christian to their parents, and murders all three. Grant plants a recording of Christian's confession at the scene to have the media believe the event was a murder-suicide by Christian Ward.[76]
  • When Skye's father returns to Whitehall, he meets Ward there.[76]

Bakshi is saved


Billy Koenig updates Phil Coulson

  • Search for the Kree City: Meanwhile, Coulson prepares his agents to find the hidden city. When Billy Koenig informs him that Raina was in trouble, Coulson decides to separate his agents into two teams: one to enter the city under San Juan, the other to protect Raina in Canada.[78][79]
  • At the Vancouver S.H.I.E.L.D. Safe House, Skye is forced to fight Agent 33 and Lance Hunter helps her to subdue the HYDRA operative. While awaiting Melinda May to extract them, Raina tells Skye that she believes she would be able to touch the Diviner without dying. When Skye reveals to her that Whitehall has the artifact, Raina realizes that he wants her alive, and suddenly tries to surrender, but is stopped when May arrives.[78]
  • The team with Coulson (Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Bobbi Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie) enter the Castillo San Cristóbal, a garrison that was built above the hidden city, but their guide will not enter because of stories of it being haunted and that those who entered did not return.[78][79]

Raina tells Skye about the Inhumans

  • On the Bus, Raina tells Skye the stories that her grandmother told her of the Kree and their desire to destroy humanity, except the chosen few selected by the Diviner. She lets her know that she is fond of Skye's Father because he found Raina in Thailand and sheltered her. Raina then debunks Skye's notion that she may be alien.[78]
  • During the conversation, Raina reveals that if the unworthy enter the temple, they would die. Before Skye can warn Coulson's team, four HYDRA Quinjets surround the plane.[78]
  • Coulson's team find a hundred-foot shaft leading to the temple. When Fitz sends D.W.A.R.F.s into the hole they lose their signal, so Alphonso Mackenzie is sent inside to investigate. When he finds the inactive drones, his hand touches the ground, which then glows with the Words of Creation. His hand then becomes tattooed with the same symbols and he screams in pain.[78]
  • Mackenzie is hoisted up, his eyes turning red as he tells Coulson to run, before losing control and slapping him away. Bobbi Morse fights the super-strong Mackenzie hand-to-hand until she can get to her battle staves, but her blows are ineffective.[78]

Mackenzie is defeated by Morse

  • Mack fights against Coulson's team, but even being shot by an I.C.E.R. has no effect on to the crazed man, as Phil Coulson struggles to keep Simmons from falling into the shaft. Mack approaches Coulson and Simmons but is electrocuted by Morse. Stunned, he falls back into the shaft. When Morse asks if they can save their friend, Coulson replies that "that was not Mack".[78]
  • Kidnapping of Raina and Skye:
    • Grant Ward, who was on board one of the HYDRA Quinjets, had traced the signal from Raina's tracker previously placed by Hunter, and boarded the Bus to collect her.[78]
    • Ward finds himself surrounded by May's team. He predicts that all of them would die if a fire fight started. Skye, remembering that Sunil Bakshi was captured because of him, tells Ward to pick a side; he assures her that he has. Ward promises that HYDRA will not attack if Raina and Skye are relinquished to him; the two women leave with him.[78]
    • Elsewhere, Agent 33 reports to Daniel Whitehall that Ward was successful in obtaining Raina, but that he has also captured Skye, and promised not to attack S.H.I.E.L.D. in return. Whitehall tells her that Ward was not authorized to make such a promise, and commands her to order an attack on the Bus.[78]


  • The Bus manages to avoid the HYDRA Quinjets

    The HYDRA planes turn around on Daniel Whitehall and Agent 33's order to shoot down the Bus. The agents on board follow Melinda May's orders as she cleverly maneuvers the Bus away from the locked-on missiles; she flies low enough to get out of HYDRA's clear sight, then fires shrapnel to explode the missiles, while they cloak the Bus to make it seem like the Bus has been blown up.[80]
  • Phil Coulson and Melinda May's groups land their vehicles and re-group. They discuss what to do next, and what might have happened to Alphonso Mackenzie. Bobbi Morse states that once this whole ordeal is over, she thinks she will cry for about a week.[80]
  • Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Antoine Triplett prepare to plant bombs in the Kree City, to destroy it before anyone else can get to it.[80]
  • Grant Ward takes Skye to finally meet her father, Cal Johnson, who is nervous but excited to meet his daughter, and tells her about some of her early life. They are interrupted when HYDRA agents burst in and tell them that Whitehall wants to talk to them.[80]

Skye holds the Diviner

  • Due to his suspicions that Skye is special like her mother, Whitehall forces her to touch the Diviner, and to her surprise, it does not affect her, but glows in her hands, confirming that she is special. She then turns and attacks a few nearby agents with the Diviner, turning them to stone, but is restrained. Whitehall threatens that he will make Johnson watch as he experiments on his daughter, the way he experimented on his wife. Raina explains to him that Ward has taken Skye to him for his own purposes, and he therefore realizes that he shouldn't trust Ward either, then orders Skye, Johnson, and Ward to be taken off and bound, while he prepares to enter the city.[80][81]
  • Battle for the Kree City:
    • After Cal Johnson, Skye, and Grant Ward escape their bonds, Skye shoots Ward when he turns his back on her. He survives, due to wearing a Bulletproof Vest.[80]
    • Raina goes into the Kree City with the Diviner, knowing Skye will follow. Johnson goes looking for Daniel Whitehall.[80]
    • Whitehall is shot by Coulson

      When he finds him, Whitehall turns to shoot Johnson, but Phil Coulson kills him first from behind. Unexpectedly however, Johnson gets angry at Coulson for robbing him of his revenge.[80]
    • As he attacks Coulson, Skye convinces him to stop, and he leaves, telling her he will be there for her after she changes. Skye, learning that Raina has gone into the city, goes after her, with Coulson following behind.[80]
    • Learning that they are still in the city, Antoine Triplett, after just finishing laying the bombs, jumps into the city to defuse them, then goes after Skye. Meanwhile, Agent 33 is confused as to what to do now that Whitehall is dead, so she finds Ward and drags him out of the base to safety. Triplett arrives at the temple in the center of the city as Raina lets the Diviner open to reveal Terrigen Crystals.[80]
    • The doors close around Skye, Triplett, and Raina, trapping them in. The crystals unleash the Terrigen Mist, unlocking Skye and Raina's Inhuman abilities. Triplett tries to destroy the Diviner, but gets a shard in his side, killing him as it turns him to stone.[80]
    • Skye unlocks her Inhuman powers

      As Skye comes out of Terrigenesis, she sees Triplett die, and breaks down, accidentally causing an earthquake, which causes his stone figure to crumble to pieces.[80] The team find Skye unharmed at the epicenter and save her, but cannot find Raina. Jemma Simmons and her team begin work on the city before they intend to flood it.[82]
  • Elsewhere, Gordon lets another Inhuman know that someone new has gone through Terrigenesis.[80]



  • WHiH World News posts on Google+ announcing "Streaming live now. Military professionals along with renowned scientists speak about future of modern military." They host a livestream on the topic.[21][5]


  • Skye, quarantined, tells Phil Coulson that every time she wakes, she expects to see Antoine Triplett teasing her, only to remember what has happened to him.[82]
  • Everyone is still coping in their own way over the recent loss of Triplett.[82]
  • Frank Castle, Sr.'s last tour of duty in the Marine Corps Force Recon is over, and he boards a plane to leave Iraq and return to his family back in New York City.[83][84]

Raina emerges from the debris

  • As Jemma Simmons prepares to finish her work in the Kree City, Raina runs out from the shadows. She slices the throats of several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and escapes the city as Simmons shoots at her. Simmons requests to return to base.[82][85]
  • Back at the base, Phil Coulson's team argue over his methods, causing Skye to panic and accidentally cause an earthquake, which fortunately for her, no one notices. Alphonso Mackenzie is angry about the way Coulson is going about things, but Coulson uses his authority to make a decision, telling the team they will transfer Sunil Bakshi to Glenn Talbot as soon as the sun comes up.[82]
  • Frank Castle, back home, is driven to his daughter's school and has a tearful reunion with her, hugging her in her classroom. Castle then returns home to his wife and son as well. Although elated to see his family again, Castle eventually realizes just how weary he has become, and although his daughter pleads with him, he ultimately declines to read her favorite bedtime story Penny and Dime, and promises that he will do so tomorrow night.[83][84]
  • Overnight, Coulson works on writing a fake scenario of HYDRA attacking them, so as to plant Hunter to infiltrate HYDRA and attack them while they were weak.[82]


Bobbi Morse prepares to follow Bakshi and Hunter

  • As Phil Coulson and Melinda May take Sunil Bakshi to Glenn Talbot, they are seemingly attacked by HYDRA agents. A fire fight occurs, ending in May and Coulson apparently getting shot, and the last remaining HYDRA agent taking Bakshi away. However, this was an act staged by Coulson, and the HYDRA agents were really working for S.H.I.E.L.D. It was Hunter who has taken Bakshi, pretending to be a HYDRA operative, and everyone involved is actually fine.[82]
  • Jessica Jones sends her sixth picture to Kilgrave.[65]
  • Luke Cage goes to Jones' apartment, asking to hire her to find Antoine Grier, a young man who disappeared when he was given money by his sister Serena to pay his debt to drug lord Len Sirkes; Cage attempted to find Grier on his own but was unsuccessful. Jones takes the case.[65]
  • Maria Castle wakes her husband at 10:30AM after letting him sleep on to rest. They then take their children, Lisa and Frank Jr., to Central Park as they had always planned to do the day after his return.[84][86]
  • Jones goes to the Grier Residence to keep investigating Antoine's disappearance, and she also finds Cage there.[65]

Jones receives a call from Jeri Hogarth about Hope Shlottman's current predicament

"Never think that for her there was not gonna be any tomorrow, see. The last time I'd see her, I'd be holding her lifeless body in my arms. Meat was spilling out of her, Red. The place where her face used to be."
Punisher to Daredevil[src]
  • Massacre at Central Park:
    • The Castle family ride the carousel and have a picnic.[84][87]
    • At midday, the Dogs of Hell, Kitchen Irish, and Mexican Cartel arrive for the supposed drug deal. Men working for Cerberus arrive to initiate the fire fight and direct it at the Castle family, while the undercover officer prepares their sting for Samantha Reyes.[84][74]
    • The Cerberus men initiate the fire fight between the gangs as planned, and the Castle family are intentionally caught in the crossfire. Frank Castle watches in horror as his wife, Maria, and children, Lisa and Frank Jr. are riddled with bullets before his eyes, before he himself is shot in the head.[84][73]
    • The undercover officer is killed in the gunfight, making the whole event look like the sting went wrong. Castle survives the shot to the head and is taken to hospital.[84][88]

Picture taken after the massacre in the park

  • After the massacre, Samantha Reyes makes sure that the killing is covered up and not widely reported on.[88][84]
  • Visiting Shlottman, Jones learns that the young woman is pregnant by Kilgrave, and she hired another inmate to assault her in hopes that it would cause a miscarriage. Jones tells Shlottman to allow her to handle her unwanted pregnancy.[65]
  • In Puerto Rico, Raina finds Calvin Zabo and they discuss her and Skye's changes. When she says she is struggling to live with her Inhuman changes, Zabo bluntly tells he that she should stop living. She despairingly walks into oncoming traffic to commit suicide, but is stopped by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. However, when she refuses to come with them, Gordon arrives and teleports her away to Afterlife.[82]
  • Leo Fitz discovers that Skye has gone through a massive change, and confronts her about it. It distresses her to the point where she causes her quarantine room to shake and her lamp to shatter.[82]

Coulson hugs Triplett's mother

  • Coulson delivers Antoine Triplett's grandfather's Howling Commandos kit to Triplett's mother, and embraces her as she finds out that her son has died.[82]
  • Assassination of HYDRA Leaders: While HYDRA scramble to find their new leader, Hunter uses his deception to be led to HYDRA by Bakshi. Using his infiltration, and the known locations of various potential new leaders, S.H.I.E.L.D. orchestrate the assassination of these candidates with Splinter Bombs and Diviner technology, so as to weaken HYDRA.[82]
  • Fitz fakes Skye's blood samples and gets her released from quarantine, promising to look after her and keep her secret. Then, as Coulson's team discuss fond memories of Triplett over drinks, Alphonso Mackenzie uses his miniature Lola model to scan Phil Coulson's office for Vibranium, discovering that Fury's Toolbox is kept in there, and letting Bobbi Morse know.[82]
  • Cage visits Jones at the Alias Investigations Office after learning about her past struggles with Kilgrave from Malcolm Ducasse, and asks her if he can make amends for whatever caused their breakup. Jones insists that he did nothing wrong, and the two consummate their renewed relationship.[65]


Luke Cage and Jessica Jones discuss the case

  • In the morning, Luke Cage reveals that he is hunting for Antoine because Serena promised that she would reveal Reva Connors' killer upon his return. Jones decides she must get to the Griers first.[65]
  • Shlottman gets an abortion-inducing pill from Jeri Hogarth. Hogarth has asked Pam to marry her, but was refused because she is still married to Wendy Ross-Hogarth. Hogarth signs paperwork to keep the aborted fetus for herself and her own mysterious purposes.[65]
  • Ambush at the Russian Hideout:
    • A man with a Puerto Rican accent calls Jones, pretending to be Antoine, because Jones left a message on Antoine's phone saying that he was the winner of a contest. Cage knows that he is not Antoine, but Jones asks the man to retrieve the package at a certain time and place.[65]
    • Cage is attacked by Myers and Krueger

      They follow Victor to an abandoned warehouse only to see that it is being used as a marijuana greenhouse. Jones confronts Victor while Cage deals with his dogs and finds Antoine Grier. Grier had planned to grow enough cannabis to become financially independent and able to repay his sister and Len Sirkes. Sirkes suddenly enters with thugs and a fight ensues. Jones escapes with Grier while Cage deals with the men.[65]
  • At the Grier Residence, Jones tries to convince Serena to give her the file with Connors' killer's name in exchange for her brother's return, but Cage arrives and gets it first. He reads that Charles Wallace was the bus driver that January night and goes to kill him in revenge.[65]
  • Preventing Cage from killing Wallace, Jones reveals to him that his wife had information on Kilgrave, and Jones had been ordered to get it from her and then kill her. Cage, perplexed, insults Jones and leaves her.[65]
  • Ducasse joins the Kilgrave Victim Support Group and tells them his testimony.[65]

Pym Technologies' post on April 6th


Ruben meets Kilgrave

  • Assassination of Ruben: Kilgrave goes to the Alias Investigations Office, attempting to find a proper place to hide Jessica Jones’ childhood journal that he has procured. Her neighbor Ruben hears a crash and, carrying banana bread, goes to investigate. Ruben meets Kilgrave, who enthralls him to commit suicide in Jones' bed.[89]


  • Returning home to get some sleep, Jones is helped into her apartment by Malcolm Ducasse, and they find the body. Jones is now truly tired of the number of deaths that have come from Kilgrave's obsession with her, and decides to remove herself from the equation by having herself locked into Supermax prison. This way, when Kilgrave assuredly comes to retrieve her, there will be video footage of him using his power.[89]
  • Ducasse, who strongly disagrees with Jones' plan, calls Trish Walker, and the two clean up the scene.[89]
  • Peter Lyonne makes an investment with the Zoey Lyonne Foundation.[33]

Walker comforts Jessica Jones

  • Jones returns and the sisters have a sit-down conversation about her plan and if it can help Hope Shlottman. Walker reveals that she has Will Simpson on an assignment to locate Kilgrave by following his new security detail.[89]
  • Ross-Hogarth goes to the Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz Office and confronts her wife, saying that she wants three quarters of her assets in the divorce, or she will have Hogarth disbarred for jury tampering, one of the ways Hogarth has her unbeatable record.[89]
  • Jones arrives at the 15th Precinct Police Station with the wet, detached head of Ruben, after diving into the body of water where Ducassse disposed of the body. She presents it to Oscar Clemons, demanding that she should be sent to Supermax prison.[89]
  • Clemons is skeptical and wants to investigate further, but he is interrupted by Brett Mahoney who says that, by the captain's orders, Jones is free. Stepping out, Jones and Clemons find everyone enthralled by Kilgrave and pointing weapons at each other or themselves.[89]

Kilgrave speaks to Jessica Jones

  • Kilgrave declares his love for Jones and wants her to find the present he left her in her apartment. He has the footage of him using his power erased, removes the head, and has the police released from his trance, having them believe that everything was a big joke.[89]
  • Jones returns home to find the present: a lost journal of hers from her childhood, before her parents died. Jones also finds her old house's address, and understands that Kilgrave wants her to go there.[89]
  • Will Simpson plants a bomb in the basement of the Jones Residence.[90]


  • Noticing activity from a Diviner, the Kree Vin-Tak is sent to Earth to track down any possible new Inhumans and kill them.[91]
  • Simpson, who was successful in finding Kilgrave and has been watching him for days without informing Walker, watches as Jones voluntarily goes to her birth parents' home and is greeted by Kilgrave.[89]

Jones is welcomed by Kilgrave

  • Kilgrave promises Jessica Jones that he will not enthrall her, because he wants her to have free will when she falls in love with him. He also promises not to touch her. Kilgrave gives Jones a tour of her old house and how he has reproduced every possible detail. He also introduces her to the wait staff and a bodyguard who he is paying to work for him.[90]
  • Duel of Faro:
    • Sif is sent down to Earth from Asgard to stop Vin-Tak.[91]
    • The Asgardian and Kree (in disguise as a human) battle on a pier in Portugal, and despite Sif's skill in combat, Vin-Tak is just as good.[91]
    • The duel culminates in Vin-Tak wiping Sif's mind with his truncheon, and she is thrown into the sea. The battle is filmed by an onlooker and posted on Twitter.[91]
  • After dinner, Jones finds Simpson who wants to free her before he detonates the bomb rigged in the basement. Jones tells him to flee and trust her to handle Kilgrave, who she needs alive to free Hope Shlottman; Jones tells Kilgrave about the bomb and has his bodyguard dispose of it.[90]

Sif emerges from the beach after losing her memory

  • Sif washes up on the shore of a beach. A man on the beach tries to flirt with her, but she throws him far away with her super strength, confusedly telling his friends that she does not know who she is.[91]


  • Skye continues her training with Melinda May. Leo Fitz, being the only one who knows about her new powers, is concerned for her, but she assures him she is fine.[91]
  • In bed together, Lance Hunter tells Bobbi Morse that Phil Coulson has offered him a full-time job at S.H.I.E.L.D.[91]
  • Wilson Fisk's attorney, Benjamin Donovan, visits Fisk in prison, and warns him that the case was not looking good for him due to the long list of crimes he was being held accountable for.[92][38]
  • Finding out about Sif's arrival on Earth, Coulson and May pick her up from a mental hospital. They are informed that she keeps on mentioning that she is looking for "Kava". She does not remember much, but Coulson shows her pictures of them working together the year before, and she trusts him. She takes them to the scene of her fight the day before on a pier. Finding the video of the fight posted on Twitter, Coulson's team investigate the scene.[91]
  • Lance Hunter tells Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz about his full-time job offer as they investigate.[91]

