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"We were just in the '30s and they were really stylish, but it was... so sexist and racist."
Deke Shaw[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in the 1930s, in an alternate history in which the Chronicom Hunters attempted to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D..




Quake realizes they have traveled to the past


  • In the early hours, Simmons explains that the Chronicom Hunters have Nick Fury's Toolbox, so they needed an expert in S.H.I.E.L.D. history to have a chance in stopping them. She tells them that, as such, they have made a Life-Model Decoy, with Chronicom hardware, of Phil Coulson, with Coulson's memories and updates on what he has missed. Mackenzie is cautious to activate it, but Johnson does so immediately, and the Coulson Chronicom LMD greets them.[1][2]
  • Luke steals Dole's face

    Police Captain William Dole waits with two other policemen for Jimmy Bottles at Cut Rate Drugs in New York City. However, Luke and two other Chronicoms, time-traveled from 2019, enter the pharmacy and announce themselves, to Dole's bemusement. Luke opens a briefcase, from which he removes an Eraser device. The police open fire, but the Chronicoms blast the other police. Luke then defeats Dole and uses the Eraser to scan his face, removing Dole's face and leaving only a blank front of the head.[1][3]
  • Luke uses the Eraser scan to change his skin suit to match Dole's face. When Jimmy Bottles enters, expecting to meet with Dole, he finds the other two Chronicoms, their real looks exposed without skin suits. They kill Bottles.[1][3]
  • The Coulson Chronicom LMD asks what is happening. Simmons explains the brain scan used for him was from the Framework, with the information from 2017-2019 then input to fill in the gaps. "Coulson" realizes his arm is normal and starts to feel strange, so Johnson is forthright, telling him abruptly that he is a Life-Model Decoy. "Coulson" starts to panic as the data of 2017-2019's events floods his mind at once, uttering lots of moments of memory, scattershot. Mackenzie shuts him back down, saying Simmons has to explain to them everything she knows.[1][3]
  • Jemma Simmons briefs the team on their time travel situation

    Joined by Deke Shaw and a recovering Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Simmons explains that Zephyr One is now equipped for time jumps, and that critical launch windows Leo Fitz has named "tides" lead to specific points in time and space, with the Chronicoms taking one to 1931 in their quest to wipe out S.H.I.E.L.D. from history, and them having followed - though unsure of what the target in 1931 is.[1][3]
  • Simmons shows the group more of the improved Zephyr, where Enoch is scanning frequencies for unusual activity. She explains Fitz spent a while designing the plane upgrades, and that they cannot know where Fitz is given the Chronicoms' ability to scan brains for knowledge.[1][3]
  • The team assign Shaw to buy them clothes, with a set of money from a drawer Simmons prepared with money usable in different decades of the 20th century. Mackenzie tells Rodriguez to stay quarantined so as not to risk introducing an alien contagion to 1931, and Johnson to get rid of the purple strand in her hair to blend in. Simmons tells Johnson May is stable in her chamber, and soon they will be able to operate on her. When Johnson asks Simmons how long it has been since she last saw her, Simmons simply says, "Too long."[1][3]
  • "Coulson" speaks to Mackenzie

    Mackenzie wakes "Coulson" again, who points out that Coulson - he - did not want to be artificially brought back from his final passing away. Mackenzie explains their situation, and "Coulson" says that he will stick around to help them all during the mission, but plans on reevaluating after. Simmons and Enoch report on the three bodies found without faces, which Enoch recognizes as an erasure.[1][3]
  • With Shaw having returned, the team get changed into 1930s clothing to head outside.[1][3]
  • As morning arrives, "Coulson", Mackenzie, Johnson, and Shaw step out into the bustling streets of 1931 New York City.[1][3]
  • As they walk, Daisy Johnson expresses her excitement about being in the past. She says she is worried about the butterfly effect where, by being present, they could change things, but Deke Shaw explains that that is an incorrect idea of the Multiverse's relationship with time travel, and in fact that if they make small moves in harmony with the timeline, the flow of time will persist and accommodate them like sticks in a stream, just so long as they do not create a "dam" effect in time with a diversion-causing major effect that splits the timeline away for good, such as they did in 2018. Alphonso Mackenzie instructs him to tread lightly, which he immediately fails to do, bumping into a man. Shaw hands them fake police badges to get into the scene of the Chronicom attack.[1][3]
  • Johnson talks with Fischer at the crime scene

