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"We're not the only ones in 2014 looking for the stones."
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This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2014.




Lucas avoids Conner

Lucas talks to Connors

  • Lucas watches TV in the lounge area of Seagate Prison. Reva Connors calls him to meet her in the other room for a quiet talk on their own. Shocked by all his cuts and bruises, Connors mentions that he has not been to the group in months, but he responds that plans have changed. Lucas notices that Noah Burstein is watching them and asks Connors about him, but she asks if he would like to talk about something. Lucas refuses, saying that if he speaks, something bad will happen to her.[4][5][6]
  • Connors leaves him, but Lucas notices that Shades approaches her. Rackham approaches behind and taunts him, causing Lucas to grab him by the scruff of the neck and violently slam him against the wall in rage.[4][6]
  • Rackham threat

    Rackham threatens Connors' life to Lucas

    However, Rackham threatens that he now has another person to bargain with other than Squabbles. Fearing for the life of his friends, Lucas lets him go.[4][6]
  • Lucas comes up to Squabbles and tells him of the plan to expose Rackham. Squabbles agrees to the plan, but as Lucas leaves, Squabbles is approached by two of Rackham's men and is killed. A few minutes later, Lucas goes into his cell and is attacked by Shades and Comanche, who are not happy about his decision to expose the arena.[4][6][7]
  • Lucas is sent to the infirmary, where Noah Burstein treats him.[4][6]


  • Injured Lucas

    Lucas is treated in the infirmary

    Reva Connors visits Lucas and reveals to him that Squabbles is dead, and that he could end up the same way. She begs to Burstein to put Lucas under the experiment to save him; Burstein refuses, stating that he would probably die from the experience, but Connors demands that he do it for her. He reluctantly agrees, asking Connors to take a trip home. He then goes up to Lucas, informing him that this is going to be a different treatment.[4][6]
  • Asgardian Lorelei

    Lorelei arrives in Death Valley

    Chase of Lorelei: Lorelei arrives in Death Valley, stopping at a roadside in where she enthralls newlywed Jimmy Mackenzie.[8] Mackenzie drives Lorelei to Rosie's Desert Oasis in Nevada. There, Lorelei abandons and kills Mackenzie in favor of a local biker gang, the Dogs of Hell.[9][10][11]
  • Smith arrives in the hangar and is greeted by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who recruits him into HYDRA.[12]
  • The Dogs of Hell, led by Rooster, begin a string of robberies to appease Lorelei.[9]
  • Burstein puts Lucas in a tank, injects his shoulder with a syringe, and attaches two cuffs, a tiara, and a breathing tube. He closes the tank and goes to his computer, starting the procedure and filling the tank with clear liquid.[4][6][13]
  • Escape from Seagate Prison:
    • Tiara Luke

      Lucas obtains his new powers

      As he begins scanning Lucas, Albert Rackham rushes in, demanding the whereabouts of Lucas. Burstein tries to stop him, but Rackham points a gun at him and threatens to kill Lucas for ratting him out. He turns up the heat in the tan and overloads it, causing the lights in the room to burst into sparks. Submersed in the boiling liquid, Lucas screams in pain as his injuries turn purple and then vanish. Rackham attempts to murder Lucas, but the tank explodes, killing him instead. Lucas comes out of the ruins of the tank, fully healed. The alarms goes off and in frustration for having no way out, Lucas hits the wall, causing it to crack severely, without any harm to himself.[4][6]
    • OriginalCageCostume copy

      Lucas finally escapes from Seagate Prison

      He discovers his strength has been enhanced, and proceeds to punch a hole in the wall in order to escape from Seagate Prison. Lucas finally reaches land, ending up in someone's back yard, where he notices the owner's laundry drying. He takes the shirt and pants, then goes to the nearest phone booth and calls Connors.[4][6]
  • Lucas meets with Reva Connors at the nearest motel. After spending some hours together, Connors deletes any records of Lucas and asks him to create a new name for himself; he chooses "Luke Cage". Cage and Connors share a kiss.[4][6]


  • Loki under the guise of Odin, orders Sif to go to Earth and apprehend Lorelei.[9]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. detects Sif's arrival in Death Valley and send Coulson's Team there to meet her.[9]
  • Warddrivinglorelei

    Lorelei enthralls agent Grant Ward

    After relaying information about Lorelei to them, Sif allies with the team to capture her. Phil Coulson asks Sif about what other extraterrestrial races she has encountered, hoping to discover what alien G.H. is.[9]
  • Lorelei enthralls the local law enforcement to act as her protection, and is tracked to Rosie's Desert Oasis by S.H.I.E.L.D. The enthralled distract both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Sif away from Lorelei, who enthralls Grant Ward to aid in her getaway.[9]
  • Lorelei and Ward arrive in Las Vegas, where she and Ward have sex after discussing plans for Lorelei's takeover.[9]


  • Reva Connors returns home to Harlem with Luke Cage. She visits Pop with him, and Pop is happy to not ask questions.[14]
  • Sif and Coulson track Lorelei to Vegas, but find that she and Ward have already escaped.[9]

Lorelei is defeated by Sif

  • In order to rid themselves of Sif and S.H.I.E.L.D., Lorelei and Ward infiltrate the Bus by enthralling Leo Fitz, who detains Skye, Jemma Simmons, and Sif, even attempting to eject Sif from the plane. Coulson, pretending to be under Lorelei's thrall, releases Skye and Simmons and incapacitates Fitz. May fights with the enthralled Ward, while Sif manages to get back onto the Bus and duels Lorelei. Sif manages to overpower Lorelei and places the Asgardian Collar around her, silencing her. The enthralled are released from Lorelei's control almost instantly.[9]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nicholas Cooper and Mark Smith try to discover the importance of the Scepter in the S.H.I.E.L.D. S.T.A.T.I.O.N..[12]
  • Agent in hangar

    Mark Smith is contacted by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

    Agent Mark Smith goes to the gym so he can take his anger out on a punching bag. When he finishes and goes to the locker room for his duffel bag, he discovers a paper inside simply saying "Hangar SFC-5".[12]
  • Sif returns Lorelei to Asgard.[9]
  • Phil Coulson reveals to Skye that the GH.325 came from a Kree corpse, and promises that they will find the answers they need about Project T.A.H.I.T.I.[9]
  • After eavesdropping on the conversation, Melinda May calls Nick Fury from the Bus on a secret phone, telling him that Coulson knows about the alien.[9][10]




