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How Earth Will Recover After The Snap

Now, we all have theories about how the Avengers/GotG will avenge the universe and their friends. The most promising theory is that time travel and the time stone will be used highly in this film. But how will the rest of Earth, who aren't Inhuman or have powers, recover. This must be a traumatizing extra-terrestrial event. How do you think they will recover because I am curious.
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Mutants and Infinity Stones

So before we start let me warn that if you haven't seen Captain Marvel there will be some spoilers for the movie.

So we know the X-Men and Fantastic Four are now owned by Disney and going to be appearing sooner or later in the MCU. It is easy to figure how the F4 may make their appearance but what about the X-Men? Never once have we ever heard the term 'Mutant' before. In fact the Inhumans in Agents of Shield seem to have taken the role of oppressed minorities with super powers role.

Now in Civil War Vision says that since Tony began his journey the number of enhanced individuals (anyone with superhuman powers) has increased. Now before Iron Man the general public have been ignorant of enhanced humans until the events leading to the first Avengers film revealed the existence of superheroes.

But in the comics and the X-Men films it is established that mutants have been around for centuries. Growing in number with each generation. So where are they in the MCU? Why haven't they been mentioned? How will they appear in the MCU? The answer may have been given to us in Age of Ultron.

As we all know Wanda and Pietro were mutants until recently when they once more suffered a case of 'Origin Retcon' in the comics. In the MCU they were humans given their powers through experiments performed on them by Hydra using Loki's scepter which is actually the mind stone.

But as we find out they are not the only ones, as we find out in Captain Marvel, Carol got her powers from energy taken from the space stone. This could be how we are going to get mutants.

So lets say something happens in Endgame that causes Earth to get hit with some Infinity energy that causes a large number of the population to spontaneously develop powers and abilities. Of course this would mean they would have to alter the origins of certain characters like Magneto, Xavier and Logan if they have them in the MCU at all.

While this would be a serious change to the mutants history compared to the comics it would be the best way to bring them into the MCU.

What do you guys think?

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Thanos waiting theory....

So I've heard many times that Thanos was waiting for certain things to line up until he started collecting the stones. Seems this theory has Gained a bit of attention.. myself included thought it made sense...

Pretty much says that Thanos didn't want to start his quest for the stones until..
1. The Ancient One was no longer alive
2. Odin passed away
3. Lastly knowing where the last Infinity Stone was (Soul)

People thought Thanos knew he couldn't defeat Odin before collecting the stones.. Especially with one on Asgard... At a time.

Pretty sure even the directors have said that he didn't want to find the stones until he knew where they all were including the Soul Stone. Because once he started collecting them powerful characters around the universe would try to stop him...

Brings me to my point that pretty well ruins all this...
Thanos already tried multiple times to gather stones before knowing where the Soul Stone is and he did it while Odin/Ancient One were alive...

He tried getting the Power Stone after he lost the Scepter and failed to gain the Tesseract..
Seems like he was trying to collect some of the stones before knowing where they all were... Which would have been unwise...

I'm not sure if he would have added them to the gauntlet .. or waited till he knew where all 6 were..
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Some IW stuff

I've a question...
Post credit scene of Avengers : age of ultron, we saw Thanos took the Infinity Gauntlet from a place and in Infinity War Thanos got the gauntlet by killing the dwarves except one in Nevadellir. Explain.
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Character Discussion #15 - The Wasp II

Name: Hope Van

Alias: The Wasp

Status: Dead

First Appearance: Ant-Man

Latest Appearance: Ant-Man and the Wasp

Portrayed By: Evangeline Lilly

"When you're small, energy's compressed, so you have the force of a 200-pound man behind a fist a 100th of an inch wide. You're like a bullet. You punch too hard, you kill someone. Too soft, it's a love tap. In other words, you have to know how to punch."

How you feel about her, do you like her, what about the actor, favourite moment with her etc. Make sure to comment below any characters you want to discuss in depth next time.

What's your opinions on this character?

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• 15h

Scene Discussion #20 - "I have a bow and arrow, none of this makes sense."

Continuing the "Scene Discussion" is considerably Hawkeye's best moment where he displays what makes him an Avenger as well as inspiring Wanda Maximoff to be a hero.

Let's discuss! How do you feel about this scene? How did you feel about Hawkeye after Age of Ultron? What about his relationship with Scarlet Witch?

Leave your thoughts on this scene down below, and make sure to leave any suggestions of scenes that you would like to discuss in future posts.

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What is your opinion on Nebula? Do u think she will survive Endgame? And how do u feel about her relationship with Gamora?
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Runaways Season 3 is CONFIRMED

For those of you that follow the Hulu series. 👍🏼
'Runaways' Season 3 Reportedly Confirmed
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Who's smarter?

  • Tony Stark
  • Stephen Strange
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Snap Questions

I have some questions about the snap. First if the life in the universe is cut in half would it mean that whenever someone is born someone else will be turned to dust. Second, could Thanos kill himself from the snap? That would also mean that the snap couldn’t be reversed because whatever the victim is wearing gets dusted as well. And finally, did Thanos have control of the snap. Maybe he had some control because both Thor and Tony were asked to be spared and they both survived.
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who is stronger ?

  • Iron man
  • captain america
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Easter Eggs ?

Gaurdians of the Galaxy

So I watched New Rockstars video on youtube with all the hidden easter eggs in but they mension that James Gunn tweeted that no one as yet found the main easter egg.

Does anyone know what it is ?
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After the Tanos's snap

Time after the snap of Thanos fingers,the trailer unfolds of you have seen,we understand it from Natasha's hairs,in an exclusive trailer,which are long and red again.
This means that,after overcoming the mourning,the Team of Hero organized in detail the only plan that will allow him defeat Thanos.
Natasha's hairs says it all,be very Careful......
The last thing,some theories ,probably right,stay that Tony Stark will sacrifice to defeat Thanos,think a little.
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Captain Marvel and Infinity War Theorie

Spoilers for Captain Marvel
In Captain Marvel Fury found out that Keller (Director) was a skrull because he called him Nick and not Fury. In the End Credits of Infinity War Hill called him not Fury, but Nick. So what if he did not call Carol because of the Snap, but because there are Skrulls on earth again. But not the friendly ones, but bad ones. Some people say that Hill and Fury are Skrulls but I don't think so. Maybe there is something like another department of the Skrull Race, where the skrulls are bad guys.
What do you guys think?
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Infinity War Awards

So, guys! I want you to help me added this and other awards to Avengers: Infinity War/Awards page
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and Iron Man Win at the 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and Iron Man Win at the 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards Marvel
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Avengers: Infinity War

In Infinity War, Cull Obsidian is sent to an icy region by Wong, but next time we see him he is back with Proxima Midnight, ready to attack Wakanda. How does he get back?
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