Morse and Skye meet Vin-Tak

  • Chase of Vin-Tak: Looking for Sif's opponent, Skye and Morse go to a nearby hospital, realizing he might be feeding on nitrogen. They come across him in the supply room, and a fight begins between him and Morse. When he defeats Morse, however, Skye panics, accidentally causing the room to shake, and her gun to fall apart in her hand. The man escapes the scene.[91]
  • When Skye gets back, she confides to Fitz that despite thinking that she could control her powers, she is now realizing that she cannot. Fitz promises to try and make an antidote for her, before Hunter interrupts them.[91]
  • Phil Coulson's team work out that the man is a Kree in disguise, and try to work out where he could have gone. Sif realizes that "Kava" is not a person, but the Kree word for "key", and they work out a link with the Portuguese city of Chaves. Some of the team fly out there and find him trying to open a crate of Diviners. They bring him in with the crate.[91]
  • Back at base, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons work on opening the crate. During this, Simmons finds Fitz's blood sample of Skye and questions him about it. He pretends that it is a simulation, but before Simmons can enquire any further they manage to open the crate and find that it is empty, revealing that someone else must have taken them before. This drives the blood sample from Simmons' mind.[91]

Jeri Hogarth meets with Wendy Ross-Hogarth

  • Jeri Hogarth and Wendy Ross-Hogarth have a meeting about their divorce.[90]
  • Battle for Skye:
    • The Kree reveals his name to be Vin-Tak. He explains the relationship between the Kree and the special humans they experimented on, and he restores Sif's memory as a sign of good will.[91]
    • However, Skye is getting anxious, realizing that she is a descendant of these special people. When Vin-Tak starts saying that those special humans are monstrosities and need to be destroyed, Skye panics and starts causing another earthquake.[91]
    • As the others realize what is truly going on, Vin-Tak and Sif make a reluctant alliance to capture her, for the supposed safety of everyone else. Melinda May takes Skye downstairs into Grant Ward's old cell to keep her safe, but Skye cannot stop the earthquake.[91]
    • Sif breaks through the wall of the cell

      Meanwhile, Bobbi Morse and Leo Fitz work together to take down Vin-Tak, and manage to wipe his memories with his own truncheon. As Sif breaks into the cell, Skye shoots herself with an I.C.E.R. to stop the earthquake. Realizing the lengths Skye will go to keep everyone safe from her, Sif steps down.[91]
  • Trish Walker finds Simpson with some militaristic friends; he lies that Kilgrave has left town and they, as ordinary humans, are not equipped to handle the situation. Angry, Walker leaves.[90]


  • Jones is awakened by a news report about a man holding his wife and children hostage. Going to eat breakfast with Kilgrave, Jones sees the neighbor Elizabeth De Luca, who assumes that Jones has returned with her husband.[90]
  • Kilgrave shows Jones the footage of the experiments that his parents performed on him and the first time his powers were used.[90]

Kilgrave hears Jones' idea

  • Jones realizes that Kilgrave had no one to teach him ethics; she tells him to accompany her for two hours.[90]
  • Phil Coulson and Melinda May escort Sif and Vin-Tak to a safe and clear opening in a forest so that they can open the Bifrost Bridge and return to Asgard. Sif returns with Vin-Tak, and then takes him back to his home planet of Hala. They realize that understandably, things are different for Skye now, after having taken her to the temple last week.[91][81]
  • Wilson Fisk is visited by another inmate named Dutton. Dutton tells Fisk that although he may have made a name for himself on the outside, on the inside Dutton is the kingpin of the prison.[92][38]
  • Wendy Ross-Hogarth threatens Jeri Hogarth about exposing her secrets if she doesn't get at least 70% of Hogarth's assets.[90]
  • The team confront Fitz, arguing that he should have told them the truth. Skye, self-conscious and hurt by the mixed reactions her powers had on her friends, retreats to the Bus' padded interrogation room to be alone.[91]

Kilgrave and Jones go to the hostage situation

  • Jones and Kilgrave go to the location of the hostage situation and Kilgrave uses his powers to stop the gunman from killing his family.[90]
  • Jones tells Kilgrave she needs some time alone to contemplate this new partnership; he allows her to leave and trusts that she will return. Jones goes to Trish Walker's Apartment and the two discuss what she has to do.[90]
  • Kidnapping of Kilgrave:
    • Jones returns to the house and brings Chinese food. She has the waitstaff join her and Kilgrave for dinner. Suddenly, they pass out. Distracted, Kilgrave is injected with the Sufentanil.[90]
    • Jones tries to find enough space to take a huge jump away while carrying Kilgrave, but is stopped by Hank. However, Hank is shot by Simpson who, with his friends, wants to kill the unconscious Kilgrave. Jones leaps away, but Simpson is approached by De Luca, who has been enthralled and carries the bomb he planted the day before. She activates it, killing herself and knocking out Simpson.[90]


Trish Walker drives Simpson to the hospital

  • Trish Walker finds Will Simpson and takes him to Metro-General Hospital where he demands to see Doctor Miklos Kozlov, a specialist who gives Simpson pills that increase his healing ability.[93]
  • Simpson and Kozlov discuss Simpson's past and how using an incorrect regimen of the pills had previously caused catastrophic results.[93]
  • Jessica Jones takes Kilgrave to the hermetically-sealed room in the warehouse and covers its floor with water, so that a live wire can incapacitate him, if need be. Jones plans to get a videotaped confession from Kilgrave but Jeri Hogarth, who is having difficulty with Wendy Ross-Hogarth (now demanding 90%), tells her that a confession under duress is inadmissible.[93]
  • Jones tries to convince Oscar Clemons to believe in the power of mind control, but he does not wish to soil his reputation or the reputation of anyone else in the 15th Precinct Police Station.[93]

Fisk is introduced to Stewart Finney

  • Wilson Fisk is visited by Stewart Finney, who claims that he wished to meet Fisk as he felt they could help each other. Finney explains to him that Dutton controls about eighty per cent of the contraband running through the prison. Finney presents Fisk with his allies, the violent Valdez brothers, who have a sick mother.[92][38]
  • Kidnapping of Lance Hunter: Lance Hunter confronts Alphonso Mackenzie, questioning him about what is really going on with him and Bobbi Morse. Mackenzie panics and puts Hunter in a sleeper hold until he passes out, then kidnaps him and takes him away from the Playground.[91][94]
  • That evening, Calvin Zabo goes to Karla Faye Gideon at her apartment and recruits her to his new team of people from the Index to take down Coulson.[95]
  • Jones and Walker decide to find Kilgrave's parents in order to glean a confession from their son.[93]


Hunter being locked in a bathroom

Zabo talks about his past to his new team

  • In a café, while waiting for Phil Coulson to arrive, Zabo and his new team plan how to take him down.[95]
  • In her sleep, Skye has a nightmare and causes an earthquake. After waking her, she has another session with Garner to calm her down. However, when Melinda May discovers Coulson has gone after Calvin Zabo with only Bobbi Morse's help, she flies the Bus to Wisconsin to help, with Garner and Skye still on board. They come up with a plan to trick Zabo.[95]
  • Jessica Jones goes to a meeting with the Kilgrave Victim Support Group and realizes that Louise Thompson is a member. Thompson runs away and Jones pursues her. They both arrive at a hotel room where Jones confronts Kilgrave's parents for leaving their son.[93]
  • They tell her about Kilgrave's brain malfunction and how it required a great deal of treatment; that the experiments gave Kilgrave the power to control people's will, and so he had put them under his control. They also explain that, when Kilgrave forced Louise to burn her face with an iron, they escaped and left him alone. Jones talks them into confronting their son.[93]

Gordon teleports Zabo during the end of the Ambush in Manitowoc

  • Ambush in Manitowoc: At a high school in Manitowoc, Zabo removes Angar's mask to use his screaming catatonia-inducing abilities. Angar screams, instantaneously causing the students nearby to drop unconscious. As Phil Coulson arrives, Zabo calls him out on a radio tannoy, and he finds himself surrounded by supervillains. However, May arrives with Skye at gunpoint, threatening Zabo that if he attacks Coulson, she will kill Skye (although really they are working together to defeat Zabo). As Zabo prepares for Angar to scream once again, Gordon suddenly appears and teleports him away. A battle then breaks out between the Slicing Talons and Coulson's team, with Andrew Garner dragging Skye away. Coulson's team win the battle, but Skye begins to lose control when she sees Coulson's rage. She unleashes her seismic powers internally, causing multiple fractures inside her body.[95]
  • Kozlov delivers Simpson some new pills. Despite knowing that an incorrect dosage of the pills could be disastrous, Simpson takes a lot of them anyway.[93]
  • Skye wakes up later that night and is informed of the situation and her injuries. Jemma Simmons gives her special gloves to put on her injured arms to help her heal. Garner leaves, advising that Skye should leave S.H.I.E.L.D.[95]

Zabo argues with Gordon


  • In Hell's Kitchen, gathering Oscar Clemons, Trish Walker, and Jeri Hogarth at the warehouse, Jessica Jones, running the video camera and with the live wire ready to go, lets the Thompsons talk to their son in the hermetically-sealed room; however, Louise has decided to kill her son to end the suffering he causes, and has brought scissors with her. She stabs him, but Kilgrave reacts by enthralling his mother, and has her stab herself for every year she left him, killing her. He then tells his father to cut out his own heart. Chaos has now erupted; the live wire does not work. Jones tells everyone to run.[93]

Walker attempts to shoot Kilgrave

  • Walker refuses to watch the slaughter and fires her gun at Kilgrave, shattering the protective glass and allowing Kilgrave to escape. After being shot in the arm, Kilgrave orders Walker to put a bullet in her skull, but her gun is empty. Jones tackles Albert Thompson because he is intent on suicide. Running behind the fleet-footed Hogarth, Kilgrave tells Clemons to follow him; Clemons breaks his hand to release himself from his restraints. Jones grabs Kilgrave. He commands her to release him, but she does not, so Kilgrave then commands Clemons to make Jones release him. Kilgrave exits the warehouse. Kilgrave caught up to Hogarth in her car and enthralls her to take him to a doctor whom she trusts; ironically, it is Wendy Ross-Hogarth, so they go to the Hogarth Residence where Kilgrave has the physician stitch his wounds.[93]
  • Jones realizes that Kilgrave no longer has power over her.[93]
  • The doctor and Kilgrave talk about their respective relationships and how they feel betrayed. During the conversation, Hogarth reveals that Hope Shlottman was pregnant but had an abortion; she also says that she kept the fetus to see if Kilgrave's powers could be duplicated, but the experiment failed.[96]

Clemons talks to Thompson

  • Clemons attempts to secure the crime scene while temporarily repairing his broken hand. Jones is forced to bind the hands of Albert Thompson to keep him from following his son's command, and has to put a bullet in the mouth of Trish Walker to break her enthrallment. Jones tells the others that she is immune to Kilgrave's power. Thompson reveals that there is an airborne virus that can counter his son's powers. Walker and Thompson go to his hotel room to create the antidote, as Jones goes to find Kilgrave.[96]
  • Attack on Jeri Hogarth: When there is a knock on the door of the Hogarth Residence, Kilgrave panics and, as a distraction, tells Ross-Hogarth to get her revenge on Hogarth by cutting her 1,000 times; Ross-Hogarth chases her former lover, counting each strike. Pam enters and hits the physician in the head with a vase, accidentally killing her. Jones arrives and tells Hogarth that she is a murderer for deactivating the live wire in the warehouse, then tells Pam to plead self-defense in killing Ross-Hogarth, before leaving again.[96]

Fisk gives Benjamin Donovan his new orders

  • So as to ensure their support, Fisk orders Donovan to assist with Stewart Finney's case and pay the rent on the Valdez brothers' mother's home in Spanish Harlem. Fisk orders him to ensure that the transactions were untraceable.[92][38]
  • Jones finds Kilgrave in her apartment, saying that he had Shlottman freed from prison with the appropriate paperwork; all he wants in return is his father. Confirming that she is immune to his power, Jones instead knocks Kilgrave unconscious and gags him.[96]
  • Assassination of Oscar Clemons: Will Simpson goes to the warehouse, filled with Combat Enhancers. After getting Walker's location from Clemons, Simpson shoots him in the head and sets the place aflame.[96]
  • After a week of trying, Mitchell Ellison is allowed to publish an article on the Massacre at Central Park for the next day's New York Bulletin.[88][84]
  • Simpson goes to Thompson's hotel room and assaults the older man, but Walker is able to push him from the room. She steals the pills from Simpson's pocket.[96]
  • Ducasse, tired of holding the secret that Ruben is dead, tells the Kilgrave Victim Support Group about Ruben's death to relieve his conscience; Robyn hears the confession.[96]

Jones is knocked out by Robyn

  • Robyn convinces Donald and Jackson to accompany her in confronting Jones, the one who Robyn feels is ultimately to blame for Kilgrave's murders. Jones calls Shlottman to tell her that she will pick her up from the Northeastern Correctional Facility. Robyn and the men enter Jones' Apartment and attack her, with Ducasse trying to defend Jones. Jones is knocked unconscious, and Robyn, not knowing who Kilgrave is, frees her brother's killer.[96]
  • Late at night, Alphonso Mackenzie revisits Lance Hunter in the bathroom and covers his head in a bag so that he cannot see where they go, telling him that their ride has arrived.[95]


  • Early in the morning, Mackenzie and Hunter arrive on the Iliad, and Mackenzie informs Hunter that all this time, him and Bobbi Morse have been working for what he calls "the real S.H.I.E.L.D."[95]

Gonzales meets Lance Hunter

  • Alphonso Mackenzie takes Lance Hunter to meet Robert Gonzales and the other leaders of Gonzales' faction of S.H.I.E.L.D. on board the Iliad. They explain their views, trying to convince him to join them, but he refuses, staying loyal to Phil Coulson. During the conversation, Bobbi Morse arrives on the ship to speak to him as well, angering Hunter as she reveals she truly has been working for this faction.[97]
  • The New York Bulletin reports briefly on the Central Park massacre in their paper.[88][84]
  • Jones wakes and rushes to the prison only to learn that Shlottman is gone; Kilgrave has taken her to Niku in exchange for his father.[96]
  • Jones brings Thompson to the restaurant and the scientist sprays himself with his antidote; however, it does not work as Kilgrave commands the man to stand by his side. Jones overviews the scene: if anyone does anything threatening toward Kilgrave, he has Robyn, Jackson, Donald, and Ducasse prepared with nooses around their necks, while Shlottman is seated by Kilgrave, unable to move.[96]

Jones watches Shlottman die in her arms

  • Shlottman begs Jones to kill their rapist, but Kilgrave gloats that Jones will not, because she wants to save Shlottman and still be "heroic" in her eyes. Shlottman subsequently breaks a glass and stabs herself in the throat, telling Kilgrave that Jones is now free, with her dead. Kilgrave runs with his father, ordering the four hostages to jump. Jones quickly saves the four before attending to the fatally bleeding Shlottman. Shlottman begs Jones with her last breath to kill Kilgrave; Jones swears that she will.[96]
  • Luke Cage tries to kill Kilgrave as he is leaving the restaurant, but Kilgrave enthralls Cage and asks him how he knows Jones. He then orders Cage to destroy his bar, Luke's.[98]
  • Grant Ward and Agent 33, now working together, track down Selwyn, the original creator of the Photostatic Veil, at a café, so that he can fix 33's mask.[97]
  • Mack returns to the Playground, telling the team that for the last 48 hours, he has been looking after Hunter, who ran away from fear of the full-time job offer, and has been hanging out in bars.[97][94]

Kara Palamas tries to seduce Ward with Skye's face

  • With her Photostatic Veil now fixed, Agent 33 proceeds to experiment with it, even trying to use Skye's face to try to seduce Ward. He tells her he wants her to just be herself, and they decide to kidnap Sunil Bakshi to get information about her former self.[97]
  • On Andrew Garner's advice, Coulson flies Skye to the Retreat that Bruce Banner originally built for himself. There, he intends her to have time to herself to learn about her powers, and promises Melinda May will drop by every few days.[97]
  • Kidnapping of Sunil Bakshi: To get more information on Agent 33's background, she and Grant Ward break into Glenn Talbot's army base and kidnap Sunil Bakshi, who has been imprisoned at the base. He reluctantly gives them all the information he has on her, including her real name: Kara Palamas. Ward and Palamas then proceed to try to brainwash Bakshi themselves.[97][99]

Morse speaks to Robert Gonzales

  • Hunter speaks to Bobbi Morse on board the Iliad, and when she tells him she will not stop him from leaving, he manages to escape from the ship in one of the escape pods. Morse then tells Gonzales that she wants to go to the Playground to retrieve the Toolbox, promising she only needs six hours.[97]
  • Believing that Albert Thompson is dead, Jones and Walker go to Riverbank Medical Center.[100]
  • Bobbi Morse arrives back at the Playground. Phil Coulson, meanwhile, is suspicious of Alphonso Mackenzie, and sets up a scenario to force Mack to confess the truth.[101]
  • Meanwhile, Melinda May catches Morse trying to steal the Toolbox, and the two engage in a duel. Morse sets off an EMP so that she can escape in darkness, and as the device goes off, Mackenzie manages to escape Coulson's trap in the dark as well.[101]
  • Gordon arrives at the Retreat. Skye cautiously lets him in and he teaches her more about her powers. When he leaves, he tells her that if she needs his help, she can call for him and he will turn up to take her away to somewhere safer for people of their kind. She then experiments with her powers more, now knowing that she can tap into objects' vibrations, and manages to manipulate water as it comes from a tap.[101]

Coulson is held captive by Gonzales

  • Attack on the Playground: Having been informed of the situation, Jemma Simmons tricks Morse into incapacitating herself. May then finds a gas mask in Morse's locker and realizes that there is going to be a gas attack on the Playground. Meanwhile, Leo Fitz finds Alphonso Mackenzie, feeling betrayed by his friend, despite Mackenzie stating that he means Fitz no harm. Mackenzie, knowing about the impending explosion of his fellow agents about to arrive, jumps and saves Fitz just as Robert Gonzales' faction breaks through the wall with the harmful gas attack. Caught unaware, Phil Coulson's faction is defeated and held under Gonzales' faction's captivity. However, Melinda May, having realized the attack was coming, had hidden, and now manages to surprise Gonzales' agents, freeing Coulson and sending him off to go to find Skye.[101]
  • Chase of Skye: Very late into the night, Gonzales' S.H.I.E.L.D. look at the Bus' records to work out where Skye is. They send out a unit, including Agents Tomas Calderon and Bobbi Morse. May calls Skye to warn her, and Skye runs as Calderon's unit search for her. Ignoring orders, Calderon shoots at Skye with a real bullet, and Skye is forced to send out a shockwave, stopping the bullet and seriously injuring Calderon as he is impaled by a shattered tree. Horrified at what she has done, she calls for Gordon, who appears, and teleports her away to Afterlife, to Morse's shock.[101][102]