The riot in Sokovia

  • In Sokovia, a massive riot for justice breaks out, putting civilians against the police. During this riot, the Scepter is finally delivered to Wolfgang von Strucker, who immediately puts Doctor List to work.[12]
  • Simon has an incident in a pharmacy.[15][16]
  • Doctor List manages to reactivate Chitauri Guns with the power of the Scepter for HYDRA, and the help of Benjamin Pollack[17][18]. After the guns are tested, List informs Strucker that they need living human test subjects. Strucker tells him that he can use any of the people from the continuing riot. List tells the rioters that he can give them the abilities to stand up to their oppressors if they volunteer to go with him. Twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff are among the many to go with him.[12]


The Twins

The twins and their powers

  • List begins work on the Maximoff twins, excited to see the successful results of his experiments on the twins, following many failures. Subjection to the Scepter's energy gives the twins supernatural powers: Pietro gains super speed, while Wanda obtains telekinesis and energy projection.[12]


Skye's S.H.I.E.L.D. Badge

Skye's S.H.I.E.L.D. badge


  • At the Triskelion (S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters in Washington, D.C.), Steve Rogers confronts Nick Fury about keeping certain parts of the rescue mission secret from him. Fury shows him S.H.I.E.L.D.'s latest endeavor: Project Insight, three Helicarriers connected to orbital satellites and designed to preemptively eliminate potential threats. However, Rogers finds this project morally questionable.[22][20]
  • Old Peggy Full

    Rogers visits an elderly Carter

    Rogers goes to the Smithsonian Institution's Captain America exhibit and reminisces about his time in World War II.[22]
  • He then visits Peggy Carter, who is now nearly 93 years old, in a retirement home.[22][20]
  • Sam Wilson hosts a counseling session for war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Rogers attends and listens to the testimony of a veteran named Garcia and Wilson's speech. [22][20]
  • Deathlok critically injuries Felix Blake during the hunt for the Clairvoyant.[19]
  • f 177030

    Fury has a meeting with Alexander Pierce

    Nick Fury tries to read the data the Black Widow extracted from the Lemurian Star's computers, but to his surprise he is denied access. He informs Alexander Pierce of this, and requests Project Insight be postponed due to his underlying suspicions.[22][20]
  • Attack on Nick Fury: Fury leaves the Triskelion and contacts Maria Hill to arrange a meeting. On the way to the rendezvous point, he is attacked by assassins posing as police officers. He evades them, but is confronted by the Winter Soldier, who shoots a Disc Grenade under Nick Fury's SUV, forcing it to upturn. Severely injured, Fury escapes by using a "Mouse Hole" device to cut through the road and into the sewers.[22]
  • Winter Soldier

    Winter Soldier stops Rogers' shield

    Steve Rogers returns to his apartment, where he finds Fury sitting in his living room. Fury manages to tell Rogers that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been compromised and gives him the USB containing the data from the Lemurian Star. From the adjacent building, the Winter Soldier shoots and appears to fatally wound Fury. While his neighbor (who reveals herself to be an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent codenamed "Agent 13") gets Fury to safety, Rogers pursues the Winter Soldier, but fails to catch him.[22][20]
  • Nick Fury is taken to a hospital in a critical condition. His heart stops during surgery, and the doctors are unable to revive him.[22]
  • Cap2TWS-341

    Fury is officially pronounced deceased

    After he is pronounced dead, Maria Hill collects his body. Rogers hides the USB Fury gave him in a vending machine.[22][20]


Cap owns

Captain America defeats several STRIKE operatives

  • Chase of Captain America: On his way back to the hospital to retrieve the USB, Rogers is attacked by several STRIKE operatives in an elevator, but manages to defeat all of them. He jumps out of the elevator to avoid arrest, drives away on his motorcycle and evades an attacking Quinjet. Pierce tells the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Rogers is now a wanted fugitive and must be hunted down.[22][20]
  • Rogers returns to the hospital, but the USB is no longer in the vending machine. Natasha Romanoff reveals that she has it, and explains who the Winter Soldier is.[22][20]
  • At an Apple computer store, Rogers and Romanoff try to read the data on the USB.[22][20]
  • Cap2 3372

    Rogers and Romanoff in disguise at the mall

    While the information itself is inaccessible, they manage to trace back the location where the program was first written: a S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker in New Jersey. STRIKE operatives led by Brock Rumlow search for the fugitives, but do not find them.[22][20]
  • In Pensacola, Florida, Grant Ward kills Thomas Nash, a reject of the Index, when he threatens Skye. Ward is taken into custody on the Bus.[19]
  • Melinda May receives a message that Nick Fury is supposedly at the Triskelion.[19]
  • Stealing a car, Rogers and Romanoff drive to the location and he recognizes it as Camp Lehigh, the military training camp where he trained during World War II.[22][20]
  • ArnimZola2.0

    Zola talks to Rogers and Romanoff

    In the bunker, they find an old supercomputer, and, inserting the USB, they reactivate the preserved consciousness of Arnim Zola. Zola explains that HYDRA has continued to operate within S.H.I.E.L.D. since its creation in the 1940's, and several S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives including Alexander Pierce, Jasper Sitwell and Brock Rumlow are actually sleeper agents for HYDRA. The information on the USB is an algorithm Zola produced for Project Insight. Before Rogers and Romanoff can get any more information from him, a S.H.I.E.L.D. fighter jet bombs the bunker, destroying the computers. Surviving the explosion, they once again evade S.H.I.E.L.D. capture.[22][20][23]
  • At his home, Alexander Pierce is visited by the Winter Soldier, and sets him a mission to terminate the fugitives. Renata witnesses the exchange and is killed by Pierce.[22][20]



Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff fight the Winter Soldier


  • With his suit damaged, Rogers breaks into the Smithsonian Institution and steals a 1940s Captain America costume on display.[22][20]
  • Battle at the Triskelion:
    • Alexander Pierce invites the World Security Council to the Triskelion to show them a demonstration of Project Insight. Captain America infiltrates the headquarters and reveals the nature of Project Insight and the HYDRA infiltration to everyone present.[22][20][26]
    • Helicarrier crashes into building TWS

      The destruction of the Triskelion

      Pierce takes the Council hostage, but Black Widow, disguised as Councilwoman Hawley, defends them and holds Pierce at gunpoint. She and Fury then upload all data regarding S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA to the public, and Fury executes Pierce after he kills the Council in an attempt to escape. Captain America and Sam Wilson, going by the codename Falcon, board the Helicarriers as they take off and manage to install two of the chips. On the last Helicarrier, Captain America is confronted by the Winter Soldier, and after a brutal altercation, Captain America manages to install the chip.[22][20][26]
    • HYDRA signal