    The quartet are stopped at the door to Cut Rate Drugs, and pretend to be Royal Canadian Mountain Police asked to assist. The policeman at the door asks Johnson why she is without a husband, but she threatens him in return, and he moves aside.[1][3]
  • The agents find the three police officers with their faces erased, and the dead Jimmy Bottles. "Coulson" finds Bottles' bootleg alcohol, bearing a swordfish insignia. He explains that he learned at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy that there was an SSR/S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house, an old speakeasy, in New York in the late 1940s with the password "swordfish", which Alphonso Mackenzie notes will not be a coincidence. Mackenzie and "Coulson" leave to investigate, while Johnson stays with Shaw as he starts to analyze an officer's removed face.[1][3]
  • Enoch operates on Melinda May's injury in her Healing Pod, repairing her damaged tissue. Jemma Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez talk, and Simmons explains her body is successfully breaking down the Shrike material. Simmons unveils new prosthetic arms for Rodriguez, but Rodriguez turns them down, saying she wants to embrace what happened to her. Simmons tells her that she understands, but also wants Rodriguez to have the chance to feel sensations through her fingertips again.[1][3]
  • "Freddy" opens the door to the visitors

    "Coulson" and Mackenzie find the New York speakeasy. "Coulson" attempts the "swordfish" password, and a young man lets them in. "Coulson" tells Mackenzie that they should look out for a man nicknamed "Gemini" he learned about - an SSR asset who was always behind the speakeasy bar, and kept the peace. They approach the bartender and ask for "Gemini", but he does not know their meaning and becomes suspicious, pulling a gun on them.[1][3]
  • Deke Shaw continues to sample the faceless men's DNA in the pharmacy, and Johnson hears police sirens approaching. Outside, Luke, Cain, and Abel the Chronicoms, wearing their stolen police faces, arrive in the police car. Johnson steps outside to stall what she thinks is a new set of police, and Luke spots her, realizing S.H.I.E.L.D. have followed them through time. He says he will play the police captain role while the other two isolate and eliminate the agents.[1][3]
  • Shaw finishes analyzing one missing face and moves on to another. Outside, Johnson is approached by Cain and Abel, posing as the officers whose identities they have assumed. Cain takes Johnson around the back, while Abel heads inside to kill Shaw.[1][3]
  • Shaw finishes scanning a second face as Abel enters. He turns to find the exact face he just scanned staring back at him, realizing he is with a Chronicom. Abel attacks him.[1][3]
  • When Cain raises a gun to Johnson, she quickly disarms him and a fight begins.[1][3]
  • Shaw stabs Abel with his analyzing device, electrocuting him momentarily, and allowing him to escape.[1][3]
  • Quake fights off Cain

    Johnson continues to fight Cain. As Cain retrieves his gun, Shaw comes barreling out of the pharmacy, distracting him. Johnson punches Cain with the force of one of her quakes, incapacitating him, and Shaw starts a nearby truck, allowing them to drive away as Abel chases after them, unable to catch up.[1][3]
  • The speakeasy bartender asks "Coulson" and Mackenzie what they did to Jimmy Bottles, suspecting them as the culprits. They explain they did not do anything, but the bartender does not believe them. "Coulson" decides to test his LMD body's resilience, stepping toward the bartender's gun, and when the man shoots, "Coulson" finds himself resistant. Mackenzie fights other men in the room and Coulson takes the bartender's gun, turning it on the man. The boss enters, and the agents recognize him as a Koenig, the spitting image of his descendant quadruplets. He introduces himself as Ernest "Hazard" Koenig, and they explain they came in peace.[1][3]
  • Yo-Yo Rodriguez tests her new arms, and becomes emotional at feeling the sensation of touch again. She rejoins Jemma Simmons, who explains that Leo Fitz said he would try to send her a message, but she does not know how to find it. She says Fitz is safe, but she cannot try to reach out to him, for fear the Chronicoms are listening in.[1][3]
  • Quake and Simmons discuss the Chronicom they have captured

