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"We learned that not only are we not alone, but we are hopelessly, hilariously, outgunned."
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This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2010.






  • Pepper Potts approaches Tony Stark as he tinkers with his Mark IV Iron Man armor to ask him how he is dealing with the fact that he has five simultaneous dates scheduled for the evening. He states that he wants to finish a piece for his armor first, and then will come up with a plan.[1][5]
  • Stark dries to the The Rearview garage to speak with a mechanic, and is greeted by a worker named Mike Charles. However, as they talk, an explosion goes off by Stark's car, followed by gunshots.[1][5]
  • Stark leads Charles to a truck he owns, explaining that mercenaries must have followed him to the garage. Charles drives and Stark calls Potts, telling her he needs the Iron Man armor, giving her an access code to type into J.A.R.V.I.S. so it will be ready. He then tells Charles that they will take the fastest route back to his mansion and starts giving directions. Charles is confused, saying he knows where the mansion is and that this is not the way, but Stark asks to trust him.[1][5]
Iron Man Limited Edition Bridge Jump

Stark and Charles jump the opening bridge

  • Following Stark's instructions, Charles finds himself driving past a police parade. Stark explains that he used Charles' cell phone to look up events going on in the city and found out about it, choosing to pass so as to attract the authorities' attention. As they drive, he briefly leans out of the window to take a photo of the mercenaries' license plate.[1][5]
  • Stark continues to give instructions and chooses to pass by the apartment of two actresses, hoping they will see the commotion and that he will therefore have a good excuse for missing his date. Charles is bemused by Stark's motivation in the life-or-death situation.[1][5]
  • The pair finally drive to a bridge Stark has looked up on the phone to be opening soon. As it lifts, they drive the truck over it and jump the gap, landing on the other side and getting away from the mercenaries, who are unable to follow as the bridge is then too far open.[1][5]
Iron Man Limited Edition Jenkins

Iron Man captures Jenkins

  • Pepper Potts arrives and Stark says he needs to get back to Malibu.[1][5]
  • Stark picks up his Iron Man armor from his mansion and flies to find the mercenaries. He pulls the man inside, Jenkins, out of the vehicle.[1][5]
  • Iron Man flies back to Mike Charles and Pepper Potts with Jenkins in tow, to be arrested. Potts asks him if he has made a decision about his dates, and he says that he had to cancel them all. When Charles states that the women will be furious, Stark says that he is sure they will be - and tells him that that is why he gave them Charles' number, not his own, to Charles' horror.[1][5]




  • As Tony Stark continues to operate as Iron Man, he brings about a period of relative peace and is credited with stabilizing East-West relations, while maintaining a partying lifestyle.[1][7]


Tumblr md6qoePssg1qk6ramo1 1280

Ross talking to Tony Stark




  • Test subjects are chosen for Project T.A.H.I.T.I., and they undergo the trials. Their results are monitored over the following weeks.[12]


  • In the Western Ghats, India, Abby Rose prepares to drive for the Stark Industries racing team in a cross country rally. She is interviewed about the race and says she is confident that Royal Purple's gasoline will help her, as well as Tony Stark's shock absorbers.
    Iron Man Royal Purple Custom Comic Abby Helps

    Rose helps Iron Man escape the Ten Rings

    The interviewer asks her thoughts on whether the event should even be happening due to possible sabotage problems in earlier stages, but Rose says there is no proof of that. She admits, however, that her competition, Aiden Julius is a strong competitor, before getting in the car to start.[1][13]
  • Fifty miles from the start of the race, Iron Man discovers an illegal diamond mine. He spots a pickup truck arriving and believes they are carrying normal rifles. However, when he zooms in his vision, he realizes they are specifically trellor propellant rifles and spots a Ten Rings tattoo. They start to shoot, using diamond-tipped bullets to penetrate his armor.[1][13]
  • The Ten Rings then deploy an electromagnetic pulse, leaving him unable to fly away. Suddenly, Rose pulls up mid-race and opens the door to let him in. She drives to continue the rally and get away from the pursuing truck, while also contending with Aiden Julius.[1][13]
  • Iron Man asks Rose to slow briefly so he can warn Julius about what is happening. However, when he does so, they are shocked when Julius starts shooting at them. Rose realizes that the accidents in past races were an inside job, with Julius taking out the other cars to hide the illegal diamond mine.[1][13]
Iron Man Royal Purple Custom Comic Aiden Julius