      HYDRA's signal is sent to all of its agents within the day

      The Helicarriers target each other and blow each other out of the sky; the Helicarrier holding Rogers and the Winter Soldier crashes into the Triskelion, reducing it to rubble. The Winter Soldier, slowly remembering his past life as Bucky Barnes, saves Captain America from drowning in the Potomac River.[22][20][26]
  • HYDRA sends out a coded message to all of its agents, ordering them to take direct control of S.H.I.E.L.D. Skye decodes the message, leading the team to conclude that Hand is the Clairvoyant and affiliated with HYDRA.[25][26]
  • Exposed to the public, HYDRA begins purging all infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities in an attempt to retain control. The Cube and S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy are among the targeted facilities.[25]
  • Weaverturn

    Weaver alerts Simmons and Triplett

    Battle at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy: Anne Weaver, the director of the Academy, is contacted by Jemma Simmons and Antoine Triplett as HYDRA invades the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. She warns them about the HYDRA infiltration before the connection is lost.[25] During the battle, HYDRA release an Enhanced person. Weaver fights the Enhanced by herself, but then Tomas Calderon saves her and more students with his Quinjets squadron. [28]
  • Battle at the Hub: The Bus lands at the Hub, where Garrett soon reveals that he is the Clairvoyant and an agent of HYDRA. Coulson's team are nearly killed by Garrett, but Agent Hand, having heard the exchange, saves them. All HYDRA agents present in the Hub are then detained.[25]
  • Battle at the Sandbox: Donnie Gill, a victim of the Faustus method, is used by HYDRA as a one-man army to take the Sandbox.[29]
  • Hand informs Isabelle Hartley that the Battle at the Hub is over.[28]
Turn Turn Turn 296

Coulson and Victoria Hand

  • Coulson and Hand watch footage of Project Insight as they assess the losses of S.H.I.E.L.D.[25]
  • Victoria Hand and Grant Ward escort John Garrett to the Fridge for incarceration, but midflight, Agent Hand was killed by Ward, revealing him to be Garrett's fellow HYDRA mole.[25]
  • Battle on the Iliad:
    • HYDRA forces aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft carrier Iliad begin executing loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. The Lead HYDRA Agent of the attack watches footage of Project Insight before killing Tim Maguire. Acting on orders from Nick Fury, Agents Bobbi Morse and Isabelle Hartley rescue Alphonso Mackenzie and Robert Gonzales.[28]
    • Last stand

      Morse, Mackenzie, Hartley, and Gonzales fight back against HYDRA

      Together, they make their way to the bridge where Morse attempts to extract classified material from the ship's computers, though this places the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents onboard at risk. Having second thoughts, Morse resigns from her initial orders and works with her fellow agents in reclaiming the ship from HYDRA. Now acting solo, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents aboard the Iliad decide to start a new S.H.I.E.L.D. under Gonzales' command.[28]
  • The Winter Soldier goes to the Ideal Federal Savings Bank, where he finds two HYDRA scientists.[30]
  • Barnes claims that Captain America is dead, but then attacks the scientists, feeling that they are responsible for the terrible actions he has done.[30]

    Winter Soldier kills two HYDRA scientists

    However, when one man states that he has a daughter, the Winter Soldier lets him go, realizing that he wants no more blood on his hands.[30]


  • Bill Foster takes Ava Starr in to help her following the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D..[31]
  • Grant Ward releases Raina from S.H.I.E.L.D custody.[32]
  • Skye and Coulson watch the news as they assess the secured bases of S.H.I.E.L.D..[32]
  • Grant Ward and Raina arrive at the Barbershop Headquarters in Havana, Cuba. Here Raina meets the Clairvoyant for the first time and discovers he has no powers.[32]
  • In the Hub, Coulson's Team repair the Bus. While doing this, Phil Coulson receives a message from Glenn Talbot.[32]
  • S.H.I.E.L.D is declared a terrorist organization by the United States government.[32]
    Pro 048 Glenn 2

    Talbot takes control of the Hub

  • After receiving the message from Glenn Talbot, Coulson decides to leave the Hub. On the Bus, Skye deletes the identity of every member on their team, including Ward.[32]
  • Skye informs Ward that his identity has been deleted and Garrett instructs Raina to recreate the drug GH.325.[32]
  • Phil Coulson discovers Nick Fury's coordinates to Providence.[32]
  • Agent Kaminsky and others arrive in Cuba after being defeated at another S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. Garrett decides to hit the Fridge.[32]
  • May tells Coulson that Fury was not behind Project T.A.H.I.T.I..[32]
  • Raid of the Fridge:
  • Coulson's Team finds Providence and meets Eric Koenig. Here they are informed that the Fridge has been taken by HYDRA. Skye calls Ward, because she is worried about him, giving him the coordinates of Providence.[32]
  • Raina tells Ward and Garrett that the hard drive cannot be accessed without Skye's pass codes. Garrett sends Ward to obtain the pass codes or Skye herself.[32]
  • Maria Hill applies for a job at Stark Industries and is accepted.[22][20]
  • Grant Ward arrives at Providence, where he lies to the team about what happened at the Fridge and gives Skye the hard drive. Ward suggests to back it up now that they are at a secure facility, but Coulson wants her to first pull up a list of all the inmates at the Fridge.[32]
  • Ian Quinn arrives in Cuba and is presented with the Gravitonium by Garrett.[32]

    Daniels' victim

  • 200 miles out of Portland, Marcus Daniels kills a fisherman so he can use his car to travel to Portland.[33]
  • After seeing Marcus Daniels on the list, Coulson decides to take a splinter team to capture him. Before they are allowed to leave the facility they have to go through an orientation on a Lie Detector.[33]




Rogers and Wilson by Nick Fury's fake grave



Fitz and Simmons are captured by HYDRA agents




Raina tells Zabo that she's found his daughter



  • Jessica breaking from Kilgrave's control

    Jessica Jones starts to break from Kilgrave's control

    Under Kilgrave's influence, Jessica Jones kills Reva Connors.[40] Jones rebels against Kilgrave's control and leaves Kilgrave, who is hit by a bus.[41]



  • Having almost been killed in the accident, Kilgrave searches the help of Doctor David Kurata and forces Jack Denton to donate both of his kidneys to him. Kurata is forced to perform the surgery on Kilgrave without any anesthesia to numb the pain, because the anesthesia nullifies Kilgrave's powers.[41]
Jack Denton