  • Simpson visits Walker

    Will Simpson apologizes to Walker for his inappropriate behavior, blaming Doctor Kozlov and the pills he took for his rapid recovery. He also asks the location of Jones, saying that he would like to apologize to her personally; Walker does not give it.[100]
  • The New York Knicks finish the 2014–15 season with a 17–65 record, worst of the NBA.[103][34]
  • Jones goes to another morgue and discovers Oscar Clemons' body. She also discovers that the Decommissioned CDC Facility was burnt down.[100]
  • Kozlov sends two men to catch Simpson, but he takes red pills and kills both, in front of Walker. Simpson drags the bodies into Walker's apartment and locks her in her safe room.[100]
  • Simpson calls Jones, telling her that he wants to help kill Kilgrave and will meet her at the Alias Investigations Office to reveal where he is.[100]
  • Attack on Jessica Jones:
    • Jones gets a visit from Will Simpson

      When Simpson arrives at Jones' apartment, Jones invites him inside, but when she asks about Walker, Simpson lies. Jones tells Simpson about the death of Clemons; when Simpson is not surprised, she surmises the truth that Simpson killed him. Before Simpson can kill her, Jones begins to fight him. Simpson justifies his attempt to kill Jones by saying that she is protecting Kilgrave, not trying to eliminate him.[100]
    • Walker arrives and uses a fire extinguisher against her ex-boyfriend. She swallows the Combat Enhancers she stole from Simpson and begins a fight. Simpson warns Walker that without the blue pills he has to counter the reds, she will die, but Walker continues her assault. Jones helps and destroys her refrigerator to knock Simpson unconscious. The pills have an adverse effect on Walker and she cannot breathe, and Jones gives her CPR until an ambulance arrives. Walker is saved by an EMT who counters the stimulant in her. Kozlov arrives at Jones' destroyed apartment and retrieves Simpson.[100]

Jones reunites with Cage

  • Kilgrave texts Jones and tells her that he has met Luke Cage and, if she hurries, she can save him. When Jones arrives at Luke's, a massive explosion occurs; Jones, though, rescues the man she loves.[100]
  • Kilgrave decides to keep his father alive so that the scientist can help him increase his power. He has the employees of ZALK work literally non-stop to find a solution.[98]


  • Pam is released from prison after just 3 days.[104]
  • Searching for Kilgrave, Jones and Cage go to Thompson's hotel room, which leads them to ZALK and the discovery of Kilgrave's plot.[98]
  • Cage gives Jones a moving, heart-felt apology, forgiving her for killing Connors and for how he had insulted her.[98]
  • Kilgrave sends someone to ZALK, who Jones and Cage follow, but Kilgrave has him commit suicide in Central Park before Jones can interrogate him.[98]
  • Trish Walker starts investigating IGH, the group who gave Simpson the pills, but finds very little. Miklos Kozlov sends operatives to remove McManus and his partner's bodies from her apartment.[98]
  • Kilgrave begins working with his father to increase his powers.[98]

Lance Hunter joins S.H.I.E.L.D. permanently

  • Phil Coulson meets with Lance Hunter on a beach, and Hunter signs a napkin as his contract to Coulson to be a full-time agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.[101]
  • Trish gets a visit from Dorothy Walker, her mother; they argue about Dorothy's parenting skills and Trish requests she leaves. However, after Trish is released, Dorothy brings Jones' medical bills from the car accident years ago; they were paid for by IGH. Trish wonders if IGH knew about Jones' abilities, or possibly created them.[98]
  • When Jones and Cage return to her apartment, Walker is present, but decides against giving Jones the IGH folder, because there is too much going on already.[98]
  • Duel of Delaney Hall: Jones and Cage go to Delaney Hall, trying to find and kill Kilgrave. When they arrive, Kilgrave reveals to Jones that Cage has actually still been under his control for the whole day, and orders him to kill Jones. Jones fights back, and eventually has to resort to shooting Cage at point blank to knock him out. Kilgrave escapes.[98]


"Help me or get out of my way."
"You don't scare me, and you're not my first."
Jessica Jones and Claire Temple[src]

Claire Temple helps the vigilantes

  • Jessica Jones rushes Cage to Metro-General Hospital, where doctors try to inject him with an IV, which fails each time due to his unbreakable skin. Claire Temple steps in but still fails, allowing the doctors to confirm that he has superpowers. Jones manages to convince Temple to help her take Cage back to the Alias Investigations Office where she can treat him in secret.[105]
  • Kilgrave goes to the hospital and orders everyone in the hospital to hunt down Jones and kill her.[105]
  • Temple takes Cage to Jones' apartment.[105]
  • Skye wakes up in Afterlife, having slept for two full days. She meets Lincoln Campbell, who is giving her acupuncture treatment to help ease her transition to Inhuman. He explains some of where she is and what the rules are, telling her that it is unlikely that she will be able to see her friends.[106][102]
  • In a new apartment, Kilgrave forces his father to use data from both him and Hope Shlottman’s aborted to increase his powers. He begins considers killing Jones.[105]

Kilgrave is injected with the new drug

  • Kilgrave is injected with all his new drugs, causing him incredible pain, and making him scream out as his skin and veins briefly turn purple. Kilgrave orders the other two people in the apartment to cut off his father's arms and destroy them in a blender, before killing themselves.[105][107]
  • Temple meets Malcolm Ducasse.[105]
  • Phil Coulson and Lance Hunter steal a car from Honest Eddie and travel to the Retreat to find Skye.[106]
  • Jones goes to Kilgrave's new apartment to find his father dying. He explains to Jones that Kilgrave has increased his powers. Jones finds a note with the address of the Hudson Ferry Terminal.[105]
  • Charles Bradley debuts the song Ain't It a Sin at Coachella.[34][44]
  • Skirmish at the Hudson Ferry Terminal:
    • Jones meets with Trish Walker and they go to the Hudson Ferry Terminal where Kilgrave tries to use his powers to control her. Seeing that he cannot, Kilgrave orders some police officers to shoot down Jones. As Kilgrave makes his way to the yacht, he uses a group of innocent people to block her path.[105]
    • Jones prepares to kill Kilgrave

      Kilgrave orders the people to kill each other, forcing Jones and Walker to try to protect them. Kilgrave roars, ordering everyone to stop; they do, including Jones. He briefly believes that Jones is faking, but she claims that she wants him to stop the people from hurting each other. To mock her, Kilgrave orders the person she loves most, Walker, to come over to him, and claims that he chose the wrong sister, promising he would rape Walker continually for the rest of her life, and make her his slave while she died inside. Kilgrave promises that if either of them ever saw Jones again, he would make Walker cut her own throat. He then forces Walker to kiss him passionately. Seeing that Jones has still not moved from her spot, Kilgrave becomes convinced that his powers can control her again. Delighted, Kilgrave approaches her and promises Jones that after a while she would love him, and orders her to smile. She obeys instantly. Overcome with joy, Kilgrave orders her to tell him she loves him. Jones says the words, but in Walker's direction. She then grabs Kilgrave's face and snaps his neck, killing him instantly, letting his body drops to the ground.[105]
  • Jones is taken to prison.[105]


  • Cage awakes from his short coma and leaves Temple in the apartment, deciding to travel away from Hell's Kitchen.[105][108]
  • Thanks to Jeri Hogarth, Jones is freed from prison. She reunites with Walker.[105]
  • Using the files that her mother gave her, Trish Walker starts to investigate IGH.[105]

Jones vows to use her powers to help others


  • On arriving at the Retreat looking for Skye after a 2-day drive, Coulson and Hunter only find footage showing Gonzales' S.H.I.E.L.D. attacking her, and Skye being teleported away. The two settle down for the night, with Hunter encouraging Coulson to drink, but Coulson refusing and instead coming up with a plan.[106][109][110]


  • Ambush at the Retreat:
    • Without telling Lance Hunter, Phil Coulson purposefully alerts Robert Gonzales to his location, all as part of his plan. Gonzales' agents break in with a battering ram, but Coulson and Hunter trick them using holograms of themselves, then surprising the agents from behind. Coulson and Hunter defeat Gonzales' agents and go looking to steal their Quinjet.[106]
    • Deathlok helps Coulson and Hunter

      However, they are ambushed when it is revealed that there is another, cloaked Quinjet waiting to take them out. When it looks like Coulson and Hunter are going to be captured and taken in, Coulson's "backup" arrives in the form of Deathlok, with upgraded gear now that he secretly works for S.H.I.E.L.D. Deathlok takes out Gonzales' agents and flies Coulson and Hunter away to a secret location.[106]
  • Learning that Raina is also in Afterlife, Skye confronts her, but is stopped by Jiaying, who she does not realize is her mother. Skye agrees to give Jiaying a chance to teach her and help her train the next day, when Jiaying promises Skye will feel a connection with her. Jiaying then goes to Calvin Zabo, telling her that he was right, and Skye really is their daughter Daisy - but that he cannot see her yet.[106][111]

Simmons holding the fake Toolbox

  • Theft of the Toolbox: Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons secretly work together to get the Toolbox away from the Playground and Gonzales' agents. They pretend to argue, and Fitz leaves the base, walking out of the Playground with the real Toolbox in his rucksack, along with a sandwich made for him by Simmons. Simmons continues to pretend to work on the fake duplicate Toolbox she has made.[106]


  • Skye begins training with Jiaying. With Jiaying's help, she manages to safely shake a mountain in the distance and create a small avalanche. Jiaying then takes Skye to lunch, seeing Ethan Johnston off before he gets teleported on a camping trip by Gordon.[112][111]
  • When Johnston arrives at his trip, having tracked Gordon's teleportations using the science of quantum entanglement, HYDRA turn up and capture him so that List can experiment on him.[113][114]
  • Raina reveals to Gordon and Lincoln Campbell that she has had dreams where she sees Skye happily having dinner with her parents, and her father giving her some daisies.[112]

Skye at dinner with her parents

  • Skye continues to train with Jiaying by trying to vibrate glasses and make music. Jiaying reveals that she is Skye's mother, but she tells Skye to keep it secret. Skye reluctantly agrees to have dinner with both her parents that evening. At dinner with her parents, Zabo reveals to Skye that she was born in July 1988, making her 26 years old, not 25, as she had previously believed. He then gives her a bunch of daisies as a gift. She starts to like her father more during the dinner, as Lincoln Campbell watches, witnessing the events of Raina's dream unfold exactly before his eyes, thereby realizing that her Inhuman power is clairvoyance.[112][115][114]


  • Leo Fitz manages to open the Toolbox in a bathroom, whilst being tailed. He calls Hunter, who gives him advice for getting out of the situation, and then flies over with Coulson and Deathlok to help Fitz.[112]
  • Ethan Johnston dies in the 37th hour of experimentation by Doctor List.[113][114]

Deathlok successfully rescuing Leo Fitz


Lincoln Campbell attacks Deathlok

  • Battle at Calvin Zabo's Building: Arriving at his old office, Zabo, revealing that his original name was Calvin Johnson, shows Skye his grandfather's World War II medical kit. When Campbell turns up, Zabo realizes that the Inhumans are trying to get rid of him, and loses his temper. When HYDRA operatives arrive in the building, he takes out his anger on the men. A battle begins, and Phil Coulson and Lance Hunter arrive with Grant Ward and Kara Palamas as it ensues. Hunter is shot, and Coulson turns the corner just to see Skye and Zabo teleported away to safety by Gordon. Sunil Bakshi, seemingly no longer brainwashed, captures unconscious Lincoln Campbell and Deathlok, and escapes with HYDRA. Palamas helps Hunter up, and Coulson, realizing he needs the help of Gonzales' faction, turns himself over to Bobbi Morse.[113]
  • Zabo loses his temper at Jiaying for trying to get rid of him, but is cut short when Gordon returns to Afterlife once again, covered in blood, saying he was unable to save Campbell from being taken by HYDRA.[116]
  • Back on the Iliad that evening, Coulson informs Robert Gonzales of the situation.[116]


  • Coulson and Gonzales decide to temporarily team up to save Deathlok and Campbell, and plans are made.[116]


  • In Sudan, Black Widow eliminates two HYDRA agents headed for Port Sudan. She then takes their plane and continues on to their planned location, Port Sudan.[117]
  • At Port Sudan, Dr. Jensen, a HYDRA scientist, finishes work on her laser cannons.[117]

The Avengers fighting HYDRA


Maria Hill is contacted by Phil Coulson

"It is time to bring in the Avengers."
Phil Coulson[src]


  • The Avengers assemble over the day, and make plans for attacking the HYDRA Research Base in Sokovia.[116][120]


"We will not yield. The Americans send their circus freaks to test us. We will send them back in bags. No surrender!"
Wolfgang von Strucker[src]




Ultron seemingly destroys J.A.R.V.I.S.

  • Once awake, Ultron becomes sentient, and questions his existence and purpose. J.A.R.V.I.S. informs Ultron of his purpose while Ultron scours the Internet for information on his creator. From his research, Ultron deems the human race as unstable and prone to self-destruction. Before J.A.R.V.I.S. can inform Stark of Ultron's singularity, Ultron attacks J.A.R.V.I.S., seemingly destroying him, and creates a body for himself out of the broken pieces of one of Stark's new Iron Legion.[120]
  • After the party, Thor tries to get his fellow Avengers and the remaining guests to try to lift his hammer, Mjølnir; all those who try fail.[120]
  • Attack on Avengers Tower:
    • Shortly after the game, Ultron reveals himself to the Avengers in his new body. He deems them all to be killers, then proceeds to have Iron Legion drones attack them.[120]
    • The Avengers are able to defeat the drones and Thor destroys Ultron's body. Ultron managed to seize the body of the last iron legionnaire, and escape with the scepter. [120]
  • Following his attack on the Avengers, Ultron flies to the Sokovian HYDRA research base to make a new body and an army of drones to control.[120]

Ultron meets the twins

  • Pietro and Wanda Maximoff find Ultron in the base. Ultron sees potential in the twins and, because of the grudge they have on Tony Stark for their parents being killed in an attack that involved Stark's weapons, they join him on his quest to destroy the Avengers and bring peace to the world, not knowing that he actually plans to extinguish humanity.[120]
  • Assassination of Wolfgang von Strucker: After obtaining the twins, Ultron kills Wolfgang von Strucker and paints the word "PEACE" on the wall with Strucker's blood.[120]
  • The other Avengers confront Stark and Bruce Banner about making Ultron without their knowledge. They then figure out that Ultron is planning to use Vibranium to become even more powerful.[120]



  • Being both feared and hated by many people worldwide because of Stark and Hulk's fight, the team goes into hiding at Clint Barton's Homestead and get to meet his wife, Laura Barton, and their children, Cooper and Lila. Still scared by his vision, Thor leaves to find answers.[120]

Banner talks to Romanoff

  • Seeing how being on the team scars them, Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff plan to run away together after they help defeat Ultron with the others. Nick Fury, who is also staying at the homestead, inspires the team to ensure they do not lose hope. They then discover that Ultron is trying to become stronger and realize that Helen Cho may be the only person who can help him do that.[120]
  • Thor arrives in London to speak with Erik Selvig about his vision. They go to a small pond in a cave, said to make people experience their dreams. While in the water, Thor learns of the Infinity Stones and that the Mind Stone is inside the Scepter.[120]


Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver realizes Ultron's plan

  • In South Korea, Ultron forces Helen Cho to help make him a synthetic body with the vibranium he stole. While the body is being made, Ultron takes the Mind Stone out of the scepter and places it on the android's head. From this body, Wanda Maximoff discovers that Ultron plans to kill all of the human race. Experiencing a change of heart after discovering this extreme mission, her and her brother flee. Ultron leaves the facility and has the body transported by truck.[120]
  • Battle of Seoul:
    • The Avengers arrive and try to stop Ultron from completing the body. Captain America fights Ultron aboard the truck, eventually falling onto a train and fighting him aboard it.[120]
    • On the train, the Maximoff twins use their powers against Ultron to help Captain America. Black Widow gets into the truck and tries to take the body. As she begins to take it, Ultron Sentries pick up the truck and try to fly it to Sokovia.[120]
    • Ultron successfully kidnaps Black Widow

      Romanoff manages to get the synthetic body into the team's Quinjet, but is forced back into the truck by Ultron and his sentries. Hawkeye does not save her because of the risk of losing the android.[120]
  • Ultron returns to Sokovia, builds a new body, and imprisons Romanoff.[120]
  • As Barton tries to locate Natasha, he discovers that she is being kept at the Sokovian HYDRA base. Meanwhile, Stark and Banner try to upload J.A.R.V.I.S., who managed to survive Ultron's attack and hid in the internet, into the synthetic body. Rogers arrives with the Maximoff twins, trying to stop the upload. This confrontation is brought to a halt when Thor arrives and uses Mjølnir to complete the upload quickly.[120]

Vision hands Mjølnir over to Thor

  • The Vision is born: the synthetic body, called Vision, wakes up, and states that he will side with the Avengers against Ultron. He proves himself after lifting Mjølnir and handing the hammer to Thor.[120]
  • Tony Stark uploads a new AI, F.R.I.D.A.Y., into the newly built Mark XLV armor as the Avengers prepare to go to Sokovia.[120]
  • The other Avengers, along with the Maximoff twins and Vision, head to Sokovia.[120]


  • Battle of Sokovia:
    • The Avengers return to Sokovia and begin evacuating people out of the city. Iron Man and Vision confront Ultron, making it so that he is unable to transfer his mind outside of his body or the bodies of his sentries.[120]
    • Bruce Banner finds Natasha Romanoff and frees her. Knowing that the team will need him, Romanoff makes Banner transform into Hulk.[120]
    • Nick Fury arrives with Helicarrier No. 64

      As the team continues to evacuate citizens, a large portion of the city begins to fly, revealing that Ultron used his remaining vibranium to make the city fly so high that it could fall into the Earth and cause an extinction-level event. In the center of the city, a drill is creating a magnetic field to help keep the city in the air. Soon, Nick Fury arrives with Helicarrier No. 64, and a few former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, including Maria Hill and Specialist Cameron Klein. They deploy Lifeboats for people to board and escape the city safely.[120][124]
    • The Avengers regroup at the drill, fighting off Ultron and his drones so he cannot activate it. Ultron's body is heavily damaged, forcing him to retreat.[120]
    • An Ultron sentry breaks into the Helicarrier, nearly killing Cameron Klein, but Nick Fury destroys it.[120][125]
    • As sentries try to attack the Helicarrier, War Machine joins the fight, having reverted to War Machine following Iron Patriot, and stops the sentries.[120]
    • Ultron steals and pilots the Avengers' Quinjet