Rose helps Iron Man escape the Ten Rings

  • Rose continues to drive the race, confident she can win and that if they get to the end of the race, they will be safe as Julius cannot attack with witnesses. They lose the pickup truck, but Julius remains close behind. Meanwhile, Stark plugs his suit into the car to charge it as she drives.[1][13]
  • The cross country race continues and Rose drives fearlessly over and through obstacles. With 1 mile to go, the Iron Man armor is ready, and Stark leaves the car and blasts Julius' vehicle. He takes the unconscious Julius from the car and tells her to finish the race as he flies back to deal with the terrorists. As he leaves, he tells her that they should meet for an evening meal.[1][13]



  • The first promotional video is released for the upcoming "Stark Expo 2010" in Flushing Meadows, New York City, due to start on May 7, 2010. A website is launched to accompany the announcement to promote the exposition - the first Stark Expo since 1974.[9][16][17]
  • Stark Expo 2010

    Stark Expo 2010

    Along with the site and first video, Stark Expo 2010 releases an old promotional video for Stark Expo 74, the last Expo until now, advertising it as a "dream of tomorrow, realized today," and featuring Howard Stark. The old video invites viewers to join them for the opening in April 1974.[9][18][17]






Banner attempts to pick up his dropped blood

  • 158 days since his last "incident", having now settled in Rocinha, Brazil, Bruce Banner has an accident that causes a drop of his blood to fall into a soda bottle. He sends a sample of his blood to Samuel Sterns, who conducts further experiments with it outside of the analysis that Banner needs.[9][21][22]


  • In Germany, Tony Stark is on a business trip to make a partnership between Stark Industries and Gorani Insurance. He is stopped on the road by a policeman, who tells him that 15 million dollars’ worth of paintings have been stolen from a museum and describes the car of the thieves; he then lets Stark pass.[1][23]
  • Tony vs. criminals

    Recovering the paintings

    Later, Stark fixes the flat tire of a young woman. Further along the road he discovers a car matching the description of the car the policemen described earlier. Stark opens the trunk and finds all the paintings inside. The criminals return and open fire on Stark, but he fends them off with the glove of the Mark IV Iron Man armor. He manages to return the paintings to the museum and get to the meeting, where he meets the same woman whose tire he repaired.[1][23]
  • Gorani family

    The owners of Gorani Insurance

    The woman is Evetta Gorani, the heir to Gorani Insurance. Her father and Gorani Insurance's current president Michael Gorani explains to him that the the paintings he recovered were insured by Gorani, meaning Stark saved the company over one hundred million dollars. He successfully starts a business partnership with Gorani.[1][23]


  • Cordco release the video of their Melbourne presentation 12 days prior, the fourth video released for Stark Expo 2010.[9][19][17]


Rebecca Stevens's File

Rebecca Stevens' file.

  • The test subjects for Project T.A.H.I.T.I. begin to go insane. The decision is made to alter their memories so they do not have to live with their trauma, but in the process they have to be given false memories and new identities. Agent Rebecca Stevens is declared deceased from cancer, and given a new life as "Janice Robbins".[12]




File34-Stark Expo 'memo'

2010 Stark Expo


  • Tony Stark appears before the Senate Armed Services Committee's Weaponized Suit Defense Program Hearings. These are chaired by Pennsylvania Senator Stern, who urges him to give the Iron Man suit, built six months ago, to the military, and calls Lt. Col. James Rhodes and Hammer Industries CEO Justin Hammer to testify against him. Stark refuses to surrender the suit, pointing out that although North Korea and Iran are working to replicate the technology, they are years away from being able to do so. He also reveals Hammer Industries has had its share of failures, leading to the cancellation of Hammer Industries' contacts with the Department of Defense.[9][25][26][11]






Iron Man 2 Adaptation 10.1

James Rhodes and Iron Man

  • James Rhodes tries to negotiate a compromise between Tony Stark and the Pentagon. While Rhodes and Stark are arguing, Stark challenges Rhodes to try one of his Iron Man suits. Rhodes accepts and takes the Mark II, arguing with Iron Man during the flight. When they arrive back at Stark's Mansion and Rhodes gets his armor off, he makes it clear that he does not let Stark put him in the position to choose between their friendship and his duty. Saying at his departure, that they both know where that would end up.[9][25][29]




Mk 5

Iron Man: Mark V

  • Tony Stark updates his design log again, on "Day 189", recounting the opening of the Expo and saying that he believes he has sorted the delivery problem.[9][10][25][11] Stark then finishes the assembling of his Mark V armor, and leaves to board a plane to Monaco for the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.[9][25][11]



