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"You're here to repair your future, not mine."
Frigga to Thor[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2013 in a reality visited during the Time Heist.




Loki imprisoned in Asgard

  • Loki tosses a cup up and down in his cell. The 2023 Thor and Rocket sneak past.[1]
  • The 2023 Thor and Rocket hide in Asgard and spot Jane Foster, being given a blue dress by an Asgardian maiden. Thor panics after seeing her, and decides he wants to stop off at his father's wine cellar before attempting to get the Aether.[1]
  • Before Thor can sneak off, he has to hide again as a group walk past. Thor realizes it is his mother, Frigga, and her maidens, whom she is instructing to get Loki soup and astronomy books in the hope of cheering him up in his cell.[1]
  • 2023 Thor is emotional at seeing his mother again, telling Rocket that this is the day she dies. Thor starts to have a panic attack about the plan, but Rocket slaps him and says that everyone has lost people, with he himself having lost his family in the Guardians of the Galaxy, requesting that Thor try to distract Foster so they can suck the Aether out of her and help bring the Snap victims back.[1]

Rocket attempts to motivate Thor

  • Thor tries to find confidence, and Rocket starts heading to Foster's chamber, but Thor then decides again that he cannot manage and walks off, leaving Rocket alone.[1]
  • Frigga continues to walk with her maidens, but senses a presence. 2023 Thor hides behind a pillar, watching her, but Frigga finds him, approaching him from behind. Thor is flustered, and she notices his fake eye. Thor tries to pass it off as an injury from the Battle of Harokin, but she discerns that he is from the future, which he admits. Frigga embraces her son, saying they can talk.[1]
  • Jane Foster wakes from a rest in Asgard, and sits up.[1] She then looks around her room.[2]
  • Theft of the Reality Stone: Foster pushes the rest of the covers off and stands up. She picks up her blue dress and heads out. Rocket sees his opportunity and goes after her with a device to extract the Aether.[1]
  • 2023 Thor tells Frigga about his failures, and his pointless decapitation of Thanos. Frigga assures him that everyone fails at being who they are "supposed to be", but the measure of a person is how well they succeed at being "who they are". Thor lovingly tells her he has missed her.[1]
  • Rocket, who has successfully acquired the Aether, is chased through the halls of Asgard by Einherjar guards, mistaking him for a rabbit.[1]

2023 Thor says goodbye to his mother in 2013

  • 2023 Thor tries to warn Frigga about her future, but she insists it is not her business. Rocket Raccoon arrives, showing Thor he has the Aether and they need to go. Thor and Frigga tell each other they love one another, before embracing a final time. Before Rocket can send them back to 2023, Thor stops him for the chance to wield Mjølnir again. He summons the 2013 version of the hammer, and it comes to him, delighting him as he finds he is still worthy despite his depression.[1]
  • Thor and Rocket shrink back into the Quantum Realm to return home with the Reality Stone. 2023 Steve Rogers arrives via the Quantum Realm and returns the Reality Stone and Mjølnir to the moment they were removed, erasing the dark splinter reality that was being created.[1]


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