      Ultron, critically damaged, hijacks the Avengers' Quinjet and begins using it against them. Hawkeye exits one of the lifeboats to save a young boy, but Ultron sees them and begins shooting. Pietro Maximoff shields them from the attack, riddling him with bullets and killing him. Hulk leaps into the Quinjet and throws Ultron out of it.[120]
    • Believing that the team is constantly in danger because of him, Hulk cloaks the Quinjet, disables all forms of communication, and puts it on autopilot. The Quinjet flies to places unknown with Hulk inside.[120]
    • Wanda Maximoff finds Ultron and rips his core out to show him how she felt after he killed her brother. A sentry reaches the drill and the city begins to plummet towards the Earth. Iron Man and Thor use their abilities to overcharge the drill, making it crumble into many pieces.[120]
    • The son of Miriam Sharpe and the family of Helmut Zemo die during the battle.[126][127]

The last Ultron Sentry talking to Vision

  • Shortly after Sokovia's destruction, Vision encounters the last, heavily damaged, Ultron sentry, being controlled by Ultron himself. Ultron tells Vision that destroying him would change nothing, and humans would continue on the path to self-destruction. Vision replied that he knew, but that humanity's imperfections make them graceful, and then he destroys the sentry, simultaneously destroying Ultron.[120]
  • Pym Technologies posts on Google+ announcing "Pym Tech meets with Stark Industries regarding future technological endeavors."[3][5]


"It's hard to argue with a man who prevented Ultron from killing thousands of people. But there are plenty more battles to be won, and one closer to home that I fear the Helicarrier won't solve."
Robert Gonzales to Phil Coulson[src]

WHiH World News shows the devastation in Sokovia


Morse is shot with an I.C.E.R. by Grant Ward

Grant Ward tortures Bobbi Morse

  • Grant Ward and Agent 33 torture Bobbi Morse to make her admit that she made Agent 33 suffer being brainwashed by HYDRA during Morse's time undercover. Morse does not show any regret for her actions, and after a failed attempt to escape, Ward has a new idea to make her sorry: he turns on Morse's phone so it is possible to track their location, ties Morse back into a chair, and installs an automatic rifle behind her that will shoot at the doorway when the person who looks for her opens it, to be killed instantly.[129]
  • Phil Coulson finds out that Jiaying orchestrated the S.H.I.E.L.D. attack on Afterlife.[129]
  • Leo Fitz and Lance Hunter locate Morse's Quinjet, and Hunter and Melinda May fly to save her as they prepare to fight Ward and Agent 33.[129]
  • Jiaying kills Raina after she threatened to expose her plan to eliminate the human race. Skye witnesses this and realizes that Jiaying also killed Robert Gonzales and faked both the assassination attempt and the S.H.I.E.L.D. attack on Afterlife. One of Jiaying's men knocks Skye unconscious.[129]

Calvin Zabo furiously defends Jiaying's actions

  • Coulson questions Zabo in Vault D about his real motive for turning himself in. He realizes that Jiaying ordered Zabo to take his formula before he was arrested, but it is killing him. Zabo plans to kill every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent he can. Coulson tries to convince Zabo that Jiaying does not care for him and is only using him for her master plan. In his rage, Zabo has a heart attack.[129]
  • Jemma Simmons uses adrenaline to save Zabo, but he transforms into a powerful monster. Coulson, Fitz, and Simmons run away. Finally, Zabo is captured by Coulson, who starts to reason with him.[129] Zabo agrees to assist him to save Skye.[130]
  • Hijacking of the Iliad: Gordon leads a group of Inhumans to hijack the Iliad. They kill and capture all of the agents on the ship, except for Alphonso Mackenzie.[129]
  • They put Skye in custody and after they finish the hijack, Jiaying is welcomed aboard as she initiates the next part of her plan.[129]


Thanos retrieves an Infinity Gauntlet

Zabo recovers from his Hyde transformation

  • Calvin Zabo is stabilized from his formula. Leo Fitz informs Phil Coulson that the beacon from the Iliad expanded to all the channels.[130]
  • Melinda May, Lance Hunter, and their team arrive at the warehouse where Bobbi Morse is held. Grant Ward and Agent 33 fight them but May successfully makes Agent 33 disguise as her, causing Ward to accidentally kill her. Morse throws herself in front of the automatic rifle to save Hunter as he bursts through the door, almost killing her.[130]
  • Fitz informs Coulson that he created a device that can make Gordon stay in only a single location.[130]
  • May and Hunter return to the Playground with Morse, and Jemma Simmons starts to operate on her.[130]
  • Skye starts to hack the code to shut down the beacon, but Campbell sees and attacks her. She tries to convince him that Jiaying plans to kill all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with the Terrigen Crystals. Campbell seems to be convinced so he tells her where the crystals are, but Mackenzie knocks him out. He then goes to protect the case from any Inhumans.[130]

Garner speaks to a distressed Melinda May

  • May calls Andrew Garner and tells him her worries. Simmons tries to speak with Fitz about what he said to her in the bottom of the ocean as he prepares himself for the S.H.I.E.L.D. attack on the Inhumans. However, Fitz does not seem to want to talk about it, though Simmons says that maybe they need to. Coulson informs him that they are on the move and Fitz walks with him.[130]
  • Retaking of the Iliad:
    • A squadron of Quinjets fly to the Iliad led by Coulson, May, Fitz, and Calvin Zabo in the front jet. They receive a message from Skye, warning that they are entering into a trap. Coulson orders the other Quinjets to fall back but his jet proceeds with the plan. They land on the ship and receive another message from Skye that warns them about the Terrigen Crystals. Zabo realizes Jiaying's plan and explains it to them. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team goes to liberate the ship.[130]
    • Alphonso Mackenzie cuts off Coulson's arm

      Meanwhile, Mackenzie protects the crystals' case in the ventilation room from Gordon and they fight. Skye fights Alisha Whitley and her replicates, but when they get on top, May and Campbell help Skye to fight against them. Coulson and Fitz join Mackenzie to fight Gordon, and Fitz puts his devices in place. Gordon teleports himself directly behind Fitz, but is impaled by an iron pole in Fitz's hand. Gordon throws a crystal, but Coulson catches it. His arm begins to turn to stone, but Mackenzie uses his axe to cut off Coulson's hand before it can spread.[130]
    • Skye finds her mother going to a Quinjet so she can release the Terrigen Mist across the world, kill all the humans, and create new Inhumans. Jiaying uses her powers to suck Skye's life-force, but Skye uses her powers to flip the Quinjet with the crystals into the ocean. Zabo arrives and abruptly kills Jiaying to save Skye, saying he is keeping his promise.[130]

The Terrigen spreads through the ocean

  • The material of the crystals spreads through the ocean. It contaminates a shoal of fish, which are caught and used to make fish oil pills.[130]


Ward decides to rebuild HYDRA

  • Grant Ward sits in Goldbrix Tavern, looking at a photo of Kara Palamas. A group of thugs which he hired to find the remaining HYDRA members shows up and gives him a list of names. Ward tells them that he wants more names, but one of the thugs tells him that HYDRA no longer had any leadership, and that he cannot give them orders anymore. Unhappy with this answer, Ward smashes the thug's head into the bar and orders the others to get more names so he can form a team. When one of them asks him what the plan is, Ward looks down at Palamas' picture and simply replies, "Closure."[130]
  • WHiH World News posts on Google+ questioning "Incredible Hulk. Monster or savior? Liability or asset? Tweet us your thoughts!" This follows controversy after the Duel of Johannesburg.[21][120][5]



Skye, now Daisy Johnson, talks to Dr. "Winslow"

  • Skye and Phil Coulson visit Calvin Zabo at his new work as Calvin Winslow. Since Zabo's memories were erased, he asks for her name, and she replies "Daisy". Skye then agrees to Coulson's proposal to lead his new team of powered individuals.[130]
  • Leo Fitz asks Jemma Simmons on a date, and leaves. She is suddenly swallowed by the Monolith.[130] Simmons ends up on a seemingly deserted, sandy planet.[132][133]


  • After 6 hours on the planet, Jemma Simmons is talking to herself to keep her spirits up. She starts recording a log on her phone of her observations for her file on the Monolith, and analyses her surroundings. After 13 hours on the planet, Simmons then gets tired and tries to sleep.[132][133]
  • Jane Foster and Thor's relationship ends. Thor would later attempt to claim that it was mutual, but the general public come to learn that it was Foster who broke it off.[134][135]

Simmons wakes up after being 22 hours in Maveth

  • 22 hours into her time on the planet, Simmons wakes up, startled, and is disappointed that the nights on this planet seem to go on for a long time.[132][133]
  • Mad Men airs its final episode.[34][136]



  • Now having spent 71 hours on the planet, Simmons starts to really get desperate for some sun, and to go home.[132][133]


  • 79 hours after her arrival, Jemma Simmons realizes she cannot last much longer without water, and so goes looking. 2 hours later, She starts talking to herself, pretending she's talking to Fitz about their planned dinner date, so as to keep her own spirits up and keep going. 6 hours into her search, she stumbles, but determinedly gets up and keeps moving.[132][133]


Simmons tries to find water in the mysterious planet

  • Now 99 hours into her time on the planet, Simmons is getting very desperate for water, when she is suddenly caught in a huge sandstorm and passes out.[132][133]
  • 2 hours after the sandstorm hits, Simmons wakes, completely covered by sand, but she finally manages to find a small pool of some sort of water and gladly drinks from it, relieving her thirst.[132][133]
  • Having now spent 109 hours on the planet, Simmons is bathing in the pool when she is suddenly attacked by a creature that lives in the water. She clambers out and kills it. 2 hours later, she resigns herself to eat the flesh of the creature which attacked her for food.[132][133]




The new members of the Avengers trained by Captain America and Black Widow





Pym Technologies' Google+ post on a breakthrough in practical science



  • Fisk's plan works and Finney and the Valdez brothers become loyal to him, as they begin working on a plan to assassinate Dutton, making Fisk the "Kingpin" of the prison. He begins taking thorough notes on the goings on in the facility.[92][38]
  • Darren Cross posts on Google+ saying "Having multiple scientific minds in governmental positions might do this country some good. (Link to article http://www.wired.com/2015/06/technocracy-inc/)"[18][5]


The tentacled creature on Maveth

  • 492 hours (about 3 weeks) into her time on the planet, Jemma Simmons manages to lure out and kill another of the creatures who live in the pool. She rubs a stick to start a fire and cook the meat, before eating it. She records another message for Leo Fitz, saying that she knows he will not give up, and therefore she will not give up either.[132][133]
  • Rosalind Price is reassigned to a top secret clearance-level initiative with a classified location.[141]





Darren Cross' post on 3D printing



  • Simmons has now been on the far-off planet for 752 hours (about a month), and is giving fewer updates now to conserve her phone's battery power. She starts recording another message when she notices tall poles planted in the ground ahead, rattling in the wind. Simmons goes to investigate when she suddenly falls through a hole in the ground.[132][133]

Simmons being trapped in a cage

  • 761 hours later, Simmons later wakes up and finds herself imprisoned in a wooden cage, when the silhouette of a man appears a few meters away. However, when she asks him who he is, he simply ignores her.[132][133]


  • The man appears once again at the entrance to his hideout where he is keeping Simmons prisoner, but yet again he ignores Simmons' cries for him to let her out. She has now been on the planet for 783 hours.[132][133]


  • 824 hours later, Jemma Simmons is now using the bars of her cage to do chin-up exercises, when the mysterious man turns up at the entrance yet again.[132][133]
  • When she introduces herself, he comes a little closer to her, revealing his face and that he is human. He leaves her food, but still does not trust her.[132][133]


  • Having now been on the planet for 851 hours, Simmons starts writhing on the floor, pretending to be poisoned so that the man will open the door to her cage and come in.[132][133]

Daniels pursues Simmons

  • Simmons manage to trick him, hits him on the head with her food bowl and runs to escape, injuring herself in the process. The man catches up with her and grabs her, taking her back to his hideout to try and help her. He tells her that "It" can smell the blood and is coming. The man takes Simmons back underground to safety just before the sandstorm sweeps past, and he gives her medical instruments to sew up her wound, before revealing to her that he is called Will Daniels.[132][133]
  • Two hours later, the two start telling each other their stories. Simmons discovers that Daniels was an astronaut from NASA, who arrived on the planet in 2001 and has been stranded there for the 14 years since. A little later, Daniels shows Simmons the maps he has drawn for the planet, and they talk about developments in technology.[132][133]
  • Daniels then starts telling the story of what happened to his team of astronauts in 2001 as they eat a meal together, saying that "It" caused his other three astronaut friends to go crazy and kill themselves, before attempting to kill him. All three of his friends are now dead because of It, but he has managed to avoid It all these years. Daniels and Simmons make a deal to work together to try to get home.[132][133][149]







WHIH- NEWSFRONT - July 2, 2015

Video from July 2nd


  • WHiH World News posts on Google+ and Twitter reporting "We’ve learned that there will be a dramatic fireworks display at the Avengers Tower tonight, on the fourth of July, in NYC. Have a great, happy, and safe fourth of July."[21][153][5]
  • Fireworks are held at Avengers Tower to celebrate Independence Day.[21][153]


  • Hank Pym plants an envelope with money and a note in the car of a woman Luis and his cousin Ignacio used to fancy, knowing that the information will work its way to Scott Lang.[4]
  • The woman tells her boyfriend about the envelope, as well as a story about a local old man's safe.[4]
  • Reports come in that HYDRA may have resurfaced in Eastern Europe.[157]

WHiH informs of the report on Lang


  • At a game of baseball, the boyfriend of the woman tells Ignacio the story she told him the day before.[4]
  • The body of Wolfgang von Strucker is found.[157][120]
  • There is an earthquake in Southern Africa.[157]
  • WHiH Newsfront release a report video featuring Christine Everhart. She states government control over heroes will be an ongoing important topic. She then revisits the story of Scott Lang, "self-proclaimed whistle-blower" who robbed millions from VistaCorp and returned the money to customers. She mentions the SEC investigation found no proof of his allegations, and states that they will have an interview with him live from San Quentin State Prison next week.[157][5]
  • The ticker of the video informs:
    • News tickers informing on Jane Foster

      "Reports that HYDRA has resurfaced in Eastern Europe remain unconfirmed after many thought the organization to be dissolved", "California braces for record drought", "Renowned astrophysicist Jane Foster to lecture on her experiences with interspace and dimensional travel".[157][120]
    • "Rogue HYDRA agent Wolfgang von Strucker confirmed dead. His body was found in its cell after a supposed raid on an Eastern European detention facility", and "Earthquake rocks Southern Africa".[157][120]
  • WHiH World News posts an article on Mashable titled "Everyday Hero or Thief? Cyber Criminal to Address 2012 Arrest". They post a link on Google+ and Twitter saying "Cyber-criminal or hero? WHiH looks back at Scott Lang's legacy. Exclusive interview with Christine Everhart next week."[21][153][5]
  • Luis goes to a party with Ignacio and they discuss the woman, and her boyfriend's story from the baseball game that morning.[4]

Pym Technologies keeps posting on its progress

  • Pym Technologies posts on Google+ and Twitter saying "Progress is very much on the horizon. Pym Technologies continues to make scientific breakthroughs despite recent setbacks internally."[3][158][5]
  • Darren Cross posts on Google+ saying "Exciting things happening in the labs. Look forward to unveiling it soon!"[18][4][5]



Cross teases his interview with WIRED

  • Darren Cross posts on Google+ saying "It was a great honor to have the opportunity to speak with WIRED Insider. The interview will be landing next week."[18][5]
  • WHiH broadcasts a feature about the aftermath of Sokovia.[21][153][120]


Cross comments about the footage of Lang's involvement in Vistacorp's scandal


  • Senate hearings begin on relief efforts for Sokovia.[160]
  • WHiH Newsfront posts WIRED Insider’s video interview with Darren Cross, in which James Rondell interviews Darren Cross about joining PymTech. Cross says technology ahead of its time attracted him to Pym Tech. Cross says Pym Tech will unveil something this summer that the public will find astonishing. The conversation turns to Hank Pym being a "legend", and his rumored interactions with S.H.I.E.L.D. Cross says that Pym was his mentor and friend, but stunted his potential, and his loyalty is with Pym Tech. The interview is cut off abruptly.[161][5]
  • A winning $675 million lottery ticket is announced, but unclaimed.[160]



July 15th's post by WHiH Newsfront


  • Stark Industries announces new scholarships.[160]
  • Pym Technologies posts on Google+ matching its Twitter post from two days prior, about WIRED’s interview with Cross.[3][158][154][5]
  • WHiH Newsfront posts another video. Everhart reassesses Lang's story and its controversy. They host a live interview with Scott Lang, in which Lang states his side of the story. Everhart presents him with supposed accusations against him, causing him to become angry. He brings up that they are owned by VistaCorp and so are likely biased. Everhart reminds him of WHiH's previous reports, such as a security breach at S.H.I.E.L.D., the Battle of Sokovia, and how she reported on the Battle of Gulmira.[160][4]
  • WHIH_EXCLUSIVE_Scott_Lang_Interview

    WHIH EXCLUSIVE Scott Lang Interview

    Lang shows no signs of regret, loses his temper, and is tasered, ending the interview abruptly. They post on Google+ and Twitter announcing "BREAKING: Scott Lang discusses his crime exclusively with Christine Everhart live in this shocking interview."[160][21][153][4][154][5]
  • The ticker of the video informs:
    • "Efforts to recover the remaining Ultron technology continue, as components from the advanced robotics are capturing large sums on the black market", "Steve Rogers to attend updated museum exhibit dedicated to his heroic efforts in WWII", "California continues efforts to address issues from record drought".[160]
    • "Stark Industries announces new scholarships for promising students from urban city schools", "Multiple countries recovering from catastrophic damage caused by sentient robot Ultron, leaders asking for aid, and for the Avengers to be held accountable", "Senate hearings expected to continue into next week regarding relief efforts".[160]
    • WHiH Newsfront's news ticker

      "Tony Stark says that public concerns about Dr. Bruce Banner are "baseless" and "irresponsible" after the South Africa incident involving the Hulk", "Pym Technologies CEO Darren Cross says "astonishing" new venture coming this week", "Winning lottery ticket of $675 million still unclaimed", and "Biography "The Life and Times of Industrialist Howard Stark" to be published later this year".[160][4]
  • Darren Cross posts on Google+ saying "Interesting interview. It seems not all men put in our penal system are deserving. WHiH EXCLUSIVE: Scott Lang Interview"[18][160][154][5]


Scott Lang's release



  • Charles Hinton walks out on his family, scared that his Inhuman powers of foreseeing people's deaths are dangerous to the people around him. He becomes homeless.[165]
  • Scott Lang is fired from Baskin-Robbins after his boss discovers his criminal past.[4]

Pym is reunited with Darren Cross

  • Darren Cross presents the Yellowjacket Suit in a meeting with officials from Pym Technologies and other companies, as well as Hank Pym. Cross also informs Pym that he knows of his past as Ant-Man.[4][119]
  • Horrified by both sets of information, Pym begins to find a way to stop Cross from continuing his work on the Yellowjacket.[4][154]
  • A birthday party for Cassie Lang is held. Scott arrives at the party, but is quickly asked to leave by his ex-wife, Maggie, and her fiancé, Jim Paxton. They tell him he cannot see his daughter again until he provides child support.[4]
  • Lang finally agrees to help Luis, Kurt, and Dave with their heist. They beginning planning for the break in.[4]