Ironman2 2895

Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer




Thor's coronation on May 30th


Attack on Jotunheim



Stark creates the new element






Banner enters Culver University


Thor tries to lift the hammer



Loki calls upon the Destroyer to kill Thor

Romanoff Fury

Romanoff informs Fury about Blonsky

Duel at the Bifrost Bridge

Duel at the Rainbow Bridge


  • Nick Fury holds a meeting in Roswell, telling S.H.I.E.L.D. about the new refocusing of the agency towards extraterrestrial defense.[9][8]

Bruce Banner and Betty Ross go into hiding


  • Banner and Betty Ross arrive in New York City, bypassing roadblocks at the Holland Tunnel by bribing a boat owner to take them across the Hudson River to lower Manhattan. They head uptown to meet with Mr. Blue, whose real name is Samuel Sterns. Sterns tries an experimental process to cure Banner, though it only succeeds in reversing the transformation, not ridding him of it completely.[9][8][22][28]
  • El increible Hulk-466130879-large

    Duel of Harlem

    Duel of Harlem: The military captures Banner, but Emil Blonsky forces Sterns to inject him with the blood products he developed from Banner's blood sample. The process mutates Blonsky into the Abomination, while Sterns is infected with Banner's blood through an open wound on his head, gaining his own mutation. Banner convinces Thaddeus Ross to let him try and stop the Abomination. The two creatures fight in Harlem, with Hulk defeating the Abomination and fleeing the scene immediately afterwards.[9][8][22][28]
  • Natasha Romanoff discovers the mutated Sterns in his laboratory, subdues him and takes him into custody.[9][30]



The World Security Council






Stark speaks with General Ross

  • Following Hulk's incident in Harlem, Tony Stark arrives in New York and approaches Ross about "putting a team together".[22]
  • He is apparently on a mission to recruit Blonsky, but his behavior enrages Ross so much that he refuses to release Blonsky into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.[9][36]
  • Coulson and Sitwell reunite and discuss the success in having Stark dissuade Ross from including Blonsky in the Avengers Initiative.[9][36]


Simon Williams Dead Before Arrival Poster

Dead Before Arrival







  • David Lieberman starts to become frustrated with his job as an NSA analyst, as he starts to get no work of significance for the next 5 years.[43][44]


  • Drugs, Society & Human Behavior is published.[14][45]








  • The Roxxon Norco spills a million gallons of crude off Pensacola. Ellis does very little to get involved as he takes over presidency, and no one involved ends up in court.[50][46][47]