Denton, in 2015, a year after the surgery

  • Denton has a stroke from the shock of losing his kidneys. Kilgrave then ensures that his death has been faked and disappears, while Jessica Jones continues to believe that he died in the accident.[41]


  • Cybertek ship HYDRA's remaining gravitonium on a boat called the Principia. However, the boat hits a storm which supercharges the gravitonium and causes it to float 25,000 feet into the sky. It is assumed to have sunk.[43]


  • Leo Fitz awakes from his coma, having spent nine days unconscious.[44]


  • Phil Coulson assigns Jemma Simmons the duty to infiltrate in HYDRA so she can give him information about the terrorist organization. Secretly, Coulson assigns agent Bobbi Morse to protect Simmons as she also infiltrates HYDRA.[45]







  • Blake revealed

    Blake in 2016

    Felix Blake is released from hospital. Having found out about HYDRA, he disappears, angered that the S.H.I.E.L.D. he signed up for was not what he thought it to be.[48]
  • Bitter, he looks to find other people to align himself with who want to protect the world from aliens.[48]


  • Assassination of Ahmad Zubair: William Rawlins, still going by Agent Orange, has Homeland Security liaison Ahmad Zubair captured and tortured, claiming he is a terrorist. The Cerberus Squad stand around watching as Rawlins beats him for information, but he claims to have none. Zubair exclaims that he is not a terrorist and that he has a family, begging for his life, but Rawlins says that if he has no information, he will be killed. Obeying orders under the assumption that it is necessary to protect the United States of America, Frank Castle shoots Zubair through the head. Unbeknown to the rest of the squad, Gunner Henderson, starting to suspect that the Cerberus leaders have ulterior motives, secretly films the assassination.[49][50]
  • Castle and Henderson are given the duty of burying Zubair, with Castle removing the bullet from his head as instructed. Henderson highlights to Castle that what they are doing feels like disposing of evidence of a crime.[49][50]










Phil Coulson supervising Theta Protocol along Sam Koenig



Browning is killed by Creel



Talbot talks to Hunter

  • Hunter is collected by Glenn Talbot, who asks him to betray Phil Coulson because there is a senator who wants his arrest. Hunter wants Hartley to have an honorable funeral in return. Hunter tells Talbot that in return for a proper burial for Hartley and two million dollars, he will hand over Coulson in the next two days.[55]
  • When Hunter returns to the Playground, Coulson already knows that Hunter has talked to Talbot. He sends Skye to pack the deceased's possessions.[55]
  • Fitz finds the DNA file on the Absorbing Man and decides that he will help in his capture. Mackenzie helps a struggling Fitz to decode his old work to find a solution.[55]

Raina speaks to Carl Creel

  • In the night, Raina visits Creel and gives him a ring that will help him fight against the adverse effects that the Obelisk is having on him. However, unbeknownst to him, the ring contains a tracking device. Raina contacts Coulson and tells him about the tracking device.[55]



  • Chase of Carl Creel:
    • Coulson's men track Creel and travel to his location to catch him. Hunter, however, takes things into his own hands and incapacitates May, Triplett and Skye with an I.C.E.R..[55]
    • Aos202 1740-1-

      Creel's entire body is turned to stone

      When Creel goes to meet Sunil Bakshi in a public park to deliver the Obelisk, Hunter tries to shoot Creel. During the commotion caused by the gunshot, Raina takes the briefcase containing the artifact. As Hunter and Creel battle, Coulson uses the Overkill Device to destabilize and neutralize the Absorbing Man.[55]
  • Aaron Davis is arrested for the fourth time by the New York City Police Department.[61]


  • At Hartley's funeral, Hunter decides to join S.H.I.E.L.D.[55]
  • Later, Skye and May discuss Coulson's attitude. May confronts Coulson and convinces him to release his urge to carve Words of Creation he has resisted for 18 days since his last episode. He carves the symbols in a blackened room as May documents the incident.[55]

Zabo orders Raina to bring him Skye

  • Raina delivers the Obelisk to Skye's father, who shows her that she can touch it without dying.[55]


  • Coulson delivers Creel to Talbot.[55][62]



  • Misty Knight searches Cockroach Hamilton's apartment, but cannot find anything incriminating. Her work partner, Rafael Scarfe, insists on searching himself, and returns with a gun he claims to have found, having actually planted it himself to take Hamilton down, without telling anyone. Hamilton insists that the gun is not his, but no one believes him as he is taken away for arrest.[64][65]


Doctor Strange Prelude 1

The Witch steals the Dark Scepter


  • Brock Rumlow awakes from his coma. He watches a report on the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. from his hospital bed. Disillusioned and furious at HYDRA's defeat and Alexander Pierce's death, he assaults his nurse and escapes.[30]


  • In the 29th Precinct Police Station, Misty Knight is frustrated that she cannot take down a scammer called Haverland. Scarfe says they could steal from the evidence room and plant something to get him on, and Knight is concerned at his willingness to do such a thing. Scarfe then reveals that he was just joking, to Knight's relief, believing him to be incorruptible. He leaves for the night, saying his son, Earl, is waiting up for him so they can watch the New York Mets game.[64][65]
  • While Earl Scarfe waits for his father, he finds one of his guns, which Rafael had forgotten to lock up. Earl plays with it and accidentally shoots himself, dying from the shot.[64][65]



    Rumlow kills some HYDRA agents

    Recovering some items from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Research and Development labs, Brock Rumlow sets up an arms sale to draw out HYDRA agents, on whom he opens fire to send the message that he no longer works for them, while getting some satisfaction by subjecting them to the pain that he suffered himself.[30]





  • They take Baldo downtown and hand him over to D'Xtar. Rocket is outraged when D'Xtar only pays them 400 credits despite the fact that the bounty on Baldo was 900. Sick of being cheated, the pair think their luck is changing when a woman leads them into a bar promising them free drinks. Unfortunately, they discover that it is a trap and that a bounty has been placed on Rocket when they are ambushed by bounty hunters. Rocket produces his Laser Cannon, causing huge damage to the bar and confusion among the bounty hunters.[68]
  • Six months after the supposed death of Kilgrave, Trish Walker finally finds out that her adopted sister, Jessica Jones, has become a private investigator.[69]
  • Suddenly, Groot grabs Rocket. Rocket is shocked and hurt by his friend's betrayal. When some bounty hunters surround them, Rocket shoots off the end of Groot's finger to escape from his grip.[68]
  • Bounty Hunter

