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Iron Man to Captain America[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 1970 in a reality visited during the Time Heist.




Watcher Informant drives past Camp Lehigh

  • The Watcher Informant drives past Camp Lehigh, calling out to "make love, not war".[1]
  • Stark and Rogers wander Camp Lehigh, wondering where the Tesseract might be housed. Rogers realizes it will be in ammunition bunker E47, which he knows S.H.I.E.L.D. used from his encounter with Arnim Zola in 2014. Stark performs an infrared X-ray signature scan, confirming there are agents descending an elevator inside.[1]
  • The two men board the elevator themselves, and Stark tries to obscure Rogers from the vision of an agent in the elevator, Phyllis Jenkins, so she does not recognize him as Captain America. Stark steps out at his floor to retrieve the Tesseract, leaving Rogers with Jenkins, who is curious about him, not recognizing him as a colleague.[1]

Tony Stark retrieves the Tesseract

  • Theft of the Space Stone: Stark runs through the bunker, scanning various vaulted items for gamma signatures until he finds which one has the Tesseract. He takes a briefcase and uses an Iron Man gauntlet to open up the vault and retrieve the cube, placing it in the case.[1]
  • Tony Stark closes the briefcase just as a man comes in, calling for Dr. Arnim Zola. Tony is startled when he realizes it is his father, Howard, 52 years old. He is suddenly confounded by the encounter and struggles to act calmly and casually, hurriedly coming up with the alias "Howard Potts". Tony agrees to walk with Howard to the exit, so distracted by his father that he almost forgets the Tesseract, until Howard reminds him he is leaving his case behind.[1]

Hank Pym at Camp Lehigh

  • Rogers crank calls Hank Pym, who is working at the camp, telling him there has been an incident with a glowing package. Pym rushes out of his laboratory, allowing Rogers the chance to run in and retrieve some Pym Particle vials.[1]
  • Howard Stark explains to Tony that the flowers he is carrying are for his wife, who is expecting a baby soon, to apologize for spending too much time at work - with no idea that he is speaking to that child, from the future. Howard admits that he feels he lets his self-interest outweigh the greater good sometimes.[1]
  • On the way out, Steve Rogers realizes that Agent Jenkins had considered him and Tony Stark suspicious and reported them, forcing him to duck into an office to evade her. He soon realizes the office he entered is that of the current S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Peggy Carter, and briefly sees his former beloved through the window. Carter deals with an agent reporting about Agent Braddock's unit being stopped by lightning strikes, not noticing Rogers as he mourns from next door.[1]

Howard Stark discusses fatherhood with his own son

  • The Starks get back to the main camp, and Tony spots Rogers, indicating to each other that they have their items. Howard admits he is nervous about having a child. Tony says he was nervous having his daughter, but you piece things together as you go. Howard says his father was tough on him, and Tony replies that he had felt his was tough, but looking back he only remembers the good things, quoting Howard to Howard himself, saying, "No amount of money ever bought a second of time." Howard states that he already loves his unborn son, which Tony is touched to hear. Tony assures Howard that everything will be alright, then takes the opportunity to hug and thank his father, which Howard awkwardly accepts.[1]

Edwin Jarvis and Howard Stark discuss "Potts"

  • Howard Stark goes to his car, where butler Edwin Jarvis is waiting. Stark notes that "Potts" seemed "very familiar".[1]
  • Steve Rogers and Tony Stark shrink back into the Quantum Realm to return home with the Space Stone. An older Steve Rogers arrives, again from 2023, via the Quantum Realm, and returns the Space Stone to the moment it was removed, erasing the dark splinter reality that was being created.[1]