  • The crew plan and prepare their break in.[4]


Lang finds and steals the Ant-Man Suit

  • Robbery of the Pym Residence: The team break into the house of a man who has apparently left his home unguarded, leaving his large safe unprotected. Lang quickly finds ways to break through the house's security systems, as well as getting through the safe's doors. Once he enters the safe, all he finds is an old suit. He takes it and escapes with the rest of the team.[4]


  • A newspaper is published including an article about the devastation in Sokovia and who is to blame.[4]
  • Scott Lang tries on the suit he stole in the heist. He presses a button on it and shrinks down to the size of an insect. While in the suit, he can hear the voice of Hank Pym, the creator and original owner of the suit. Lang travels through many different parts of the hotel trying to avoid being crushed by assorted people and things. He eventually figures out how to grow back to his normal size.[4]

Hank Pym meets Scott Lang

  • Escape from the San Francisco Police Station: Scared by his experience in the suit, Lang goes back to the Pym Residence to return it. The police arrive and arrest him, then take him to prison. While in prison, Lang meets Pym in person for the first time. He reveals to Lang that he caused all of the gossip that eventually got to Luis learning about the safe. Afterwards, Lang is given the suit by ants sent by Pym. He quickly puts on the suit and escapes the prison by riding on an ant. However, he soon becomes lightheaded and passes out.[4]



  • Lang attempts to use the Ant-Man suit to shrink through a keyhole, but fails. He tries again, only to fail again.[4]


  • Hank Pym has Scott Lang shrink down in his garden.[4]


  • Lang once again attempts shrinking through a keyhole, but once again fails.[4]
  • Pym tells Lang that he needs to start learning about ants.[4]
  • Having hung the Ant-Man suit up, Lang fiddles with its technology.[4]
  • Shrunken down in the garden, Lang is introduced properly to carpenter ants.[4]

Ant-Man first encounters the crazy ants

  • After wondering which ant is next, Lang suddenly feels swarmed by the bullet ants he meets, and grows back to normal size in fear, breaking through the garden soil.[4]
  • Lang studies the carpenter ant "#247" he flew on previously, and decides to name it "Ant-thony".[4]


  • Hope van Dyne starts training Scott Lang learn to punch correctly. She punches him in the face to facetiously demonstrate.[4]
  • Lang takes another look at the Ant-Man suit, tinkering.[4]
  • Lang, Pym, and van Dyne look at the Pym Technologies Headquarters plans for heist planning.[4]
  • Van Dyne teaches Lang about paraponera clavata, bullet ants.[4]


  • Hank Pym warns Scott Lang not to mess with the Ant-Man suit's regulator, in case he ends up shrinking for eternity.[4]
  • Shrunken down in Pym's garden, Lang meets the crazy ants. When he is swarmed by them, he panics and grows through the garden surface, then realizing how illogical his fear had been.[4]
  • In fight training, van Dyne twists Lang's arm. In another round, she leaps and tackles him to the floor.[4]


  • Lang tends to a wound after fight training. Van Dyne tells him Pym wants him outside.[4]
  • Pym trains Lang with throwing shrinking and growing discs.[4]


  • Pym and van Dyne explain the logistics of getting into the Yellowjacket containment pod.[4]
  • Underground in the garden, Lang learns to use the fire ants to make bridges he can cross.[4]

Van Dyne learns of her mother's sacrifice

  • Pym reveals to Hope how her mother, Janet van Dyne, died. Hope finally forgives her father, but Lang accidentally interrupts the heartfelt moment.[4]
  • Pym explains to Lang that they need a device from an old facility of Howard Stark's.[4]


  • Lang finally manages to shrink through a keyhole, though struggles to land balanced on the other side.[4]
  • Lang hops through the garden underground, then flies on Ant-thony.[4]
  • Hank Pym shrinks some gear for the ants, which Lang fits to the insects.[4]
  • Having mastered his training, Lang runs with ants underground.[4]




  • Infiltration into Pym Technologies Headquarters:
    • Lang infiltrates the facility, while Luis, Dave, and Kurt work to get the others through without being detected.[4]
    • Darren Cross captures Ant-Man

      Lang reaches the container in which the Yellowjacket Suit is being held. Just before he can steal it, Cross traps him in the container and removes the Yellowjacket, planning on selling some of the technology to a HYDRA team led by Mitchell Carson.[4]
    • Cross then takes out a gun with the intention of killing Pym, but Lang breaks out, allowing Cross to only shoot Pym in the abdomen. He then tries to escape the facility in a helicopter, but Lang chases after him. He manages to make it inside the helicopter, but Ant-thony is killed in the process. Cross then dons the Yellowjacket suit and fights Lang. The two get trapped in a briefcase and fall out of the helicopter, landing in a family's backyard. Lang manages to swat Cross into a bug zapper, electrocuting him. However, Lang is then found by Jim Paxton and arrested.[4]

Yellowjacket is run over by a toy train

  • Duel at Maggie Lang's House: When Cross manages to get out of the zapper, he goes to the house of Scott's ex-wife, Maggie Lang, so he can kidnap their daughter, Cassie. Paxton arrives and Scott manages to put on the helmet of his suit and shrink out of handcuffs. Once in the house, Scott continues his fight with Cross. He is eventually forced to shrink into the Quantum Realm to permanently destroy the Yellowjacket and save his daughter. The suit's destruction kills Cross. While in the Quantum Realm, Scott realizes he can use a Pym Particles Disk to re-enlarge himself. He successfully does so, but forgets his experience in the realm shortly after due to his instantaneous enlargement.[4]




Karnak advises Gorgon to replace the American flag

  • Despite Gorgon's pride, Karnak scalds him for his naivety, telling him to replace the flag as fast as possible, as a satellite is about to pass over, and would notice the flag being missing, giving away the presence of sentient life nearby.[169][170]
  • Gorgon reluctantly replaces the flag. When he returns to his cousin, Karnak muses that Gorgon is always the one making a mess of things.[169][170]





Maximus training with Gorgon and Karnak



  • Kaecilius is tough in his training of students at Kamar-Taj. Karl Mordo tells him that he has done enough training for one day.[176]
  • Kaecilius starts to feel that the Ancient One has failed in her promise to help him find meaning in his wife and son's tragic deaths, or found a way to bring them back to be together again. He becomes angry and frustrated.[176]

Kaecilius confronts the Ancient One

  • Kaecilius confronts the Ancient One, accusing her of failing him. She encourages him to remain steadfast, but he becomes disillusioned with her.[176]


  • Tired of waiting, Kaecilius searches for his own answers in the Kamar-Taj library. All the books lead him back to the name "Cagliostro".[176]


  • While training with Daniel Drumm, Kaecilius questions whether he is bothered by how closed off the Ancient One is in sharing her knowledge.[176]
  • As Kaecilius sleeps, he dreams of his wife and son. The dream turns into a horrible nightmare of their disfigured skeletons, driving him to further action against the Ancient One.[176]
  • On waking, Kaecilius visits the Kamar-Taj library and looks in the Book of Cagliostro from the Ancient One's private collection. He comes to realize that he needs others to help him perform the rituals found inside. Claiming that the Ancient One hides knowledge from them, Kaecilius gathers his students to form the Zealots and rebel against the other masters, aiming to find their own meaning.[176]


Hive is seen by Jemma Simmons for the first time

  • It's now been 3,010 hours (roughly 3 months) since Jemma Simmons arrived on the planet, and she is going crazy about wanting to get back home. She wants to go the "No Fly Zone" of the planet, but Daniels warns her that it is too dangerous, so instead Simmons goes out to find food for dinner. However, whilst she is out, she sees a sword in the ground in the distance and goes over to investigate. There Simmons finds the bones of everyone who has come to the planet in the past, and the belongings of one of these people from centuries ago, including a sextant for mapping the stars. She is suddenly caught in another sandstorm, and sees the dark, cloaked figure of "It" a little way away within the storm. Running for her life, she makes it back to her and Daniels' hideout just in time. Daniels tells her she had made a dangerous mistake and wandered into the No Fly Zone, but Simmons says that it does not matter now, as she has discovered a way for them to get home.[132][141][133]


Simmons identifies where she and Daniels arrived to Maveth

  • Simmons explains to Daniels that the portal is fixed in place, but the planet they are on spins on its axis, therefore meaning the portal appears in different parts of the planet each time. She then explains that they can use her phone battery to power Daniels' NASA equipment and use the sextant to map the stars. Then they can use that data to calculate the speed at which the planet spins so that they can therefore work out where the portal will appear next.[132][133]
  • Joy Meachum hires Jessica Jones to find incriminating "dirt" on employees at Rand Enterprises, for future use.[177][178]
  • Simmons watches her birthday messages video one last time, knowing that the NASA equipment will use the rest of her battery, then her and Daniels get to work setting up all the necessary equipment over the next few days.[132][133]



Daniels and Simmons start to make the plan

  • Jemma Simmons has been on the planet for 3,183 hours (over 3 months) when her and Will Daniels finally get the star mapping equipment working and start taking recordings. It soon dies, but not before Simmons has got enough information to work out that the portal will open again 18 days from now, a long way off. Daniels points out that the location is a 40-hour hike away at least, and that they would need to get across a canyon to get there, but she just tells him to start preparing.[132][133]


  • A report about the harmful mortar in Endoxeprene is released. Despite knowing about this from months prior, only now does the company choose to act. It is already too late for Aaron James, a customer who has now been disabled by the drug.[139][140]




Daniels and Simmons discuss Maveth

  • Having now been on the planet for 3,561 hours, and soon to set off to get to the next portal opening in time, Jemma Simmons explains to Will Daniels that the portal is activated by the alignment of the planet's moons, which is how she calculated when the portal would next open. Daniels reveals that he intends to use a grappling hook and rope to get across to the other side of the canyon, and Simmons says that even if they cannot get through, they could send a message in a bottle through the portal to give Leo Fitz instructions on how to help get them back.[132][133]
  • Wilson Fisk continues with his plan to kill Dutton, making notes, beginning his approximately fourteenth notepad. Fisk keeps investigating Dutton's activities in the prison.[92][38]
  • At 3,575 hours, the duo leave the place, discussing what they will do when they get back to Earth.[132][133]



  • After an over 40-hour hike, Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels arrive at the canyon, only to find it about 100 meters wide, instead of 30 meters like it had been previously, and Daniels suspects that "It" is trying to prevent them from leaving. The portal opens but they are too far away to get across the canyon to it, so instead they decide to shoot their message in a bottle across and into the portal. The bottle flies towards the portal and is on target but the portal closes too early, causing the bottle to simply shatter on the rocks, and draining Simmons' hope.[132][133]


Simmons and Daniels kiss each other

  • Back at their cave hideout, Simmons breaks down as she becomes desperate yet again, thinking she won't get home. However, Will Daniels assures her that she restored his faith when she turned up, and that she should keep that faith that they can survive and eventually get back. The two give in to their feelings for each other and kiss.[132][133]




  • Hot weather begins with temperatures allegedly reaching upwards of 100°F in New York City, which is unusual for this time of the year.[182]


  • Fisk notes down his information from 2 days prior about the Aryans moving product.[92][38]



Nelson and Murdock go to their office

The trio listen Grotto's story

  • They approach him, and Grotto tells them about the shooting. Assuming that it was a group of men that slaughtered the Kitchen Irish, they question him about his involvement. He asks them for help, and they agree to look into it. Grotto then passes out from blood loss.[182]
  • Murdock and Nelson show up at the crime scene to investigate. Murdock overhears the detectives discussing the armor piercing rounds that were used in the assault. Officer Brett Mahoney tells them that the NYPD thinks that there is a new gang in town tearing into the other gangs. Murdock decides to go investigating as Daredevil.[182]
  • Grotto wakes up in Metro-General Hospital, watched over by Page. He tells her that she is not prepared for what is coming.[182]
  • Daredevil interrupts a sale between Turk Barrett and some potential buyers. He questions Barrett about where the shooter got the military grade weapons, injuring him until he admits to hearing about heavy munitions from a man in Ryker's Island. He tells Daredevil the location of the Mexican Cartel's meat packing warehouse, and he leaves, tossing Barrett's car keys in the river.[182][183]

Nelson talks to a member of the Dogs of Hell

  • Foggy Nelson goes to the Dogs of Hell hideout to investigate the recent attack on their gang, telling them he needs to see Smitty. Nelson is taken out the back and informed that Smitty died during an attack the week before, in a massacre similar to the Kitchen Irish.[182]
  • While investigating the Kitchen Irish killings, Daredevil finds members of the Mexican Cartel strung up on meat hooks in their hideout. He finds one man alive and pulls him off the meat hook. When he asks which gang did this, the man says with his last breath that it was only one man.[182]
  • Attack on Grotto: After learning of Grotto's survival, Frank Castle goes to Metro-General Hospital to finish the job, blasting his way through the hallways. Grotto is saved by Karen Page, managing to escape as Castle pursues them out of the building. He stands on the rooftop with a sniper rifle trained on Grotto as they drive away, but is stopped by Daredevil. A fight ensues, resulting in Castle shooting Daredevil; however, he makes sure that he does not kill, but severely concusses and wounds him.[182]


Murdock argues with Nelson

  • After finding him bleeding on a rooftop in his suit, Nelson helps Murdock to return to his apartment to recover. Nelson tells Murdock that Karen Page got Grotto to the NYPD and that the two will meet there to make a deal with the District Attorney. They discuss his actions as a vigilante, with Nelson worried that one day he will find him dead.[166]
  • At the NYPD, Karen Page and Nelson discuss the mysterious attacker with Grotto. Afterwards, Mahoney mentions that they had made a profile on the man, considered a Daredevil copycat vigilante, and that they call him "the Punisher".[166]
  • At his apartment, Matt Murdock goes to get himself a glass of water when all of a sudden his hearing begins to fail. He drops his glass and stumbles, then slumps against the wall in trauma.[166]
  • Nelson and Page meet with DA Samantha Reyes and her assistant Blake Tower, and when they insist they are taking Grotto's case, Nelson confronts Reyes until she agrees to work with them. In the interview room, an agreement is made for Grotto to obtain information from Edgar Brass for the DA. He reluctantly agrees in return for protection.[166]

Castle buys an NYPD radio

  • Frank Castle walks into a pawn shop, asking for an NYPD mobile communication radio, and the clerk sells it to him. He then asks if Castle is interested in buying child pornography. Disgusted, Castle turns and uses a baseball bat to kill the man.[166]
  • Karen Page tells Foggy Nelson that she feels somehow she might deserve the life-threatening events which come her way. Nelson reassures her of how good she is.[166]
  • In his apartment, Murdock notices that his hearing has come back as he hears Page knocking on his door. She worries for him, but he assures her he can look after himself. They discuss the Punisher and if his vigilante actions were inspired by Daredevil, and if they are potentially more effective. She asks Murdock to confide in her when he is ready.[166]
  • That evening, Murdock goes to see Melvin Potter about his helmet. Potter tells him that the bullet cracked it and that it has compromised the whole helmet. He informs him that he will have to make a whole new helmet, but solders it as a temporary solution for the evening.[166]

Punisher fights the Devil of Hell's Kitchen

  • Ambush on Punisher: In the night, Grotto, working with Samantha Reyes, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, goes to the warehouse where they are about to call out Brass. Nelson and Page soon realize that Grotto is just part of a trap set by Reyes in order to catch the Punisher. Meanwhile, Castle, realizing this was an ambush, takes out a group of Dogs of Hell bikers and straps the last remaining biker in the driver's seat of the truck, sending the truck in first. Reyes' men mistake the biker for Castle and open fire. Once again, before he can kill Grotto, Castle is attacked by Daredevil. They fight on the rooftop before falling through a glass ceiling. Murdock suffers another trauma attack, allowing Castle to take him hostage.[166]
  • Kidnapping of Daredevil: Late in the night, Daredevil wakes up chained to a chimney. He looks around to see Frank Castle, who greets him sarcastically.[184]
  • Back at the scene of the ambush, Samantha Reyes is upset that Castle got away. Nelson and Page question her about what happened, and she says that her offer for Grotto go into witness protection is still valid. Page confronts Reyes about her previous actions, but Reyes puts her in her place with a reminder of her authority, infuriating Page, who goes back to their office.[184]
  • Back on the rooftop, Frank Castle tells Daredevil that he only kills when it is "required".[184]

Claire Temple talks to Nelson

  • Foggy Nelson goes to see Claire Temple in Metro-General Hospital in order to find out if Murdock has been admitted. When he finds her, she motions for him to follow her.[184]
  • At the Nelson and Murdock law office, Karen Page is going over information when Grotto calls, wanting to know what happened.[184]
  • Page assures him that she had no idea what Reyes was planning. He refuses to return for protection, then hangs up the phone.[184]
  • On the rooftop, Daredevil continues to question Frank Castle about his behavior, but Castle ignores all his enquiries. While they discuss their differing views of redemption, they are interrupted when a man comes to the roof. Castle is ready to shoot him if Daredevil makes a noise. He talks to the man but when they discover they are both veterans, they let each other go. Castle goes back to Daredevil and knocks him unconscious so he can find Grotto.[184]

Page sees Castle's cranial radiography

  • Karen Page goes to see Blake Tower and threatens him, telling him that she will expose him and Samantha Reyes for previous acts of corruption unless they offer protection to her and her friends. Tower points out the flaws in her blackmail plan and tells her to leave, but not before discreetly delivering her Castle's cranial radiography, which was taken during his stay in the hospital.[184]
  • Meanwhile, in Metro-General Hospital, Nelson talks two bikers out of attacking each other, gaining everyone's admiration in the emergency room. After checking some files on the hospital's computer, Temple reveals that Murdock has not been admitted recently.[184]
  • Daredevil awakens and sees that he has a gun strapped with tape to his hand. Soon, Castle arrives with an injured and bound Grotto. Trying to prove that Grotto deserves death, Castle reveals to Daredevil that Grotto killed a woman, just because she saw his face.[184]

Castle orders Daredevil to kill Grotto

  • Then Castle tells Daredevil that he has to kill Grotto or he will do it by himself, placing the guilt on him either way. Finally, instead, Daredevil uses the gun to break his chains and tackle Punisher, but he is not quick enough to prevent Grotto being shot and bleeding out. While Daredevil attempts to help the dying Grotto, Castle uses his sniper rifle to destroy the Dogs of Hell's motorcycles from afar in order to get their attention.[184]
  • Attack on the Dogs of Hell:
    • Seeking revenge for the attack, the bikers start to run up through the building. Castle tells Daredevil that the only way he can escape from the building is killing all the bikers.[184]
    • Instead, Daredevil knocks him unconscious in the elevator and successfully saves the veteran, using all his strength to fight his way down the stairwell and take down the Dogs of Hell.[184]