    Deke Shaw and Daisy Johnson return to Zephyr One in their truck, with the incapacitated Cain in the back. As Cain begins to awaken, they tie him up for interrogation.[1][3]
  • Koenig tells "Coulson" and Alphonso Mackenzie he is an upstanding citizen, letting the man who let them in, "Freddy", sleep in the speakeasy. Mackenzie asks why Koenig's alcohol was being used for a police bribe, but he dodges their question. The agents explain there are ruthless killers in town they want to stop, and Koenig agrees to help them, explaining he is supplying a party later with Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. "Coulson" realizes he is likely the Chronicoms' target, as after he becomes president in 1932, he goes on to found the SSR, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s predecessor.[1][3]
  • Luke and Abel arrive at the Roosevelt party as it is being set up.[1][3]
  • After Koenig gets them in, Mackenzie and "Coulson" serve drinks at the party. Shaw and Johnson arrive, dressed for the party, and the group wonder if the police present are Chronicoms. Coulson heads to wait at the door, and Johnson asks how "Coulson" is. Mackenzie says he is mostly himself.[1][3]
  • Enoch warns Simmons and Rodriguez that Cain will give them nothing. Cain insults Enoch, saying he chose humans over his own kind, but Enoch points out Cain did not make any choice for himself. Simmons decides to overwhelm Cain's system like with what happened to "Coulson" so as to make him involuntarily open up, and plugs a wire into the back of his neck. He starts to convulse.[1][3]
  • "Coulson" and Johnson talk

    Johnson apologizes to "Coulson" for bringing him back. He admits the situation is surreal, and sympathizes with what she went through with his death, and she praises him on writing a good letter for her before his death in 2018. "Coulson" is impressed to see Roosevelt arrive and pretend to not struggle with walking despite his polio.[1][3]
  • Mackenzie is glad to be in Roosevelt's presence, due to the progress the future president goes on to make against discrimination. Shaw talks to "Freddy", who tells him he lost his father, which Shaw sympathizes with.[1][3]
  • Cain tells Simmons that the Chronicom Hunters know the exact threads to pull to unravel S.H.I.E.L.D. in history. Simmons continues to overload him, though Enoch warns she may shut him down permanently. Simmons asks how they will hit Roosevelt.[1][3]
  • At the party, Johnson wonders why the Chronicoms are yet to attack Roosevelt, given he is exposed.[1][3]
  • Cain becomes increasingly overwhelmed.[1][3]
  • "Coulson" and Johnson notice Roosevelt leaving, and worry the Chronicoms will hit him once he is out of sight. Shaw and Mackenzie follow them to help. Viola from HYDRA, however, notices their departure.[1][3]
  • Luke prepares a gun.[1][3]
  • Simmons unplugs Cain to stop him from shutting down, but it makes no difference, as they realize he is now allowing himself to be overloaded.[1][3]
  • "Coulson" talks to Roosevelt

    "Coulson" gets to Roosevelt, but finds him not under attack. He helps Roosevelt into his wheelchair, and is delighted to shake the man's hand. Mackenzie and Shaw catch up, and "Coulson" states they are missing something.[1][3]
  • Viola approaches "Freddy", revealing she is the contact he has been arranged to meet.[1][3]
  • Cain starts sputtering about "Freddy", before melting in self-destruction. Rodriguez wonders who "Freddy" is.[1][3]
  • Attack on Freddy Malick:
    • Viola leads "Freddy" to a quiet place to talk. The Chronicoms wait for them, with Luke instructing to hold on until the hand-off is happening.[1][3]
    • Viola tells "Freddy" she worked with his father before he died. She gives him a vial, telling him to deliver it to the docks to restore his family's glory. She simply tells him the vial is "the future". Luke and Abel step out and shoot Viola, then go to shoot "Freddy", but Johnson arrives and quakes them away, into the kitchens.[1][3]
    • "Coulson", Mackenzie, and Shaw find "Freddy" and the wounded Viola. Shaw and Mackenzie take "Freddy" to protect him, agreeing a rendezvous at the speakeasy, and "Coulson" tells Viola he will be back to help her.[1][3]
    • Quake during the attack on Freddy Malick