    The Bounty Hunter after being threatened by Groot

    Rocket is chased through the streets by both Groot and the bounty hunters. He escapes into a building by tapping the wires of a lock. He runs into a bounty hunter who is sick of Rocket collecting bounties he feels he deserves, and prepares to kill him.[68]
  • Groot then crashes through the wall. Rocket informs him that the bounty hunter put the bounty on him to thin out the competition. Groot threatens the bounty hunter, who cancels the bounty on Rocket. Groot then reveals that betraying Rocket was an act so that Rocket would attack him and make him angry, as he is a better fighter in that state. Rocket is thankful and the two leave.[68]


  • Still devastated by his son's death, Rafael Scarfe tells Misty Knight that he feels it is his fault, and that this is judgment for everything he has done wrong.[64][65]




021slq ons inl 05 0

Star-Lord finds the Orb



Time Heist
  • Nebula, War Machine, Black Widow and Hawkeye arrive in Morag from 2023. The latter two leave on the Benatar (brought in miniaturized) to Vormir while the others wait for Star-Lord.[73]
    • On the Sanctuary II, as Thanos informs on another lead for the Orb, 2014 Nebula starts receiving the memories from her future self given both share a network.[73]
  • In an attempt to separate from the Ravagers, Star-Lord travels to Morag alone and recovers the Orb.[72]
  • Nebulagrabbingtheorb.

    Nebula takes the Orb

    Theft of the Power Stone: Rhodey knocks out Quill, and inside the Temple Vault, Nebula uses her mechanical arm to go through the barrier protecting the Orb.[73]
  • Taking advantage of Nebula's memories, Thanos starts learning about future events while also finding a way to retrieve the future version of his daughter: while Rhodey manages to jump back to the future, Nebula's implants both block her and knock her unconscious.[73]
    • The mercenaries chase Quill off-planet.[72]
  • Nebula is brought into the flagship and kept immobilized.[73]

Nebula meets her future self

  • Her past self, hoping to ensure her father remains victorious in the future, takes her vial of Pym Particles - which Ebony Maw managed to reverse-engineer and mass-produce - and after dressing up in her clothes, jumps into 2023.[73][74]
  • Once the 2014 Nebula opens a portal to 2023, the Sanctuary II jumps into the future.[73]
  • Steve Rogers returns the Power Stone to the moment it was removed, so as to erase the splinter reality that had been created once the Soul Stone is also returned.[73]
Black Widow's Death

Black Widow's body on Vormir

  • Sacrifice of Natasha Romanoff: in Vormir, Hawkeye and Black Widow get to the Stonekeeper. Once he warns that the Soul Stone can only be retrieved through sacrifice, Barton and Romanoff fight over who will die, with the latter doing so as she lets off Barton's grip as both hang from the cliff. A saddened Barton gets the Stone and returns to the future.[73]
  • Steve Rogers returns the Soul Stone to the moment it was removed, erasing the dark splinter reality that was being created.[73]
  • Quill then makes contact with Yondu Udonta and informs him of his separation. Yondu then orders a bounty on Quill's head.[72][75]
  • Ronan murders a Xandarian Nova Corps operative that had been sent by Irani Rael to negotiate a ceasefire.[72][75]
  • KorathReportsToRonan-GOTG

    Korath reports to Ronan the Accuser

    Korath informs Ronan the Accuser of Quill's taking of the Orb, and sends Gamora to retrieve it, not realizing that she is actually working for the Collector.[72][75]



TDW1235 comp v019.1127

Thanos sends away Ronan the Accuser

  • Ronan the Accuser is summoned by Thanos to discuss Gamora's desertion. Ronan kills the Other and berates Thanos for not taking the situation seriously. Thanos ignores Ronan's insults and threatens to destroy him if he does not bring him the Orb. Nebula replaces Gamora as Ronan's assistant in the crusade.[72][75]
  • Escape from the Kyln:
    • Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot stage a mass breakout on the Kyln. Assisted by Drax the Destroyer, they shut down the prison's power, triggering emergency containment procedures, and then hijack the prison's watchtower.[72][75]
    • Milano Space

      The Milano

      They shut down the artificial gravity and pilot the watchtower to the prison's hanger bay via hacked security drones. They reclaim the Orb and escape in Quill's ship, the Milano, but Quill remains behind to recover his walkman headset. He manages to regroup with the others, and they flee from the system.[72][75]
  • Ronan and Nebula invade the Kyln but find that Gamora has already fled. Before leaving, Ronan orders for the prison to be "cleansed".[72][75]
  • The Milano arrives at Knowhere, where Gamora schedules a meeting with the Collector. While waiting, the group spend time in the Boot of Jemiah, where Drax, Rocket, and Groot bet on Orloni fights.[72][75]
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy NBJ0600 comp v033 grade.1203

    Quill and Gamora discuss the upcoming deal

    Star-Lord makes advances towards Gamora, who violently rejects him. Drax and Rocket, both drunk, get into a fight, after which Drax storms off and the rest of the group are summoned by the Collector.[72][75]
  • Skirmish on Knowhere:
    • They give the Orb to him and he opens it, revealing the Infinity Stone inside. After explaining the stone's origins, the Collector prepares to give the group their payment. His slave, Carina, grabs the stone in order to free herself from slavery, but the power overwhelms and kills her.[72][75]
    • RonanPinsDrax

      Ronan subdues Drax the Destroyer

      A massive explosion destroys the Collector's Museum, and Gamora reseals the stone into the Orb. Ronan, Nebula, and their Sakaaran allies are summoned to Knowhere by a vengeful Drax, who is subdued in battle with Ronan.[72][75]
    • Nebula pursues Gamora into space, leaving her stranded and nearly killing her. While Ronan and his minions make off with the Orb, and Star-Lord contacts the Ravagers to pick up him and Gamora, giving her his helmet to survive.[72][75]
  • After leaving Knowhere, Ronan contacts Thanos and betrays him, deciding to keep the Infinity Stone for himself, grafting it into his hammer. Nebula chooses to remain with Ronan out of spite for Thanos.[72][75]
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy NPS5265 comp v101 grade.1074

    Groot saves Drax from drowning

    On Knowhere, Groot convinces Rocket to rescue Star-Lord and Gamora.[72][75]
  • On the Eclector, Star-Lord and Gamora negotiate a truce with the Ravagers, agreeing to give the Orb to them if they help them stop Ronan from using it to destroy Xandar. Rocket, Groot, and Drax suddenly arrive and threaten to destroy the mothership with a Hadron Enforcer, but Star-Lord is able to stop him. Star-Lord's group and the Ravagers formulate a plan to hijack Ronan's ship, the Dark Aster, and kill him.[72][75]