Lieberman talks about video he was sent

  • After 7 months owning the disc containing video of the assassination of Ahmad Zubair, David Lieberman finally broaches the subject with with his wife, Sarah. He asks if he should send the video to Homeland Security, as he believes it is the right thing to do but is scared it could get his family into trouble. She tells him he has to follow his instinct.[71][72]
  • Lieberman eventually decides he needs to send the video, and forwards it to Dinah Madani.[71][72]
  • Operation Cerberus are alerted about the video being sent and plan to kill their new loose end: David Lieberman.[71][72]


  • Attack on David Lieberman:
    • As the Liebermans are driving, Carson Wolf leads a squad who apprehend David. David gets out of the car and tries to escape, but Wolf's squad corner him by the waterfront.[71][72]
    • The Attack on David Lieberman

      Sarah arrives and David panics, telling her to stay away and telling Wolf he is just an analyst, but Wolf shoots him in front of his wife. He falls to his apparent death, but the bullet only hit David's cell phone and so he survives.[71][72]
  • Realizing he has to take the opportunity to pretend to have been killed so as to protect his family, Lieberman goes into hiding to bide his time until he can find a way to take down Operation Cerberus.[71][72]



Cooley orders his men to find Castle

  • Seamus' words only enrages Cooley, driving him to kill him. Cooley then orders all his men to find Frank Castle and bring him to him, so he can torture him and locate the money Castle has stolen from him.[83]
  • Following Cooley's orders, the Kitchen Irish begin to hunt for Castle. They soon arrive at his apartment but only find his dog and his arsenal. They start to leave the apartment, when Cooley notices a map marked with Central Park, and realizes that there is where they will find him. As they leave, Castle himself watches from a distance as they walk away with his dog.[83]
  • Grotto's funeral takes place, only attended by Matt Murdock, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson. The funeral is conducted by Father Paul Lantom.[83]
  • In their office, due to the discovery of Castle's cranial radiography, Page, Murdock, and Nelson discuss the possibility that Samantha Reyes is trying to hide something about Castle's case. Page leaves the office with Reyes' files on Castle.[83]

Potter meets with Daredevil

  • Murdock goes to see Melvin Potter in his workshop to pick up his new helmet.[83]
  • Investigating Frank Castle's cranial radiography, Page goes to see George Bach, a former assistant from Metro-General who was present during Castle's coma. He tells Page that a DNR was given on Castle, and the doctor in charge disconnected him from the machine. He also comments that after a minute, despite no resuscitation, Castle's heart began beating again. After ten minutes, he rejuvenated and ordered Bach to him to take him home; Bach recalls the Castle Residence address for Page.[83]
  • Kidnapping of Punisher:
    • In the evening, Castle waits in Central Park for the Kitchen Irish to turn up so he can kill them. However, a number of them ambush him and he is defeated and taken by Cooley and his men to a secret location for torture.[83]
    • The Devil of Hell's Kitchen talks with Mahoney

      Daredevil meets with Brett Mahoney, who is investigating a crime scene that the Irish made while trying to find Castle. Mahoney receives a radio call about the gunfire in Central Park, which Daredevil overhears. He goes to investigate, finding an injured Rory, who gives him the location where Castle is being kept.[83]
    • Meanwhile, Cooley starts to torture Castle in order to locate his money.When Cooley threatens to repeat the torture on Castle's dog, he finally reveals that Cooley's money is in his van. When two of the Irish go to the van to retrieve the money, a bomb explodes from inside, killing them both. Cooley prepares to kill Castle, but Castle releases himself and shoots Cooley in the back. He demands to know who was responsible for the death of his family, but Cooley does not answer; he shoots Cooley in the face, killing him instantly. Daredevil arrives and finds Castle, and they both fight the Irish to escape, but with Daredevil preventing Castle from killing any more people.[83]
  • Page goes to the Castle Residence and starts to inspect the house, finding many pictures of Castle's family, and his daughter's favorite book. She takes one of the pictures before leaving the house.[83]

    Castle tells Daredevil his story

  • Daredevil and Frank Castle both escape and go to Saint Michael's Cemetery, where Castle tells Daredevil of the day he returned home and reunited with his family, before they were killed. Due to the loss of blood, he falls unconscious.[83]
  • While he is trying to find the Irish, Brett Mahoney arrives at the cemetery, where he finds them both. Daredevil tells Mahoney that he has to take credit for Castle's capture, and that maybe that way he will get the promotion that he deserves, and the city will trust the police again. As Mahoney lets Daredevil go, he calls for an ambulance to take Castle to the hospital.[83]
  • Celebrating the Punisher's capture, Karen Page, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson go to Josie's Bar where they hear the news that Mahoney has earned a promotion. Page and Murdock leave to walk home.[83]
  • When they reach Page's apartment, the two give in to their mounting sexual tension, and share their first kiss in the rain.[83]

Natchios visits Murdock in his home

  • When Murdock returns home, he discovers that he is not alone. His former lover, Elektra Natchios, is back in the city looking for his help.[83] Natchios tells him that she missed him, but Murdock doesn't believe her. She explains that she is back in the city for a meeting, and that she wants to apologize for leaving him. She then explains her father's investment in the Roxxon Corporation, a corrupt company involved in a lot of criminal cases. She asks Murdock for his help with Roxxon, and offers him money, but Murdock refuses and makes her leave.[88]


  • Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Page discuss the capture of the Punisher, with Page insisting that it is wrong that no news reports have mentioned Castle's family, and reveals to them that she visited the Castle Residence.[88]
  • Nelson receives a notification from the bank telling him of a large deposit. He knows that it is from Natchios, so he tells Nelson not to spend the money, then goes to find her.[88]
  • Meanwhile, Blake Tower arrives at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office asking for Grotto's files, but without a subpoena, so Nelson refuses. Tower warns him that Samantha Reyes will destroy their firm, before leaving.[88]
  • Murdock listens in on Elektra Natchios' meeting

    Matt Murdock goes to the Yakatomi Building in order to confront Elektra Natchios, but instead uses his enhanced hearing to eavesdrop on her meeting with the Roxxon board of directors from outside. He hears her being introduced to Stan Gibson, who is said to have the answers she is looking for. Natchios spots Murdock on the rooftop and chuckles in the meeting. She then grabs a fake pen, which is secretly a device to hack into Roxxon's servers. Phone calls then begin to come in informing the board that their servers have been hacked, and she is escorted downstairs.[88]
  • Investigating Castle's family, Page goes to the New York Bulletin Building in order to look in old newspapers. She meets Mitchell Ellison and asks him for information. Telling her that the Bulletin will get the exclusive, Ellison informs her that they now keep manual hardcopy records since servers were wiped in "the incident", and takes her to a room with old newspapers.[88]

Newspaper about the Massacre at Central Park

  • After Page spends three hours looking through papers, Ellison remembers an article from April 14th about a massacre from a gang war in Central Park.[88][84]
  • Murdock and Page meet for their date, but soon decide to change restaurants. They end up having a beautiful evening together.[88]
  • Ambush at Elektra Natchios' Penthouse:
    • After his date with Page, Murdock goes to Elektra Natchios' Penthouse in order to find answers. Soon, Murdock hears people coming and demands to know who they are. Natchios tells him that they are Yakuza.[88]
    • As she dresses for battle, she reveals that she had infiltrated Asano in the Yakatomi Building, and that is why they are coming for her. Tired of her lies, Murdock starts to leave, but is stopped by Natchios, who reveals to him that she knows his identity as Daredevil, and has his suit. He reluctantly prepares for the fight.[88] A fight ensues, resulting in the defeat of the Yakuza.[185]


  • In the morning, Natchios convinces Murdock to help her investigate Roxxon's criminal actions and defeat the Yakuza, promising him that once they have finished, she will leave New York forever.[185]
  • Castle awakes from his coma.[185]

Nelson, Murdock, and Page discover the modification to Page's statement

  • Murdock, Nelson, and Page discover from Christopher Roth that Page's statement has been modified, and Samantha Reyes intends to extradite Castle to Delaware to face the death penalty. Because of this, the trio decide to defend Castle, despite the fact that Reyes had assigned him a public defender.[185]
  • The three go to Metro-General Hospital to visit Castle and convince him to let them be his legal representation. When he refuses, Page shows him the old picture with his family on the carousel. Reyes arrives and forces them to leave, but Brett Mahoney interrupts them outside, saying that Castle accepts Nelson and Murdock as his lawyers. Reyes leaves in anger.[185]
  • Elektra Natchios sends a car for Murdock while he is talking with Page and Nelson. He excuses himself, saying that the car was sent by a new, wealthy client who paid a large retainer. In the car, Natchios gives Murdock a suit and reveals that the plan is to attend a gala at the Yakatomi Building and steal information on the Roxxon Corporation's illegal activities, hidden in a secure floor.[185]

Page talks with the injured Castle

  • Nelson and Page talk with Castle, but he says that he will only speak to Page, and demands to be alone with her. To Nelson's dismay, Page agrees. Instead of talking about his crimes, Page and Castle have a heartfelt discussion about family. Finally, they make an agreement that Castle will plead guilty at the arraignment, and she will give him information about the deaths of his family.[185]
  • Proceeding with his plan to wipe out the Avengers, Brock Rumlow, as "Crossbones", recruits a group of bounty hunters.[126]
  • Infiltration into the Yakatomi Building:
    • Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios arrive at the Yakatomi Building gala. Knowing that they have security watching Gibson, whose key card they need to steal, Murdock feigns clumsiness and spills wine on Gibson's suit, forcing him to go to the bathroom to clean up.[185]
    • Murdock and Elektra with the book

      Murdock then ambushes him and his bodyguards in the bathroom and takes the key card, then he and Natchios sneak up to the 13th floor, eventually finding a book.[185]
    • While Natchios reads, Murdock realizes that they have been located and starts to run downstairs. The duo fake being a drunk couple to avoid the guards, and manage to escape and go back to the car. They begin to read through the book, which has information about weapons traffic. Natchios is confused when she finds an entry she cannot translate; they realize they need to find someone to decipher it.[185]
  • Meanwhile, in the hospital, the arraignment is made as Judge Cynthia Batzer and Reyes prepare to hear Castle's plea.[185]
  • Despite Page's instructions, Castle decides to plead not guilty in spite against Reyes, to Nelson and Page's shock and disappointment. Knowing that his declaration will complicate his defense, Nelson and Page attempt to call Murdock, but he does not answer.[185]
  • Hirochi reveals to Gibson that he is not a Yakuza.[185]
  • In his apartment, Murdock finds a concerned Nelson, who explains to him that due to Castle's decision of pleading not guilty, and Reyes using her influence to advance the trial, "the People v. Frank Castle" will start next week.[185]



  • Following leads on the whereabouts of Rumlow, Steve Rogers hears about him recruiting soldiers under the alias of Crossbones.[126]



The New York State Supreme Court Building during the trial of Frank Castle

  • In the New York State Supreme Court Building, the jury for Frank Castle's trial is finally approved by Judge Cynthia Batzer and the two sides. Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, and Matt Murdock start to build a defense, in which they plan to use Castle's military service as an excuse for his extremist behavior, in order to reduce the charges and avoid the death penalty. Page decides to visit Castle for more information.[186]
  • Castle says to Page the name of Ray Schoonover, his old commander who could give them whatever they want for his defense. Page thanks him and proceeds to show him old files about the Massacre at Central Park.[186]
  • As he practices his opening statement, Murdock receives a call from Elektra Natchios telling him that she has found a possible translator who could help them to decipher the mysterious code from the book. After she pressures him, Murdock agrees to go with her.[186]

Elektra questions Cabroni

  • Attack on Philip Cabroni: Daredevil and Elektra visit Philip Cabroni and force him to translate the ledger for them. He says that he put the letters in a cypher and the characters through a matrix which could be decoded. The code ends up saying that a weekly shipment will take place that night at Bay Ridge Rail Yard. He gives them the number of the boxcar.[186]
  • Page and Nelson find out that Reyes intends to get Dr. Gregory Tepper, who performed post-mortems on the Castle family, to testify. Soon they discover the possibility that Tepper faked Lisa, Frank, Jr. and Maria Castle's forensic files.[186]
  • Ambush at Bay Ridge Rail Yard: At the Bay Ridge Rail Yard, Natchios and Daredevil open the boxcar but find only dirt. The Yakuza in the rail yard begin to chase them, so the two fight them in retaliation. After a short battle, Daredevil and Natchios escape.[186]
  • In his apartment, Murdock tends to Natchios’ wounds. They talk about their scars, and when Natchios brings up the scar from the Duel at Pier 81, Murdock tells her about Nobu; Natchios reveals that she has heard of him before. They soon fall asleep.[186]


Nelson and Page at the trial

  • In the morning, Murdock awakes and dresses himself quickly, realizing he is late for Castle's trial. Elektra says that she will investigate where the exports are coming from. The trial of Frank Castle begins with only Nelson and Page defending him. Nelson is forced to make their opening speech; Murdock arrives only to hear Nelson concluding.[186]
  • Outside of the court, Murdock, Nelson, and Page discuss what they will do next. Murdock suggests that he and Page will try to make Dr. Gregory Tepper admit that he changed the Castle family's forensic files tomorrow in court.[186]
  • In Matt Murdock's Apartment, he and Karen Page discuss how they will question Tepper. Page also mentions that she believes Castle's method works on a more permanent basis than Daredevil, to Murdock's shock.[186]
  • When she leaves, Elektra Natchios shows up, revealing that she has listened in to the conversation with Page. She tells Murdock that she checked Roxxon Corporation’s information and found some construction investment they should investigate. Murdock reveals that before he fought Nobu, he saw some plans of the Midland Circle, and wonders if Wilson Fisk acquired it for the Japanese, and not for himself as he had assumed.[186]
  • After saying goodbye to Murdock, Natchios goes to Gregory Tepper's apartment and threatens him, forcing him to reveal to the court tomorrow that he modified the post-mortem files.[186]


Trial of the Centruy article on November 14th

  • The New York Bulletin publishes an article about the "Trial of the Century", describing the recent events about Frank Castle's case.[92][38]
  • In his cell, and still working on a plan to kill Dutton, Wilson Fisk is visited by Stewart Finney, who gives him the newspapers from the day. When Finney mentions that Castle has taken out the Kitchen Irish, the Dogs of Hell, and the Mexican Cartel, Fisk finds a pattern between the three groups from checking his notes made on Dutton. He also discovers that Dutton worked with the Irish a long time ago in a sale that went wrong.[92][38]
  • In court, during Castle's trial, Blake Tower begins to question Gregory Tepper about his work on Castle's family's forensic files. Scared, Tepper says that he wants to confess something. The judge orders the court to be cleared.[186]
  • Nelson, Murdock, Page, Reyes, Tower, and Batzer hear Tepper's confession that he modified the post-mortem files. He also reveals that he was threatened by a woman the night before to confess in court. Due to the revelation that he was forced, Tepper's statement is considered invalid for the case.[186]
  • Meanwhile, in order to use Castle as a way to kill Dutton, Wilson Fisk calls his attorney Benjamin Donovan and orders him to contact the police guard Roy Olsky, instructing him to give Castle a note telling him that if he wants to know more information about his family's death, he has to follow certain instructions.[38]
  • At Pop's Barber Shop, Pop gives Lonnie Wilson a haircut as Chico Diaz gives Shameek Smith a cut, while they and Luke Cage, who is sweeping hair, discuss the performance of the New York Knicks in the NBA in the last season.[103]
  • Cage talks to Pop about his powers

    Pop tries to convince Cage to use his powers to do good in the neighborhood. Cage states that he did not want his powers. He jokes that he still gets headaches from Jessica Jones shooting him.[103]
  • Privately, Murdock informs Nelson that Elektra Natchios was the woman who attacked Tepper. They have a strong discussion about her and the problems she causes. Nelson yells that he has to tell his "girlfriend" not to interfere in the case, and they leave, furious, ignoring Page.[186]
  • Cage finishes his work at the barber shop and heads to his second job at Harlem's Paradise as a dish washer.[103]
  • Cage's landlady Connie Lin confronts him for his rent, ten days late, and he promises he will deliver it by later that night.[103]

Daredevil furiously confronts Elektra

  • Furious with Natchios, Murdock ambushes her as Daredevil while she waits for him at Midland Circle. After listening, she agrees to stop interfering in his day job, before reminding him that they have the Yakuza to be concerned about.[186]
  • While washing dishes, Cage is asked to work on the bar for the evening, as usual barman Dante Chapman has not turned up to work. His boss tells him he has to wait to be paid at the end of the week.[103]
  • Cage meets a woman at the bar, and the two begin flirting.[103]
  • Upstairs at Harlem's Paradise, Cornell Stokes, also known as Cottonmouth, makes a partnership with Domingo Colon, as they mention that Stokes' great-uncle Pistol Pete and Domingo's brother Salvador Colon intended to in the past. Colon wants to give a donation to Stoke's cousin Mariah Dillard.[103]

Shooting at Harlem's junkyard

  • Ambush at the Harlem Junkyard: Dante Chapman, Shameek Smith, and Chico Diaz, working for Stokes, are sent to sell Hammer Industries weapons to Colon's men. However, Smith betrays Stokes and shoots the men to steal the money. A shootout begins, ending in the death of all three of Colon's men. Smith then betrays and fatally shoots Chapman so he only has to split the money between him and Diaz.[103]
  • As Chapman dies, he calls Tone, one of Stokes' henchmen, telling him of Smith and Diaz's betrayal.[103]
  • Infiltration into Midland Circle:
    • Then they enter the building, only to find a huge hole in the ground. Daredevil grabs a flashlight and drops it down the hole, waiting for it to hit the bottom.[186]
    • Daredevil and Elektra fight against the Hand

      Unbeknownst to them, ninjas from the Hand were watching and they soon attack, leaving Natchios seriously injured from a poisoned sword. Stick arrives with a member of the Chaste and successfully rescues Natchios and Daredevil.[187]
  • In Matt Murdock's Apartment, Stick saves Natchios from dying. Murdock discovers that Stick has actually known Natchios for a long time, but when he asks how he knows her, he avoids the question.[187]
  • Cage and the woman from the bar, Misty Knight, return to Luke Cage's Apartment and passionately have sex.[103]


  • Knight is called by her colleague Rafael Scarfe and told she has to visit the scene of the shootout in the junkyard. She lies to Cage, telling him she is an auditor, and leaves.[103]
  • Detectives Scarfe and Knight investigate the crime scene.[103]
  • The trial of Frank Castle continues, now with Col. Ray Schoonover in the dais to testify for Nelson and Murdock (now only Foggy Nelson and Karen Page). Schoonover tells the story of how Castle saved him and a group of military men while they were on service in Afghanistan, describing him as a war hero.[187]