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    • The inspired canon The Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII comic showing about 197 days between the test flight with the icing problem and the Battle at Stark Expo.
    So, Iron Man is set in February-November of 2008 or 2009, Fury's Big Week is set in May-June of 2010 or 2011, and Fury's Big Week is 6 months after "I am Iron Man".
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    The Stark Expo 2010 website had Stark Expo supposedly starting on May 7, 2010. This just about lines up with the May 29th date. On the day Stark promotes Pepper, it is shown clearly in the background that there is "362 days remaining" of the Expo. On the date of the Expo battle, there is clearly "343 days remaining", so there is 19 days between these dates. It can then be seen that it takes Tony 4 days to return home after the senate, 5 days after the Expo opens. This would mean there is an opening day, 365 days of normal Expo, then the closing day, plus counting inclusively (ie. on closing day it says "1 day remaining"), meaning there is "367 days remaining" on May 7th, and thus 5 days later on the 12th, "362 days remaining". This way, these two dates gel very nicely.
    So, with the opening on May 7, 2010, Pepper's hiring on May 12, 2010, and Tony's birthday on May 29, 2010, somewhere between the May 12th and May 29th dates is Monaco. Monaco cannot be on May 1st/2nd like in real life, as it does not fit within these limits. But that is fine, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a different universe, so it can be different. It is still in the same ballpark as the real world. In an adaptation comic of Iron Man 2, in the same scene where Rhodey confronts Tony about Vanko having attacked him "yesterday", "Natalie" then comes downstairs to say Tony's guests are arriving, and they have the discussion about Tony asking what she would do if she knew it were her last birthday. This would put Monaco the day before his birthday. However, this scene actually contradicts the film, which depicts the Rhodey conversation and the "Natalie" conversation as separate scenes in separate rooms. It can be put down to the adaptation condensing the film (like the Iron Man one putting Coulson asking for a meeting on "the 24th" at Tony's returning press conference rather than the party months later), and ignore this. The The Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII comic implies that "Day 189" is the day before Monaco, putting Monaco on Day 190. It implies as well that "Day 199" is around 2 days after Day 3 of Fury's Big Week, putting that on Day 5. This would put Day 1 around the Mark VII Day 195, 5 days after Monaco, therefore putting Monaco around May 24, 2010. However, it would work better on the 23rd, because the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique was held on a Saturday-Sunday in the real world, so it would make sense for it to be a Saturday-Sunday in the MCU as well. May 23, 2010 was a Sunday. The second day of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, in the real world, is supposed to be 2 weeks before the main Monaco Grand Prix (in this case, 2 weeks before May 16, 2010 - May 2, 2010). There is still some logic if the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique second day were 1 week after the main Grand Prix as a sort of after-party, rather than a build-up, which works as May 23rd. Plus, if Monaco is the 23rd, this puts "Day 189" on May 22, 2010, which then puts "Day 199" on June 1, 2010, the day after the Battle at Stark Expo, still working, and puts "Day 1" on November 15, 2009, which works perfectly with the timeline of Iron Man (see other references).
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  34. In Thor: The Dark World, Darcy Lewis says to Jane, "Last time [Thor] was gone for, like, 2 years." The reasoned date for him going away is June 2, 2010, so the interpretation has to be taken as, "Last time Thor left you, Jane, he was gone for, like, 2 years until he came back to Earth," referring to The Avengers rather than Thor: The Dark World, being gone until May 3, 2012.
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  43. In Kandahar, Micro says on October 30, 2015 that he has been unable to properly do his job for "5 years". This would specifically suggest October 2010 (5 years before October 2015), if not generally (so approximately mid) 2010 (5 years before 2015). Putting more weight in specifically October 2010 than mid-2010, it can be calculated that he became frustrated with his job around September 20, 2010.
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  46. 46.0 46.1 Presidential elections in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not the same as in the real world. For a while it was never outright stated that Obama was president in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but implied from Tony's poster, designed to resemble Obama's, in Iron Man 2, the Obama biography in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the repeated references to him in Luke Cage, that Obama was likely president at some point. Then in the Runaways episode Destiny it was confirmed, as Nico Minoru says, "You guys haven't had date night since the Obama Administration."
    In December 2012, Aldrich Killian refers to President Ellis and says, "After years dodging the President's ban," implying Ellis has been president for years. Killian is also angry at Ellis' lack of involvement in the Norco incident, "2 years ago." It can also be assumed that Ellis was president when Steve woke in October 2011, as it is shown in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that he is quoted as welcoming Steve back to the world.
    In April 2015, Grant Ward says in A Fractured House that if his brother Christian were allowed to take him, his trial should then "wrap up right before the midterms". A newspaper in Captain America: Civil War also shows that it is an election year in 2016.
    From all of this, it can be assumed that, at least as of 2008, elections in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are every 2 years instead of every 4 years. Therefore, Obama would have been elected in November 2008. In May 2010, during Obama's presidency, Stark has a poster resembling Obama's. Ellis would have been elected in November 2010, and dealt with the December 2010 Norco incident and its aftermath as he came into his presidency. He would then have been president when Steve woke in October 2011, and in late December 2012, during Iron Man 3, he would have been president for 2 years (just about fitting as "years"). Ellis would have been reelected in November 2014, and then the midterms would have been in November 2015, 7 months after Ward's statement. 2016 would then be the next election year, as shown in Captain America: Civil War.
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  48. In the Iron Man 3 Prelude comic, it is shown as beginning a while after Iron Man 2, with the damage from the Expo having been cleared up and Stark Tower having been fully planned, laid its foundations, and several levels into its construction. It then jumps to 2 months later, Mumbai, then 3 months later, Afghanistan, then 2 months later, Sudan, then 3 months later, Hong Kong, and this is shown to be the date of the Battle of New York, May 4, 2012. 3 months back from there would put Sudan around February 2012, 2 months further back would put Afghanistan around December 2011, 3 months further back puts Mumbai around September 2011, and a final 2 months back places the beginning in July 2011. This allows plenty of time, just over a year, for the Expo to be cleared completely and for the planning, foundations, and beginning of construction of Stark Tower. Several months prior to the beginning of the comic, work would have begun on the tower, around December 2011.
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  50. In Iron Man 3, at Christmas 2012, Killian says that the incident with the Norco was "2 years ago", placing it in late 2010. With the fact that Ellis was involved in the aftermath, and him only being elected around late 2010 (see other references), it places around late December 2010, as he came into his presidency, still 2 years before Iron Man 3.
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