      "Coulson" enters the kitchen. Johnson struggles to fight the two Chronicoms off, but "Coulson" aids her, able to match their strength and resilience due to his Life-Model Decoy body. "Coulson" takes on Luke as Johnson struggles with Abel. However, "Coulson" knocks Luke out, then joins Johnson in stopping Abel, with Johnson knocking him back into the main hall, and the pair escaping.[1][3]
  • "Coulson" carries Viola to the speakeasy, telling Koenig their doctor friend will meet them there. "Coulson" asks Koenig why Freddy might be a target, and Koenig is not sure, but mentions Freddy's father was a "Malick". The agents ask his full name, and Koenig explains Freddy is Wilfred Malick.[1][3]
  • Shaw and Johnson drive Malick away from the chasing Chronicoms. He says he does not know why they are after him, but that he is supposed to make a delivery.[1][3]
  • Johnson and "Coulson" discuss their realization that Freddy is Wilfred Malick, Gideon Malick's father. "Coulson" explains that if Malick is killed, HYDRA is stamped out before it can take hold, and then S.H.I.E.L.D. will never be formed in response - so, to Johnson's dismay, to save S.H.I.E.L.D., they have to save HYDRA.[1][3]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw drive Freddy Malick away from the Chronicoms, and manage to lose them.[1][4]
  • Shaw and Malick talk

    Malick gives the pair more casual clothes to change into so they can blend in. Shaw tries to radio Daisy Johnson, but finds the signal is not working. Malick is confused by the technology. Mackenzie and Shaw wonder why a bootleg alcohol delivery would be worth killing Malick. Malick slips the vial into a bottle, noting the HYDRA logo on its stopper, and feeling the future will be his.[1][4]
  • May has nightmares of her time in the Fear Dimension. She wakes, and is confused to find her stomach repaired.[1][4]
  • Enoch wanders Zephyr One and discovers Melinda May has left her Healing Pod early. He calls out to her, but cannot find her, and mutters to himself about his failure. May, meanwhile, hides up at the plane's ceiling, feeling hollow and suspicious.[1][3]
  • At the speakeasy, "Coulson" tends to Viola. Jemma Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez turn up at the door, using the "swordfish" password so Ernest Koenig lets them in. Simmons goes to Viola, operating to remove the bullet, as "Coulson" and Johnson tell Rodriguez about Malick, and how they cannot contact Shaw and Mackenzie. Johnson wonders why they cannot let Malick die to save future lives, but "Coulson" points out that without HYDRA, S.H.I.E.L.D. will not form and save countless lives, and something worse could rise up instead. Simmons points out that the Chronicoms know what they are doing to unravel things, so they should not abide by the Chronicoms' goal, and tells Rodriguez even helping Malick change his heart would be enough to potentially have disastrous consequences.[1][4]
  • Enoch talks with "Coulson"

    "Coulson" radios Enoch to tell him they are returning to Zephyr One, and says he will look into boosting the radio transmitter signal. He informs them May is awake, too soon, and that she is not in the mood to take orders to return to the Healing Pod.[1][4]
  • Enoch approaches May, and says that while this version of himself has not met her, he hears his 2091 self was helpful to her, and hopes he will be too. May takes the sedative he is trying to use on her and injects him instead, having no effect on the Chronicom. May asks why she has not been invited on the team's mission, and Enoch explains May having momentarily died, but been saved by technology Simmons had a "considerable amount of time to develop". He tells her they are in 1931, but is surprised when she barely reacts.[1][4]
  • Mackenzie and Shaw unload the car for Malick, and Malick tells them to drive away and leave him to get on a train to his meetup. Mackenzie and Shaw refuse to leave him until he has completed his delivery, however.[1][4]