Shades talks to Cottonmouth

  • Hernan Alvarez, also known as "Shades", recently released from a three-year stint in Seagate Prison, pays a visit to Stokes on behalf of Diamondback.[103]
  • Pop tells Cage about his feeling of responsibility for Chico Diaz and Shameek Smith, and his worries about them being alone out on the street without his help.[103]
  • In his apartment, Murdock confronts Stick about not telling the truth, so he tells Murdock the history of the Hand and the Chaste, and the start of their endless war. He also reveals that both Murdock and Natchios were recruited by him in order to stop the Hand from deploying the Black Sky. However, Murdock does not believe him.[187]
  • Mariah Dillard interacts with local residents of Harlem. Dillard also films a propaganda piece in front of the new Crispus Attucks Complex about rejuvenating Harlem.[103]
  • Foggy Nelson uses Castle's cranial radiography to build a defense, with psychiatrist Andrew Lee giving his medical opinion, in order to prove that Castle's actions were caused by the damage done to his brain by a bullet.[187]
  • After the presentation, there is a sudden outburst as the son of one of Castle's victims claims that he deserves death for killing his father.[187]

Castle debates his sanity with Karen Page

  • Page convinces Castle to take the stand the next day so as to salvage the trial after the outburst.[187]
  • Nelson tells Page that they will need Murdock to question Frank Castle.[187]
  • While Murdock confronts a weakened Natchios about being sent by Stick to spy on him, Page arrives at his apartment, only to see Natchios in Murdock's bed. She attempts to leave abruptly, worried that Murdock is cheating on her, but Murdock stops her. She says that she does not want to discuss anything, and tells him that he has to go to court the next day.[187]
  • Shameek Smith is taken by Cottonmouth's men from a strip club.[103]
  • On the way to Harlem's Paradise, Cage is stopped by Zip and his thugs and handed one of Dillard's leaflets.[103]
  • Following Fisk's orders, Roy Olsky tells Castle that if he wants to know more about his family's death, he has to ruin the trial and proclaiming that he is guilty.[38]
  • Cottonmouth interrogates Shameek Smith

    Stokes plays jazz on his keyboard. Cage, washing dishes downstairs, requests his payment for the end of the week, but is denied it. He is surprised to find Stokes' men dragging Smith through the kitchen, but before he can act, he is shocked and angered as Shades walks in behind; Cage recognizes him as one of the men who nearly killed him at Seagate two years prior.[103]
  • Stokes beats Smith in a chair, questioning him about the whereabouts of the money he stole, and of Chico Diaz. When Smith spits in reply, Stokes proceeds to beat him much harder, slowly losing restraint until Smith is dead.[103]
  • Cage paces his apartment, trying to control his anger about Shades, and remembers Reva Connors' words. He decides to try to make a difference in the neighborhood.[103]
  • Knight and Scarfe investigate the scene of Shameek Smith's murder, and realize they have to find Diaz.[103]

Cage confronts Zip and his thugs

  • Attack on Zip's Gang: Zip and his thugs threaten Connie and Jin Lin for money for Dillard's Crispus Attucks complex, in their restaurant Genghis Connie's. Luke Cage walks in and tells them to leave, but they do not take him seriously. Zip orders Amos to take out Cage, but he is horrified when Cage is immovable and unaffected, as his wrist and hand shatter on contact. Cage throws him through the window and takes down the thugs, saving the Lins. Connie offers payment but he refuses, though he assures her he will support and defend them.[103]
  • Misty Knight pores over evidence from the shootout at the junkyard and pictures the gunfight in her mind, so as to work out what happened.[44]


  • The next day in court, while Castle takes the stand, Murdock hears a guard whisper to Castle that he has to think on what he wants next. Murdock makes his court statement, regarding the feeling that New York needs heroes.[187]

Castle pleads guilty and is subdued

  • Once he finishes, Castle asks Judge Cynthia Batzer if he can make a statement, then he proceeds to tell the jury that he would commit the murders all over again. He begins to shout, saying that he is not crazy and does not need anyone's help; he insists that he enjoyed killing those men, and would continue killing given the chance. Castle is removed from the courtroom and sentenced to imprisonment immediately.[187]
  • At Pop's Barber Shop, Pop and Cage discuss their fictional heroes and favorite writers.[44]
  • At the entrance of Pop's, Bobby Fish plays a game of chess against Turk Barrett, who is visiting Harlem after encountering trouble with Daredevil.[44][182][183]
  • Stokes walks into Pop's for a shave, accompanied by Shades. Cage becomes tense and on edge to be in the presence of Shades, accidentally breaking his broom.[44]

Shades talks with Cage, not reocgnizing him as Lucas

  • Shades begins a conversation with him, not recognizing him as Carl Lucas. Shades says he has recently returned from three years in prison. Once Stokes' shave is complete, Cage forces him to pay before he leaves. Stokes promises to visit Pop from time to time.[44]
  • Pop asks Cage to find Diaz as soon as possible, before Stokes or the police can get to him.[44]
  • Now that they have lost the case, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page blame Murdock for what happened in the court, for not helping them enough. Page ends her relationship with him.[187]
  • Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe visit the St. Nick basketball playground for information on Diaz from his friends. Knight impresses the boys with her basketball skills and earns their respect.[44]
  • Stokes and his men visit Mariah Dillard in her office, and Stokes remind his cousin that he needs her to do the politics for him and resolve his problems.[44]

Cage tries to find Chico Diaz

  • Questioning people around Harlem so as to locate where Chico Diaz could be hiding, Cage finally manages to find him. He warns Diaz of how much danger he is in, but Diaz ignores him, refusing to return to Pop's.[44]
  • Cage returns to the barber shop and speaks with Pop outside. Pop tells him about his time as a gangster on the streets, taking Chico's father Fredo Diaz and a young Cottonmouth under his wing. He also talks about his estranged son, who he has not seen for decades. Cage tells Pop that Diaz refused help, to his dismay.[44]
  • They return inside and to their surprise, they find that Diaz has returned for their help. Pop becomes emotional and upset with him for becoming involved in the gangs, but overjoyed that he has returned.[44]
  • Scarfe and Knight head to Pop's Barber Shop to question Pop for information on Diaz's whereabouts, bumping into Barrett on the way as he leaves. After greeting each other with an embrace, Pop denies to Knight having seen Diaz, insisting he has not been into work for two days. Cage and Knight have an awkward reunion, pretending that they have never met before. Cage is offended by the revelation that Knight lied to him about her profession. After the detectives leave, Pop requests that Cage ask Stokes for a parley over Diaz's safety.[44]

Elektra confronts Stick

  • Elektra Natchios and Stick discuss Matt Murdock's decision to not become involved with the Chaste. Inspired by his words about not following Stick's orders anymore, Natchios says goodbye to Stick, saying that she will try to be a better person, like Murdock wanted.[187]
  • Ambush at Matt Murdock's Apartment:
    • Back in his apartment, Murdock and Natchios are suddenly attacked by a Hand ninja, who shoots Murdock through the shoulder with a poisoned arrow. Murdock retaliates, managing to defeat the ninja, only to discover that he is a very young man.[187]
    • Before he can do anything, Natchios slices the boy's throat with a knife, killing him to protect Murdock, and stating that this is who she is. Murdock passes out from the poison.[187]

Cage tries to set up a parler with Cottonmouth

  • Cage quits his job at Harlem's Paradise, and goes to speak with Stokes. He agrees to come in for a haircut and discuss the matter. While they speak, Tone receives a text from Turk Barrett, informing him of Diaz's location at the barber shop in return for money.[44]
  • Attack on Pop's Barber Shop:
    • Tone assumes that Stokes will want Diaz dead, and heads to Pop's Barber Shop to kill him. As Pop is cutting Lonnie Wilson's hair again, Tone arrives and dual wielding guns, he opens fire, recklessly shooting down the room. Cage instinctively dives to shield Wilson with his bulletproof skin, and Diaz is injured. However, one bullet ricochets off of Cage and through Pop's neck.[44]
    • Tone inspects the room, but Cage and Wilson play dead. He leaves, believing he has succeeded. Cage runs to embrace Pop as he bleeds out on the floor and dies.[44]

Cage is questioned by Misty Knight

  • As Misty Knight analyzes the scene of the shooting, Cage mourns the death of his friend. Knight is baffled by the fact that his shirt has multiple bullet holes, but he has no wounds, and managed to protect Lonnie Wilson.[44][108]
  • On returning to Harlem's Paradise, Tone expects Cornell Stokes to be pleased with him. He is disappointed that Tone killed him without locating the money first.[44]
  • When Tone then reveals that he also killed Pop, Stokes loses his temper and throws Tone off the roof to his death, angered at the unjust murder of his old mentor.[44]
  • Detective Knight ponders to Scarfe over how Cage could have remained unharmed by the shooting.[44]
  • Luke Cage and Cornell Stokes both sadly reminisce and mourn over Pop's death.[44]
  • Cage stands on a hill overlooking the Crispus Attucks Complex, when a young man holds a gun to his head and attempts to rob him. Cage is angered by his use of racially sensitive language and turns on him, goading him to pull the trigger.[44]

Cage confronts the young man

  • When he does not, Cage takes the gun and demonstrates his bulletproof skin, shooting himself at point blank in the stomach, and scaring him away.[44]


  • Star Wars Battlefront is released in the United States of America. It would soon be bought and frequently played by 14-year-old Alex Wilder and his friend, 16-year-old Amy Minoru.[34][138]
  • The morning after the attack, the news reports on the gunning of Pop's Barber Shop and Pop's death, as both Cage and Stokes watch on television.[188]
  • Castle is imprisoned in Ryker's Island and, following the orders that he received, he meets with Wilson Fisk.[38]
  • Murdock is tended to by Elektra Natchios, who tells him that she will never change. He decides that they have to stop trying to change each other's opinions on justice methods and says that he is done with her.[38]

Fisk recruits Frank Castle to murder Dutton

  • Fisk reveals to Frank Castle that the kingpin of the prison, Dutton, could have more information about the massacre of his family. He tells Castle Dutton's activities schedule and equips him with a shiv to attack Dutton later that day.[38]
  • Another weapons deal between Stokes' and Colon's gangs goes wrong when Colon's men kill Stokes', in retaliation for the shootout in the junkyard, and steal the weaponry.[188]
  • Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe investigate the scene of the latest shooting, questioning people to no avail.[188]
  • Luke Cage goes to the morgue to see Pop's body. While there, Stokes also arrives, and the two discuss Pop. Stokes says he will pay for the memorial service. Cage blames his death on Stokes, who tells him to back down, but Cage states that he is "just getting started".[188]
  • Believing that the case is not finished, Karen Page decides to continue investigating evidence about the fiscal changes to Castle's file.[38]

Cage talks to Fish

  • Cage returns to the barber shop to talk with Bobby Fish about the future of the shop. They realize they need $80,000, so Cage suggests robbing Cottonmouth for the money.[188]
  • When Fish points out that would only cause more issues, Cage instead decides to take down those who work for him.[188]
  • Daredevil confronts Stan Gibson about working with the Hand, and he reveals that they have his son in a fortress called the Farm. Gibson and Daredevil go to the Farm to get him back.[38]
  • Meanwhile, Page goes to see Mitchell Ellison and shows him what she has on Castle's case. They decide to look into who the other dead body from the massacre was, that the medical examiner Gregory Tepper hid from the public.[38]
  • As Fisk planned, Castle infiltrates Dutton's jail area, kills his two bodyguard inmates, and questions him about what happened the day his family were killed. Dutton reveals the involvement of a drug dealer called the Blacksmith in the meeting of three gangs, which went wrong when he did not show up, and turned into a three-way firefight that killed his family.[38]
  • Page and Ellison go to see Tepper, and discover from him that the dead body belonged to an undercover police officer on the scene. Knowing now that the Massacre at Central Park was a covert operation, they decide to find out who else was involved.[38]

Frank Castle survives an attempt on his life

  • Assassination of Dutton: When Dutton is finished, Castle stabs him repeatedly and starts to walk out, but Fisk betrays him by not letting him to escape. All of Dutton's inmate allies emerge from their cells and attack Castle. Castle manages to kill all of Dutton's men in a brutal and bloody fight, to the dismay of Wilson Fisk, who was waiting for Castle to die inside with them. Prison guards arrive and gas him with a sedative to knock him out, dragging him away.[38]
  • Scarfe and Knight visit Chico Diaz in hospital so as to question him for any information to take down his attackers. He refuses to help them, terrified for his life.[188]
  • Stokes tells his assistant he wants Tone's body taken care of before the police force can analyze it.[188]
  • Nelson visits Murdock, and together they decide to end Nelson and Murdock.[38]
  • As she leaves the hospital, Misty Knight bumps into Luke Cage entering. She confronts him about the events of the last 72 hours, believing him to be linked to the occurrences.[188]
  • Cage enters Diaz's ward to question him himself. Diaz eventually reveals to him about Cottonmouth's stash houses, and how he hides his money in the Crispus Attucks Complex.[188]
  • Cage infiltrates one of Cottonmouth's houses

    Cage attacks one of Cottonmouth's safes in a stash house, taking down his men and ripping off the safe door before leaving.[188]
  • Meanwhile, in Harlem, Scarfe and Knight investigate in the wake of Cage's attack. Scarfe is baffled by the fact that the mysterious attacker took nothing from the safe. They find a young woman in the house, who tells them about the man who attacked the building.[188]
  • Cornell Stokes and Mariah Dillard talk together on a bench. The cousins discuss improving Harlem in their own images, and the need for the Crispus Attucks Complex.[188]
  • Frank Castle confronts Fisk about what happened in Dutton's prison ward, and Fisk tells him that due to Dutton's death, he is now the man in charge of the prison, and he is willing to set him free, because if Castle kills all the criminal leaders in the city, when Fisk eventually leaves the prison, he will be the only criminal leader in New York. Castle promises that the next time they meet, only one of them will make it out.[38]
  • Detective Knight tells Scarfe about Pop. She says that she knew him since she was 9, and he was the reason she got into basketball. The two lift each other's spirits with banter about their favorite basketball teams.[188]

Daredevil discovers Yoshioka is alive

  • Rescue in the Farm: Daredevil infiltrates the Farm and discovers members of the Hand draining dangerous amounts of blood from children for an unknown reason. He is soon attacked by a ninja, who mentions meeting him before. To Daredevil's surprise, the ninja reveals himself to be Nobu Yoshioka, who Daredevil was sure had died. Yoshioka simply states that there is no such thing as death, before leaving the room, with a mysterious sarcophagus behind him.[38]
  • As Castle escapes from prison, Fisk visits Dutton in the medical room and tells him that he is now the Kingpin of the prison, and that he will die soon from his injuries.[38]
  • Domingo Colon visits Harlem's Paradise to confront Cottonmouth about the attacks during deals, turning his back on their deal for Stokes' betrayal. Stokes tells his men that Colon has just declared war on them.[188]
  • Stan Gibson finds his son, drained of blood, but alive.[38] Daredevil contacts Brett Mahoney and alerts him of the Hand's plans, then orders him to take the drained children to Metro-General Hospital in secret, stating that the only one who can take care of them is Claire Temple.[74]
  • Raid of the Crispus Attucks Complex:
    • Luke Cage fights Cottonmouth's men

      Luke Cage goes back to the Crispus Attucks Complex and prepares to attack it, putting hip hop music on in his earphones. He proceeds to rip off a car door and break into the building.[188]
    • He smashes his way through, taking out everyone in his way, smashing them into the wall and knocking them with the car door, railings, building's scaffolding, and even a sofa.[188]
    • He is impervious to all attacks against him due to his invulnerability, and leaves every man either knocked out or fleeing the scene. He then steals the money needed for the barber shop and leaves the rest for the cops to find, before leaving to return to Bobby Fish.[188]
  • Misty Knight later envisions the scene of the attack in her mind to think through how events must have played out, but Scarfe interrupts her. He tells her that he feels useless as a policeman in this world of Avengers and superpowers.[188]
  • Temple encounters Murdock

    Murdock visits Temple and tells her that she has to take care of the children.[74]
  • Assassination of Chico Diaz: Chico Diaz leaves hospital and asks Scarfe for help. Scarfe meets with him, but when Diaz turns his back, Scarfe suddenly betrays and attacks Diaz, suffocating him to death.[188]
  • Scarfe visits Stokes at Harlem's Paradise to inform his secret employer of his success in killing Chico Diaz, and asking for money in return. He also tells Stokes that from tracking Detective Knight's phone, he knows where Luke Cage lives.[188]
  • Cage shows Fish the money he has retrieved, and promises to help him decide the future of the barber shop soon.[188]
  • Destruction of Genghis Connie's:
    • Luke Cage goes to Genghis Connie's for food. Cottonmouth meanwhile positions himself on a rooftop opposite the building, setting up a missile launcher to kill Cage and destroy his home.[188]
    • Cottonmouth attempts to kill Cage

      Cottonmouth releases the missile, and as it travels towards the restaurant, Cage dives to protect Connie Lin as the building explodes and collapses on top of them. Cottonmouth chuckles at his seeming success.[188]
  • As firemen and police stand over the wreckage a few hours later, Cage and Lin wake underneath the rubble. Lin's leg is severely injured. Cage begins to reminisce about his time in prison as he slowly and carefully moves the wreckage from above them, so as to pull Lin and himself out to safety.[189]
  • Cage eventually lifts the last piece of wreckage away and the two are extracted from the rubble to safety; Lin is taken for medical attention. The press follow Cage to question him. He only tells them his name before leaving, and the local news widely reports on Harlem's new hero "Luke Cage".[189]


  • The news reports that Castle has escaped.[74]
  • Samantha Reyes discovers a copy of Castle's cranial radiography in her daughter's backpack and worries for her safety.[74]
  • Assassination of Samantha Reyes:
    • Reyes is murdered

      Fearing that something could happen to her daughter, Reyes reunites with the trio and reveals that the Massacre at Central Park was indeed a covert operation.[74]
    • During the meeting, Murdock hears a sniper rifle being cocked and instinctively pushes Nelson and Page away for safety, but Reyes is shot and killed.[74]
  • Nelson, having been injured by a bullet, is taken to the hospital. Knowing that he could be involved, Murdock decides to confront Wilson Fisk, but as lawyer Matt Murdock, not as Daredevil.[74]
  • In Ryker's Island, Murdock meets with Fisk and bluntly accuses him of being involved in Castle's escape. Fisk says that he recognizes him from the Scene Contempo Gallery several months back. But when Murdock mentions Vanessa Marianna and threatens Fisk saying that will prevent her from returning to the United States of America, Fisk attacks Murdock violently.[74]

Wilson Fisk threatens Matt Murdock.