  • Star-Lord contacts Nova Corps officer Rhomann Dey and warns him of Ronan the Accuser's attack. Dey forwards the news to Nova-Prime Irani Rael, who prepares Xandar's defenses.[72][75]
  • Battle of Xandar:
    • Guardians Of The Galaxy FBB4575 comp v209.1038

      Battle of Xandar

      The Dark Aster arrives at Xandar, and the entire Nova Corps fleet is sent in to intercept it. A Ravager fleet led by Yondu Udonta arrives, distracting the Dark Aster. The Milano, carrying Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer, slips through the chaos and infiltrates the Aster. Rocket Raccoon, piloting the Warbird, aids the Nova Corps and Ravagers in dealing with the Sakaarans. The Nova Corps fleet sets up a force shield to keep the Aster from landing. All Sakaaran ground and air forces are subdued, but Ronan, using the Infinity Stone inside the Orb, decimates the entire Nova Corps fleet, including Denarian Garthan Saal.[72][75]
    • Groot-smile-gotg

      Groot during the battle on the Dark Aster

      Onboard the Dark Aster, Gamora duels Nebula, who escapes on a hijacked M-ship. Drax kills Korath the Pursuer and Groot slays the rest of the Sakaaran soldiers, and the group then converge on Ronan, who defeats them with ease. Rocket pilots the Warbird through the Aster and into Ronan, incapacitating him and damaging the vessel and causing it to crash into Xandar. Groot shields his comrades in a cocoon of branches to protect them from the crash, and is pulverized in the impact.[72][75]
    • Star-lord

      Star-Lord prepares to kill Ronan

      Ronan emerges from the wreckage unscathed and prepares to destroy Xandar with the Infinity Stone, but Star-Lord distracts him, allowing Rocket and Drax to destroy his hammer with the Hadron Enforcer, freeing the stone. Star-Lord catches the stone and, with Gamora, Rocket, and Drax sharing its burden, uses it to destroy Ronan. Gamora then seals the stone in a new makeshift container, and instead of giving it to the Ravagers, Star-Lord gives them a decoy. The stone is then taken by the Nova Corps and contained.[72][75]
  • Star-Lord's group receive medical attention.[72][76][75]
  • On Knowhere, a downtrodden Collector is licked by the dog Cosmo and mocked by one of his old collections, Howard the Duck.[72][75]



Guardians Team

Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Star-Lord's group, now calling themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy, are exalted for their heroics and their criminal records are expunged. Departing in a repaired Milano, the group depart Xandar in search of adventure. They bring a sapling cut of Groot with them, which begins to regenerate.[72][75]





  • Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Skye record a birthday message video for Jemma Simmons for her 27th birthday, as she is not at the base with them, instead on an assignment for Coulson at HYDRA. They tell her to make a wish and then blow out the candle for her. Leo Fitz, still believing that Simmons left to see her parents, records a more personal message, asking her to say "hi" to her parents for him, and promising her that they will see each other soon.[78]


33 Whitehall

Daniel Whitehall brainwashes Agent 33


  • Agent Jemma Simmons, undercover within HYDRA per Phil Coulson's request, goes to her new workplace in HYDRA Laboratories.[29]
  • In the Playground, Coulson alerts Melinda May that HYDRA have captured Agent 33.[29]
  • Simmons discovers that HYDRA is looking for Donnie Gill, whom she knows from their previous encounter, and that they are studying his abilities.[29]
  • Blizzard kills

    Gill kills two HYDRA Agents

    In Marrakech, Gill is found by two HYDRA agents. He freezes one of them and takes his cell phone.[29]
  • Simmons meets with Coulson and tells him about Gill, and that she believes he must have gained some kind of powers after he was struck by lightning.[80] Coulson decides that they must try to recruit Gill before HYDRA reaches him.[29]
  • Skye tries to get information from Grant Ward. Ward tells her that he was never loyal to HYDRA, only to Garrett. He also tells her about HYDRA's protocol when it concerns the "gifted", which is to either recruit or kill them.[29]


Blizzard freezing a ship

Gill freezes the freighter

  • Donnie Gill goes to a freighter. He stands near it and freezes the water.[29]
  • Sunil Bakshi accuses Simmons of lying for not telling him that she knew about Project Blizzard, the project that gave powers to Gill. She covers by saying that she did not know who the subject of the project was until yesterday, which is true. Bakshi asks if she is loyal to HYDRA, to which Simmons simply replies that she is loyal to science.[29]
  • Coulson and his team hear about the frozen ship in the sea. They prepare to leave on the Bus.[29]
  • Bakshi brings together a group of agents with Simmons to go and find Gill.[29]

Ward is confronted by Leo Fitz

  • Fitz is shocked when he enters Grant Ward's cell. Ward tries to explain himself to Fitz, to no avail. Furious, Fitz explains what Ward has done to him, and starts draining the oxygen from his cell. Ward tells him that Coulson and the others do not understand that Gill was brainwashed and was used by HYDRA to take the Sandbox in one of the battles during the HYDRA Uprising. Fitz tells Mack about Gill and that they have to alert Coulson.[29]
  • Battle on the Maribel del Mar:
    • At the freighter, Mack calls Coulson and tells him about Gill being brainwashed by HYDRA. Coulson orders his team to stop HYDRA from talking to Gill to prevent the brainwashing from being triggered again.[29]
    • Friends5

      Hunter during the Battle on the Marible del Mar

      When May notices Simmons, she takes out Hunter so as to prevent him from killing her, as he does not know who she is. Alerted by the noise, Gill runs. Coulson orders his team to maintain Simmons' cover.[29]
    • Gill runs into Bakshi, who speaks the brainwashing code to him and Gill falls under his sway. Bakshi orders Gill to freeze the ship, but he is shot by Skye. Gill falls into the ocean.[29]
    • Skye monitors channels, trying to learn if someone has found Gill's body. Skye tells May that she does not understand why Coulson did not tell anyone about Simmons, but May simply states that she will handle it.[29]
    • Coulson goes to talk to Fitz, reminding him that he is still an important part of the team, but that he saw what he did to Ward. Fitz says that he is not a killer. Coulson explains that he hates Ward as much as him, but they need to find out more about HYDRA from him. Coulson reveals to him that Simmons is on assignment, and that is why she has made no contact. He also tells Fitz that is a lot more he is hiding.[29]
  • Whitehall tells Bakshi that S.H.I.E.L.D. is becoming a problem and he wants to know who is in charge. Agent 33 then reveals herself, now brainwashed and loyal to Whitehall.[29]
  • Ward reveals to Skye that her father is still alive and he wants to meet with her.[29][62]