Abel confronts Koenig

  • Koenig tells the agents the cops have arrived at the door, and they are forced to hide in Koenig's office, behind a false wall. Luke and Abel, still posing as police, break in, and Koenig covers for the agents, claiming to have not seen Malick or the agents in a couple of days. Koenig notices the shot Simmons dropped Viola's bullet into still left out, and reluctantly drinks it to cover up. Abel breaks into the office, as "Coulson" watches through a hole in the wall, and the agents wait anxiously. Viola suddenly wakes, and the agents fight to restrain and muffle her.[1][4]
  • Viola kicks a crate, and a bottle falls. Rodriguez sees it falling, but finds herself unable to speed and catch it. As the Chronicoms go to leave, they hear the bottle smash, and Luke returns to the office, suspicious. However, an officer tells them the getaway car has been found, and Luke and Abel leave to follow their new lead, leaving Koenig relieved.[1][4]
  • The team emerge from their hiding place with Viola. They question her, and Simmons looks through her passport, seeing several stamps from Germany, then spots a droplet of green liquid on Viola's shoe. Starting to suspect what might be going on, she takes the droplet for analysis by decomposition reaction.[1][4]
  • Enoch talks with Quake

    Johnson radios Enoch, who says the radios are still not reaching Mackenzie and Shaw. Johnson is worried, but Enoch insists he will keep working, as May watches him. When he looks back up, May is gone.[1][4]
  • On the train, Malick asks Shaw about his walkie-talkie, which Shaw covers for by saying he invented. Mackenzie asks Shaw about his life, and he tells them about his father's suicide following the Wall Street Crash of 1929, saying that he has done what he has had to since, including making specific friends, but has dreams for more. He says he will be sitting pretty after the deal, but Mackenzie does not understand how a few bottles could have that impact, wondering what more there is to the deal.[1][4]
  • As Simmons works on the droplet, Johnson asks Rodriguez about her failing to stop the falling bottle. Rodriguez tells her she froze, and that she assumes the Shrike is the reason. Simmons finishes her analysis, and tells them the compound is part of a formula due to be synthesized by Abraham Erskine and used by Red Skull: that Malick is delivering a key ingredient to the Super Soldier Serum.[1][4]
  • Mackenzie and Shaw investigate the bottles on the train as Malick rests. They receive Enoch's transmission for a moment, but cannot get back to him. Malick realizes they were searching his bottles, and asks what they were doing. Mackenzie says he needs to know what is happening.[1][4]
  • Enoch informs May of the team's situation in 1931

    Enoch struggles to get back through to Mackenzie. May approaches him, saying she needs to be in the field to protect her friends, and that she is not asking for permission. When Enoch asks what she is feeling, she says she is not feeling anything, with Enoch worrying there have been complications with her. She demands to know where the team is, but Enoch says he cannot tell her.[1][4]
  • Johnson wants to stop Malick, to prevent Red Skull's rise, but "Coulson" points out it has already happened, and they cannot fix the mistakes of the past. Johnson says it is not his call, not being director. Melinda May radios them, asking where they are, as well as Mackenzie and Shaw. She impatiently tells them she is going to find the pair herself, then drops the radio. "Coulson" says they need to complete the mission first before dealing with May.[1][4]
  • Johnson asks Viola where Malick is heading, and she tries to be cryptic, saying they can go to "Hell", but her complacency gives away the location, as Ernest Koenig realizes she is referring to Hell's Harbor. Viola thinks they cannot get there in time, but the agents know they can with Zephyr One. Koenig says he can direct them, but insists on coming with them.[1][4]
  • Luke and Abel investigate the discovered getaway car, and realize Malick took a train.[1][4]
  • Alphonso Mackenzie asks Freddy Malick to let him inspect the bottles, but Malick refuses. When Mackenzie and Deke Shaw go to inspect them anyway, Malick pulls a gun on them.[1][4]
  • Enoch fights with May on Zephyr One

    Duel on Zephyr One: Enoch raises a gun to May, telling her he cannot let her leave. May disarms him, so Enoch leaps into action, engaging her in a fight as he explains that he upgraded to the Hunter-level combat skill package. The duel continues around Zephyr One, and May knocks Enoch into the stairs, but he continues to fight to keep her aboard. May knocks his head with a fire extinguisher, damaging him, but at that moment, "Coulson" and the others return from the speakeasy. May notes that he is not Sarge or the real Phil Coulson, but surprises the others when she barely reacts and walks off.[1][4]
  • The team discuss May's odd lack of reaction. Enoch tells the others that he has made progress with the radio, hoping to contact Mackenzie and Shaw once they are closer.[1][4]
  • "Coulson" lets Koenig remove his blindfold aboard Zephyr One, and Koenig is stunned, remarking that they are on a rocket ship, that Enoch must be a robot, and the agents must be Martians, which "Coulson" denies. Koenig starts to direct them and Zephyr One takes off for Hell's Harbor.[1][4]
  • Freddy Malick asks Mackenzie and Shaw to come clean, saying he knows they are not bootleggers. Mackenzie says their job is to protect him, and asks how Malick knows his meet will be safe. Malick insists Viola is giving him a chance to be something his father never could. The train jolts to a halt, allowing Mackenzie to tackle Malick and have Shaw take the gun from him. Malick says they have arrived.[1][4]
  • The team inside Zephyr One