  • The lack of guard reaction shows Murdock that Fisk has control of the prison, making him vulnerable. Fisk promises Murdock that when he gets out, he will destroy both his and Nelson's life before letting him go. Furious and a little worried, Murdock leaves the prison.[74][29]
  • Believing that Castle is behind the attack on Reyes, Page and Ellison decide to visit Dr. Tepper again.[74]
  • Ellison and Page arrive at Tepper's apartment. They find out that he has just been killed by "Castle". Page does not believe that Castle did it.[74]
  • Considering that she could be the next victim, Ellison sends two police officers to accompany her to her home as she tries to retrieve some files.[74]
  • Murdock, wearing his Daredevil suit, goes to Metro-General to see Temple, and they discuss Murdock's double life as vigilante and a normal man.[74]

Duchamps greets Elektra at the airport

  • Attack on Elektra Natchios: Elektra Natchios is attacked at the airport on the way out of New York by Jacques Duchamps, a member of the Chaste sent to kill her. She uses twin sai to stab him; before he dies, Duchamps reveals that Stick sent him, and Natchios prepares to get revenge against her former mentor.[74]
  • In her apartment, Frank Castle reunites with Karen Page, insisting he is innocent for the previous attacks, but Page is cautious to believe him. Castle notices that there is something wrong and pushes her away as bullets from a sniper rifle riddle the apartment. Now believing Castle, Page exits with him.[74]
  • While eating dinner in prison, Fisk has a thought that Murdock may be more than he appears. He orders his attorney Benjamin Donovan to bring him their files on Murdock.[74]
  • Attack on Metro-General Hospital:
    • Horrified, Daredevil notices Hand ninjas scaling the hospital wall. They successfully infiltrate the hospital in an attempt to take back the children whose blood they were draining.[74]
    • Daniel Gibson kills his father.[190]
    • Daredevil makes a stand against the Hand

      Temple is ambushed by the Hand and thrown from the building to distract Daredevil, forcing him to descend the wall to save her, and in the meantime the Hand murders Temple's friend Louisa, and gets away with the children.[190]


  • In the morning, Murdock visits the hospital and apologizes to Temple for the death of her friend during the attack, and for bringing her in on the problem.[190]
  • Murdock receives a call from Brett Mahoney, who informs him of the shooting in Karen Page's Apartment. At the 15th Precinct Police Station, two guards are assigned to protect Page. When she leaves, she finds Murdock outside, worried about her. When he offers his aid, Page refuses, but tells him that Castle actually saved her, and that he is not behind the recent attacks as the city believes. She mentions her thoughts that the so-called Blacksmith could be responsible.[190]
  • Page manages to avoid the two guards assigned to protect her and reunites with Castle in a car. They both go to a diner in order to contemplate what to do next.[190]
  • Marci Stahl visits Nelson in hospital and tells him that his participation in Castle's trial has attracted the attention of her boss.[190]

Daredevil confronts Tower

  • In order to stop his attacks, Daredevil decides to take down the Blacksmith, so he ambushes Blake Tower in order to retrieve any information on his identity. Tower says that they never obtained his name and only investigated on his competition in the drug trade. Realizing that Tower is talking about Madame Gao, Daredevil goes to confront her. Surprised that Daredevil knew she was back in the city, Gao asks him of his intentions, and they discuss the Blacksmith. Gao reveals to him that the Blacksmith imports his drugs by ship at the docks.[190]
  • Meanwhile, Castle is ambushed at the diner by the Blacksmith's men, but he notices them coming and defeats them.[190]
  • Castle forces them to reveal the Blacksmith's location at Pier 81 before killing them and proceeding to hunt down the drug lord. Shocked by Castle's actions, Page calls the police.[190]
  • With the information from Gao, Daredevil guesses that the Blacksmith is operating in the dock of Pier 81, and heads over there.[190]

Temple quits Metro-General Hospital

  • Due to the recent incidents in Metro-General Hospital, the hospital administration decides to keep the attack secret and cover up the death of Louisa as simply an attack by a patient. Infuriated by this decision, Temple quits her job.[190][183]
  • Destruction of the Blacksmith's Ship:
    • Castle arrives at Pier 81 and kills the Blacksmith's men. He begins pouring gasoline in order to burn down the ship, and attacks a man claiming to be the Blacksmith.[190]
    • Before Castle can kill him, Daredevil arrives to stop him. He reveals that he knows that this man is lying to protect the real Blacksmith. Enraged, Castle attacks Daredevil, but is defeated. They argue over Castle's conviction to kill the Blacksmith.[190]
    • Daredevil and Castle hear Gosnell calling him out

      Daredevil and Castle both hear a group of men coming who say that they will destroy the ship with them on board. When Daredevil suggests that they should escape, Castle throws him off the ship and ignites it, killing all of the Blacksmith's men and seemingly himself in the process.[190]
  • Page and Officer Mahoney arrive at the dock. Mahoney is fairly sure that Castle has died in the explosion. At the same time, Daredevil emerges from the water and successfully makes it back to his apartment.[190]
  • Temple and Foggy Nelson leave Metro-General Hospital.[190]
  • Stick is informed by his men that Elektra Natchios killed Jacques Duchamps and that she is coming for him. He orders his men to find Murdock. When the men enter the car, they are stabbed by Natchios. Bleeding out, they get to Matt Murdock's Apartment and manage alert him of the situation before dying.[190]
  • Kidnapping of Stick:
    • Natchios finds Stick and begins to fight him.[190] Soon, Daredevil arrives to stop them. While they argue, they are ambushed by the Hand, who kidnap Stick.[75]
    • Daredevil confronts Natchios

      Daredevil confronts Natchios about her actions, but she claims that she will kill Stick anyway, before kissing Murdock and running away.[75]


  • Assuming that Castle's corpse is among the bodies at the scene of the explosion, Page stays into the morning so as to know for sure.[75]
  • The body of Frank Castle does not turn up, but Mahoney assures Page that Castle is dead.[75]
  • The New York Bulletin runs an article online title "Armed Vigilante 'Punisher' Presumed Dead in Explosion".[180]
  • The third morning after the explosion, Luke Cage still searches the wreckage for his photograph of Reva Connors and Pop's swear jar.
  • Cage finds the jar, but Misty Knight discovers the photograph before him. Meanwhile, Jidenna performs at Harlem's Paradise for Cottonmouth.[191]
  • Temple returns to Harlem

    After quitting her job at Metro-General Hospital, Claire Temple arrives in Harlem to visit her mother. A young man steals her bag, but she chases him and beats him down, taking it back.[191][183]
  • Cottonmouth holds a meeting, telling his men they need to go after Luke Cage. When one man suggests otherwise, Cottonmouth kills him. He sends Zip to attack local businesses to make back the stolen money from the Crispus Attucks Complex.[191]
  • Attack on Lenox Avenue Businesses: Zip and his thugs attack the Axton business and takes Aisha Axton's ring, which used to belong to her father, and has great sentimental value for her. They also extort other citizens of Harlem and their businesses.[191]
  • On returning to Pop's Barber Shop, Cage discovers that Bobby Fish has paid for Dapper Dan to tailor him a suit for Pop's memorial that afternoon.[191]
  • At the Mount Olivet Baptist Church, the orders of service are prepared for Pop's memorial.[191]
  • Dapper Dan, Fish, and Cage converse for a little while. After the tailor leaves, Aisha Axton storms into the barber shop asking for Cage's help getting back the ring. He exits the shop to help, and is immediately confronted by several more people requesting help.[191]

Claire meets up with her mother

  • Claire Temple arrives at her mother's diner and the two greet each other.[191]
  • Cage travels around Harlem, helping people with their individual difficulties, taking out thugs and taking back their property.[191]
  • In their law office, Murdock uses the planes of the city in order to discover where the Hand could be hiding. Nelson arrives and after a conversation about their future, he remarks that Murdock should look in abandoned subway tunnels under manhole covers.[75]
  • Misty Knight tells Cage that the chaos around him needs to stop, and warns him not to go to Pop's memorial.[191]
  • Cage enters Harlem's Paradise to talk to Cottonmouth. His men shoot at Cage, to no avail. When the gangster walks down with Shades to meet him, Shades finally recognizes Cage as Carl Lucas from Seagate Prison. Cage leaves, warning them to keep his true name out of their mouths.[191]
  • Temple tells her mother about the attack on the hospital and the murder of Louisa Delgado. The two discuss how the world has changed in recent years, and Temple decides that now she is unemployed, she wants to help superpowered people.[191]

Cottonmouth discusses the Judas Bullet with Shades

  • Shades shows Cottonmouth the Ukrainian demonstration video of the Judas Bullet: a special destructive drilling and exploding bullet developed from Chitauri technology recovered from the Battle of New York. Cottonmouth is incredibly impressed and excited, wanting to acquire the weapon to kill Luke Cage. Shades says that Diamondback will give him the weapon either for a huge sum of money, or if he lets Diamondback deal with Cage.[191]
  • Police Captain Betty Audrey informs Detective Knight that her office has Rafael Scarfe under investigation, on suspicion of working with Cottonmouth, though Knight refuses to believe it.[191]
  • Cage tracks down Zip and confronts him. All of Zip's associates scatter and Cage picks up Zip by the throat, demanding the ring back. The thug denies having it, but Cage continues, telling him he is being disrespectful to local black history. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the ring, then throws him down and leaves.[191]
  • Scarfe meets with Perez, another corrupt cop under Cottonmouth's employment, discussing what to do about the gun evidence from the junkyard shootout for Cottonmouth. Scarfe suggests killing Stokes instead, but Perez feels it is far too difficult.[191]

Cage approaches Eddie Axton

  • Cage goes back to the Axtons' business to return the ring, but finds Aisha has gone, and her father Eddie Axton is sitting in the shop instead. Eddie grumpily says that the ring is meaningless, but Cage understands that Aisha sees it as a reminder of "the good old days". He tells Eddie to let her know he came by and heads off to Pop's memorial.[191]
  • While sitting in her mother's diner, Claire Temple watches the news as it reports again on Cage, the neighborhood's new hero. She recognizes Cage as the man she helped several months ago.[191][105]
  • Using the information that Foggy Nelson gave to him, Murdock as Daredevil drops into an old railway tunnel and starts to investigate.[75]
  • Henry "Pop" Hunter's memorial service is held at Mount Olivet Baptist Church. In attendance is Misty Knight, Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, Shades, Aisha Axton, and many more.[191]
  • In the New York Bulletin Building, Mitchell Ellison tells Page that to write her article on Castle for Sunday 22nd's paper, she should visit one of Castle's old friends. She decides to visit Ray Schoonover.[75]

Cage at the funeral

  • Pop's estranged son, Bert Hunter, speaks at the funeral, sad to have not been able to tell his father that he was going to have a son; that Pop was going to be a grandfather. Cage arrives late after helping people around the neighborhood. Cottonmouth is also in attendance and stands up to speak to the congregation. He tells them about Pop's mentoring of him in his teenage years, that the shooter should rot in hell, and that they should stand up for Harlem's greatness. Cage notices Aisha has a gun in her bag and squeezes, bending it out of shape and disarming it. Cage then walks forward to take the lectern and speaks about Pop himself. He tells the crowd that Pop always did his best to set good examples and set youths on a straight path.[191]
  • Cage says that he does not believe in just Harlem - but the people of Harlem, and their potential to be great, to be "diamonds", as Pop analogized.[191]

Daredevil fights Hand ninjas

  • In the tunnel, Daredevil is attacked by Hand ninjas. He defeats them and successfully tracks and rescues Stick, who is severely injured. When they attempt to escape, Natchios appears and stops them.[75]
  • Leaving the memorial service, Cage tells Cottonmouth he was glad to embarrass him in public. Misty Knight walks up to him, telling him that he needs to stop calling out Cottonmouth and let the police take him down before things get worse. Cage tells her that it saddens him that they cannot agree, but he feels his actions are necessary, and he will continue nonetheless.[191]
  • Page goes to Ray Schoonover's home and starts to interview him about Castle's past life.[75]
  • Looking at Schoonover's photographs on the wall, Page recognizes one of the men from his burnt corpse at Pier 81, realizing that this man was involved in the Blacksmith incident the night before.[75]
  • Schoonover threatens Karen Page

    Realizing now that Schoonover may well be the Blacksmith, Page attempts to leave, but Schoonover stops her, suddenly threatening her with a hidden gun. He takes her to her car and forces her to drive away.[75]
  • Nobu Yoshioka and his men arrive and reveal to Natchios that she is the "Black Sky". Elektra is overwhelmed and confused by the revelation, but suddenly begins to consider joining Yoshioka; however, Daredevil convinces her not to. The trio fight the Hand and manage to escape with Stick.[75]
  • Assassination of Ray Schoonover:
    • As Page drives, her car is ambushed by Castle, attacking Schoonover now that he knows he is the Blacksmith.[75]
    • Castle drags an injured Schoonover out of the car and through the woods, taking him into his nearby cabin.[75]
    • Castle kills Schoonover

      Despite Page's despairs at Castle's mercilessness, Castle kills Schoonover.[75]
  • Angered by his interference in their plans, Nobu Yoshioka decides that Daredevil must die.[75]
  • Yoshioka orders Tyler to bring him the police files of Daredevil's previous rescued citizens. Threatening Brett Mahoney that they will kill his mother, he gives the Hand the files that they required. Tyler gives them to Yoshioka.[192]
  • In his apartment, Murdock stitches Stick's wounds. He tells Natchios that they will face the Hand together.[192]


  • Recommended by Marci Stahl, Foggy Nelson meets with Jeri Hogarth, who offers him a position in her firm, stating that he would be a great asset for them in future vigilante cases. Nelson accepts gratefully.[192]
  • Daredevil and Natchios go to Melvin Potter's Workshop, where Potter gives Daredevil a prototype billy club he has been working on. He also makes Natchios a new outfit.[192]
  • Castle embraces Punisher's mantle

    Castle returns to his family's home and using his x-ray of his skull as an inspiration, he embraces the mantle of the "Punisher", painting the skull on his Bulletproof Vest.[192]
  • The Hand kidnap twenty of Daredevil's previously rescued citizens from Hell's Kitchen in order to attract his attention, including Karen Page, Jerry, and ironically, Turk Barrett.[192][183]
  • Nelson receives a call from Mahoney saying that he needs help.[192]
  • Mahoney tells Nelson that he was attacked by a group looking for Daredevil's files.[192]
  • Nelson calls Murdock to alert him of the situation.[192]
  • Murdock visits Mahoney as Daredevil, who tells him of how the men who attacked him took files on the people he put away and the people he has saved.[192]
  • Worried for Page's safety, Murdock goes to her apartment only to find that she is not there.[192]
  • Attack on the Hand:
    • Daredevil manages to track down the hostages to a remote location and rescues them, as he fights Hand ninjas with the help of Elektra Natchios.[192]
    • They are soon severely outnumbered and forced to escape to the rooftop. Murdock declares his love for her and says that he wants a life together.[192]
    • Daredevil fights Yoshioka as the Punisher shoots his guards

      Facing their seemingly final battle, Natchios and Daredevil step out onto the rooftop to fight their enemies. After taking down a few combatants, they take on Yoshioka himself, but he subdues them in the combat. Yoshioka attempts to kill Daredevil with one of the Twin Sai, but Natchios steps in and he inadvertently fatally wounds her. As she dies in Murdock's arms, Natchios says that she knows now how it feels to be good. Blinded by rage, Daredevil attacks Yoshioka, only to be restrained by newly arriving ninjas. The Punisher arrives in time to help, using his rifle to kill the ninjas holding him back. Daredevil overpowers Yoshioka and uses his billy club to throw him to his death. However, Yoshioka survives, but is immediately confronted by Stick, who beheads and finally kills his nemesis.[192]

Punisher: See you around, Red

  • Punisher says goodbye to Murdock from above. Before he walks away, Page is glad to notice him having helped on the roof.[192]




Gutierrez tries to control his powers

Dillard is threatened by Luke Cage

  • At the end of his run, Cage encounters Mariah Dillard filming another promotional video, and warns her calmly that he is going to take down both her and her cousin.[123]
  • Cage shares a meal with Bobby Fish at Soledad Temple's diner, to discuss what to do with Pop's Barber Shop now. Soledad contacts her daughter Claire to inform her that Cage is in the diner, knowing Claire wants to help superpowered people.[123]
  • Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie break the news to Gutierrez about how his life has changed, but he does not react well. Coulson then asks Morse what has happened to Fitz, and she covers for him, knowing he is secretly in Morocco.[141]
  • At Harlem's Paradise, Dillard becomes angry at her cousin Stokes when he reveals that he has shot Scarfe, worried that if Scarfe lives, it will bring their campaign crumbling down. Dillard says that they need to kill Cage, suggesting several ways to kill him despite his bulletproof skin.[123]
  • Cottonmouth calls Perez to let him know what happened with Scarfe, and requesting his help out of the situation.[123]

Cage recognizes Temple

  • Claire Temple arrives at the diner and goes to speak with Cage. She reintroduces herself, and after a moment, Cage recognizes her. Fish leaves and Temple sits with Cage, telling him she is glad to have helped him, and that his gifts make him "amazing". She follows after him when he leaves.[123]
  • Captain Betty Audrey tells the officers in her department that they need to find Rafael Scarfe and bring him back before anyone can get to him. She asks Misty Knight if Scarfe ever told her anything, but Knight insists he never did, still shocked that Scarfe could possibly be corrupt.[123]
  • On returning to the barber shop, Cage is concerned when he finds the front door unlocked. Walking in, him and Temple find Scarfe lying inside around the back of the shop in a bloody mess. He tells them not to call the police or take him to hospital, as Cottonmouth's men will find and kill him. Temple begins to operate on him.[123]

Fitz tricks Yusef Hadad

  • Fitz tries to make a deal with terrorist Yusef Hadad to give him Splinter Bombs in return for more information about the Monolith. He tricks him, and after obtaining the scroll with the information, he escapes the scene, driving away with it.[141]
  • Detective Knight looks in Scarfe's house, envisioning his actions; she is interrupted by Perez. Knight explains her skill at picturing scenes, and tells Perez about Rafael's son Earl Scarfe who accidentally fatally shot himself with Rafael's gun.[123]
  • Mariah Dillard prepares for an interview. She curses a photograph of Mama Mabel.[123]
  • Temple continues to operate on Scarfe. Cage questions Scarfe until he reluctantly admits to having killed Chico Diaz. Angered, Cage begins to choke Scarfe, until Temple convinces him to stop. As Cage and Temple begin to leave, he calls out, telling Cage that he has enough evidence to bring down Cottonmouth from his notes in his apartment. Cage heads off to retrieve them.[123]
  • As Dillard makes final preparations for her interview, the interviewer Thembi Wallace tells her bluntly that she needs to be more interesting and fun. Dillard takes offence.[123]

Perez and Knight try to catch the suspect

  • Perez and Knight sit in a car outside Scarfe's apartment waiting to catch him if he enters. Cage slips into the building, stealing the notes. Knight realizes someone has entered and the two run into the building to catch whoever it is. Cage hears them coming and leaps out of the window, but Knight sees him escape.[123]
  • Chase of Rafael Scarfe: Cage gets back to the barber shop but knows the police will be on his tail. Temple reveals she has called her mother to bring her company van and, picking up Scarfe, they head out the back and get into the vehicle. Cage drives them away as Temple tends to Scarfe.[123]
  • Mariah Dillard's live interview begins. Wallace starts by questioning her about Damon Boone's accusations against her.[123]
  • Knight and Perez investigate the barber shop.[123]