  • Battle on Sovereign:
  • After the battle, the Guardians meet with Ayesha, and Nebula is handed over as promised.[77]
  • They intend to leave Sovereign peacefully, however, Rocket Raccoon has decided to take some Anulax Batteries for himself. When this is discovered, it angers Ayesha and the Sovereign people.[77]
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 56

    The Milano is attacked by the Omnicrafts

    Escape from the Sovereign Fleet: The Sovereign send their fleet to chase and attack the Guardians of the Galaxy, heavily damaging the Milano. The group is forced to crash-land on a nearby planet, but before the Sovereign fleet can kill them, it is single-handedly destroyed by Ego. On landing on the planet, Berhert, the Guardians argue, when Ego suddenly lands and reveals himself to be Quill's father.[77]
  • On Contraxia, Yondu Udonta has a run-in with Stakar Ogord, nearly 20 years after Ogord banished him for child trafficking. Ogord reiterates Yondu's exile from the greater Ravager community, despite his protests. Ayesha then arrives and hires Yondu to recapture the Guardians.[77]
Peter and Ego

Quill is asked by Ego to return to his home

  • Ego invites Quill to return to his home with his protégée Mantis. Quill is cautious, and speaks to Gamora about his concerns regarding Ego's claims, but she reassures him that things will turn out alright. Meanwhile, Drax and Mantis are acquainted.[77][82]


  • Gamora, Drax, and Star-Lord leave with Ego and Mantis to Ego's planet. Rocket and Groot remain to repair the Milano and guard Nebula.[77]
  • Mantis demonstrates her empathetic abilities to the trio on Ego's Ship as they travel.[77][82]
  • GOTG2 Art of VFX 4

    Rocket attacks the Ravagers

    The Ravagers land on Berhert, where the Milano crash-landed. As they approach the ship to kidnap the Guardians, they step into Rocket Raccoon's traps.[77]
  • Attack on Berhert:
    • Rocket enjoys setting off several traps for them, taking down numerous Ravagers, but he is forced to give in when Yondu Udonta arrives and threatens him with his Yaka Arrow. However, when Yondu shows reluctance to turn Quill over to the Sovereign, some of the group question whether he is being too soft, and Ravager Taserface uses the opportunity to lead a mutiny against him.[77]
    • GotGV2 In Theaters 6

      Taserface's Ravagers vs. Yondu's

      Nebula tricks Groot into releasing her, claiming that she will help, but instead she shoots Yondu's fin, knocking him out and helping the Ravagers. Groot, Udonta, and Rocket are incarcerated on the Ravagers' ship, the Eclector.[77]
  • Quill, Gamora, Drax, Ego, and Mantis arrive at Ego's home: a living planet that is an extension of his body. Ego explains that he is a god-like being called a Celestial, and he created a humanoid avatar to travel across the galaxy and interact with other species.[77]
  • Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon are forced to watch as Yondu's loyal men are killed, thrown out the airlock of the Eclector.[77]
  • Nebula Ravager Wall

    Nebula makes a new deal with Taserface

    Nebula is given a ship in return for having helped the Ravagers, and leaves to pursue her sister and get revenge on her.[77]
  • Ego teaches Quill to access and manipulate the power within his planet, to Quill's amazement.[77]
  • Drax becomes friendly with Mantis, who anxiously begins to attempt to reveal a secret about Ego, before being interrupted by Gamora, asking for Mantis to take them to where they will be staying.[77]
  • Rocket and Yondu are thrown in a cell, to be delivered to the Kree in the morning. In their imprisonment, Rocket and Yondu discover they are very alike, and Yondu shares his low opinion of Ego, who originally hired Yondu's Ravagers to deliver Quill after his mother's death. Meanwhile, Groot is spared, but humiliated by Taserface's men.[77]
  • GotGV2 Baby Groot Rescue 3

    Yondu and Rocket try to get the help of Baby Groot

    Once the Ravagers have gone to sleep, Groot walks away, dejected, and goes to Yondu and Rocket's cell. Yondu calls him over, and gives him instructions on how to find a prototype version of Yaka Arrow Controller in the captain's quarters, to aid their escape. Groot excitedly runs off to find it, but Rocket is skeptical as to whether Groot understood the instructions.[77]
  • Groot returns, but with Yondu's underwear. They send him back several times, but he does not understand, bringing useless and strange items like a severed toe and a large desk.[77][82]


  • Escape from the Eclector:
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 67

    Yondu Udonta, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot escape from the Eclector

    Soon before the morning, Groot goes one final time to find the fin, but yet again retrieves the wrong item. Kraglin Obfonteri sees this, however, and assists Groot in taking the arrow controller and freeing Yondu, who forgives Kraglin and tells him to prepare the Quadrant for their escape. Together, Rocket, Groot, and Yondu walk through the Eclector to make their escape. The Ravagers are alerted and woken, but as they rush to stop the escape, Yondu uses the Yaka Arrow, controlled by his new fin, to kill all of them. Taserface alerts the Sovereign of the escape, and gives them the coordinates of Ego's planet so they can go after Yondu and the Guardians, before Yondu kills him as well in an explosion ignited by the Yaka Arrow.[77][82]
GOTG2 Art of VFX 10

Yondu making a risky space maneuver

  • Rocket, Groot, Yondu, and Kraglin escape in a detachable section, and engage in a risky space maneuver of 700 consecutive jumps to reach Ego's planet in time to help Quill.[77]
  • Quill, happy to have found his father and his new powers, attempts to get Gamora to dance with him, and she eventually obliges. However, they quickly fall out, as Gamora is upset that Quill is valuing his biological father over the second family he found in their Guardians team. Gamora storms off to sit peacefully on her own in a field.[77]
  • Nebula arrives at Ego's planet in the ship from the Ravagers and tries to kill Gamora. Gamora fights back, and the two of them end up fighting in the caverns beneath the planet's surface. Gamora gets the upper hand, but lets her sister live.[77]
  • GotGV2 - Big Game 24

    Nebula attempts to kill Gamora

    Nebula takes the opportunity to pin down Gamora, but changes her mind about killing her, satisfied with just having beaten her for once.[77]
  • The two sisters reach an uneasy truce, and together they explore the caverns beneath Ego's planet's surface.[77]
  • Ego and Peter Quill bond over the song Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass. Ego then tells Quill that he wants to show him something.[77]
  • Mantis wakes Drax, desperate to warn him about Ego before it is too late.[77]
  • Gamora and Nebula are concerned as they approach a sinister cave.[77]
  • GotGV2 HD Stills 20