    The team fly toward Hell's Harbor, and "Coulson" explains to Koenig that they are from the early 21st century and part of a protective organization called S.H.I.E.L.D.. Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Daisy Johnson explain to him that Malick will be responsible for thousands of deaths, which Koenig finds hard to believe. A timer suddenly starts up, and Jemma Simmons explains they have 17 minutes before the time window closes and Zephyr One jumps away, regardless of whether they are aboard. She tells them the launch windows are unpredictable, so she could not know how long they had left before.[1][4]
  • Johnson radios Shaw, now within range. She warns him about Malick, telling him to keep an eye on him. When Shaw mentions having Malick's gun, Johnson suddenly realizes she has an opportunity to stop Malick and tells Shaw to shoot him. Shaw is uncomfortable with killing a young man he perceives as innocent.[1][4]
  • Ambush at Hell's Harbor:
    • Mackenzie finds the vial Malick hid in a bottle, and Shaw tells Mackenzie who Malick is. Malick does not understand how they know about HYDRA. Shaw explains his orders to kill him, and Mackenzie orders him to drop the gun, but Shaw points out all the blood he has learned Malick will spill. However, he eventually loses his nerve and lowers the gun, only to raise it again when he sees Luke and Abel arrive, shooting at them as the Chronicoms send blasts their way.[1][4]
    • Rodriguez wants to help the team, but Johnson asks her to stay put to defend the Zephyr if necessary. "Coulson" and Johnson head out to retrieve Mackenzie and Shaw, Koenig to protect Malick, and Enoch to help against the Chronicoms.[1][4]
    • Mackenzie and Shaw defend Malick from the Chronicoms

      Mackenzie attacks Abel. Meanwhile, Malick retrieves his vial. As Mackenzie and Abel fight, "Coulson" and Koenig drive past, firing at the Chronicoms. Mackenzie seizes Abel's Chronicom Rifle, but is unable to fire it, so uses it to knock the Chronicom down.[1][4]
    • The quartet from the Zephyr pull up, handing out guns, and Mackenzie shoots Abel. Luke fires on them, and Koenig and Enoch split up to find Malick, as "Coulson" warns they have 3-and-a-half minutes left of the time window.[1][4]
    • Koenig finds Malick, telling him he is better than getting involved with the deal. Malick insists he is not going to be a coward like his father, and shoots Koenig in the shoulder. Malick heads to his meet, getting in a car with his contact, with Koenig telling him he has been led astray.[1][4]
    • Luke tells Abel that they have failed in 1931, so need to make sure to catch the time window so they can continue their mission at their next stop in time. The agents realize the shooting has stopped, and rush to drive back to the Zephyr.[1][4]
  • Enoch finds the injured Koenig, who confirms Malick's delivery. "Coulson" radios, and Enoch lets him know. "Coulson" tells him to rush back to the ship.[1][4]
  • Enoch is stranded in 1931

    The group get back to Zephyr One, but Simmons asks where Enoch is, saying they have to close the door, and Mackenzie reluctantly orders to close it. Enoch runs to catch the plane, but falls short, as Zephyr One makes a time jump to 1955. He is left alone, considering what to do next.[1][4]
  • Back at the speakeasy, Enoch makes a cocktail for Koenig, now wearing a sling. Koenig loves it, telling Enoch he is hired. He says he wants Enoch to tell him about S.H.I.E.L.D., so that he can help there as it comes to be, which Enoch confirms he will, and that he also wants to know about robots, which Enoch informs him goes on to be a fascination of his grandchildren. Koenig celebrates the start of a friendship with Enoch.[1][4]


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