    Ego reveals his true plans to Quill

    Ego reveals his master plan to Quill: he travelled the universe and planted seedlings on thousands of worlds, so that he could terraform them into new extensions of himself. However, he needed a second Celestial's power to activate the seedlings, so he conceived children with hundreds of women all across the galaxy and hired Yondu's Ravagers to collect them.[77]
  • Meanwhile, Gamora and Nebula discover hundreds of skeletal remains in the cave; the remains of Ego's children.[77]
  • Ego reveals that every child of his was killed when they proved unable to access Celestial power, but Quill is the first able to harness the power, and Ego uses him to activate all the seedlings. His "expansion" begins, as he uses Quill to activate the seeds' terraforming, that will eventually consume all those worlds, and every person on them.[77]
Yondu and Rocket

Udonta confronts Rocket

  • As Rocket, Groot, Yondu, and Kraglin come to the end of their dangerous 700 jumps, one of the jumps passes by a conversation between the Watchers and one of their informants. Once the interruption has passed, the informant continues telling his tales to the Watchers, from where he's been planted at different points in time.[77]
  • Quill is hypnotised by Ego's power until Ego reveals he deliberately caused the death of Quill's mother. Quill breaks free of his trance and fights back.[77]
  • On Earth, Xandar, and all other planets that have Ego's seeds, the process of terraforming begins. In Missouri, the source of the Earth seedling, people admire the biomass, but when it begins to grow, the citizens run and drive away as fast as they can.[77]
  • Ego's Terraforming Earth

    Earth during Ego's terraforming

    One of the people escaping is Peter Quill's Grandfather.[77]
  • Battle on Ego's Planet:
    • Mantis informs Gamora, Drax and Nebula of Ego's plan just as Rocket, Groot, Yondu, and Kraglin arrive. Reunited, the Guardians blast through layers of Ego to get to his core and kill him.
    • As the Guardians fight their way through to the core, a fleet of Sovereign Omnicrafts arrives following Taserface's information, to kill the Guardians. The team retaliate against the Sovereign while having to fight Ego himself.[77]
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 30

      Groot mistakes which button to push on the bomb

      Rocket sends Groot into the thick shell at the core of Ego's planet, protecting Ego's brain, to plant a bomb with the Anulax Batteries and kill him.[77]
    • Mantis attempts to keep Ego at bay by trying to make him sleep, while Quill and Yondu defeat the Sovereign. Their ship is destroyed, but the duo escape unharmed.[77]
    • As Ego looks likely to win, the Guardians put in a final push of attack. Groot plants the bomb and most of the Guardians escape, while Quill remains to battle his father, using his access to Ego's celestial power.[77]
    • When the bomb explodes, Ego dies and the planet collapses. Yondu gives his spacesuit to Quill to save him, sacrificing himself as he dies in the atmosphere of space.[77]
Watchers GotG2

The Watcher Informant talk to the Watchers

  • The Watchers become tired of their informant's stories and walk away, leaving him concerned as to how he will return home.[77][82]
  • Nebula reconciles with Gamora, but chooses to leave anyway, to finds a way to kill Thanos once for all. The two part as caring sisters.[77]
  • The Guardians give Yondu a traditional Ravager funeral, and dozens of Ravagers, including Stakar Ogord, arrive to pay their respects, releasing a string of fireworks.[77][83][82]
  • Kraglin Obfonteri tries to use the Yaka Arrow and its controller, but accidentally fires the arrow into Drax's shoulder, causing him to scream in pain.[77]
Stakar Ogord Team

Stakar Ogord's Team





  • In Kandahar, Afghanistan, with only 29 days remaining of his rotation, Frank Castle receives a card from his family back home for his birthday. He opens it and is delighted to see that his wife, Maria, has bought him tickets to see Bruce Springsteen perform live.[49][50]
  • Castle is called in with Russo to have a mission briefing with Agent Orange and Ray Schoonover. Agent Orange explains the plan, but Castle expresses disapproval, highlighting that the fact that the target they have been after for months has suddenly shown up likely means it is a trap, as the Afghans have become aware of their operation. Agent Orange overrules him and tells him to proceed, and Castle reluctantly agrees, warning that he thinks people will die.[49][50]
  • Ambush in Kandahar: As Castle predicted, when the Cerberus Squad arrive at the location, they are ambushed. Several members of the squad are killed, and Castle realizes that enemy mortars will soon target them. He decides he has to act and enters the opposition's compound alone, forced to kill numerous insurgents, shooting them and then using his combat knife once he runs out of ammunition. With the insurgents dead, the squad can fall back to a safe location where a helicopter can evacuate them.[49][50]


  • Back at the Cerberus Squad Compound, Castle vomits from the physical exhaustion and horror of the events of the ambush. Agent Orange returns, but shows complete apathy at the deaths of the men, simply asking if they managed to kill the target. Castle is enraged at the man and attacks him brutally in anger, punching him in face and blinding him in one eye. Billy Russo rushes to hold him back and pulls him aside, telling him that no matter how unethical Agent Orange is, he will never be blamed as the blame always falls on the soldiers. Protecting you, it's never on them. He informs Castle that he is transferring back to the Marine Force by request.[49][50]


  • Frank Castle is taken away from Operation Cerberus to serve elsewhere, where he is assigned to a further 4-and-a-half months' service instead of the originally planned 4 more weeks.[49][85]



Cross' report on November 2014




  • Pangborn has x-rays taken of his serious injuries and the operations performed.[87]





Darren Cross' post


  • Youth Suffer by Clayton Hibbert is released.[1][92]





IF103 KevinKennedy

Kennedy in a coma



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    In Crosshairs, Frank Castle says "we did 15-month rotations in Afghanistan". Since they were due to finish on December 14, 2014, it can therefore be assumed that the deployment began around September 14, 2013. This also aligns with the fact that Castle says on November 15, 2014, "We have been doing it for a year," as it would have been 14 months.
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  84. In Principia, Werner von Strucker says to Dr. Levi Van Kempen on Saturday, December 16, 2017 (see 2017 references), "April, your daughter. Just turned 3 [...] 6 weeks ago, during our Tuesday session [...] your wife called [...] April had a fever, 103.2. All those kids at the parties, a lot of germs." This would have occurred on Tuesday, October 31, 2017, and the implication is that this would be the day after April's party, making that October 30, 2017 and therefore implying that she turned 3 on October 30, 2017, making her date of birth October 30, 2014.
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